Rogers Internet Overage Charges due to Wrong Usage Counter. Beware!

It’s not the best financial situation for many small companies, businesses and big corporations nowadays. But it does not give anyone the right to blatantly rip off customers. Even if you are an empire… Even if you are Rogers Communications

Here is a complaint from one of the Rogers High-Speed Internet Customers who was charged by Rogers for over usage of internet download/upload limit because their own usage counters were broken.

Around January 11 I got a notification from Rogers that 75% internet usage limit was reached. Then I downloaded some necessary stuff and cut down my daily usage until the end of billing cycle which is January 20.

On January 20 I checked my usage and it was less than 59 GB (the limit for High-Speed Express Internet is 60 GB per month). It showed usage until Jan 19 inclusive, so only one day left. On January 20 I was not using Internet too much, because usually 1.3 GB is more than enough for one day of browsing pages, reading e-mails and even watching some videos.

To my big surprise when I checked usage on January 21 for previous day, it was somehow over 4 GB:


It was absolutely impossible knowing that I used Internet on that day less than ever. And it was supposed to be an additional charge of $6 for overage:rogers-internet-overage

Moreover, if I indeed wanted to download something on January 20, I could buy additional 20 GB for $5 and avoid paying $2 per each GB…

During conversation with Rogers Online Live Chat help center they informed that the overage happened due to broken usage counters:

Rogers: We’re having a problem with the usage counter which is affecting many customers, you will not be billed for any overusage charges during this period

Here is a screenshot of Rogers Live Chat window:


I relaxed, thinking it was a one-time outage of their counters. But on Jan 24 I got a Rogers Bill with $6 usage charge for overage!


It’s outrageous…

Beware of this rip-off practice from Rogers with overage charges!

Check your Internet usage regularly and if you ever think that it does not seem right, contact Rogers to figure out what is going on with their usage counters!

Have you ever experienced similar thing when you got 75% usage warning unexpectedly and tried to cut down your usage? Or when you got additional usage charges on your bill?

Please share your experience! Possibly it’s a common practice from Rogers… Let’s figure out what is going on with their usage counters and why…

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  1. My useage jump 16gb in one day I did not get any help from rogers n I have no idea what would cause a jump like that. Has anyone used Tek-savvy thinking of going that way.
    I am outside of Toronto north about n hour 60km

  2. Still not as bad as Bell Canada but Rogers is inching ever so close to the title of Worst in Country. For 3 years Ive had the 60g month plan. I NEVER watch tv or movies online and go to youtube on average 2 hrs a month. My internet is ONLY used for e-mail the odd chat and random surfing and my computer and internet is off more often than on. No WiFi set up here just direct cable. YET the past 3 months in a row I seem to all of a sudden get a notice telling me that (with out prior notice)48 hrs before I went over my limit so I owe x amount extra. I look at my usage meter and it has very strange spikes in usage including a time my wife and I were out of town. No one else has access to my home so unless someone broke in and borrowed my net and didnt steal anything else there is a HUGE problem on rogers end.. I call and call and e-mail. do you think I could get someone to help? not a chance.. Im now searching for a new company in Whitby Ontario (other than Bell) and the moment I find one its Bye Bye Rogers

  3. I am also fed up with Rogers cancelled their internet a few days ago as the last two months I was going over my 80 GB in 14 days. I called them and told them that my internet usage has not changed in the last few years and until February my usage was between 54 and 60 GB. They told me that everything is okay at their end and that since I am using Netflix I am racking up my usage and should upgrade to bigger data. I told them that is impossible as I track what I watch on Netflix and never had an issue before. I got so upset at them and decided to cancel my internet. They did not tell me that my online account will be deactivated and I wasted an additional two days to try to resolve that with Rogers online help. My cancelation takes affect May 21st but I am returning the modem tomorrow as I am afraid to use it as they might tell me that I went over my usage in the last few days and I have no way of checking that information online. They are such scammers and try to convince you that you are at fault. I even spoke with a manager today and got absolutely nowhere. Warning for those that go over their limit in the first month, just cancel the service as they will not rectify the problem they will try to convince you to upgrade your data.

