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Here is one more complaint on Bell Canada…

Bell is an ongoing nightmare with me, even though I have cancelled them since July. Here’s the entire story. I cancelled them on June the 30th for my home phone and internet. They told me that after a month, all the services would be cut off.

Simple, then that means that by July 30th, all the payments would stop, right? Wrong.

They decided to cut only my internet off, and had the audacity to bill me for the phone line. Fuming, I called them and demanded to speak to the supervisor. She looked over our account and confirmed with us that we had indeed asked Bell to cut off our services and apologized for the mistake. She asked us to pay whatever was the amount due, and it would be credited back to us. Her reason was that we would be charged for the late fee if we didn’t. That was fine, it was in the ballpark of around $40.

Since we had cancelled our internet, they sent us a stamp to send our modem back. We went to Canada post somewhere in August to send back the modem. After the modem was sent back, they sent us another 3 stamps. Thinking that the modem was lost, I called Bell. The confirmed with me that they HAD received a modem and assured me that the stamps would stop coming. Fine, I thought that was done with.

So for the August bill, I had a accumulated credit of about $50. I asked them when I would get it in the mail, and they assured me that they must revise over all closed accounts, before sending off the credit cheque for us. She told me that the cheque would take about 6 weeks to process. I was also find with that. She also assured me that the revision for our account would be done in September.

September’s bill comes, and they still owe us a credit of $50. I still see a F beside our account number, that tells us that the revision has not completed. I call them up AGAIN, and tell them the ENTIRE story. They tell me to wait until October’s bill, and the cheque will be received by us.

October’s bill came today. And they charged us for the modem that they reported that they received back in August. Honestly, really? I call them up, and ask them what the hell is going on. Until now, all of the representatives have been polite to me, even though they couldn’t resolve my problem. Not this guy, he was RUDE. He’s trying to tell me that I DON’T owe any money to Bell, when it clearly states that Amount Due: 33.85. He asks me, quote on quote, “What part of 50.95 CREDIT do you not understand?” I reply back, “What part of I apparently owe you 75.00 do YOU not understand? Obviously my 75 cancels out the 50.95 that you owe me for about 3 months, and on top of that, I have to PAY YOU.” He tells me to wait on hold while he phones up head office in order to try to get them to speed up my cheque. He tells me that I might be able to see my money by Christmas, or the end of January. Really? I would have been waiting about half a year for my money if I actually do receive it by then. Before I called in and met this rude person, my aunt and cousin called in the morning, because they were so frustrated. They do have a strong accent, which is why I usually handle all of the talking on the phone. The representative that was talking to them, plain out asked them, “Do you know how to speak English?” Really. How rude. Urg.

This whole issue aside, I would have to call Bell around once a month after bills, because they like to charge us for random things that we don’t use. Even if we don’t use long distance, every couple of months, we get charged an extra 10 – 20 dollars for long distance calls to NB, or Calgary. We have no relatives there, so I don’t know how this happens.

Bell has horrible customer service, and are nice and happy to you ONLY when they are receiving your money. They will try to hold onto whatever they owe you for as long as possible.

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  • Kim Ross

    This story is very similar to mine. I suspended my service the end of June, with full intentions of staying with Bell. I had been a customer for 23 yrs., and besides the magic increasing monthly phone bill, was okay with them. The devil you know and all.
    When I moved into my new place in Sept., in another city, Bell informed me that they did not have internet service in my area. I said that’s fine, i’ll keep my Bell phone, and internet elsewhere. It then took Bell more than 8 DAYS to hook up my phone. Three different techs came out, couldn’t figure it out, so I got tired of the runaround, and switched my phone to my internet provider, having had Bell service for 1 day. My bill for the one day service was $53.38.
    What followed was nothing short of stupidly amazing. I was billed twice for cancelling a contract(remember, they don’t supply internet, but I was charged for it). I was then credited 78.98. I told the person I was talking to to PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK, as I do not want to incur any more charges. She reassured me I wouldn’t. The next bill was for $53.38, which I called and “fixed”, and again, had them double check. The next bill was for $6.14. Don’t forget, this started with a $78.98 credit. And the kicker? Still have my modem, that i’m surely being charged for, as I STILL have not received anything to send it back with. I thought this was a professional company. Wow, now that they’re not a monopoly, the wheels are sure falling off, aren’t they? COGECO ROCKS!!!

  • Julianna

    I feel your frustration. I am livid with Bell, and I honestly believe that they are crooked as one can come. I had bought a new cell phone in March 2010, that within the month quit working altogether. I brought it back, to which they replied, “We just supply them”. They were willing to send it away since I bought extra warranty, but they couldn’t tell me for how long it would be gone for. Since I don’t have another phone, this didn’t work for me. They told me I could purchase a WHOLE NEW phone, or else start up a new contract. They will not cancel my other contract with the piece of crap broken phone they sold me, without charging me another 300.00 dollars. THey want 20.00 a month on the old contract until March 2013, or else 300.00.I have been fighting this battle since March 2010, and just today I called again and was told ” Why haven’t you called in before?” REALLY? I have called SO MANY TIMES I can’t count. Their excuse is that they don’t have any notes on file. I told him that it’s not my fault his staff is just as incompetent as he is. When asked if there was anything else he could clear up for me, I said, no, it’s very clear that Bell works for the nickel and dime and not for it’s customers. It’s clear they take pleasure is screwing faithful customers over, and I am please to tell them as soon as my contracts are up, I’m going elsewhere.

  • ali Uka

    I called up the Bell in April 2010 and I asked the representativ to cancell my internet service definitively on September 18,2010.Name of representative was Dominik Conf. nr.108622758.In the and of September I’ve got 2 modem kits to send buck the modem.I returned the modem on Octobar 10. 2010(sunday),tracking nr.4661 0012 7105 4900. I’m using rogers int.service since Oktobar 11,2010.As the Bell continue to sent bills for internet, I cancelled internet for second time on Junary 03 2011.Name of representative Darsia, Conf. Nr.114094260. No body can belive but I’m still getting bills from Bell for the internet, the last bill I’ve got for the September 2011 amount $ 46,90.I called them many times and every time they say ok we will allove you Credit,and this problem will be solved.Ofcours I stoped to pay bills since February 2011, and I stoped to call them enymore.


    Bell charged me $90 for new modem

    Your guys called me and told that they will charge only one time $45






    2360 Midland Ave # 7 & 8

  • Jeremy

    I opened my account with Bell on July 26th 2011. We made one phone call for all 2 service, Television, Internet and Phone. It was a part of some promotion they had and after the order was done the bill was to come up to just shy of $122.00 on ONE bill per month. But no…they ended up opening 2 separate accounts, one for tv and the other for internet and phone together. so now, i was no longer apart of this 3 services package deal. They have been billing us separately and the bills have been in the hundreds for each service per month! We were not given certain rebates, a discount for switching from Videotron which was promised from the get go and PLUS they have suspended the service twice! After severals calls to resolve, nothing has been done to accomodate us. We are still being charged separatly. We have made our payments according to the price given when we signed up and now they are threatening to send us to collection agencies due to non payment…??? I dont know about you guys but i have a made complaint to the better business bureau and a letter was sent from a lawyer. I have heard too many stories about these crooks in the past, but nowim experiencing it for myself! Their customer service has to be the WORSE i have ever encoutered. Although nice at times, they do not seem to know much! Some think they are smarter than you and becomes rude and comes across like YOU are bothering THEM!So sad how a company so big can be the worse mistake you will ever make in terms of a service provider. They are a misleading company! the aboslute worse service and they are thieves! So upset with them and promised myself i will never go back! Everyone always told me, “do not go with bell” and now anybody asks me about if they should join Bell…my reply is simply NO!

  • Anne S


    I have been going through so much trouble and my mistake taking their Bell TV offer and that messed up my phone and internet. They told me they would be combining my account but bill me through 2 separate account. I wish I had never taken their Bell TV. They even disconnected my phone and unable to apply a previous credit check I had sent them. JUST TERRIBLE, I think their whole corporation is messed up and absolutely clueless how to control the mayhem.

    Here is their Executive Email Address and Phone number incase the Reps are not able to work it out.


  • Anne S

    Also another link that you can use is to send in a complaint is here:


  • Trueler

    Thanks Anne!

  • alex

    Bell si like doing that kind of game since many years! A good way for them to make $$ ;)

  • helen

    I have been fighting battles with Bell for some time and yes, after you have gone through ‘hell’ with them, and been put on hold forever till your ears burns and your arms are in pain and are ready to fall off, only then if your lucky will be transferred without being hung up on, to someone that may help you and solve your problem…but this might take days, weeks or months of frustration, weariness, exhaustion and down-right anger and hate. Then, and only then, they may offer you the sun and the moon to keep you on as a customer…they will offer you a lot just to keep you hanging on!

  • jrp

    Open letter to Bell Canada:

    Dear Sirs,
    I came to believe that your company’s inability (or brilliance) to deal with customers has reached Biblical proportions. I called Bell to signal a change of address three weeks in advance. In addition to phone and satellite TV services I have been paying like a Swiss clock for the last fifteen years, which I believe should account for approximately 23,000.00$ of total payments as of today, I asked for internet to be added to the services bundle. For a reason that eludes me, your technicians cut my phone line on the spot without any further explanations, and applied changes to my channel selection at a date which I guess they cherry picked based on whatever astral scheme they thought of.
    I tried first to communicate with customer services representatives to take care of this uncomfortable situation. I currently have a list of seven different representative names with employee numbers that assured me that the situation would be taken care of in a matter of hours. I was never able to communicate twice with the same representative, and I believe this is a brilliant strategy to divert any difficult situation a business may face. I will never thank you enough for your guidance in that matter.
    Yes, this represents one call a day, for seven days in a row, at an average forty five minutes per call. This means that at a plumber’s hourly rate Bell would owe me over 400$, excluding cellular charges (remember, you cut me off)
    I then took the very difficult decision to put an end to my business relationship with Bell Canada. To my surprise, I learned, the hard way I might add, that the only way to end my misery would be to call the same evil number. So far I have spent 2 hours today trying to reach a representative to put an end to it (again, on my cell phone, remember, you cut me off). Again, I salute your business acumen and customer retention strategy.
    After being on hold for a last 53 minutes, on my cellular phone (remember, you cut me off), I was able to finally put an end to my crossing of the Sahara.
    I’m now a new customer of a competitor, at last.
    I will never thank you enough for your guidance and insight with regards to customer management. It is a rare event in life when one has the privilege to learn from a master.
    Best regards,
    An enlighten ex-customer

  • Me

    My bill used to be 93$ a month, but mysteriously they raised it to $117.00. In March 2012, I decided to cancel my services as I have been offered Great service from another company! I talked to an agent & was notified that they need “1 months notice” to cancel my services which no where on the bill it states. Anyways, I was like whatever, they need money that bad I’m going to let that BS slide. I told them here’s my “notice” I don’t want services anymore and would expect my final bill! To what they said “definitely” Today, I got a bill, but it’s not my final bill….. they sent me a bill for the next month! So like any person would do I called them, and asked them “My services has not been canceled why” the agent “Roxi ” said ” she can’t find the log saying my request” I smell Bs. Magically, logs and notes get disappeared but when it comes to payments, that doesn’t get messed up. So I call them again, asking I want to talk to someone superior, they tried so hard to change my mind. But I kept saying “I want to talk to a manager” When I spoke to this fake incompetent manager by the name of Adam he said he found the logs. What?! My logs were found. Oh no, last I checked I was a customer and the money came from my pocket, so when customer requests they don’t want services they exactly, mean that. They conveniently made the so they would try to charge me for another month!

  • ngela nardozi

    i own a home Bell send one of his men to install a new phone they went on top of my roof and have made a new hole on my aluminium windows i call to see if i can talk to someone but they keep on shipping me from one person to the other if someone has a contact please let me know at Thank you

  • My mother is 95 and we moved her to a nursing home and cancelled her phone. Afer we moved her out somebody hooked up the phone in her name and we cant get Bell to cancell it.The apartment she was in is still empty a few months later. I tried calling Bell Customer service this morning and was left waiting for about ten min for someone to answer there phone. You would think a phone company would have more phones and more people to answer it.

  • Lois

    I also didn’t realize Bell needed 30 days notice to cancel. I canceled with Bell 2 months ago, they are still charging me for services I’m not receiving! I refused to pay. They sent me a letter giving me 10 days to pay or they are sending it to collections. I called to discuss this situation, after being on hold for at least 20 minutes I talked to someone I couldn’t understand! These people are totally unreasonable to deal with!! I’m totally stressed out by this situation. I have contacted the ccst they are looking into it. I would like to know what country handles their collections. I sincerely think somebody should look into the way they are dealing with customers. Could somebody give some advise on how to deal with these horrible people. Any time I have asked to speak to a supervisor or manager I’m on hold so long I end up hanging up (which I’m sure that’s the whole plan). Also when I make a payment @ my bank they Demand I call with a confirmation number! I need some help on how to deal with these people. I’m sorry but I have issues paying for services I’m not receiving.

