Rogers Internet Overage Charges due to Wrong Usage Counter. Beware!

It’s not the best financial situation for many small companies, businesses and big corporations nowadays. But it does not give anyone the right to blatantly rip off customers. Even if you are an empire… Even if you are Rogers Communications

Here is a complaint from one of the Rogers High-Speed Internet Customers who was charged by Rogers for over usage of internet download/upload limit because their own usage counters were broken.

Around January 11 I got a notification from Rogers that 75% internet usage limit was reached. Then I downloaded some necessary stuff and cut down my daily usage until the end of billing cycle which is January 20.

On January 20 I checked my usage and it was less than 59 GB (the limit for High-Speed Express Internet is 60 GB per month). It showed usage until Jan 19 inclusive, so only one day left. On January 20 I was not using Internet too much, because usually 1.3 GB is more than enough for one day of browsing pages, reading e-mails and even watching some videos.

To my big surprise when I checked usage on January 21 for previous day, it was somehow over 4 GB:


It was absolutely impossible knowing that I used Internet on that day less than ever. And it was supposed to be an additional charge of $6 for overage:rogers-internet-overage

Moreover, if I indeed wanted to download something on January 20, I could buy additional 20 GB for $5 and avoid paying $2 per each GB…

During conversation with Rogers Online Live Chat help center they informed that the overage happened due to broken usage counters:

Rogers: We’re having a problem with the usage counter which is affecting many customers, you will not be billed for any overusage charges during this period

Here is a screenshot of Rogers Live Chat window:


I relaxed, thinking it was a one-time outage of their counters. But on Jan 24 I got a Rogers Bill with $6 usage charge for overage!


It’s outrageous…

Beware of this rip-off practice from Rogers with overage charges!

Check your Internet usage regularly and if you ever think that it does not seem right, contact Rogers to figure out what is going on with their usage counters!

Have you ever experienced similar thing when you got 75% usage warning unexpectedly and tried to cut down your usage? Or when you got additional usage charges on your bill?

Please share your experience! Possibly it’s a common practice from Rogers… Let’s figure out what is going on with their usage counters and why…

310 thoughts on “Rogers Internet Overage Charges due to Wrong Usage Counter. Beware!”

  1. I had the same experience from Jan 2016. Between Jan and April, we paid extra $90 for the overuse. We had 25 GB plan until last summer, then switched to 200 GB plan. No way that 200 GB is not enough!

    Rogers’ TechExperts did:
    change the WIFI account password
    scanned all the devices I owned
    disconnected WIFI
    change the modem

    Nothing worked. Nothing else they can do.
    TechEx people were all very friendly and nice, by the way.

    I called the manager at Customer Service.
    She offered me to upgrade to unlimited, until my contract expires in a year, with no extra cost.
    She also gave me $90 back as a credit.

    I’d love to see them trying to fix the counter problem, but for now, I’m happy with my result, and will move on.

    Good luck, everyone!

  2. I didn’t even have my internet box plugged in and I got a bill for 1100.00.Informed rogers of this and got told the collect agent will call me to work out how to pay the bill….still have it on my credit and its giving me bad credit ratings…… great way to treat your customers.

  3. Sorry wasn’t finished? Just wondering would Rogers have a problem if I went unlimited and ended up using a tb or 2 each month? I am thinking they would definitely get in touch or throttle our internet to make it so slow it would be like 1995 again. Have screen shots of my usuage the past 2 weeks but don’t know how to show it, showed it to the girl at the rogers store and she couldn’t believe it and called over a couple other clerks and they we just amazed. What uses that much gb a day?

