Rogers Internet Overage Charges due to Wrong Usage Counter. Beware!

It’s not the best financial situation for many small companies, businesses and big corporations nowadays. But it does not give anyone the right to blatantly rip off customers. Even if you are an empire… Even if you are Rogers Communications

Here is a complaint from one of the Rogers High-Speed Internet Customers who was charged by Rogers for over usage of internet download/upload limit because their own usage counters were broken.

Around January 11 I got a notification from Rogers that 75% internet usage limit was reached. Then I downloaded some necessary stuff and cut down my daily usage until the end of billing cycle which is January 20.

On January 20 I checked my usage and it was less than 59 GB (the limit for High-Speed Express Internet is 60 GB per month). It showed usage until Jan 19 inclusive, so only one day left. On January 20 I was not using Internet too much, because usually 1.3 GB is more than enough for one day of browsing pages, reading e-mails and even watching some videos.

To my big surprise when I checked usage on January 21 for previous day, it was somehow over 4 GB:


It was absolutely impossible knowing that I used Internet on that day less than ever. And it was supposed to be an additional charge of $6 for overage:rogers-internet-overage

Moreover, if I indeed wanted to download something on January 20, I could buy additional 20 GB for $5 and avoid paying $2 per each GB…

During conversation with Rogers Online Live Chat help center they informed that the overage happened due to broken usage counters:

Rogers: We’re having a problem with the usage counter which is affecting many customers, you will not be billed for any overusage charges during this period

Here is a screenshot of Rogers Live Chat window:


I relaxed, thinking it was a one-time outage of their counters. But on Jan 24 I got a Rogers Bill with $6 usage charge for overage!


It’s outrageous…

Beware of this rip-off practice from Rogers with overage charges!

Check your Internet usage regularly and if you ever think that it does not seem right, contact Rogers to figure out what is going on with their usage counters!

Have you ever experienced similar thing when you got 75% usage warning unexpectedly and tried to cut down your usage? Or when you got additional usage charges on your bill?

Please share your experience! Possibly it’s a common practice from Rogers… Let’s figure out what is going on with their usage counters and why…

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  • Hi this is Chris at Rogers.

    Please can visit and select “Live Support” for online customer service and we will review your invoice.

  • R.H

    This is exactly what happened to my mother’s Roger’s bill, twice! I called customer service and explained that my mother was a senior living alone by herself and she barely used the computer – there was no way she would exceed the usage limit. The representative insisted that was what showed in their record. They even suggested maybe someone came into our home to use the computer. We paied the overcharge both time. My mother was very unhappy and insisted she didn’t touch the computer that much. This is not the only nasty experience we had with Rogers. Once the contract expires, I don’t want to have anything to do with this company.

  • Bojangles

    A good reminder for everyone to secure their wireless network

  • Trueler

    @Bojangles: Thanks for reminder, but it is irrelevant here.


  • someone from inside

    I work for Rogers and the counter problem was evident. they tried to give some irrelevant excuse that the usage was built up from the month before.
    This is ridiculous. They knew about this problem with their counters and kept it quite.
    There should be a legal case against them, however noone will dare go after a big company like Rogers I guess,,
    so sad….

  • Marnina

    You know back in August we used 40 gigs of data but that number has crept up and up over the past few months. We eventually added the 20 gigs of data onto our existing 60 gigs “just to be on the safe side” because our usage was over a couple of times. After this, we crept up to 84 gigs, and I moved up to the extreme package at 100 gigs a month. This month we’re .25 gigs OVER our limit. Neither my roommate nor myself have changed our surfing or downloading *that* much. I mean come on, more than double??? We’re pretty mystified about these spikes in use. Of course the Rogers rep I spoke to was certain this couldn’t be a problem on their end, but then again, she wasn’t even aware that Rogers has agreed to stop throttling 50 percent of customers this Spring and the rest in December 2012.

    Anyway, I’m with you here, something hinky is up.

  • Sue

    Same thing for me and I’m glad I found this blog of info about Rogers, thanks again Trueller you are a light at the end of it all again. I’m going to report my over usage to Rogers today especially regarding the last 2 months of activity but it’s been happening more than not in last 6 months. So am I clear on the fact Rogers has been reporting problems and reversing charges?

  • Lisa

    Same things has been happening to me since my Jan 8th billing. I have called them twice now in regards to the overages because it makes no since to me. We have not changed the way we are using the internet at all. I am watching my internet usuage again for the next couple of days and if it is still off I am calling again. I am so glad I came across this blog. They were almost convincing me that it was something we were doing but, I know the difference……

  • Denis

    Worked for Rogers they are crooks I don’t know why we don’t all cancel from them for 6 months for your internet and see how fast they get rid of the overage charge and reduce the service cost for everything else can’t be in business when theres no money coming in at all.

  • Samantha

    They do this ALL the time…because lets face it, 90% of people don’t LOOK at their bills, they just pay em. Rogers slips “charges” in all the time for various things that people don’t really owe. They were charging me for a channel I was not subscribed to once for months, and 2 pay per view movie I NEVER ordered. Of coarse when you call them to complain, they INSIST you DID order them, or you DID go over, and that’s that. They are the biggest criminals I have ever seen. Already cancelled my phone, just cancelled my cable, and sure enough…suddenly this month my internet is “over”. Way to scam back your money Rogers. Really…go with ANYBODY else but Rogers

  • Sue

    Hi, I wish I could cancel with Rogers but still 11/2 left on term and the penalties are high.
    I did call them and they reversed over usage charges and gave me addition 500 MB. They did pass me on to technical (which are dumb as nails because she kept trying to send me back to customer service in which I told her I had already spoken too and charges were reversed). Finally, she had me turn off cellular usage and said to monitor it for 3 days and if I did see anything but zero’s added to call back as they would troubleshoot my phone. Of course nothing came up so there is no problem with my phone so in essence it would be Rogers counter, right?
    So anyone that has over usage charges that can’t be right, call them and make sure they reverse it for you!
    I have also added an app that monitors my usage from now on so I can verify this with Rogers BS COUNTER as an extra source. It’s for my iPhone, so if anyone wants to know which app please follow up with an email.

  • The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) regulates Internet Service Providers.
    The above URL is where to go to make a complaint.

    “On January 26, 2011, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) issued Telecom Regulatory Policy 2011-46: Review of CCTS. In this ruling, the CRTC required all companies that provide local telephone, long distance, internet access and wireless services to Canadian consumers or small business customers to join CCTS within five days of receiving notice that CCTS has received a complaint from one of their customers (the complaint must fall within our mandate).”
    Read more:

  • M.

    Funnily enough the same happened to us in both January and Feb…This verifies the BS that is Rogers. Such a load of bull. I vote Class Action lawsuits for both Rogers and UPS.

  • Ginger

    Agreed – this is ridiculous and the reason why I cancelled my Rogers service!! Watch out – they also like to hike up their prices randomly. My monthly bill for all 3 home services started at around $55 and jacked up to almost $200 in a timespan of a year! CRAZY! When I moved there were silly fees there too – enough was enough!!Switched to another provider and havent looked back!

  • Darrell

    My most recent bill has a $14.00 overlimit charge which was credited by Rogers on my on-line statement as Rogers has recently increased monthly usage on high speed internet to 70 gigs from 60.

  • Andrew

    I have been with Rogers for more than 15 years. Today I cancelled all my services with Rogers. I warn everyone that Rogers will rip you off any way they can – they will steal money from you ! All of sudden I have been charged with extra $50 for extra internet usage for several months. I did not download or do anyting different from the past months/years, and my internet is secured. (My average monthly usage over the past 10 years was about 25 GIG and I have 120 GIG Plan). I called to complain but to make the long story short it comes down to your words against theirs. A few days later I’ve received calls from my neighbours with the same experience and I was then convinced that it was Rogers scam – they will test you by charging extra thinking that most will just pay and avoid confrontation. They can charge whatever they want and I just have to take it. I also had a cell phone contract where the incoming text is free, but all of sudden I see additional $30 charge for incoming text. I called Rogers and the staff reply was “Sir we have been charging it for the past several months and you did not say anything about it.” – totally ridiculous and I was so upset. I will NEVER go back to Rogers no matter what they offer…. Rogers company is making a big mistake by cheating loyal long-time customers like me… Beware !

  • Michael M

    I have a friend who does NO downloading – literally he does not know how. He doesn’t go to youtube – he surfs and checks email. But somehow, he’s started to go over every month and this is not possible.

  • This is not a problem you will find just with Rogers. This happens across the board with all the big providers. The real problem is that the CRTC has not been given enough authority to go after these companies in any meaningful way. If they were able to issue large fines that would stick you’d see a big change happen fast.

    The way to fix this problem is through parliament, but it will take a lot more than a few angry blog posts to do it.

  • Olga

    It happened to me in April. I received 75% notice in 2 weeks and afer another week 100%. I almost stoped using internet, only checked my mail box. After one week I had 34 GB over. Wow! Just for checking e mails during one week. Called them, was said so many lies, going to cancel tommorrow. Horrible company.

  • Pauline

    From all of the comments, I would say that Rogers data usage monitoring system was compromised in January of 2012. Here is my story.
    In January of 2012, I received the 100% data usage warning and warned people in my house to not use internet until payment cycle ended. Usage soared for the next 4 days of the billing cycle. In February and March, the same deal. I ended up owing $84 for a service we all became afraid to use.
    One single day, usage was recorded at 7GB which is absolutely ridiculous, as you can see from the Rogers Web Page that explains just how much streaming and downloading this would require.
    **In April, I disconnected our modem twice for a complete 24-hour period. Those days each registered about 150mb usage… which would equal 5GB extra a month.** I called Rogers Technical Support and demanded a manager.
    He agreed to reimburse me for Jan/Feb/March if I switched my modem at no expense. Well, guess what? First my usage when done to UNDER 130mb per day, then spiked to 2GB, then 3.5GB, then 1GB.
    Usage reporting by a company – whether on hydro, water, or data – is an act of faith for the customer. Rogers freakish system lead to a toxic environment at home, also one where everybody is afraid to do ANYTHING on the internet other than read the newspaper and check their email. We have no control over data usage, it seems disconnected to the people in our house.
    Needless to say, there is a contract involved with penalties to break adding up to $120/month.

  • Javed

    Okay thank goodness I am not alone, so we also have the 60GB option with Rogers High speed internet, and I noticed about a week before my billing cycle ended that I was over my cap by 4GB and so I completely stopped using my internet literally…today I check and i am not somehow 12.6 GB over my usage…IN 2 DAYS! what is going on?!

  • Jenna

    I had this issue once. Although on the Rogers site it states that the information is updated every four hours, I was told by a representative that it is inaccurate and can be behind by almost a week. I believe it is bad business practice for them to allow this to occur.

  • Darren

    I have also noticed over the last 4 months that the data usage recorded by Rogers has jumped up to the point we are going over are allowance. Last year we dropped our TV service and had 60GB/month internet. Since I figured a little more time would be spent online I bumped our internet to 150GB. I enjoyed the extra speed for those quick downloads but our usage only went up a little bit, probably with the addition of Netflix. Then a few months back we started exceeding our allowance and getting hit with over usage. Our internet activities hadn’t changed and over the last couple of months and we haven’t even been watching much Netflix. What really brought things to my attention was a couple of days where we weren’t home for most of the day yet logged a daily data usage of 11 and 13GB. Coming from days where 5-6GB was a days HEAVY usage to 13GB when we aren’t even home shows something isn’t right.

    I am in IT and do a lot of internet security work. My wireless routers along with the normal securities use MAC address filtering so only devices I authorize can connect to the network. I know each device connected to my network and how it is being used. I’ve kept a rough track of data being used by the data logged on each device and although it’s not accurate at times the data I log and what is recorded by Rogers are too far apart to ignore. For this reason I will be building a Linux box to put between the modem and my router to accurately measure the actual data being used.

    I don’t have a problem paying for the internet I use. But, when we use a monitoring system we can’t rely on to accurately and at least to the hour track our internet usage, then we should not be billed based on it. I too have modified internet usage in the household, and continue to do so, without those changes being reflected by Rogers logged numbers.

  • Jack

    I’ve recent encounter a problem with Rogers Hi-speed internet, my internet was working fine a night before and the next morning was not working. Note: Nothing has been change on my side for the cable modem connection or moved.
    I’ve work for Rogers building the cable internet back in the 1990 and testing Rogers hi-speed via Newmarket, I know how the network system works inside out. I have reset
    my modem several time, still not able to get connected.
    The cable modem online status was flashing, not syn with the headend modem. I have called up Rogers Hi-speed support, I told me the same thing to reset modem, still no connection. They told me that $49.99 charge for the service call will be apply to your account, if no problem found. I told them go ahead to book the appointment. After when I hang up with the support team. I’ve decided to reset my Cable modem again, this time the I got connected to the internet. I’ve immediately callback to cancel the appointment that I have previously booked. The support team insisted that a service call is require that the signal is kind of low, I’ve told them No Thank you!
    What I have suspected that Rogers is scamming all customers they can reduce the signal level power and your cable modem will be timeout! and internet connection will be down or get disconnected. Beware of this new scam Policy Rogers is implementing.

  • Glad I stumbled on this site, b/c I too, have suddenly seen my usage increase over the Max 60 GB per month, which ironically I found out s/b 70 GB per month based on the Express pkg for which I pay $48.99 a month. When I phoned Rogers to inquire, I was told I needed to upgrade my modem, that the older modems do not support 70 GB per month (mine is 3-4 yrs old). My issue is that this is not outlined anywhere on their website, (at least not that I could find).
    I want Rogers to explain to me how my monthly usage over the past few months has gone from: 22, 21, 31, 48, 33 and now suddenly 64 for which they want to charge me an extra $8. They can blow it out their ear, b/c I am not paying any extra money on top of, what I think is already an outrageous fee, for monthly internet service.

  • cody

    There charging us 275 dollors extra when i havent gone near the computer

  • robert

    I just joined rogers with gift from my children and scammed in the 4th month with $400 over usage……I will not pay.

  • Paul


  • Dave

    I just went thru the same thing. I have been less then 40 each month and then everything went crazy. I got talked into a new modem to upgrade to 80 gig along with some savings for 6 months on my cable bill. They never did tell me why my usage rate went up though. Now I stumbled upon this site. I have monitored my data for the last month and with the extra gig now I downloaded 5 gig in one night to see the differnce in my daily rate. Rogers said I only downloaded 1950 mb for the day. Go figure.

  • Alex

    Having a similar problem right now. Have 120GB/monthly usage and went over 4GB overnight, despite having only used 600MB that day… And this has been going on for the last few days where the usage counter is charging wayyy more than is actually being used.

  • Terry

    A similar scenario happend to me this month with my iphone data plan. Somehow me browsing a few txt based webpages a day amounted to a 10GB overusage that costed me $500. Called their technical support and customer service, insisted facebook running on the back of my phone can cost me over 10GB of data usage. They also insisted they cannot check what sites i have been to therefore it is automatically my fault.

  • isabel

    The exact thing happened to me today – everyone said I was paranoid when I suggested it was a Rogers marketing scam to get me to upgrade my service. When I contacted them they gave me a wide variety of suggestions of what it may be – so I did them all – changed all the router passwords, ran special diagnostics, virus checks, restored Windows 7 to an earlier time – basically wasted the whole day ensuring someone couldn`t steal anymore of my internet. My extreme usage was in Uploading, not Downloading which confused all the `techies`I consulted on this. Made me ready to call the police because I was afraid something fraudulent was happening – there is, just didn`t think Rogers had the balls to be so blatant about it! After reading the above, I don`t think I`m going to let this go however.

  • ken

    last month i got my bill from rogers stating 17+ gigs used on a 1 gig plan .for the last year i havent exceeded the 1 gig .when i called the techie said the wifi must have checked out so when im downloading a movie it is billed on rogers .i explained i have a macpro in my house why would i watch a movie on a 3 inch iphone .im pissed .tell me who to bitch to!!!!

  • Carolann

    I too have had consistent problems with Rogers. At Christmas, we left town for a week but forgot to unplug the modem. The usage charges remained high, despite the fact that no one was home using internet. We were told that someone must have been using it. Our wireless is secured, so that’s unlikely. There were workers redoing the kitchen, but it’s highly unlikely that they got on the computer to rack up the alleged usage. We’ve had internet in a different province for years. Our subscription was much lower and we never went over. I buy 10GB as there are three of us, and we watch programs on-line. This has not changed… we’ve always done this. The only difference is that now we are paying through the nose. Most recently, we received the warning 8 days before the end of our billing schedule. Shocking as it had been unplugged for a day and a half during that time. We unplugged it and used it only to make a purchase that we didn’t want to do on our phone. no downloading or uploading during that time, but guess what? we still had charges! Talked to Rogers – their answer – your upload exceeds your downloads, so you must have a computer virus!! Our virus protection is up to date, but she said, well maybe its a trojan or some other malware! Ridiculous! Please people, complain to CRTC. Get a class action going against these fraudsters!

  • Elaine

    I got the virus story too….”you must have a virus ” !!!! Maybe the virus’s name is Rogersmalaware! As of January my bills just kept creeping up although I have been using the internet in the same old way and never downloading movies, music or Utubes etc…because the hub charges you an arm and a leg if you go over 10GB ….for the last 3 months I have been billed $125.00 a month for the internet connection with their rocket hub (I live in the country and that is pretty much the only option available here). Can you imagine paying $125.00 a month for using 16GB ????? Spent hours talking to them questioning the billing to no avail – opened a case – never got the result and eventually the manager just gave me the run around. Has anyone ever put a complaint forward to Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) ? Have they had any results?

