1010Tires Deceptive Free Shipping Coupon Code on RedFlagDeals

It’s time to buy winter tires for your vehicle if you decided to. So people are looking for good deals. And one of them is on RedFlagDeals.com from 1010Tires.com with the following limited time promotion:

RedFlagDeals 11th Anniversary: 1010Tires Free Shipping on Winter Tires / Rims

1010TIRES is helping RedFlagDeals.com celebrate its 11th Anniversary with an exclusive free shipping deal on winter tires and rims. Use coupon code REDFLAGDEALS1010 during the checkout to save!

1010TIRES is Canadian owned and operated. Your order will arrive with no duties or brokerage fees. Get your winter tires today!

The offer is valid until November 30. The offer does not apply to all-season tires.

Here is a screenshot from the website:

1010Tires RFD Deceptive Free Shipping Ad

It mentions only two limitations:

  • Until November 30
  • Does not apply to all-season tires

So everyone thinks that shipping with REFFLAGDEALS1010 coupon code should be absolutely free, right?

Let’s check it out:

1010Tires Order Total

Before updating the cart with the coupon code it shows $160.53 CAD shipping rate (+ taxes of course…)

After updating cart:

1010Tires Order Coupon

Yeah! It shows FREE!!!

Let’s continue to checkout… The website asks a lot of your personal information to setup an account like name, address, phone, e-mail, billing information, etc…

And only when you submit this information it rises the price by $75.53 + tax for shipping.

1010Tires Order Shipping

There was absolutely nothing about “Coupon has free shipping up to $85” in the advertisement on RedFlagDeals, even shipping calculation showed FREE. And only after they got all your personal information during checkout they added up another $85 for “free” shipping. What is that? Hook up and force to pay more? Collecting personal information for ‘telemarketing’ purposes?

It is just one more “Bait and switch” deal

Do not waste your time! Beware!

12 thoughts on “1010Tires Deceptive Free Shipping Coupon Code on RedFlagDeals”

  1. The problem I have with 1010tires is that one of the 2 tires I bought is 2 and halve years old ! I paid for new tires and receive old stock. When I phoned them they told me I should of specified “fresh tires”.

    This type of business is dishonest.

  2. Waited all day for my tires to be delivered on the 14th… No show..( waisted my whole day waiting ). 1010 tires assured of delivery on the 14th. I called and found the tracking number link 1010 tires suplied to me was to Fed ex when it should of been to Purolator.. I was leaving out of town on the 15th so at 6:45 am I went to Purolator, caught a worker having a smoke out side and asked if he could assist me in any way with my delivery that didn t show up yesterday (14th). He took my tracking number down, went inside and 15 mins later came out with my tires.. Helleluah !! Now thats more like it… Thank you Purolator guy..keep up the good work.. Very much appreciated :) Now 1010 tires I’m still not impressed with order on the 6th and ship on the 11th, arrive on the 15th…10 days to wait (BC to Sask) when I could of/should of went to my local dealer and bought from them…Try driving in ice and snow with summer tires..dangerous. Lesson learned.

  3. I regretably made a tire purchase from 1010 tires on Nov. 6th and now Nov. 14th the tires are still not shipped. The tracking number they supplied states NOT FOUND at FedEx.
    Very poor service. Would not recomend.
    I had delivery from Tirerack in US in 5 days on two previous orders. I got thought Id keep my money in Canada and support local.. Phuck you 1010 tires. Never will see a cent from me again… Oh yeah Still waiting for my tires.

