Fake Toshiba Memory Cards from XSV 360 on DealFind

DealFind featured very “great” deal again (remember “The Butchers”?):

$29 for a 32 GB SD Memory Card, Including Shipping from XSV 360 ($99 Value)

XSV 360 has been promoted on other daily deal websites like DealTicker, WagJag, SwarmJam, Groupon, WebPiggy, Buy2, JabrDeals, PriceDodger, DealGetters. Also with another “manufacturer” – PNY instead of Toshiba, and as micro-SD cards as well.

But if the deal is too good to be true… you know… do not forget that 50% goes to DealFind, i.e. XSV 360 will only get $14.50 per memory card sold. This is absolutely impossible price for branded 32 GB SD Memory Card with Class 10 speed rating. So, it is most likely fake, i.e. at least not from Toshiba, and not 32 GB. Let’s check it out.

The picture shows “Powered By Toshiba” which let people think that the card is manufactured by Toshiba:

DealFind XSV 360 SDHC Toshiba Card Deal

DealFind customer satisfaction experts even confirmed that 32GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Cards provided by XSV360 are manufactured by Toshiba but in a very shady way. Many customers asked what “Powered by Toshiba” actually means on their discussion board about this deal. Some unknown (no XSV360-related signature) user “Lloyd” answered common question, and DealFind customer satisfaction expert confirmed it in a short way: “Lloyd is correct!“:

(click on images to enlarge)

DealFind XSV 360 – Lloyd

DealFind XSV 360 – Lloyd is Correct

Let’s take a looks at Toshiba website to see what kind of 32 GB SD memory cards they offer:

Black one:

Toshiba 32GB SDHC Memory Card – Black

And white one:

Toshiba 32GB SDHC Memory Card – White

Toshiba does not manufacture memory cards featured by DealFind and XSV 360!

One of the customer satisfaction experts even provided the make – “HS”, model number SDM32G, and serial number VHSX95Y of memory cards:

DealFind XSV 360 - Model Number

However, “HS” is absolutely unknown make, only xsv360.com and DealFind know about this make. If we try to search for model number in the Internet, we can find that SDM32G model number corresponds to Novatech SD memory cards. Not Toshiba or even so called “HS”:

NovaTech SD Card


What about warranty? XSV360 website sells all the products “As-Is” on their website. They do not make any refunds and do not provide any kind of warranty!

XSV 360 Return Policy

However, “Lloyd – Toronto” – either representative from XSV 360 or DealFind, claims that there is a warranty on these memory cards provided by Toshiba. In case of any failures customers should contact Toshiba:

DealFind XSV 360 – Lloyd Warranty

But! Toshiba support is not aware about this product at all. It does not exist…

DealFind XSV360 – Warranty Invalid

It is also funny, but seems like DealFind does not even know what they sell:

DealFind XSV360 – Full Name

And the most popular answer of DealFind Customer Satisfaction Experts is:

Thanks for your post!

We are looking into your question and will get back to you shortly! Please Stay tuned :)

Thank you for using Dealfind!


Customer Satisfaction Expert


Looks like killing time… because DealFind must know answers to most of the questions if the deal had been well prepared for the customers…

So far, over 6200 memory cards have been sold, which is $180,000 – almost one hundred thousand dollars for each of them – XSV 360 and DealFind.


Summarizing information to let people decide whether to buy this “deal” or not:

  • 85% discount (50% of voucher cost goes to DealFind) for branded piece of electronic such as 32GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card from Toshiba is absolutely impossible. It means that the product is fake
  • Toshiba does not recognize the product model and serial numbers
  • XSV 360 sells products “As-Is”. Refunds are not accepted at all
  • No warranty on the product. If something is wrong, you loose money
  • XSV 360 sells many other scam products like Energy Balance Bracelets with ion technology, Kinoki Foot Pads, fake PNY 32GB SDHC memory cards, fake Vapur bottles, etc, etc, etc…

What can be wrong with the card when you receive it? Do you think it still worth even $29?

  • Again, absolutely no warranty, no refunds
  • It can be some cheap 2GB/4GB/8GB memory card which will be shown as 32GB in your device’s operating system. But when you will reach the actual physical size of the memory card, it will start overwriting existing contents on the card and producing read/write errors when you will try to access some old data.
  • It can be just broken out of the envelope – no refunds…

DealFind promise?! When you realize that something is wrong with the card (when it reaches its actual size), 30 days will most likely pass, and no one will help you…

This deal is expected to run for about one week more… That is people can start ordering from XSV 360 website only in one week + couple days for putting coupons in XSV360.com database as stated on their website. Since there are thousands of orders, it will most likely take more than 3 weeks for the product to be delivered.

DealFind and XSV360 are absolutely safe and protected by their own “terms” and “promises” from their customers

Think about this now!



Update as of Nov 23, 2011


Dealfind sold about 8500 fake 32GB memory cards “Powered by Toshiba” from XSV360, i.e. around $247,000. Deal is still running…

There were confusions about the product being featured. Dealfind claimed that the memory cards are indeed manufactured by Toshiba and have standard Toshiba Warranty (in a shady way as mentioned above):

(citations are from DealFind discussion board about this deal)

This SD Card is manufactured by Toshiba, and will come with a standard Toshiba Warranty in addition to any warranty which the vendor will offer

They were also telling about some “HS” manufacturer – nobody has idea about them…

XSV 360 is under legal obligation with the manufacturer not to disclose their information and unfortunately we do not have access to this information

How do we claim warranty then?…

Later they claimed that only the chip inside the card is NOT manufactured by Toshiba:

It means that Toshiba manufactured the card and its circuitry. It does not mean that Toshiba manufactured the actual memory chip inside the card, since very few manufactures actually do produce their own memory chips.

Note, that they told that chip is NOT manufactured by Toshiba.

Now they tell that the chip IS manufactured by Toshiba, not the card itself:

The SD card is not made by Toshiba, however it is powered by a Toshiba chip

They have changed information about this twice. I won’t wonder if they will change information about warranty and refunds after orders are placed. There are two things:

  • DealFind promise – 30 days. People who bought this deal most likely won’t see “products” before winter holidays, so don’t rely on it.
  • XSV360 website explicitly says that there is absolutely no warranty and no refunds for all products (not only for health products, as DealFind mentioned). They’ve just put warranty statements for this particular product in order to make more sales.

XSV360 return policy can be found here:


There is also a screenshot of this policy above in this post.

DealFind and XSV360 are trying hard to sell as much “deals” as possible to their “valued” customers…

DealFind XSV360 – Comments Confusion

Recently XSV360 posted the picture of the chip which is “manufactured by Toshiba”:

DealFind XSV360 - Comments - Chip Link

Here is the link:


Well, let’s take a look what it is (screenshot from XSV360 website):

DealFind XSV360 - Toshiba Chip

It distinctly shows “TOSHIBA” in the corner. But the part number which is at the bottom is very blurred. I have only two guesses why we can’t clearly see entire number:

  • Manufacturing defect when printing letters on the chip. It can happen with everyone, right? But usually defective semiconductor parts are not released for sale.
  • XSV360 made a picture in such way…

Anyways, let’s check “Toshiba Semiconductor General Catalog: Memories and Storage Devices” which can be found at official Toshiba website:


32GB memories have very different part numbers from what XSV360 provided on their picture.

Memories from the catalog with the most common part number are actually 8GB (and some of them are marked as “under development”)…

188 comments to Fake Toshiba Memory Cards from XSV 360 on DealFind

  • DDuke

    Thank you for posting this, I am one of the one who bought the voucher. I’m trying to cancel the order with Dealfind. Should have done some research. It’s too good to be true. Powered by Toshiba is not mean MADE by Toshiba.

  • bryan

    I just spoke with XSV360…
    the cards are not from toshiba, they are from PNY:
    so the card received from xsv will not even look like the image used by dealfind in anyway. it does seem pretty sketchy.
    Deal find will provide refunds if desired.

  • Spiff

    Thank you for posting this ! I actually searched and read your post BEFORE purchasing the voucher, I was ticked by the “powered” by Toshiba. Looks like I will NOT buy it.

  • Trueler

    @bryan: “PNY” cards sold by XSV 360 are also fake.


  • mark

    Toshiba products imo are crap to begin with.

    When you are storing data or pictures on a memory stick or card do you really want to screw around with saving a few bucks if there is a chance the card will corrupt and you will lose your data or pictures ?

    People should wait till they go on sale at Staples which carry only real products and the sales can be quite good.

  • Keith

    Hey guys. I read your post then went back to the discussion forum on Dealfind.com. It looks like XSV360 published a photo of the card after they broke one open to prove that it has a Toshiba chip inside. I also called and spoke with the customer service at XSV360 and they said their return policy is short because they have been taken advantage of by customers in the past and this is to protect them from that type of activity. They said if there was a problem at all with the card functionality to let them know and they will gladly replace it.

    Just thought I’d share my findings with everyone. I’m going to give the card a try and will let everyone know my experience.

    Thank you for the insight and your research.



  • john wilson

    if what is written is true forward this to the media.
    the newspapers and tv stations will love this story especially with the amount of people that have bought this card already over 10,000 sales and still counting.

  • Trueler

    @ Keith (or Steven?!):

    I have an update for this:


    Unfortunately the “Toshiba chip inside” is also fake…

    “XSV360 have been taken advantage of by customers in the past” – actually the other way… with so many scam products on their website…



  • Trueler

    @ john wilson:

    I think media won’t help here at all rather than advertizing DealFind and XSV360, like it was with “The Butchers” and “Deal55″…

    Thanks for advice :)


  • Deal Seeker

    What is the problem here, the money dealfind and xsv are making? or warranty issues? Its a great deal for $29.99 comparison research is pretty easy to determine. Plain and simple it is a 2gb card upgraded to 32gb from Asia all other specs are in tach such as the class 10 and HC specs and write and read speeds. I am sure a company is not going to sell 8000 plus cards with 8000 plus complaints.

    mmmmm…not sure what the motive of this report is?

  • darlin

    Thank You,

    Dealfind sent out a $5 off any deal and I thought for $24 this might make a great gift. I started looking into this product and knew something was wrong.

    Thanks so much for the info. I am going to keep my money.

  • Rachel Ottawa

    I was going to buy another deal from XSV360 and did my research as I had my suspicions that they were selling “fake” products.
    This was for the Vapur water bottles- Dealfind even went as far to tell me that the bottles were made in New York.

    When I looked it up online the hello kitty bottles they were selling are on all the Chinese cheap sales sites.

    Also after contacting Vapur bottles through their facebook they sent me a email linking to their blog on how to spot counterfeit bottles.
    Along with a message stating their product was trademarked and they would be contacting XSV about this issue (the email did say a lot more…just do not want to print it).

    Dealfind also does not like to answer about the deals they sell- their main line is to say “this is a good deal and running out soon, but now and we can refund if you do not like it later”.
    -that is their solution to every question I’ve seen lately.

    XSV is also selling fake Gilette- 32 cartriges for $32?
    the cheapest by luck I got for Gilette last year was 8 cartriges, 1 razor and 2 bottles shave gel for $14…was in a holiday package on clearance shelf at the drugstore.
    This was from Shoppers Drugmart- they do have some very good sales quite often,but it varies by store.

    But back to the topic of Dealfind.
    I have posted many product questions and they just delete the good/valid questions and leave the dumber questions up-like only shipping questions.