  • Elaine Sziraky

    We are trying to switch from Bell to Rodgers. When it snows, rains, or is too cloudy outside our TV doesn’t work. My husband has to go outside in the winter to take the snow off the satellite so that we can try to get some reception. Now our TV has not worked for about 6 days and they are telling us it is due to a tree in the front of our home. We can’t get rid of the tree, so they suggested putting our satellite on the roof. Of course we are not in agreement with this, as we can’t go up on the roof to get the snow off. Now we are trying to switch to Rodgers and Bell has put a hold on our phone number so that we can’t use the same number. My husband is trying to get a reason for this hold from Bell and the person in their loyalty dep’t is giving him a hard time on the phone – demanding our password which we can’t rember and giving my husband a hard time about just providing other info ie date of birth,or ID information. They have never done this before, so it’s a little suspicious that we now HAVE to give a password. In my opinion these are very childish tactics. In addtion to all of this when we first switched to bell. The person who came to do the installation cut our cable chords for Rodgers – Imagine someone just coming into your home and cutting your capable chords without your consent.

  • Mrs Hall

    I have been fighting with Bell for 37 months, that’s over 3 years about an IT manager I never asked for but they keep billing me every month for it so every month I call and explain over and over for about 1/2 hour to up to 2 1/2 hours, never any satisfaction, never an apology, never a credit

  • Me Too

    Not only is their customer service crap but their drivers on the road are freaks! Apparently, they don’t like it if you pass in front of them after you’ve SIGNALED and they like to swerve into your lane to scare you. And they like to speed off like the freak dumbasses that they are. NICE. And they want people’s business??

    The brainless twits who work for Bell must get a laugh listening to complaints. What do they care?

  • Keeperboy

    I live on a lighthouse station in BC and I use my phone 5 weeks out of a year because the station I work at has no signal and Bell charges me $3,600.00+ a year to keep my phone number active. I tried to cancel my service but I found out that I was sweet talked into a contract. So until 2015 I have to pay Bell almost $4,000.00 a year for 5 weeks of service. Bell has no concern for their customers, as long as we are stupid enough to accept service from these con artists.

  • DoeDoe

    July 16th I called to cancel my Mom’s phone after 52 years. She was moved to a nursing home in March. I told the Bell employee she had alzheimer’s and was in a home since March and I was cancelling the phone effective immediate. I called from my Mother’s phone line to cancel it . She kept asking me how they could KEEP their service . Again I repeated my story. Then she had the audacity to ask “why are you disconnecting the phone ? ” I asked her what I had told her several times. She said “that your Mom is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s and not coming back “, and then she asked me AGAIN why I was cancelling the phone. Well I lost it folks ! Told her disconnect the phone on July 18th as she said that was the earliest it could be disconnected and that I was hanging up. Yesterday, Aug 7th her phone is still not disconnected and I have received a bill . I went to Mom’s again and was on hold for one full hour ! Then I was put thru more idio speak and told they have to speak to my Mother blah blah. After a lot of screaming and stating i would be going home to cancel my phone, my satellite and my business accounts and advising I would tell all my relatives to please do same, I was put thru to a reasonable woman who stated the phone had been scheduled to be disconnected on July 18th and she would arrange etc.
    Well, it’s NOT DISCONNECTED TODAY !!!!!

    BELL CANADA, and most communication companies deserve to go the way of the dinosaurs and the post office. I hope I live to see it !

  • Sam

    Hey guys … I have been hearing and readings messages like yours all over. Obivously, we keep complaining, wasting our time waiting on the phone, and at the end nothing is resolve, because the problem persists once we receive the next bill!!!
    I have had ENOUGH with Bell, and I would like to organize everyone into a group to launch a Class Action Lawsuit against Bell Canada.
    Are you ready and willing?
    write to me at :

  • Natalie

    I decided to cancel Bell over 3 months ago and was told that I needed to give them a 30 day notice. I looked over my contract and all the fine print and nowhere can I find this claim.
    They kept asking why I was cancelling and the customer loyalty service guy was really rude. I straight out told him that it’s because they have lousy service and too expensive. They kept wanting to give me better rates but he failed to grasp the concept that another company had already installed their service in my home.
    The next month I get a bill as expected… only I get an $100 charged to my internet for over consumption. Now, keep in mind that I’ve cancelled the internet the month before and during that time I was using another company’s service. I fail to see how I could have overused?!?
    They state that their internet is a month backtime?
    Anyhow, the second month I get a final bill for $15.99 and I figured this would be the end. No it isn’t.
    On the third month after cancellation I get a bill for tv and phone. I called up my old # associated with this account and it’s still connected.
    I call Bell and they say it’s because of a software issue and the cancellations weren’t going through. The representative explains that she will cancel it immediately and will remove the pre-authrorized from the account to make sure nothing is withdrawn and my balance is 0.
    Well low and behold, 4 months after cancellation they just withdrew $300 from my account!!!
    Stay away from this company. I hate to think how long I’ll have to be on the phone tommorow to clear this mess up!

  • AAB

    I have to agree with all the complains i have seen on here,

    Bell Canada is the worst phone, internet, and TV provider ever in Canada, someone mentioned in their post that the are horrible, and they’re only nice to you, when you gave them money that is so true.

    On the 5 Sep 2012, i got home from work just to find out that my phone internet and statelite Tv was disconnected, even though the due date for my account was not due until the 7 Sep 12, because of not having a phone, and wanted to speak to those unruly arrogant,unprofessional rude people, i had to walk four blocks from my house to a hospital to use a pay phone.

    So now that i have my two quarters in my hands at the pay phone, i’m about to make my call to the accounts receivable department like i was instructed to do,
    the wait was not that long, now i got a bell customer service rep on the line by the name of Mukul, He mentioned to me at first, that my service is suspended until i paid the amount of $91.38 to have my service up running again which is a big fat lie, because when my friends and my family were trying to reach me they all got an out of service message not a suspension Within 5 minutes of our conversation his story change to Sorry Sir that amount i gave to you was incorrect you need to pay $400.00 first to have your account up and running again, my point here is from $91.38 to four hundred dollars that is a big job. Do you really honestly see how they gave wrong contradicting information on one’s account all the time that make no sense at all.

    At this point i was getting very frustrated with Mr Mukul, so i said to him, i cannot make a payment of $400.00 dollars at the moment, I told him what i can do is $200.00 now which was the 5 Sep 12, and the balance on the 12 Sep 12, well for some silly funny reason he did not have the opportunity to do this.

    That is when i asked to speak to his supervisor or a manager, at this point he was talking over me which they do all the time, he then say to me could you please hold sir i’ll get you a manager. I was put on hold for about 5 minutes max, the manager came on the phone her name was Kajal i tried to explain my problem to her about my services, she was not helpful at all. It makes you wonder where do they find these people, i’ll be honest she had a very strong accent and i was unable to understand what she was trying to say.

    Her words to me as a manager was i’m telling you now sir you have to pay the four hundred dollars first to have your service reconnect, i was so angry because this lady shows no compassion at all, Mukul should have her job because he listened and i was at least trying to make some sense from our convo, but Ms Kajal was very rude, by saying oh you can pay anything you want the $400.00 or the $700.00 dollar i don’t care that’s was her words, we need to let more people know what kindda or service bell Canada provide to their customer.

    I will be changing services soon , may want to try Rogers

  • Kash Sayles

    Add me to the endless list! I gave 30 days notice to cancel my home phone of 25 years on June 14. July 23? Phone line still live. Now it is mid September and I am getting threatening letters for the $167.08 they claim I owe them. I reckon I actually owe them about $75 tops. 4 separate, long, gruelling conversations with the Orwellian-named “customer loyalty” department, 2 e-mails to Kerry Arbourr, VP Credit and Collections. It is a NIGHTMARE!! Perhaps a class action lawsuit is in order. Everyone: stay away from Bell.

  • Jack

    Interesting stories. Personally, I cancelled my television for July 1st because they couldn’t provide service in my new apartment, I did however move the internet tho. I followed the detailed instructions from my representative to the word. Fast forward, Im meanwhile inundated by work and 3 months later I notice not only did they properly charge me $50 for a service move, they incredibly never stopped billing me for the TV. I call to complain, they acknowledge the inconsistency in the addresses between my TV and Internet, however say that they don’t have a record that i cancelled the TV. So basically Im screwed out of $100 and there is nothing they can do about it.

    Bell totally takes advantage of it’s customers. Im so frustrated because this $100 is not worth my time. That said, I will follow up with small claims court and complain to the CCTC as well as the media.

    Bell Canada makes screwing their business.

  • Bob

    If I was having a problem with Bell, Shaw, or Telus, I would run straight down to the Court House and file a complain in Small Claims Court. It’s really simple. Getting a judgement against Bell is easy. If they don’t comply with the court order “Dodo” will hit the proverbial fan. They will bend over and ask to kiss your foot, or some such part.

  • Never using Bell again

    I could tell you all the stories about the times they charged me for things they shouldn’t have, the lousy service, etc…It’s a long list.

    But 2 things that might be helpful for people still dealing with them:
    1. Any time you call them, keep a record of the date/time, the representative’s name and ID, and a reference number for the call. That way, when they later tell you the conversation never happened or that you were told there would be a charge, or that you didn’t ask for something that you know you did, etc you can request that they PULL THE CALL and listen to it. I went through 2 levels of supervisors telling me I was informed of $150 in cancellation fees (I was not) before the 3rd one actually did pull the call and discovered that not only was I not informed of the charges, but I had specifically asked the agent about any fees that might be charged and was told there would be none. Problem solved – they issued a refund cheque within about 4 weeks. (I had paid the bill to avoid having a past due bill, as I was applying for mortgages and didn’t want that on my credit report).

    2. If you have escalated to a supervisor on the phone and didn’t get an acceptable resolution, there is a tiny link at the bottom of their website that allows you to escalate a complaint. Use it. You just fill in the web form with the details of your issue. It gets you to a different set of people. May not work every time, but they have resolved my last couple of complaints.

  • Bell TV Employee

    I am a new Bell TV employee that just finished training a few months ago. I have worked for Rogers in the past however when I moved to Toronto I found out that I could not simply transfer my job to a Toronto Office as I worked for a 3rd party. Rogers was great to their 3rd party employees. Bell however as I am learning is not great to their own employees. They tie the amount of credits I give to customers to my Key Performance Indicators which affects the bonus and raise I am entitled to at the end of the year. This means that the more credits I give out even if it is Bells own fault I will receive a hit to my KPI resulting in little or no raise and no bonus come year end. Rogers did not do this and I feel this is why so many customers have to call back in month after month for the same credit. Each time the agent will tell them they will give them the credit but in the end does nothing as if they do they will not get their bonus or raise. It is not fair that they tie the amount of credits we give out to our raises.
    I wish I felt comfortable giving my name but I can not risk losing my job. I feel like if this was brought out to a media owned not by bell perhaps things would change but I am unsure how to go about that. Ask any of the Bell employees they will tell you that everything I have said is true.

  • Brian Thompson

    Bell has screwed all of us, they can go screw the pooch. I’m not giving them a red cent! Period. it cost me roof repairs to have their dish removed that they screwed through my shingles. Not to mention my time wasted on their LIES on the phone. Someone need to start a class action LAW SUIT againts them. I’ll be the first to sign up. They can send me their bullshit bills all they want. I just save them as fire starter. I say F them totally, they call I hang up on their sorry non speeking english Liers they hire. I sse it’s bell calling or their collections number. CLICK! hang up or they can listen to my message machine.

  • Gerd Skof

    I had an ottawa phone number for more than 40 years. Due to the very bad service, which Im receiving the last 12 months I cancelled my phone as of June 30,2012.Such a disgusting customer service company, using slave labour from the Philipines(pay the people $ 2.00 per hour) using slave labour from Bangalore(India) paying them hardly any money, using slave labour from Costa Rica-same old story-
    but having the nerve to increase $ 3.00 monthly in May 2012. The rate should come down due the slave labour used by Bell Canada. Charging high Canadian Rates.
    I had made a mistake. I gave them my credit card # to be charged. As of December 2012 they are charging on my card, which I had to cancel, still for the phone which was cancelled 5 months ago and is out of service for 5 months. This company should be charged for fraud.

  • bali

    The bell people are trappers. Whatever they say they never fulfill. They firsts give you offers thet trap you to buy them, but when it is bill time they extend the money by a great amount. The only way i think they get their income from is by trapping all of the innnocent people around the world. Their company is crap, their employers are crap, and finally their service is shit! Like who thought they will make money without trapping people.

  • Richard McLeod

    Once again, another complaint. I cancelled my internet / Land Line and Satellite service with Bell as of 15-Sep-12. They sent the box for the PVR and Internet modem. The items were sent back before the end of Sep-12. I called the Bell 310 number and told them that my land line was still active on 1-Oct-12. They told me there was a cancellation fee of $60, and I paid it via CC. On 7-Oct-12, the phone was still active, so I called Bell 310 again. The representative stated that I had to pay til the end of the month (Oct-12)as they carry the bill to the end of the month. I told them that I has actually cancelled all services on 15-Sep-12. She became very aggressive on the phone, because I sated that I was NOT going to pay the additional monthly service for Oct, as the rest of the services were cancelled on the same day. I received a letter in the mail today, stating that it went to collection. If there is a class action law suit, I want to be involved. I also will continue to tell people NEVER deal with BELL CANADA.