  4. I’ve had a Rogers Rocket Hub for years, I have 20gb download limit, It is located in a rural area in northern Ontario. The signal can not be stolen unless the thief was on my property close to the house. Also I am using the complex password that Rogers assigned to me. I sometimes have downloaded movies and am careful not to go over my limit but I haven’t for the last few months .
    I just got the bills for the last 2 months and instead of 70 dollars or so for each month, they are 459.00 and 499.00 and my internet has been suspended ( which hasn’t affected me much cause Ive barely been using it this year). I checked with rogers to see what was going on and they told me Ive been using roughly 65gb per month. Also there was a subscription charge for 13.00 and they gave me a number to call to cancel the subscription. I have not subscribed to anything so I googled the number and its for Motown ringtones. This is ridiculous cause the number is assigned to my rocket hub which has no ringer. Ive come to the conclusion that Rogers is ripping me off and I will no longer be using their service. They are Scammers!

  5. What did everyone from upstairs do with the over usage charges? any updates? did u just get tired of receiving letters from them and just paid it anyways?

  6. BEWARE that once u have decided to leave rogers, u won’t be able to check your usage online for the last month (not as they promised when u were registering for the service that u will be able check your usage online. As they now say that its only an extra service to be able to check your usage online. here is what they said: “It’s a tool we offer as an extra for customers, we are not forced to offer these tools and unfortunately they do not work for accounts with pending cancellations.” ) In that case, u will have to call or use the live chat to keep track of your usage and it takes a loooong time, at least half to an hour, as they usually pretend they don’t know what you are saying for not being able to view your usage online or they are just having fun in transferring you to their ‘different departments’) After a month or two of leaving rogers they will send u a bill of over usage charges after u have returned the modem and settled the finally monthly bill. When u ask for the proof or usage history for the over-usaged-month. they will say that they cannot do that. here is what they said: “There are counters for your Internet usage and that’s what we capted for your usage.” and “Unfortunately legally the governement knows that all the calculators are accurate and we are not mandated to provide daily usage amounts. As well it’s illegal for us to monitor what our customers are doing online so we would never be able to say what your usage is from.” and “I’m sorry the charges are valid.”

    I will never use Rogers again, their management and customer service is the worst of all. I have no idea why the government is not doing sth with that. Since so many ppl are having over charging problems with this company, there Must be sth going wrong.

  7. Got a bill today for$ 190 for my Rogers stick had no used it since Feb 18 only used it last night to check e-mail. Tried talking to CSR I got passed around to at least 5 people ..I was told that the data don’t it showed that I was using the stick .or someone in the house did I have ghost living with me and I’m crazy . Because I don’t remember downloading a ton load of stuff . Are you kidding I’m so livid right now . Why do they get away with shit like that . What recourse do we have ? I’m tired so tired

  8. Kbelle, cancel immediately. They are ripping you off and will never stop. There’s a facebook page about Rogers scamming. They are a fraudulent company that should be shut down. What happened to you happened to me until they were trying to charge me nearly $300 a month for freaking internet usage. They threatened to take me to court and I laughed at them and told them to go ahead. They backed down and I cut them off and refused to pay the last bill.

    And spread the word warning people against Rogers.

  9. Hallelujah! I am not crazy, and certainly not alone. This past Tuesday, at 11:55 pm, I received an auto message from Rogers that my usage was over. I went to check my Account Info on Rogers, and was shocked to find my usage at 28GB over! Never, and I mean never, have we surpassed our allowance. Only two of us in the house, no Netflix, stream an online episode maybe once a month. Have a PVR and record everything we watch. The daily usage was showing a spike as of Sunday March 9 at 7GB, and then 21 and 22GB each for Monday and Tuesday. I unplugged the Wi-Fi. I only had cable direct from modem to desktop, yet the Local Area Network Staus packet counter was just flying, showing about 15MB per minute! I called Rogers three times on Wednesday, they even suggested I change the modem. I did, got home and plugged it in…no change, another call to Rogers to update. They then suggested turning everything off for 24 hours, did that, just starting up this morning. Rogers Acct info shows nothing for March 13, not even the date! There was even a suggestion by one of the Techs I spoke to it could be my computer. So I plugged in a different one, and the counter on that one just kept going. As I start back up on this Friday, I am monitoring activity, and writing everything down, as I will go to Rogers and demand explanations, and a refund, of what is currently showing as $70 worth of overage! And if they keep billing me for the half month left, will likely come closer to the $100 maximum.