    I had a few questions about the “water tube” dealfind was advertising and the safety of ingredients and that was taken off their board.

    Also dealfind actually sent me a email stating it is in their contract with the companies they represent that they will not post any negative questions or opinions and will only post positive things from the vendor only.

    I will send you that in a email,just for proof.
    I did post that on the RFD message board a few weeks ago also.

  • http://forums.redflagdeals.com/dealfind-does-not-post-negative-comments-their-vendor-contracts-read-1102711/

    I posted a question and comment on Dealfind earlier today- it was just a shipping question for the computer deal.

    Also I had put down to find out the cost to return an item you can find that online on Canada Post’s website.

    Instead Dealfind somehow decides my comment is “negative” and pulls my comment , along with those of every person who asked how much duty was, is there tax, can the PC tablet be used in French?
    What is the return policy- they deleted pretty much every question on this deal.

    Then they send me this interesting email. Kind of surprized, but not really.
    Dealfind just admitted to me that they do not post negative comments about their vendors as it is in their sales contract with them.

    Funny thing is I did not even ask about this and was not expecting a reply of any kind.

    I am tempted to buy a Dealfind deal for a local dance school, but don’t really want to deal with Dealfind.
    Here is the email they sent me:

    Thank you for your post.

    Unfortunately we had to delete your post on the discussion board. Our posting board is intended for Dealfind customers to post questions that pertain to the deal of the day. It is not a forum for discussing personal or past experiences.

    We apologize if you think the ad that we are promoting is misleading, however, it goes against our contractual obligations to host negative comments on our site.

    If you would like to request a refund for a voucher purchased on our site we do have a 30-day refund policy. All you need to do is send us an email to support@dealfind.com.

    We hope you understand!

    Best Regards,

    Customer Satisfaction Expert

    Phone: 416.631.6368
    Toll Free: 1.888.320.6368
    Fax. 416.946.1145

    250 Ferrand Drive, Suite 1503
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 3G8
    This is the email I was sent ^^^

  • Rachel Ottawa

    Info on the fake Vapur bottles and XSV:


    I was just about to get the water bottle deal that is listed on Dealfind as I was told you could get actual Vapur bottles or Water 2 Go bottles.
    Thought I would check the Vapur site to see if they had any good deals there and what the price of a single bottle was and after reading more about these bottles I think the XSV260 ones are fake.

    The Vapur site shows that the logo is in solid writing on the real model, XSV360 has writing not filled in.
    Vapur has a “R” trademark, XSV360 does not.
    Vapur has a translucent lid, XSV360 lid looks white.
    Carabiner of Vapur bottle has logo on it, XSV bottles do not.

    Also looking up the Hello Kitty bottles they had for sale on a earlier deal I almost bought, those come up as being made in China on some sales sites.


    if you click on Additional images you can see the Vapur bottles in a drawer and they look more like the fakes on Vapur’s blog.

    Am I correct in my thinking these bottles are fake?
    Just thought I would post this in case anyone did get these bottles.
    Dealfind went as far as telling me I would be getting REAL Vapur bottles in the 6 for $25 deal they had and that I just had to contact XSV360 about it.
    How much more can they lie??

  • Trueler

    @Deal Seeker: The problem and motive are obvious here…

    1) Scamming people is not good.

    2) People want to buy what is featured, i.e. 32GB branded SD card which has retail cost around $100. Instead XSV360 and DealFind are selling piece of crap which can probably be bought for less than $10 at eBay or much less through alibaba-like resources.

    3) Lie from DealFind and XSV360 on discussion board to boost sales + removing comments which may negatively affect sales


  • Trueler

    Thanks a lot Rachel for all these information! Very interesting. People should definitely know about this!

    XSV360 is a total scam…

    I’ve also seen DealFind removing comments which may negatively affect sales.


  • Rachel

    You can even check on the Vaput facebook and they did reply to my comments about XSv there too, as well as a email to me.

    I think it is hard to trust XSV after they even sell one or several other “fake” items.

    The thing with Dealfind though, is it is obvious they delete many comments. But I still can’t believe they actually emailed me about that.

  • S D

    Well this sucks. I bought 2 myself and thought that this was such a pretty good deal and shared it with many people I know. Looks like I will now have to give them a heads up.

    Thanks for this post/blog.

  • iheartpoco

    Thank you for this post. Dealfind is partnering with scammers and get-rich-quick service providers, and is destroying their business model in the process.

    In their favour, Dealfind is excellent and pleasant at refunding your money within 30 days. Against them, they re-up with some service providers who are known to be screwing people over. I can only assume Dealfind is happy to get the money from people who don’t bother to try and redeem their vouchers within 30 days, and therefore are ineligible for refund.

    I’m naming 2 businesses here, so people who google before buying will hopefully avoid falling into the same trap I did: Jakob Isaak London, and Heritage Painters (London). Both sold vouchers for eavestrough cleaning for $79. Jakob Isaak I bought in May, never even returned a call to set up an appointment, after 2 weeks I contacted DealFind to get my money back. They had another promotion run with Dealfind about a month later.

    Heritage Painters and Services recently offered the same deal. Me being stupid, I bought it. 2 of my friends did also. All 3 of us had the owner Brian tell us off or hang up on us. They were supposed to be here this morning, but nobody has shown. It is now 5:30 PM. When my husband called, Brian told him we are getting a deal, so we should just suck it up. If they aren’t here tomorrow morning we will get our money back, but we need this work done! I feel stupid that Dealfind sucked me in again.

    These businesses are stupid, because they are creating enemies in the community. I know I will tell everyone at work not to contract these businesses for any services. And here I am on a message board warning others away. You can’t treat people like that in a competitive market. You have to respect your customers.

    I know I probably sound like a crazy internet commenter, but we are nice people, just want to get what we paid for…very disappointed with the whole thing…

  • Mike

    I have only one question to ask as I have ordered two of these, have you actually go hold of the cards and tested them yourselves? if not how can you say they are fake? I would be careful that XSV360 or dealfind doesn’t slap you with a law suit for derformation. Always test something out and then give an opinion, they are selling 32gb cards class ten for as low as $35 on a major computer parts seller in Canada, so perhaps this deal is in fact legit?

  • Trueler

    @Mike: there is more than enough evidence in the article showing that those cards sold by XSV360 and DealFind are fake… Also XSV360 are selling many other scam products…

  • S D

    @Mike. I think you mean defamation(be it slander(spoken) or libel(written)).

  • Mike

    Thanks for the reply, I am picking mine up on Monday as they are located near where I live, I intend to load them up right away with movies, music etc, to the full capacity, I will let you know how it turns out, if indeed they do not work, then not only will I be getting a refund but I will also report them to the applicable agency that deals with frauds.

  • Mike

    @S D, thankyou for pointing out my spelling mistake, I did indeed mean defamation.

  • Joe

    Has anyone had any success in cancelling their order and having their credit card either not charged or refunded with Dealfind before redeeming their voucher on the XSV360 Website?


  • Dave

    A very easy way to test the capacity (assuming you have a USB CF flash card read (that can read/write 32gb)) is create a directory on your laptop / PC containing 32gbs of data (anything, mp3s, movies, system files, anything). Copy the complete directory onto the USB drive. Run the free Windows program Windiff and select “compare directories” options and compare the directory on the PC versus on the USB drive. It will do a file by file comparision of all 32gb of files and report ones that are different. Obviously there should NOT be a single difference or there is something wrong with the CF card.
    Note this doesn’t test the class 10 speed aspect of the card.
    Could someone who has the card please do the windiff test and let me know what happened ?

  • S D


    Haven’t really tried to cancel, but I did buy 2 of them and redeemed the vouchers (Took me forever to redeem them. The XSV website looks like it was built by a 3 year-old). Now I am just waiting for the delivery. We’ll see how long it takes and if they are actually delivered, the quality of the SD cards.


    Thank you mike. Please do post your experience as soon as possible so that others can be guided.

  • I sent email to Dealfind on 11/19:
    Dear Dealfind….

    Perhaps you are not aware of the notice that XSV 360 is posting on their website.

    Important Note: Please note that all coupons are entered into our system once the deal is over on the Deal Provider’s website – The codes are only provided to us once the deal is finished – and that a single coupon can be used per order.
    Please allow 24-48h once the deal is finished for Voucher code input into the database

    Therefore, your statement: “enjoy the trip to XSV 360 whenever you feel like it.” is totally untrue.

    Apparently a dealfind/XSV360 customer must wait another 6-7 days (Time remaining 161h 01m 17s) for the “deal” to end before any attempt at ordering the product can be done. ALSO…..who is keeping ALL the money that is being taken from customer bank accounts during this 6-7 day time ??

    Something is really “not right” with this “deal”

    Dealfind responded: Thank you for your email.

    Unfortuantely, there was no text in the email.

    Please let us know how we can assist you :)

    I should have know by their response that this deal just didn’t pass the “smell test”. I’ve now tried to go onto XSV360′s website…can’t seem to get in (hummm) “waiting for response” — I’ll now contact Dealfind for an “immediate refund”.

  • kimmy

    i can’t even get on the website to redeem the card anyone else having this problem?

  • Warren

    I have tried for two days to get through to no avail. No one should have to pay up front, wait a week and then have to waste so much time trying to redeem the vouchers.After reading the info on this site , finding out that they weren’t truthfull in the advertising of this product, I am not willing to take a chance on these very likely fake cards. So I called the 1888 number and got someone right away and they said there would be no problem canceling and getting a full refund on to my credit card.The lady said you have 30 days and sometimes more if things are totally wrong. So heres hoping I get out of this silly mess. So far I have faith in the Dealfind policy, just disappointed deals like this can get through them without proper verification.

  • Mike

    @Dave, I am hoping to pick my two up tomorrow and I will use that program and post the results.

  • Joe

    Tried to cancell my order and this is the email I received from dealfind:

    This seems shady that they are trying to sell fake goods imported from asia.

    Thank you for your email.

    We apologize for any confusion, the 32 GB SD Memory Cards from XSV 360 contains parts manufactured by Toshiba.

    As per Dealfind’s standard refund procedure, we require 24 hours to notify the merchant of a refund request and investigate the situation. We will get back to you shortly!

    We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

    Best Regards,

    Customer Satisfaction Expert, Processing

    Phone: 416.631.6368
    Toll Free: 1.888.320.6368
    Fax. 416.946.1145

    250 Ferrand Drive, Suite 1503
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 3G8

    560 South Winchester Boulevard, Suite 500
    San Jose, California, United States 95128

  • Rachel

    This is not about this deal, but about the toothbrush heads that XSV360 and Dealfind were selling.

    Last night the manufaturer Oral B or one of their reps actually posted a message asking for proof or purchase from au authorized place and within about 5 minutes they deleted the deal (yes I am a sucker for looking at the dealfind scammy deals….the comments CAN be amusing to read….)

    And I was about to grab the email that was posted in the message and “poof” it was almost instantly deleted.

    I’m sure dealfind KNOWS they are dealing with shady companies.

    Also if you look on the red flag deals forum, people there have posted what they received instead of the actual Vapur bottles that Dealfind did promise.

    I am even telling local business people I know that have run deals with other companies not to deal with dealfind- they make almost any business look bad with the scammy deals.