  • masud

    I am writing in regards to the pathetic service I received from Bell Canada today. I am sorry to say but it was the worst customer service experience of my Life!!
    I was not happy with the system access fee Bell was charging me since past 2 years so i called to get that cancelled. I called today i.e. 22nd of December 2012 at 02.05 pm and spoke to an agent who advised she could not cancel this so she passed on the call to another agent called Joshua (ID number: EY16758).
    Upon listening to me Joshua said he could offer me a better plan in which system access fee won’t be charge and also I would get unlimited local minutes and unlimited text – and to get this I would have to extend my contract for one more year. He assured that all other features remain the same as my current contract (which included some promotional features as well). This all he was offered me in $56. I was not happy with the extension to my plan for one more year but then I agreed on a condition that he will also add 100 Canada wide minutes to the plan. So he summed up all the services to $57!.
    My upgrade with my current contract was due in April 2013 so I asked him ‘will that have any effect on it?’ and he clearly said NO. I also asked him to double check this with his supervisor. He put me on hold then came back and said he has received an email from his supervisor to confirm that this wont effect on my due hardware upgrade.
    I agreed to this, he put me on hold for quite a long time and then came back to confirm what he has done for me. I repeatedly asked him to confirm that the contract has only been extended for one year and all my current features remain and the minutes/text i will now get are unlimited, and he said yes.
    Now I was expecting an email from Bell to confirm the changes made to my account. As I didn’t receive any email so i logged in to my account. TO my surprise i found that my contract was extended to 3 more years!!! Rather than 1 that i was told.
    I was quite shocked to see this so i called customer service again. This time i spoke to an agent called Rebecca (ID num: EY18454). I explained the situation what happened this morning and after speaking to her supervisor ‘James’ she said you can either cancel your contract with Bell or get some features in $27 without listening to my requirements.
    Anyways after quite a long and difficult dialogue she agreed to change the plan end date to one year (as Joshua had told me in the morning). Now i also asked her to confirm that she has not altered anything else in my account and she said ‘Yes’. I insisted to tell me again the features so i should know and she said i get ‘150 local minutes in the plan’!!! now this further annoyed me as Joshua had told me its ‘UNLIMITED local minutes’. It was such nerve wrecking for me and i felt like Bell agents are here to annoy people and not help people!!
    I then said i was better off with my own plan so just put me back on that and she said she can’t do that and the only thing i can do is to cancel the contract! Anyways i wanted to speak to her supervisor or any other collegue and she refused. She put me on hold a couple of times and was not coming up with any solution for me. The worst on her part was that she put me on hold for 20 mins before 7pm and came back at 7pm to say that we have to dial back if was want to speak to other agent and her supervisor James is not willing to talk and some other supervisor will call in 24 to 72 hrs and then hang up on us exact 7pm.
    I am also planning to complain to CCTS about this matter as me and my family are loyal customers of Bell form quite long time and this is how we get treated! We get told to Leave Bell and agents are not trying to resolve issues they created themselves!. Also i find it a big fraud that they are lying to their customers about what they are selling.

  • guest

    bell has also done this with me been with bell a very long time bell needs to get there stuff together customer service is absolutely terrible and every time you turn around they charge you for something else they said i get a promotional deal free installation no contract tv phone internet 3 months plus 25 gb extra usage free now 3 months later charging me for almost all of what they said was free among other and they have not told me what other is seriously considering changing companies bell has got to get there shit together been a customer for a long time cant believe they can call them selves a multi million dollar company when they cant even resolve a verbal contract what they’re doing is false advertising legally they should be getting sued..not to mention you call and you talk to people you cant understand sat their for 2 hours getting them to repeat my friggin user id can barely understand them seriously bell is going way way downhill

  • paul

    Bell realy suck!

  • Rick Alviano

    My name is Rick Alviano

    I recently received a notification from the Bell offices indicating that my bill was at $169.54 and that my outgoing calls would be redirected once i reached $175. This was on Jan 4th 2013

    I have a bill cap of $200.

    5 days later i find my phone service suspended for going over the limit…without any notification. I have received this notification of impending suspension before,,but always before they do it.

    The service i have received on this topic has been inhospitable. I have been hung up on twice..had reps not give me their names even when asked. Then told (basically) that its my problem not theirs.

    I have made a request to speak to a manager (above the supervisors head I was talking with) but i have to wait up to 24 hours.

    I dont know about you but i cant sit by a phone waiting…I have a life and a job

    I have been considering calling fraud or incurring the penalty and cancelling my phone service and going to a smaller independant service provider.

  • Snezana Kairn Mladenovic

    I have a 12 month contract , never had any overage on my use . Never ordered a movie No additional charges . But my bill is different every month . Every single month I’ve called to have them fix my bill . The next month they over charge again telling me I don’t understand how they Bill . EXACTLY . Why not actually send the amount and the length of contract in the conformation email. Extortion plain and simple . They say one thing do another without any accountability .


    My account has been cancelled since last sep,but still the bill is coming.


    I was inquiring with bell with reguards to porting my land line number to bell mobility and wanted to know if bell would insure the number would be published in the local phone book. after approx. 40 min. on the phone and being transfered at least 6 times the last transfer hung up. Not being a Bell client yet , considering the runaround to get a simple answer, I don’t think I’ll be switching to bell.
    P.S. first person to answer the phone was in phillipines
    SIMPLY ASK TO TALK TO A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP IN CANADA (CREATES MORE JOBS IN CANADA)- didn’t help but at least i talked to a rep in canada !

  • Karen

    I cancelled my account with Bell Canada in September 2012. I sent ALL the Bell equipment (receivers) back with YOUR purolator account, as requested. I received confirmation that everything has been returned. I have provided the numerous callers with the Purolator tracking number, the name of the person at your warehouse that signed for the package, the date of delivery to your warehouse and the agent ID who assisted me on the phone. This person stated they are putting me on the DO NOT CALL list and assured me the matter was closed. I am now getting phone calls DAILY at my office saying I owe Bell 108.00. I also received a notice by email that I have a CREDIT on my old account of approximately $26.00, yet still the phone calls continue. One person would not listen to my and simply stated “ok we will send it to collections” and hung up the phone in my face. THIS IS HARRASSMENT!!! I have since talked my parents and siblings out of using Bell Canada and they have switched to Shaw. I will be doing the same…If the phone calls contine, I will be contacting my lawyer.

  • Edna

    Boy did I ever get snookered, I took a Bell package in Feb 2012, which was 6 mos. free (yeah right) and after that it was to be approx. 88.00 plus tax for the remander of 2 yrs.nothing was signed at the time. When it came time for the six months to be up, and first bill was received boy was that a shock, interet was quoted at 19.98 bill was 60.95, phone was entire pkg decided on basic line, s/b 19.99 ended up 29.95, TV was to be $44.00 per month which was 6 pkgs along with movie channels, ended up being almost triple. When to customer care, then complaint dept in Montreal. Bottom line is that even though an agent sold in the package, they could not help me as according to them, with 6 mos. free, after that the standard rates applied even though I have it in writing as to what the rate would be. I did not care about the free months was more interested in what monthly fee would be as was on strict budget,assured of rates, which at time was less then what I was paying with the service provider I had. Bad mistake should never have changed. When I contacted the agent was assured that the credits would go through within the 2nd billing, it has come and gone and no credits, a lot of empty promises with no follow through, to the point that everything is being disconnected on Jan 23rd. Stay away from anyone who knocks on your door from Bell as they will say anything to get you to go to them, even lie..I will be filing with Small Claims Court this week, as to even cancel the services they wanted 400.00 on top of the 534. which they say I owe, which is over the amount quoted, and I have been paying…they don’t care, and considering that I know of others who have Bell and are actually paying less then me with more services, it just doesn’t make sense. They don’t care about the customer at all, and is quite apparent, considering that all this hassel has managed to do is upset my health and illness more, in which I’ve been told to avoid stress and all they want to do is add to it. and yes I was told by Montreal that they would be hounding me daily within the next couple of weeks for funds, kinda funny considering they plan on disconnecting on Wed. STAY AWAY FROM DOOR SALES REPS FOR BELL AS THEY ARE AGENTS AND DO NOT WORK DIRECTLY FOR BELL!!!!!!!!

  • Sherri Davis

    I called bell to cancel my land line (which I have had 21 yrs with bell) I was told I had to give 30 day notice which is stated in my contract (no contract 21 yrs ago) I said fine then please remove all the extras on my phone (call answer call waiting etc) I was told I couldn’t do that . I asked to speak to a supervisor he told me I could not remove the extras and cancel my service. I asked to speak to his supervisor . He told me there was nobody above him and hung up on me. I called the next day again asked to cancel my land line was told it would be cancelled asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold 65 min later I hung up. A month later I still have a phone called and was told there is no record of me cancelling . How do you get rid of Bell, How do they get away with this ?

  • Remi Paulin

    My Bell TV service is on temporary suspended mode since I don’t really watch it. I received a bill this week stating that the service has been reinstated without my consent… I’m fuming…

    My girlfriend has her services through Rogers and they are as crooked as Bell… Ridiculous and savage contract cancellation fees, billing mistakes (to their advantage) etc.

  • JC

    It seems as if we all have similar problems with old Ma Bell. Ever since deregulation, this company has gone downhill with a vengeance. For me, adding anti-virus protection to my account constituted a change in plan, even after confirming 3 times with their Customer Service rep in India that my plan would remain the same. I went from unlimited band width to a 40gb plan, and had to pay for an extra 20gb. I emailed every VP in the company including their CEO and the response I got was that the plan no longer existed and I could not go back. In total, an extra $10 a month for less service.
    3 months without email, they send a representative over who accused me of changing the lines in the demarcation box, really????, after an hour at the green box, I have email service again. No apologies, just accusations.
    Moved from one city to another, set up a new account, well, keeping your number does not apply to land lines, neither does internet service. I asked for the same service, I was told that I would be on a better service, a fiber optic line…. I asked them to ensure that my bandwidth was the same, they assured me that everything would be the same. I asked them to read me back the order, and it was great. Confirmation arrives, 20gb. Called them back to straighten it out, they make the changes and send me back another confirmation letter, still 20 gb. Called them back again and they said that it was changed and not to worry. After a few months in the new house, I noticed $30, $60 and $80 in additional charges, so I call, thinking that it was associated to my cell phone. Nope, extra bandwidth charges. I had to call every month for 7 months to straighten out the bills.
    Enough was enough, cancelled all my services with bell, I was told I could not cancel my services because I was under contract, which I had never signed or agreed to. Paid my last bill and waited for a packing slip for the modem, never got it, after two months called again, still never received it. Took the modem to a bell store and they advised I can’t return it at their location, but I could purchase everything else. Called their head office, told them that if they want the modem they can pick it up. Received another bill after my final bill for almost $600, modem fee and phone contract. Told them that they got the numbers wrong again, and I had the documentation in my journal from the day I purchased the phone with all the details on early cancellation and the proration, the young man on the phone asked for a minute to review my account. A few moments later I was asked if he could call me back in a few minutes while he reviewed my account details. Got a call back 2 minutes later from a private number and was told to “quit my complaining and pay the f_ _ _ king bill”
    Well, they have been calling from a private number for almost a year now, and I’m in collections. I am waiting for them to escalate or threaten me with a court date, and I will gladly play back every conversation I had with them. If they can record me and keep accurate records from their perspective, the telephone recordings will surely convey a new truth to their arrogance.

  • Tiffany

    I dont even know where to start with them! FRAUD! going to figure out a way to file for fruad against them. Signed up for a cheaper rate then shaw was giving us. NOt once has our bill been that price have had to call every single month to fix it. Made sure price would not change within a year or so confirmed it would not. Now saying its a promotion for only 8mtns to 12 mnths and our bill will go up to 221$ after that! why would we agree to sign up for that when we were paying half of that with shaw. Makes no sense at all! If anyone knows how to file a lawsuit or fraud please let me know.

  • Erwin Hettwer

    My complaint would only be a re-hash of the ones listed here. After more than 50 years, they lost me as a customer.
    One would think, that somebody at Bell headquarters, from the President to the hordes of Vice presidents, would be aware of these negative postings, decide that it is high time to do something about it.
    But I guess they are too busy cashing their bonuses.

  • Erwin Hettwer

    My complaint would only be a re-hash of the ones listed here. After more than 50 years they lost me as a customeer.
    Do you think anybody at Bell headquarters is aware of these postings?

  • Lynn

    After approximately 40 years of being a Bell Canada customer I decided about three weeks ago I had had enough and called Cogeco to have a landline brought in. The night before Cogeco was to arrive to install my landline with my pre-existing phone jacks I got a call from a Bell Canada representative. The representative asked me why I was changing and after somewhere around 45 minutes of conversation with this woman we decided that they had met the criteria for me to keep my account with Bell Canada telling me that they were going to give me long-distance minutes at the price that Cogeco had offered with a few acceptable exclusions. PERFECT! I was thrilled finally Bell Canada stepped up to the plate and got it right!!! Believe me when I say I can relate to all the stories on this site. In an effort to stay ahead of the frustration I knew I would have to go through for the next several months I decided to follow up 5 days after the initial phone call just to confirm we were all on the same page. WELL, apparently I was delusional, or on some sort of drugs, or was heavily drinking the night I spoke to the woman for 45 mins as Bell Canada operators in serval different departments, even a supervisor the “LOYALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE” WIN BACK department, no record of any kind that this conversation took place and that Bell Canada could not honour the offer the ‘phantom’ operator had made as it was impossible to offer such a price! This to me means once again I was giving a bunch of B***S*** to shut me up keep me as a customer with NO intention of actually doing anything for me. I suppose I did myself a favour and instead of making this phone call at the end of the month I’m still ahead of the game knowing what I know now. Bell Canada is not committed to their customers and hasn’t been for many many years. Unbelievable!! As for the gentleman that wrote about the green call box here in these posts, i couldn’t believe it when I read it. I was once asked by a 611 repair operator to go outside and locate the green box to open it and described to him what I was looking at, what did he want me to do … repair my own line.