  10. Hi all,

    I’ve recently experienced a similar situation. Typically I do a fair amount of downloading, working from home, and watching Netflix so we subscribe to the Extreme package which gives us 120gb of bandwidth. In the last 8 months having this service I have never gone above 80gb. The other day I received a notice saying I was at 75%. I thought thats odd, I’ve never received a notice before. The next day I get a second notice saying I’m now at 100%. Now extremely concerned I log in and check my usage. On average I’m around 1-4gb per day however on March 3rd and on March 10th I see 57gb of bandwidth! Both Monday’s with nothing unusual occuring on those days. My wifi password has always been secure. I currently have Rogers investigating but there was no way I could have used close to 60gb on each of those 2 days. Absolutely impossible.

  11. This happen to me this week. On March 10, received a notice from Rogers that I have used 75% of my 60gb. Is it a scam by Rogers? When I inquired about the time of the usage, they told me they don’t keep records of it but only the dates.

    Who can I report this to? Police?

  12. Went to local Rogers store to return modem just after 23 days and they would not take it because I first need to call Rogers (waist time) and cancel the service and get a confirmation.

    It is almost impossible even without contract just after 3 weeks to cancel my service with Rogers. Placing me on hold to check with internal managers and departments. I was told that to cancel I need to call customer service and they will contact cancelation people, what a pile of horse s……

    Is it nothing we can do! Did Rogers buy all political parties for the right to do wahtever thy want?

  13. I have just spent hour with rogers ( going around in circles) as there are saying I have used 14544 MB which is over by 4304 MB and I still have 11 days left. I only use the internet for emails and web serving. That’s all. It is impossible that I have used this amount. My contract is still current otherwise I would change. Not sure why else I can do.

  14. Hello, good to see I am not alone. I canceled my Rogers account two weeks ago. Since that time I am getting a notice ONCE A WEEK that I have reached 100% of my monthly Internet usage (80GB), and as many others here on this page, we cut down the usage because being scared of the high bills they sent. I know I won’t get anywhere if talking to them but I am not willing to pay these bills.
    My question – what can I do? Do I need a layer or is there any authority to help?
    I am very thankful for any advise.

  15. Tell me how my account could show usage during the ice storm we experienced in Toronto, when my WHOLE neighbourhood had no hydro! The hydro went off Dec. 23, 2013 at 4:15 am (I know because for some strange reason I woke up) through to Dec. 26 sometime in the late morning or early afternoon (I know because during this period I periodically called my home phone. When I heard the answering machine on Dec. 26th it meant the power was back on). Then, as of January 1st, 2014 my reported daily usage spiked incredibly, even though my habits had not changed. Although I have not gone over my 60GBs (yes, older modem, and that’s all I’ve ever needed – until now), I am suddenly near capacity for both January and February! What’s up with that? Of course, when I called Rogers, they just scratched their heads and said, “Yeah, that is strange! You need to upgrade to the 80GB modem.” That’s not an answer. I dread the thought of having to change my email address and notify everyone and all the headaches that comes with that sort of thing, I can see no alternative but to find another provider. A governing body needs to investigate this scam – because I do believe it is a scam. Also, perhaps we could write to the Technical Column editors of various news agencies. Surely someone can investigate this.

  16. Hello there, just found this site and I am feeling somewhat relieved that I am not the only one experiencing this issue. Even two years after the article was created. When we first connected Rogers we had two computers (both running online gaming) and Netflix. I would watch seasons on Netflix and not once in 8 months did we go over our 80GB limit, not even close. Then suddenly we receive the notice that we’re at 75% of our usage, so naturally we cut our usage drastically. The next day we receive another notice saying we’re at 100%. That month we went over 27GB! We decided to up our usage to 120GB and what do you know, two weeks into the billing cycle we are almost over that! Ridiculous. It hasn’t changed. My husband and I were out of town for a long weekend and everything was off. When we returned we checked the usage on To our surprise our usage spiked on the days we were away! We have up to date virus protection and a very difficult password. Has anything been done about this in the past year or so? Or must we continue to be robbed?

