The most Effective Way to Resolve Issues/Complaints with Bell Canada

It is Bell Online Chat! Describe you complaint or issue in the chat and try to get answer or get your problem resolved until it is done. Do not let the customer service representative go, do not release him or her until your problem resolved! This is their job: make problems, then resolve problems. It is Bell’s choice! Customers can not help with this…

This is conversation with Bell customer service representative about the issue described in earlier posts. The customer spent several hours on the phone trying to escalate complaint to Bell, more than one week on e-mail conversation (both methods no luck). And about half an hour in Bell online chat with successful resolution of complaint at the end!

Here is online chat (looks funny sometimes, but it gave real results):

A chat representative will be with you in about 0 minute(s). Thank you for waiting.

Chat representative Max has joined the session and is ready to help. To start, please provide your name and home phone number.

Max: Hello and welcome to Bell’s chat service. How may I provide you with excellent service today?

Max: I have not received a response. Do you wish to continue this chat session?



My bills for telephone service since September 2008 contain charges for Wire Care and Phone Care maintenance plans. I have never ordered them from Bell, so I’m assuming that they have been added by Bell due to some mistake. Additional proof that I have not ordered these services ever are here:

1 – I have never asked for any repairs, so it was absolutely no any reason for me to add care planes to my account

2 – If I really wanted, I would purchase them at once for entire year or two in order to get related discount

This billing error is happening every month since September 2008. So I’m asking for refund for the last year according to the Statement of Consumer Rights (SCR) which states the following: “Refunds for billing errors: You should inform your phone company if you notice that your telephone bill includes a charge that should not have been billed or that was overbilled. You have the right to receive a refund for any billing error as long as you report it within a set period of time. Billing errors for recurring charges, such as monthly local telephone service, must be disputed within one year, while billing errors for non-recurring charges, such as directory assistance charges, must be disputed within 150 days of the date of the bill. Any refund that you receive for a billing error should also be credited with interest” I’m not asking for refund between Sep xx, 2008 and Mar xx, 2009, but only for the period between Mar xx, 2009 and Mar xx, 2010, according to the SCR, since I’m reporting billing errors in my last 12 bills which happened in the last year. I had time to review by bills only now, so the error was happening for quite a long period of time. Can you please assist me with with this issue?

Max: Please allow me a minute or two to review the details.

Customer: My full name is xxx xxx, and registered phone number with Bell is 905-xxx-xxxx

Max: Thank you.

Max: May I call you by your first name?

Customer: Sure, thank you!

Max: Thank you, Customer.

Max: I will be happy to assist you with your billing issue.

Max: Thank you for staying online.

Customer: Take the necessary time to review, I’ll be online

Max: May I please have your 9 digit account number?

Customer: It is xxxxxxxxx

Max: Thank you, Customer.

Max: Our records indicate that Wire Care and Phone Care Plans were added to your account on September xxth, 2008.

Customer: That is correct, I mentioned it as well

Max: Please be assured that we will not make any changes to a customers account without their permission.

Customer: I did not make this change as well, and provided couple evidences that I really have not done this

Max: I am sorry, but we will not make any changes to a customers account without their permission.

Max: I can remove Wire Care and Phone Care from your account.

Max: Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide you any credit.

Max: Would you like me to remove them?

Customer: No, I don’t like to remove them without a credit, we need to investigate it first.

Customer: Can you please explain what is the reason why you are not able to provide any credit?

Max: As mentioned earlier, we will not add/remove features to your account until you have requested for the same.

Max: You might have added the features.

Customer: I have not added those features, and provided you with clear evidences.

Max: I can remove Wire Care and Phone Care from your account.

Max: Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide you any credit.

Max: Would you like me to remove them?

Customer: No, I don’t like to remove them now, as answered previously

Max: Okay.

Customer: Can you explain the reason why? I’m referencing to the law, according to which credit should be provided. Why can’t you do this?

Max: I appreciate what you are saying and can understand your frustration.

Max: I further realize that the standard rebate you are entitled to under our Terms of Service does not fully address the inconvenience and personal loss to you.

Max: Our society is becoming increasingly dependent on technologies and fortunately, we have reliable systems second to none.

Max: That’s not to say however, that these are infallible and when something happens, the effects can be far reaching.

Max: Although I am very sympathetic to your situation, it would be inappropriate for us to compensate some customers and not others.

Max: While I cannot offer you financial compensation, I can reaffirm our commitment to quality and we will try to prevent such an occurrence in future.

Max: I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Max: Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Customer: Max, I’m asking specific question

Max: I am sorry, I will not be able to provide you a credit for this issue.

Customer: Why can’t you apply the law (Statement of Consumer Rights) for my case

Customer: ?

Max: We will not make any changes to a customers account without their permission.

Max: While I cannot offer you financial compensation, I can reaffirm our commitment to quality and we will try to prevent such an occurrence in future.

Max: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Customer: Yes

Max: Sure.

Customer: It is the same question above. Can you please explain why SCR can not be applied to this issue?