  • Peter

    In September 2012 one of our cell no longer works, I call Bell to request another cell, they tell me that I should upgrade to I-phones since I was long overdue. And the story starts, we order 3 I-phones in which 1 is a new activation, then we receive 1 phone only, the N/A since the other 2 are upgrades they ran out of phones????? My son has the phone but is never able to call us just text, which is weird….. So in November I am said that we have these Iphones coming but I have to give them my card number to wipe out the old balance since we are keeping the same numbers. A month later we receive a letter of apology from Bell Ombudsman because the employee used our card to buy her XMAS presents…….nice but they sent a letter to the carrier and advised them. Now we get the other Iphones in mid-December and they don’t have signal, I call approx 30hrs with tech dept for the next 2 weeks until someone tells me where we live Bell doesn’t support 3G networks so that is why you cannot have signal, which would explain why my son could never call home from school!!!!! So I ask to return the phones as they are no good to us, she says wait we are in whearouse changes and its a mess I will send you the waybill return right away, 2 months pass another 30hrs on the tel with them I get the paper. Send the dam phones back, but politely ask them to stop calling because the lines were all cancelled in December, they don’t understand, instead add 2 new lines to my bill?????? Now I owe them 1200.00 for something that I never could use, even though I sent everything back, gave them tracking numbers that show they received them and still don’t get it. I keep telling collections the story, they keep taking the notes and nothing happens. Now can someone tell how much room they have on an account to take notes because I am anxious to know when they will run out and rectify the problem. Throughout all this we are still dealing with their bad employee using our card! Now that is service!!!!!!!!
    I am on the Cancellation dept. line now and they tell me I have to pay 100 per line to cancel, and also have to pay even though the lines didn’t work since its my responsibility.
    I really feel bullied in this as there is no way I will pay for any of this!

  • Emily

    Received a final notice from bell on Feb 27th for the amount of $288, though the account had been closed and payed off since December.Payed the whole amount through Bell collections on Feb 26th. Was Charged an additional 50$ after paying the entire final notice balance. Bell, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Why are you charging me AFTER you sent the FINAL NOTICE. Get your shit together, stop sending me mail. I was a loyal customer, payed everything on time, and this is how I get treated. Screwed left and right. FRAUDULENCE.

  • Golda Penney

    I have. Been over charged may times ,I paid my account in full along with another account($274) I had to pay to get my account working again!I paid my account in full along with an account that is not mine,I am a paraplegic on disability ,now they over charged me again,this time they don’t get a cent from me.I went 40 odd years without this zbS.zi am not going to pay this timeJune Nelson was using my account,then someone else I hired a lawyer he can deal with it.Im done!!!!!

  • Golda Penney

    Their was no mistake ,Nell are fraudulent

  • Golda Penney

    Bell is fraudulent !!!!!!

  • Golda Penney

    Bell are fraudulent dishonest company ,I am a paraplegic on disability ,they have over charged me hundreds of dollars ,worst company ever .Not paying this time.i hired a lawyer they can take care of it.Crooks like Bell June Nelson’s .Hope they can afford their bail

  • Triann

    BIGGEST SCAM ARTISTS IF ALL TIME. In my opinion, Bell needs a class action lawsuit and the decision -makers need to get thrown in jail!!

  • Gordon

    On March 20 2013, I spoke with Peter employee # EY22164 – read it back to him and confirmed cancellation confirmation # 00RBN6G6 – read it back to him and confirmed
    I informed Peter that at the time when my internet service first started, I did not have a contract and was told I could cancel anytime without notice. I am exercising this option and cancelling my internet service effective April 1, 2013. I received a bill February 27, 2013 that includes a price increase. I do not agree to the price increase and respectfully cancel my internet service effective April 1, 2013. I also do not agree to a reduction in the service I was paying for and respectfully cancel my internet service effective April 1, 2013. Specifically, I am to be notified if my bandwidth usage approaches my limit. I have added this service twice in the past three years and was not notified when my bandwidth passed my limit December 2012. I also do not agree to another reduction in service, spefically the online daily usage is no longer available to self check when I approach my bandwidth limit and therefore cancel my internet service effective April 1, 2013. I have found another internet service provider that I am confident I will not have these same issues with. I expect a speedy cancellation of my internet service effective April 1, 2013 with no ongoing problems from Bell Canada’s end. If I do not receive prompt de-activation of my internet service on April 1, 2013 I will proceed to cancel my telephone with Bell Canada by Friday April 5th, 2013. I specifically asked Peter employee # EY22164 for a name and an address that I could write to concerning my internet de-activation and was told more than once that this is the only way to write to anyone at Bell Canada. So consider this letter your one and only letter from me personally informing you as formally as possible as per terms of my internet service when I first was activated that I am cancelling my service with you and will not pay any charges that incur after April 1, 2013. If in fact, you do have a name and address I can send this notice to I will be glad to put this message in a letter and mail it to you, I have made all reasonable attempts to obtain a means to contact you directly, both online, and by calling 310- SURF. If I do not receive a name and address by Friday April 5th, I will consider this letter as sufficient notice to Bell Canada and disregard any attempts by you to communicate beyond that date. If Bell Canada disregards my notice of cancellation of April 1, 2013, I charge a “wrongful billing” resolution fee of $10.00 per day, plus any and all costs incurred, plus HST.. By not replying to this message you agree to abide by the terms of our prior agreement of cancellation without notice. If you erroneously bill me for internet service beyond April 1, 2013, you automatically agree to my wrongful billing resolution fee of $10.00 per day, plus expenses, plus HST, and agree to pay this fee for every day that the error remains unresolved by you. Thank you for your time. Respectfully, Gordon S*******

  • Kerlyq

    I have been with bell for over seven years…in the fall I had back surgery and was late on a bill because I was not at home to read all my mail and had bell customer service call me. I was out of town for several months and I had asked them to just suspend my account because I was not going to be home for quite a while and the tv was not being used at the moment. Then when I get back I will un-suspend it and go from there. I was told I cannot do that until I pay the bill first. unfortunately, I explained I cannot until I return home so I said cancel it instead and I will just hook it back up with the $50 reactivation fee instead of incurring the $145 monthly charge of my service. Guess what. I return 3 months later and have a bill of $700 and it was never canceled and I was told I did not speak to the right department so it was my fault…So I say #$%&@ you guys and tell them to send me a box and they can take the receiver and service and shove it. So what do they do? They dont send the box (but they say they did) and they are still charging me for the receiver rental..then send me to collections after I pay the @$%&@ bill and refused to pay the “out of nowhere extra $150″ which I was told was for the receiver and Id be reimbursed but never got the box they “sent” and then Im told its not for the receiver and that its for something else….they are pulling shit like this after Ive been loyal for 7 years.. Never use Bell. Its a Nightmare.

  • Janet Breen

    just beginning my adventures cancelling Bell TV. fortunately I haven’t given them a card number, nor do they have direct debit. reading all these posts, now I’m even more convinced not to give any company access to those. So far, we’ve been told about the required 30 days’ notice, and received another bill, which I’m refusing to pay. trying to find a mailing address for Bell HQ is an unbelievable ordeal, but I think I have it; they’re at 1 Carrefour Alexander Graham Bell, Montreal QC, H3E 3B3. However, there are 5 buildings, so which one TV is housed in? Who knows? I started with phoning to cancel, got a rude response, so went straight to the CRTC. They must be inundated & fed up with Bell, because they advised me that although they don’t intervene with Bell on matters of internal corporate customer service, they did forward my complaint. I then got an email from a Francois Boisjoli, TV customer relations “specialist” – who sounded understanding, but didn’t offer to do anything about my issues. So, now I’m drafting him a letter which I’m also sending to the CCTS and to his boss at Bell, I believe it’s Wade Oosterman, along with the 12 pages this comments page comes to when printed in 8 font – to let them know just how pleased so many of us are (not) with their pathetic excuse for competitive services. I’ve had good results from the CCTS in the past, dealing with Bell’s cellular arm. Once again – it pays NOT to give out credit card numbers or access to direct debit. They can’t refuse to give you back money they haven’t got their mitts on yet. Re. collections: let them try! If ever they are stupid enough to physically come to my residence, they’ll get a surprise they won’t soon forget (I’m sure my farm dogs can get over the bad taste!)

  • Sylvie

    Hi, same bullshit as others here. I gave Internet cancellation notice on February 16, they said the service would end on March 18, I paid the bill, then got a bill for this month. I am on the phone with them and they said the cancellation notice was done on March 13, to disconnect on April 12! I said check your logs,the last time I called was February 16. They said that doesn’t prove anything.

    I am still on the phone with these idiots waiting to talk to a manager. 30 minutes on hold now.

    Bullshit! Has anyone tried small claims court?

  • NK

    I opened my account with Bell on September 1 2012. Bell offered us all three services (home phone, internet and TV) for $113.00 per month. I agreed. Bell confirmed the price $113 for all three services/per month via email on August 6 2012 (transaction # B62X94N6 and Bell Agent ID 6040969). After the order was done the bill was to come up to $113.00 on ONE bill per month. But no…they ended up opening 3 separate accounts for all three services (TV, home phone and Internet). They have been billing us separately and the bills have been in the hundreds for each service per month! We were not given certain rebates, a discount for switching from Rogers which was promised from the get go and PLUS they have suspended the service twice! After several calls to resolve, nothing has been done to accommodate us. We are still being charged too high.
    Also Bell started a second phone line with a different phone # which I did not even know until I received my phone bill. I kept calling Bell to fix all the billing errors. I made the payment of $66.00 in the beginning. I even filed my complaint to Bell via Bell online but never received a call or email back from Bell.
    Finally, I was able to speak with Bell supervisor on Feb 27, 2013. Her name is Catherine and Her Bell Agent ID is EX86026. She provided one another ID 6044381. She went thru all my previous bills under all different accounts and corrected all the billing errors and I was told to make the payment of $381.00. I made the payment with her right way using my credit card. But Bell collection department called me next week for the payment again. My all three services were disconnected and restarted after a day.
    I receive call from Bell collection department everyday to make the payment. I already made the payment on Feb 27. Please can you help me to resolve the issue with Bell Canada. We are very frustrated with Bell so much.

  • Josh

    Thanks everyone for sharing the frustration. Bell is, by far, the very worst company I have ever had to deal with. For such an enormous company, you would think that they would have invested in some sort of software system that would allow employees to communicate between departments.

    My wife unwillingly agreed to a pushy salesperson and added services we didn’t need, under the promise that it wouldn’t change anything. That was in November of 2012. We cancelled the services the very next day. Since then we have called a minimum of 3 times per month, been shuffled between the most useless excuses for CSRs ever, and still nothing is resolved and our bill seems to just keep getting bigger and bigger every month. It is now at at over $500 and Bell has confirmed on a 5 occasions that we have a $300 credit but they haven’t applied the credit in 4 months. Now we refuse to pay a cent more than we owe. If they want to keep calling us with the collections department, who quickly review the file to see that the credit is there, however continue to try to harass us, they can keep going. I am ready to remove the stupid satellite from the roof and bill them to repair the shingles.

  • Linda

    I am having the same issues, I have a cell phone contract with Bell and have had the same number since Bell established here. About 8 months ago a man entered two seperate bell retailers and got two seperate contracts and two cell phones on my account and signed his own name to the contracts. Bell will not cancel the two phones and are telling me because the name is not clear I am still responsible for it. when I called the police to investigate the Bell dealers told them the contracts had disappeared. I have supplied them with my signature and my ID and again I use the claim I am a woman and this was a man who got the contracts. I’m at my wits end and frustrated as hell and have been at this 8 full months and cannot get any head way.

  • Nancy

    Guys, should always ask for the agent’s number or ask them to send the promotions to your e-mail or by mail. So when you call back, you will have something to prove. I have really bad experience with them. When I talked to them on phone, they said that my cancellation was done. Then after a month, they still sent me a bill. I called and ask what was wrong, one of the agents told me that I didn’t cancel, I need to wait for other 30 days. I already changed the company, why I still need to pay for two months. Some agents said something on phone but don’t put note on the account.

  • krystyna

    Please help me to find email where I can send Bell complain

    Every month they send me bill with balance forwarding and asking me to pay more money.

    Do you have reliable company to pay for telephone and email.

  • Rodney M

    I need to know how new home phone provider will turn me on when bell cancelled my home line on Thursday or friday that went by thanks they tried to convince me to stay and get better services I said thanks but no thanks bill was over 150$ for 3 months now so were now going with world Line way cheaper then BC. (BellCanada)

  • Rodney M

    I cancelled Bell mobility a while ago they would not make me offers and Telus Gave me way better Plan I love it.

  • john P

    …Really?….I can’t believe the ‘BALLS’ on Bell

    I’ve been living a Bell nightmare for a few years now.
    I think they trained Pauline Marois on how to piss off the general public,…except of course for the poor french speaking people who have been brainwashed, and now aid and abet the PQ by helping to brainwash their poor youngens.