  4. I purchased two tires from 1010tires on line. I liked their price and there was no shipping costs added to my check out bill. I paid immediately with Paypal. Got a receipt from paypal and 1010tires…Then 3 days later I get another invoice from paypal and a notice from 1010 saying I owed another $40.00 shipping. WTF just an after thought to fish for another $40.00 dollars?? I emailed back saying they had false advertising, sell me the tires at the original cost or cancel my order….So I will head to my local Kal tire to buy my Nittos. So I tried to phone them and all their people are too busy to talk to me. Leave a message. Now I wonder how long it will take them to credit my paypal account…

  5. Interesting information as I was ready to start the winter tire buying process. The only question I have is what year were the tires that they are shipping manufactured in_? It’s great to save $$ but if you are getting 4 tires that were made 3-4 years ago, then no point buying from 1010 tires or any other on-line source. Appreciate any feedback before I move forward. best, Sylvia

  6. I find high end tires to be extremly well priced on 1010 tires. As far as shipping, it says right on the site, up to $XX for the shipping refund. I live in Montreal, and shipping 4 tires is $63, so basically, it’s free.
    Tire rack is in USD, it’s a huge difference. Buying tires in the US has always been much cheaper, but watch out for the customs charges. 1010tires has USD prices as well, and they are much cheaper. Meanwhile shipping is $140, and there is a $60 minimum duty fee when ordering from Tire rack. It comes to within $25 when all is said and done. I’ve bought tires on 1010 before, and will again, it’s a great site.

  7. Don’t waste your time with 1010 tires – they are massively over priced. I looked at Hankook Optimo 727 Tires, and 1010 is selling the tires for more money than I can get them installed and balanced at my local Hankook dealer.

    Tirerack is way cheaper than 1010 tires.

  8. Thanks…Saw the redflagdeals promo at the last minute. Not a scam. Can tell you. So saving about 70$ of shipping make a good price for tires become a great price. Thanks heaps. Just hope now that I wont receive an email saying its back order.

  9. Hello Anthony,

    “like they said for most people it was free shipping” – do you really think that the shipping of four tires/wheels set with UPS/FedEx may cost less than $85? I guess it is what most people need to order. The delivery cost is well beyond $100…

    “Free shipping” is valid only for some people, who probably order one single tire/wheel. But I’m not sure if the coupon will be valid if you are not ordering entire set…

    This case worth attention, because false 1010Tires ad was in place for several weeks, and I doubt that they refunded people for extra shipping cost after noticing mistake.


  10. Trueler,

    I appreciate your posts and I use them as research before I sign up businesses now or work with them there needs to be as much information as possible as sometimes whats easy to point out after the fact is not as clear prior too the fact. As far as the bait and switch I agree this is something that happens however I dont believe this was the attention in this case as like they said for most people it was free shipping they just need to reword the offer “most orders receieve free shipping

  11. Hello Ben,

    We do not think that 1010Tires is a scam. There is no mention about this in the post which is only in “Auto” and “Canada” categories, not in “Fraud/Scam”. Don’t worry.

    It is one of the deceptive advertisements which is illegal if not honored by retailer. It is also called “Bait and Switch” deal which at least steals customer’s time.


  12. Dear Trueler poster,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention! It breaks our heart that you think we are a scam. 1010TIRES.COM has been operating for over 10 years, and it’s sister company for over 29 years. It is a family operated business located in Vancouver, BC. We make it our mission to correct an issue if one arrives.

    Redflagdeals mistakenly forgot to put the fine print in the description (ie: Up to $85.00). It was our bad for not noticing the missing fine print. Normally $85 is enough to account for nearly all Canadians with free shipping for one set of tires and or wheels.

    However, looking at your total it was $3,654.92. If I had to guess, you probably had a few sets in your shopping cart when you were estimating, is that true? If you plan to order more than one set it’s best to order each set separately to take advantage of the free shipping promo. Also our tire tech’s can check fitment in case you plan to use these tires for multiple vehicles.

    We’ve updated our website to be more explicit of the “up to $85” on the shipping estimator section. This was something we thought was not possible for us to do due to technical nature of our site. Our web developer proved us wrong. RFD has also updated the mistake in the coupon section of their site as well.

    Finally, we do not collect personal information for telemarketing use. Personally I hate telemarketers, and want nothing to do with such a thing.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-877-877-1010.

    Ben @ 1010TIRES

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