  4. Hi finally found a comment section to vent. I have read most of the comments here and got you all beat ha. Started Feb 9, turned on computer says I have reached 100% of usage. WTF? We have 200 gb plan, and I always check every Friday our weekly usage. It goes up and down depending on Netflix or game download etc. But we average 3 gb a day usually for the past 4 months. That is 4 computers and a couple of phones mostly youtube and emailing and ( don’t tell rogers) streaming some stuff as we have had done for 5 years. Anyways checked usage and dam says 300gb used day before and 120 gb used day before that. Yes those numbers are correct. Got on phone was told probably have a virus do you want to go to unlimited? UM no thanks what virus steals that much data? Its a week later and we had a 400 gb day and a bunch of 300 gb. Turned of modem between then and was down to 1.2 gb for 2 days? They decided to give us a credit of $100 to cover which was nice at the time but didn’t fix the usage problem. Went and got a new modem. Same thing 200gb used next day. Spoke to a tier 2 person at rogers. He kept saying virus on one of the computers. (btw all been scanned and nothing). So right now I ask anyone do they know or have heard of any virus sucking that much data? Not once did they have me go into the gateway modem like they used to years ago to adjust settings. Its all about the upsell first.

  5. I think Rogers is at least doubling your usage rates on services such as Internet Lite so people will upgrade and pay more. They phone you as soon as their phoney stats go above the usage limits to see if you’ll upgrade. DON”T UPGRADE TO ROGERS!!!No wonder Rogers customers numbers are lower this year but their profits are high, they cheat us every way they can to keep profits high. EVENTUALLY THIS WILL CATCH UP TO THEM ONCE CUSTOMERS GET WISE!!!!!!

  6. We are 2 retired Rogers Internet users. At Christmas we left home for 3 days turning off our Router / Modem by unplugging it. When we returned the Usage on the Rogers site still showed a usage even though the house was unoccupied and nothing was plugged into the Internet.
    Our Network Wi-Fi connection tracks usage and it shows no where near the usage that Rogers says we use.

  7. Been with Rogers 6 years for Internet only. Have NEVER gone over my 25gb limit EVER. Recently got notice of using 75% on Dec/28 so I was careful to go easy till next billing period starts on the 4th of Jan. I decided to check my usage to find their records show that on Jan 1st I used 3.3gb! NO WAY this could be true as I was being careful knowing I was at 75% and it was New Years Day when I only went on the computer for a email check. Called and complained. After first suggesting I upgrade to a bigger plan (why would I having never gone over before?) the rep credited my account for the overage. I will be watching VERY CLOSELY in the future and will install a bandwidth monitor.

  8. Rogers are a bunch of crooks. I was using 1/2 a Gb of internet every day average and never went above 25Gb per month (Internet Lite). My internet usage went from 1/2 Gb per day to 4 Gb on Dec 1st.without any change in usage and of course I got a notice that I was 75% and then 100% usage. Now they say I can’t increase usage without upgrading my box. I bought a modem 3 years ago when I started. Now they say I must upgrade the modem to increase my plan. If you go to their site it says $32.99 per month for 25Gb usage and they have been billing me $42.99 per month. When asked about this they say these are old prices yet they haven’t changed them weeks later. This is another one of their scams to rope you in with lower prices and then raise their rates or maybe they can convince you that these are old prices. The latest news is Rogers profits are up and their customer numbers are down. No wonder they cheat everyone. I HOPE ROGERS GOES BANKRUPT WHEN EVERYONE REALIZES WHAT CROOKS THEY ARE. Pass it on.

  9. Received the same warning that I had reached 75%. Not possible as I never stream anything.

    I have a Lite plan which is no longer offered by Rogers. For approximately a month I have been unable to access my account online to monitor my usage and every time receive a message to contact a Rep., which I have done and this was a complete waste of time.

    Sent an e-mail to the president and one other CEO and had a call from the president’s office the following day advising that a Tech would contact me. Tech did make contact, tried to put the blame on modem, then on the router, finally said they would work on it and get back to me. Have heard nothing yet and as of one hour ago this issue has not been resolved.

    I have a feeling this is an attempt to upsell me to a more expensive plan which I definitely do not want nor need!! If not resolved very soon, I will have no choice but to go with another ISP.

