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Home Buyers: Beware of Rental Water Heaters!

Buying a home with rental water heater from Enercare, Reliance or other company means that consumers will either have to pay $30-$60/month rental rate forever or pay $1000-$6000 cancellation fee in order to terminate rent if water heater was installed after Sep 15, 2010. The reason of such outrageous cancellation fee is rental agreement specifying the only option to terminate it is to buy rental water heater. Here is a way to go around it (at least to reduce consumer’s loss)

Anti-competitive Enercare Rental Water Heater Business Scheme in Ontario

Trueler has received several complaints on companies providing rental water heaters from consumers who want to terminate rent and face over thousand dollars in cancellation fees. We’ve tried to figure out what’s happening, why this kind of unfair business is still working well in Canada, and what can be done in order to terminate it. I’m providing information here for you to decide if you wish to continue subsidizing huge corporations with unreasonably high rates or if you wish to do something about it and stop being a “silent consumer”.

Rogers Internet Overage Charges due to Wrong Usage Counter. Beware!

Beware of this rip-off practice from Rogers with overage charges! Check your Internet usage regularly and if you ever think that it does not seem right, contact Rogers to figure out what is going on with their usage counters!
Here is a complaint from one of the Rogers High-Speed Internet Customers who was charged by Rogers for over usage of internet download/upload limit because their own usage counters were broken.

World Wide Connect Calling Cards Complaint

Trueler has received complaint on World Wide Connect Calling Cards ( purchased on one of the daily deal websites –
Initial investigation showed that it is a fresh website created for featuring on daily deal websites, and itself is very suspicious. As a potential customer I would never buy any services from them and as a daily deal site (if I were one of them) I would definitely NOT advertise World Wide Connect Calling Cards.

Marlin’s Fish Shop, Marlons Butchery, Marlon’s Meats

If you are going to deal with Marlons Butchery, Marlin’s Fish Shop, Marlon’s Meat or Marlon’s Fish please note that these names are new brands of The Butchers store in Toronto owned by Marlon Pather. The Butchers got very bad reputation in 2011 during their campaign on various daily deal sites like Buytopia, Webpiggy, DealTicker, DealGetters, DealFind and Teamsave. They are known for significantly reduced quality of the products and services. They have also unilaterally changed their terms and conditions several times making impossible to redeem coupons

Groupon Photography Deals Review (Toronto)

Photography session at affordable price – this is what consumers are looking for – this is what Groupon and participating businesses offer. There are really great discounts of up to 94% from the original price. Trueler has received serious complaints on photography deals provided by Groupon, and we decided to make some research and compile a review. It is based on several photography deals in Toronto.