  17. My usage also started spiking ,had every one off Netflix, pc etc, still spiked every day with just reading emails ,basic stuff called rogers several times , one person didn’t give a rats ass if i cancelled rogers and went to bell she said go ahead . Also my usage went off line now I cant evev view internet usage ,again i called rogers several times NO department cant fix it ,they can view my usage but I cant.Where is verizon

  18. Well, I had it enough – leaving Rogers after almost 20 years. Switching to TekSavvy. I heard few good comments about them and few bad as well. Will check it out.
    It must be hurting – they use Rogers network, but significantly cheaper.

    Very soon will cancel other services and be Rogers-free.

    It is never late to do a good thing :)


  20. When I cancel rogers contract last bill, they charge me internet useage 75 GB beyond the basic 60 GB. in fact over before 5 years my useage just over one time at 1 GB
    I need Rogers give me detail.

  21. We posted our experience to the Rogers Customer Feedback forums. Not only did Rogers overestimate our usage they tried to shift the blame to us. Then they magnanimously offered to reverse the extra charges, but then rescinded that generous offer when we told them we were tired of their crappy customer support.

    We’re going with TekSavvy – We are done with Rogers. For mobile we are actually with FIDO – another Rogers company. We do not have a contract for this service and are currently looking for better wireless. However, at this time FIDO suits our needs for a fair price.

  22. So apparently I had a serious virus that is attacking ROGERS SECURITY, thus causing them to suspend my internet.I received a text from them on July 17th informing me of this…I thought it was some hoax so ignored it. A week later I came home from work and had no Internet. After playing around for a bit with my computer I called ROGERS SECURITY, they confirmed that the text they sent was for real. They only told me that it’s called a zero access , and when the last time it was spotted. They won’t tell me what it was doing nor did they have any information on which computer in the house it was coming from. They tuned my internet back on within a couple of minutes and gave me a website to download a specific antivirus for the two computers in the house, we both ran the anti virus..Both showed nothing. Next week the same thing, got a text and when I got home from work , no internet..called ROGERS SECURITY and they again gave me a list of websites to go to to get rid of this virus,this time I changed my pass word and user name so the other computer in the house had no access to the network> I ran the scans and it showed nothing again. I was good for another two weeks and then came home to no internet…called ROGERS SECURITY and it was the same story..I’m getting a little pissed now…so now ROGERS SECURITY tells me they have a team of tech experts who can solve my problem( for $135 to scan both computers and a small fee of $14.99 a month to make sure I am safe and have no problems after that). I went for it..hahaha..The tech experts(contracted out from ROGERS SECURITY) took over my computer remotely and scanned for 4 hours or so…and guess what.. they couldn’t find anything. I was good for another couple of weeks , came home from work went to check my email and I had no internet…I called ROGERS SECURITY, they tell me I have a virus and so they disconnected me…I laughed..Got on the tech expert remote access site explained to them what happened they ran scans for hours and couldn’t find anything..I have no acess to the internet when these scans are going on so I am unable to get work done that should have been don…this went on from September until October 31st. OCT.31st was the last scan and I was on the phone all that evening while the tech expert did everything he could possibly do to help me but still he could find no sign of a virus..While he was still scanning I got on the phone with ROGERS SECURITY ..I demanded to talk to a MANANGER…they put me on hold for 25 minutes but I waited, speaker phones are great..The lady came back on the phone to tell me that the ROGERS SECURITY MANAGER was not available but he told her to tell me that my only option was to take my computer off the network or reformat.. I laughed again and told them I was going to call the police……I disconnected the computer that evening, OCT. 31 Halloween. On NOVEMBER 1st , I had it re-formatted( has not been plugged in since). I bought another computer and have been using it. Everything has been going great until the evening of NOVEMBER 19th, I went to go on the internet and had no access..I thought… there is no way ROGERS SECURITY would be up to their old games..I played around for a bit with the modem and my new computer,couldn’t find any thing out of the ordinary so I called ROGERS SECURITY… THEY TELL ME THEY ARE STILL DETECTING A VIRUS!!! I WENT NUTS..I told them to read back on my history for the past 3 months..They didn’t know I’ve been using another computer..They read my history, puts me on hold for 20 minutes to go talk to his boss comes back and tells me they made an error and will have me back up in a few minutes. I questioned the error( never got an answer) and asked what ROGERS will do for me for that error, he told me they will knock off one week of my internet bill. I asked his name he gave me his first name and a number..I asked his last name..he told me it is not required by ROGERS to give out a last name and he immediately hung up in my face. I waited 20 minutes still no internet. Called them back, another 15 minutes to listen to some add on how great ROGERS is and then someone new comes on the phone..I tell him to READ MY NOTES BECAUSE I AM SICK OF EXPLAINING AND TO PUT ME BACK ON THE INTERNET, NOW!!!They put me on hold for another 15 minutes, when they finally came back to the phone they apologized and said it will never happen again…lets see if it will! On top of all this I received the 75% warning this month..I have a 120gb plan. I checked my usage as I have never came close to going over… for the past 2 or 3 years I use between 25 to a maximum of 65.. Since Aug it has skyrocketed. This month I was just under 120. Also I was on vacation in October for one week, those days all showed my computer was using up a ridiculous amount of bandwidth. We need to do something about these crooks. How much lower can Rogers go?