  10. Suggestion for Nancy who commented back in April. Nancy, just because you stopped receiving calls, doesn’t mean that Rogers has given up or reversed the charge unfortunately. Rogers, calling or not, may have noted this outstanding amount as delinquent on your credit report which will then negatively impact your credit rating for years. I strongly urge you to obtain a copy of your credit report (free once per year when sent by mail) from a Canadian credit bureau like Equifax or TransUnion (refer to their websites for instructions) because I have met too many people who ended up having credit issues from situations just like the one you described.

  11. I just got my rogers bill and my usage is 42.00 this month, I’ve been with rogers since day one and this is the first time I’ve got a usage fee for the internet, I have 80gbs I’ve got usage for the cell phones but not internet, are the phones separate from the internet???

  12. I have been a Roger’s customer for over 5 years – also rural customer with no options for internet other than the rocket hub. Started out at $60/month…gradually rose to $90/month for 20 gigs. This is the highest package they have – any usage over this is billed at $10 a gig!!! I had been begrudgingly paying the $90 for over two years now but suddenly in November 2014 my bill jumped to $230. I was shocked and called immediately as no changes to use had occurred – only two laptops in house and absolutely NO Netflix, NO Utube and NO gaming. They put a cap on to appease me for 3 months and tried to convince me that it was my wireless printer – advised me to unplug modem at night. Useage dropped to normal in December but by April had soared to $640/month – WTF – CAn you believe it!!! Now they tell me that I have a virus that is uploading my data to cyberspace. With this usage I could be running my own Netflix company! How do you deal with these idiots?

  13. I am so frustrated and done with rogers- I paid out 668 dollars to a zero balance and by April as predicted rogers says I know owe 765 dollars even though my last text said I owed 173.00 which I have paid in full. My data on my IPhone has been stopped by them because they say I’ve overused my data which I have not gone over as I only use my data at home…they are criminals and I too and not paying this amount!! HELP!

  14. Rogers will quite often screw you.
    Many times, Have I spoken to them about something to find out several months later that they changed something; and I lost a Discount, Service, or Promotion.

    Recent example; Used to have 10GB iPhone Plan and Upgraded/Took advantage during double your “Data” promotion; for 20GB Total; During some minor Long Distance/North America changes to my contract my account was modified and this was not discussed with me: It was modified to be a 20GB Data Plan (No longer 10 With “10GB Promo”).

    When upgrading phones; they told me voicemail would not be affected. Moments later I lost 300 Unheard messages. It ruined the rest of my year.

  15. After seeing this post, I just checked my Rogers logs for January 2012 and found the same thing. It shows that on Jan.16, I used 2.9GB, then suddenly 12.3GB somehow, and then back to 2.6GB. They charged us $2 overage for being 1.1GB “over”.

    It’s a shame I did not see this post back then so that I could yell at them to not charge us for a mistake caused by their garbage systems not working (as usual).

    I throughly detest absolutely everything about Rogers and wish the useless government would step in and force the creation of competition. I look forward to somehow leaving them soon. At this point, I would rather have no services at all than give them any more money; I’m tired of being raped, abused, and taken advantage of by Rogers.


    They will not risk facing you in court. I stood up to them when they were ripping me off and even though I had to put up with their phone calls and even a collection agency I never gave up and in the end they slunk away like the cockroaches they are.

  17. We have a rocket-hub as well as we are rural, and have the 10Gb plan. Rogers is frequently charging us for overages even though I have bandwidth monitoring and limiting set up on our router to disable the Internet after the 10G limit is reached. We never come close to 10Gb as far as our router is concerned, but Rogers still bills us for 20Gb!

    When we call in to Rogers they try and tell us that it is “impossible” to have a router disable the Internet after a limit is reached, and do not believe anything we say, and say there is nothing they can do.

    As a side note, I have a Bell Mobility phone (iPhone) and the cellular data usage on my phone never matches what the bill states — they always charge 50-200% more (i.e. up to three times more than the iPhone counter says I’m using).

  18. Rogers clearly started doing something new with ‘upload’ counting when I had this new modem installed Jan18 or 19.

    I went from 1~2 GB/day to at times to 37GB/day ?!?!? Totally impossible!