  • Joe

    I am convinced that they have changed there monitoring system. I have a secure system and I am getting charged 4-5Gb per day for less than an hours use per day. Not watching movies or youtube but on a good day I have 2.8Gb and on a bad day I can go up to 8.7Gb. I have had Rogers for years but it has never been this bad as in the last six months.

  • PacManPolarBear

    Support session established with Angelica.

    4:06 PM Angelica: Hello, thank you for choosing Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Live Support. My Name is Angelica, how may I assist you today?

    4:08 PM Me: Good afternoon. I’m contacting you in regards to a significant 10GB of usage yesterday the 17th. We keep track of every major download, every game, ever movie, every show. We did not download or view anything that big yesterday

    4:08 PM Me: The addition of that 10GB puts close to going over our limit this month

    4:09 PM Me: is there a way to find out when that was downloaded or what it was?

    4:09 PM Angelica: I can look into that for you, one moment please.

    4:10 PM Angelica: Unfortunately we do not have access to see exactly what content is being downloaded/uploaded or from what computer (if you have more than 1) for security reasons on our end. The only thing we can recommend is to secure any wireless connections that you may have. You can also try running a virus scan on any computers that are connected to the internet, as well as check for any peer-to-peer program that may be running in the background as well as any messages that may be stuck in the outbox of any mail pop clients (such as Outlook) that are constantly trying to be sent as this can contribute to high upload usage showing on your account as well.

    4:14 PM Me: Our wireless network is secure. We have a lengthy, and random password. We have up to date anti-virus. No virus is going to mysteriously devour 10GB of data, nor would any mail client take up that much data, regardless of how hard it tried. Any peer-to-peer usage would be trackable on my end by the programs we use, there is none for the 17th.

    4:18 PM Angelica: Unfortunately we can’t see the content of what was downloaded, we can only see the data itself. For now the only thing I can recommend is to try changing the password for the wireless as well as check all computers again to make sure nothing is running or it doesn’t go over by July 22. The usage was also over last month by 7 GB, so you may want to check the tools again to make sure that nothing on any of your systems is taking up that usage.

    4:21 PM Angelica: If you’d like you can feel free to contact our 2nd level department by phone at: 1-866-931-3282 for more information if you’d like.

    4:23 PM Angelica: Every month you seem to also hit around the 95-100% mark, so something may have used up more usage yesterday on your end.

    4:24 PM We were aware of going over last month. We knew we would. I t was not a mistake. Which is why we recorded everything we downloaded this month. So this boils down to just change our password? Having spoken to rogers via phone in the past and gotten very little help, I think the better option is to just cancel or subscription at the end of this billing period. Between Rogers throttling services we use, inconsistent connectivity and now an erroneous 10GB we’ll just move somewhere else. Thanks anway

    4:25 PM Angelica: You’re welcome. I’m sorry you feel that way. If you’d like you also have the option of purchasing more usage per month as well, if you decide not to cancel.

    4:25 PM Angelica: Thank you for choosing Rogers Live Chat Support. Please feel free to contact us again if you need any further assistance at

    4:25 PM Angelica: Have a great evening!

    4:25 PM Angelica has ended the session.

  • Bill

    I’m also seeing more download usage than usual myself lately, here’s my story – so far;

    I recently updated my Rogers internet service – actually I didn’t update my package I had to update my modem to ‘handle’ the speeds AND usage allotments.

    While doing this I looked up the specifications of my old modem and found that they could easily handle the new speeds, BUT the Rogers computer system wouldn’t allow the rep to increase my download allowance with the existing modem. (or so they said)

    So I talked them into a free modem rental and 30% off for one year. I figure the 30% off will pay for a new modem next year.

    That aside; I setup the new modem and enabled the built-in router & wireless. I noticed constant internet traffic and all my switches were also showing constant traffic across all ports simultaneously.

    With WireShark I captured some packets and found that coming in were IP v6 “Neighbor solicitation” packets AND the addresses were owned by Rogers.
    This traffic although constant calculates out to 1.7 Gig / month. Not much (120 G allowed) but it’s there none the less.

    I opened an incident, send them the packet capture dump, they replied they fixed it– but of course nothing has changed and I didn’t have time to follow up – after reconfiguring to block the packets with my old router. (blocking the packets doesn’t stop the download counter)
    In any case it seems with the new modem (and this issue, related or not) my daily download amount is much more than it was with the old modem – about 1 G extra/day.

    *So has anyone noticed that their daily usage has jumped higher than previously?

    *When did you notice and did you upgrade to the new modem technology?

    (my new modem/router is a Cisco DPC3825 – which I have setup in bridge mode because the firewall is a sieve)

  • rogers not for much longer

    I am having a very similar thing happpening with my cell account – any hints if this counter also affects cell?

  • John

    Rogers older modems are set for the plan at time of purchase . Im using an older express 60 gb limit and have been going over by 15+ GB gettiong charged $30 per month +/- per usage. Rogers didnt inform me that they changed thier Express package to 80 gb limit and that i would have to come in to get a new modem to bring my package up to date. Maybe it’s time for a class action suit against this corporation. OR at the very least informing the public of this practice of Rogers not informing thier clients and providing new modems first befor charging them for overusage on the new internet plans offered by Rogers.






  • Ben

    I’ve had that happen me at least four noticable times in the last 3 years already. This time it is out of hand! they (Rogers) keep tell me to upgrade so I do. Now I’m at 250GB per month (Ultimate). My billing cycle is 13th of every month. from July 14 to July 26, somehow I managed to upload 20 Gigs a DAY!? when my regular usages are about 110Gigs a month. even when I recieved the 75% notification I turn everything off and I get 21 Gigs of Upload usage that day! Explain that? I have the newest modem, the SMC D3GN router modem. I been charge overages many times, I’m getting quite annoyed. Do you think their business model is to screw with the counter in order to get you to upgrade to a higher plan or incur overage charges until you get fed up?

  • Mark

    And here I thought my kids were downloading a lot more videos or playing games like crazy! Our internet usage has gone through the roof lately, 7GB alone last Friday! We have a secured wireless system and based on this I will be verifying the wireless usage. I think that between Rogers’ sending their own packets as mentioned by Bill is blatant thievery! You are paying for them to be able to track the info they need to bill you! Ludicrous! Thanks John for the hint and I will check my modem (which I had to purchase) before I change my package to get the extra 20GB. Also love how they change their packages and offer better service for the same price but dont even inform you that you can do this change for no extra cost. One thing to look out for is a “chatty” network card! I worked in one place and had the IT department calling me one day asking what in the world I was connected to as I was drawing more bandwidth then most of the office combined! I was only connected on the company’s portal so they came and got the laptop. It turned out that the network card was faulty and racking up the usage on its own. That may explain some peoples issues but this sound far more like fraud on the part of Rogers.

    I am also going to look at getting something to properly monitor internet usage so I can go back to them with accurate information and demand an explanation along with a refund. They may have a virtual monopoly on cable TV in Ontario but internet is a different thing.

  • Mark

    My usage has been through the roof for months and I haven’t been able to figure out where it’s coming from. So when I went on vacation for the first two weeks of July I thought I’d check everyday on the Rogers site to see if I was still showing usage. Funny thing … every single day I was away, the website said my usage was unavailable. 14 days straight. The day after I get back … surprise, surprise, their “technical difficulties” went away. I don’t think Rogers has any idea how much bandwidth their customers are using.

  • Theo

    2 months in a row I’ve had overage charges. I really doubt I went over the cap this month. Nothing short of Fraud. Will be cancelling rogers if this happens again. The Censorship Rogers does is absolutely pathetic as well.

    They’re already in hot water for the throttling guess fake overage charges is there new tactic to screw people out of money.

  • Ed

    I have been a rogers customer for 10 years and using internet from them all those years. For the past 2 months, my internet usage meter were indicating way past my monthly allowance. There are a few days that the counter was showing 40 to 50 G being used which is already half my monthly allowance. I called them a few times and it was no use. They keep saying to me that the usage is legit and it is a problem with my laptop or it has a virus .. i scan my laptop and everything seems fine. There is no virus whatever that can cause huge bandwidth usage like this. I think i am really pissed off with Rogers internet. I have paid the extra 50 dollars and now i have heard Rogers will double it to 100 dollars. I believe i will have to cancel all my roger packages and lose a loyal customer.

  • Steve22

    Well first I’d like to thank Trueler for this blog, it shows me that I am not alone in this over usage/billing.

    This over billing has happened to me 3 times in the past 2 years. Usually around the Christmas holiday season my monthly usage goes from an average of 12GB to over usage on my 60GB plan. It also happened to two of my co-workers at the same time. We all work in IT and are quit certain our home networks are quite secure but then it happened again and we all thought it must be a scam from Rogers but there is nothing we can do.

    Last week, while on vacation my daily usage went from avg. 450MB (before I left) to avg 11GB per DAY. I phoned a friend to disconnect my wireless router but not before hitting $72.00 over usage which I will have to pay. You have to pay! You can’t switch to another provider because they are all in bed with the CRTC.

    Bottom line folks, we are being screwed, there is nothing we can do except launch a class action law-suit.

    Please someone post when a class action law-suit is filed and I will gladly join in.


  • Ed

    This is Ed again. Following up with the blog that i posted on Aug 11 2012.

    I spent over 1 hr on phone with Rogers today and they finally admit it is a problem on their side with the overusage and they will waive all the overusage charge. They said it is currently an issue that they are investigating with other customers for abnormal usage, like for my case of using 40 G on Aug 11 when on that day i took my whole family out and did not get back home in the evening.

    They raise a ticket back in May/June but never get resolved. Over the weekend i got them to raise 2 tickets but it seems also there are communication issue witin the tech support department in between administrative level on how to resolve this. Now today i got someone more competent on phone and they find out it is a current issue with Rogers.

    In all for the past 2 or 3 months, i spent almost 6 to 7 hrs on the phone about this issue. In July i called the billing department and they told me that the extra 50 dollars for internet overusage is legit. Now they will credit me back .

    Trust me, all the time i spent on the phone to finally get Rogers to admit it is a problem on their side, i think i deserve to get something back from them . I am still thinking about joining a class action lawsuit on this one, specially they told me in July that 50 dollars for overusage is legit for that month

  • SamIam

    I’ve been having the same problem with my internet. I acutally disconnected my modem from my computer and placed it in another room, and unplugged my computer from the wall for more then 24 hours and when I checked my internet usage the next day there was usage listed for that day. How is that even possible? I also phoned rogers to complaing and they gave me the run around at first but have finally admitted that it is a known problem and that they are investigating. If someone wants to start a class action lawsuit you can also add me to the list. Maybe it’s time to inform the police?

  • Sandy

    Here is information on how to start a class action lawsuit:
    Power to the people!

  • Sue

    We are having the exact same problem! All of a sudden over the past two months we are incurring huge overages and they are mostly upload charges. There is NO way these are from our usage. In fact, 5 of the days, everyone in our family was away and out of the country. the house was locked up and according to the usage summary, we used some dowload and alot of upload ALL 5 OF THOSE DAYS. Rogers refuses to admit that there is a problem and will credit us 1 month of $50 overage for the bill that just come but claims we are responsible for the upcoming bill with the overage – when we weren’t even in the country for some of it. What a bunch of crooks. They said all the same things as above, it must be malware and we should take our PC to the Geeksquad and pay $100 to find the malware so they don’t overcharge me anymore! When I read the Rogers jerk what someone said above that Rogers admitted there was a problem, this guy said that any rep that said the problem was on the Rogers side wouldn’t be a rogers rep anymore, they would be FIRED! I’ll leave Rogers in a second if this doesn’t get cleared up and all credited. I won’t willingly pay a dishonest company a cent for any service. So angry right now.

  • Ed

    Ed again following from the last blog.

    Last evening i have to call the Rogers Billing Department for the 50 dollars that they credited to my account for overusage (which they already admitted is a problem on their side) without the HST. On this month billing, it was 50 with HST that they charged me but crediting me back 50 dollars is a goodwill gesture from Rogers.

    So what does that mean? It is not a problem with Rogers still even though they admit it is , 2 days earlier.

    After some argument, they credit me back the HST 5.60 dollars to my account. SHould it come down to this ? me calling everytime to Rogers to get things fix.

    My next billing cycle starts every mid-month and i know for sure it will include another 50 dollars for internet overusage for same problem. Why can’t Rogers credit this to my account automically or not even bill me for that?. They told me to call back when the next overusuage charge appears.

    How long will Rogers take to solve the overusage problem that is afflicting so many of their own customers ? I intend to take this issue all the way in their face with Rogers

  • wis

    I see all these complains about internet data useage
    has any one manage to track the usage any other way legaly usable in court or any one got there problem resolved
    coz i am planning on getting enough data not just stries so i can do something legaly pls post your comments

  • tyler

    My rogers cell has been effected by this. They claim I used 13 gb in a week after never using more than 2gb a month since I got a smartphone. They stuck to there guns and said it was all validusage. I did take it up to the office of the president and they halved the charge. Now this month with very cautious use age I am over again. They show me using 2gb on a day that my phone had no data connections because they had acctually cancelled my plan by mistake. Scammers!

  • myfist0

    I have also unplugged everything and still seen usage.
    Also now, the last few months, they have stopped informing me when I am at 100% which always causes the overage. My contract is now up and will be looking at other providers but, sadly, I think they all go to the same school to get degrees in Ripoffs and Scams.

  • Dianne

    OMG…I thought it was the kid!! Last month we doubled our usage and so far we are only 14 days into this month and are at the 75% mark. I spoke to Rogers last week and they said we must be downloading a ton of movies. I’m presently getting back on the phone right now to see what they have to say….will post again.

  • Rico

    Switch to Teksavvy. Cheaper, higher bandwidth (200+ GB) and uses the same cables as Rogers. Great support too.

    60 GB limits were fine 10 years ago, but not these days. I switched and haven’t looked back.

  • tk

    They seem to do on n off peaks ours was 3.5 g for a couple of days then back to normal and considering we dont use our laptop it’s weird….now we seen its at 4.5 and 5.3 g in a day or so….

  • tk

    Meant its those g of usage per day

  • tk

    Also if you ask them they say they are not able to see the day usage d say someone is using it on yah

  • tk

    There enough rant anyways

  • James Smith


  • Danny

    Two months ago I was billed twice on a same bill on my mobile phone amounting $200, and no one at rogers bothered to notified me, I would not know about it if I had not seen my visa account. Rigth at that moment I decided to cancelled my phone service from them. I had $40 per month plan but ending up paying $100 plus a month….I always feel I am being robbed by this company.

  • Thomas

    I have had similar issues with Rogers they tell me they can see it coming from my rocket stick on each day seperately. Last month, they blamed it on an adjustment that wasnt applied to my plan properly which seems suspect to me, especially when I know for example when I have been aqway and left the stick at home disconnected and locked in our home. They refused to even launch an investigation and flatout denied ever hearing anything about this issue and refused to do anything about it basicly calling me or anyone else that has this issue liars. I WILL CERTAINLY BE PART OF A LASS ACTION WHEN THERE IS ONE!

  • Scott

    I’ve been having the same problem! When my limit was 60gb a month I barely touched 50gb. Now that the limit is at 80gb, I’ve been using well over 70gb a month. I’ve even gone over the limit once, and I was away for vacation for 2 months! I even made sure my router was off while I was away. My internet usage habits have always been the same. I just don’t understand how I can go from barely touching 50gb a month to using close to 80gb.

  • eric

    Since July 23rd, the unusual high useage randomly recorded on my account, up to 60G/day, while my normaly useage only 2 – 5 G/day. I reported the problem to Rogers. Looks like they are still working on this problem on their tracking isssue. I got overuseage 88G in July, Aug. 99G, in Sept. 3, it recoreded 30G and yesterday again 15G, approaching the 120G limit.

    It is very annoying. Had to call Rogers billing department every month when I receive the bill to get the overcharge credit back.

  • Ed

    (This is my fourth posting on this blog)

    This problem of overusage will never be solved by Rogers. I have switched to another internet provider. I got this issue 4 months in a row and that was it for me. I already spent a lot of time keep calling billing and tech support on this overusage problem with Rogers but they acknowledge it was problem with the usage counter at one point and there was a ticket raised for it. However when i called again this month, the tech support guy just denied flat out this ticket was about the issue with usage counter. Let me say this clearly here. Things get shadowy with this oversuage issue and Rogers will always pin it on the customers as legit usage. They credited me back for those overusage. However i just know they will never fix or don’t know how to fix this issue.

    Guess what. Lot of customers who have this oversuage issue have to or eventually switch to other providers. I have been a rogers customer for a decade already but this time it has gone overboard with this overusage issue. From a known well technical source, this overusage problem is with Rogers. When it comes to stonewalling customers, Rogers is good at it.

  • Mona Bourgeois

    I am at this time very annoyed with Rogers and fighting the incorrect calculation of bandwidth usage. I am tired of finding that there are very deviate methods to their services. Rogers is a very large Company and I am sure they know exactly what they are doing. I can’t remember a time that I did not have some form of Rogers Service.
    The last few months I am finding my bandwidth usage is incorrect. They are almost doubling the usage that you actually use. (If this is done to stick it to their customers ….a law suit should be started…..and I am in) I am going to get to the bottom of this. I have called and complained and again they blame it on the wireless router…..It is an antique (is not strong enough to pick up outside the house, I have tried to connect it with my new laptop) to amuse them I have even downloaded Networx (which they asked me to do) to calculate usage. I called back again to complain that it indicates that their usage counters is incorrect ( Rogers is doubling the usage). Excuses, excuses I have changed my method of payment to personally paying my bill from them withdrawing it from my bank account. I think everyone should do the same, it’s a start to get our point across that we will no longer put up with this deviant method of doing business.” Stay tuned this is an ongoing fight because I will not give up until they correct the issue.”
    Had Enough

  • Rob

    This is one web page you can go to in order to put your name on the list of people against an extra charge your cell phone providers have been charging — class action law suit in the amount of over 19-BILLION dollars.