  23. I quit using Rodgers 2 years ago. Very Poor reception, extravagant internet usage fees..Rodgers changing my plan to less gigs and higher fee without my knowledge or approval.. A total rip off.Once they get thier hooks in you they nickle and dime you to death. Would not recomend…NEVER will I use Rodgers again !


  25. Thank you so much for this posts by everyone. I thought I am alone with this over usage fiasco with Rogers. I started noticing back In June 2013 my internet usgae was sky high. I got a notice form Rogers stating my interner usage is at 75%. I have 25 GB which I hardly use and normally it is between 9-10GB for A month. I called rogers and they gave me hard time as usaul with customer service being the worst. I changed so many modems still having the same problem.This is really crazy.

  26. Someone at the beginning of this thread gave a friendly reminder to make sure your wireless network was secure then someone replied that this comment wasn’t relevant…If your network isn’t secure then anyone in your neighbourhood could be using up your bandwidth !! As well, my sister in law who only goes online to check her email and chat a bit with friends was reaching her limit with Rogers only half way through the cycle finally had her pc “disinfected” and hasn’t had a problem since…

  27. I am so glad to see this and aware that I am not alone. Rogers increased 2 times on my internet bill in last 10 months. This is ridiculous. Also I was on the 60GB plan for so many years and never exceed now I am exceed so often, before I never even get 75% of warning…now I understand those tricks Rogers do to their long time customer…

  28. I am very pleased to have found this website as I searched for clues as to why my usage has been getting so high. I had the 60g for a long time and did plenty of downloading, uploading etc…but then suddenly I was going over the max amount. So like everyone else, I bumped up my amount to 80g…which lasted about 6-9mths without any issues of going over even though we were doing less downloading and more just regular daily internet use-thought ok we should be safe. But last month and now this month I went over the 80g. But how could this be?? We don’t even use it as much as we did before when we had a 60g max. ???? So I went on the day to day and it has only been 10 days and we have used (apparently) 89g!!!!!! One day alone was 26,900mb. Wow! In four hours of us being home that day??? AMAZING!! I don’t thing so!!
    Our wireless has a complicated long pswd that there is no way could be figured out. We have Norton360 on all devices, and even ran all scans for any viruses etc….
    This is crazy!
    Thank you all for your info and wish me luck as I call them tomorrow .

  29. I just received a 100% notification of data usage for my Rogers account. We have 120GB a month, and rarely use over 80GB.

    As of today, it says that we have used 235GB out of 120GB of data. When I try to check my usage, the system is down, and after talking to technical support they are unable to get it back up and running for me.

    They told me that on September 20th I used 156GB in a SINGLE DAY, which just isn’t possible.

    After escalating to a higher level of customer service, he told me that I would have to unplug my modem for 36 hours for them to analyze usage. 36 hours? This is NOT possible when I work at home for a living. What a ridiculous suggestion.