    January 23, 2015 1,574 31,742 33,316
    January 22, 2015 8,577 29,306 37,883
    January 21, 2015 10,004 22,923 32,927
    January 20, 2015 3,972 18,489 22,461
    January 19, 2015 3,183 16,292 19,475
    January 18, 2015 3,754 1,062 4,816
    January 17, 2015 3,367 222 3,589
    January 16, 2015 1,773 44 1,817
    January 15, 2015 1,267 77 1,344
    January 14, 2015 1,759 62 1,821

  19. My internet usage multiplied by 10~15 times larger on January 19, 2015 just after having a new modem installed. The old one mysteriously stopped working. Literally the next day my usage was 30GB+ when they day before I had used less that 1GB. Impossible. 30GB in one day?

    I have dealt with Rogers this morning.

    After being turned way by some rude kid who told me it was not Roger’s fault and that the only explanation is theft, I escalated to a manager and had the entire amount erased. The are giving me a credit for the total amount. (They would not bill over $100 of over usage even if we used 2 terabytes)

    They are adamant that its not the modem. Very fishy considering the old modem just stopped working, they showed up so fast and installed a new one, only to have the usage multiply 10~15 times by the next day.

    The manager was also very quick to try to almost ‘accuse’ me of using bit torrent. They are obviously now with Shomi, competing with bit torrent and have found a way to have a little war on downloaders. BitT not only uses download space but ALSO upload space! I think that is the new thing they are doing.

    It is not a mistake, they are deliberately doing this and say they have checked the problem and find no fault on their side. SCAM

  20. Same, was billed for 131 GB of overage which could not be verified. Case was open with Rogers for months until they finally indicated they could not access the usage records and they closed the case in my favour. While the case was open, they continuously repeated “but the good news is that instead of paying the $260 in overages, you only pay the $100 maximum !” It was like a scripted tactic to get someone to bite it and pay. I had to repeat to several representatives that the 131 GB of overage was in error to begin with – it was impossible for us to go over the 300GB included in the package. Their investigation lead no where – as if they couldn’t even check the usage – therefore they didn’t want to prove in anyway that they knew the usage was false!

  21. Joining the club.
    Consistently about 10GB d/u a month for about 4-5 years.

    Decided in June to purchase the new 3GN modem (to avoid paying the extra rental fees)
    then my d/u went up to around 60 (my max at the time)and paid for a few overages since October to December (there go the rental savings).

    Installed my new Christmas presents (Nest and Dropcam) in early January, so I proactively called and upgraded to the new 120GB limit. 4 days to the end of my cycle I just received my 75% notification 105GB d/u so far this month.

    Wondering if the spikes have any correlation to the new 3GN modem purchased in July? or the increased d/u speeds? or perhaps a leach on my wifi? going to change the passwords tonight and look into the ipad and android devices for automatic cloud back ups.

  22. Same thing has been happening to us. We were averaging 3-4gb MAX a day. We started out a few years ago with a 60gb plan. It slowly started creeping up, so we went to the 80gb plan. Again, almost immediately, we were getting close to the max. We went to the 120gb plan, thinking it was something we were doing wrong. Then after a few more months of going over, or at least close to over, we finally jumped to a 200gb plan. Then, 2 months ago it started again. We went over our 200gb by 27gb. We went months not even getting CLOSE to 200gb usuage in a month. We haven’t really changed our habits other than in the inclusion of Netflix a couple years ago now. We have Netflix set to the lowest resolution – .3mb/h. We were both sick one day last week and watched Netflix all day. Using that math, we shouldn’t have used more than 3-4gb for the entire day….but we used 16gb. Tell me how that happens? So, due to the fact that we’re using more and more internet (according to Rogers of course) every month, we’re at the 320gb plan. My usage for this past week?
    Monday – 16gb (we were home sick this day)
    Tuesday – 3gb (both at work)
    Wednesday – less than 1gb (both at work, but watched Netflix in the evening)
    Thursday – 13gb (we both work all day)
    Friday – 6gb (both worked all day)
    Saturday – 13gb
    Sunday – 16gb
    When I go back to take a look at my daily usage from 2 months ago, it’s been slowly creeping up again. We’ve used more than half of our max usage in less than half the month. I’m so frustrated. I guess it’s time to move on. I can’t keep paying more and more every month. It’s absolutely ridiculous! And I simply CANNOT believe how many people they’re doing this to!!!!!!!!!
    So I’ve been comparing all the smaller ISP’s around…TekSavvy, Start and Execulink. I will be changing. Really glad I didn’t sign a contract this time around.

