Fake Toshiba Memory Cards from XSV 360 on DealFind

DealFind featured very “great” deal again (remember “The Butchers”?):

$29 for a 32 GB SD Memory Card, Including Shipping from XSV 360 ($99 Value)

XSV 360 has been promoted on other daily deal websites like DealTicker, WagJag, SwarmJam, Groupon, WebPiggy, Buy2, JabrDeals, PriceDodger, DealGetters. Also with another “manufacturer” – PNY instead of Toshiba, and as micro-SD cards as well.

But if the deal is too good to be true… you know… do not forget that 50% goes to DealFind, i.e. XSV 360 will only get $14.50 per memory card sold. This is absolutely impossible price for branded 32 GB SD Memory Card with Class 10 speed rating. So, it is most likely fake, i.e. at least not from Toshiba, and not 32 GB. Let’s check it out.

The picture shows “Powered By Toshiba” which let people think that the card is manufactured by Toshiba:

DealFind XSV 360 SDHC Toshiba Card Deal

DealFind customer satisfaction experts even confirmed that 32GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Cards provided by XSV360 are manufactured by Toshiba but in a very shady way. Many customers asked what “Powered by Toshiba” actually means on their discussion board about this deal. Some unknown (no XSV360-related signature) user “Lloyd” answered common question, and DealFind customer satisfaction expert confirmed it in a short way: “Lloyd is correct!“:

(click on images to enlarge)

DealFind XSV 360 – Lloyd

DealFind XSV 360 – Lloyd is Correct

Let’s take a looks at Toshiba website to see what kind of 32 GB SD memory cards they offer:

Black one:

Toshiba 32GB SDHC Memory Card – Black

And white one:

Toshiba 32GB SDHC Memory Card – White

Toshiba does not manufacture memory cards featured by DealFind and XSV 360!

One of the customer satisfaction experts even provided the make – “HS”, model number SDM32G, and serial number VHSX95Y of memory cards:

DealFind XSV 360 - Model Number

However, “HS” is absolutely unknown make, only xsv360.com and DealFind know about this make. If we try to search for model number in the Internet, we can find that SDM32G model number corresponds to Novatech SD memory cards. Not Toshiba or even so called “HS”:

NovaTech SD Card


What about warranty? XSV360 website sells all the products “As-Is” on their website. They do not make any refunds and do not provide any kind of warranty!

XSV 360 Return Policy

However, “Lloyd – Toronto” – either representative from XSV 360 or DealFind, claims that there is a warranty on these memory cards provided by Toshiba. In case of any failures customers should contact Toshiba:

DealFind XSV 360 – Lloyd Warranty

But! Toshiba support is not aware about this product at all. It does not exist…

DealFind XSV360 – Warranty Invalid

It is also funny, but seems like DealFind does not even know what they sell:

DealFind XSV360 – Full Name

And the most popular answer of DealFind Customer Satisfaction Experts is:

Thanks for your post!

We are looking into your question and will get back to you shortly! Please Stay tuned :)

Thank you for using Dealfind!


Customer Satisfaction Expert


Looks like killing time… because DealFind must know answers to most of the questions if the deal had been well prepared for the customers…

So far, over 6200 memory cards have been sold, which is $180,000 – almost one hundred thousand dollars for each of them – XSV 360 and DealFind.


Summarizing information to let people decide whether to buy this “deal” or not:

  • 85% discount (50% of voucher cost goes to DealFind) for branded piece of electronic such as 32GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card from Toshiba is absolutely impossible. It means that the product is fake
  • Toshiba does not recognize the product model and serial numbers
  • XSV 360 sells products “As-Is”. Refunds are not accepted at all
  • No warranty on the product. If something is wrong, you loose money
  • XSV 360 sells many other scam products like Energy Balance Bracelets with ion technology, Kinoki Foot Pads, fake PNY 32GB SDHC memory cards, fake Vapur bottles, etc, etc, etc…

What can be wrong with the card when you receive it? Do you think it still worth even $29?