Max: As mentioned earlier, we will not make any changes to a customers account without their permission.

Max: You might have added them in the past.

Customer: Who did the change to my account?

Customer: I have not done this ever

Max: I am sorry, I don’t have access to that information since it was done in 2008.

Customer: So, I have to pay for it?

Max: Yes. If you wish to remove it, I can do that immediately.

Customer: You are talking that I have to pay for error appeared in Bell’s system?

Max: As mentioned earlier, we will not make any changes to a customers account without their permission.

Customer: Do you understand that I did not do this change?

Max: I appreciate what you are saying and can understand your frustration.

Max: I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Max: I will place an order to remove Wire Care and Phone Care and back date the order so that you will receive a credit.

Max: Would you like me to remove them as of today/

Customer: What is the effective date, since which credit will be issued?

Max: I will back date the order to March 19th, 2009.

Max: You will receive a credit for the payments you made for Wire Care and Phone Care after that.

Customer: Ok. This is perfectly fine!

Max: I have placed the order.

Max: Your order confirmation number is Rxxxxx-xxx.

Max: Is there anything else I can do for you today?

That’s it! Customer successfully resolved the problem according to the law with the help of online chat.

83 thoughts on “The most Effective Way to Resolve Issues/Complaints with Bell Canada”

  1. I just tried going back to Bell. One of the reasons was that they could have my package (Fibe, Internet, phone) up in 3 days. Great, motivated me to go for it.

    Got a first call to cancel the service call (3 days) and move it to 5 days – no reason given. I spoke to someone that was clearly from their Philippines call center and told them that what I was expecting on the second call (a Sunday morning) was a digging crew to tunnel under my drive way because she said the reason that they had to send a crew out was to install fiber to my home. I already had a hard wire from when I was with Bell, which is used as a null for the service I am trying to leave. When I tried to explain and ask for more information I found that the CS in the Philippines had no idea what I was talking about. When I said “so you are confirming that you are sending a digging/tunneling crew” she hesitated and then said “yes”. I knew she had no clue. Sure enough, second date, they sent a technician who basically said this is a mess, I can’t do anything because they haven’t installed the line. So where was the digging crew? I spent an hour on the phone will Bell to hear that the “technician had mis-coded the work order”. Wait, what? What technician – the one that showed up after I asked for the digging crew? Anyway, the mis-code was that they were supposed to set up a digging crew – no duh? So they told me that “hopefully” they would get a response from the group handling the dig in another two days. Just a response, not an action plan.

    I also go a call from someone who spoke very little English, who used the scam that he was just confirming the service call (the 4th call I got to confirm the time and date of the service call), just to upsell me on other Bell offerings. I told him that I wasn’t buying anything from Bell until I see how this install went. He argued with me! These guys must be on commission.

    Everyone on this list is right – Bell is a symbol of just how useless Canadian corporations have become, even those that enjoy a monopoly or a semi-monopoly. Canada has some of the highest internet fees in the world, not to mention cell, so by moving all of the call centers to the Philippines and possibly India, they have lost all ability to understand or relate to the customer. Haven’t cancelled yet – I have a forensic journalist that I want to document this, I’m sure there is enough info for a novel, if not a trilogy.

    Somehow Bell is an embarrassment to everything that we paid for through their monopoly for the first 50 years. We should have an outstanding service provider instead of one of the sleaziest, laziest and greediest organizations I’ve every encountered. I say let’s send them all to the Philippines – probably raise the IQ of both countries.

  2. My residence line charge went up in one month by $18.00 from $20.89 to $38.99 – that’s almost 100%!
    To make up for it they gave me a “home phone promo” credit of $12.06. This “charity credit” runs for one year only. after that they “revisit” the issue – and the bill will go up again.
    $18.00 increase minus $12.00 “charity” = $6.00 increase right now, which is a 30% hike. what is the rational for this big hike. Have wages or material costs gone up by 30%??? And how much will the additional increase amount to in one year?
    Why not play an honest game and increase the residential charge by $6.00 rather than taking with one hand and returning a fraction with the other?

  3. I am a bit appalled to say we kinda did fall into the strong arm tactics of Bell retention and thought mistakenly that we fell into a group that was being mollified to stay on with Bell because of all their bad history. Obviously nothing has changed and their dishonest tactics continue. I will be making sure that all my services are ended though. Thanks for that heads up. If you wish to read further on our most recent dealing with Bell please see the page listed. Thanks

  4. My wife and i need help to TAKE bell canada and rogers ..To court

    bell for stealing our services ( business phone number ,internet and cable with no permission or knowledge of it happening and leaving us without our service for 4 days and we are a plumbing business who now has businesse income loss revenue loss and parental long term clients lost . And thousands of dollers .

    Rogers for false advertising. Mental stress and loss of work and money. Incompent service and communication.
    3 yrs of headaches and horrible service.we have lots of issues to address .poor wiring which caused many charges on data and cell phone data blocked .which effected our work .mentally stress and fear for contractors coming to our house..we were robbed and due to improper wiring and camera set on rogers behalf no proper video was taken for Police report ..