    Now I’m staring down the barrel of a $100 overage charge, and still have days left to go. I will not be paying this overage charge.

    I have had my fair share of problems with Rogers in the past, but this is by far the worst experience. What a company.

  30. Within the past 4 months I’ve had to dish out just under $2,000.00 for 2 accounts I had with rogers. Cancellation fees were a part of this figure. I chose to battle it out with them concerning the charges they were saying I occurred on my tablets. Over 600.00 on both accounts and because I was fighting it out with them both cases they threw me to collections. I paid off the collection agencies to avoid having bad credit. Still they got me in the end. Even though I was paying my monthly bill each month but disputing the overage charges they placed a “derogatory” x 2 on my credit profile (i now need more money for a down payment for my house…and i don’t have it). All the time i was asking them for help to understand how they came up with these figures for the data when i knew I was on wifi. No one was helping me, never once was there any kind of explanation. Becasue of what they have done to me i was putting in complaints every where. Everyone was saying that they would not remove the derogatory becuase i wasn’t paying my bill ( i was, just not the portion i was disputing / while they were not helping me). Anyway, my last complaint is now in with the office of the ombudsman with rogers…hopefully they will reconsider removing the derogatory.



    Rogers states that my overage was probably caused because my wifi dropped and the data took over. Well just like i should be able to turn off the data on my cell phone, i should be able to do that with the tablet. They say i should have paid attention to the little symbol at the top of the table. These people need to be held accountable.

  31. Just got screwed by Rogers. Got 75% warning few hours ago, check my rogers account it get crazy usage in the pass few days.

    September 10, 2013 23,393 31,715 55,108
    September 09, 2013 65,799 29,458 95,257
    September 08, 2013 1,150 343 1,493
    September 07, 2013 5,872 500 6,372
    I have 35mb/3mb internet connection from rogers. On 9 and 10 this month no one at home at daytime. How can it be possible to upload 32GB in a single day. Call rogers they ask me to cut off my modem for 36 hours to monitor my account. It is really make me mad. I will follow up after 36 hours cut off to see what they will say.

  32. 168gb ?
    I don’t think so. Nothing has changed in what we do in over a year. Yet they have upsold me to 150gb and now I’m billed for overages as much as ever.

  33. We recently got a new Smart TV and knew we were going to start going over our usual amount of usage. We were pro-active and had researched companies before we called Rogers to switch. They immediately offered us unlimited monthly for $20 less per month than we were paying for 80GB. We accepted and our online bill does indeed show unlimited for less but they failed to tell us we would be billed a $49.99 installation fee. What installation??? They did NOTHING other than change the monthly charges and usage amount with a few clicks of the keyboard. *sigh*

  34. Quick update to my previous post, just got the final statistics for data usage. After calling to complain about Rogers telling me I used about 5GB more than I thought I used, the next day I downloaded about 300MB worth of data. Rogers data usage for that day was 3.6GB. Called again to complain. On the final day of my month term, somehow Rogers was magically matching what my router was telling me. But coincidence or not, my overage for this month is EXACTLY the same as last month…$4.50 plus tax. And in both instances, the overages happened during the last 3 days of the term. This month I will be monitoring again. Feels like a pattern though. I think we’re all being ripped off. If enough people complain it might make a difference.