    All I can say is, “I won’t be retiring here and I won’t be using Bell!
    I’m out

  • Phyllis

    All I would like to say is I do not know about anyone else but I am sick and tired about these large company’s that think they have the right to do what ever they want and the people the work there are even worse then the company (Bell). My story is to long to write about I totally agree stay away from Bell!

  • SashineB

    Very interesting! I’ve been a customer of Bell for over 40 years now. Back then, Bell was the only provider, but now we have choices (thank God.) I’ve cut my service with them because they were not crediting my account after I made payments (I have the proof from the bank.) Even with letters, phone calls, proofs of cashed cheques, nothing was happening, except that my account was still showing that I owed for the paid amounts. Finally, a resolution (no real reason why it happened, though). But that was too little, too late. Bye, bye, Bell!!

  • AnnMarie D

    I have been going through half of these complaints and I agree with them because it is happening to us. My phone was under Bell under my mother’s name because I couldn’t get one under my, was told my credit wasn’t good enough and yet when I went for a cell phone I was told I have no credit, hmmm. But any ways, my boyfriend moves in and we have talked bout putting the phone in his name. So we call and he goes for the package deal where we get 6 months free with only an activation fee of $49.95. One guy comes in to install the dish cable. It took him bout 2 hours to do so. I know so because I was home and had to cancel an appointment because it was taking too long and I couldn’t understand half the things he was saying cause of his stud-er. Then half way through it another person from Bell calls me up and asked if he needs to come in and install the phone and internet. I said yes cause that is what we ordered. So he comes in and installs them, which I thought was odd cause with Shaw they have one person come in and install everything, why does Bell need 2 people to come in. I asked the first guy and he said he only does the cable, they are in different departments. I was like umm really now. After everything was installed, things were good, going through the channels though was tough cause they never told us which channels we actually got. They even said on the phone sorry bout that we should of left you a list, and as for the movie channels we were suppose to have free, they cost $12.99 to order them. Then a couple days after we started to lose channels, the dish kept going out and less and less channels came back on. That’s not good because even my son was losing channels. So me and my bf talked it over and decided to switch our cable back to Shaw. We made the calls and they said okay we will just bill you for what you owe on the installation fee which we thought was only $49.95. But we kept the internet and phone with Bell. And they told us that would only be about $112 a month. Well now we apparently owe $536 bill for the cable. We have called and called and called to ask why so high and again no answer, they just keep telling my bf they are going to send him to a collection agency if he don’t make the payment of $150 every two weeks as that is when he gets paid. So here I am and get a knock at the door its puralator sending us the boxes to put the receivers in and send back to Bell. In which we will do but I don’t understand why they pretend to be nice to you on the phone when your ordering the service but the minute you want to cancel a product or any thing they are rude to you and over charge you for the service, how do you go from a 6 month free service to only having one service of it for only 2 weeks and now owing a $536 bill. . . I am keeping my cable with Shaw and eventually be switching my internet back to them as well and cancelling my home phone and just use the pay as you go cell phones we both have cause that sure as hell seems way cheaper.

  • pgomac

    Bell is the worst run company as far as customer service and mis-information goes. I really don’t believe that they can’t be controlled. Harper probably sucks a percentage out of them too and coaches them on how to treat good people and the bit of money people have. Sick of it, sick of it, sick of it. Most CEO’s should prbably be in jail at this time in society, I don’t think they will walk on everybody forever.

  • ljb

    I have cancelled my Bell TV in early March. I asked what was the final amount owing and paid it in full. Their equipment was sent back in the beginning of April, we had stopped using it sometime earlier March as we had a new provider to use.

    So in April I get another bill for money owing. I call, get an explanation, the amount actually gets revised because of a mistake on their end and now the amount owed is supposed to be close to my normal monthly payment. Fine. I’ll pay it.

    Bill arrives for more than the agreed amount. I call their collections department. After being on the phone with them for a long period of time – we agree to pay the amount that I was told prior. So I pay it immediately to be done with it and finalized.

    Well, turns out they only did that to get at least that much out of me. Now, I have a bill for the remainder, and also another charge of $25 for Center Ice. (I had already paid the first portion earlier the year)

    The person on the phone tried to tell me it’s because I had Center Ice for the full year. I said no, I stopped using your product in March and you had your equipment returned before the season was over.

    Either way I’m on the hook now for another amount, I really don’t want to pay it. But what will that do with my credit rating? I have great credit now. I’m so angry that this is now the third time I have to pay more money because of their mistake and oversight.

    Has anyone decided to not pay the last amount?

  • tom dow

    I have been NOT paying their version of my bill for three months; every month I have spent an hour trying to have a “mistake” corrected and every month I am assured that the”mistake” has been rectified…..and just of the phone now; another assurance that my next bill will show my $90.00 credit….I phoned the number posted by Anne.
    And all of this because I cancelled TV service. First month they put an extra $80.00 on my bill, said it would be off the following bill…then said I had forgotten to return a “deck-stacker” (God knows)…following month they said I had forgotten to return the remote: everything had been returned, signed for and acknowledged.
    I live in Ridgetown Ontario and it is almost impossible to get phone and internet unless you deal with bell.

  • Mike

    Man I wish I had seen this and other numerous Bell complaints on many other sites before I signed up with Bell Mobility today. Suffice to say, I had problems with coverage and signal strength right away and tried talking to their clueless customer service reps. Without boring you with the same story everybody else has reported, I cancelled it within hours and returned the phone to Futureshop. FS was so nice to refund the iPhone 5, but the FS sales lady was told that I would still be billed anyway. This after I was assured that I had 14 days to try if I use the phone less than 30mins or 50MB of data, which I complied with.
    4 hours ownership of Bell Mobility and the problems have already started.
    The number of complaints here and elsewhere surely are proof that this is a systemic problem with this organization.
    Where’s the government oversight ? Can someone please launch a class action law suit?

  • jeanne Richard

    Ma plainte concerne Bell Télé par satellite.
    Bell télé a récemment modifié son logiciel touchant le menu principal.
    Depuis cette date, dès que la «mise à jour» quotidienne s’effectue pour mettre à jour le guide des émissions, les horloges de rappel ne FONCTIONNENT PLUS alors qu’elles avaient été programmées pour PLUS d’une (1) fois. Elles continuent d’apparaitre correctement dans le «MENU#7» mais n’apparaissent plus dans le guide car elles ne fonctionnent plus.
    J’ai communiqué avec le service à la clientèle et l’agent m’a dit qu’il ne pouvait rien faire pour corriger le problème.
    Je déplore le fait que les horloges de rappel (quotidienne, hebdomadaire ou du Lundi au Vendredi) ne fonctionnent plus après que Bell fait sa «mise à jour» automatique à 3h00 du matin.

  • Lisett

    Im at the EDGE with Bell. When i opened the account with Bell i signed up for a bundle , Tv , Home phone and internet. The had said to me i had Canada Wide + usa free calling. 3 months later i receive a bill of $679 . My service was suspended automatically after that. On June 23rd. When i call to ask about such ammount. They said it was due to Home Phone international Calling. So i told them to check their so called recorded calls for the offer made to me by their representative. She said they will credit that money for the long distance back to my account on the following bill cycle. Today received my next bill. Turns out am getting charged for the month of service that i havent had BECAUSE IT WAS SUSPENDED! . So now my billis $879. I calm them back and no one can help me because even though i have a Bundle.. I have to speak to 3 different people for each service. And if i cancel its another 200$ on top of all that.. And if not payed in full i will be sent to collections. BELL YOU GUYS ARE F**** THIEVES!!!

  • Sam Budd

    I’m also having a similar issue talking with numerous CS reps and a notice stating past due charges with loss equipment charges being applied but the last CS rep said it had nothing to do with it, but I have the letter stating it does!, and no-one could confirm the return of the equipment (still looking for my invoice) when I know it was returned. In addition, I have a friend who just received a notice of past due for equipment loss as well when I was there when it was returned to Purolator. This seems to be a common practice of hit/miss and just send a bill to see if they’ll pay up! kind of philosophy. Quite the precedence here it seems! Anyone or group bringing this to the attention of national media? My question is why is all this tracking info getting lost in the land of the lost tracking to be found in the land of plums and money, I meant honey. :) Step up CBC and I’d love to see a segment on 22 minutes :)

  • Vijaya Mukteevi

    Hi had bell internet for past 2 and a half years I had some tech difficulties for which they felt its the modem and sent a new one its with me past 3 months all my calls to returns that went without any after actions….so I have two of them with me.

    I am moving out of the province and the services are not available there I got in touch with bell online chat(Major Mistake)I was offered an out of the world priced wireless internet lol will cost me over a 100 bucks a month ….decided to cancel wanted them to cancel it for me they said I need to call… I called them only to speak with 2 different people and a promise to get me cancellations dept. waited for 30 minutes before they hung up on me…as I was planning a major move..i got busy in other arrangements….left to deal with at a later time (ANOTHER MSTAKE) …..
    Finally today I made “the call” to cancel my services…..only to find that they need 30 day notice to cancel the services…..What? “I did not want to cancel I was forced to as its not available in the new location”….and they need a 30 day notice? by law ?where is a law which protects us the customers???? I had moved earlier from Toronto to Windsor ,I did not have to serve any notice or pay for what I am not going to use Kudos To Rogers…but bell I guess has a different law????may I ask which law????any special one which does not apply for Rogers????….ok the story now begins here….I said ok with the bill I will pay and asked for a voluntary suspension they said they cant?????and it will be suspended only on the 6th of September…what???? so now we have a connection LIVE at home which I will not be able to disconnect leave it as it is????what about any unauthorised usage????its possible when I have two modems which work there can a third one modified and compatible
    Spoke to 2 supervisors the first one said that it was part of my WORK to call them before 30 days for cancellation????Yep sure I dreamt that Bell is not available in the new location???……and the calls I was hung up on????what about them???? thanks to Anisaa6037965 of reminding me of MY WORK….while planning a the move well in advance of 30 days to find out if bell is available in my new address….lesson learnt.

    Later now I have two modems which I need to return…and I cant drop them off at any bell stores I either have to find a friends address and let them wait till they get a return label and ask them to post them or carry them with me to my new address n wait till I get the return label and then send back???????What??? are you guys kidding now I have to carry these two modems with me?????said not possible and asked for another option….said he would waive the modem fees if applicable and when I asked if I can dispose the equipment off and leave them for the electronic disposal guys he said that I cant
    and leave them in the apt I am vacating???? where on earth can we do that so I offered that I will through them in a trash bin to be picked for which he agreed????
    Nutshell don’t choose bell and if you do be prepared to face the music and play to their tunes.

  • Den

    beware of the offer of bell internet about the 5 plus . I have been having fraud from them with the ” speed check ” . I’m suppose to have a 5 meg speed but only have 3 and there line is cutting off often . I had reported the issue but tell me all kind of BS and refuse to rise the speed up and they can play with the speed as they want at the office . One agent told me about this . SO BELL YOU SUCKS . Verizon is coming in Canada and I will sure switch to this supplier as soon as it get in the neighbourhood . By the time I will send a complaint to CRTC . STAY AWAY FROM THOSE CROOKS .

  • Daniel

    HERE is my story of horror , i just order a package fibe tv and internet high speed ,the gentlemen Ismael ,was very polite and helpfull , and set me with a hd recorder because i needed hbo , not that i wanted the recorder , but convince me that their new network needed itfor those channels ,ok ok acceptance , i said that i d’idnt wnat to rent it so the gentlemen , very polite by the way ,said it would be free for as long i had the service ,ok , because i am on a tight budget , force to move because the landlord is moving also and he has custody of the downstair appt,i had to move too,so my rent will increase by 200$ , plus the cost of moving , and if you have move before i am not talking about the hidden cost ,i decided to order for the month of october2013 , since i am moving as 1st september , i will loose one month of service buti can live with that , so they refer me to that 1-800-730-7121 number for activating the order ,so i called , then at that service they check my credit and its not a+ but i never had business with bell or ever owed them anything , so the girl at that center told me i needed a 200$ deposit ,of course i was mad and finnish the call , so three days later i caled again the servie to customer to say ok activate my order , by the way they could not gave me the same represantant , ok but i ask the new guy can i pay the deposit at the install , he assure me of yes no problems but had to activate my order at the same 1-800 number , so i called back , new girl said to me no its not allowed to pay a tech(what they d’ont trust them????) and i am to trust them in my house for four hours to install the package????anyhow,talk again with her and said is there any other way , NO !,so i have to pay and wait for the money received before they activate the order , and to boot she told me its not 200$ it is 250$ , so iask the lady ,this question , you are not an employee of bell canada , first hesitate and said yes , so i said your not bell your sub contractor , she answered yes , have you tried a reverse phone number inquiry , the 1-800 -730-7121 does not exist here in canada , no such adress , that company is somewhere (where?????)that is who is managing your account , they administrate , accounting , and credit with your account and they are not even bell , that is why they are so rude to people ,i c’ant have any service without them activate the order , that is who bell isnthese day they sell you off to anybody as long as they sell their bulk services to those company that owns you now.for having been in telecom for 35 years in alberta snd quebec in telecommunicatio and even had my own telecom company in alberta ,i have never seen so much customer ,disrespect in all those years , you be the judge of who you want to do busines with..BEWARE

  • Happy Employee

    Den, you need to look at your Internet service agreement again. It says up to 5meg speed, your speed isn’t guaranteed. With the Internet 5/5 plus, you can have speeds between 1-5meg. :-) Have fun with that!