    Please help us or direct us ..this happening now so a fast reply would of the President for rogers is not helping

    Claude Chartier

  5. Me too.
    Bell marketer called me to promote bundling my phone and internet services to save me money and have only one statement per month with both services on it. When my next bill came my services cost more, not less. So, when I got a cell phone and learned how to use it for portable WiFi, I called Bell to cancel phone and internet.
    Rep tried to talk me out of cancelling. As I had taken a night school course on “Assertiveness” training, I recognized that the Bell rep had been trained to use the techniques of assertive behaviour (eg. “Broken Record” which is to repeat the same thing over and over, such as, “I understand…does not make changes…without customer permission) but in a dishonest and manipulative way, not in an assertive way. It did not work. I still cancelled both “One Bill” services.
    After I cancelled my services I received a call from a more highly trained Bell employee who required that I give them a reason for cancelling. I refused. They aggressively pressed me for a reason until I gave them my reasons and they then argued my reasons aggressively in an effort to get me to change my mind. I refused and instructed them to cancel both services.
    Bell cancelled my phone but not the internet. Not being very savvy in the tech/WiFi area, it took me a few months for me to realize that the Internet was still active.
    Long story short, for 5 years they have been trying to get me to pay for several months of post-cancellation internet service when I was using my cell phone for wifi.
    But there’s more. My 83 year-old mother has just switched from Bell to Rogers. She got the same treatment – Bell called her back to try to talk her out of cancelling. She refused to change her mind as she had already had Rogers installed.
    Again, Bell only cancelled her phone service and refused to accept their own “error” and forced my 83 year-old mother to pay for the extra time, which she did just to get rid of them.
    I believe that this is a purposeful tactic that Bell uses to unethical ly remove money from the pockets of their fellow Canadians.

  6. Fact is guys, Bell is notorious for defrauding customer and ex-customers. Case in point, I ordered services, specifically telephone and ultra high speed (not fiber op) at the local bell store. So no misunderstanding due to bad connections. Since I use my internet for gaming, I wanted the fastest speed, not the regular, not the lite. Upon making the order I was told what my speed would be and that the internet security services was available free with my package. I declined, but was told he could add it and it would only be charged if i used it. Ok fine, whatever, lets get this done. Now, I have my own antivirus program, and several cleaner programs, and happen to know that the “internet security package” bell offers is no better than what you can get free at So.. after noticing very slow speeds, doing the bell speed test and getting 1.5mbps instead of 6 to 8 mbps.. i called tech support. Several times over the next 2 weeks.. finally, one support agent noted.. hey.. they had me on the “lite” package.. Well that was it.. i returned the equipment and cancelled service the next day. But wait! What is this? A bill for the equipment AND internet security package that I never asked for or used?
    So I call them yet again.. Now, they want me to bring the receipt for the equipment to the bell store. The same one i returned the equipment to. Now as it happens, I am mobility challenged.. I do not do walking very well, and have to use a cane. Now since I made the trip to return the equipment, I felt no compulsion to make a 2nd one to show my receipt for equipment they lost. I offered the receipt number but they declined, stating I had to bring the receipt in person. I confirmed that they understood I had the official receipt, and receipt number, indicating that bell had taken possession, care and control of the equipment, and yet they were insisting I make a 2nd trip in person to present this at the bell store.. I was told yes.. to which I replied “F THAT NOISE” you lost it, you find it. To which I was told.. well if you don’t pay it will go to collections and you will be taken to court and sued… To which I replied GO FOR IT.. I will bring my receipt to court for my counter suit.

    After several repeated calls to me and repeated threats, I have never been taken to court. Bell still shows up from time to time begging me to switch back to Bell.. “But our services are $xx.xx less than you pay now” My reply.. “I would not switch to Bell even if you gave it to me FREE at no charge!” I wouldn’t trust those clowns any farther than I can throw the van they arrive in. LOL.
    If anyone of you still are considering Bell… ask around.. see how many people are charged for equipment already returned. Bell figures, if they wait a month or 2 and then bill for the equipment, you may have lost the receipt and you end up paying for it, lacking proof. They make millions every year by doing this. ( considering they charge for NEW equipment, rather than refurbished)

  7. I too have been a client of bell and feel lie I’ve been scammed and harassed by phone calls asking for money for equipment not returned and double billed for last month…I will never ever return to them as a customer they should be exposed for what they do to clients….I’ve spent hours every month on phone with them to fix billing “errors” or so they say…got fed up and got rid of them a few months ago and they’re still calling me for payments and equipment I returned the same week I cancelled…over 5 months and still unresolved…they can all go to hell for all I’m concerned…just got off phone with another agent as I was writing this…can’t stand them!!!

  8. Got the internet Fibe 50, actually got 25 installed had to call them everyday to correct it, they did not. All agents lied this is being taken care of, and nothing happened. Finally got fixed after like 2 weeks. Still got charged fully for all of it although they promised to not charge me for what I did not get.

