World Wide Connect Calling Cards Complaint

Trueler has received complaint on World Wide Connect Calling Cards ( purchased on one of the daily deal

Initial investigation showed that it is a fresh website created for featuring on daily deal websites, and itself is very suspicious. As a potential customer I would never buy any services from and as a daily deal site (if I were one of them) I would definitely NOT advertise World Wide Connect Calling Cards.

Here is the complaint:

Subject: World Wide Connect Scam!!!!

Don’t ever order phone cards from these people…you will NEVER get them !!!!

I ordered 10 cards Sept 9th, is October 22nd…still no cards…I called numerous times…different excuse everytime..suppose to be send with express post that will take 3 days…still no cards…apparently people in the UK got their I am an hour away from Toronto Canada…still no cards…on top of that..they promised and additional card for every one you bought for the inconvenience..that is 20 cards..i have not received the first 10..what the hell!!!!…this place is the worst ever…yet when you call them they will soin you every excuse in the book…also seems there is only one person working there…”Melony”..if you ask for human Resources…she answer…you ask for business applications…she answer…you can press any option on the phone..yet she answer..this is the worst customer service I have ever received…please do yourself a favour and do NOT order anything from World Wide Connect…big fraud!!!!…also I called them to ask for a tracking number so Canada Post can track my package..still waiting for “Melony” to call me back…!!!

From the experience above seems like the company is operated by one single person… Let’s see.


Daily Deals and only Daily Deals!

World Wide Connect has been featured on many Daily Deal Websites: SwarmJam, PriceDodger, JabrDeals, LivingDeal, CakeDeals, iCouponOnline, YumDeal, DealTicker, StealTheDeal etc… with the following offer:

$15.00 for a 30-Day Unlimited International Calling Card from World Wide Connect ($30.00 Value)

World Wide Connect Calling Cards - SwarmJam

We could find information about this company in the Internet mostly on different daily deal websites and daily deal aggregators. Actually it also shows up in a ScamBook ( and Better Business Bureau (… I think “the best” provider should be featured in some mass-media sources, or discussion forums with good reviews at least.


Fresh Website

Daily deals started in August – September, 2011. World Wide Connect Calling Cards website – – had been created right before on Aug 3, 2011:

World Wide Connect Calling Cards – WhoIs

Obviously for running daily deals.


World Wide Connect Calling Cards – 30 years in business?!

Let’s see what is on their 6 pages website –

  • “We’re committed to helping you stay in touch with your loved ones for over 30 years

It is supposed to be an IT company using VoIP technology, for example. And they created a website only now?! I really doubt that it is a true claim. Moreover there is no reviews on this company at all.

  • “Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best

I could not find any reliable and official source confirming that World Wide Connect is the best in the industry. Actually I could not find anything about them… In some countries it is prohibited by law to claim that the company is “the best” without the fact that it is actually true, i.e. in some official contest they won the first place. Basically this claim is illegal and represents deceptive or false advertisement.

  • There pictures are taken from the Internet without even mentioning the source, i.e. just stolen. During “30 years of business” they could not make any picture of their happy customers?! And they decided to take some random photos from the Internet:

World Wide Connect Calling Cards – Pictures

All of the above 4 pictures can be easily found in the Internet in multiple places…

What else? For me it is more than enough to avoid this business in the first place and not advertise it like many daily deal companies did.


Do these cards even exist?

Usually if some product really exist, it is quite easy to find it in some classifieds ads like Kijiji, Craiglist, or on eBay, or in convenience store with plenty of calling cards being sold. I could not find World Wide Connect calling cards anywhere… If someone receives it, please send a picture of it! I will post it here…

For now. Beware of this!

16 thoughts on “World Wide Connect Calling Cards Complaint”

  1. I purchased a a card from swarmjam. World Wide Connect was awful a definite scam. Thank goodness I purchased from swarmjam because there support team protected my purchase and refunded me. I will continue using swarmjam and recommending it but NOT WWC.

  2. I too have been scammed. I have also spoken with a Melanie, very nice lady. I purchased the card : Sept.28th, 2011 and it is now Jan. 16th, 2012 and have not recieved them. I have called and emailed a: Tim Tattler. No response, but one stating: “I will handles your issue”.

    This is a scam. Period. How something such as swarm jam puts this up without company review, is beyond me. Their website over the Christmas break was under construction and now is no longer hosted/up and running.

    I even called to drive down to Toronto as it would have taken far less time than mailing it (as you can tell).

    Swarm jam should issue out a refund if possible. eBay handles matters such as this with great ease… I feel awful for those that purchased more than one.
    “sending one extra, for the inconvenience” – my arse.

  3. I purchased an unlimited calling card from world wide connect thru Steal the Deal in Oct 31, 2011. Since i live in Canada and wanted to call my family and friends from the Philippines, i thought this is a really good deal, but its now January 2012 and still havent gotten anything! I clicked on the website where it says redeem your coupon here but nothing happened! it said for residents of canada it will be send thru mail within 3 days, i finally decided to call steal the deal but i got no answer, i called the mechant world wide connect but it said the number is not assigned! what the heck?? did someone just stole $15 off me? please correct this. im sure a lot of people were victimized. those scammers must be rich now cruising in the carribean.