    I am launching a lawsuit against Rogers within the next several days about their unfair charges. If for any reason I won’t win, I will publish a public inquiry about Roger’ unfair charges and we will launch another Class Action lawsuit against Rogers.

    It is time some of us stood up about the fraudulent activities Rogers have been committing against their customers!

  • Victoria

    Where is the class action lawsuit for the usage overcharge??? I also want in. I had a plan with 25GB for 3 yrs and never went over. Then in May I got a call from a Rogers representative telling me that I am a valued customer and should get a plan with 60GB at a discounted price, which would only change my bill by 5 bucks. Oh also fyi I had to sign up for a 1 yr contract in order to recieve my discount. Well that when all the problems began. April usage and just before I switched to 60 was 16GB. May 57GB, June 86GB, and July 101GB. I have one computer and an xbox. I do not download movies or music. Can someone explain how I would use so much dada? You cant and Rogers cant. Is someone already starting the process for class action or should I start one? People lets not let Rogers get away with robbery!

  • Foti

    A similar problem has been going on with me and Rogers but for my cellphone bill. I keep getting messages I have reached 80% or even 100% even tho its not true. So I started tracking my usage. My bill cycle ends the 13th and starts the 14th. I stopped using my data, purposely, for 5 days till my end date and I had ~586.55MB left. 2 days later! I get a text from them saying I’ve reached 100% of my data, which WASN’T true, but not only that, I get a second message minutes later saying I have gone over my usage by 50$.
    So I call Rogers to see what’s up. After a getting transferred about a douzaine times, I finally explain myself to a technical support agent. She says, on the 13th of September 2012, MY LAST DAY OF MY BILLING CYCLE, I “supposedly” used 1.7GB!
    First of all, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to use my data on the last day, since my new billing cycle starts on the 14th and secondly, how could I possibly use 1.7GB in that time spand.
    I told the women to launch an investigation and she told me I would get a call back in a few days because they’re busy with the new iPhone5.
    So I waited and waited, until finally, today, I called them back. They tell me there are no notes showing for a call back and no notes describing my issue.
    Classic Rogers… And so, I wait for a call back from a technical support manager.

  • Victoria

    ok so i finally got rogers to admit there is a problem. the only way to get them to admit is to open a ticket at the technical support department. ask them to look into your tracker. all other departments are rude and will accuse you of lieing to them and they wont do anythning about it. I did ask the technical support technician if they are looking into other account and fixing this for everyone. They told me yes, but I dont believe it. Try this and if doen’t work let me know!

  • Jenny jorda

    Just wanted to note that our Internet has also mysteriously gone up the past 3 months and from what I can see above, so have other people’s. please include me in this class action suit and put a stop to this

  • Diane Cunningham

    Rogers the rip-off. In Aug. and Sept. they claim my overages were 11GB and 12GB. I have used the internet for 12 years in my home. Two hour calls to the tech dept. were totally useless as they would not stipulate when the internet was used and for how long due to the privacy act.
    My monthly bill jumped $55 for each of the two months. In Aug. I was away for most of the month. We do have a passcode on the computers and a security scan.
    Rogers gave me no valid answers as to the jump in my usage.
    I’m out of here and will go to another provider.

  • Matt Whyte

    I just received the dreaded 75% usage email. This is my first time and after reading the previous blogs posted I am extremely worried there will be nothing I can do. Like everyone else my usage has suddenly doubled with no change in internet habits on my end. I also have usage on days where I was away. After calling rogers and getting the runaround I feel so powerless and frustrated. It is nice but at the same time scary to read so many people in the same boat.

  • peter

    thats what happened to me to oh your at 75 percent so then i stop downloading thinking that i would be safe till next month my bill is 40 a month i check it its at 80 i call ask they why oh there nothing we can do about just pay it they are a bunch of thieves

  • Newman

    Same issues here…

    On their Express package for the past 8 years, never surpassing my 60gbs (I monitored it regularly)… This past Aug = $14 overage…Paid it figuring usage was up since my younger Bro is on summer holidays…no biggie…Sept comes around and we almost hit our 60gb cap in just 15 days (one particular day even registers 11gbs usage!)… they up my limit to 100gbs (as a one time courtesy)…but to no avail – they failed to resolve anything since my usage is still up and was hitting the 99gbs by months end… gave my 30days cancellation notice and going with Teksavvy…Even though they offered me a 150gb package on another plan – it still pales in comparison to the 300gb limits which Teksavvy is offering at less $$…

  • Kevin Brown

    I have used a Rocket Hub to access internet in my rural location for about 16 months. The fees are 70 dollars for 10 gig of data and 10 dollars per gig for overage but with a maximum overage of 50 dollars per month. I use between 50 and 150 gig per month but have always paid 120 dollars per month max so even when the overage amount seemed much higher than possible I never worried about it. In September the 50 dollar cap was increased to 500 dollars without providing users with any notification. Myself and several of my friends in the area all received bills for the month of September of 570 dollars plus HST for our internet access. No notice provided. Since receiving the bill, I checked my usage for the month and it was already at 49 gigabytes. I disconnected all wireless connections and the next morning my usage had jumped to 59 gigabytes even though I had only sent and received a few emails. How is that for a double-whammy? Trying to get the fees waived but it doesn’t look good so far. After many years as a Rogers customer, I will be looking for a new provider.

  • William

    In Yukon we only have Bell. I have been randomly nailed 3 times for overages in the last year and a half. We pay 10 per gig over. My limit it maxed at 100 after raising it twice to avoid these charges. 130 gigs last month ..from what. A meter in a room somewhere that I have to trust is correct. This setup is just ripe for exploitation. If you went to a gas station and pumped your gas, went in to pay and they said ” that will be 100$, you can’t see our meter, it’s not here. Trust me, it’s 100$”. That shit would not fly for a second. Well my 300 $ tacked onto my already high 180 monthly tv and cable bill is sooooooo wrong. 130 gigs, yup it must have been YouTube . Criminal . Sad.

  • Denis Desforges

    a same fraudulous move happen to me. On october. 25, 2012 I had recived my internet rogers bill at the amount of 634.75 approx with the use of 63.75 Go. When I usually use since the pass last year approx 25-30Go at the amount of 126.34 every month which I did not really make a big deal about it. Now why it sunddenly double up when there is no change in our internet activeties. I am positive that it is fraudulous move of them somehow either a problem with the system or somebody miscounting the use of internet at rogers.
    I had contact to rogers telling them about the situation and reply was that was your used and pay. Now I am bringing this case to the small claim, Not only for the money, but the principle of fact. If anybody agree with me about this case, just don’t be shy to send me e-mails, as this will help to prove that rogers are using power abuse by making fraud to their customers. It is easy for them to change numbers in computers as we don’t have any meter like hydro electic use where it is easy to count everyday. so thanks for reading this note and tell everyone to be extremely careful with this company .
    matter fact I had disconnected the same day , and look for other internet company , they are not unique , and just don’t care about poeple but the money .

  • ex rogers customer

    another similar situation that can prove that rogers is a fraudulous company .
    on october 25 2012 , my wife and I received a bill of 634.24 $ with the use of 63.75 Go from rogers , when we have been using about 25 to 30 Go and 126.34 for over a year . WHAT HAPPEN ? As far as I know our internet activities had always been the same . It is easy for them to play with your internet count , as we don’t have any proof and meter to measure our usage between the computer and the line , like the hydro have just before the panel and can look at it everyday . I had call rogers and had to go through about 12 agent to finally end up to what they call a “manager” and explain the situation . The conclusion was ” you use , you pay “. I told them that I will change company and was answer ” you do what please you “. So my last ressource in the legal measure . So before you buy from rogers , think twice , there are crooks and just don’t care about the people but your money .

  • Chris

    Rogers usage calculator is definitely off in their favor. If installed usage counters on all devices and it DOES not come close to what rogers is claiming. Tomorrow I’m installing a router with DDWRT software which will calculate all the usage at the main pipe. therefore ANY device which uses this internet connection will be calculated IF this shows different than what rogers claims. Rogers will have ALOT of explaining to do.

  • power_outage guy

    Another story here, as we were hit with the storms yesterday our house lost power from around 1am until 7pm last night, at that point we had dinner and a quiet night.

    However – Rogers shows that we had 4gig of usage yesterday – I can’t see how that’s even possible, nothing was on !

    I think the counters are BS and that there’s a class action waiting to happen if they cannot explain how we’re being billed with details !

  • Thornhill Tommy

    Today I got a message online from Rogers saying I had used up 75% of 80GB in the last 48 hours, how is this possible??. I would have to be on 70 hours to use that much, this is the second time, first time I had to go exchange my old Modem, thought that was the problem but still getting them Warning messages again, Beware!!

  • Denis

    hello everyone from trueler ;
    Yes I am another victim from rogers with there fraud move about the counter pirating if I can say .
    On october 25 2012 I had received my internet bill that cover sept 9 2012 to oct 8 2012 at the gorgeous amount of $634.85 with the use of 63.75 Go , twice the amount of usage of approx 30 Go and less . usually I pay $126.35 every month since the last past year , as I recorded . Now WHAT HAPPEN THERE ? I beleived they must have a system failure , someone that have problem to count , or forget to reset the counter or which I beleive the most , “pirating our counter” . I did contact them , go through about 10 agents and end up with what they call a “manager” explaining the situation with a conclusion of “you used you pay” . so I told them that I will close my account with them and they reply to me , “Do what it please you sir”, from an agent of corse . They had done nothing constructive to try to keep me. So I close the account the same day with a $200.00 penalty for closing before the end of my 3 years contract.
    I will sure not go through all ther complaint procedure as it will take to long and will probably end up in a farce. So my move will be the small claim which I already initiate . IT is not only for the money but for the principle of fact . So beware of rogers , because they have full control of your counter , as it is not a counter like the hydro install on the house which you can read every day .
    Thanks to all of you for your interest to this comment and hope that everyone getting ripped off by these big company will act against these frauds as we the custom have the last word by taking or rejecting them , it is our money going there .

  • Kendra Le3Clair

    Please include me in this class action suit! How do we start it? Where do we go to get this ball rolling? I’m being ripped off too. Exact same story!

  • Maureen

    Wow. Am I ever relieved that this is not my imagination. For the past two months, as I near the end of the month, I do my pre-paid plan for the next month for my iPad. The next day, I find that all my data that remained from my previous plan and my current plan are mysteriously gone — supposedly all used up.

    As mentioned by others here, technical support was no help. I will be calling the business centre to see about getting my money back. My husband is determined to change providers once our cell phone contracts expire. But there is no reason why I can’t change my iPad data provider now. Maybe they will sit up and listen if I threaten to start moving all our services elsewhere.

  • Craig

    Similar issue here, I have been using my computer significantly less, and it was actually powered OFF for 36 of the last 72 hours and somehow managed to incur 4GB of *upload every day since Oct 20, while only downloading ~300mb/day.

    The Rogers IT suggests “Limiting” my computer usage until the 15th when my bill rolls over, clearly not listening to the problem which is being charged for data upload while my computer is not even powered on.

  • Al

    Does any one have this specific setup for the Extreme service :

    1.) DOCSIS2 modem installed at home.
    2.) Extreme service configured at Rogers central office.
    3.) Capped at 95 gb usage per month.

    And have you noticed that your usage is always over the 95gb cap. Prior to been on the new Extreme service, were you setup on the Hi-Speed Express with the DOCSIS2 modem and were capped at the 60gb or 80gb per month. Then Rogers convinced you to upgrade to the Extreme, but keep your DOCSIS2 modem.

    I have been doing research into my own overage charges and I think the problem is with the Extreme Service but with the DOCSIS2 modem not the DOCSIS3 modem (either the SMC Gateway or CISCO Gateway).

    Let me know if you have this Extreme setup and have been getting charged extra for internet usage.


  • Craig

    Well for me I cant say that their counters are not correct. Just do not know. But I can say that my usage of 250-300 GB per month has jumped for mo reason that I know of to 425+ GB.

    My issue is that when I agreed to keep Rogers Feb 2012 I was told 69/month 50dn 2up and my over usage fee would be capped to 50$. When I called the lady said they NEVER offer Caps. Well I dont believe this as I have received many a letter stating the cap is $25 then $50 then kept going up.

    I agreed to 1 year at the above. When I called because the over usage fee was 80$ and I was supposed to be caped at 50$, the lady asked if I had that in writing! LOL I asked her well does she have my agreement to commit to 1 year in writing. Anyway there was more discussion, but for me the net result is that comment means the trust is gone. Im un in a 3 months or less so not sure worth the headache to switch early, but Techsavey has a 26 down 1 up service cable ( unlimited transfer) for about 60$. I will miss the extra speed a touch but seriously will not miss doing business with Rogers.

    2 Years ago canceled cable. Did not know if could do w/o it or not. Been managing just fine. Still watch what I want to see, and many times if its a BIG IMPORTENT event someone is streaming it. Dont miss News as its all crap reporting today anyway.

    Internet will go by Q1 2013 from rogers, and that just leaves the wifes cell phone. Not sure if she has a year left or not, but when thats up she will be gone too. Here in Canada can just buy the unlocked iPhone from Apple. Better for travel anyway and your fee to change providers at will.

    I dont work for any of the companies providing these services. However I will say one thing. Even if the little guys not as good, in order to have good competition someone has to support them. I plan on doing that.

  • Dee

    Wow, it’s so good to know that my suspicions are valid. All of a sudden my internet usage has gone up over my limit after 1 year of being under the limit. I have 170 GB (I have 3 teenagers) Nothing has changed except last month we went over by 42 gb. All the other months I didn’t even reach 140gb. This is highway robbery. I have to find another provider. I hate Rogers. If it wasn’t for working from home I would have quit them a long time ago. I am so pissed. Whatever lawsuit that’s happening, I am so in.

  • Dee

    I am going to talk to a rep and see the BS they are going to feed me.

  • Jade

    This just happened to me today. Yesterday I got a message saying that I was 75% over and today I just got a message saying that I am 100 % over, but that is completely impossible. First of all it said it was in the past 48 hours but they sent it in the past 24. Second of all we have the 95gb limit so when they send a 75 message we should have 23 gb left. At most I used 3 gb and that’s pushing it since, in the next few days I was planning to kept it to 1 gb a day (which would give me 4 gb to spare at the end of the month) when I actually the got the message yesterday I lowered my usage significantly, so it is literally impossible that I used 23 gb yesterday. Iv’e never in my life used 23 gb in one day.
    I apologize for my rant but there is defintely something wrong with rogers

  • AJ Joseph

    I am with Bell and have averaged 30 GB per month, until this past August. A Bell rep called and offered to swith us to Bell Fibe, which we did August 10.
    Our first full month statement showed usage of 100 GB, with an $80 extra usage charge. The second month was at 120 GB, with two days running 15 GB. Absolutely impossible ! The Bell tech invoked the virus, Torrent, Netflix, kids downloading, and wifi hacker. I ran a test shutting down everything and unplugging the modem for a weekend, and still recorded 3 GB. Bell accepted to raise my limit to 100 GB and refund $60.

  • AJ Joseph

    Our IT specialist at work told me that he ran a usage counter on Bell and found that their usage meter is 50% high ! The problem is to prove it and file a complaint.

  • Likeitmatters

    I have just upgraded to the extreme internet from the 60gb to the 120. Ever since we upgraded I have not been able to stay below the 120GB and get around $30 overage each month. I now have hardware and software that is counting my usage, for the moth of October my numbers say I used 35GB but Rogers says I used 136GB. I am going to count for 1 more month and I may be the first to start they class action lawsuit against these thieves. Their numbers are cooked and they lie and steal daily. I plan on correcting this.

  • Leeroy Brown

    OK this is my second post just got off the phone with rogers and I told them I have my own counter and the numbers are off in their favor. I will say that I can only monitor download, most of the time their counts are close but other days they are off in their favor, the most I have seen so far is 3GB in a day !! They start by telling my someone is on my network, I said no sorry I do not broadcast my SSID and I even do MAC filtering, I also have a NIDS no one is using my network. They then told me that someone can spoof the MAC of my modem and us my bandwidth on another LAN … I have 6 months of records at least they now know I am watching. I am going to try the unplug for a day and if there is usage I have no choice but to switch providers, they know whats going on but they try to tech talk their way out of it … 2 years of networking CSTN I know security and I know their numbers are cooked. I need a new provider they are not willing to help me… Hope this helps :)

  • Mandy

    THIS EXACT things has been happening to me!!!! I never had any problems with Bell being over my usage, ever! I moved this past summer and switched to Rogers and for the past 2 months my usage in ONE DAY has been up to 96,000MB and my friend and I are at work all day and rarely even use our home computers! I did every possible piece of troubleshooting and our network is secure from what we have tested – I AM GETTING RIPPED OFF!

    With all these complaints, this is cleary some sort of scam on their end… I DON’T WANT TO OVERPAY FOR INTERNET THAT I DON’T EVEN USE!!!!