    Got tired of them and decided to cancel, they double charged me for the second (last) month. Called them again and explain how I am double charged, they accepted and told me it is systems delays, it will be fixed in a few weeks.

    Guess what? it did not! got multiple letters threatening with collection agency. Called them again, and no idea about the previous calls, came up with new excuse, that did not make any sense.

    Customer service does not exists, they just come up with ways to steal money. I used the service for 1 and half month, got charged for 3 month. Stay away. sooner or later going to happen to you.

  9. I signed up for bell tv and internet and the sales rep threw in 2 free e-tablet’s as some promo. Which we were told wouldn’t cost a thing and then 3 months later I start getting phone calls about an unpaid balance but no one can tell me what the balance is for, 11 phone calls later I was finally able to get a hold of someone who could give me some info on what was going on. Bell wants $80 per month for these 2 free tablets that I didn’t want from the beginning but made my bill $3 cheaper to take. So I canceled the tablet’s and was told I now have to pay the balance and drive 6 hours away to the store I signed up at to “maybe be able to return the tablet’s”. The best part , there’s a Bell store 5min away from my house and I cant return them there.
    Now b/c I work 70 hour 6 day work weeks and wont make the 6 hour drive for a chance to return these stupid tablet’s Bell is charging me $795. The bell rep clearly made his commission off me , lied to me and fucked me over big time. I’m canceling everything bell and telling my story to friends and family. What they have done is criminal.


  11. I have been a bell customer for over 20 years as well, they totally screwed me over by over charging me. I have the bundle with basic phone line, Internet and basic TV for 110$ a month. Not even a year later it went up 10$ and just last month it went up another 10$ for no reason. I called them to complain and they transfered me to about 4 people and wasted 2 hours of my time. I’m so fed up with this company. I ended up cancelling with them and they weren’t having it!!! They’re crooks. I’m done with them. Have of the time I can’t understand their reps. They need to hire people that speak English for f*** sakes.

  12. I too now have been a victim of bell. I recently tried to make arrangements to catch up my mobile phone bill and because I refuse to let the gentlemen push me into paying on specific day he hung up on me. When I phoned back I was told I agreed to pay it the following week, which is a lie on account we never got that far. I in turn I talk to the second accounts recievable person and before I talk to him I let him know I do not have patience of stupid people or people who act unreasonable, he kept on interrupting me when I tried to explain why I could pay at this time but I was going to commit a date I knew there was no issue, he in turn hung up me for no reason, finally third time a charm I got a person who could speak and understand English perfectly and I was able to commit to a date that was satisfactory of them. total time to resolve this 2 hrs. waste of my time. I will not talk to a non-English speaking person unless I know without doubt they understand me and they know what customer service is about.

  13. They are crooks. Every month there’s a problem with my bill. They don’t give a crap about their customers. I wish they’d go under so they realize what hat they’ve done to people. They disconnected my service without my permission. Reconnected it and charged me proration charges Then double billed me the following month. I’m going elsewhere.

  14. Two weeks ago I phoned bell to enquire about obtaining internet and tv and bundling our home and mobile phone. Justin told me that we could do all that. I insisted that before we proceed I needed a guarantee that we would have wifi…he said we would have wifi…he gave a price quote for the package. I accepted and installations for internet and tv were set. The internet technician phoned and said he was sure we could NOT get wifi but he would come and check. We could not get a signal. We phoned to see if bell would honour the other price price for home phone and tv, and we were told they would not so we did not proceed with the to service…”in the meantime Bell cancelled our Shaw tv service. When I phoned I was told that they now would honour the home phone and tv quote so I was willing to go ahead…however the scheduling date was a week away and I wanted them to make an exception since we had been mislead about the wifi and then our tv service was cancelled…and find a time within a day or two because we would be totally without tv service for a week…up to this point the people I talked to were polite…but I was then transferred to someone with a muffled voice that I could not hear and when I asked him to speak clearer he hung up….this is all recorded for verification. I am so disappointed….we have been clients for over 40 years with several phone numbers.

  15. I thought I was the only one being screwed by Bell. These people are either liars or totally incompetent. I think they are both. How does Bell get away with quoting you a price through their chat line and then bill you at a much higher price? I have a written quote, with I.D number, the persons name, and a confirmation number and yet when you call in to dispute the overcharge, they tell you they have no record of the chat quotation. If I did this in my business, I’d be out of business in a month. I’ve ended the frustration. I pulled the plug on Bell. You should all do the same. Maybe then,the big wigs at Bell might stop hiding and address their deceitful billing practices.