  • Sanford

    I tried for 3 days to get my “Toshiba” card with NO luck. After waiting for a loooooooooong time between “continue” I would get some comment that would cause me to have to start all over again. Enough of this and after reading this thread I decided to e-mail Dealfind and get a refund NOW. So now I wait for their reply. I think dealfind and xsv360 know they are in trouble.

  • Mike

    I went to the address shown on the contact on the xsv360 as they are just a short distance away, locked door, different name on the building, no I don’t trust this anymore and am going to ask for a refund from Dealfind.

  • Trueler

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the info. I guess the name on the building was “AHB Technology‎” located at 2-5350 Canotek Rd Ottawa K1J9C9, right? Seems like it is the business of XSV 360 owner (not 100% confirmed yet)…

    Also the deal requires only online redemption as I understand.


  • Mike

    @Trueler, I emailed him and he stated I could pick up today, place was locked. I just emailed dealfind for a refund, enough running around with XSV360, my patience has ran out.

  • Mike

    Also the address I had was 2-5350.

  • Trueler

    Thanks. I fixed a typo in address. On their website it is 2-5350

  • Mr Me

    I tried their website today and I get forwarded to another website.

    what the hell? I can see that maybe they have upgraded to a new server company but I would have thought they would have just used the same web address to avoid confusion.
    Or at least put a notice up on the page that they did this.

    I bought one, will try it anyway to see. (If I get by Christmas I will be pleasantly surprised)

  • Mr Me

    Just got this email from Dealfind

    Hello Valued Dealfind Customer,

    We are writing to notify you of the amazing deal you purchased on November 18th – 26th, 2011 from XSV 360.

    Please note that they have a brand new website to better serve all customers! They are currently updating their site to simplify the ordering process. Depending on your service provider and area, you may encounter an error, if you do encounter an error, please try redeeming your voucher(s) again in 24-48 hours. If you are unable to redeem your voucher after reattempting, please contact Dealfind Support at http://www.dealfind.com/contact-us.php.

    Please follow the steps below to redeem your voucher:

    1. Visit: http://jofwp.azqgz.servertrust.com/default.asp
    2. Find your product on the XSV 360 website
    3. Add Product to Cart
    4. Click Checkout
    5. TYPE (do not copy/paste) your Coupon or Voucher Code in the “Coupon Code” box and click “APPLY”
    6. Click Proceed to Checkout
    7. Provide your Shipping Information

    Please contact XSV 360 at support@xsv360.com or for the US at 405-634-0195 and for Canada at 1-855-239-0888 with any comments, questions or for technical support.

    Thank you for using Dealfind!

    The Dealfind Team

  • Bruno

    Dealfind forwarded the following instructions to me to claim the 32Gb voucher:
    Please follow the steps below to redeem your voucher:

    1. Visit: http://jofwp.azqgz.servertrust.com/default.asp
    2. Find your product on the XSV 360 website
    3. Add Product to Cart
    4. Click Checkout
    5. TYPE (do not copy/paste) your Coupon or Voucher Code in the “Coupon Code” box and click “APPLY”
    6. Click Proceed to Checkout
    7. Provide your Shipping Information

    If this no name product works, I will be happy, but will not deal with them again.

  • Ken

    Is there anybody can tell me what is the meaning by FAKE 32GB SD memory card powered by Toshiba?? Do you mean it’s not 32GB or it is not made by Toshiba or the xsv360 should not mention the company “TOSHIBA” if not made by Toshiba???!!!or it is not real Class 10!!!!?????

  • Trueler

    @Ken: Doesn’t the article address your questions? According to information provided by DealFind and XSV 360 the described card does not even exist.


  • Ken

    Oh! I see, so what can we do about it? how come so many people received their confirmation that the mention item being send out to the buyer? And I also went through the Q&A from the beginning til end of the deal, I found out they never mentioned the product under Toshiba’s warranty, they only mentioned they use Toshiba’s chip and 30days return and one year warranty by xsv360 and manufacturer in Taiwan???? Could you give me the direct answer instead of “Doesn’t the article address your questions?” to answer my questions!!!!!I just want someone to tell the truth since this article came out from your site. Please!!!

  • Trueler

    Ken, answering your questions if you don’t bother to read the article:

    - DealFind did tell on the discussion board in the beginning that the cards are manufactured by Toshiba and that for any warranty claims people should contact Toshiba during 1 year. There are screenshots provided.

    - XSV 360 selling products “As Is” – no warranty, no refunds – it is written in their own terms

    - The “Toshiba Chip” on the picture provided by XSV 360 does not exist in Toshiba’s database

    I hope it answers your questions.

    Could you answer as well please? What does your claim mean: “so many people received their confirmation that the mention item being send out to the buyer”? How do you know?


  • Ken

    Sure,I bought 3 pcs from them, I’ve just received 3 confirmation from xsv360, but not really receive the products yet, so I can’t confirm to you the product is real yet, hopefully, will receive within 7 days, I will confirm to you whether you are right or they are FAKE, no conclusion in the meantime, let’s see what the outcome is, I just want everyone have the true answer, that is it, thank you so much for your reply, will keep in touch as well. forget to tell you that I know 3 more friends also bought this product, redeem to them and received their confirmation as well.

  • warren

    So as I said earlier if you are not satisfied just call them and ask for your money back. here is the response after I chatted on the phone and they said they needed 24 hours.They were true to their word.See email below…..

    Hello Warren,

    Thank you for allowing us to contact the merchant. We greatly appreciate it.

    We do our best to help with refunds.

    You have two options: We can issue the refund back on to your credit card, or in the form of Dealfind Dollars with an additional 10%.

    Your Dealfind Dollars never expire, and can be used anytime, on any promotion featured on our site.

    Please indicate whether you would prefer Dealfind Dollars or a Credit Card Refund, along with the following information so that we can process your refund as promptly as possible:

    Dealfind Dollars+10% or Credit Card Refund:
    Last 4 digits of Credit Card (Credit Card Refunds Only):
    Dealfind Email address: ***@sympatico.ca
    Vendor (Company providing service): XSV 360
    Brief reason for refund: negative reviews/dissatisfied with service
    Order #(s): 1111**-******-***
    Voucher #(s): 51**-29**, 55**-71**, 80**-12**, and 82**-92**.

    Please note that once your refund is processed, whether it be back to your credit card or in the form of Dealfind Dollars, all transactions are final. We are unable to reverse the transaction once it has been processed.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 1-888-320-6368.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and we hope you continue to use Dealfind to purchase our Great Deals!

  • Eric

    Received mine yesterday.

    SD card came unpackaged in an envelope. Comes with SD case but no packaging.

    Ran some tests and it appears to be an 8gb class4 with a 32gb sticker

    Here are the results of the test

    The media is likely to be defective.
    7.7 GByte OK (16327680 sectors)
    23.5 GByte DATA LOST (49396736 sectors)
    Details:23.5 GByte overwritten (49396736 sectors)
    0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
    0 KByte corrupted (0 sectors)
    16 MByte aliased memory (32768 sectors)
    First error at offset: 0×0000000131500000
    Expected: 0×0000000131500000
    Found: 0×0000000715500000
    H2testw version 1.3
    Writing speed: 3.99 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 8.47 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

    Appears a lot of people are getting scammed is there anything that can be done besides a refund? inform Toshiba or PNY …..

  • Trueler

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for sharing results! I believe there are quite a lot of fake memory cards on the “market”… I don’t know how Toshiba and PNY can help. BTW, I was kind of right about 8GB…

    I’m wondering why DealFind was knowingly promoting this scam for entire week?! Why do they care only about profit and not about customers? DealFind will claim now that nothing is more important to them other than customer’s satisfaction and they will offer full refunds. Yes, they can easily do it, because DealFind has not paid anything to XSV 360 yet…


  • B.

    What about the Android tablet that is offered from this website? Anyone know anything about this?

  • DDuke

    It took about 5-6 emails back and forward with the “customer service” of Dealfind to agree to refund my money. First, they asked “why”, I told them it is a fake product! Then they tried to smooth it out by giving me 5% for future discount. Hell no, I’m not buying anything on Dealfind.com anymore. Every time I send an email to them, they will reply with the same message that they’re researching and get back to me. I had to call American Express to put a dispute on the charge. Finally, Dealfind refunded the money. It took over a week to do just that.

  • Andrea

    I bought 3android tablets through wag jag vouchers. Its been 10 days and order was stuck in processing, they said it would take 10 days to process 7 days to ship. Its been 10 days so i went onto the new site and now it doesnt recognixe me as having an account even though i have email confirmations! I call the cdn toll free number and its just a recording..frustrating- has anyone else recieved theirs and is it any good??

  • Tuan

    Its pretty obviously that Dealfind/XSV360 are scam site, I import a lot of goods from China to sell, mainly small electronics and nick nacks(sp?) anyways, from the looks of the XSV360 site, it looks like it was made to sell Vouchers, if you look at some of the items they sell, like the 7″ tablet for example as i’m seeing those posted on deal sites a lot these days (http://www.xsv360.com/product_p/pc-7in.htm) those are being listed for $399 regular priced and usually the Dealfind deals have them for $100, so a lot of people snag these up, well, if you know anything about these tablets (like I do, cause I’ve sold like 10000 of these in the last 2 years) you would see the specs mainly this “CPU WM8650,High-performance 800MHZ CPU+300MHZ DSP” which looks to be the VIA CPU, and these tablets I actually sell for $80 Canadian, so in essence at the $100 price at dealfind or wherever, you are getting RIPPED OFF. Dealing with a lot of Chinese vendors I know that a lot of them are very shady, and this site looks like it was made by a chinese company to mainly target voucher buyers, these are the same guys that sell on ebay and whatnot. So STAY AWAY from sites that are protecting these companies. I have bought a lot of deal find vouchers but am now boycotting them because of their shady practices.

    I hope this helps people make their decision. SO ONCE AGAIN THE ANDROID TABLETS THAT ARE LISTED ARE NOT WORTH $400, THEY COST ABOUT $30 TO MAKE AND RETAIL FOR $70-$80, come with NO WARRANTY, no support, and have awful hardware. I buy them directly from the factories so I know what I’m talking about, but have stopped selling these because of the quality. Once again. STAY AWAY from these tablets and anything on this site.

  • Mike

    I can confirm the PNY offer is a scam. I have run both cards I ordered and received through numerous tests. They are each 7.7 Gb in size, with write speeds of 3.59 and 3.78 respectively. At a stretch they could be called 8 Gb. Class 4 cards.

    I am contacting my credit card company to dispute this.

  • Natalie

    Can someone please tell me how I can run a test on the memory card? When I receive mine, I will want to test it to see how much memory it has.

  • Trueler

    Hi Natalie,

    If you are using Windows, you may consider the program which Eric used to run a test: H2testw v1.4

    I could find it here for free download:



  • Blaine Hamilton

    Good suggestion to use H2testw to confirm the capacity and functionality of the card. I use that program to verify my known good cards before I use them for important photos; you just don’t want to risk losing them.

    Fake USB sticks and fake flash memory cards have been an issue for years. The new twist is that Dealfind should be held fully liable for promoting such scams.