  • Gerald

    I had the same problems with Rogers. The best thing we can do is leave there are a lot of companies out there that are cheaper and honest

  • spencer

    I bought my sons I pads for christmas and bought them data so they could take them to their moms.Later looking over my credit card statements i saw i was being billed 39.20 every month.After a huge waste of my time and a nightmare of transfers i got a refund of 78.40 for the months no data was used.I could not cancel my 12 year olds plan even though I had been told it was going to be a one time charge unless we asked to renew each month.he had to get on the phone and request my credit card be removed!By the way the first and only bill for their i pad data came in french even though all my other rogers bills are always in english.I thought it was all over until today when a bill for 39.20 came in my 12 year olds name .Apparently this was the charge for 1 mb of data he was supposed to have used the last month.I just paid it for hem and told rogers they had just bought a lot of bad advertising and when the contracts for our three phones were up we would no longer be using rogers.Bottom line,they didn’t care.This is what happens when companies get so big .

  • Al

    I knew this site was a bogus cover for Rogers

  • Nathan

    Yesterday rogers said I used up 50gbs of usage, 40 of which was UPLOAD usage. What the hell, thats not even possible. Rogers needs to stop robbing people..

  • Sven

    Same issue here. Those bastards are trying to tell us we have used 153 gigs in two weeks. There are days that say 19Gigs of upload a DAY! That almost isn’t possible with their terrible upload speed. Someone needs to take these guys to court.

  • Shay

    We HAVE to do something about this. This is theft on the part of the provider, i.e. Rogers. We are being charged for service not provided and if it’s not robbery, plain and simple, then why are the errors never in anyone’s favour?


  • den

    Yes rogers are simply and simply a bunch of robbers rogers . so many poeple are getting ripped off by them as it happen to myself . I just plug off with those thief and went to bell . I finally had arrangement by having my bill brought down from 784.00 to 423.00 with the help of my usual rogers agent which he had to argue with them . A class action should be made against them with the help of all people that are getting ripped off with the help of truelers , but everyone must step in . Those bastard will even bring you in collection if you don’t pay your bill , and I am sure they will . my cell phone will also get out from there to . don’t be shy to put your ripped off in google facebook and anything you think of , even copy all these complaint and send them to the rogers customer relations with the address that you find on the bill . also there is what they call abuse rogers on there site . Express your anger . keep giving news about your settlement if you have one . I have download Networx to give me an idea of my usage of bits , it helps . there is many site of bandwith you may download . it is up to you to chose . Thanks .

  • SK

    I have the same problem, I just realized I have an upload usage of 21 GB in a day which is simply impossible. I just chat with Rogers and they can’t give me an answer and asked me to speak to a technician which I did this morning with no help at all. I have regular usage but just over the weekend, I had this unusual high volume of internet usage of 25GB and 16GB in two consecutive days. It is just totally unbelievable. I agree that this is simply robbery from Rogers.

  • Demetri

    THey charged me exactly 30 gigs for one day, which obviously makes no sense (I use 1 gig at most). When I turned off my modem, it still says I use 300mb.

    I’m switching to teksavy, give it a try. 6mbs, 300gig, only a max of $25 over limit fee, for $30 a month. There’s other packages that are faster, and unlimited for just $10-$150 more per month too. They use the same cable that rogers uses as well, so there’s no concern of quality, etc.

  • Adam

    15 years ago they didnt have limits, so basicly if ur a gamer you are screwed cuz the patch’s alone for each game makes you hit your limit EVERYTIME, and i swear sometimes when my limit switch’s over 2 days into it i get the 100% notice, but its been 2 years now and i dont even get the notice’s anymore but i still hit over, could this be cuz i use firefox?

  • Adam

    so after reading your guy’s comments i not have to watch them like i watch my hours at work…damn companies and there corruption and greed

  • Elyse

    We were away for 4 weeks, 24 days of which fell into one billing period. We unplugged our wireless router (and a whole bunch of other electronics in the house) while we were away. Somehow during that billing period, Rogers seemed to think we had gone over our 30 Gb limit by almost double.

    The router/modem wasn’t even plugged in. Srsly.

  • Manju

    I had similar situation. I was doubtful about their data usage log because I don’t do any uploads except for e-mails. To check, I did disconnect modem for a day to check my data usage. It was showing around 2gig upload and 3gig download. Next day I called them and told them about my case, they said there some problem with the modem and was asked to replace my modem. Even after getting new modem, I still see too much data consumption for evening video streaming.
    As of now, I am tied with Rogers for this year, early next year, I am thinking of moving to different service provider.
    Any suggestions about bettor/good service provider.

  • Manju

    I had similar situation. I was doubtful about their data usage log because I don’t do any uploads except for e-mails. To check, I did disconnect modem for a day to check my data usage. It was showing around 2gig upload and 3gig download. Next day I called and told them about my case, they said there could be some problem with the modem and I was asked to replace my modem. Even after getting new modem, I still see too much data consumption for MINIMAL evening video streaming.
    As of now, I am tied with Rogers for this year, early next year, I am thinking of moving to different service provider.
    Any suggestions about better/good service provider.

  • shannon muise

    Hello My Mom and I just switched over to rogers and we are not happy!!!.. is there any way of getting out of these so called agreements with them please help!

  • Frank Watts

    I live in a rural area, cable not available. I have been using a rogers Rock Stick for 2 years. Upgraded to Sierra Wireless,garbage, Rogers replaced it, I installed a external antenna, Computer Disconnects all the time. For the last 10 Days it has been working properly,
    I upgraded to a 3 G Data plan. Worst thing I ever did, My Internet Bill for 1 month is $646.00. I called Rogers and after being shuffled from 1 department to another I was told I had used 16 G. This is not possible. My internet history has been that I use just over 1G per month and that was why I upgraded to 3 G. I was told that they would do an investigation and get back to me by Dec 21/12, still waiting. I am hooked into the plan until Sept/13. Does anybody know how to get out of a plan

  • Dorde

    Hi! This summer i was in Europe and i brought my cell with me. Before leaving Canada i have turned off cellular data on my phone. Still ROGERS tried to charge me 95$ + taxes for roaming data and when i called them they tried to convince me that i had used cellular data. When i asked them to prove it, when and how much they said it was a system mistake and canceled charge. 10 days ago i switched to WIND and now Rogers is still charging me for month after the switching. I just called them and they told me that i had to give them 30 day notice and that they will charge me for 30 days after switching. Well i said O.K. but let me then use the service if i am paying for it. They say i ported my number to Wind and that they can not give me service that i am paying for. I said, just give me new number so i could use the service and they say no. I believe that there is legal obligation to provide service if they are charging for it.
    I will file official complaint but in meantime, everyone DO NOT USE ROGERS and tell it to your friends and family!

  • Dorde

    I just filed complaint and please you do it too;
    The above URL is where to go to make a complaint.

  • Merry Christmas All! I am so mad that Rogers is grossly over charging in every way they can despite any previous oral agreement. Last year when they hit us all with data overage charges, no one could do a damn thing about it, right? Despite having proof that it was their billing error AND my daily internet log in no way came close to their daily use, I had to bury myself in research until I found an answer. What I found out was that while Rogers was in court for certain business practices related to billing, this in itself lifted any and all billing rules!

    The judge ruled around Feb/12 AND new rules were then put in place thus stopping the practice. The extra charges came about through a slight change in the formula (a small change in the denominator). Can you believe this? Still not a darn thing I could do since the 90 day window allowed had expired!

    See part 2

  • kim

    Wow i came on the net looking to see if there others that are getting over charged but rogers other then me and WOW THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE
    THE LAW should make them only charge one flat price for every one not this how much use it
    one flat price like the tv and that it for this is crazy i am a single mom and they charge me way way to much my bill should be 50 a month but it 110 then that last 3 months it now 160 a month 110 more then i should be paying this is crazy it more then my gas and hydro bill combined a month

  • Brigitte

    Hi I just got a bill they said I went 5 gigs over my data plan and was billed $495.00 how is that legit ! I’m so mad! They are telling me I’m billed for usage and the bill does not lie as to what I have used how can a $30 value pack of 5gigs be estimated at $495.00 when it’s valued at $30 initially .. I’m so sick of companies taking advantage of people !!! My bus doesn’t stop here either I will be looking into this matter until the ends of he earth … I’m tired of these shark infested waters they are takin advantage of the little guys but fact of the matter is we are not the little guys !!!! We have a voice and power… If it wasn’t for the little guys there would be no body of he hungry beast feeding on our wallets … Truth is it will never be full so it’s time to put a muzzle of regulation on the mouth o the rogers beast !!!! So sick of bein taken advantage of !!!! Damn it !!!

  • Ed

    I have rogers 120G, what I noticed, when I play something from a shared folder in my Home Network (not require internet!) my upload is increasing! should not! I took out the cable it still worked.
    My friend checked the setting in the router/modem it is something in the LAN setting Domain name ( can not change……

  • Phil

    I have had the exact same experience. Over Xmas we were hardly home but somehow racked up 24GB per day over 3 days. WTF? I probably checked my e-mail once during those 3 days. I have phone Rogers 3 times since – they opened a “ticket” and told me when I phoned them back that it was all from my modem. I am WPA2 password protected and computers were off for 99% of that time. IMPOSSIBLE data usage, and half was uploads. Wouldn’t I actually have to be there to upload something? I doubt our throttled upload speed is even capable of uploading that much data over that time period. I have no way of verifying their numbers – unfortunately I have no counter on my end – but I am leaving them for internet at least ASAP. I am fed up. Reading these posts it seems to me that they need to figure out the problem and reimburse people the money they are owed.

  • saundra

    I was dissapointed and sad with rogers! we shold all go to bell! So we wont get ripped off

  • Ed

    I cancelled my Rogers service due to it’s expensive but very limited usage service .,after that, I have recieved a LAST bill and a FINAL bill from Rogers charging me for OVERUSAGE which I have never gotten a 100% usage notification for. The customer care only gave me an answer saying I opted out my notification which I never opted out. There is absolutely no way to trace back that Rogers was at fault because every penny you paid is for your own action. I asked them to define the difference between LAST and FINAL bill, got irrelvent answer saying one is for monthly charge and one is for overusage detected later as invoice.
    Beside all of the fuzz, I have been ripped off by the 75% usage notification because every time when the notification showed up, I had to cut down my usage to avoid overusage. This means that I paid full price for my usage but I have never used my full usage. I believe this is very common in Rogers customers.
    Glad I switched my service after being ripped off for 5 years.

  • Tom

    I am no Rogers fan, in fact I called to cancel my service the other day. On data usage though beware of hidden culprits… Your kids! YouTube and some games take up a significant amount of bandwidth. I have set up my router to either limit the hours when my kids’ laptops/iPods can access the Internet or cut it off altogether for those devices. If I see my usage approaching the limit of 60gb, such as when Rogers sends the 75% warning, I cut off my kids from the Internet and the daily usage drops tenfold from 3-4 gb per day to a few hundred mb per day. You may not realize it but a few hours of watching YouTube or Netflix can use up significant bandwidth. I did all kinds of troubleshooting and thought Rogers was wrong or that my neighbours were somehow tapping into my wifi… But it turned out to simply be my kids playing around and not even realizing what they were doing.

  • Mike

    I was talking to Rogers trying to get a better deal on the extreme package because I kept hitting the max on my express package and was paying overages, usually around and extra $6. Well I find out that they’ve changed the package in the summer the express now has 80gb. So for the last 5 or 6 months I’ve been paying $48.99 for 60gb when you now get 80gb for the same price. So all the overage charges I’ve been getting shouldn’t even of happened. My last month overage charge was $84!!!! They said i was 70% over my usage lol. Long story short I freaked out on them when I found out was was going on and they credited back all the charges from the time the plan went up to 80GB……check your bills people and make sure you have the current package because there is no way in hell they’re going to let you know

  • I was with rogers for 10 YEARS and suddenly in October my usage started going over the limit and we didn’t do anything different from what we did in those years. On one day it showed that we consumed 7GB!! I called Rogers many times any they told me to turn off my modem and my router to check if there was any usage. I then told a computer expert everything that rogers told me and he said that there was not point in turning off my router because it doesn’t consume any usage it only is a gateway to the internet. This proves that Rogers doesn’t know what they’re doing because more then 2 rogers representitives told me this. I then proceeded to unplug my router and modem completely for 24 hours. After that I called rogers and they had told me that there was no usage in the time period. They told me that I was the one using the usage. We checked the security of my router and it was all perfect we even changed our password to a longer one. The computer expert that I called also told me that nobody was using our internet and we were not being hacked. I then researched about rogers and other costumers were also complaining about rogers scamming them. So now I believe that rogers is stealing from people and I’m about to switch to another company. Rogers offers 100+ dollars a month for 100 or more gb. Other company’s offer 60 dollars and UNLIMITED gb.

  • Billy

    Just received a 75% usage notice on my internet and I was curious because it was the middle of the month.

    Going on Rogers, and checking my usage… I find on New Year’s Eve, I “supposedly” used 42GB’s of data that day!? My whole family was out of the house, and I was sick in bed. How the fuck is that possible!?

    So, I call Rogers and they stated “There is no way to tell what you did on the computer.” and there’s no way to find out if there’s an error… well something doesn’t add up because every day except that… my usage is fairly low around 5,6 or 7 GB’s. They did not want to reimburse me, and stated that there is no one that could check whether or not it’s an error. This concerns myself and the fact other customers could be experiencing the same issues.

    This is a definite scam and I will try and switch to TekSavvy.


  • mrs khan

    yeh its pathetic, same happened with me . I went over usage on 9th while ma bill cycle starts on 12 . On 12 I got the information that I m being overused . not even on 11 th while I checked I did nt go over usage . so fked up with their service when they don’t admit their problems. and always blaming me for the usage while their own system is not updated .

  • James

    Just happened to glance at the usage page the other day and saw that a lot had been used in the first week of the billing cycle. Checked it out and apparently I’d been uploading 20GB every day for a week. Normally upload usage is less than 400MB. Then looked at my history and found that my next bill is going to have a pleasant addition of $60 for overage costs, for over a weeks worth of uploading 20GB a day. Put network monitors on all my computers and didn’t do much for a weekend, saw the network traffic on the router show about 90MB upload (which I’m going to assume is partially computer to computer, and some computer to internet) and on the Rogers usage page it showed 40GB. Chatting to a Roger’s tech support person apparently the network traffic showing on the router isn’t the actual network traffic? Huh? What is it then? Just some random counter? Can someone enlighten me please?
    They were going to investigate and get back to me within 48 hours. Didn’t happen, but they have closed the ticket.
    If somehow I’ve been hacked and someone is uploading 20GB a day through my network connection, shouldn’t they let me know there’s some suspicious behaviour… sorry that would mean providing customer service…

  • Jordan

    WOW ! Pathetic. Most of the people who have posted their stories understand their internet service but not their computers. Do you honestly think rogers would purposely try and trick you people into paying for over usage if you’re not OVER USING. The problem with almost all of you is lack of education. Guess what , if you’re running programs in the background that downloads your ILLEGAL music and ILLEGAL movies and don’t turn them off after you leave the room doesent mean a magical fairy from rogers is gonna swoop down tap you on the shoulder and say ” hey mister , you may be leaving your PC but frost wire is still running ,
    continously uploading and downloading , so maybe you should shut it down first ”
    I don’t care if you think just because you’re not physically using your computer you think there will be 0 internet activity during this time. If you think this you’re an imbecile simply put. Windows update will run by itself unless otherwise told. And your lack of Anti virus software and stupidity while browsing fills your computers with adaware , running in the backround spawning pop ups etc.. It’s called common sense , idiots. If you have multiple computers and multiple people using them , then you’re the problem not rogers. Secure your damn routers and triple check all the computers on your network and actually LOOK to see what they’re doing when their idle. I have 3 IPhones , 3 laptops and 1 desktop and an Xbox 360 all on my network , and I have NEVER in 4 years went over and played stupid like you people.

    Rogers only credits your accounts because they know you’re too narrow minded to see the real problem , which is lack of education and understanding of your ownhardware. Get over it.

    I am in no way affiliated with rogers , never have worked for them. But I would love to work for retention or tech support just to hear the pathetic BS stories you people have about overages.

  • cf

    I am dissapointed and sad with rogers! I used to have the 60GB package and after switching to 80GB package (had to get the new modem) my usage doubled since I starting using the new modem. Something wrong. I started tracing the useage and boy! I was below the limit. Will be switching to Bell shortly, already signed up. ByeBye Rogers. So we wont get ripped off anymore.

  • Ilesh

    I have experienced the same problem. I got reminder in the middle of the month that u have over usage of my Internet by 20 gb. So I checked online it shows 50 gb download on one day and 24 gb for other day. My previous months I never have used more than 35 Gb average for whole month. I talked to Rogers and they put me to bridge mode for check so I have to be without Internet for 24 hours. This is real pain, Rogers is charging so much money for Internet still can not provide better service. This is ridiculous.

  • Trueler


    Rogers had already admitted that they have wrong counters, but still charge customers. Show some respect and read S-L-O-W-L-Y, if you can’t get it from the first read.


  • Trueler

    Thanks everybody for your input!


  • Den

    A reply to that ignorant of jordan . Before you yap you big wide box mouth of yours and tell all kind of stupidity you lack of education , learn how to read and go back and take the time to see and read how many people are getting ripped off by rogers , and also look in some other web site like “advisors” and check . It must be your daddy that still pay for your toys which you don’t give a damn . So you jordan the retard , get the hell out of the sites and go back to your jar and stay in there if you have nothing better to do but tell people of ignorant , because you are seriously one of these kind .
    Hope trueler will post my remark , and request that his (jordan) be deleted . We don’t need these kind of ignorant fool on sites .
    Have a nice day . You to imbecile jordan .