  16. Bell Is Garbage I have read all your reviews. It will begin soon enough we will all unite as one because we live in a Free Country where if the people stick together the people will be heard and the people will win NOT BELL CANADA it’s time this company be EXPOSED for the FRAUDS SCAMMERS they are!!! I will NOT REST until BELL IS SHUT DOWN MARK MY WORDS!!! Soon I will be posting a petition to END this once and for all and that way our people won’t be SCAMMED anymore and our hard earned dollars be wasted on hiring people overseas to make BELL more rich and for what so that Bell can get away with over charging our own people for air waves. It should be GOVERNMENT RUN AND OWNED NOT PRIVATELY that way we wont be ripped off anymore by these’s scums bags and that way our funds will actually be invested back into our own communities. Not overseas job hiring but right here where it belongs. Plus the National Security Threat this opposes to us. Like seriously giving our names and numbers addresses to countries who don’t share or oblige by the same laws is this really a great idea??? Yeah only for Bell it is so their already rich owners can get more rich. Forget that it’s time this all comes to an end. I warned Bell for Long long enough Now it’s time they pay for their mistakes. Everything that I have read here by everyone is true Every word I have experienced it personal for myself. The people are right Bell will do anything and say anything to get you to sign up or over to them. Even if you have a written contract Bell Canada and their new so criminal system that no agent can seem to control anymore and the Lies you guys said it correct. It’s time to EXPOSE BELL CANADA that will be the name of the website I will be setting up soon enough for people to go subscribe to and complain and I believe if we get over a Million people which won’t take long at all because everyone who I speak to these days say exactly the same thing about Bell. Why are they doing this to our own people I don’t know yet but I do know they must be stopped and put completely out of business. Honestly it’s like the whole country complaining against Bell Canada like how much longer does the companies think they’rte going to get away with ripping and scamming people who pay their Bills properly but then receive bigger Bills and these attacks by Bell Canada against peoples credit I stronger advise anybody who had Bell in 2011 to check your credit back round because that’s the year Bell Hired overseas India to call and harass people. I was getting 3 calls a day at one point then I told them put me on do not call list and got even more calls because in India they think the laws we have here don’t apply to them. All I have to say is BELL CANADA it’s Time!!!

  17. Aliant employees are schooled in taking what you’ve said and trying to make you think their your problem is your fault,if they can’t get around it altogether. “I can understand your frustration’ means I could give a shit. If they’re caught overbilling they don’t want to pay you retroactively,but if they can’t get away with it they’ll offer as small an amount as possible and most people will take it figuring that’s the best they’re going to get.
    I operated a small business for 28 years in which I had to co-ordinate with them. I was defrauded, stolen from, lied to right up until they forced me out of business. I can’t afford court, they know it. So my reward for all the years and hard work is an empty wallet in my back pocket. Less padding as they kick me out on my ass.
    They’re scum. But what’s that and a nickel going to get me. Rhetorical question.

  18. DO NOT BUNDLE WITH BELL: You have been warned. DO NOT BUNDLE WITH BELL. I have been a customer for over 30 yrs. I had phone service for over 30 yrs. and internet over 7-8 yrs. In November 2015 I was offered a promotion by a Level 2 Supervisor to bundle my TV and get a better deal. He told me to call in if my bill was different from what he told me. Before I could even get my bill, I got a rude call from a bell customer service rep stating that I did not qualify for the promotion; my bill will be watched to ensure I receive no more promotions; and I cannot get what I was told for the promotion. When I asked to cancel the tv and continue on as I was prior to bundling the tv. I was told that was not an option. Bell tried to corner/trick me into a more expensive plan for tv, phone and internet…real cunning. When I called in to cancel my service, I was told by a level 2 supervisor that she could not cancel my service. I said to her “you are the cancellation department and you cannot cancel my service” and she replied “I am sorry, but that is correct”.

    The customer service reps are extremely rude and just nasty….the customer service reps…completely ZERO customer service skills.
    The sad thing is…I don’t think the Rep, CEO or anyone at bell really cares about their customers anymore.

  19. Do NOT believe their 12 month, 24 month or 36 month deals, where the rep will promise you a discount for the above term of 1,2 or 3 years. They will lie to you.

    Almost always after 3 months the so called promised discount will disappear and they will deny that you were offered a discount for a longer term :(. they will LIE to your face and tell you TOO bad nothing can be done about it now, there is NO such discount in the first place.

  20. I have a spelling mistake in my name on their phone bill. Just 1 alphabet is wrong. There is no way for me to correct it online though ;(

    so if your name is John Smith , its been printed as John Snith , so there is a “n” instead of “m”

    these guys can’t even type your name properly on your account without a typo or spelling error !

  21. I am been cheated by Bell Mobility with 2,000 CAD bill and they accept that it is their mistake but they do not want to reduce charges.

    They are day light Robber.

    Move away from their services.