  • fran

    Word of advice to everyone who was screwed by Bell. Most people will just pay whatever Bell wants just to get rid of them once and for all. You’d think that you couldn’t win in court against such a huge company – WRONG !! If you have all your invoices and proof of everything you paid, as well as info of who you spoke to (citing the employee number if you have it), and the date and time you spoke to them, you stand a very good chance of winning your case. I too was “scammed” by this company in various ways with “surprise fees” here and there. So I just called them up, cancelled everything I had, paid each and every one of the fees they wanted me to pay (whether I agreed with them or not), then took the bastards to court and got all my money back and then some. I needed to be organized and it took a bit of energy to put it all together, but it was well worth seeing their screwed up faces in the courtroom. Not one of the ***hole Bell reps could prove contrary to my solid evidence of “Bell scamming” and the judge totally ruled in my favor. I got all my money back and Bell also had to pay my court fees and a few more dollars for the trouble they caused. I know it’s not easy and not everyone has the energy to go up against these big companies but they have a very bad habit of screwing us little people mostly because we let them! You too can get the power back! Force Bell to give it back by having your day in court!! More power to you!

  • Amit Rana

    Hi All,

    I read almost all your troubles with Bell Canada suckers, and I am another one of their many horror stories. I did not use the Bell TV/Internet services for almost a year but was still paying the bills charged as I though I would need the services once I have my own place but rather I dont have a job all together now. I asked them to give me a final amount so I can pay it off and cancel ALL my services, I was given an amount and a month to pay it all, I paid it in full with in the time limit. I called them again to send me the Router return package but still got nothing…they deliberately did not send.
    Now I get a warning notice to pay my dues still to avoid action against me for the current month…WTF??!!
    I called customer care they said the services are successfully Cancelled BUT you will still have to pay the dues till we finally issue complete cancellation of your account…….WHAT THE HELL??????????????
    I am new to Canada and I feel so bullied by BELL blood suckers…Its very hard to survive like this…..I have all the records of my calls and check details but they want me to keep paying or they will start charging penalties…
    I wish I get rid of this mess called BELL Canada……..

  • Ken Price

    We had been customers for over 20 years. We moved and a technician came out to hook up our satellite TV (which did service in our new area). A very young guy came, was running late, asked the former owner of the house, who happened to be over many questions, where is this, where is that? No good morning , eye contact, or friendliness whatsoever. After about an hour said, well, it’s gonna be a big job and you’ll have wires hanging everywhere, I don’t think you’ll like that. He couldn’t or wouldn’t explain why, just wanted to discourage us. We said that it seems you don’t want to do the job so guess you just lost a customer. He could care less, phoned in our cancellation, and someone from Bell called back to confirm and didn’t even ask why. We stupidly did not ask a name or document the call. We gave away our HD receiver and 2 others and were asked to contact Bell to confirm that we had given them to the person. Luckily we did, as during the conversation, we were told that our account was still active. We went through the procedure that happened, and they still said that we were to be charged the 30 days from the day we called about our receivers. We had no choice but to cancel and obviously they could tell that we had no hookup from the day that it was cancelled at our former home and no satellite at our present one. STILL arguing with them and if we don’t get our money back our word of mouth will hopefully do some damage. Unbelievable that a well know company can be like that after having our business for 20 years and had it not been for the technician that came out to hook us up, we would have still been a customer. We will tell as many people as we can. So very disappointed that a few bucks that they want and should not have can cause such a dishonest relationship.

  • Henry

    I subscribe to bell on July and by October i have to cancel the services that they offer me where not as chip as the have say give them a call so they say that they have adjusted and lower my payments for the inconvenience got the second bill no change at all all still the same give them a call and somebody tells me that I have ad channels to my subscription when the only ones that I have is the ones that they offer me at the very beginning after 45 minutes of frustration from one person to another decide to go back with Videotron 8 years with them without a single problem, Bell may have good quality products but they have a bunch of unprofessional team and liars.

  • Konstatin

    Sound so familiar. There should be a way to initiate collective complaint to the Ministry or even join a class action against them. Does anyone know if there is anything like that going on?

    Really this company is one of the biggest Canadian shames.


    I cancelled my satellite TV service with them on June 6/13. The beginning of September they charged my credit card for $368 for x4 “converter boxes” which I never had. I called them on sept 16/13 to have this $$$ refunded to me, a gentlemen by the name of “Yuri” assured me a cheque would be sent out immediately and I will receive it within 10 days.
    I still have not received the cheque so I called them today. Another employee told me I have to wait 2 months to receive my refund. I told them this was unacceptable, especially in todays day and age. I also told them that the charge to my credit card was unauthorized therefore Bell Canada has commited fraud as far as Im concerned. After being on hold for almost ten minutes he comes back and informed me that the cheque has been mailed to Mission, Ontario… Yep, Mission, Ontario. I told him I have lived in BC for almost 5 years, the rest of my invoices come to BC, so why is “Ontario” on my account? He told me there “was no differences” in Ontario and BC. For those of you that know me well, patience is not my strongest quality. I asked him where he is located, he responded, “Quebec”. I proceeded to give this person a lesson in Canadian Geography.
    Its now over four months since I cancelled my service and Im STILL having to deal with the stupidity of Bell Canada.

  • Hidaya

    Good evening,

    I have the same problem with bell is there any person that will help me by telling me what to do, they are really stealing me.


  • Rodney from Canada

    I got a call yesterday from a 905 number they said Bell is going to have me charged for not paying my 700$ bill and I said o well I am not paying cause of the way I was treated and they hung up on me all the times and never got back to me of the complaints. I am still not paying them and they cant touch me I am on Government $ and this of what was said never came to me in mail so I kind of find it hard to Believe. Till then I got all collection numbers blocked on my cell phone when they call me.

  • georges


    I registered with Bell for all services and gave a specific amount that I be paying , never happened and on top of all that the phone never worked (still paid the bill when I get it every month) , they sent 3 technician to fix , they did nothing and finally when i decided to leave i get a bill for the months moving forward spoke to ….i would say 6 reps , did not get anywhere , they all promised to fix the issue I was getting 3 to 4 calls per week regarding my closed account and each one of them they put a note to send me a corrected invoice , but they kept on calling , I got the some of the credit but not on a statement , i finally decided to pay the money and get finish with the stupidity and the harassment that I was getting every couple of days and advised them to remove me from any list they have , worst service , worst people ever to deal with have no professional concept at all , they pretend to listen to you and the they send you a supervisor that it’s worst then them , WILL NEVER EVER EVEN GO TO A BELL STORE

    Decided to go back to Videotron that I got a great service for the last 25 years , I thought that bell would be better

    Just happy that I am out and will never ever look back , even that Bell has the top line technologies , but not worth the aggravation

    Hope that you take my e-mail seriously and work on improving , because I am among the thousands

    Best regards

    p.s. please do not contact me as I am not interested in any conversation with Bell

  • ellen

    I too have many a horror story about bell.too many to latest story is not as bad as some things I have gone through but not good either.3 years ago I was paying $160 for 3 services.internet,phone and satellite.i did not have a huge tv package about average.after the first year I noticed my bill was now about $ I phoned.they said your promotion had ended.i did nit know I had a I said how can we get my bill down because the price is outrageous.the rep put me on hold and came back and said it would go back to $160.00 per month and that this was not a would stay that way except for if normal cost increases.fine.went bck to $160.i thought that was easy.going forward a year later and bill is now $300.11 per month.thats right almost on the phone with bell I get.nice rep.very polite.said your bill will now be $160 promotion.always.took his name and rep number.2 months later and 2 more $300 bills I call bell back.well.the rep on the phone kept trying to say let me explain your bill for each services.i kept telling him I don’t need for him to explain what services I receive.i wanted him to explain why my bill is $300?nothing has changed.he tried to transfer me teice to speak with someone to explain my internet bill portion.i refused to be transferred .we all know what that means.i asked him if he thought or knew of anyone who pays a $300 bill unless they have long distance charges and do ppv movies.i know I have none of those charges on my bill.i told him of the rep I talked to and my bill was suppose to go down to $160.he put me oh hold for about 10 seconds ,came back and said I have no record of that converstion took place and proceeded to tell me that I used the services ,so I must pay for the services and that I would not be getting any promotions.he repeated this a few times ,irritating me.needless to say ,he got my goat and I had nothing nice to say after that.i continue to call bell.i get nowhere.ive had it.i will not go to rogers either.they are both searching for other alternatives.oh yes and youll like this one.when I first got back with bell 3 years ago for a year and a half my bill came in French.once a month evertime I got my bill I would call bell and try and get it corrected.i would make the rep read my bill each told them how can I pay my bill when I cant read 1 1/2 years to correct and get to English.the reps are not hired by bell.they are hired through a 3rd party don’t have to have any qualifying education or great training and make minimum wage.i live in the city wereone of the 3rd party companies are for bell.the reason bell hires another company is so they are not held responsible the other company is and its dirt cheap.hire whoever for minimum wage.bells a joke but really the jokes on us

  • Sammie

    I just signed up for a mobility contract with Bell. They wont take responsibility for the iphone 5S ask me to go to apple when I paid them to buy the phone. On a promotion they waived my activation fee but my first bill includes the activation fee. I called up Bell for an explanation and the person on the line is so unsymapathetic. Kept repeating you signed a contract, so you have to pay…..
    I was with mobilicity before. I used to think Bell is better but I will say Mobilicity is cheaper and better service than Bell… I should never have signed a contract. My phone sceeched and I can not hear the other person. Bell blames Apple and Apple says its a network issue. This is my first month with the phone and service and I can not get out of the contract now.. Not sure what shodul I be doing.. If anyone is planning for a classaction againt Bell I would want to be part of it too.. I am using Bell internet at home and had called to cancel thata nd they did not do it either..I would appreciate some help and direction in this matter.

  • aktiva

    Its November: still trying to get the billing stopped for Satellite TV that ended July 31st!…….

  • Jolene

    I feel so horrible reading all of these posts. I never imagined I was the only one. But I never realized there were so many.

    Two major issues I’ve had with Bell:

    1) I paid them 1200$ for six months of service of my cellphone, and internet which I was assured were on the same bill, as I was getting a bundle deal, and those were my only two services. Two month later they cut off my phone for non-payment. I had to pay 300$ through my credit card in order to have my phone services restored. Apparently when the customer service representative bundled my account, they did not inform me, they were still two separate accounts. At this time I had been a customer with them for ten years. They also had 1000$ of my money sitting in their accounts.

    2) I signed up for their internet stick deal, one year ten dollars a month. I’m not sure why I did it, the thing never worked and tech support could not get it to work over the phone, EVER! getting no where, I just threw it in a box and paid the money. Well months turned into a year. Contract would be over, or they would call to renew. Not a chance, I shouldn’t have forgotten about it, but they should have been upfront the contract was over after a year. A year later while calling in regarding my internet, the technician, starts asking me about this random phone line hooked up to my account. Apparently I had been paying 15$ a month for the internet stick that they know I never used, because they have access to my data usage. She apologized over and over, but told me there was no way they could reverse the charges, or provide me with a credit.

    Since then my cell phone plan has been changed on me twice with no notice. It is finished in 50 days I tried cancelling earlier but if I cancel early they will charge me 250-300$ fee to remove my phone from the system on top of whatever they feel I should be paying in the next two months for this phone.

    Four years from the first incident and it keeps getting worse. I count down the days, my friends giggle about it. But it will be the last service I have transferred from this company, and it’s cause for celebration. I hope to find a better company, but I don’t know where to go, they all seem very crooked.

  • angelo

    bell is a nightmare i been paying my bills all up to date
    with my payments some one there office just put my website
    down for no reason and no one advised me that they were putting my site down, know they said i need to pay for the cancellation fees,they are really out for lunch in the way they do there business,there support team don’t know what they are doing and they keep on passing you around still not understanding what they are doing.

  • bill harriongton

    Hello fellow victims, A stop payment does not always work. After cancelling Bell TV they have taken money from our account. This in my book is theft, but I guess they operate under different laws . I & my wife have been customers for over 30 yrs. & can not understand why they must use these dirty tactics when doing things fair & honestly would increase customer loyalty & retention .They now have over $240.00 of our money which we have no way to get back any time soon . Hope this sort of conduct bites you back Bell !

  • tony

    bell does love to scam people,
    they dont call you when your cell phone goes on
    roam only when they tell you its at a high cost
    and they shift towers to scam you and threaten you to
    pay “having some other stupid company to bother you all day ”
    why does the government take control of these people and avoid this..:)

  • B Sandhu

    I have a complaint regarding my bill. Today on March 3rd 2014 I get my bill that was supposed to be $97 for 12 months but instead is $233.37. The thing I do not understand is if they told me that they will charge $97 then why are they charging extra. Are they trying to trap me by showing me offers that are just a hoax? You guys should be ashamed of yourself that you are troubling your loyal customers by charging extra. I believe I cannot continue my TV, Internet and Phone with a company that is greedy for money. Like always I had a talk with a Bell representative (Spede ID#6034150) to explain my problem but he just did not seem to understand. He was talking in a mean manor and was also giving us attitude. Instead of giving us help he was trying to trap us into paying more money. He had also said that we are breaking the contract that we did not even sign. Is that the kind of worker you keep in your company, people who don’t do their work properly and trick their customers? I finally got really pissed off after a while and I could not talk any further so I decided to let it go for that time. I am really angry after going through this several times so just fix the problem ASAP or else I would have to take strict actions against the whole company. NEVER TAKE THIS SHITTY PROVIDER AS YOUR SERVICE! YOU WILL SUFFER LATER ON!