  23. WOW. I knew I couldn’t be the only one they were doing this to but to see all the complaints! Same dame things happening to me, overage charges that are almost physically impossible, usage charges when we aren’t even home (sometimes out of the damn province). I unplug the modem, unplug the damn cable right from the source, still shows usage everyday.Call them they not only treat you like dirt (and I ALWAYS start off very, very polite), agree no one can hack in if it’s not wi-fi (we still have physical cable) but refuse to do anything. I tried to cancel twice, she told me “no problem we’ll cancel that I just have to transfer you” literally put me on hold until I hung up (40 plus minutes). I just don’t understand how they keep getting away with this when there are so many people. Am filing my complaints with CCTS

  24. So, I have 1 day left on my current cycle and lo and behold 4gb all of a sudden shows up on my final day pushing me over the limit. I WASN’T HOME ON MY FINAL DAY.

    How the hell does this happen? This is absolutely ridiculous.
    I’m glad I monitor my usage daily but this is just insane. Now I have to reserve 2-3 hours out of my day just to call them (which will no doubt lead to nowhere).

  25. We are rural residents and rely solely on the rocket hub – we are only entitled to 20 GB and are experiencing huge usage when we are not even home. There are no other service providers in my area! I am charged $10/GB over – rogers says my average usage is 80 GB. Does anyone know how I can track my own usage – or have any other advice?

  26. I’m Joining the club I guess.
    This initially happened to me back in August. They said that I acknowledged the overage via a browser, but I never saw it, but I do have a 12 yr old at home, so figured he must have, although he swears he never saw that notice. Anyways, I ended up upgrading my service to a higher level. They made me change all the Wireless Passwords etc.
    I monitored it for a few weeks and all seemed okay.
    still haven’t gotten any notice this month, but low and behold I decided to check in on usage.
    *** Heart Stopper**
    said I used 1.5 TB (yes terra bytes) to a whopping additional use charge of $2538.00
    Some of the days it claims I used 400GB we weren’t even at home, so I am sure we didn’t download anything.
    Techs are now putting me through the routine of unplugging the modem for 24 hours.
    This may be my last straw dealing with Robbers Communication. So sad though, they are all bad.

  27. Same thing is happening to us – they reversed the charges first few times it happened but this month no way. We have to pay the overage fee. What the hell? The data amounts are physically impossible!!

  28. used that link someone else posted to file a complaint with the cct and within 48 hours they contacted Rodgers on my behalf and today got a call from a higher up who said they are reversing all the extra charges for the 3 months. Unplugging the modem once again and returning it to the store. Undecided if I will remain a customer or not, sad it took the CCT to get them to realize this was not a customer’s fault. Don’t be afraid to contact this for help people!!!! and besure to snap shot your usage for them as they do require attachment for proof of the bills


  29. been going through the same ordeal since a week ago, internet usage showing over 60gb and no one has even been home for last two months.. they asked me to unplug the motem, which we did, then today said go unplug the computer. Had to get a neighbour to go to the home twice now. the neighbour confirmed the computer is not even connected to the interent. Needs password. yet rogers today tells me there is no password on this so said they would reset a password today. BS!!!! now they say because it showed there was no previous password they are not liable for this over usage. They will not reimburse or let us cancel our account until next bill is paid, which will be another $150 in usage on top of the normal bill. WHat crooks!