  35. I recently started with the Rogers Extreme internet service. It was a “special” price of $45 per month including modem rental and 200GB monthly data allowance. And the price per month was fixed for 8 years…yes, 8 years and no term contract, month to month, cancellable with only 30 days notice. So I took it. Very first month I went over my 200GB by about $5. After reading this blog about the types of issues that other customers are experiencing I decide to get my own router that uses DD-WRT firmware and put the supplied Rogers Hitron modem/router into “bridge” mode and use it exclusively as a modem. The DD-WRT router software monitors both bandwidth and data usage and I started to compare router usage stats vs Rogers usage stats. What I found was interesting. Every day the Rogers usage appeared to be higher than what my router was telling me, sometimes as high as 1GB or 2GB above but more usually 700MB. After a few days I called Rogers and complained. Oddly enough, right after my complaint, the Rogers usages were almost exactly what my router was telling me…so I thought okay, it’s solved….until yesterday. With only 3 days left in my month, I had about 21GB left and downloaded 15GB of movies, with the knowledge that the last 6GB would be spread out over the last two days (today and tomorrow). Lo and behold when I check my usage this morning, Rogers was telling me that I had downloaded close to 20GB of data (remember my router which had been bang on for the last 20 days, was telling me 15GB) and was extremely close to my limit. I called Rogers to complain but also to make a note that I had called, and will carefully monitor the next two days. I do not plan to download Netflix, no streaming, nothing. But at this point I’m willing to bet that I will be somehow, magically over my limit. My advice to anyone who is having this problem, is you need to know exactly how much you are using, not guessing nor assuming anything. Since all my data traffic flows through my router, the router is the place to calculate usage. Individual PC’s running software is fine but how do you calculate media streamers like Roku or Boxee or Netflix. But everything flows through the router. So that’s where I am now. I will post once I get my monthly bill and see what happens. Hope this helps anyone in deciding whether or not to go with Rogers.

  36. Yep same problem. Ever since we cancelled cable and home phone from these pricks, our monthly usage keeps creeping up. I guess they have to try and recoup their funds somehow. We have been streaming netflix via apple tv for 3 years now, and over the last few months they seem to keep forcing us into a higher, more expensive internet package due to overage. We have not been using the internet anymore or less over the years. We used to be fine with about 60gb a month. Now they say we have been using 150gb a month or more. Which seems unlikely, since we are only home in the evenings and watch maybe an hour or two of stuff on netflix per day (if at all). Though their bills say otherwise. i’ve called many times, and they insist its us. Since the government won’t do “shit” about all of this, I was thinking about starting an ad campaign with t-shirts and posters etc. to inform others of their bullying practices. “F-Rogers”, “suck 75% of my overage Rogers”. Any other slogans? Maybe verizon will scare them into better practices. Something must be done. Oh and bell sucks too.

  37. I personally knew rogers scams ppl a lot, but this takes the cake. I noticed that our usage skyrockted this month and it made no sense how in 3 days we used 20gigs. No one uses the computer for anything other than email and facebook. Yesterday we all went to a family barbeque, yet somehow, we managed to use 4gigs. I don’t even see the point in calling customer support since they know exactly what they are doing.

  38. On August 9 I got the message that I had reached 100% of my allowance. I signed on and checked the data useage at that time and it showed less than 1gb over. I then decided it was time to switch and set up a new account with another company and called rogers to cancell.

    Two days later on August 11th my bill was ready. Somehow in those two days I was being charged for 87gb overage. I was the only one home and there is no way I used 87gb.

    I contacted rogers today as I can’t access my useage data since my account is being closed on Sept 10 and they refuse to provide it to me. They also won’t do anything to fix the overcharge as they simply say it’s correct.

    It’s impossible for me to have used 86gb in less than 2 days.

  39. Let’s all install a bandwidth monitor on our machines and start a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT against Rogers!

    I am sick and tired of their BS!

  40. Same thing happened to me, I once have 300 GB internet, at that time, I didn’t notice Roger usage count is wrong. Now I use 80 GB, I begein to frequent check my internet usage, I found Rogers try to over counter my internet usage, I have network traffic monitoring tool installed on my machine, I clearly know my download and upload usage, my statistics is only around 40 GB, but Rogers display 70 GB, I contact their online service, they told me their count is accurate, and said maybe someone is stealing my internet usage, I would say it is possible, but unlike to happen, I have password protection for wifi and I know my neighber, they are not hackers, and I can see most over count usage is from upload, although I cannot completely rule out the possibility of being stealled, but I can show clear evidence that their usage is wrong, I unplug internet for a whole day, I can still see 1 M usage, another case is I use 2 GB, but their usage only display 1 GB. They obvious made mistakes or they intended to do so.

  41. Same thing happened to my father-in-law. Doesn’t download songs or movies. Doesn’t have Netflix. Had three or four days in a row with alarming usage (one day was over 30 GB)! He called and Rogers said they can’t do anything because they don’t have any proof or logs. He has his own wireless router – I’m wondering if that’s how Rogers is justifying this?!?!? I personally have a Rogers issued router and have never had this issue.