  4. I “think” in “my opinion” (now this is my opinion…not a fact yet).
    That Woldwide con-ect (lol, con) is trying to get people to wait 3 months or 90 days so you can not do a Visa/credit card chargeback.

    Usually I try not to wait more than 2 months for my items, but that is for an actual product and not a calling card which could also possibly send the info by email?

    So if by 8 weeks you do not receive the calling card, just go directly to your credit card provider.
    I had to do that when a company tried to scam me and not send me some toothpaste I ordered (was Dentalogica…some fancy thing). my card showed being charged, but the company was insisting I never paid and never sent the item.

    Visa did give me back my $ (and now why would the item show as charged on my cc if I never paid,lol).

    I have no problem waiting for an item if the company seems reputable and it is an actual product.
    I bought some sunglasses online and the company stated there was a 8-12 week wait list as they were custom made and a very small company.
    To me that was fair as they just had a couple employees and everything is handmade.

    But for a calling card, sd memory…totally wrong!

  5. Hi Sydney,

    Write an e-mail to SwarmJam or DealTicker, or where you bought it, asking for refund. Let me know what their answer is. DealTicker is aware of the problem.

    If deal site will refuse to make a refund, we will bring to readers attention how they care about customers. Hopefully this will help.


  6. Same thing here in Canada too. I have ordered 4 cards through Swarm Jam but never received these. I was refunded by Swarm Jam. A total scam…

  7. hello,
    same thing happened to me. Bought this card from swarmjam in the beginning of October, never got it. Should’ve checked their stupid website first- looks like it was made by a schoolboy. Also, the fact that the card is sent by mail (you can buy any other calling card through the internet within seconds – they just send you email with the pin number)should have been suspicious, somehow I trusted swarjam and didn’t even check anything… gotta email them and ask for refund.

  8. Hello LivingDeal,

    Please follow-up with pending refund requests.

    But why do you feature so many scams in the first place?

    Like this one, negative ion watches/bands, HCG diet pills/liquids, some other “health/beauty/weight loss” stuff, etc…


  9. Hello there,

    We stand behind our deals a 100% and if for whatever reason you are unable to to redeem your voucher we will offer a full refund.

    You can contact us directly at where we will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.

    Thank you,

  10. I also purchased 2 cards from worldwide calling through livingdeal. I’ve also followed up with worlwide (by email, phone, their site) and no one replied. I was going to use 1 during vacation (which has now come and gone). I’ve also contacted livingdeal; they acknowledge receipt of concern and will follow-up within 24-48 hours. That has now been few days ago too.

  11. wow i also bought from an have been waiting over a month!!! left at least 20 messages and emails. at first one woman would answer and she told me that the came to a house and got the addy wrong but then dailydeal rep said the get mailed out. big diff!!! then someone from head office named tim from world-wide emailed me and said he would re-mail them all again if he had to and was flying out to toronto!! Never again will i trust this company and i called today for a refund!!

  12. I have also had the same problem bought the deal through LivingDeal and sent my voucher number in by email and it now has been a month and half and still have not received my card. I have emailed them three times now and have left 2 messages but noone has responded back to me. So now I have contacted LivingDeal to deal with my problem as I was needing this card before I left for my trip. I will now be asking for a refund after reading this page. This is the worst possible customer service I have had. I have bought lots of vouchers but never had this as a problem. I guess I have learned my lesson not to buy a voucher that needs to be mailed out to me as apparently LivingDeal said some people got there’s and some got lost in the mail. Mail doesn’t usually get lost that easily. FYI just my two cents worth for people to watch out for this company.

  13. I was also victimized by world-wide-scam calling card.
    I ordered 1st week of October and now its more than a month and never received the card. I ordered it via icoupon.
    Talked and talked and emailed world wide connect and i got exactly what they told you…ALL EXCUSES…


    The customer is waiting for calling cards for a month and a half with excuses from their customer service when contacting by phone and no replies through the e-mail.

    Claiming by the business that it is “the best” tells a lot, especially in this case…

    BTW, I have not called it a scam yet. We’ll see. It is a regular complaint so far.

    I hope all the issues customers have will be resolved very soon.


  15. Officially: we are in constant communication with World Wide Calling where their support staff tend to each individual’s issued immediately.

    While there have been operational issues, your allegations that this is an illegitimate business are premature, at best.

    We are working closely with World Wide Calling to ensure that every customer is left satisfied. Furthermore, we investigate and communicate each customer’s response immediately to World Wide Calling, who in turn, responds to the individual that is awaiting for their cards to arrive. Why would an individual / business running a “scam” provide such prompt customer service?

    They did encounter operational setbacks, however, this in no means labels the firm as a “scam” or illegitimate. Furthermore, many businesses operate for decades without having a website, so a “fresh website” does not necessarily insinuate an illegitimate business. Unless you have additional details that you can support your claim with, please edit your post accordingly. All other comments on your website are nothing more than opinions (i.e. pictures taken from other sites on the internet or no reviews do not constitute a business as an illegitimate business).

    I encourage you to contact World Wide Calling directly at:

    Thank you.

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