  30. My monthly bill from Rogers is $74 for a plan that gave me 80GB/month and for a year and a half everything was great, but what should I see when I look at this months bill but an additional usage charge of $184.

    They claim I used 56GB OVER my 80GB allowance in October, and when I went to the store to dispute the charges they said that I’ve already used 40% of November’s allowance in the last 8 days.

    Unfortunately since it’s Black Friday/weekend they were swamped, not their fault they couldn’t resolve it, and when I called their customer service line (about 5 hours before this posting) they said it’s because Netflix upped their quality and it will now eat up my data.

    I checked Netflix but it was set to the lowest streaming quality (0.4GB/hour), which means we would have to be watching 10 hours of Netflix per day on top of what we already are watching to justify this increase in usage.

    Needless to say, I’ll be going to the rogers centre and disputing the charges as an underhanded cash-grab that I will not be paying.

  31. I have been having this problem for the past 2 months. I call Rogers to inquire and they act like I’m stupid, silly and just trying to deny my usage. I gave up downloading torrents and using netflix altogether. They find it reasonable that 117 gb was downloaded in a single day? Another time, 33 gb in one day??? I live with one roommate and he is barely home. Changed my network name and password at their advice and yet still the same problem??? Something seems way fishy.

  32. I am in shock that there are so many posts on this. I’m in Ottawa. Had 80 GB plan. First got a call saying my modem was old and to go to Rogers to exchange it. Fine. Suddenly less than halfway through my billing period I am at 97GB! I have never gone over before. I called for an explanation/threatened to cancel. Was offered “goodwill one-time usage credit” and offered new Fibre 120 GB plan with doubled speed (from 30 to 60 mbps) for less than I had been paying. Accepted for now but really want to drop Rogers, this is obviously a corporate racket / mega scam !!

  33. Yesterday when I checked my internet usage in myrogers account, I still have 710 mb left. But today I checked again, it said I used over 3 GB yesterday. This is impossible, yesterday we have a snow storm and I didn’t download anything and only used 3 hours. Since Nov 09, I only used couple hundred mbs everyday, but yesterday usage is surprising me. I tried to solve the problem with live chat, but the customer support said their meter is accurate and indicated that I used more than 7 hours, how come? I didn’t use internet in afternoon , only 2 hours in evening and 1 hour at night. I asked again, they said they cannot help and cut me off.

  34. My son ended up paying over $800.00 in penalties for outgoing texts!
    Somehow his usage from one month to the next went from a couple dozen texts to thousands! And they won’t show how they came up with the numbers, and nobody from Rogers bothered to let him know that for a measly $5.00 a month he could have unlimited, this went on for months as he is in the military and was even away in Afghanistan for some of the period involved. Horrible company, almost as bad as Bell, who we had issues with years ago and left to never return, that’s what everyone should do, everyone stop using and stop paying, a grand gesture to grab the attention of Rogers and the attention of the media, a huge General Strike against overcharging. And yes I have cancelled my monthly cell plan, paid the penalty as it was cheaper than paying for the entire duration of contract and went to pay as you go. I laugh when they call to try to convince me to get a monthly plan, no thanks, I get 100 megs a month now and my service cuts off if I go over and I haven’t gone over yet. I check emails occasionally and research items on internet if I’m out buying something, no reason why anyone would go over a gig a month on cell phone plan unless streaming videos constantly, sounds crazy.

  35. Well ..definitely there seems to be a problem with Rogers. I guess I am latest victim …, today I got a alert from rogers ..saying that I have consumed 100% , my limit is 320 Gb …, I checked My rogers portal and is reporting 288 Gb consumption on 2nd November.

    Interestingly I had my router traffic monitoring logs switched as well. It is showing me only 3.3 Gb download and 354 mb upload. Only on 2nd November that My Rogers and the router log is reporting differently. So when I called the support line the tech guy was telling me to change my Wifi security settings. So I questioned on many things and his second suggestion was to take the “one time usage credit” ….., They completely puts the blame on us and act as nothing is wrong with there picture. And the tech guy also suggested .. me to upgrade …and about keeping the internet switched off 24 hrs so they could monitor their metering for stuff. I am not talking about residual traffic ..this is a clear .. issue with there side but they are not worried about it.