    Who wants to place bets on when Dealfind goes under? About 30 days from now? :D

  • Warren

    Just a follow up…..I have received my verification back by email that my card will be refunded for my full amt.It will take 5 to 10 business days for it to show. I am happy with that.If anyone wants to go farther with their issues just make a formal complaint with the better business bureau and consumer affairs.Also get in contact with W5 , 20/20, your news paper and radio .Its sad that someone can get as far as these folks, they sold at least 10,000 of these cards.So how many will have no idea what they really bought. WC

  • Eric


    Just would like to add that I’m also expecting a full refund from Dealfind. Sad part is that dealfind is aware of the issue but only investigating this as a case by case instead of a Problem. If I wasn’t as tech savvy and couldnt find out on my own, dealfind would redeem itself by auto reimbursing the voucher prior to me finding out and cutting their ties with XSV360. Instead they hope customers dont figure it out.

  • Natalie

    Everyone, please check out dealticker.com – they are offering the 32G XSV memory card as well! Can you believe XSV is trying to make sales with all these deal sites?

  • Warren

    I sent a email to dealticker.com regarding this matter, first my letter then their response (so the question is are they really telling the truth this time?)(were these really phoney,are they still?)

    To dealticker.com

    I cannot believe you folks allow this nonsense to happen. Those same cards were sold by Dealfind. There were several techies that got their order and scanned the cards using state of the art technoligy and found the cards to be fake. They proved the cards were only really 7.7 to 8 GB, so everyone who buys these will not get a true 32 GB. I bought 4 and returned them as many ,many more are doing as they find out the truth.Some are considering going to the papers and news about this.Its over the internet now and spreading fast, I just thought you should know. I still can’t believe you folks don’t do proper product checks before so many get screwed. WC
    Their response…….

    Hello Warren,

    We have been in communication with the principal of XSV 360 to identify any possible card issues prior to running the deal.

    We were assured by the merchant that the cards were certainly real and were not “upgraded” as is common practice these days in China. Having said that, and receiving confirmation from the merchant, we proceeded with the offering.
    In the case that the cards purchased are not as described, we will certainly ensure that a full refund is issued back to your account upon return of counterfeit items back to the merchant.

    Please accept our sincere thank you for bringing the DealFind issue to our attention, it is discouraging to hear that this was the service experience you’ve had with that offering.

    My very best,
    Daniel Abramov

  • Trueler

    Thanks Warren. DealTicker already promoted almost all scammy deals from XSV 360, and not only from them… so… I wouldn’t believe this info…

    One simple thing: 32GB Class 10 SD memory card with branded chip absolutely can not cost $10 ($29/2 – shipping). Note that they are also making money on this. XSV360 and daily deal websites already lied a lot about these cards, claiming they’ve been manufactured by Toshiba which turned to be a lie, and then providing picture of non-existing “Toshiba Chip”. The most similar one in Toshiba database I could find was 8GB card.


  • Natalie

    I’ll be honest, I’ve purchased several vouchers over the past year on many different deals. A lot of them came from Dealfind and Dealticker, WagJag, Groupon, Living Social, etc. I have never had any issues or problems with Dealfind or Dealticker deals. I found them to be a good buy. Except obviously for the merchant XSV 360. I am so glad I came across this site. I haven’t received my memory card as yet, but am waiting. I’ve already flagged Dealfind about the defective card and all they can tell me is if I receive the product and am not happy, I can call in and receive a refund.

  • Mike

    I can only say that if you have the proof, and it appears you have, that these are fakes, then go to the RCMP or whatever local or federal agency handles fraud cases and file a complaint. Until that happens they will just keep selling them as they don’t care, if they have 5000 of 10000 sold returned, they still have 5000 that people kept, and some people will just write it off and not even bother with returning them, so they still make money. I got a refund and never got the cards, so I cannot rightfully file a complaint.

  • Rachel

    Why would people still be buying these after people on other sites received other fake items from XSV?

    Since it is a data and counterfeit issue and maybe a credit card issue is there any gov’t dept that can deal with this?

    Also XSV is selling a lot of items that can be harmful to kids and babies like child safety items?
    WTF…they should not be selling those no name items

  • Trueler


    Daily deal sites are changing, unfortunately not in the good direction. Many really good deals happened on the websites you mentioned in the past. But recently things have changed… Here are just several examples of daily deal scams from “reputable” websites, if you are interested:

    World Wide Connect Calling Cards Complaint

    Negative Ion Bands, Bracelet and Sports Watch Scam

    Scam on DealTicker: Shooting Range at Tim Hortons

    The Butchers Scam on BuyTopia, WebPiggy.. Additives in meat

    Valentine’s Day Scam on Groupon: FTD Flowers


  • Trueler


    It is probably too small case for RCMP or federal fraud agencies… About a year ago after discovering some fraud or scam I was trying to contact mass media or some agencies, but no one was interested. So I decided to better let people know here, so at least everyone who does online research before using some business is aware and can take precautions.

    There was a real fraud in March 2011: Is deal55 legit or scam? It’s Fraud and Phishing! Beware!

    Lawrence Farbman created a website – deal55.com, where he offered $100 gift cards from major stores like BestBuy, Winners, Lululemon, etc. for $45, i.e. 55% discount. In fact he just did not send gift cards. Has he been prosecuted for this? No. Instead mass media was interviewing him!…

  • Natalie

    Question for those who have already received their memory card and asking for a refund.

    How have you been able to return the item? I would think that Dealfind would want you to ship back the item to XSV 360? Please let me know and who will be responsible for paying the shipping costs?

  • Eric


    Dealfind emailed me stating

    As for the product, the merchant apologizes that you were not satisfied with the product, and ensures you that this may be an error with your product. They have requested that you return their product to:

    1-5350 Canotek Rd
    Ottawa, Ontario K1J9C9

    Please indicate on the envelope “ATTN: Henry” and indicate that it is in regards to a refund for voucher #5156-0413.

    So I’m assuming that S&H comes out of consumers pocket but I’m not sending nothing back unless I get in writing or something that I will be reimbursed.

  • Transisto

    I think you guys don’t understand the scope of the fraud going on.

    The real issue is a much larger problem, There are possibly tens of thousands of people who bought a memory card and are yet unaware of the issues they will come upon down the road.

    What will happen is that the card will only save data up to the true capacity of the card (4-8gb) everything written afterward will be lost, the card will simply “pretend” that the data are saved.

    You can move a backup, souvenirs or very important document into this card and lose it all.

    Also later, some customer may contacts the purported manufacturer of the card, get told it is a fake, and no warranty coverage is available.

    30+ days have passed, most deal websites tell the customer to pound sand. A few get refunds after emailing/calling many times.

    Deal websites count the dollar bills they have already earned (scammed).

    XSV360 owner prepares their next round of deals offering 256GB SD cards for $12.99. Tens of thousands new unsuspecting consumers get taken again.

    Every deal-sites not reporting the fraud to all people who purchased this item via email should get lynched or at least sued for being accomplice of a large scale, planed data destruction having profited from it knowingly.

    How can you even be worried about getting a refund for yourself ?

    I’m telling you THIS IS BAD.

    Another discussion about this is located here : http://forums.redflagdeals.com/merged-rfd-group-buy-deal-pny-32gb-sdhc-class10-card-29-99-a-1101621/8/

  • Trueler

    It’s true, Transisto.

    Damage for people is much more than $29/card paid for these fraudulent “deals” if pretending that the memory cards are reliable 32GB. Will daily deal websites compensate customers for all the lost memories and important information?!

    DealFind, WagJag, SwarmJam, DealTicker, or whoever featured the scam from XSV360, make it right!

    Inform all the voucher holders about this accident ASAP! Even if you believe it was not your fault.

    Otherwise people may not forgive you…


  • binky

    Buytopia is running this now, and deleting comments that point out its already known the card is fake.

  • Pat

    I just wanted to say that to those who were saying that it’s ridiculous that you have to wait a week before using the voucher until the deal is done…that is the same as hundreds of other company deals as well. I have bought lots of vouchers from restuarants and stores and I always have to wait one week until the deal is done to use the voucher..so I’m just saying that it’s not rare to have to wait as it is the policy of many other company’s as well. So I don’t think that this particular complaint is valid in this discussion about fake items..of course it’s not right to receive fake items..but who cares if you have to wait until the deal is done to use it..HUNDREDS of other known company’s have the same policy…just shows that people complain about just about anything don’t they?

  • Robyn

    Hi everyone,
    Although there is speculation that this is a scam, they work. I received my SD cards (4) in the mail 12 days after ordering them… and they work just fine? I don’t see what the issue is. Who cares if it’s fake or not, everything is made in China. You just can chose to pay 100 or 600 for them. XSV has a great deal going on, regardless.

  • Trueler

    @Pat: The original poster said this:

    “I have tried for two days to get through to no avail. No one should have to pay up front, wait a week and then have to waste so much time trying to redeem the vouchers”

    The complaint was about wasting two days on redeeming the vouchers with no success due to XSV 360 website problems, as I understood.


  • Trueler


    It’s not a speculation actually… there are facts provided…

    They will work “fine” (if you absolutely don’t care about speed and reliability) until the data stored on the card exceeds 8GB (or whatever actual capacity is). After that data will start to be overwritten possibly without any signs. When you will try to retrieve some pictures/videos/documents/etc, they will be corrupted. Beware of this! If you decided to keep those, you might want to properly check memory cards in order to avoid any frustration due to loss of important data/pictures.

    BTW, only 10 days passed after Nov 26 – the first day when cards could be ordered from XSV 360 and their website was down. How was it “12 days after ordering them”?

    Also… Investigation and some feedback showed that fair price for 4 cards which have been described by XSV 360 and DealFind is less than $50… You paid $120… and think that the value is $600…


  • Joe

    Refund was posted to my credit card, never redeemed the voucher, played email tag with Dealfind but it is finally done. Will think twice the next time I see a “Deal”. Thanks to this site and all posters for providing valuable information and I hope everyone else receives/uses this info to recover their hard earned cash.

  • Transisto

    Every card is a dangerous scam, many people are posting the same results, : The media is likely to be defective.
    7.7 GByte OK (16353706 sectors)
    23.5 GByte DATA LOST (49378902 sectors)
    Details:23.5 GByte overwritten (49378888 sectors)
    0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
    7 KByte corrupted (14 sectors)
    16 MByte aliased memory (32768 sectors)
    Writing speed: 1.29 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 2.24 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

    As long as I get a refund I don't give a shit about all others affected.

  • Jason

    Just thought I’d add my two cents. I emailed dealfind (the deal is running in Calgary as well right now). Here was the exchange:

    Hi, I just thought you should know that one of your daily deals is being hailed as a scam by a number of websites, including:




    Their response to me:
    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for letting us know.

    We are aware of it and the vendor confirmed that the cards are legit.

    If you have further questions please contact us.


    SwarmJam Support
    Tel: 1.877.629.3976

  • Trueler

    Hi Jason,

    It is outrageous!

    SwarmJam trusts scammy vendor without any questions, but absolutely ignores customers?! What the…

    Several people already confirmed that those are 8GB unknown class cards which are dangerous for storing data.

    Thanks for information.