  • Mark

    Have been with rogers over a decade. Do not download movies, music only occassionaly via iTunes, do not stream tv and maybe two to three you tube video’s per week. Teen son uses skype and internet games, and a little (3 hrs /wk) xbox live gaming. Started having usage problems in 2011, upped the plan to 60 gig and was alright for almost a year before getting hit with overages, upped the plan (and upgraded modem) in summer of 2012 and am again going over, having maxed our 80 gig this month with a week left on the billing cycle. Have unplugged the modem from the router so nothing from myside can access the router and will see what rogers says my usage is for (have left the modem plugged in, this is part of my ‘test’). I cannot fathom how we keep going over our usage and think this whole thing is obscene. But, as a consumer, what are our real options here? I am certain the issue isn’t a virus/malware, have Norton and it is being run regularily and have been very careful.

  • Andre

    Hi I’m a 16 year guy from Mississauga

    Same thing happened to my family only they automaticAlly turned on me
    We got the 75 percent with a record 30gb being used in the course of three days
    My parents stream video and i downloaded 17gb during two of those days but I didn’t understand where the other GB came from. Since I plate online games they told me to stop playing.
    I went online that day and checked everything. See I play league of legends and do universe.
    I found 10mb are used per hour for league And 35 for dc universe.
    I know theirs 1200 mb in a GB or something so I figured it wasn’t me.
    I also Skype call my friends (not video just call) and what I found is that it’s 25 hours for 1 GB on a Skype call.

    So I did my daily routine I prove a point knowing Rogers would say a low amount of data usage that day.

    I played one 4 hours of gamin plus 5 hours of Skype calling. Internet surfing and small mobile use
    Using my calculations I thought I wouldn’t be close to a one gigabyte.

    My dad came home and I told him. He got furiouse so I assured check with Rogers and it will be fine.m
    He did and they told him I alone had used over 7gb of Internet.

    My dad furiously took away my laptop almost breaking it.

    I told him I hadn’t even been on the laptop for 7 hours!
    He wouldn’t listen and I’ve Had many of my privileges taken away and wasn given dinner.

    Could someone please help me explain this to my fAther as he is not listening

    I would forever be in your debt

    He won’t call Rogers back because he thinks their right And he won’t look at this blog

    I really need help. I need to use the Internet to work on projects too.

    Please help

    Thank you

  • Jason

    Rogers is a joke! I have the 10 gb flex rocket hub. NEVER BUY THIS PRODUCT. Say I use 120GB A YEAR….no not a month….a year! It’s around $1000. Other companies offer 100 Gb a month for less than $100…..tell everyone you know to stop using rogers for any product….it’s an effin joke

  • Edward

    I just got off phone with tech support. I live in Atlantic Canada and just switched to Rogers from fibre op. I was a Rogers client up until Sep 2010 and I left them because of internet usage overage costs. Over, the couple of years prior I had upgraded and upgraded and each time after a couple of months we went over again… causing me to move to Bell, which, by the way did not have fibre op at the time in my location.

    Recently Rogers came out with a package in this area of $99 per month including home phone and TV and Extreme internet with 500gb of internet usage available per month… I saw the ad saying something about this amount is enough to download 240 hd movies (we do not do any of that) over 1500 hours of youtube (I have kids but even they are not at that amount of usage) and we don’t download any songs… should be OK right?

    I began on January 15th… everything done and the guy left the house and kids complained that internet was slow and poor signal in many parts of our house which lead to changing routers 3 times (this was after a few days and many times on the phone taking hours of my time and then having to make a couple of trips to the Rogers store… and eventually I spent $80 on Netgear extender and got a satisfactory signal).

    I have been watching my usage daily after we got things working better and in the beginning the amount was high but hey I got 500gb so not to worry… NOT… I have also had strong discussions with kids to watch their usage because I saw a day with 24 gb…

    In the past 3 days we have apparently used over 50 gb each day with over 40 gb of it being upload usage. I called tech support this morning and got the same malarchy that I have read from other people’s posts. I still have 15 days left and I am at 329gb of usage after yesterday…

    the only lucky thing in all of this is that my deal came with a price fix and no contract for three years… if this persists and I will definitely be going back to fibre op even if I have to pay double every month.

    Can’t the management at Rogers be so stupid as to not see why customers will not be staying with them. Crazy… crazy… and these fools think working people have the time to be calling them and listening to their excuses let alone having to monitor usage each day. Why don’t they just come out with a flat rate for unlimited usage for customers like Bell does? Maybe the moron Jordan can answer that? I suspect it has something to do with wanting to pack their customers when they go over.

  • cathy

    I’ve been having the same problem for the last 2 months.
    Because I’m a Mac user, they told me it was because of iCloud, but I’m not using iCloud!
    I’ve tried running antivirus software, but my computer comes up clean. I’ve stopped doing everything to the point of not even allowing internet access for my iPad.
    Rogers continues to tell me it’s my fault but it’s not!
    I’m paying $110 a month for 250Gb’s because that’s how much is uploaded every month.
    I’ve also been told it’s going to cost me $400 to cancel with Rogers – this is scam and I feel trapped!

  • Unhappy Customer

    I have a 60 GB cap with rogers, we went on our honey moon for three weeks, and came back to a bill for 95 GB. Impossible, we weren’t even home! After a lot of headache they gave me a credit. I hate them and will cancel. They are liars. I had cancelled my cable with them too, because every month I had to waste time getting new invoice error fixed. Never go with them for anything.

  • Dee


    We have the same problem…we thought the same for my brother until we decided to test it this month.lo and behold we went over 13 gigs in ONE day.i was the only one at home and i was only checking my email and surfing the net but no streaming. I am livid right now.tell your dad that he needs to keep a close eye on your internet.we have 80 gigs and every month we go over but we stream less and less. We just cancelled them and apparently according to their verbal agreement we will be charged 100 bucks. I advise everyone to contact cbc marketplace…lets out rogers on blast. Im sick of their scams.

  • Sleb

    Wasn’t given DINER!!! WDH, call social services this is child abuse.

  • to the gentalmen with out dinner

    i am sorry rogers has bin stealing for to long first they take our money then our sanity. NOW YOUR DINNER THEY HAVE GONE TO FAR. rogers employes have admitted there are problems with the internet usage screen shot the conversations above with live teck support and show you father knowing his anger rogers will be ruble in days

  • Darren B

    Feb 2nd 2013 Rogers charged us for 49 gig in one day, just one day??? Something is wrong with their counters… They convinced my GF to upgrade to 100 gigs. Its Feb 5th and we almost reached our limit… Crooks who steal your money away.. We are going to look for a better cable provider..

  • miss t.

    Thanks Trueler for bringing this to my attention how not alone in recognising this fairly new problem with Rogers. I say fairly new because recently I learned the company discontinued being courteous to call prior to overage charges due to the availability of online accounts access. On the first month of the service contract internet was unlimited. With 2 desktops 2 laptops & 2 smart phones running simultaneously on Wi-Fi to see how much it used it did not go over six gigs a year and a half ago. Now with only one smart phone online occasionally & a tablet over 11 recently billed for..
    Is there a connection to smart meters somewhere ?

  • miss t.

    Continued while searching 4 edit button & awaiting moderation confirmation…a gig a day according to my phones data usage measurement different than the carrier though not by much since I’m paying to use the online account & live support chat features the most after the billing cycle renewed, also pay extra for the paper bill but question having to pay to do a survey for Rogers about online customer service possibly contravenes some CRTC regulation…Consistently maintained less than my maximum quota of gigs over a year so one movie & some YouTube viewing does not= what Rogers charged 4. The service I have referred to friends & family because previous experience was of what’s available over a decade now was the best at being non scammers:-( I hope they can fix this PDQ

  • miss t.

    Several voters had wrong counters in previous elections too but that also hasn’t yet been made a right…I shut off my data location & phone because while sleeping used to be hybernating on PC’s those apps are still working in the background. Older mainframes used to have to stay on all night & day like diesels use more energy to restart they took too long to reboot for buisiness.

    I hope you post my remarks too & thanks for the links provided by other commenters. It was also my experience with Rogers that when an obvious mistake in billing or overcharge happened they rectified the problem reinbursing immediately.

  • trish

    Dunno if I can leave a reply. This page was not accessible today & replies made the other day don’t show moderated access.

  • Troy

    Just like you all the same happened to me. You see we were with rogers for I would say easily 2 years and have a plan of 90gb per month since that what was recommend to us by the tech support so we don’t pay too much for being on a lot. So we did just that, Now this is the 1st week, and it shows I have already hit my 75% usage! This is complete bs ! If you had 2 computers using the same internet and used the internet 24h for 7 days you still wouldn’t have been able to use up 70gb!!!
    They are just like every other scamming sites.

  • Kevin

    I’m going through the same thing myself. Somehow I’ve used 20GB over my 150GB limit just loading web pages and occasionally watching Netflix. If you confront them with the evidence they deny it. They purposely add extra overages, purposely lock up your signal on a regular basis when you go over and they know they can get away with it because they’re a monopoly and nobody can challenge them. I hate Rogers Cable so much. In just the last week I’ve had to phone them almost every day and it gets to the point that you can’t stand it anymore and give up. Basically that’s what I’m doing today… just giving up.
    I can barely get web pages to load and Netflix locks up every couple of minutes. Even this page I had to try 5 times before it loaded.

  • Nancy

    OMG am I glad I found this site. My experience is exactly what everyone else has described. No matter how little we used the internet our bill and so-called usage kept increasing. I am going to contact a lawyer in the hopes of filing a class action suit. And I am NOT paying my last bill. Thanks to everyone who wrote because I’m printing this page for evidence.

  • Jose Rivera

    I have been a Rogers customer for the longest time,but thanks to these comments I have found out exactly what they are up to.My service has high usage saturdays days in which only my dog is at home maybe he is using the internet,seriously COME ON ROGERS WE ALL ARE LEAVING YOU.

  • A.A.

    This happened to me this Jan 2013 exact story although I had increased my usage plan. One day before deadline I still had about few gig left and later I billed with 4 gig extra. How I have used several gig in just one day! I told customer service in chat dialog that Rogers either is behind schedule for usage calculation or there is other issue but they denied.

  • Deborah Paris

    Hi Everyone, after reading your comments I checked my bill over the last several months and noticed something interesting-between the 14th and 20th of the month I have lowest usage-always below the 1GB. After the 20th it goes up and the bill shows I am being charged extra every day for going over. Does anyone see this pattern in their bill? Also, I am going to do an experiment-turn off my all phones on the plan for 2 days to see what I get charged.

  • Wayne

    Same story here. it does not matter what usage limit they give, you will go over. I complained about having over 400 GB’s per month. Can u believe that. i would get the $50 (max)extra usage charge every month and just blame the kids and pay it. Then all of a sudden they up it to $100 (max) for extra usage. I called and said that there was no warning about this. I also told them that I cancelled Netflix and my one son who was downloading alot actually turned off his computer. literally not plugged in for months. the usage did not change. I threatened to cancel. They said that it was probably a bad motum or someone had our wireless password. BS of course. I had a max 250 Gbès before. Now I have a new motem, not using internet very much and they upped my usage to 300 GB. Usage was ok for a few days and the Guess what? Usage now at 265 on the 20th. It doesn’t matter what you do or what your limit is, they will make it go over. This is criminal!

  • Amjad

    I have the same problem. I kept recieving notification that my ussage is exceeding so I increased to the maximum which is 150 GB and billed 75 a month. we have only one laptop at home and my son is using it ane he goes to school so he doesnt use it all the time. this month I ahve recieved a bill of 123 dollar they said i was overusage of 37 Gb which doesnt make sense to use this for three days only. any recoomndation of another company internet provider?

  • spencer

    Jordan,Glad you think rogers is never at fault.Keep with them,I only hope you have the joy of trying to contact,reason with,and overpaying for something you did not use after being told they don’t care.time is on their side,they will get you if there is anything called don’t sound like the type to reason well,lol.

  • mitchell

    Well that kinda sucks for all of you but just because rogers has given you a bad experience doesn’t mean that I’ve had bad experiences with them, in fact a lot of the time rogers is better to me then bell when it comes to internet bills and if you guys are using wireless is your encryption WEP because if it is then it can be crack in about 2 minutes by a highly unsophisticated program because it is only a numeric code, my internet is protected with WPASK-2 G broadcast only which is the highest residential protection available at this time and can me a 58 alphanumeric password with all the symbols, and I change it every 2 months and the SSID as well.

    TIP: If your running windows 7 or even vista you can see if an unauthorized device is using your network, from the device section of the control panel, if your still using XP then you have no way of checking this.

  • Leo

    They also said that usage from another router could be assign to your MAC address in error. Their solution is to unplug your router for 24 hours and if you get any usage they might check the situation.

    Incredible!!!!!! They just don’t care about their customers.

  • Brooke Parker

    Ive been reading all the comments and its exactly what happened to me I cancelled my home phone service because it was useless. And suddenly after being with rogers for 5 years they start over charging me for internet !!! I have 80 gbs which i barely use and they’re charging me for 49 gbs extra !!!! What can we do to stop them !

  • Tony

    Roger’s numbers are totally unreliable. My friends a few houses from me are lite internet users, yet their usage keeps hitting the roof for three months. They called to report the problems several times and the CSRs all refused to listen and some were down right rude. That’s when I started looking into my usage. To my surprise, the last entry in the day-to-day report was Feb.24 even though today is Mar.01. So I called them up on it. The CSR said no usage was recorded since Feb.24, so there is no entry after Feb24!!! I told him that it is not possible for I have been using it everyday.
    It goes to show that Rogers usage meter is totally unreliable. The scary part is they don’t even know and won’t admit to any problems. They can bill customer anyway they want and we have no say about it. These guys are worse then robbers. What they are doing is unethical, unprofessional and illegal.

  • Chris

    We’ve got to stop Rogers from robbing us blind. Please report the issue to CRTC in the following link.

  • Kyle

    Apparently according to rogers I used 27 yes that’s 27gigs in a DAY. And here is the best part, according to the “tech” it was mostly uploads. “torrents” “uploading video on Facebook” were the explanations. I wasn’t born yesterday, 27gigs in a day is UNHEARD of. I could literally sit at my computer for the next 24 hours and try to accumulate/upload that much data and wouldn’t be able too do it. The worst part is I feel like my hands are tied. They will not do anything about this astronomical bills. I don’t know what too do and I am VERY frustrated.

  • Erian

    Wow i am so glad i ran into this blog. I have been having the same problem recently. I have been trying to resolve it with them over one week. They still brush me off or bounce me form here to there. The guy who works on TIER 2 his name is Martin claims to know business when his job is tech support. He refused to give me the info the first time i asked after they recommended me to shut down my modem for them to investigate. Without looking further he told me i needed to shut it down again because i had never done so. However when i called again an asked for customer relations and then transfered to him he was able to see that the modem was shut down from their side. He first apolagized for not givig me the answer the first time around i called then started to twist his words after i asked to speak to customer relations again. 107 gig over one month on top 120 gig that it comes with my plan it means i must be running a downloading service in my house??. They wanted me to change my plan increase it unlimited. I told them i do not need that. I am fine with my plan ,i know how much i use. The customer relation lady then told me ” OH sir this is the resolution i have for you ” I told her you gave me an option not a resoluton. A resolution would be solving the problem you are not solving it but you are trying to increase my monthy fee. Thats it i gave up and told her to cancel. I am not paying this guys anything over unless they prove it to me i have used it and dowlanded what they claim to be.
    Stay away from rogers

  • Karen

    These stories are all too familiar. We need to stop complaining and do something about it. Nancy, I agree with you. I am so furious with Rogers I also feel like investigating legal action. Wish I could get in touch with you!

    BTW, I disputed my over usage charge because I have never received a notification and got the charges fully reversed. My usage allowance is 60 GB and our usage history has never gone over. This month they tell us that we have doubled our usage. REALLY!!!! Out of the blue!!! No explanations just …. “Here is a $130 extra charge, but because you are so nice to us we’ll only charge you $100. HELL NO!

    Anyone that has not received notification, please dispute the full amount. Ask them to prove that they notified you as well.

    Also, there is a $10 for unlimited internet usage (if you have bundled services) promotion on right now because Bell is running the same promo. Rogers is keeping it REAL QUIET though to milk as much money as they can the other way. On my dispute call I recorded it so I have some proof of what they are saying to me as they always have a different story. The agent last night told me that 1/2 hour Netflix usage will put me over my 60GB limit. (REALLY?????)

    Let’s all get together and do SOMETHING!!!

  • MC

    I am happy to announce I am off the Rogers and Bell Grid. I was always over charged no matter what, but I was not as fortunate as you. The insisted that I went over and possibly some one used my computer when I was not at home. I have a wired network so no wireless security needed. I could go on and on of all the rip offs I got from them, but its not worth getting my blood boiling. Any way I am with ACANAC I am sooo happy now. I pay literly a fraction of before, by coincidence I am never over, and much faster speeds. They are all criminals in my eyes Bell, Rogers, and the government that allows them to do this.

  • Jon

    8 days into my billing period with no p2p running, only installed a game from DVD and 1.5gb download associated with it. Played for a few hours and discovered the next day via email notification only: 100% usage reached.
    I have had a couple months of legitate overage with downloads so I know what is going on with my network is doing and make sure things are running tight.
    Definitely something is not right.

    I am going to need to install some sort of tracker in my router and computers.
    Only problem is whether Rogers pinging the cable modem would be counted.

