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4 thoughts on “Tell your story”

  1. Hi my name is Salwa Hamouch I’m the ouner of Sally’s variety I bean with bell since 2013 and I bean having problems with billing because there charging more then the contract say the last insident was on may 1 st around noontime when I spoke to one of the worth customer service and I told her that I have a contract with bell Canada for 34 month that I pay 34 $ each month and once a year it goes up 10% but what I find out it’s going up every month so I start with $34 the 1st month the second month it want up the 3 Rd month it want up again to $43 and now it’s $54 plus tax this not even 6 month yet she told me they can Saido the price any time they want it doesn’t matter if there is a contract or not so I ask her to cancel my account because there lies to there customers she told me I have to pay $ 500 penalties I told her on the back off my bill it say $ 34 for 34 month and I will fight in court for my right my account number is 5196829393(281) and I ask to to transform my number to Roger’s please call me at 5196829393

  2. North York General Hospital in Toronto is the worse place to work. Ultrasound department sucks. Bad experience and poor management treatment. Co-workers are often very rude to each other and the Radiologists are baaaad must of them anyway. No idea about the other departments but Ultrasound department is not friendly at all.

  3. An internet web scam and a dishonest person to be aware.

    Henry Badaan is a liar and shameless Lebanese. Do not buy from this guy or this website.
    He now is doing internet scam, he set a website sell LED bulb and products.
    But he got my money but do not send product for many reasons.— Liar. I lost at least USD$7800.
    When we talk about business, he show his wife and son’s picture to let me believe him. — Shameless father and husband.
    Detail: When he was in Ottwa, I bought some $1000 LED in 2014. He then moved Florida, he invited to sell his products in Canada, he make a list of products US$19488, he promise if not sold in 3 months. He took US$6200(30%) from VISA, the other 70% he want me wire to him to save some cost. And I did. That is $13288. These money he keep for himself, did not send me product or return. He shipped me some product may cost US$5000, because he afraid VISA. Now he paid back VISA. He still owe me US$7800. And my other loss of work, time, project, legal, setup of wireless payment and rate change.

    Remember do not give money other than credit card.

    I am bring him to court.
    His phone is:

  4. Bell Canada has lost their “Customer Service”, where the customer is always right. I had a Cell phone package with them and my husband and I were on the account from the time we purchased the phone in 2010. I had a billing issue in June of 2016. I called to speak to someone and they said I was not on the account and would have to have my husband speak to them.
    To make a long story short, when he got home from work we called Bell back to speak to them about the account, he gave them permission to speak to me. I was transferred to seven different people, put on hold for over an hour and a half, (and I might mention that I got into my car went to the store and came back and I was still on hold), then when I thought someone was going to talk to me, they refused and wanted to speak to my husband again.

    I handed him the phone and he basically told them to cancel the service and send the final bill. We received the Final Bill in September and it was paid in full.

    November 2016 we get another bill in the mail from them, so my husband contacted them and said that the bill would be paid, we just weren’t sure the amount and when it would be paid.

    I paid half the bill at the end of November and because of their shoddy customer service, decided to pay them in increments over the month of December and paid the bill off. If they send me another bill, I will write them a letter and tell them that they will receive my bill in the mail for my time and my husband’s time to come home early from work and speak to them.

    The fact that they Bill one month in advance also makes me irritated. We pay for a service we haven’t used yet. Gee I wonder if Hydro gets notice of this if they will start billing us in advance.

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