  • victim

    Just got the card today and ran the H2testw. It’s confirm that it’s a 8GB card

    The media is likely to be defective.
    7.8 GByte OK (16472064 sectors)
    23.4 GByte DATA LOST (49143808 sectors)
    Details:0 KByte overwritten (0 sectors)
    0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
    23.4 GByte corrupted (49143808 sectors)
    0 KByte aliased memory (0 sectors)
    First error at offset: 0x00000001f5c41e00
    Expected: 0x00000001f5c41e00
    Found: 0×0000000000000000
    H2testw version 1.3
    Writing speed: 3.26 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 6.60 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

  • Rachel

    Has anyone contacted Toshiba about this?
    Toshiba makes millions of dollars every year and do have their own lawyers.
    I contacted the manufacturer of one product from XSV and dealfind and sent them the website,Dealfind question section adn they said their legal team would address this (and were quite nice to me too….sent me a few items :)
    -no it was not memory cards…I wish! (was some water bottles).

    So unless the company whose brand is on here is not aware of this, companies will try and just sell more of this crap.

    I think I will just stick to buying memory cards at Future Shop or Best Buy unless I see another “respected” store.
    My needs for memory that works is important- I have to take some photos for my work and can not get back to the same places easily every day and there is a deadline for those photos.
    Also I enter photo contests and do not want to lose those photos of events I go to.

    But maybe for some people I guess it is ok to lose all your holiday and family photos.

  • S D

    I received mine and confirmed fake. I wonder if there is a current class-action going on or if one is about to be started. F**ing scammers.

  • Alan Douglas

    I Got my card in the mail on Friday. It looks like a 5 year make it.. arrived in a white plan envelope, no packaging, no case, just the SD card and half of a piece of paper which was the invoice.

    The label on the card is not on straight. H2testw confirms its a 8GB card.. with hacked firmware.

    I copied 7 GB of data to it, was able to read it..
    copied another 4 gig file.. that file couldn’t be read

    formatted the card, copied a 16GB file.. also bad.
    formatted, copied 30 GB of small files.. 90% of them bad. (i knew the card was bad before i even received it but wanted to go through the motions.).

    Also getting the run around from dealfind support.. they are still NOT acknowledging this issue yet… Why would they? if they did they lose about $150k in profits.
    myabe 50% of the customers will never know their card is bad because they won’t ever put more than 8gb on it.. while the rest of them will assume the card went bad after a few weeks/months and not be able to do anything about it, other than be sad about the photos the lost.

    i’ll go ahead and file a complaint with my credit card vendor too.


  • BrownGirl

    FYI: I requested a refund via Dealfind since Friday – still waiting on it to go through on my credit card. I am still within the 30 day limit so I should receive 100% of what my credit card was charged.

    As well, Dealfind just sent out a mass email to those who purchased this 32G Memory Card deal: READ BELOW…

    Hello Valued Dealfind Customer,

    We are writing to update you on the great deal you purchased November 7th – 26th, 2011, which was, $29 for a 32 GB SD Memory Card, Including Shipping from XSV 360 ($99 Value).

    Dealfind and the Merchant sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, however, the merchant has found that a small percentage of the SD Memory Cards that were sent out did not have the full 32GB capacity.

    If you have received your SD Memory Card, please send your SD Memory Card back to the merchant through regular mail to:
    1-5350 Canotek Rd
    Ottawa, Ontario K1J9C9

    Once the merchant receives the SD Memory Card, they will ship you a new 32GB, 10 Speed SD Memory Card right away, without any additional costs.

    Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Thank you for using Dealfind!

  • Mike

    Got this via email today.

    Hello Valued Dealfind Customer,

    We are writing to update you on the great deal you purchased November 7th – 26th, 2011, which was, $29 for a 32 GB SD Memory Card, Including Shipping from XSV 360 ($99 Value).

    Dealfind and the Merchant sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, however, the merchant has found that a small percentage of the SD Memory Cards that were sent out did not have the full 32GB capacity.

    If you have received your SD Memory Card, please send your SD Memory Card back to the merchant through regular mail to:
    1-5350 Canotek Rd
    Ottawa, Ontario K1J9C9

    Once the merchant receives the SD Memory Card, they will ship you a new 32GB, 10 Speed SD Memory Card right away, without any additional costs.

    Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Thank you for using Dealfind!

    The Dealfind Team

  • Trueler

    Thanks for information, BrownGirl and Mike.

    It is a lie from XSV 360 and DealFind that it was “a small percentage” of fake cards. They even provided a picture of 8GB “Toshiba” chip inside their memory cards through DealFind discussion board and xsv360.com…

    Everyone: just request a refund from DealFind/SwarmJam/DealTicker/BuyTopia/WebPiggy/WagJag or whoever as soon as possible.

    - 30 days will pass and DealFind won’t care anymore
    - Nobody guarantees that those scammers will send “32GB class 10″ cards
    - Do you really want this hassle of sending card back to them with tracking number and signature required paying out of your pocket?


  • S D

    Well, I requested a refund from Dealfind, and they say that they processed it. I’ll check in a couple of days to see if my card has been credited. So far, Dealfind has been pretty good in the refund process. I will let you know it I got my money back.

    BTW, I got the same email as @Mike.

  • Bridget

    I got my card today. Same crooked label & packaging as everybody else. No case. Mine tests at 31GB it also says it isn’t fast enough to use, so not even class 4. Called Dealfind & was told to mail it back and when they verify receipt they will refund. I said I don’t trust this, so they said send it COD, then it will be tracked. They didn’t know what the charge was for this but thought it would be free. Haha. Canada Post says $7.50, so called Dealfind back and spoke with Melissa (agent #423)who was very confused by this and said their ‘Compliance Team’ is back on Monday morning and she would talk to them and get back to me. She also said she’d send me a quick email verifying our conversation right away. That was over 2 hours ago and no email. No doubt the name and agent # are also bogus. I also posted questions to the Q & A and had some of them deleted. Also the Lloyd guy answered some and so I posted and asked them if he was staff or not & if he isn’t why is he answering questions on their behalf? This question was also deleted. They know full well that it’s a scam and said that XSV had said the cards were real, they had 20,000 in stock, they would arrive a week after ordering, and that they were in the lower mainland. Turns out the cards are fake, it took 19 days to get my card, and it came from Ontario. I don’t think Dealfind does any checking whatsoever on these companies other than to do the math on how much money they will make on the deal.

  • Warren

    Just for everyones information, dealfind told me, as I posted earlier ,that they would honour returns with refunds after the 30 day period in situations such as this one. Warren

  • Trueler

    Hi Bridget,

    I’ve seen your comment on discussion board asking about Lloyd. Actually Dealfind confirmed all the statements made by Lloyd, but almost everything was a lie…

    DealFind knew that those cards were fake, but continued to sell them until the end of the week…


  • Dan

    My letter to dealfind…….

    I received this card yesterday, December 16th, and it was packaged like it was done by a child. On opening the envelope there was no documentation, no card packaging and the card was blank? The label had come off in the envelope. In my previous employment as I used these cards on a daily basis and even had occasion to put them through the washing machine several times. The labels never came off any one of these cards. Further, I tested the card with two different memory programs and it failed both times only showing 7.5 GB. I tried to put it into a Nikon Camera and it wouldn’t “click” in, meaning the case is not even up to specifications. After reading the internet reviews, I can only conclude that this “deal” is in fact a fraud and that if Dealfind is not a willing participant, then they would not be so complacent? I am referring the matter to the BBB and RCMP Commercial Crime Squad. I was advised by them that the dollar value is not as important as the number of complainants/victims.

    I am requesting an immediate refund as per your satisfaction policy. Is Mr. Gary Lipovetsky aware of this fraud? I would suggest you correct this with all of the purchasers as I believe this is only the beginning of these complaints.

    Card test results….

    This media is defective.
    7.7 GByte OK (16174879 sectors)
    16.5 GByte DATA LOST (34722017 sectors)
    Details:0 KByte overwritten (0 sectors)
    0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
    16.5 GByte corrupted (34722017 sectors)
    0 KByte aliased memory (0 sectors)
    First error at offset: 0x00000001c163c000
    Expected: 0x00000001c163c000
    Found: 0×0000000000000000

  • Trueler

    Thanks Dan. I’m not sure about Mr. Gary Lipovetsky… But some DealFind representatives became aware of the fraud when this post has been published, i.e. on Nov 20. But they still don’t want to do anything about it, i.e. refund money to all the customers and ask police to investigate and prosecute XSV 360. So now DealFind commits the same fraud by defending XSV 360.


  • S D

    Update: I finally got the refund credited back to my account. They also sent me an email to return the “corrupt”, a.k.a. “fake”, cards, so that XSV360 can re-issue good ones. I kept the cards, and told everyone that I know to keep them as well. Just wondering if a class-action can be in the works with all the actual proof (the cards themselves). Everyone, and I mean everyone, I talked to have said that their cards are f**ked up.

    BTW: What happened to this site the past week or so?

  • Trueler

    Thanks for update. Do not destroy (send back) evidence!

    This site was experiencing continuous DDoS attacks during the past week which took us down and really harmed. I’m looking for some better hosting solution now. But everything promising is too expensive…


  • Transisto

    Please, stop commenting on how went your refund, … Call you credit card company and so be it.

    The problem is that they HAVE TO WARN every people who purchased it !

  • Trueler

    That’s true. Deal sites definitely have to warn all the people! But instead some of them like BuyTopia and SwarmJam are still selling cards…

    At this point nobody has confirmed that 32GB class 10 card has been received! Only 2-8GB and very slow…

  • Transisto

    RCMP (Canada)
    If you want to report a fraud, or if you need more information, contact The Canadian Anti- Fraud Centre:

    Toll Free: 1-888-495-8501

    Toll Free Fax: 1-888-654-9426
    Email: info@antifraudcentre.ca

  • Paul

    I wish I never got these cards but when they arrived the day I was leaving for vacation I was excited but the cards crapped out and now I’ve lost my videos and several pictures. Bastards…..

    Does anyone know if I can some how still get the videos and pictures to open??


  • Trueler

    Hi Paul,

    I’m sorry to hear this. The data was overwritten and lost, because physical capacity of the cards were 8GB instead of 32GB, but digital camera “thought” it was 32GB.

    DealFind should compensate every loss you experienced, because they were aware that the cards were fake for more than a month, but they did not want to make things right and let their customers down again ignoring all their promises. I think they should at least pay for your next vacation and days off… However memories are priceless…


  • Transisto


    What ? you mean DealFind hasn’t yet contacted all 9,630 affected customers ?

    Any lawyer around who could suggest a good firm for a class action ?

  • Pete

    I am having countless issues with Dealfind regarding the refund, I’m not sure how you guys got a refund so quickly. I informed them I received the card, and after countless emails back and fourth, they are still not refunding the amount until I send the card back. I tell them I was scammed but they still continue to tell me to send the card back first.

    It’s quite aggravating.

  • Trueler

    Transisto, this is what DealFind sent:

    “the merchant has found that a small percentage of the SD Memory Cards that were sent out did not have the full 32GB capacity”

    It’s a lie! Because on Nov 20 it was known almost for sure that XSV 360 was going to send fake 8GB cards (according to the picture of chip they provided), and so far nobody reported to receive full 32GB memory card. What is “small percentage”? So far it is 100% (from those who checked and reported)

    Yes, people received this message from DealFind, checked the card in device which showed 32GB and just relaxed… in fact having problematic 8GB card which will be discovered later…

  • Trueler

    Hi Pete,

    Since you were scammed, you may want to keep this card as an evidence of fraud for legal actions – tell this to DealFind. Also inform that you are at least going to do a chargeback because DealFind and XSV360 committed fraud together (DealFind allowed it to happen) and your money were taken by DealFind.