  • Shazzle

    I had been with Rogers for over 10 years. I’ve NEVER gone over in usage. The month I cancel, we miraculously get the warning – at which point my kids from then forward are watching DVDs rather than netflix, and over the air free television. I just received a bill THIS week for usage in January-February. 32GB over. I’d like to know how that happened when nobody in this house downloads, netflix usage is a few hours a day maximum and for the final two weeks of the month we didn’t use any streaming. Rogers really didn’t want to see me leave their billing system. I’m very happy to be with Start Communications. Check them out – great service, inexpensive packages and NO transfer fee if you already have cable internet. At this point I will be contesting with Rogers – my home network is secure so who else would be using it if we are not. Jerks.

  • Nancy

    Elaine, if you’re still out there I just finished making a complaint with the CCTS. I included this webpage with my complaint. Your story is identical to mine: we got the Rocket hub because we’re in the country and for a while our bills were $125 but the last one was $373 and that’s when I pulled the plug and REFUSED to pay. Now they call me several times a day and that’s when I called the CRTC and was directed to the CCTS. I’ll let you know what happens.

  • Nancy

    Phase one: The 8 to 10 phone calls I was getting per day have stopped cold since I contacted the CCTS. If nothing else, that’s been a great thing.

  • B

    Here is the another masterpiece from rogers. Today I found out that I cross the Limit. Usually before I got the notification about 75% limit, and 100%. Not this month. Its saying on acknowledgement page: Date Notified: March 25, 2013 ; Notification Type: Automatic Acknowledgement by Browser 75% of Limit; Date Acknowledged: Empty space.
    I called them and answer…Nobody knows what that is mean. I never had any notification windows as usual as before. Nothing. Only ” Automatic Acknowledgement by Browser 75% of Limit” on the rogers page. Also they increase price again. Time for change. Because we sold the network to the private hand, we can just watch it. In the US the government keep it, so they have unlimited internet, unlimited speed for few bucks. So how great is to have private big corporate companies they have agreement between them and we are paying big money for fraction what they have in US. And those MPs are connected financially to them, so nothing will change. Those smooth elections talking for voters and after electing, they nicely forget why they are in parliament. ONLY who give them bigger piece of the pie. Doesn’t matter if they are Conservatives or Liberals or ndp or green. They do everything for those corporate headshots, so they can fly in the winter to the south play golf over weekend. Isn’t that sad???

  • John C

    This happened with me! I went way over my average usage 2 days before the end of the billing period. Thus additional charges. I called Rogers and was given the drift until I referenced this article, they then credited me! Second time this has happened in four months and 10 years of being a customer. I paid the extra $2 last time. BEWARE they are rip off artists! The last time I went over by 1 GB, They charged me for two. I called and they credited me with $2

  • Nancy

    Here’s an update. Kayla from Rogers called me today to offer to knock $150 off the over billing. She was snide and impatient and when I told her about this site she said that you’re all a bunch of liars and just don’t want to pay your legitimate bills. She really said that, that people say anything on web forums and that none of your stories are true. Then she said that it’s IMPOSSIBLE for Rogers to over bill. It’s just technically impossible, according to Kayla. So we’re all sharing the same delusion.

  • BVP

    Here’s some interesting info, and some likely proof they are scamming people.

    I got the 75% notice for the first time (ever) on March 31 (60Gb Cap). If you look at my last 6 months of usage we have *never* gone beyond 25GB. You can see exactly on March 22, day-to-day usage jumped for *upload* from an average of 100 MB/day to OVER 4 GB! This is simply not possible, and hasn’t changed since.

    Now here’s the kicker. I mention this to my carpool buddy, who just so happens to work for a company that makes internet usage monitors. We hooked one up and sure enough, Rogers numbers are complete bull. I would have more accurate numbers if I made them up myself out of thin air than Rogers does.

    I’ve already cancelled with Rogers today. I’m kind of glad this happened to me, I learned today that Tek Savvy is faster, cheaper, and a 300GB cap (or unlimited for a few $$ more)!

    By the way, everyone here who has a 60GB cap, you are being screwed. The cap is now 80GB, but Rogers won’t change it to 80GB for you. When you call they will tell you that you have to upgrade to a new modem (which happens to have double the rental fee) which FYI is a lie. Not only because this is provably false, but also because when I signed up for Tek Savvy I also learned that they use the same wires, and the exact same model modem, and it has a 300GB cap!

  • jetvoodoo

    I have had the same problems with overages the last few months even though my usage pattern has not changed. I phoned yesterday to question the billing. She started looking into it and then I also brought up how much I was paying for cable TV as well, especially since most of the channels I rarely watch. She said then, maybe I can do something here, offered me unlimited internet usage for an additional $10 month. Then passed me on to someone else who gave me a 25% discount on TV, internet and 15% on phone for the next year.

    I think if you are polite but hint that you are considering other options, they realize that fact and deal with it. By the way, she told me that the $10 unlimited is a promotional discount that is valid until the end of April, so move fast. Of course it’s an unpublished deal, meaning they do it when they feel you are about to leave Rogers.

  • chip

    I too have a bundled package and when I said ok to the unlimited for $10, they mentioned that I would require the digital box. Which is an extra….surprise…..rental fee.
    I told them I dont have it now and still get my channels, which is basic.
    I even explained that I very rarely watch cable tv and that I want to do away with cable and telephone.
    Was told I would have to do this in order to get the $10 promotion.
    I say Bull.!!!

    I will be going with Tech Saavy.

  • Joel B

    Using a Rocket Hub and seeing very high usage. Called Rogers to understand data usage and was told they do not have anything because I am on the flex plan. I don’t understand how they can bill me for my data usage without collecting data information – so clearly they are collecting it they just don’t want to share it!!!! How can a service that bills for usage not provide the facility to show a user how much data they have used.

    Looked on the Internet to try and find options and I’ve installed a free app on my PC to monitor my traffice – BitMeter, howerver, other devices are using the Wifi that I can’t monitor – iPad for example.

    Did logon to my router and found a lik to look at usage which did provide usage to current date (4 hours old) but today that link gets redirected and I again can’t get at the data….I have a screen shot of the usage from yesterday. I will be asking Rogers why I can’t see this information any more…clearly they are hiding this informaiton from us….

  • Joel Berger

    Using Rogers Rocket Hub and had large data usage but Rogers said there is not way to view my data usage online?

    Logged on to my hub last two days and found usage information up to 4 hours ago, but today I’m redirected to My Rogers where usage cannot be displayed…clearly Rogers is hiding my usage!!!

  • Peter

    I recently found out that Rogers is scam. I have a high speed internet with them in Toronto. I went to Dominican for vacation. I bought internet service for my hotel room. The speed was apparently 1/20 of the speed of the internet I have with Rogers in Toronto. In spite of this, I found out that I could visit the web pages much much faster than when I was in Toronto and using the Rogers internet. I made some tests and came to this conclusion that Rogers cheats the customers. When you check the internet speed it always displays a very high speed, but in reality and in action it does not work the way such a high speed internet is supposed to work.

  • lc

    Rogers and Bell both work hand-in-hand. Both of these criminal organizations create the illusion they are in competition against each other. These are typical methods employed by large corporations to manipulate and confuse the public.

    CCTS is pretty much a useless organization that works for Rogers and Bell, they don’t work for YOU. They have relatively zero authority to do anything except perhaps defer you to a lawyer.

    I suggest people make an effort to record their voice conversations they have with Rogers and demand they write a written digital or hard-copy of the status of their services. You cannot rely on a corrupt organization to keep their criminal efforts on record for you to query in the time you want to act against them.

  • lc

    Don’t be fooled by the discounts Rogers may give you.

    If you received a discount on a “bundle” its because you were over priced to begin with.

    I threatened to leave Rogers several times due to the hiking up the prices and after making several over-the-phone “deals” the prices only got higher each subsequent billing period, Rogers denied any such “deals” were given (ofcourse, from their POV they are always RIGHT and you’re always WRONG). After I decided I cannot afford their services and downgraded my TV service the end result was a hundred plus dollar net increase on my subsequent bills.

    If you’re not careful you will be hoodwinked.

  • sue

    i recently received an email telling me that i’d used 75% of my 60G…in the five+ years i’ve been with rogers i’ve never even come close to using 60, more like 30-40G/month. i haven’t been doing anything different. rogers said i should switch to the 80G plan…but pay an extra $4/month for modem rental. ridiculous. i’ll be switching to teksavvy or something similar.

  • Mark

    Rogers ALSO have questionable usage calculations for cell phone usage. I made a 50 second long distance call (seconds based on my phone calculation) and I get billed for 2 minutes. When I call Rogers, they say my call was 61 seconds long; time from when I press Send until I press Exit. This sounds much like the old fraud technique of rounding the pennies in an accounting system and putting the rounded up pennies into another account; however we are no longer talking about half pennies!

  • Anthony

    I had a lot of issues with rogers over counting our usage every month. Constant worrying that our bill would be to high trying not to download anything on steam or stream anything on netflix. No matter what we did we always went over by the same amount every month. I got fed up and cancelled and switch to an indy isp. Since then I download on steam constantly, watch a lot of youtube video’s at 1080p, constantly use netflix and we never go over our now 300 gig a month limit. We also don’t have to deal with rogers automated software deciding we should be limited causing them to replace all of the lines and hardware twice with no results. Canceling rogers and switching to a smaller ISP that still uses rogers lines was the best thing I ever did. They over charge for their service in the first place knowing most people will need a higher tier for their usage but not need the speed and then do completely horrid business practices afterwards.

  • Anthony

    Oh and since canceling our internet with them they seem a touch more desperate to hold on to our tv service and are giving us a much more reasonable price after telling them we would cancel that too when they tried to take all of our channels away but charge us the same price.

  • Heather

    Last year in October we upgraded from 60 GB to 80GB a month, and so far this year …. every month since January we have gotten an “over 75% usage” notification. Last year, with the 60GB per month I used to watch tv shows on the internet ALL THE TIME and I rarely got any “over 75%” notification. THIS year I have barely watched any videos, nor have I increased my actual usage of the internet in general- and yet every month now we keep getting really close to the 80GB limit! WHAT IS ROGERS DOING?

  • Barry

    My current paid period ends on may 31 and I call them to cancel my account on May 10 They required a 30 days Notice,so my service will be cut on June 10 and I have to pay the extra 9 days prorated june charge. These are all common practice which is perfectly ok with me. The problem is starting on may 11, I cannot log into my account to check my Internet usage anymore. When I complain to Rogers, they say that checking the Internet usage is a courtesy from Rogers, and because I am leaving rogers in the next 30 days so I will l not have that “courtesy” from Rogers anymore. The fact is, Rogers have use this on line usage checking function as one of its selling feature to attract customers. Now a feature becomes courtesy means false advistising.
    From the beginning of this thread it looks like this practice can go back to 2011 if not earlier. I am going to complain to the better business bureau and I hope people have the same problem should stand up for their rights.

  • Mark

    Wow this site is making me nervous allready about rodger< and i only had
    the rocket for five days now… question im asking is when you look at your
    on line bill and shows usage, is that total so far for month or is this number daily??


  • Martin

    Hi Ijust switched to teksavvy and got my last Rogers bill.
    I had the 80GB package whic I never went over after signing up for it four months earlier. My Rogers bill came today and said I was over 20GB hich is total BS as I was fine because I checked regularly. I was warned by another person who switch to TS that Rogers would do that. Has anybody launched a class action suit about this practice?

  • Nancy

    I looked around for a class action suit and there are none in the offing. The telecommunications companies are too powerful and/or in bed with the government.

    The ending to my story (outlined in a previous posts on this site) is that after going to CCTS and then the Better Business Bureau I succeeded in having Rogers drop the last fraudulent bill they were harassing me for.

    You have to fight these crooks. I’m in my 50s and my house is paid for and my credit rating is sterling so I didn’t flinch when they threatened to ruin my rating and get a collection agency after me. I know not everybody is in that position but if more and more people stood up to them, refused to pay the over-billing and went to the agencies that exist to help the consumer, companies like Rogers might think twice about this kind of criminal practice.

  • Diana

    Which service is good then in Toronto?

    Rogers, Bell etc give customers a hard time and rip them off completely. Why action is not taken against them?

    I too have been ripped off being a new customer. Can’t understand they charged incoming calls and messages, when they said incoming is unlimited for my plan. Why does these service providers charge for incoming calls, senseless.

    They mess up the accounts and make you pay for unnecessary things.

  • Arvin

    Please help us…. We get billed triple by ROGERS what normally we pay… This is about phone usage…. I called them and they insisted that’s what the record say…. They say the the only thing that they can do is to upgrade my phone so I won’t get billed that much again….. Which I did the upgrade…. After one hour I called roger again…. Ask them for explanation…… They said they can give $50 dollar cash back…. (Normally I pay$ 200-$250 a month…. This month I get billed almost $800… ) I told them I don’t want that $50….. And they said they can’t do nothing right now…. Because the system is down….. Please help us… Me and my wife are new in canada

  • Eulaine

    Help…. We thing ROGERS rip us off…. We don’t know what to do…..I don’t want to pay bills that I didn’t use….. And I don’t want to have problem in my credit…. We are new in Canada…… Please need your help

  • Victor

    I have a huge problem with the upload volumes. Rogers claims (the web site) that I have been uploading 20-40 GB a day. I don’t have any torrents or other file sharing programs running and I checked for viruses and spyware, none found. I even tried to look through the traffic via wireshark (a bit too complicated for me). Does anyone have any ideas what to do next?

  • TMaster

    I have been getting nailed with this just recently, Shouldn’t be legal to charge for usage in the first place I don’t agree with double paying for anything but this is my final draw, One night I get a warning for the 75% which I’m sure I was maybe getting close to but didn’t pass and this was only half way through my pay cycle but I though I must be mistaken. Decided I would spend more time out doors thinking well I can’t use the internet because I’m not giving these professional scam artists more money that they don’t need but love their greed.

    I get home the very next night and go to check my email and right away I got prompted saying I used %100 so of course I go talk to the other person in the house hold who uses the computer almost once a month and he had not used it either.

    Tomorrow I will be calling teksavvy, I know plenty who deal with them and say they are great and offer both DSL and Cable internet, Not to mention they didn’t use foot hold tactics to build their business like another company around here called Yak/Wind mobile who used the internet to foothold their company and then ditched all of their users to another company, Many without even notice! I was one of those.

    Rogers tech support is based mostly on manipulating you to have a technician come and it is up to the technician as to whether you pay the $50 for them to come in.
    I AM SORRY the $150 they get out of me a month doesn’t cover that? pfft good bye

    By the way for bell supports I would like you to be aware that Bell and Rogers are the same company, Heads of both companies go to the globalist meetings and discuss how to undermind our economy which they are doing are very good job of thanks to the public who refuses to stand against them.

    If you are a supporter of god and use bell or rogers you mine aswell be supporting satan because these companies thrive off sin.

  • Mana

    I also have the unusual high usage for couple of months. The month is even worse. The average usage of each day is over 800mb. My average usage for last few months is around 500 mb to 600 mb. Yesterday I unplugged the cable for whole day, but the usage is still over 700 mb. Today I did the same thing, let see what’s the usage for today.

  • Ulugbek

    I have same problems with Rogers. I have upgraded my internet plan from 60 GB to 80 GB and then to 120 GB all because of going over my usage limit, even though my usage always same. Now it seems to me that it does not matter which plan you have they will find way to rip you off. I am sick of it now. I do not understand why the government allowing it happens

  • Alex

    WOW! I guess I’m not alone in this data overage charges. I was starting to think my roommate was lying to me. Rogers almost ruin my relationship with my roommate. This company will go down soon. I don’t post messages on the internet often, this is probably just the third time but I see the need to inform people of what is the reality. Rogers is a bad choice.

  • Mana

    I chat with the technical support in rogers website. The technical person denied everything. He said nothing wrong with their system and they can do nothing. I have unplugged the cable and the power of the modem for last 3 days. Today when I checked the usage, the first day was 939 Mb, second days was 650 MB, yesterday was 458 MB. How come?

  • Dominick

    Here’s my B.S. usage log going back 6 billing periods:

    May 2/13 – June 1/13 – 169GB
    Apr 2/13 – May 1/13 – 101GB
    Mar 2/13 – Apr 1/13 – 153GB
    Feb 2/13 – Mar 1/13 – 158GB
    Jan 2/13 – Feb 1/13 – 162GB
    Dec 2/13 – Jan 1/13 – 207GB

    Keeping in mind we don’t download movies and any songs are downloaded on our iPhones which are now with Telus since we moved them from Rogers last year.

    On my latest statement it showed June 2/13 usage was 88,449MB’s for 1 DAY!!! REALLY??? That’s what, 120 full length movies??? 8,900 songs??? I don’t think my computer could even handle this.

    I have spoken to Rogers before and they say they cannot tell me what the content was as I want to try to figure this out (which I say is bullshit) but I’ve had enough. I am now working on moving from Rogers….enough is enough…

    3 cells – gone
    Internet – going
    Home phone – going
    TV – sure to follow

    = priceless


  • Nancy

    I posted on my fb page that nobody should go with Rogers. They saturate the airways with their fraudulent ads. Every mall has their crappy little stores.

    We need to demand from our government that the telecommunications industry be CLEANED UP now. This blatant ripping off of the consumer has to stop.

  • Ilham

    I have been having the same problem with Rogers. I am wondering if anyone knows how to cancel the service if you still have a contract with the Rogers?


  • Nylon

    Hi I just happened to check my rogers internet usage at the start of the billing cycle and the counter was showing usage of 80GB in one day! I called rogers and said that this was impossible and so far outside the normal usage pattern. They said someone would call me in 48 hrs. Of course no one did so I called back today. The response was canned. They said that I should unplug my modem for 24 hrs and if there was some usage registered they would investigate further. I told them if the modem is unplugged how can there be usage registered. No answer. They said that because I was using my own router they have no way to determine where the usage came from. So basically what they are saying is that I am presumed ‘guilty’ despite the fact that this is so far outside the household usage pattern. Great way to treat a customer.