    You can call me on 1 647 745 7631



  22. October 5, 2015

    OMG! I was in Source and the sales representative approached me and stated that I could get an I Pad free if I signed up with Bell for Internet and cable. He asked me how much I was paying with Rogers for the said services and he said that he could lower my bill. Unemployed and a single parent I jumped at the opportunity especially the free I Pad. They started sending me e-billing when I specifically asked for an invoice every month. I contacted Bell and they said they were going to change whereby I will receive the invoice every month.
    I kept getting phone calls regarding “my bell mobility” being behind in my payment. I kept saying I signed up for internet and cable only. I never signed up for bell Mobility. (My thinking bell Mobility is cell phone) I told the representative I do not have a cell phone with bell; all I’ve is cable and internet. They kept calling and calling and I kept saying I do not have a Bell Mobility Account. The he gave me a cell number that was linked to this supposedly Bell Mobility. I kept saying I do not have a cell phone with Bell. Finally, I took all the information down after they kept calling and calling and I decided to go back to Source. As it turns out, the Bell Mobility past due account is for the IPAD. Free I-Pad, but it comes with on a separate billing (which I’ve never received)and, it turned out that I signed the contract at Source.
    The day that I switched to Bell – the representative at source called me at home and said forgot to sign for the IPAD and I’ve to pay I think it was $30.00 as a one time fee. The next day they called me to say the IPAD was ready to be picked and in the meantime they scheduled the representative to do the installation. I picked up the IPAD bragging to the kids “I got a free IPAD (which by the way I’ve never used) The representative called me the next day stating that he gave me the wrong IPAD; I had to go back and he switched the exact same IPAD with another one. The representative also told me that I would get all the same channels as the present provided in addition to over 500 more. Leaving the IPAD alone for a moment. I called Bell after the installation telling them that I was not quite happy with all the channels because I was not getting the channels I was use to.
    I called again about 2 weeks later and had to pay $8.00 more for 2 channels I use to have. I called 1 day after 30 days asking if I could cancel the contract and they said I would have to pay 200.00 to cancel the contract. Then back to IPAD, turns out I have a cell number associated with the IPAD and the billing is separate from the internet and cable bill and it is $29.00 and I signed the contract…when I thought I was signing for the free IPAD I was actually signing a contract. Instead of saving money I am now going to have to pay more… I will be contacting my previous provider and ask if I could switch back and of course they are going to want me back – and I will pack up all their equipment including the IPAD and return it all to the SOURCE…I’ve decided that If they charge me for breaking the contract and for the IPAD billing I will start a legal action with Bell whereby they will have to disclose the video from the store whereby the representative verbally informed me that I had to pay for the IPAD and it was a separate billing…I will also contact the TV/media where they actually go to the store and talk to sales representative. I will be paying off the current bill up to the date I had the service and not for the IPAD/Bell Mobility as they so referred it to.
    There are so many words that I could use to describe what I’m feeling right now. Misleading, liar, dis-honest, sneaky. To make things even worst they have been asking me to get a cell phone – the same source representative stating we have a deal for you; it’s going to cost you less than what you’re paying. I say they are thieves, bear-faced liars, and I will them to the bitter end. This all happened July 23, 2015 – my 16 year old son was present on 2 occasions when I was going back and forth.

    October 6th – tomomorr (actually it is now 12:17 AM) so today is my birthday and I’ve to be going through this.
    When something sounds too good to be true… Nothing is this world is free, I should of learned that by now. We the consumer is too trusting. In addition, Promotions are also an issue.

    I will be posting more on here to let everyone know how this all goes down when I return all Bell’s equipment to Source.

    I’m so angry – I was played for a fool by a bunch of crooks who just happen to be all South Asians who all turned out to be nasty, horrible people etc.,

    Please forgive me if I’m all over the map… I’m so upset right now…

  23. I signed up for $99 bundle. I have a second box so I pay 106 a month. I confirmed my payment without a change of service will stay the same for 3 years and only have 2 year contract to which I am told yes. I ask in month 12 what my bill will be, 106..I ask in month 23 what my bill will be. The sales rep informed me my bill will be the same every month for 3 years. Now I get a $16 charge after a “promo” expired after 3 months. I called to get it fixed. I am told there is nothing they can do and then they make me offers to improve my service but all the new deals cost more than my original deal. Get your class action suit up and I am in. This is for lack of better teams. complete bullshit.

  24. I can’t even talk to any Bell representative now without getting angry. I tried today to see if I could get a better price on my internet and the rep asked if I was satisfied with my TV service. I said not really since it was really a basic package and I didn’t want to pay more for what I could just as easily watch online. He started to argue with me that it wasn’t the basic package, that I had the next package up to which I replied, you guys call it a better package but all you really did was lump in more sports channels which I couldn’t care less about. He stated: I’ve been with Bell for many years and the package you have is not basic (blah, blah blah). I told him that Bell’s service and price gouging is getting worse to which he said he wanted to place me on hold for a few minutes – to what end, who knows. I said forget it, I’m not staying on the line to listen to more bullshit and hung up on him. Then I called back and asked another representative what the total cost would be if I cancelled my satellite service. She replied 75$. I asked were there any other hidden fees and she said no, then proceeded to tell me that it was 75$ + monthly fee. I kind of lost it and told her I originally asked for total cost and she quoted 75$ then “ooops”, she comes up with another 71 which is the cost of one month service. So I would be looking at 150$ to cancel.
    I used to have nothing but good interactions with Bell but for the last year it has been horrible. Blood pressure goes up even thinking about calling them.