    This looks like a real issue for many of us. As the previous posting said ..If I have to pay single cent on this ..I will drop rogers on the spot and switch.

  36. The day before yesterday they charged our internet usage for 384GB. My parents believe its me because I use my phone a lot. What they don’t understand is that I use my devices “a lot” every single year. Apparently my parents think that Rogers is not at fault because we have been with them for 8 years and they are giving us 350GB in a price that is equivalent to 60GB price. Last month our internet usage spiked from 26GB to 32GB to 65GB. I am a 19 year old college student btw and I am not at home much considering I have to attend classes. Phone is an important necessity and has become a vital part in anybody’s life today. My parents took my phone away to prove a point yet again the next day, we were charged 62GB. My parents forgot about that part apparently because my parents paid the last month’s bill and yet again this month they are charging us with excessive amount of internet usage. They charged us 8GB on Thursday and 9GB on Friday when 3 exams back to back during those two days. Yet still my parents blame me for the excessive usage. On Tuesday we were charged 384GB and my parents think it is because of me. I only go to tumblr, Facebook and YouTube. I don’t download at all so how come 384GB go from using those applications. I used them for 3 hours during the whole day. They took my phone away but they will keep suffering from this problem if they won’t use their common sense.

  37. same thing here
    over usage and e mails from rogers
    got a call today and was told to upgrade usage
    going to cancel everything rogers

  38. Having this problem right now. They’ve offered to credit everything so far, but called it a “one time overuse credit” or something so I’m unsure if I’ll be compensated if this problem continues. Anyways, I had a 40 GB spike one month that put me over, and 100 GB this month! I use around 2 GB any normal day. My modem log for the past week does NOT show that usage, but rather matches up with my daily average

  39. Just got a note from Rogers that I was over my 100 gigs by 57 gigs. 75% usage note was two days after the fact. 102 gig usage over the past TWO days. Average use for us is 2 gigs per day unless we binge watch some tv series. Even at that we seldom go over 10 gigs per day. Their current idea is to hook one computer only directly to modem and check usage two days from now. Nothing unusual reported on my security or router (one of the latest/greatest models) monitoring equipment. We’ll see.

  40. Hello everyone,

    Reading all your post makes me even more angry. I can’t anymore deal with Rogers customer service as I’m just about to swear and I’m too intelligent to do this. However, I’ve been ripped off as all of you. My account is cancelled with Rogers and I have my last bill of $ 364 to pay until October 11, 2014. Despite the due date for payment I’ve just received a threatening collection letter to pay the bill immediately otherwise they would ruin my credit rating. My question is how can I take any legal action to sue them and is there anyone who can help to deal with these matters.Thanks

  41. Got the same problem here. Last month I got a notification that was at my 75% capacity of my 300gb. So I checked the daily usage and typical day is from 3 to 5gb and all of a sudden one Sunday we were logged using over 100gb. And we weren’t even home most of the day. Called Rogers and they give me the run around like other people in the household… blah blah.. but no one uses the internet besides my wife and I and the kids watches netflix once in a while. And last night I got another 57gb added and we didn’t even stream. This is total fraud. And also they raised my monthly fee another $3 without notice. Scam…

  42. I like to share my experience too…I received an email from Roger’s about my internet overage on Sept. 5th. I have 350 GB limit for a month. I normally use less than 200GB every month. I went online to check my internet usage. I was shocked to see that on Sept. 3rd my internet usage was readyyy…272GB. Yes 272GB for one day. I called the Roger tech. support and he could believe the usage also. Though he gave me the credit but since then my usage is going up every day. In 2 days my usage was 22 GB (7GB and 15GB). Don’t know what is happening but will call Roger’s again and see what they can suggest. I will also love to hear any suggestions from anybody at this point.