  • Again, absolutely no warranty, no refunds
  • It can be some cheap 2GB/4GB/8GB memory card which will be shown as 32GB in your device’s operating system. But when you will reach the actual physical size of the memory card, it will start overwriting existing contents on the card and producing read/write errors when you will try to access some old data.
  • It can be just broken out of the envelope – no refunds…

DealFind promise?! When you realize that something is wrong with the card (when it reaches its actual size), 30 days will most likely pass, and no one will help you…

This deal is expected to run for about one week more… That is people can start ordering from XSV 360 website only in one week + couple days for putting coupons in XSV360.com database as stated on their website. Since there are thousands of orders, it will most likely take more than 3 weeks for the product to be delivered.

DealFind and XSV360 are absolutely safe and protected by their own “terms” and “promises” from their customers

Think about this now!



Update as of Nov 23, 2011


Dealfind sold about 8500 fake 32GB memory cards “Powered by Toshiba” from XSV360, i.e. around $247,000. Deal is still running…

There were confusions about the product being featured. Dealfind claimed that the memory cards are indeed manufactured by Toshiba and have standard Toshiba Warranty (in a shady way as mentioned above):

(citations are from DealFind discussion board about this deal)

This SD Card is manufactured by Toshiba, and will come with a standard Toshiba Warranty in addition to any warranty which the vendor will offer

They were also telling about some “HS” manufacturer – nobody has idea about them…

XSV 360 is under legal obligation with the manufacturer not to disclose their information and unfortunately we do not have access to this information

How do we claim warranty then?…

Later they claimed that only the chip inside the card is NOT manufactured by Toshiba:

It means that Toshiba manufactured the card and its circuitry. It does not mean that Toshiba manufactured the actual memory chip inside the card, since very few manufactures actually do produce their own memory chips.

Note, that they told that chip is NOT manufactured by Toshiba.

Now they tell that the chip IS manufactured by Toshiba, not the card itself:

The SD card is not made by Toshiba, however it is powered by a Toshiba chip

They have changed information about this twice. I won’t wonder if they will change information about warranty and refunds after orders are placed. There are two things:

  • DealFind promise – 30 days. People who bought this deal most likely won’t see “products” before winter holidays, so don’t rely on it.
  • XSV360 website explicitly says that there is absolutely no warranty and no refunds for all products (not only for health products, as DealFind mentioned). They’ve just put warranty statements for this particular product in order to make more sales.

XSV360 return policy can be found here:


There is also a screenshot of this policy above in this post.

DealFind and XSV360 are trying hard to sell as much “deals” as possible to their “valued” customers…

DealFind XSV360 – Comments Confusion

Recently XSV360 posted the picture of the chip which is “manufactured by Toshiba”:

DealFind XSV360 - Comments - Chip Link

Here is the link:


Well, let’s take a look what it is (screenshot from XSV360 website):

DealFind XSV360 - Toshiba Chip

It distinctly shows “TOSHIBA” in the corner. But the part number which is at the bottom is very blurred. I have only two guesses why we can’t clearly see entire number:

  • Manufacturing defect when printing letters on the chip. It can happen with everyone, right? But usually defective semiconductor parts are not released for sale.
  • XSV360 made a picture in such way…

Anyways, let’s check “Toshiba Semiconductor General Catalog: Memories and Storage Devices” which can be found at official Toshiba website:


32GB memories have very different part numbers from what XSV360 provided on their picture.

Memories from the catalog with the most common part number are actually 8GB (and some of them are marked as “under development”)…

188 thoughts on “Fake Toshiba Memory Cards from XSV 360 on DealFind”

  1. I bought a 16 GB Toshiba memory card but it read 4 GB when i put it in the adapter in my laptop.

  2. сервер не работает. непонятно мы платим деньги и не можем смотреть ТВ в чем проблема. прошу позвонить мне иначе я просто уйду с вашего сервиса.