  25. For those of you with Bell Canada issues regarding their breach of contract while you are being held up to your end of the contract if you choose to terminate early, there is a group of individuals who are going to take this public. I have contacted Pat Foran, Consumer Advocate at CTV, and will contact CBC’s Consumer advocate if there is more interest shown. I suggested a class action suit but had no response but in the last 2 weeks, suddenly interest is being shown. I have had dealings with the CEO’s office on a number of issues including a complete breach of a written contract, an increase in price in October to the agreed upon price on signing with them, had bundle charges reduced, again, which was not part of the contract, had a phone message deleted from my Bell Cell phone voice messaging where this manager indicated she would honor the contract but since then, nothing has changed and I no longer have proof of her statement because it suddenly disappeared from my phone even though I re-saved it weekly. That is just the tip of the ice-burg in my situation and now, to cancel the service, Bell is demanding $150, the only part of the contract they are sticking by. If you would like to get on board and have Bell Canada held accountable for their actions, send me an email and I will instruct you and keep you informed as to the progress. You may be required to provide contracts, billing, emails, any documentation to prove your case but I am willing to collect all of it. With enough evidence, we can beat Bell, with the help of the media, at their unfair, unlawful and illegal practices regarding agreed upon contracts. Write to as soon as possible so we can get this thing moving forward as quickly as possible. Thanks everyone. I’m willing to do the leg work if you’re willing to provide me with your issues….. Paul Cummings – Victoria Harbour, ON.

  26. what a stupid to register a complaint with a customer service rep at bell. first of all I do not have much time as I am also very busy but May 13, 2015 I received a call saying that I had not paid a bill since FEb. and to my shock I had paid 76.16 on Apr.15th at my bank and received a conf. #. You apparently did not receive it. The man I spoke with was LEX29134, not too polite as he said well

    the disconnection notice will be going out today (May 14th)I said well I will be going to the bank to see what went wrong. It does show coming out of my account and a confirmation number. So, where do I stand now. This is some kind service I am getting as I have been a long customer with Bell but mayb e not for long.

  27. I cannot understand how Bell can stay in business. Please people, excersize your freedom of choice and NEVER SIGN UP WITH BELL! I was a customer for 15 years. I was one of the original cell phone customers. Back then they REALLY screwed up, charging me and others $3000+ for our first cell phone bills, but we forgave them, and they promised to fix it. It only got worse. They routinely charged bills for cell service OVER $2500 a month! If you are on autopay, which they push you to sign up for, they slip the $2500 out of your pocket and then offer you a CREDIT on your account IF you catch it!

    I can’t tell you how many fights have been created over finances in my house, only to discover the missing money went into Bell’s coffers!

    Well I AM FREE!!! I vowed to escape and I did and it feels great. I will NEVER go back. Unfortunately my wife stayed, I feel very sad for her. She has AGAIN been over-charged reciveing a $1800 cell bill this month … typically happens every 5 months. She spent 5 hours on the phone with Bell Customer Service yesterday, passed from person to person and they finally … hung up on her!

    NEVER EVER EVER SIGN WITH BELL!! This company needs to go out of business as punishment for how they treat their customers of many years. We cannot allow this to go on. If you VALUE your MONEY and your FREE TIME NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER EVER sign with Bell. How many people have died of stress created by this company? Won’t the government step in and do something? Shut them down in the interest to PUBLIC HEALTH! This MUST STOP!