  42. I am starting to receive the 75% warnings from Rogers as well and have noticed my meter readings creeping higher and higher each month even though the usage pattern has not changed. Something smells fishy in Denmark.

    I have called Rogers before on the exorbitant prices it charges and recently asked to be transferred to “customer retention” (this is where they try to keep you as a customer if you threaten to walk and go else where) and I have to admit (even though I think Bell and Rogers are in cahoots) that I was able to save myself almost 400.00 a year by playing off the costs of one provider against the other.

    Am not sure what is going to happen between now and the end of the month as to the data usage (unless Rogers considers these few characters as a GB of upload!) but will continue to monitor. Am also using Rokario bandwith monitor to see if I can compare what Rogers comes up with.

    Thanks to everyone for posting their comments, it is cold comfort to think that there are so many of us having to deal with this nonsense. We Canadians are being royally hosed with the state of access to the internet, the costs in other parts of the world (with a lower standard of living) are far more affordable than here. Something definitely wrong.

  43. Rogers pissed me off with their overage usage charges! Especially when the took down my usage so I couldn’t monitor it, and they never emailed or text me that I was 75% at my usage! Therefore, I never knew what I was using!!!! I am now a proud user of Teksavvy and haven’t looked back :-)) I am also considering another cell phone provider as well!

  44. Yesterday, this happened to me where it says on Sunday June 30th i used over 76 gb in one day which is impossible because i was not home. Rogers did fix the issue by giving me unlimited usage to the end of billing cycle, but that still does not explain how 76 gb was used.

  45. I had been expericing the same issue. Even we only turn on computer for just readming email and browing for 30mins, it still was calculated 4GB one day. Jun 22, I replaced Modem. Since then, usage has been dropping down to less than 1G daily. Rogers technical support sucks and they never acknowledge it’s their fault.

  46. Hi I just happened to check my rogers internet usage at the start of the billing cycle and the counter was showing usage of 80GB in one day! I called rogers and said that this was impossible and so far outside the normal usage pattern. They said someone would call me in 48 hrs. Of course no one did so I called back today. The response was canned. They said that I should unplug my modem for 24 hrs and if there was some usage registered they would investigate further. I told them if the modem is unplugged how can there be usage registered. No answer. They said that because I was using my own router they have no way to determine where the usage came from. So basically what they are saying is that I am presumed ‘guilty’ despite the fact that this is so far outside the household usage pattern. Great way to treat a customer.

  47. Hello,
    I have been having the same problem with Rogers. I am wondering if anyone knows how to cancel the service if you still have a contract with the Rogers?


  48. I posted on my fb page that nobody should go with Rogers. They saturate the airways with their fraudulent ads. Every mall has their crappy little stores.

    We need to demand from our government that the telecommunications industry be CLEANED UP now. This blatant ripping off of the consumer has to stop.

  49. Here’s my B.S. usage log going back 6 billing periods:

    May 2/13 – June 1/13 – 169GB
    Apr 2/13 – May 1/13 – 101GB
    Mar 2/13 – Apr 1/13 – 153GB
    Feb 2/13 – Mar 1/13 – 158GB
    Jan 2/13 – Feb 1/13 – 162GB
    Dec 2/13 – Jan 1/13 – 207GB

    Keeping in mind we don’t download movies and any songs are downloaded on our iPhones which are now with Telus since we moved them from Rogers last year.

    On my latest statement it showed June 2/13 usage was 88,449MB’s for 1 DAY!!! REALLY??? That’s what, 120 full length movies??? 8,900 songs??? I don’t think my computer could even handle this.

    I have spoken to Rogers before and they say they cannot tell me what the content was as I want to try to figure this out (which I say is bullshit) but I’ve had enough. I am now working on moving from Rogers….enough is enough…

    3 cells – gone
    Internet – going
    Home phone – going
    TV – sure to follow

    = priceless


  50. I chat with the technical support in rogers website. The technical person denied everything. He said nothing wrong with their system and they can do nothing. I have unplugged the cable and the power of the modem for last 3 days. Today when I checked the usage, the first day was 939 Mb, second days was 650 MB, yesterday was 458 MB. How come?

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