  • laurel

    I have experienced ongoing issues/challenges with Bell Canada.
    This particular one is a 3 year contract which I believe I have done about 1/2 of my “sentence”. I was given information which stated that they could only increase my rates by a maximum of 10% in one year however when I moved 3 kms from where I was before, they increased the rate by 30.99% which I believe is MORE than 10%.

    When I spoke with Bell Canada, they told me that because I am now in a different zone, that was the rate, however I would think that a contract is a contract and should be voided or at least renegotiated should there be an increase like that. But no it would seem I have (or my small business to be exact) has no rights or at least none that I can find. Had it been a cell phone, that would have violated the contract and left it voided from what I understand.

    I have now received a new bill which shows 3 collect charges from Springfield MA (which I know absolutely no one there) and was charged $165 for 45 minutes. I feel that I should just cancel the phone, allow Bell to go after the money through collections and just forget about it all together since I am so frustrated with them. I am particular about paying bills however I am just at a loss as to what to do other than suck up the next 2 years.

    I believe for my business to cancel, they are telling me it would cost somewhere around $1600.00 to cancel my phone. This is just a normal phone line with 100 minutes of long distance. (cell plans are better than this land line) I am just so glad that when I did move, I didn’t bother with anymore of their services. They used to have our satellite, internet, cell and three phone lines. All which would have added up to a fair amount of money each month however as they have continued to annoy me and not provide decent customer service, I have made a choice to continually remove their services.

    If anyone has any insight into their contracts (as what they provide is obviously a joke since it didn’t comment on change of address or anything) and if I am indeed obligated to serve the remainder of my sentence, I would really appreciate it.

    Oh and anyone who is conned into a contract, read all the fine print as if you do not advise them that you are not renewing your contract 30 days prior to the renewal date, I believe that it automatically gets renewed unless this has changed…

  • Tammy

    I had cancelled my cell with bell on Feb 28 of this year. I was told that I owed them 42.00. I called so many times and asked why I owed them this amount.9 different people gave me different answers. I asked for a statement of my account and was told it takes 10 days to generate. Its been over 42 weeks now and I have not received it. I called today and now they are saying it will cost 542 to send. I have been in contact with the Better Business Bureau and will be sending them a letter. I dont owe these guys money. I did read something online that they were taken to court. They are just trying to get our money so they can get back what they had to pay to the court

  • Adam

    Bell can suck an egg!!!
    My problem started about a year or so after I signed up for a new contract with the iPhone 4. Bell decided to charge me for 2 months straight, up to 5gb past my 1gb a month internet usage.
    I called to have this sorted and they refused to help. I told them I’m not paying for their mistake. About a week later, they decided to cut my cell service completely.
    With being in between jobs, I had no money to pay them off. After I got into my car accident, I had to re-mortgage the house to pay for everything, including Bell.
    I thought everything was well and dandy until a week later they sent a letter stating I owe them close to 700$ for the iPhone. Then a few days after I get a letter from a Collection Agency for the same owings on the phone.
    Since it was Bell who decided to charge me for extra and then cut my service fully because of their wrong doings, doesn’t that mean they should be the ones to swallow the cost of everything?
    And just today a new Collection Agency on Bell’s behalf is looking for the money. Their letter was dated April 21, 2014 and like i said, I got it today which is April 30 and they want the money by May 1, 2014.
    Do I offer to make a payment plan to get these vultures off my back because I sure as hell ain’t paying Bell or any Collections on their behalf.

  • Tom

    I called Bell customer service to query my bill. Their service representative was helpful and polite and led me through the bill item by item. When she said $9.85c was for ‘Solo Phone’ I asked for clarification. She said that she had NEVER seen or heard of this before and put me on hold. When she returned she explained that this was a charge for the use of a Bell telephone, which at one time was compulsory. Since the last Bell phone I had was a rotary dial one, she spoke with her supervisor for approval to have this charge cancelled from my bill. She then informed me that they were going to waive the charge for cancelling this. HELLO!!!!! I asked her if I was understanding her correctly, that they were not going to charge me for cancelling a charge that they should not be charging in the first place and that probably dates back years. They in fact OWE me money but there was no offer of compensation. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Crystal

    Bell is horrible,

    mine issues started in January of this year, I called for a tech to come out to see why our satalite wasn’t working now it was a hard winter but i coldn’t figure it out. A tech came out before even doing something he said he was required to inform me i’d be personally billed for this as the account we had was suspended. I was really confused as according to ‘ONLINE” we were maybe a day late, so my husband called Bell Billing they informed us that we would have to pay 100+ and hour for his services plus the amount we owed which was 547 I was like whoa where did taht number come from they said they didn’t receive out last pmt and that we went over our usuage, i was like no we have unlimited internet we set taht up when we moved into our new house, so they looked claimed we didn’t talk to anyone and owed it, so i was like F you what can i do now they advised if we wanted to cancel to give the Tech there the PVR so we did, it was a 6 year old PVR btw. A few weeks later i get this postage in the mail for the router so i send it to the canada post get my ref number and move on with life. SO with Bell gone we thought, today i open the mail confused i see a F’ing collection notice from whoever is helping this crook of a company saying we owe 647 ? confused i am, i paid the bill and got confirmation from billing WE OWED NOTHING. So i called Bell billing again they said we owed for canceling and the PVR Yummm i said your tech retard took it back in January and we’ve called you since trying to inform you we were not customer in feb or beginning of march, so once again i give them the person adn the employee id i spoke too Hmm magically all comments about my talk were gone and that i was basically a liar. i said i’d give you a ref number but you retards don’t use them which makes no sense i use to work at a call centre and even we gave them out should be required by law they have to incase of dumb ass from india not doing their jobs. SO after an hour of him asking the same damn questions my fav was what was the tech name what day was it what time was it i was like listen dumbass this was back in January i can’t even remember when i peed last today, this is not our problem that their is no communication between ALL your departments he’s like we want to listen to your call, so i tested him i said when was the last conversation we had with billing or even anyone for that matter the funny answer was august of last year , i was like funny i spoke to so and so in april about this mysterious now 189 bill that magically increased month by month but i’m not a customer anymore, he said well sorry we have no call records past august of last year, so like i said to him since you’ve canceled all your centres in India and brought them back to North America bet everything either was deleted or those people in India didn’t know how to take a call, no response only we’ll look into it, ,i just said remove us from collection and get this off my husbands credit rating or my lawyer will have a field day with you he said not nesccesary for the lawyer we’ll get this done. Not 5 mins off the phone my husbands phone rings it’s retention begging us to come back as customers we’re like you assholes sent us to collection without our knowledge and want us to come back WTF is wrong with this company. I emailed this third party BTW with our information from our call she said this occurs all the time that they send customers for amounts that are not the customers problems and don’t follow proper processes wow even their collection agency dislikes them I really think a class action lawsuit needs to be done maybe it’ll wake them up.

  • Leon

    Worst customer resolution. Every month my bill comes with additional charges and every month I phone and complain. Service charges change randomly and every month I need to phone and argue for hours on end. Bell Canada have no idea what they are doing and are money grabbing.
    We all have to complain about Bell. The Government has to do something about this. Every month new charges. How is this possible. We have a contract and they can change their prices randomly and whenever they feel fit. Customer retention guy named Dylan says he is the highest authority and with no customer resolution agreed to cancel our services after being a customer for 20 years. Look at the amount of unhappy customers on their Facebook page. They do not even try and resolve issues. why are Canadians so complacent. if everyone cancelled their Bell services perhaps they would offer a better service.

  • Wilson

    Bell, sucks. REALLY DOES !! So I had a cell with them. I agreed to a credit limit,which means when my bill got to a specified amount the service would be suspended until it was paid below that amount. Well, my service would always be shut off…no bill, no notice, nothing. Then 5 days later I would get a bill in the mail with a due date of 10-12 days later.I would pay the bill off, it would take 10 days to get my service back and they would still bill me for the entire month. So they shut my phone off before billing me and 20 days before the due date and then take 10 days to turn it back on. WTF??? So I cancelled my contract….they are now calling me to pay the final amount. I won’t for two reasons…they haven’t billed me yet and their previous actions were in violation of contract agreement.

  • Grayce

    I am just starting my own journey with trying to cancel Bell services. I have had Bell for over 22 years. Always paid my bills on time. I really haven’t had any trouble with the service but I have noticed that over the past few years my bills are constantly going up. A few dollars added to either my home phone, internet or TV plan every month or so.

    I called Bell to see if there was any way to lower my cost. My bill was up to $247 per month. I was hoping they could give me a better deal so I would not have to go through the hassle of changing everything. Up until this point I had been fairly happy with my services, just not the cost. I was told there weren’t any better deals. This was a 45 minute call. She talked a lot about how their services were superior. I was pretty angry when I was told I did not even “qualify” for the prices advertised on their own website. I don’t know how you qualify, but paying your bills on time for over 22 years was not it. So I went ahead and explored other options.

    I arranged to install Teksavvy internet. I called Bell to cancel my internet plan. That went well and I was given an disconnect date (30 days notice required). The week after my cancellation call, I started receiving calls from Bell loyalty/retention department. Initially I didn’t answer the calls because I usually don’t answer 1-800 numbers, knowing it’s usually telemarketers. Finally after many calls I answered. It was Bell offering me a deal of $133/month total to stay with them. I asked the lady why I wasn’t offered this deal when I called the week before and I was told that the promotion was not available then. Needless to say I did not accept the deal because I had already arranged a new internet provider and invested in a modem. My new provider offered 6x’s the speed for much less per month.

    While I was on the phone I did ask about any deals for my remaining services. I was offered $10 off each. Not much when you consider my phone is $77/month and my TV plan is $89. I did accept the $10 off, after making sure I was not locking into any sort of contract. I made the rep aware that I still thought the phone bill was too high. I told her if any promotions come up for the phone to call me because I am actively looking at other options. She told me all the reasons why Bell’s copper lines were more reliable. (Not really an issue with everyone having cellphones)

    Over the next few weeks I investigate my options and end up signing up with OOMA home phone. I pay $99 for the box. It was very easy to set up and I am wowed by the quality of the calls/customer service. I sign up for their premier plan at $99 per year and monthly taxes of $3.98. I make arrangements to port over my Bell number (in the meantime I have a temporary number). I receive an estimated porting date of August 21st.

    The internet cancellation date comes and I check the Bell website and my internet service no longer shows up. I get my next bill and I am charged $29 for 3 days of internet service. My billing date ended on July 25th and I was charged that much for the 3 days until my July 28th cancellation date. Interestingly, the month before I had no internet for 3 days. I had called Bell at that time and they gave me a credit of $6.79 for the time my internet was not available. I called after receiving this bill and point that out, and that resulted in another $3 credit. Still not enough, but I’m tired of fighting them. Every call is 45 minutes at least. I also do not have the two $10 credits I was offered. In fact my $247 bill only went down to $197 after cancelling a $89 internet package!? I am told that it can take up to 2 billing cycles to see me credits appear?!

    It`s a few days after my internet cancellation date (July 31) that I go to make a phone call and I note that my landline phone is dead, no dial tone at all. I unhook everything, try a different phone, turn my answering machine off etc. and come to the realization that I have no home phone line. When I call my home phone number, from my cell, I get one ring and then just static (my home phone does not ring at all). Thank goodness I have my OOMA phone. At first I wonder if it is part of the porting process as I know there can be a few hours of missing phone service the day the port completes. After this persist for a few days, I call Bell and ask if they accidentally cancelled my home phone with my internet disconnection. They tell me that my home phone is still active (and they are still charging me). They want to send a technician out and look to see what the problem is. I would have to take a day off work to be here to meet the technician. I have decided to just let it go, knowing my number port should complete by August 21st and I will then cancel my Bell landline.

    I mailed my internet modem back in the OOMA box. I have been meticulous about saving all the documentation regarding tracking of the package. I have read too many horror stories about Bell saying they didn’t receive it and charging people.

    This is an example of how Bell has alienated loyal customers. They have placed too much emphasis on getting new customers rather than retaining the one’s they have. They don’t offer loyal customers the same incentives. This is going to bite them in the @ss eventually. People have long memories. Bell is going to run out of ‘new’ customers.

  • Jackie

    Bell Canada is in dire need of a complete overhaul in the area of Customer Service. The so-called leaders of this company should be ashamed and embarrassed by the way they are allowing customers to be treated. I have read most the complaints filed before mine and I am appalled by the deterioration of a company that once had a good reputation in Canada.

    I have had to make numerous phone calls over a period of several days to request that my landline be disconnected from my house so that I may install a VoIP system offered by a different service provider. I have spoken with a numerous Bell Canada employees (located in Canada, India and the Philippines) that have given me mixed messages and have been unwilling or unable to help me. It is obvious that they are given very little training or authority to do anything, especially when it comes to resolving a problem or escalating it to a higher authority. Transferring you to another department, placing you on eternal hold without an explanation or hanging up on you are some of the experiences I have had over the last few days with this company. This poor treatment of a customer and lack of service by a “for profit” company in a competitive market is completely shocking to me and disturbing considering the importance of the services this company provides to the public.