  43. Looks like everyone’s been rogered here
    How the fuck do I use 120 gigabytes in 1 day?? My wife nor I am home!! So tired of Rogers services!! These corporations have piss pore customer service that gets you no where and they tell you your lying to them on the phone!! Everyone should just cancel there services and watch them suffer like all of us do!!

  44. I am on a retention plan with Rogers that is too good to leave and every single month I have to call and get corrections on my bill. Sometimes it’s only for a few bucks but it’s the principle of being overcharged that I just can’t let go. It wastes so much time dealing with their fraudulent practices. I think the best thing we can do is walk away from them. Putting up with their shit is reaching a boiling point for me. Their lack respect for customers is intolerable.

  45. This is happening to me. No reason for the high usage. Started back in February. Had 60gb plan, they convinced me to upgrade to a new modem and then I’d have 80gb. Now I am going over 80gb. I’m often using 7gb a day!!! No change here in how we use the internet. Somehow they are counting a lot more than we are using. Makes no sense. Is there no watchdog investigating their usage claims? I am ready to dump rogers and go to tekksavy. Something is very fishy.

  46. We have just had the same thing happen to us 2 months in a row. Very unusual usage spikes for no explainable reason. The first month I called and the rep agreed it was odd and increased my plan from 180GB/month to 270GB/month. Great as I normally didn’t use anywhere near that amount. Even still I changed my wifi password and SSID and wiped the the computer that was constantly connected to my router (modem in bridge mode) just to be safe. I went on vacation in the very beginning of my billing cycle and get back to a 100% notification. Perplexed at the situation I called Rogers and they explained that there was 2 very large usage days I having 130GB of usage and the other 380GB, both on days where no one was home and the only device left at home was in hibernation mode with LAN disabled. The rep agreed that the usage didn’t make sense and lodged an investigation, which came back that there was no issue on Roger’s end? I’m not sure how that is possible considering 380GB in 24 hours works out to be a constant speed of 36 mb/s non stop?? How is that even possible. I escalated the concern and am waiting on their response but if this doesn’t get fixed ASAP it will be time to cancel my long standing relationship with Rogers. Stay tuned…

  47. I has happened to us twice, every time right after we update our service with Rogers to a new package. The first time they told us we did not secure our lines and someone was using our internet. Which is not true. I am in IT business myself and very well aware how to secure the line. We just paid for the over usage. Now I have charges again. I just can not believe that it happened again and right after the change of package. This seem to be a systemic issue and I am surprises no one does anything about it.

  48. Russell: Have you tried checking out if VMedia ( is available in your area? We’ve transferred to them for Cable and Internet service. So far so good. You must also purchase their internet if you want their cable service. However, if you are still a current Rogers customer, the transfer fee for cable is only $20 and they do not have to come onsite to install anything since they use Rogers’ lines. You have within 48 hours from the time you cancel with Rogers (get the cancellation #) to sign-up for their cable & net service, and purchase the modem from their list of acceptable modems. Hope this helps.

  49. So glad that we are not the only ones going through this.
    We also are settling our “final” “final” bill (revised bill #2). After we cancelled all 3 of our services (home phone, internet, and cable), we were charged for 1 full month thereafter of home phone service… even though our cable and net was cancelled and showing on the first “final” bill. Called in and spoke with rep and paid the amount that we should have been owing ($12.98) per the rep. Now our “final” bill (#2) is $23.41 (after the $12.98 we paid was applied). Apparently we went over by 4 GBs in our last month… we have never gone over 4 GBs ever. Nobody stayed with us, usage was like the previous months before. Just called Billing – said b/c it is a cancelled account they cannot see our past usage data history. But they were able to somehow have this data on-hand to charge us 2 months after-the-fact… I was asked to contact web chat as the current Billing rep said it has “nothing” to do with her…(?!?).

    Ohno: did you have any luck getting a record of your last month’s internet data usage??? I wish I had come across this page BEFORE having cancelled our account so we could’ve captured our internet usage as proof. Did you end up just paying the amount in frustration?

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