  • Grace

    I had been expericing the same issue. Even we only turn on computer for just readming email and browing for 30mins, it still was calculated 4GB one day. Jun 22, I replaced Modem. Since then, usage has been dropping down to less than 1G daily. Rogers technical support sucks and they never acknowledge it’s their fault.

  • Daniel

    Yesterday, this happened to me where it says on Sunday June 30th i used over 76 gb in one day which is impossible because i was not home. Rogers did fix the issue by giving me unlimited usage to the end of billing cycle, but that still does not explain how 76 gb was used.

  • Lori

    Rogers pissed me off with their overage usage charges! Especially when the took down my usage so I couldn’t monitor it, and they never emailed or text me that I was 75% at my usage! Therefore, I never knew what I was using!!!! I am now a proud user of Teksavvy and haven’t looked back :-)) I am also considering another cell phone provider as well!

  • Marcus

    I am starting to receive the 75% warnings from Rogers as well and have noticed my meter readings creeping higher and higher each month even though the usage pattern has not changed. Something smells fishy in Denmark.

    I have called Rogers before on the exorbitant prices it charges and recently asked to be transferred to “customer retention” (this is where they try to keep you as a customer if you threaten to walk and go else where) and I have to admit (even though I think Bell and Rogers are in cahoots) that I was able to save myself almost 400.00 a year by playing off the costs of one provider against the other.

    Am not sure what is going to happen between now and the end of the month as to the data usage (unless Rogers considers these few characters as a GB of upload!) but will continue to monitor. Am also using Rokario bandwith monitor to see if I can compare what Rogers comes up with.

    Thanks to everyone for posting their comments, it is cold comfort to think that there are so many of us having to deal with this nonsense. We Canadians are being royally hosed with the state of access to the internet, the costs in other parts of the world (with a lower standard of living) are far more affordable than here. Something definitely wrong.

  • Waunstone

    Same thing happened to my father-in-law. Doesn’t download songs or movies. Doesn’t have Netflix. Had three or four days in a row with alarming usage (one day was over 30 GB)! He called and Rogers said they can’t do anything because they don’t have any proof or logs. He has his own wireless router – I’m wondering if that’s how Rogers is justifying this?!?!? I personally have a Rogers issued router and have never had this issue.

  • Rick

    Same thing happened to me, I once have 300 GB internet, at that time, I didn’t notice Roger usage count is wrong. Now I use 80 GB, I begein to frequent check my internet usage, I found Rogers try to over counter my internet usage, I have network traffic monitoring tool installed on my machine, I clearly know my download and upload usage, my statistics is only around 40 GB, but Rogers display 70 GB, I contact their online service, they told me their count is accurate, and said maybe someone is stealing my internet usage, I would say it is possible, but unlike to happen, I have password protection for wifi and I know my neighber, they are not hackers, and I can see most over count usage is from upload, although I cannot completely rule out the possibility of being stealled, but I can show clear evidence that their usage is wrong, I unplug internet for a whole day, I can still see 1 M usage, another case is I use 2 GB, but their usage only display 1 GB. They obvious made mistakes or they intended to do so.

  • Andy

    Let’s all install a bandwidth monitor on our machines and start a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT against Rogers!

    I am sick and tired of their BS!

  • Jackie

    On August 9 I got the message that I had reached 100% of my allowance. I signed on and checked the data useage at that time and it showed less than 1gb over. I then decided it was time to switch and set up a new account with another company and called rogers to cancell.

    Two days later on August 11th my bill was ready. Somehow in those two days I was being charged for 87gb overage. I was the only one home and there is no way I used 87gb.

    I contacted rogers today as I can’t access my useage data since my account is being closed on Sept 10 and they refuse to provide it to me. They also won’t do anything to fix the overcharge as they simply say it’s correct.

    It’s impossible for me to have used 86gb in less than 2 days.

  • Eric

    I personally knew rogers scams ppl a lot, but this takes the cake. I noticed that our usage skyrockted this month and it made no sense how in 3 days we used 20gigs. No one uses the computer for anything other than email and facebook. Yesterday we all went to a family barbeque, yet somehow, we managed to use 4gigs. I don’t even see the point in calling customer support since they know exactly what they are doing.

  • ian

    Yep same problem. Ever since we cancelled cable and home phone from these pricks, our monthly usage keeps creeping up. I guess they have to try and recoup their funds somehow. We have been streaming netflix via apple tv for 3 years now, and over the last few months they seem to keep forcing us into a higher, more expensive internet package due to overage. We have not been using the internet anymore or less over the years. We used to be fine with about 60gb a month. Now they say we have been using 150gb a month or more. Which seems unlikely, since we are only home in the evenings and watch maybe an hour or two of stuff on netflix per day (if at all). Though their bills say otherwise. i’ve called many times, and they insist its us. Since the government won’t do “shit” about all of this, I was thinking about starting an ad campaign with t-shirts and posters etc. to inform others of their bullying practices. “F-Rogers”, “suck 75% of my overage Rogers”. Any other slogans? Maybe verizon will scare them into better practices. Something must be done. Oh and bell sucks too.

  • Mike

    I recently started with the Rogers Extreme internet service. It was a “special” price of $45 per month including modem rental and 200GB monthly data allowance. And the price per month was fixed for 8 years…yes, 8 years and no term contract, month to month, cancellable with only 30 days notice. So I took it. Very first month I went over my 200GB by about $5. After reading this blog about the types of issues that other customers are experiencing I decide to get my own router that uses DD-WRT firmware and put the supplied Rogers Hitron modem/router into “bridge” mode and use it exclusively as a modem. The DD-WRT router software monitors both bandwidth and data usage and I started to compare router usage stats vs Rogers usage stats. What I found was interesting. Every day the Rogers usage appeared to be higher than what my router was telling me, sometimes as high as 1GB or 2GB above but more usually 700MB. After a few days I called Rogers and complained. Oddly enough, right after my complaint, the Rogers usages were almost exactly what my router was telling me…so I thought okay, it’s solved….until yesterday. With only 3 days left in my month, I had about 21GB left and downloaded 15GB of movies, with the knowledge that the last 6GB would be spread out over the last two days (today and tomorrow). Lo and behold when I check my usage this morning, Rogers was telling me that I had downloaded close to 20GB of data (remember my router which had been bang on for the last 20 days, was telling me 15GB) and was extremely close to my limit. I called Rogers to complain but also to make a note that I had called, and will carefully monitor the next two days. I do not plan to download Netflix, no streaming, nothing. But at this point I’m willing to bet that I will be somehow, magically over my limit. My advice to anyone who is having this problem, is you need to know exactly how much you are using, not guessing nor assuming anything. Since all my data traffic flows through my router, the router is the place to calculate usage. Individual PC’s running software is fine but how do you calculate media streamers like Roku or Boxee or Netflix. But everything flows through the router. So that’s where I am now. I will post once I get my monthly bill and see what happens. Hope this helps anyone in deciding whether or not to go with Rogers.

  • Mike

    Quick update to my previous post, just got the final statistics for data usage. After calling to complain about Rogers telling me I used about 5GB more than I thought I used, the next day I downloaded about 300MB worth of data. Rogers data usage for that day was 3.6GB. Called again to complain. On the final day of my month term, somehow Rogers was magically matching what my router was telling me. But coincidence or not, my overage for this month is EXACTLY the same as last month…$4.50 plus tax. And in both instances, the overages happened during the last 3 days of the term. This month I will be monitoring again. Feels like a pattern though. I think we’re all being ripped off. If enough people complain it might make a difference.

  • Tinkers

    We recently got a new Smart TV and knew we were going to start going over our usual amount of usage. We were pro-active and had researched companies before we called Rogers to switch. They immediately offered us unlimited monthly for $20 less per month than we were paying for 80GB. We accepted and our online bill does indeed show unlimited for less but they failed to tell us we would be billed a $49.99 installation fee. What installation??? They did NOTHING other than change the monthly charges and usage amount with a few clicks of the keyboard. *sigh*

  • chuck

    168gb ?
    I don’t think so. Nothing has changed in what we do in over a year. Yet they have upsold me to 150gb and now I’m billed for overages as much as ever.

  • Robert

    Just got screwed by Rogers. Got 75% warning few hours ago, check my rogers account it get crazy usage in the pass few days.

    September 10, 2013 23,393 31,715 55,108
    September 09, 2013 65,799 29,458 95,257
    September 08, 2013 1,150 343 1,493
    September 07, 2013 5,872 500 6,372
    I have 35mb/3mb internet connection from rogers. On 9 and 10 this month no one at home at daytime. How can it be possible to upload 32GB in a single day. Call rogers they ask me to cut off my modem for 36 hours to monitor my account. It is really make me mad. I will follow up after 36 hours cut off to see what they will say.

  • Venius

    Within the past 4 months I’ve had to dish out just under $2,000.00 for 2 accounts I had with rogers. Cancellation fees were a part of this figure. I chose to battle it out with them concerning the charges they were saying I occurred on my tablets. Over 600.00 on both accounts and because I was fighting it out with them both cases they threw me to collections. I paid off the collection agencies to avoid having bad credit. Still they got me in the end. Even though I was paying my monthly bill each month but disputing the overage charges they placed a “derogatory” x 2 on my credit profile (i now need more money for a down payment for my house…and i don’t have it). All the time i was asking them for help to understand how they came up with these figures for the data when i knew I was on wifi. No one was helping me, never once was there any kind of explanation. Becasue of what they have done to me i was putting in complaints every where. Everyone was saying that they would not remove the derogatory becuase i wasn’t paying my bill ( i was, just not the portion i was disputing / while they were not helping me). Anyway, my last complaint is now in with the office of the ombudsman with rogers…hopefully they will reconsider removing the derogatory.



    Rogers states that my overage was probably caused because my wifi dropped and the data took over. Well just like i should be able to turn off the data on my cell phone, i should be able to do that with the tablet. They say i should have paid attention to the little symbol at the top of the table. These people need to be held accountable.

  • Andrew

    I just received a 100% notification of data usage for my Rogers account. We have 120GB a month, and rarely use over 80GB.

    As of today, it says that we have used 235GB out of 120GB of data. When I try to check my usage, the system is down, and after talking to technical support they are unable to get it back up and running for me.

    They told me that on September 20th I used 156GB in a SINGLE DAY, which just isn’t possible.

    After escalating to a higher level of customer service, he told me that I would have to unplug my modem for 36 hours for them to analyze usage. 36 hours? This is NOT possible when I work at home for a living. What a ridiculous suggestion.

    Now I’m staring down the barrel of a $100 overage charge, and still have days left to go. I will not be paying this overage charge.

    I have had my fair share of problems with Rogers in the past, but this is by far the worst experience. What a company.

  • Christine

    I am very pleased to have found this website as I searched for clues as to why my usage has been getting so high. I had the 60g for a long time and did plenty of downloading, uploading etc…but then suddenly I was going over the max amount. So like everyone else, I bumped up my amount to 80g…which lasted about 6-9mths without any issues of going over even though we were doing less downloading and more just regular daily internet use-thought ok we should be safe. But last month and now this month I went over the 80g. But how could this be?? We don’t even use it as much as we did before when we had a 60g max. ???? So I went on the day to day and it has only been 10 days and we have used (apparently) 89g!!!!!! One day alone was 26,900mb. Wow! In four hours of us being home that day??? AMAZING!! I don’t thing so!!
    Our wireless has a complicated long pswd that there is no way could be figured out. We have Norton360 on all devices, and even ran all scans for any viruses etc….
    This is crazy!
    Thank you all for your info and wish me luck as I call them tomorrow .

  • Philips

    I am so glad to see this and aware that I am not alone. Rogers increased 2 times on my internet bill in last 10 months. This is ridiculous. Also I was on the 60GB plan for so many years and never exceed now I am exceed so often, before I never even get 75% of warning…now I understand those tricks Rogers do to their long time customer…

  • diver

    Someone at the beginning of this thread gave a friendly reminder to make sure your wireless network was secure then someone replied that this comment wasn’t relevant…If your network isn’t secure then anyone in your neighbourhood could be using up your bandwidth !! As well, my sister in law who only goes online to check her email and chat a bit with friends was reaching her limit with Rogers only half way through the cycle finally had her pc “disinfected” and hasn’t had a problem since…

  • Shan

    Thank you so much for this posts by everyone. I thought I am alone with this over usage fiasco with Rogers. I started noticing back In June 2013 my internet usgae was sky high. I got a notice form Rogers stating my interner usage is at 75%. I have 25 GB which I hardly use and normally it is between 9-10GB for A month. I called rogers and they gave me hard time as usaul with customer service being the worst. I changed so many modems still having the same problem.This is really crazy.

  • Shan


  • Derrick N

    I quit using Rodgers 2 years ago. Very Poor reception, extravagant internet usage fees..Rodgers changing my plan to less gigs and higher fee without my knowledge or approval.. A total rip off.Once they get thier hooks in you they nickle and dime you to death. Would not recomend…NEVER will I use Rodgers again !

  • Jewel

    So apparently I had a serious virus that is attacking ROGERS SECURITY, thus causing them to suspend my internet.I received a text from them on July 17th informing me of this…I thought it was some hoax so ignored it. A week later I came home from work and had no Internet. After playing around for a bit with my computer I called ROGERS SECURITY, they confirmed that the text they sent was for real. They only told me that it’s called a zero access , and when the last time it was spotted. They won’t tell me what it was doing nor did they have any information on which computer in the house it was coming from. They tuned my internet back on within a couple of minutes and gave me a website to download a specific antivirus for the two computers in the house, we both ran the anti virus..Both showed nothing. Next week the same thing, got a text and when I got home from work , no internet..called ROGERS SECURITY and they again gave me a list of websites to go to to get rid of this virus,this time I changed my pass word and user name so the other computer in the house had no access to the network> I ran the scans and it showed nothing again. I was good for another two weeks and then came home to no internet…called ROGERS SECURITY and it was the same story..I’m getting a little pissed now…so now ROGERS SECURITY tells me they have a team of tech experts who can solve my problem( for $135 to scan both computers and a small fee of $14.99 a month to make sure I am safe and have no problems after that). I went for it..hahaha..The tech experts(contracted out from ROGERS SECURITY) took over my computer remotely and scanned for 4 hours or so…and guess what.. they couldn’t find anything. I was good for another couple of weeks , came home from work went to check my email and I had no internet…I called ROGERS SECURITY, they tell me I have a virus and so they disconnected me…I laughed..Got on the tech expert remote access site explained to them what happened they ran scans for hours and couldn’t find anything..I have no acess to the internet when these scans are going on so I am unable to get work done that should have been don…this went on from September until October 31st. OCT.31st was the last scan and I was on the phone all that evening while the tech expert did everything he could possibly do to help me but still he could find no sign of a virus..While he was still scanning I got on the phone with ROGERS SECURITY ..I demanded to talk to a MANANGER…they put me on hold for 25 minutes but I waited, speaker phones are great..The lady came back on the phone to tell me that the ROGERS SECURITY MANAGER was not available but he told her to tell me that my only option was to take my computer off the network or reformat.. I laughed again and told them I was going to call the police……I disconnected the computer that evening, OCT. 31 Halloween. On NOVEMBER 1st , I had it re-formatted( has not been plugged in since). I bought another computer and have been using it. Everything has been going great until the evening of NOVEMBER 19th, I went to go on the internet and had no access..I thought… there is no way ROGERS SECURITY would be up to their old games..I played around for a bit with the modem and my new computer,couldn’t find any thing out of the ordinary so I called ROGERS SECURITY… THEY TELL ME THEY ARE STILL DETECTING A VIRUS!!! I WENT NUTS..I told them to read back on my history for the past 3 months..They didn’t know I’ve been using another computer..They read my history, puts me on hold for 20 minutes to go talk to his boss comes back and tells me they made an error and will have me back up in a few minutes. I questioned the error( never got an answer) and asked what ROGERS will do for me for that error, he told me they will knock off one week of my internet bill. I asked his name he gave me his first name and a number..I asked his last name..he told me it is not required by ROGERS to give out a last name and he immediately hung up in my face. I waited 20 minutes still no internet. Called them back, another 15 minutes to listen to some add on how great ROGERS is and then someone new comes on the phone..I tell him to READ MY NOTES BECAUSE I AM SICK OF EXPLAINING AND TO PUT ME BACK ON THE INTERNET, NOW!!!They put me on hold for another 15 minutes, when they finally came back to the phone they apologized and said it will never happen again…lets see if it will! On top of all this I received the 75% warning this month..I have a 120gb plan. I checked my usage as I have never came close to going over… for the past 2 or 3 years I use between 25 to a maximum of 65.. Since Aug it has skyrocketed. This month I was just under 120. Also I was on vacation in October for one week, those days all showed my computer was using up a ridiculous amount of bandwidth. We need to do something about these crooks. How much lower can Rogers go?

  • Bob

    We posted our experience to the Rogers Customer Feedback forums. Not only did Rogers overestimate our usage they tried to shift the blame to us. Then they magnanimously offered to reverse the extra charges, but then rescinded that generous offer when we told them we were tired of their crappy customer support.

    We’re going with TekSavvy – We are done with Rogers. For mobile we are actually with FIDO – another Rogers company. We do not have a contract for this service and are currently looking for better wireless. However, at this time FIDO suits our needs for a fair price.