  3. My voucher # is#88760-8172 for the XSV 360 memory card. We have tryed unsuccessfully to redeem/receive our memory card.Can you please assist us please

  4. Another HS – Toshiba 32GB story

    Bought it from Deal Find and XSV-360. Worked fine for 3 months and then all sorts of folders appeared in Chinese. Looks like it really was only a 2GB.
    I took it out of my Panasonic digital camera and it fell apart in my hand. I mean REALY fell apart. It just disintegrated into 4 pieces.
    I’ll never deal with Deal Find again – and definitely for XSV-360.

  5. NEVER EVER BUY from XSV 360!!! I purchased some similar products through Wagjag and it asked me to visit http://www.xsv360.com to redeem my product however that website link does not work.. it has been over 6 months and I still have not seen number to call or reply. I will send Wagjag about this again.

  6. I bought a 32GB xsv 360 memory card last November and have never received it… I have sent several emails and tried calling them … no response. I think this is terrible as I am a single mother and I was so taken advantage of. I want my money back , after all this I could have just bought one from Future Shop but thought I would check out Deal find as recommended by a friend. Never using Dealfind again. They already took my payment off paypal as well , not happy !!!!!!

  7. I wish I had read this a long time ago. Redeemed my vouchers from xsv360.com website on Dec 19, 2011. As it was holiday time I wanted and wanted and still no product shipped. I emailed support@xsv360.com in February 2012 and again in March 2012 with no response either time. I have just sent a contact to Dealfind and now, after reading this, will be very interested in what they respond with. Their response will depend on whther or not I contact the BBB and share my experience with “Dealfind” with everyone I know by any means possible.

    Thanks for all of your info.

  8. I’m also a victim. Waiting for half a year. Still didn’t get SD or any refund. In Feb. try to contact DealFind who said they would help me and also waiting for XSV360’s respond. Now it is June 21, nobody follows up this case. I have to email Dealfind again for refund.

  9. Henry Badaan owns several websites and is known for this kind of behaviour. The numbers are VOIP numbers and not connected to Bell:


    I would strongly recommend calling the Ottawa police to report it. Their phone number is 613-236-1222. They will likely dispatch a squad car to talk to Henry if 2 or 3 people file complaints against the same person. If complaints persist, they may well file charges.

    The office is indeed at Canotek Road, though they have changed their sign to read DealExcellence.com, last time I drove by. It’s them.

  10. I believe DealFind.com is 100% completely aware that XSV360 did not ship a single card that worked and they were all fake cards.. how could they possibly not be at this point?

    Just call or email them and demand your money back.. they will instantly agree and give it to you. many have already done this.. to me this is proof they now know they were fake.

    Basically what dealfind is doing is illegal (in my personal opinion only). (i think) They now know they were directly involved in the sale of fake cards but they have yet to come clean on it and proactively refund all orders… all approx 9000 of them.

    I’m not saying they knew at the time of the sale.. but i do think they NOW know and have yet to come clean and admit their mistake..

    This is my opinion – not actual facts.. (so i can’t be sued for stating what i think is true)

  11. I received 3 SD cards (PNY 32 gig)from XSV360 that did not work properly. After two phone calls (and some hassle)with Dealfind they say they are refunding my money on VISA. I will report here if this doesn’t happen.

    I will be telling others of my experience and warning them to be very careful in the future dealing with such companies.

  12. Forget XSM360- this is what the site says:
    XSV360.com is closed down.
    We are still honoring vouchers for Groupon.ca only. Groupon clients – please email us your name,address,phone number and the voucher number at xsv360@hotmail.com We thank you for your patronage over the last year and wish you all the best.

    Warm regards,
    XSV360.com team .

    If you didnt recieve the product or it didnt work- contact Dealfind right away to get your refund before it’s to late.