    BTW: Does DealFind agree to pay upfront for trackable shipping with signature required?


  • GoldFish1326

    I just received what dealfind claimed was their NEW shipment of 32GB cards, I had already tried to cancel my order but it really didn’t work. So I tested my card and the results verify it’s only a 7.7GB here are the results:

    The media is likely to be defective.
    7.7 GByte OK (16253455 sectors)
    8.7 GByte DATA LOST (18294257 sectors)
    Details:0 KByte overwritten (0 sectors)
    0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
    8.7 GByte corrupted (18294257 sectors)
    0 KByte aliased memory (0 sectors)
    First error at offset: 0x00000001f0041e00
    Expected: 0x00000001f0041e00
    Found: 0×0000000000000000
    H2testw version 1.3

    Buyer beware, I might try to contact the local tv troubleshooter here about it see if they can get dealfind to admit it's a scam, thanks for all the info people!

  • Eddie

    I got my SD card about 10 days ago and only had the chance test it out yesterday. Then I did a bit of searching and came upon this website. Needless to say, I sent a rather nasty email to Dealfind support demanding a refund. If they don’t get back to me in the next day or so, I’m going to call and give them hell.

    Trueler, I did mention that there have been many complaints about this deal and that Dealfind might find itself in some legal trouble if they don’t refund me and others who have bought into this scam.

    Anyway, I’ll let you know how things are going.

    Boy do I feel stupid falling for this scam!

  • Trueler

    Thanks Eddie for information! Please give us an update if DealFind will respond to your inquiry.


  • Warren Carey

    Unfortunately if there were almost 10 or 11,000 or more of those fake cards sold, we are just a few, compared to that number sold ,that have complained, so unless all those others come forward it’s unlikely anything more will happen.The sad part is most folks don’t have a clue and will never know the difference,because 8 gigs still holds a lot of images depending on the file size, raw verses jpeg or video.Also Trueler I was told by a Techie that the cards should not rewrite over already written images, the card would just simply stop writing once it got to the limit of that card. The card should record as full at that point. Warren

  • Trueler

    It depends on how the cards were “upgraded”. Virtual 32GB are mapped on 8GB of actual physical space in some way. Different pieces of 32GB space could point to the same physical piece of 8GB memory space. In this case we have a trouble…

    Operating System of the device (digital camera, computer, etc…) thinks that 32GB are available. It is not aware about 8GB limit. OS will not understand that the card is full upon reaching 8GB, so it will attempt to write again which may corrupt old data or produce error in the best case.

    Now it’s purely DealFind’s responsibility for any problems their customers may experience with memory cards in the next months or a year. Because they know about the problems.

  • I can’t believe that swarmjam is still selling it and 1145 people have bought the deal as of Dec 30.

  • I bought the chip and have yet to receive it. So if I get it I guess I can worry about the warranty and capacity then. But at the moment xsv360.com is not even responding to my request about my order. I would advice everyone to stay away from this website for any purchase. They don’t answer their phone or answer email request. I ordered this product in November and as of yet received not product or notice of when to expect its delivery.

  • Joe Smith

    I ordered the card at the beginning of December and did not get a tracking number or any e-mail response although the order was acknowledged on their website. I have started sending out e-mails to both dealfind and xsv 360 and nobody will respond. I have sent multimple e-mails to both. I got ripped off hard.


  • Veronica

    I ordered 4 of these memory cards the end of November. To date I have not received any of the cards. I had hoped to give them for Christmas but when I didn’t receive the cards I gave the “certificates” and explained the cards would be coming.
    I still haven’t received the cards and I have asked Dealfind for a full refund as the order on XSV360 is still showing as “processing”.
    I just came across this website and see that the whole thing is a scan.
    If I don’t get my money refunded in the next couple of days I will be contacting my credit card and filing a fraud with them.

  • GoldFish1326

    I have posted previously that I received a 7.7GB memory card, when I asked the customer service at DealFind for a refund they didn’t seem concerned that it was a scam, I also saw that it is a deal on SwarmJam currently, I tried to log in so I could post a warning on their forum but they don’t have one! The only other thing I could think to do was email the anti fraud centre so I emailed them about this scam at info@antifraudcentre.ca maybe if they get enough people showing they’ve been victimized they can possibly do something? Here’s hoping!

  • I requested a refund because I hadn’t received the card yet and was concerned about the fraud reported here. Here is Dealfind’s response today:

    Dear …:

    Thank you for your email.

    We understand that you would prefer to receive your refund back on to your credit card. Your vouchers were purchased over 30 days, but we will make an exception and will honour your request.

    Please provide us with the last four digits of your credit card so that we can process your refund promptly:

    Last 4 digits of credit card:
    Dealfind Email address: (Fill in for customer)
    Order #(s): (Fill in for customer)
    Voucher #(s): (Fill in for customer)
    Brief Reason: item not received

    Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience and greatly appreciate your patience.

    Thank you for using Dealfind.


    Customer Satisfaction Expert

  • jlhopes

    I, too, had bought one of these vouchers from Dealfind in November. After getting suspicious when the email went out about sending cards back, I found this post and immediately requested a refund. I was still within 30 days, and although it took some time, Dealfind did finally issue a refund. They said they had to cancel my order first, but then, the card arrived in the mail anyway. I waited until the refund went through and today tried the card in my iMac – it was hard to get it in my card reader’s SD slot, and the computer (or the card reader) didn’t recognize it at all. I won’t put it in any other devices, as I don’t want to risk damaging them.

    I had a reasonably good experience with another offer on Dealfind, so this is disappointing. Dealfind should know that customers will not tolerate this, and if they keep it up they will be out of business very quickly. I did save my card in case there is some kind of lawsuit, etc.

  • Peter

    I wished I found this website before I bought my Toshiba memory card from XSV360. This was my experience:

    - Ordered from SwarmJam on Wed., Nov. 30, 2011
    - Received confirmation & voucher from SwarmJam on Thur., Dec. 1, 2011
    - Redeemed voucher from XSV360 on Sat., Dec. 3, 2011
    - Received memory card from XSV360 on Thur., Dec. 29, 2011

    Between Dec. 3 and Dec. 29, there was no communications from XSV360 whatsoever. The package just suddenly showed up in a plain padded envelop mailed via regular mail. The memory card came with no packaging – it was just sitting in a clear, plastic bubble container (like the kind that SD cards come packaged in), but with no cardboard packaging around the plastic. This was not a good first impression. The card itself was had a cheap looking sticker attached to it, indicating that it was a 32G SDHC class 10 card (as per the SwarmJam ad). Other SD cards that I’ve purchased from other vendors had the information stencilled on the card itself. This second impression was not much better. I then stuck the card into my camcorder, which thought it was a 32G class 4 card (not the class 10 I was expecting). Red flags were waving at this point.

    For reference, this is the info stenciled on the back of the card:
    Made in Taiwan

    I did a quick Google search on XSV360, found this website, and skimmed through the posts. I downloaded the test software that several people suggested and got results similar to what others experienced:

    The media is likely to be defective.
    7.8 GByte OK (16463872 sectors)
    23.4 GByte DATA LOST (49152000 sectors)
    Details:0 KByte overwritten (0 sectors)
    0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
    23.4 GByte corrupted (49152000 sectors)
    0 KByte aliased memory (0 sectors)
    First error at offset: 0x00000001f5841e00
    Expected: 0x00000001f5841e00
    Found: 0×0000000000000000
    H2testw version 1.3
    Writing speed: 2.62 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 6.24 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

    Just to be on the safe side, I tried one more time and got the following:

    The media is likely to be defective.
    7.8 GByte OK (16465376 sectors)
    23.4 GByte DATA LOST (49150496 sectors)
    Details:0 KByte overwritten (0 sectors)
    0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
    23.4 GByte corrupted (49150496 sectors)
    0 KByte aliased memory (0 sectors)
    First error at offset: 0×0000000000000008
    Expected: 0×0000000000000011
    Found: 0×0000000000000000
    H2testw version 1.3
    Writing speed: 2.74 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 6.21 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

    The results weren’t identical, but close enough. I also tried to copy a bunch of MP3 music files (approx. 8G worth, which should be no problem) to the memory card to see what would happen. The files did (slowly) copy over, but I could not play them. Not even a single song! I kept getting a Windows Media Player warning that said “The file you are attempting to play has an extension (.wma) that does not match the file format. Playing the file may result in unexpected behaviour. Do you want the Player to try to play this content?” When I click “Yes”, I get the following Windows Media Player error message: “Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.” I copied the exact same MP3 files to several other SDHC cards (8G, Class 4) that I purchased from Dell and did not have any issues playing the files.

    Having read other people’s experiences with XSV360, I think my next steps are to first contact SwarmJam to demand a refund. BTW, I just noticed that SwarmJam (which appears to be owned by Post Media) is still peddling these pieces of crap. If I don’t get a satisfactory answer, I will then contact my credit card company.

  • Trueler

    Thanks Peter for detailed experience. Please let us know how SwarmJam will handle this.

  • Felix

    Has anyone tried to crack one of these things open to see whats printed inside and if it matches up with the image that XSV tried to show everyone?

  • Jason

    I am happy to see this isn’t just me. I just got back from Europe where I found the cards wouldn’t operate in my camera. I don’t think the sizing is accurate either. Only one of two would click into place like my other cards, and both fail to operate. I have sent a note to both Dealfind and xsv 360….

  • Mannie

    I was one as well I ordered mine cards on Dealfind from XSV360. I got the ad in my email on Nov. 19, 2011 and ordered the SD cards on Nov. 24, 2011 and still nothing. Damn shysters, I think this may be grounds for a class action suit to either one or both, mainly XSV360 but they are based in Canada right?

  • Chong

    Hi everyone, I bought a set of 6 water bottles ($26) from XSV360 in Sep-11 from DealTicker but they never arrived. Emails to XSV360 were never answered. I googled and found out that I was not the only victim. Dealticker agreed to refund me, but please everyone, report them to Better Business Area & tell all your friends not to buy from them especially via all the deal sites. XSV360 is a scam! It sickens me that they are still pulling in all these deals. :(

  • Warren Carey

    The real shame is that people tend to trust everything they read on the Internet without doing a real thorough check up of all these sleazy scamming sites.If we all googled reviews of these coupon sites we would find out there are many problems with them. Experienced ebay buyers would not buy from a seller who has less than a 95% rating, so why would you buy from someone with continuously bad reviews. The second problem is those companies could care less what they sell on their sites as long as they are making money, so it is really up to the consumer to do their homework.They are pulling in mega bucks so they don’t care if some folks catch on and they have to give credits.Its just a shame that they are not held to the same standards as most honest businesses in society are.Too many folks just brush these scams off as too much hassle to bother with.Then they go and buy something else from the same company.Why don’t these companies do proper inspections of the products before they sell them? Its because of the dollars signs and too much hassle, its just easier to give a refund to the ones that figure it out and move on. Such a shame or is it sham !

  • ilya12000

    Taking in account the scale of this and other frauds from XSV360 and daily deal sites, do you think it’s possible to collectively start class legal action against them?

  • Trueler

    @ilya12000: I think police should look into it, because it’s a simple fraud

  • ilya12000

    Any proposals, how we could make it happen? May be some one has any experience in such actions?