    The persons managing Bell Canada need to step up and act like leaders and make much needed changes to its Customer Service policies, procedures and practices. Customer complaints should be treated seriously and responded to quickly and effectively since the existence of the company is dependent on those very same customers and their willingness to spend their hard-earned money to obtain its services.

    Hopefully, someone of integrity will hear our pleas and make this company one Canadians can be proud of. In the meantime, I will be seeking to do business with a service provider that treats its customers with respect and cares to meet their needs.

  • Jackie

    Bell Canada is in dire need of a complete overhaul in the area of Customer Service. The so-called leaders of this company should be ashamed and embarrassed by the way they are allowing customers to be treated. I have read most of the complaints filed before mine and I am appalled by the deterioration of a company that once had a good reputation in Canada.

    I have had to make numerous phone calls over a period of several days to request that my landline be disconnected from my house so that I may install a VoIP system offered by a different service provider. I have spoken with numerous Bell Canada employees (located in Canada, India and the Philippines) that have given me mixed messages and have been unwilling or unable to help me. It is obvious that they are given very little training or authority to do anything, especially when it comes to resolving a problem or escalating it to a higher authority. Transferring you to another department, placing you on eternal hold without an explanation or hanging up on you are some of the experiences I have had over the last few days with this company. This poor treatment of a customer and lack of service by a “for profit” company in a competitive market is completely shocking to me and disturbing considering the importance of the services this company provides to the public.

    The persons managing Bell Canada need to step up and act like leaders and make much needed changes to its Customer Service policies, procedures and practices. Customer complaints should be treated seriously and responded to quickly and effectively since the existence of the company is dependent on those very same customers and their willingness to spend their hard-earned money to obtain its services.

    Hopefully, someone of integrity will hear our pleas and make this company one Canadians can be proud of. In the meantime, I will be seeking to do business with a service provider that treats its customers with respect and cares to meet their needs.

  • Edward

    Cancelling my service as we speak. I’ve has 3 previous calls with them about a promotion that was supposed to be applied to my account if I stayed with them after moving. Obviously, the calls went no where. When asking directly “how much notice do I need to give you to cancel my services?” I was told 48 hours. I’m on the phone now and the supervisor tells me it’s 30 days. Unbelievably greedy animals.

    My new service costs literally 2/3rds what Bell cost and is also faster and has no download limits!

  • Mississauga Resident

    Bell Canada’s cusomter support needs to be revamped. But at times it makes me to think, they are helpless as the directions given to them like that .

    1. Bills of bell are not always proper and if the customer is not finding it and calling them to get it corrected, they will be swindled nicely with out them knowing it. Because every month bill i had to call them and do corrections.

    2. on top of this in this Internet age ( bell is internet provider too :-) bell representatives say, that they cannot send email confirmation on any discussion happened. THis means, when you make a call to bell and have come to an understanding with the executive, you have to leave it to God that he will record it in the logs. Else for the same issue when you call again to bell, the new executive will ask you the whole thing again, and at times, i found there is no record of what was the discussion earlier.
    3. Most of the not even have speedy computer skills to be in front line and you can hear them say, ‘one sec’, which normally equals 10 minutes of your time. Not a single time, i could close my call before 45 minutes. ( what a waste of time.

  • Mississauga Resident

    Recently my friend had another incident from Virgin mobile team, ( Bell Group). He had cancelled the account before 7 days time and after 3 months, he has received a bill for balance from collections team. when he called he was directed to go and meet the retailer where it was returned. When my friend asked them, dont you have connection with the Virgin mobile retailer internally, he was answered, ‘NO’. what on earth this means? why the customer has to meet the retailer, when they both belong to Virgin network somehow. Is this not passing the ball instead of helping the customer.? This is not customer support. they should be nicely trained . after big ordeal, he was able to discuss this out.

  • LN

    BELL IS THE WORST!! They are horrible for home/personal services and they’re just as bad with businesses!

    I worked for a company whose landlines and mobility were with Bell…right up until the last day of my employment BELL was the thorn in my side. I felt really bad for the person who had to deal with them after my departure. No matter how many complaints, Bell either screwed up or blamed us for their screw ups! The worst! WILL NEVER return to Bell. Their customer service reps should all go back to training! Rude and have no idea what they’re doing. Yes, there are some CSRs that are fine, but the bad outweighs the good.

  • Walt

    I have had 4 heart attacks last 1 put me in for open heart surgery the stress that bell put me in may have helped in the cause of my heart problems every month I would have to call this evil company & try to have them make my bill right Im 1 that will not pay 1 cent more than I owe to this FN Bully they say just pay the bill & we will credit you next month I did that ONCE & would never do it again cause you know I didnt get the credit I got charged again so back to the BatPhone again This time this prick said you should sign up for direct payment Im speechless cause I wanna call him everything in the worst way but held off & just stated YOU OVERCHARGE ME ALMOST EVERY MONTH & YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY WHY DONT I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO STEAL MONEY RIGHT FROM MY BANK R U FN NUTS!Anyone that gives bell permission to take money out of your bank are Im sorry to say NUTS bell didnt just start last week being an pure evil company its been years so people had to hear how bad it was I never allowed them ever in my bank so please pass it on.So I said Im not payin this bill its not my bill you owe me a credit & its not there this moron asures me it will be on the next bill I said it wont cause I want to cancel right now And guess what the prick hangs up on me.Now & for every call I make I now record it for my protection cause if you try to get any of the recorded calls from bell you have to get a court order good luck so people START RECORDING EVERY CALL AND TELL THEM YOUR RECORDING THEM FOR YOUR PROTECTION SO WHEN ITS TIME TO GO TO COURT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT AMMO!I have been lied to & again its recorded this will be free ysdda yadda & sure as shit next bill Im being billed for it and no credit still so I get 1 great stroke of luck I get my bill fixed right as we are talking & she said sorry so many times about how I was treated over & over again the bill is fixed.But the next month yep back to the BatPhone they did it again overcharging me for the movie network I was given for free get this for 12 months 1 year & I made her repete it 4 or 5 times so it was real clear in the recording now its war I get this pumkin headed prick who thinks hes the man or the boss or what ever tries to tell me I was denied that promotion I said what & I was not called to say I was denied no notification at all he said no we dont do that I said lol thats right you dont warn people your stealing their money you JUST DO IT! I said Im not payin it I dont owe that amount he states I have to pay it then I will get a credit I go off now IM NOT PAYING THIS BILL CAUSE IM NOT RETARDED IF YOU CALL ME RETARDED 1 MORE TIME I WILL HAVE YOU CHARGED & he sayin Im sorry I didnt say that I go on as he did till he fixed my bill right then and there But there were many other times I called way too many to tell you about it would be a small book wow what a great idea a book about bell it would be a horror story so much terror and alot of phone calls lol I now called to cancel 1 of the 3 services my tv first then hope to find a better company for my internet & phone but its hard to find one I can trust cause ive been to Hell & Bell & its the same place just better weather in Hell So Im just warning people DONT DO DIRECT WITHDRAWL & RECORD FOR YOUR PROTECTION & LETS TAKE THIS PRICK TO COURT & WIN FOR EVERYONE WHO WAS HURT BY THIS M O N S T E R!

  • Marg

    Seems like I fight with Bell every month now about changes in billing. I have read almost all the horror stories and I have another suggestion. If everyone would file a complaint with the Ontario Ombudsman’s office they will look into it.
    I was in a major fight with Hydro One last year over billing me more than three times the amount I had paid in previous years. Was at my wits end and finally contacted the Ombudsman’s office.
    Took three months but it got resolved. Now the Ombudsman’s office is looking into thousands of complaints about Hydro One.
    If enough of us complain we can get the Ombudsman’s office looking into Bell’s billing practices.

  • Judy Stevens

    OMG I think my nightmare just started ..Im reading all these complaints and I just signed up this week and am having problems already and nothings been set up yet…I set up sat tv and I wanted internet modem with unlimited internet..No probs right? wrong..They connected me to bell mobility me being clueless was talking to the rep and he was going on about how a modem is not available in my area. Which is complete bullshit as the rental I have has one..But Im like no sir I want a modem he is like ok and says this a new product and Ill send it to you..Ok but Im still thinking I should hangup and run now gut feeling…I go to mail and see what they sent its a wireless cell type modem with a cell internet package which charges by the freeking mb. Um not what I wanted at all..Im hoping I can return it and get a friggin modem which is what I want as we use way too much internet for what they sent..Im so not impressed ..Way to start business witha new client BELL!!!

  • Shawn

    Bell is so crooked how are they not held accountable by our trustworthy government

  • Alvaro Perez

    I signed up with Bell on Dec 2014. They offered me better quality, same package (TV, phone & internet) at less cost and the installation on Jan 6,2015. They just installed the Satellite Dish, it doesn’t have same channels as Cogeco. I called today to cancel the service and I was on the phone for 1 hour 25 minutes !!!! I hope they won’t charge me for their “great service”.
    I went back to back to COGECO.

  • matt paterson

    I have been reading the horror stories on this page and thought
    no one has posted for 2015 yet!
    I was a bell satellite customer for years! i think i signed up in
    1998 back when it was called ExpressVu. since that time the cost
    of my package seemed to increase every month, the equipment that
    i was using had been upgraded by me at one time or another but
    was showing its age. i tried to get better pricing on the package
    that i had but nothing was offered asked about any equipment offers of which there werent any. so a better deal came along
    with all new free equipment. i made the switch and exercised
    the new crtc rule that service providers have to cancel service
    rite away, no more 30 days notice!!
    super! i thought,,, called in and canceled my service which
    they tried to talk me out of offering me deals to say to which i
    said ” a little late for that” .
    they canceled my service and i was told that i would not receive
    any more bills.
    a few days passed and i noticed that my service on the receiver was
    still working (i have a pvr and was watching the last of some of the shows i taped) i called in rite away asking why it was still on because i had canceled. they said that yes my account shows
    that i canceled and the set top box may be a few days before its turned off.
    well its only been a couple of weeks and guess what a bill showed up at the house!
    tonight i went to watch another show off the pvr and i see the
    service is still on!!
    guess its time to call again and see whats up!
    so starts my saga with the nightmare everyone on here is talking about.
    i was a happy bell satellite customer for years! how hard would
    it be to cancel service as requested and who knows maybe in the
    future i would return as a customer. with this run around
    starting up they are securing themselves as an option i likely
    will not choose as a result of their need to try to screw a little
    more money out of me.
    my request is simple or so i thought!

  • L

    I was a Bell customer for 20 years! Bell became that bad “boyfriend” that I had to break up with lol!

    You would think canceling your services with Bell would be simple but of course it wasn’t. I was whipped off to the ever so wonderful retention department where I was attacked by some aggressive pompous ass who kept over pressuring me for an hour because they did not want me to cancel my services with them. Since Bell does not understand the word “cancel”, they though it was a wonderful idea to call me two days in a row after my initial cancel and tag team me with phone calls from three different people trying to save their deal. REALLY LOL!

    Bell, you are WAY overpriced, annoying to NO end and OVER bearing beyond belief! I’d rather chew my arms off then ever give you my business, ever again – ciao!

  • L

    Sorry guys but this is happening when people have no values. I still pay 30 bucks a month just for my ground line. They are one of the worst companies in Ontario.

  • marcel

    Yes bell is a nightmare im still dealing with them call them every month they just keep rising my bill and trying to screw me were I live they have the monopoly is take it or leave it im considering leaving town just to get rid of them

  • Gurjeet Singh

    Well i don’t kno where to start lets try..Bell sucks big time. Do they suck more than rogers i am starting to believe yes.Looks like they hired all the lousy higher ups from rogers. Exact same BS .Anyways the renewed my package phone+tv+internet and as they said matched up rogers offer and no contract as i clearly asked her about contract. Few months later B.S. came running and i was not in Canada to check that out in bills. Came back in may and they increased my package price to 165 i think i forgot to tell rogers offered $110 and bell came with$120 still i said for 10 bucks i not take hassle of moving over.So to be loyal you have to pay more and even horribly more as it goes on.So at the end it was $185 loyalty dept did their best by offering$156 now i am confused to be loyal is good or bad. Apparently bad in bell culture. So cancelled all and now came cancellation charges( remember i told no contract).So now i have to take the claim to CCTS but you have to write to bell executive to try first so doing that. But its sad to see vultures openly molding regulation and using people . Anyways any help will be appreciated

  • Annoyed

    Bell is the worst. I cancelled in July and I still have to deal with them, since they owe me a credit. What a nightmare for 28$, almost doesn’t seem worth the hassle but I will prevail and get that money.
    Called yet again today to be told you have to call to request your credit, when in fact the bill says it will be sent automatically, seriously! Plus I have to wait 3-4 more weeks and despite asking to speak to a manager I was denied that request, wow worse to worse customer service.

  • Dov Harel

    Starting approx 6 months ago i started complaining regarding a manhole cover that belongs to Bell Canada and is extremely noisy everytime a car passes over it…
    Hard to sleep due to the constant noise but doesnt look as if Bell is going to do anything about it….
    Any ideas ?

  • Ramon Villegas

    i am trying to cancel the service that I have with my bell mobility and they do not want to cancel my services with them i want to cancel my service with them and they do not want to cancel my service they good to huck you up and they think that they got they do not want to let you go

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