Alliance Credit Relief Fraud Complaint

Ms. Shirley Adams from Alliance Credit Relief offered me an 8500.00 loan at 7.2%, provided a contract, provided confirmation letters along the way.

Because of my credit score, I knew I would have to put up collateral or agree to a high interest rate. According to the contract, if I paid 1227.00 collateral to the bank (supposedly in Florida to Devin Foster) (6 months payments) I would be set for a Friday dispersal. I paid the collateral the morning of September 2.

After hearing from Alliance (Shirley) numerous times…and being able to reach her within 2 rings…. it was odd to me that after I gave her my confirmation number she said “You should have your money by 5:00.” “Should?” ….hours went by and nothing posting…

Finally I received a message from Rachel Morgan, head of customer service who told me that there had been a mistake because my broker “Shirley Adams” entered me as a repeat customer which made me exempt from insurance fees….and when it was “discovered” …she regretted to inform me that Shirley would be fired and as a new customer I would have to pay the insurance cost of 3000.00, but due to my inconvenience, the company would foot 1650.00, leaving my responsibility 1350.00. I did this and was to receive my loan Saturday Sept. 3 by noon….noon came and went…could not reach anyone…all of the sudden Alliance was nowhere to be found.

I never heard from Rachel again….I called at least 200 times…each time getting the new “we’re sorry but the extension is unavailable”

Finally after calling from another phone I got through to a very surprised “Shirley” who assured me things were fine and connected me to “Rebecca Miles” who proceeded to give me VERY detailed REFUND information..and told me I would receive 2 separate checks…from FEDEX OR UPS (or??) told me to call and get a tracking number on the day of– which was September 27. I sat at home waiting for the refund. Never to see it. I lost every dime I owned..and as a result…..I have had at least 3 fraudulent charges and withdrawals from my bank account…my paypal account..this has been the biggest nightmare of my life. The overdraft fees, fraudulent charges, threatening phone calls, multiple hits on my credit….This company deserves to be found and brought to justice. I am out almost 3200.00.

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