  • Trueler

    Everyone who got fake memory cards should report to

    Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre



  • Bridget

    I have been arguing with Dealfind about this since before Xmas. They say return it to XSV and when they confirm to Dealfind that they have received it, Dealfind will refund. I say that XSV will never admit to receiving these back and they’ve already lied about everything else. Dealfind said send COD because there is tracking. Canada Post charges $7.50 for this, which Dealfind is shocked about. So they go back to saying just throw it in regular mail and when we get confirmation that XSV has received it back… I filed a complaint with the BBB in Ontario and XSV has finally responded. Here is what they say:

    Dealfind was running special on this product and they contracted Xsv 360 to supply the product.All the clients paid Dealfind directly so Xsv 360 can not provide refunds as we have no access to cardholders information.
    As per Dealfind refund policy all clients are entitled to a refund if not happy with product no problem.
    All it takes is a phone call or an email.
    There was never Vancouver location advertised whatsoever. Dealfind is running their specials across the country and hires suppliers from all over Canada.
    As per the product complaint-yes,we had voluntarily sent all Dealfind clients an e mail,informing then that some of the card came defective as soon as we learned about the problem and we had offered to all clients the option of a refund or an exchange for a new cards we had received from the manufacture.We do not manufacture these product and many clients were very happy with this product.It took a while to know that some are not functioning.That can happened to every supplier and I think it was fair enough deal to inform ALL clients(not only the once complaining) in case their product is defective and offer them the choice of refund or an exchange.The only difference is-the client has to get refund through a Dealfind OR an exchange through Xsv360,2-5350 Canotek rd,Ottawa.
    The product is packaged in original packaging and it does contain a Toshiba chip.
    This person has to contact Dealfind directly – as we are not responsible for charging or refunding – to receive a full refund and needs to return defective product to Xsv360.

    I have responded that the chip is NOT Toshiba and if they were using a reliable supplier this would never have happened. When have you ever heard of BestBuy or London Drugs saying “Oops, we have sold counterfeit chips…”? Never. London Drugs had a great sale on 32GB Lexar Professional cards after Xmas for $49.99 and I bought some. REALLY wish I’d have waited and not got into this mess first. I will report it to the antifraud center, and thank you for the link. I called the RCMP Commercial Crimes Unit and was told I’d have to report it to my city police and if they want help from the Feds, they will pass it on. There are tens of thousands of these sold and if those of us reading this site that are mad about it report it, somebody will start investigating and shut these people down. Between Dealfind and XSV, they made over $300,000 off us and they are determined to keep it. I don’t want them to get away with it and to be able to keep doing this to others. Do you? Thanks Trueler for having this fantastic resource and getting the truth out there. Wish I’d seen it before I bought, but will check it for companies I deal with in the future.

  • Trueler

    Thanks Bridget!

    Interesting reply from XSV360…

  • Peter

    Brief update:

    SwarmJam responded to my request for a refund. This must be a canned response since I got the identical wording from 2 different CSRs:

    “Sorry for the bad experience with XSV.

    Please return the card to the address below. once you return it, let us know and we will process a refund for you.

    BCC Ottawa Inc
    1-5350 Canotek rd

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.”

    I asked for further clarification; ie. who pays for the return of the card, when will the refund come (ie. after XSV receives the card, or once I’ve sent it in the mail), and how long before I receive an actual refund. I’ll report back when I get a reply.

  • Roger

    I was ripped off on the dealfind memory card and just noted this site. I guess it was too good to be true. I will connect with the better business bureau and I asked dealfind for a refund. Hoping I will get it. Of there is a class action, count me in. We need to shut down XSV360 as they are stealing from people.

  • I am totally disgusted with Dealfind, I have been going back and forth with them trying to get my refund. Apparently as of last week it was processed and will take 5 – 10 business days, still haven’t seen it. I think I am more angry with Dealfind as we trust them to find reputable suppliers and they have made it so hard to get a refund. I sent my cards back through courier and requested Dealfind at least refund me in Dealfind dollars to cover the courier cost and they didn’t even have the decency to do that. I can’t believe they would expect me to send back $145 worth of product to a company that has already proved itself to be untrustworthy through regular Canada Post. So completely disgusted!

  • Peter

    Another brief update:

    I had emailed SwarmJam these clarification questions:

    “1) Who will pay for the return of the defective card? If I ship it with tracking (eg. via Canada Post’s Xpresspost), it will be around $10, but I will have to confirm.

    2) Will the refund come after XSV receives the card, or once I’ve sent it in the mail?

    3) How long will the refund process take? Since the initial transaction was with a credit card, I’m assuming this should be fairly quick.”

    This is SwarmJam’s response:

    “Please send the card back to the vendor per regular mail and COD
    If you use Xpresspost you will need to pay for it.

    We will refund you as soon as XSV confirms that they have received the card or you can email us a confirmation of the shipping.
    The refund will then take 5 business days before it will appear on your statement.”

    Based on what I’ve read on this site, I don’t trust or believe that XSV will confirm anything to SwarmJam; however, it also sounds like SwarmJam is willing to refund me once I’ve dropped the card in the mail.

    Question for people reading this: how do I send the card back “per regular mail and COD”? I’ve never heard of this – does anybody know what it is? At this point, I’m prepared to spend the same $1.25 on postage that XSV used to send me the card in the first place!

  • Trueler

    Hi Jacqueline,

    Try to insist on refund to cover the courier, send them e-mails until they do. This is what DealFind asked you to do.

    The sad thing is that it was totally DealFind’s fault, because they knew that the cards were fake when the deal was still running, but they let scam happen…

    Another sad thing is that DealFind is running many other “bad” deals like Android Tablets, Cranberry resort with “timeshare presentations”, other “getaways” with a lot of hidden charges or which are impossible to book at all, prescription glasses, snow plowing, other services, etc… etc… etc…

    How you can help? Post reviews about your experience with DealFind in the Internet, and tell friends.

    This is definitely not the way how customers can be treated! It’s indeed disgusting!


  • Trueler

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for update. I have not heard about “per regular mail and COD”. Only Courier or Xpresspost with signature required can be used in these circumstances.

    I’m thinking why they require to send fake cards back to XSV360? The only answer I can think of is that they want to destroy evidence. Any reputable company would just refund with no questions asked and will make sure customer is satisfied. Actually any reputable company would not run such a deal in the first place. So, it seems like SwarmJam is one of the very unreliable daily deal websites which people should not trust at all…


  • Dave

    Well, Toshiba or not, at least you people received a card of some kind. I ordered 2, and therefore got ripped off twice.
    I got nothing, nada, zip. Just took my money and that’s it. Tried contacting xsv360 numerous times and they didn’t even bother to reply. Definitely a rip off company. All Dealfind will offer me is “Dealfind” dollars. Unfortunately they aren’t offering anything I want. Crappy deal all around.
    Will never deal with again

  • Trueler

    Hi Dave,

    Insist on full refund to your credit card! DealFind must provide it. They don’t have any good deals now to spend money on…


  • John

    Ordered two of these cards in early November from Dealfind, after redeeming my coupons online nothing arrrived. Emails to Dealfind was sent in December, was told items were sent and to be patience because of Christmas rush. Requested refund from Dealfind in late December but was told SD cards were already sent so I will have to wait until I received them to make a request for refund. Finally, Henry from XSV360 called and asked me to pick up items from store which is located in Ottawa. Pick them up today and thought they look rather odd as the packaging had absolutely no markings on them as to the origin. A quick look on the internet found this site and I have decided not to even open the package and ask for a refund from Dealfind. I also pass this information to a few friends who have bought the same deal from Dealfind. Will now wait to see response from Dealfind. If not satifactory, I will never deal with them again. They should vet their vendors and take action quickly when things like this happen so hundreds if not thousands of people are not ripped off. Shame on you Dealfind.

  • Marc

    I finally received my card yesterday, from a coupon put in on Dec 1. So I decided to test it with the software I found here in these posts. To my GREAT surprise, this card does in fact work as claimed… here are the results:

    Test finished without errors.
    You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
    Writing speed: 10.2 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 14.0 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

    Obviously, this is a “your results may vary” situation. Still, given what I see here, can’t say I’d recommend anybody to order one of these!

    ps this looks just like the one pictured on the site, and has nothing written on the back that I can see. The package fully sealed, but had no bar code or sku number, only branded “HS AFFORDABLE QUALITY tm”

  • Mannie

    Is there anyway possible that a class action suit can be filed again XSV360 or Dealfind or both? I know XSV360 is in Canada. Some or most are in the U.S. We should report XVS360 to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or INTERPOL which deals with internet crimes in Canada.

  • steve dirks

    Buy2 never sold the fake Toshiba memory cards for xsv360.com
    You may want to double check this fact before lumping a company that has nothing to do with this scam as though it was part of the scam. Check your facts very very carefully before permanently damaging a company’s reputation due to carelessness and the consequence could be a lengthy and costly lawsuit. Just my advice to you.

    thank you

  • Trueler

    @steve dirks:

    The post says that XSV 360 was featured on Buy2, not memory cards.
    There is nothing to double check here. Buy2.ca advertised a lot of deals from XSV360.com in the past including HCG diet, Kinoki Detox Pads, Vapur Water Bottles scams… What reputation are you talking after this? I think Buy2 already lost it…


  • SAM

    Can anyone provide me xsv360 contact information which is based off in USA ? I have never reached xsv360 which is in Canada.


  • Trueler

    Hi SAM,

    Please consider contacting the company you purchased voucher from and request refund. If you sent money directly to XSV360 – contact you credit card company. It’s a scam.


  • Brandonguy

    I bought the voucher for this card in Novenber last year. As soon as I recieved the voucher I tried to purchase the 32GB SD card on the XSV web site several times with no luck! Matter of fact I have never been able to get any of their vouchers that they adv’ to work! Anyways I got a refund from Redflagdeals for my trouble.

  • amy

    I bought one and when i save something to it, the pic/ download/ etc disappears the next day. I emailed the company and they said to send it back and they would refund me

  • Trueler

    Would they refund shipping cost?

  • Hong

    This is absolutely a scam! I made a purchase for this card from Buytopia.ca and redeemed the deal from XSV360. It took almost a month to be delivered. The card has serious quality problems: sometimes it can’t be identified by my tablet, some files stored in it can’t be read correctly, and even worse, I lost my documents that were stored in it. I contacted both XSV360 and Buytopia.ca several weeks ago, but I have yet received any response from either company. I really regret it. Beware and just keep away from the scam!

  • Miriam

    I have yet to receive anything from XSV360? I ordered my memory card November 29 2011. It is Jan 30 2012? I wish I had come across this post before ordering. I contacted XSV360 and received no response as well. :/

  • Frank

    I order my card on Nov 28th 2011 and have not received it yet. It is February 2012. I emailed XSV360 and also received no response. This deal is a scam.

  • Eddie

    After receiving my card in mid-December and finding out it was just 8GB capacity, I emailed DealFind and demanded a refund. They counter-offered with redeemable DealFind dollars that I could use for a future purchase. Screw that, I thought. So I sent the card, along with a printout of the DealFind email that I got regarding the “small percentage of cards with low memory”, to XSV360 demanding they send a 32GB card with true 32GB capacity.

