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Every Credit Card application negatively affects your Credit Score

Your FICO credit score is negatively affected every single time when you fill and send a credit card application, or any other application which requires credit approval. You can save twenty bucks now with your new credit card, but will have to spend thousands of dollars more on the interest with higher rate in the future. Think about it, and apply for a credit only when you really need it.

CIBC Credit Cards Customer Service Complaint: Reissued wrong card

Here is a complaint from one of our readers on CIBC credit cards services provided by CIBC customer support team.
I had an old CIBC Dividend credit card which expired several months ago. It had a negative balance, i.e. CIBC owed me money. I had changed my address before credit card expiration, but did not update that information in CIBC. So, I have not received the new reissued Dividend card.