  13. Miss Dee:

    Just contact Dealfind and explain that you never received your order and they will refund your purchase.
    I bought mine way back in Nov/2011 and just used it in March this year and crashed with vacation photos.
    I complained to Dealfind and just received my full $29 refund. I wish this never happened but its better than nothing at this point.
    Tried numerous times/ways (computer geeks to camera pros)to recover data but all failed. Live and learn but I was surprised that Dealfind will honor my refund or maybe they just made a mistake and got my money back, either way at least try.
    BTW-I told Dealfind about my situation and they put the refund reason as (SD card never received).

  14. I bought these crap-of-an-SD-card and fell for the deal! The unfortunate thing is that I didn’t start using it til March, but I got it around January. And now my camera does not recognize it at all, $60 later (I got 2). Does anyone know if there’s still any way of getting a refund from Dealfind or XSV360? I’d appreciate any bit of help, thanks!

  15. I am also wondering if anyone has had luck in retrieving lost photos after a “memory card locked” error message??

    I have tried several things, including sending the card to a specialized lab, but have not had any success.

    Thanks for any help.

  16. Further to my last post, anyone know how to retrieve photos/data from the fake Toshiba 32G SD card?
    Greatly appreciate any help on this issue so my daughter can at least recover some of her lost pictures.

    Thanks in advance !

  17. A little too late, I purchased this fake 32G card last Nov/2011 and tried it briefly before giving it to my daughter on a month long trip to New Zealand to use.
    What a terrible mistake I’ve made !
    The following is her recent email:

    “I forget to mention the 32 gig SD card stopped working today, I took a couple photos then it didn’t recognize them on the camera even though I didn’t touch anything. Then 15 mins later, I went to take another picture but then it said “memory card locked” even though if wasn’t, and since then it just says error memory card locked. So I think it broke and all my pictures to date I. Can’t get access to them so I’m very upset about that. :(”

    She has lost 10 days worth of once in a life time trip photos.

  18. I would think that since their website is shut down and they claim to only be honoring Groupon vouchers, Dealfind would Have to refund everybody’s money. Before people do the dance of joy over this, they probably just started up under a different name. It took me me months of nasty emails to Dealfind to get a refund. I have a half dozen vouchers for other things and will be using them up asap so I can block these people. I filed a BBB complaint against both and XSV responded saying that the cards were genuine Toshiba. (The whole transcript is above somewhere) and when I sent links proving they weren’t, the company never responded again. The file was closed with no action. The Dealfind BBB complaint disappeared with no action at all. Very disappointing.

  19. Wow, this is great! I guess we can say justice is served, but unfortunate for those who were unable to get their refund or exchange of a properly working product. Let’s hope this teaches websites like XSV360 and DealFind a hard lesson. Power to the Consumer!

  20. We successfully shut down XSV360. Thank you to all who filed complaints with the BBB. I finally recieved my refund from Dealfind! Ugh 4 months of hell…

    When you go to their site you get this message:

    XSV360.com is closed down.
    We are still honoring vouchers for Groupon.ca only. Groupon clients – please email us your name,address,phone number and the voucher number at xsv360@hotmail.com
    We thank you for your patronage over the last year and wish you all the best.

    Warm regards,
    XSV360.com team .

  21. Has anyone had any success on retrieving photos off the card? I took 12 days worth of a Mexican vacation before the card errored. My IT people say I need the XOR combination from the manufacturer. Can anyone help?

  22. I have redeemed a 32 GB Memory card in November 28, 2011.
    Refund was requested and received my money back in full on Mar 06, 2012.


  23. I bought 4 of the memory cards described as HS32GB Class 10, back Nov 2011, have tried numerous times to contact SV360.com, by email and have looked at my order , which still says still processing
    have looked at all the emails as of date about this scam
    as of today have emailed dealfind requesting my money back
    in full as I have not recieved the product, waiting for reply

  24. I have redeemed a 32 GB Memory card in November 28, 2011 and have not receive it yet. I have sent several emails and the information provided by DEALFIND is inconsistent. This company is loosing customers. I will never buy with DEALFIND again.