    Last week I got the new card in the mail and used the test software with the following results:

    Warning: Only 30786 of 30787 MByte tested.
    Test finished without errors.
    You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
    Writing speed: 10.5 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 11.2 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

    I then inserted the card into my laptop and transferred 28GB worth of videos and photos (averaging 8MByte/sec). The files don’t appear to be corrupted when viewing or during playback on the laptop.

    So….does all this mean the 32GB card is really a card with true 32GB capacity? Is this ordeal with DealFind
    and/or XSV360 really a scam, or just a very poorly managed deal where both parties are guilty of mismanaging this whole affair (bad customer service, wrong SD card sent out, etc).

    I’ll provide a future update as to how the card holds up. Maybe it will explode or melt with use over time :P

  • Tim

    Hi GUYS,

    I got refund from dealfind. I just kept calling them and list all info . they promised refund it to me since first call.but I need to followup with them. I finally got full refund + 10% dealfind dollars.

  • Laura

    I suggest anyone with issues PLEASE submit a claim to the BBB http://www.bbb.org/ottawa/business-reviews/coupon-services/xsv360-canada-in-ottawa-on-43106

    Any ideas on how to get a company shut down? I don’t want ANYONE to go through this horrific experience of trying to get their money back.

  • Chris

    I order my card on Nov 28th 2011.
    I got an e-mail from Dealfind on Dec 18th saying it was shipped.
    I got another e-mail from Dealfind on Jan 27th which told me a guy named “Henry” at XSV360 would ship it the very next day, Jan 28th.
    It is Feb 10 and I am still waiting for my card.

  • Tom

    I also purchased the card on Dealfind on Nov 28th and used the voucher early December but had still not received the card. I emailed Dealfind for a refund as XSV 360 still shows
    Y order as processing. Dealfind emailed me back saying they will reply in 48 hours as they need to contact XVS 360 first. It has now been 10 days without a reply from Dealfind. Dealfind is just as corrupt as XVS 360. Don’t deal with Dealfind!

  • Bonnie

    I ordered the card on Nov. 20th tried several times to get the voucher. I finally got it a month later. I sent emails to get my money back to both and received no answers. Tried 2 times to phone Deal Find. I waited for over 15 mins both times and still never got through. How do I get my money back? What can I do about this?

  • Trueler

    Hi Bonnie,

    Write e-mails to DealFind and request refund, or use contact form on their website. Another option is getting help from your credit card organization to do a chargeback.


  • Janelle

    Hi everyone,
    So I was a sucker and purchased 3 vouchers through Dealfind.com. Ordered them on Dec. 03,2011…… its February 22, 2012 and I still haven’t received any. I have sent a couple of emails to them, but of course no reply…. so I just went and took out a Better Business Bureau complaint on XSV360. If you have any issues, I suggest you do the same :)
    The company already has a rating of F

  • Eddy

    I thought I got lucky when i accidentally double clicked the buy now and received 2 coupon codes but only paid for one, until I got them (almost a month and a half later) and they dont read at all!!! PIECE-O-CRAP!!!

  • Ana

    I have redeemed a 32 GB Memory card in November 28, 2011 and have not receive it yet. I have sent several emails and the information provided by DEALFIND is inconsistent. This company is loosing customers. I will never buy with DEALFIND again.


    I bought 4 of the memory cards described as HS32GB Class 10, back Nov 2011, have tried numerous times to contact SV360.com, by email and have looked at my order , which still says still processing
    have looked at all the emails as of date about this scam
    as of today have emailed dealfind requesting my money back
    in full as I have not recieved the product, waiting for reply

  • Ana

    I have redeemed a 32 GB Memory card in November 28, 2011.
    Refund was requested and received my money back in full on Mar 06, 2012.


  • Tara

    Has anyone had any success on retrieving photos off the card? I took 12 days worth of a Mexican vacation before the card errored. My IT people say I need the XOR combination from the manufacturer. Can anyone help?

  • Janelle

    We successfully shut down XSV360. Thank you to all who filed complaints with the BBB. I finally recieved my refund from Dealfind! Ugh 4 months of hell…

    When you go to their site you get this message:

    XSV360.com is closed down.
    We are still honoring vouchers for Groupon.ca only. Groupon clients – please email us your name,address,phone number and the voucher number at xsv360@hotmail.com
    We thank you for your patronage over the last year and wish you all the best.

    Warm regards,
    XSV360.com team .

  • Eddie

    Wow, this is great! I guess we can say justice is served, but unfortunate for those who were unable to get their refund or exchange of a properly working product. Let’s hope this teaches websites like XSV360 and DealFind a hard lesson. Power to the Consumer!

  • Bridget

    I would think that since their website is shut down and they claim to only be honoring Groupon vouchers, Dealfind would Have to refund everybody’s money. Before people do the dance of joy over this, they probably just started up under a different name. It took me me months of nasty emails to Dealfind to get a refund. I have a half dozen vouchers for other things and will be using them up asap so I can block these people. I filed a BBB complaint against both and XSV responded saying that the cards were genuine Toshiba. (The whole transcript is above somewhere) and when I sent links proving they weren’t, the company never responded again. The file was closed with no action. The Dealfind BBB complaint disappeared with no action at all. Very disappointing.

  • Jack

    A little too late, I purchased this fake 32G card last Nov/2011 and tried it briefly before giving it to my daughter on a month long trip to New Zealand to use.
    What a terrible mistake I’ve made !
    The following is her recent email:

    “I forget to mention the 32 gig SD card stopped working today, I took a couple photos then it didn’t recognize them on the camera even though I didn’t touch anything. Then 15 mins later, I went to take another picture but then it said “memory card locked” even though if wasn’t, and since then it just says error memory card locked. So I think it broke and all my pictures to date I. Can’t get access to them so I’m very upset about that. :(”

    She has lost 10 days worth of once in a life time trip photos.

  • Jack

    Further to my last post, anyone know how to retrieve photos/data from the fake Toshiba 32G SD card?
    Greatly appreciate any help on this issue so my daughter can at least recover some of her lost pictures.

    Thanks in advance !

  • Christina

    I am also wondering if anyone has had luck in retrieving lost photos after a “memory card locked” error message??

    I have tried several things, including sending the card to a specialized lab, but have not had any success.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Miss Dee

    I bought these crap-of-an-SD-card and fell for the deal! The unfortunate thing is that I didn’t start using it til March, but I got it around January. And now my camera does not recognize it at all, $60 later (I got 2). Does anyone know if there’s still any way of getting a refund from Dealfind or XSV360? I’d appreciate any bit of help, thanks!

  • Jack

    Miss Dee:

    Just contact Dealfind and explain that you never received your order and they will refund your purchase.
    I bought mine way back in Nov/2011 and just used it in March this year and crashed with vacation photos.
    I complained to Dealfind and just received my full $29 refund. I wish this never happened but its better than nothing at this point.
    Tried numerous times/ways (computer geeks to camera pros)to recover data but all failed. Live and learn but I was surprised that Dealfind will honor my refund or maybe they just made a mistake and got my money back, either way at least try.
    BTW-I told Dealfind about my situation and they put the refund reason as (SD card never received).

  • unhappy dealfind/XSV360 customer

    Forget XSM360- this is what the site says:
    XSV360.com is closed down.
    We are still honoring vouchers for Groupon.ca only. Groupon clients – please email us your name,address,phone number and the voucher number at xsv360@hotmail.com We thank you for your patronage over the last year and wish you all the best.

    Warm regards,
    XSV360.com team .

    If you didnt recieve the product or it didnt work- contact Dealfind right away to get your refund before it’s to late.

  • Houstin

    I received 3 SD cards (PNY 32 gig)from XSV360 that did not work properly. After two phone calls (and some hassle)with Dealfind they say they are refunding my money on VISA. I will report here if this doesn’t happen.

    I will be telling others of my experience and warning them to be very careful in the future dealing with such companies.

  • adam d

    I believe DealFind.com is 100% completely aware that XSV360 did not ship a single card that worked and they were all fake cards.. how could they possibly not be at this point?

    Just call or email them and demand your money back.. they will instantly agree and give it to you. many have already done this.. to me this is proof they now know they were fake.

    Basically what dealfind is doing is illegal (in my personal opinion only). (i think) They now know they were directly involved in the sale of fake cards but they have yet to come clean on it and proactively refund all orders… all approx 9000 of them.

    I’m not saying they knew at the time of the sale.. but i do think they NOW know and have yet to come clean and admit their mistake..

    This is my opinion – not actual facts.. (so i can’t be sued for stating what i think is true)

  • Guy

    Henry Badaan owns several websites and is known for this kind of behaviour. The numbers are VOIP numbers and not connected to Bell:


    I would strongly recommend calling the Ottawa police to report it. Their phone number is 613-236-1222. They will likely dispatch a squad car to talk to Henry if 2 or 3 people file complaints against the same person. If complaints persist, they may well file charges.

    The office is indeed at Canotek Road, though they have changed their sign to read DealExcellence.com, last time I drove by. It’s them.

  • SD Card Victim

    This is the guy who screwed us all up:

    Domain name: XSV360.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    Badan, Henry bccincorporated@hotmail.com
    511 Fox View Place
    Ottawa, ON K1K4E1

  • SD Card Victim

    I’m also a victim. Waiting for half a year. Still didn’t get SD or any refund. In Feb. try to contact DealFind who said they would help me and also waiting for XSV360′s respond. Now it is June 21, nobody follows up this case. I have to email Dealfind again for refund.

  • Scammed

    I wish I had read this a long time ago. Redeemed my vouchers from xsv360.com website on Dec 19, 2011. As it was holiday time I wanted and wanted and still no product shipped. I emailed support@xsv360.com in February 2012 and again in March 2012 with no response either time. I have just sent a contact to Dealfind and now, after reading this, will be very interested in what they respond with. Their response will depend on whther or not I contact the BBB and share my experience with “Dealfind” with everyone I know by any means possible.

    Thanks for all of your info.

  • Scammed

    **waited and waited**

  • Jo

    I bought a 32GB xsv 360 memory card last November and have never received it… I have sent several emails and tried calling them … no response. I think this is terrible as I am a single mother and I was so taken advantage of. I want my money back , after all this I could have just bought one from Future Shop but thought I would check out Deal find as recommended by a friend. Never using Dealfind again. They already took my payment off paypal as well , not happy !!!!!!

  • lousie

    NEVER EVER BUY from XSV 360!!! I purchased some similar products through Wagjag and it asked me to visit http://www.xsv360.com to redeem my product however that website link does not work.. it has been over 6 months and I still have not seen number to call or reply. I will send Wagjag about this again.

  • Givenchy

    Another HS – Toshiba 32GB story

    Bought it from Deal Find and XSV-360. Worked fine for 3 months and then all sorts of folders appeared in Chinese. Looks like it really was only a 2GB.
    I took it out of my Panasonic digital camera and it fell apart in my hand. I mean REALY fell apart. It just disintegrated into 4 pieces.
    I’ll never deal with Deal Find again – and definitely for XSV-360.

  • Rod Craig

    My voucher # is#88760-8172 for the XSV 360 memory card. We have tryed unsuccessfully to redeem/receive our memory card.Can you please assist us please

  • наталия

    сервер не работает. непонятно мы платим деньги и не можем смотреть ТВ в чем проблема. прошу позвонить мне иначе я просто уйду с вашего сервиса.

  • sd card recovery

    I bought a 16 GB Toshiba memory card but it read 4 GB when i put it in the adapter in my laptop.

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