  28. Bell came and installed Fibe TV and internet last Saturday. When the tech went downstairs to run the line into the house he jumped up on our freezer and crushed the lid, it’s now caved in on the lid and the corners do not seal properly. I called them Saturday when the tech left after letting the tech know what he had done, he did not deny it just said to contact Bell. The person on the phone said I would get a faster response if I went to their website and submitted my complaint there, which I did. I got an automated response saying they would contact me within 24 hours. They did not respond so I called them, they said that the tech supervisor was not in and that they would call me back Tuesday (today) or Wednesday at the latest. I said they need to call me back Tuesday, not Wednesday as I would like to get this resolved immediately as my freezer motor is now running non-stop because it is not sealing properly now. What can be done about this? I’m considering contacting the police to make a formal complaint/report to make sure I have records of this and not just them. Please any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  29. I had the most horrible experience I had ever in my life with a Company which is suppose to be reputable. My nightmare started after I needed internet service and was offered the Business bundle in November 2014. At this time I had been a loyal customer of Bell for over 20 years. Since November the hours I have spent on the phone with bell representatives would be approximately 8 hours a month.
    Every month when I received my bill showing arrears I explained the bundle I was offered, point out that I paid the agreed amount and asked that my bill be adjusted to reflect same. I was switched from one representative to the other, put on hold for hours untill someone eventually found the the offer on my file and promised that everything will be correct on the next bill.
    In March of 2015 I received a letter threatening disconnection, unless I paid the outstanding balance. I again call bell an spent hours being switched from person to person until someone realized Bell’s error and made the monthly promise to have it adjusted.
    I had to move my residence and home based-business from East-end Ottawa to West-end Ottawa and spoke several times with Bell Representatives to arrange the transfer of my services. I was told I had to put in the order 7 days prior to my move which I try frevently to do. The time spent on the phone drastically increased as I am again switched from employee to employee with a different scenario for the transfer of service. Each time a representative placed the order a Supervisor would call to say it is not possible. Since I could move between 26th and 31st of March, I had to change dates a couple times to accomodate Bell’s timeframe. I breath a sigh of relief when I got order number, a date and time span, and assurance that I could forward my phone line to my cell phone, the stitch from old to new number would be done simultaneously and I would not lose service. Imagine my fustration when a Supervisor call me end of day on Friday March 27, to tell that that order will not be going through. I started my move doubtful if I would receive the service that I was previously assured of. Great was my joy, when Bell Technician showed up at approximately 9:00 am (instead of the schedule 12 noon-5 pm March 28). They worked for about an hour and then told my old number is disconnected and I cannot have service unless I call Bell and have them change the order because they made an error with the new phone number. This I did and was informed that I have to go back in the queue and wait two days. I asked to have my old number reconnected that I was told was not possible, it would take 2 days to do that as well. I asked for a Manager or Supervisor who promised to try to escalate the process. Nothing was done. I call again to find out when I would get the service and was told the Supervisor made an error and I will have to go back in the queue. At this point, in desperation, I cancel my service under threat of having to pay for a contract. As I understand it a contract goes both ways. You give good service, I pay my bill. I had no service, broken promises and lost business, I did not brake the contract Bell did. I went to another Company and had my services installed the next day no hassle. The most effective service I have received in almost five months is the cancellation of my service. Are they in business to give service or cancel service?

  30. I’m sorry about my spelling mistakes …fingers not as cooperative as my eyes and mind

  31. I was a loyal BELL customer about a year ago because I’m quite disabled andl living on my own is extremely dangerous for me having balance issues and weight distribution difficulties so bad, you know when you change the direction your body is moving in and your weight has to change so that you can stay standing? Try multiplying that times every muscle in your body what is that millions …thousands I don’t know but this is why I got a phone througH BELL TO PREVEN ME SPDNDING DAYS ON THE FLOOR IN MY APARTMENT when I got the phone for very little from a great guy at tbooth in our mall it was set up so I would be paying 88$ a month the first bill came it was well over the 88$ that I was told I think it was close to 300$ if not more so I got my care services coordinator to call BELL they gave her some mumbo jumbo about a one time fee and that it was two months put together . My coordinator told them it would be easier for me to keep track of if it was only one month at a time the BELL representative said it was all taken care of my next bil came and it. Was abot 200$ and change so I paid it thinking it must be my cell phone until a couple months later after paying close to 600$. I realized on the bill it said tv not cell phone I had cancelled my tv back moths prior so there was no way I should’ve still been paying for it . I also had my iPad on BELL SO WHEN I WAS PAYING MY BILL I THOUGHT WAS FOR MY CELL PHONE I WAS PAYING FOR SOMETHING I DID NOT HAVE THerefore BELL figuring I was not paying for my phone cut my services off and blocked my wifi and wireless NOW THEY ARE SAYING I OWE THEM OVER 1000$ I have told them time and time again they will not be getting a cent out of me they’ve even started harassing my friend / caregiver to try and get some money out of me I keep telling him to say the same thing call her phone(I don’t have one that they can figure out the number for ) I also am left without a phone now which makes my life / my world that much more scary moving for me is like a normal person trying to walk a tight rope with no net so BELL took away the only safety I had in the world I used to use the phone several ways one to quickly call my care staff when I was falling or had fallen 2) once my friend / boyfriend / caregiver moved in I used it to text him when I needed help because being in the vegetable state for almost 2 years my voice is almost non existent BELL TOOK MY LIFE AWAY I DON’T LIKE THE WORD HATE BUT I DO HATE BELL NOW I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR ANYONE WHO TAKES ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE WHEN THEY RELY ON THEM AND MAKE THEM PAY FOR SERVICES THEY DON’T HAVE AND HAVEN’T HAD IN THE PAST my friend who deals in services from good companies like Rogers figured out what BELL had been doing. I’ll tell you he sent a letter to his BELL representative and got no response I’d like to tell BELL what they can do with their charges not a thing will be done with it because they cutoff my services and I have no clue why that happened when on their bills I was paying for tv I’ll tell you why because BELL thinks that they have the upper hand and can do whatever the f#^*k they want and charge people for whatever they want i have composed a letter to BELL it goes something like this …dear BELL I was quite willing to pay for services I received in full but seeing as my phone service and every other service got cut off I WILL NOT BE PAYING FOR SOMETHING I DID NOT HAVE ACCESS TO I WILL NOT PAY FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S MISTAKE thank you sincerely an ex devoted customer. That’s it now I just have to send it to BELL THE WORST COMPANY I’VE EVER BEEN IN CONTACT WITH Thank you for reading. And have a blessed day

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