  25. I thought I got lucky when i accidentally double clicked the buy now and received 2 coupon codes but only paid for one, until I got them (almost a month and a half later) and they dont read at all!!! PIECE-O-CRAP!!!

  26. Hi everyone,
    So I was a sucker and purchased 3 vouchers through Dealfind.com. Ordered them on Dec. 03,2011…… its February 22, 2012 and I still haven’t received any. I have sent a couple of emails to them, but of course no reply…. so I just went and took out a Better Business Bureau complaint on XSV360. If you have any issues, I suggest you do the same :)
    The company already has a rating of F

  27. Hi Bonnie,

    Write e-mails to DealFind and request refund, or use contact form on their website. Another option is getting help from your credit card organization to do a chargeback.


  28. I ordered the card on Nov. 20th tried several times to get the voucher. I finally got it a month later. I sent emails to get my money back to both and received no answers. Tried 2 times to phone Deal Find. I waited for over 15 mins both times and still never got through. How do I get my money back? What can I do about this?

  29. I also purchased the card on Dealfind on Nov 28th and used the voucher early December but had still not received the card. I emailed Dealfind for a refund as XSV 360 still shows
    Y order as processing. Dealfind emailed me back saying they will reply in 48 hours as they need to contact XVS 360 first. It has now been 10 days without a reply from Dealfind. Dealfind is just as corrupt as XVS 360. Don’t deal with Dealfind!

  30. I order my card on Nov 28th 2011.
    I got an e-mail from Dealfind on Dec 18th saying it was shipped.
    I got another e-mail from Dealfind on Jan 27th which told me a guy named “Henry” at XSV360 would ship it the very next day, Jan 28th.
    It is Feb 10 and I am still waiting for my card.

  31. Hi GUYS,

    I got refund from dealfind. I just kept calling them and list all info . they promised refund it to me since first call.but I need to followup with them. I finally got full refund + 10% dealfind dollars.

  32. After receiving my card in mid-December and finding out it was just 8GB capacity, I emailed DealFind and demanded a refund. They counter-offered with redeemable DealFind dollars that I could use for a future purchase. Screw that, I thought. So I sent the card, along with a printout of the DealFind email that I got regarding the “small percentage of cards with low memory”, to XSV360 demanding they send a 32GB card with true 32GB capacity.

    Last week I got the new card in the mail and used the test software with the following results:

    Warning: Only 30786 of 30787 MByte tested.
    Test finished without errors.
    You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
    Writing speed: 10.5 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 11.2 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

    I then inserted the card into my laptop and transferred 28GB worth of videos and photos (averaging 8MByte/sec). The files don’t appear to be corrupted when viewing or during playback on the laptop.

    So….does all this mean the 32GB card is really a card with true 32GB capacity? Is this ordeal with DealFind
    and/or XSV360 really a scam, or just a very poorly managed deal where both parties are guilty of mismanaging this whole affair (bad customer service, wrong SD card sent out, etc).

    I’ll provide a future update as to how the card holds up. Maybe it will explode or melt with use over time :P

  33. I order my card on Nov 28th 2011 and have not received it yet. It is February 2012. I emailed XSV360 and also received no response. This deal is a scam.

  34. I have yet to receive anything from XSV360? I ordered my memory card November 29 2011. It is Jan 30 2012? I wish I had come across this post before ordering. I contacted XSV360 and received no response as well. :/

  35. This is absolutely a scam! I made a purchase for this card from Buytopia.ca and redeemed the deal from XSV360. It took almost a month to be delivered. The card has serious quality problems: sometimes it can’t be identified by my tablet, some files stored in it can’t be read correctly, and even worse, I lost my documents that were stored in it. I contacted both XSV360 and Buytopia.ca several weeks ago, but I have yet received any response from either company. I really regret it. Beware and just keep away from the scam!

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