  • Jonson

    When I cancel rogers contract last bill, they charge me internet useage 75 GB beyond the basic 60 GB. in fact over before 5 years my useage just over one time at 1 GB
    I need Rogers give me detail.



  • Zoran

    Well, I had it enough – leaving Rogers after almost 20 years. Switching to TekSavvy. I heard few good comments about them and few bad as well. Will check it out.
    It must be hurting – they use Rogers network, but significantly cheaper.

    Very soon will cancel other services and be Rogers-free.

    It is never late to do a good thing :)

  • oninc

    My usage also started spiking ,had every one off Netflix, pc etc, still spiked every day with just reading emails ,basic stuff called rogers several times , one person didn’t give a rats ass if i cancelled rogers and went to bell she said go ahead . Also my usage went off line now I cant evev view internet usage ,again i called rogers several times NO department cant fix it ,they can view my usage but I cant.Where is verizon

  • Kbelle

    Hello there, just found this site and I am feeling somewhat relieved that I am not the only one experiencing this issue. Even two years after the article was created. When we first connected Rogers we had two computers (both running online gaming) and Netflix. I would watch seasons on Netflix and not once in 8 months did we go over our 80GB limit, not even close. Then suddenly we receive the notice that we’re at 75% of our usage, so naturally we cut our usage drastically. The next day we receive another notice saying we’re at 100%. That month we went over 27GB! We decided to up our usage to 120GB and what do you know, two weeks into the billing cycle we are almost over that! Ridiculous. It hasn’t changed. My husband and I were out of town for a long weekend and everything was off. When we returned we checked the usage on To our surprise our usage spiked on the days we were away! We have up to date virus protection and a very difficult password. Has anything been done about this in the past year or so? Or must we continue to be robbed?

  • Bookroom

    Tell me how my account could show usage during the ice storm we experienced in Toronto, when my WHOLE neighbourhood had no hydro! The hydro went off Dec. 23, 2013 at 4:15 am (I know because for some strange reason I woke up) through to Dec. 26 sometime in the late morning or early afternoon (I know because during this period I periodically called my home phone. When I heard the answering machine on Dec. 26th it meant the power was back on). Then, as of January 1st, 2014 my reported daily usage spiked incredibly, even though my habits had not changed. Although I have not gone over my 60GBs (yes, older modem, and that’s all I’ve ever needed – until now), I am suddenly near capacity for both January and February! What’s up with that? Of course, when I called Rogers, they just scratched their heads and said, “Yeah, that is strange! You need to upgrade to the 80GB modem.” That’s not an answer. I dread the thought of having to change my email address and notify everyone and all the headaches that comes with that sort of thing, I can see no alternative but to find another provider. A governing body needs to investigate this scam – because I do believe it is a scam. Also, perhaps we could write to the Technical Column editors of various news agencies. Surely someone can investigate this.

  • Elly

    Hello, good to see I am not alone. I canceled my Rogers account two weeks ago. Since that time I am getting a notice ONCE A WEEK that I have reached 100% of my monthly Internet usage (80GB), and as many others here on this page, we cut down the usage because being scared of the high bills they sent. I know I won’t get anywhere if talking to them but I am not willing to pay these bills.
    My question – what can I do? Do I need a layer or is there any authority to help?
    I am very thankful for any advise.

  • Banksant

    I have just spent hour with rogers ( going around in circles) as there are saying I have used 14544 MB which is over by 4304 MB and I still have 11 days left. I only use the internet for emails and web serving. That’s all. It is impossible that I have used this amount. My contract is still current otherwise I would change. Not sure why else I can do.

  • Jim

    Went to local Rogers store to return modem just after 23 days and they would not take it because I first need to call Rogers (waist time) and cancel the service and get a confirmation.

    It is almost impossible even without contract just after 3 weeks to cancel my service with Rogers. Placing me on hold to check with internal managers and departments. I was told that to cancel I need to call customer service and they will contact cancelation people, what a pile of horse s……

    Is it nothing we can do! Did Rogers buy all political parties for the right to do wahtever thy want?

  • Naveen

    This happen to me this week. On March 10, received a notice from Rogers that I have used 75% of my 60gb. Is it a scam by Rogers? When I inquired about the time of the usage, they told me they don’t keep records of it but only the dates.

    Who can I report this to? Police?

  • Jason

    Hi all,

    I’ve recently experienced a similar situation. Typically I do a fair amount of downloading, working from home, and watching Netflix so we subscribe to the Extreme package which gives us 120gb of bandwidth. In the last 8 months having this service I have never gone above 80gb. The other day I received a notice saying I was at 75%. I thought thats odd, I’ve never received a notice before. The next day I get a second notice saying I’m now at 100%. Now extremely concerned I log in and check my usage. On average I’m around 1-4gb per day however on March 3rd and on March 10th I see 57gb of bandwidth! Both Monday’s with nothing unusual occuring on those days. My wifi password has always been secure. I currently have Rogers investigating but there was no way I could have used close to 60gb on each of those 2 days. Absolutely impossible.

  • Marc

    Hallelujah! I am not crazy, and certainly not alone. This past Tuesday, at 11:55 pm, I received an auto message from Rogers that my usage was over. I went to check my Account Info on Rogers, and was shocked to find my usage at 28GB over! Never, and I mean never, have we surpassed our allowance. Only two of us in the house, no Netflix, stream an online episode maybe once a month. Have a PVR and record everything we watch. The daily usage was showing a spike as of Sunday March 9 at 7GB, and then 21 and 22GB each for Monday and Tuesday. I unplugged the Wi-Fi. I only had cable direct from modem to desktop, yet the Local Area Network Staus packet counter was just flying, showing about 15MB per minute! I called Rogers three times on Wednesday, they even suggested I change the modem. I did, got home and plugged it in…no change, another call to Rogers to update. They then suggested turning everything off for 24 hours, did that, just starting up this morning. Rogers Acct info shows nothing for March 13, not even the date! There was even a suggestion by one of the Techs I spoke to it could be my computer. So I plugged in a different one, and the counter on that one just kept going. As I start back up on this Friday, I am monitoring activity, and writing everything down, as I will go to Rogers and demand explanations, and a refund, of what is currently showing as $70 worth of overage! And if they keep billing me for the half month left, will likely come closer to the $100 maximum.

  • Nancy

    Kbelle, cancel immediately. They are ripping you off and will never stop. There’s a facebook page about Rogers scamming. They are a fraudulent company that should be shut down. What happened to you happened to me until they were trying to charge me nearly $300 a month for freaking internet usage. They threatened to take me to court and I laughed at them and told them to go ahead. They backed down and I cut them off and refused to pay the last bill.

    And spread the word warning people against Rogers.

  • Phea

    Got a bill today for$ 190 for my Rogers stick had no used it since Feb 18 only used it last night to check e-mail. Tried talking to CSR I got passed around to at least 5 people ..I was told that the data don’t it showed that I was using the stick .or someone in the house did I have ghost living with me and I’m crazy . Because I don’t remember downloading a ton load of stuff . Are you kidding I’m so livid right now . Why do they get away with shit like that . What recourse do we have ? I’m tired so tired

  • Ohno

    BEWARE that once u have decided to leave rogers, u won’t be able to check your usage online for the last month (not as they promised when u were registering for the service that u will be able check your usage online. As they now say that its only an extra service to be able to check your usage online. here is what they said: “It’s a tool we offer as an extra for customers, we are not forced to offer these tools and unfortunately they do not work for accounts with pending cancellations.” ) In that case, u will have to call or use the live chat to keep track of your usage and it takes a loooong time, at least half to an hour, as they usually pretend they don’t know what you are saying for not being able to view your usage online or they are just having fun in transferring you to their ‘different departments’) After a month or two of leaving rogers they will send u a bill of over usage charges after u have returned the modem and settled the finally monthly bill. When u ask for the proof or usage history for the over-usaged-month. they will say that they cannot do that. here is what they said: “There are counters for your Internet usage and that’s what we capted for your usage.” and “Unfortunately legally the governement knows that all the calculators are accurate and we are not mandated to provide daily usage amounts. As well it’s illegal for us to monitor what our customers are doing online so we would never be able to say what your usage is from.” and “I’m sorry the charges are valid.”

    I will never use Rogers again, their management and customer service is the worst of all. I have no idea why the government is not doing sth with that. Since so many ppl are having over charging problems with this company, there Must be sth going wrong.

  • Ohno

    What did everyone from upstairs do with the over usage charges? any updates? did u just get tired of receiving letters from them and just paid it anyways?

  • John

    I’ve had a Rogers Rocket Hub for years, I have 20gb download limit, It is located in a rural area in northern Ontario. The signal can not be stolen unless the thief was on my property close to the house. Also I am using the complex password that Rogers assigned to me. I sometimes have downloaded movies and am careful not to go over my limit but I haven’t for the last few months .
    I just got the bills for the last 2 months and instead of 70 dollars or so for each month, they are 459.00 and 499.00 and my internet has been suspended ( which hasn’t affected me much cause Ive barely been using it this year). I checked with rogers to see what was going on and they told me Ive been using roughly 65gb per month. Also there was a subscription charge for 13.00 and they gave me a number to call to cancel the subscription. I have not subscribed to anything so I googled the number and its for Motown ringtones. This is ridiculous cause the number is assigned to my rocket hub which has no ringer. Ive come to the conclusion that Rogers is ripping me off and I will no longer be using their service. They are Scammers!

  • Maggie

    I am also fed up with Rogers cancelled their internet a few days ago as the last two months I was going over my 80 GB in 14 days. I called them and told them that my internet usage has not changed in the last few years and until February my usage was between 54 and 60 GB. They told me that everything is okay at their end and that since I am using Netflix I am racking up my usage and should upgrade to bigger data. I told them that is impossible as I track what I watch on Netflix and never had an issue before. I got so upset at them and decided to cancel my internet. They did not tell me that my online account will be deactivated and I wasted an additional two days to try to resolve that with Rogers online help. My cancelation takes affect May 21st but I am returning the modem tomorrow as I am afraid to use it as they might tell me that I went over my usage in the last few days and I have no way of checking that information online. They are such scammers and try to convince you that you are at fault. I even spoke with a manager today and got absolutely nowhere. Warning for those that go over their limit in the first month, just cancel the service as they will not rectify the problem they will try to convince you to upgrade your data.

  • Brendan

    Still not as bad as Bell Canada but Rogers is inching ever so close to the title of Worst in Country. For 3 years Ive had the 60g month plan. I NEVER watch tv or movies online and go to youtube on average 2 hrs a month. My internet is ONLY used for e-mail the odd chat and random surfing and my computer and internet is off more often than on. No WiFi set up here just direct cable. YET the past 3 months in a row I seem to all of a sudden get a notice telling me that (with out prior notice)48 hrs before I went over my limit so I owe x amount extra. I look at my usage meter and it has very strange spikes in usage including a time my wife and I were out of town. No one else has access to my home so unless someone broke in and borrowed my net and didnt steal anything else there is a HUGE problem on rogers end.. I call and call and e-mail. do you think I could get someone to help? not a chance.. Im now searching for a new company in Whitby Ontario (other than Bell) and the moment I find one its Bye Bye Rogers

  • Russell

    My useage jump 16gb in one day I did not get any help from rogers n I have no idea what would cause a jump like that. Has anyone used Tek-savvy thinking of going that way.
    I am outside of Toronto north about n hour 60km

  • JJ

    So glad that we are not the only ones going through this.
    We also are settling our “final” “final” bill (revised bill #2). After we cancelled all 3 of our services (home phone, internet, and cable), we were charged for 1 full month thereafter of home phone service… even though our cable and net was cancelled and showing on the first “final” bill. Called in and spoke with rep and paid the amount that we should have been owing ($12.98) per the rep. Now our “final” bill (#2) is $23.41 (after the $12.98 we paid was applied). Apparently we went over by 4 GBs in our last month… we have never gone over 4 GBs ever. Nobody stayed with us, usage was like the previous months before. Just called Billing – said b/c it is a cancelled account they cannot see our past usage data history. But they were able to somehow have this data on-hand to charge us 2 months after-the-fact… I was asked to contact web chat as the current Billing rep said it has “nothing” to do with her…(?!?).

    Ohno: did you have any luck getting a record of your last month’s internet data usage??? I wish I had come across this page BEFORE having cancelled our account so we could’ve captured our internet usage as proof. Did you end up just paying the amount in frustration?

  • JJ

    Russell: Have you tried checking out if VMedia ( is available in your area? We’ve transferred to them for Cable and Internet service. So far so good. You must also purchase their internet if you want their cable service. However, if you are still a current Rogers customer, the transfer fee for cable is only $20 and they do not have to come onsite to install anything since they use Rogers’ lines. You have within 48 hours from the time you cancel with Rogers (get the cancellation #) to sign-up for their cable & net service, and purchase the modem from their list of acceptable modems. Hope this helps.

  • IS

    I has happened to us twice, every time right after we update our service with Rogers to a new package. The first time they told us we did not secure our lines and someone was using our internet. Which is not true. I am in IT business myself and very well aware how to secure the line. We just paid for the over usage. Now I have charges again. I just can not believe that it happened again and right after the change of package. This seem to be a systemic issue and I am surprises no one does anything about it.

  • RJ

    We have just had the same thing happen to us 2 months in a row. Very unusual usage spikes for no explainable reason. The first month I called and the rep agreed it was odd and increased my plan from 180GB/month to 270GB/month. Great as I normally didn’t use anywhere near that amount. Even still I changed my wifi password and SSID and wiped the the computer that was constantly connected to my router (modem in bridge mode) just to be safe. I went on vacation in the very beginning of my billing cycle and get back to a 100% notification. Perplexed at the situation I called Rogers and they explained that there was 2 very large usage days I having 130GB of usage and the other 380GB, both on days where no one was home and the only device left at home was in hibernation mode with LAN disabled. The rep agreed that the usage didn’t make sense and lodged an investigation, which came back that there was no issue on Roger’s end? I’m not sure how that is possible considering 380GB in 24 hours works out to be a constant speed of 36 mb/s non stop?? How is that even possible. I escalated the concern and am waiting on their response but if this doesn’t get fixed ASAP it will be time to cancel my long standing relationship with Rogers. Stay tuned…

  • ME

    This is happening to me. No reason for the high usage. Started back in February. Had 60gb plan, they convinced me to upgrade to a new modem and then I’d have 80gb. Now I am going over 80gb. I’m often using 7gb a day!!! No change here in how we use the internet. Somehow they are counting a lot more than we are using. Makes no sense. Is there no watchdog investigating their usage claims? I am ready to dump rogers and go to tekksavy. Something is very fishy.

  • Dann

    I am on a retention plan with Rogers that is too good to leave and every single month I have to call and get corrections on my bill. Sometimes it’s only for a few bucks but it’s the principle of being overcharged that I just can’t let go. It wastes so much time dealing with their fraudulent practices. I think the best thing we can do is walk away from them. Putting up with their shit is reaching a boiling point for me. Their lack respect for customers is intolerable.

  • Chris

    Looks like everyone’s been rogered here
    How the fuck do I use 120 gigabytes in 1 day?? My wife nor I am home!! So tired of Rogers services!! These corporations have piss pore customer service that gets you no where and they tell you your lying to them on the phone!! Everyone should just cancel there services and watch them suffer like all of us do!!

  • Mohammad

    I like to share my experience too…I received an email from Roger’s about my internet overage on Sept. 5th. I have 350 GB limit for a month. I normally use less than 200GB every month. I went online to check my internet usage. I was shocked to see that on Sept. 3rd my internet usage was readyyy…272GB. Yes 272GB for one day. I called the Roger tech. support and he could believe the usage also. Though he gave me the credit but since then my usage is going up every day. In 2 days my usage was 22 GB (7GB and 15GB). Don’t know what is happening but will call Roger’s again and see what they can suggest. I will also love to hear any suggestions from anybody at this point.

  • Howie

    Got the same problem here. Last month I got a notification that was at my 75% capacity of my 300gb. So I checked the daily usage and typical day is from 3 to 5gb and all of a sudden one Sunday we were logged using over 100gb. And we weren’t even home most of the day. Called Rogers and they give me the run around like other people in the household… blah blah.. but no one uses the internet besides my wife and I and the kids watches netflix once in a while. And last night I got another 57gb added and we didn’t even stream. This is total fraud. And also they raised my monthly fee another $3 without notice. Scam…

  • Lina

    Hello everyone,

    Reading all your post makes me even more angry. I can’t anymore deal with Rogers customer service as I’m just about to swear and I’m too intelligent to do this. However, I’ve been ripped off as all of you. My account is cancelled with Rogers and I have my last bill of $ 364 to pay until October 11, 2014. Despite the due date for payment I’ve just received a threatening collection letter to pay the bill immediately otherwise they would ruin my credit rating. My question is how can I take any legal action to sue them and is there anyone who can help to deal with these matters.Thanks

  • Ron

    Just got a note from Rogers that I was over my 100 gigs by 57 gigs. 75% usage note was two days after the fact. 102 gig usage over the past TWO days. Average use for us is 2 gigs per day unless we binge watch some tv series. Even at that we seldom go over 10 gigs per day. Their current idea is to hook one computer only directly to modem and check usage two days from now. Nothing unusual reported on my security or router (one of the latest/greatest models) monitoring equipment. We’ll see.

  • Ottawaguy

    Having this problem right now. They’ve offered to credit everything so far, but called it a “one time overuse credit” or something so I’m unsure if I’ll be compensated if this problem continues. Anyways, I had a 40 GB spike one month that put me over, and 100 GB this month! I use around 2 GB any normal day. My modem log for the past week does NOT show that usage, but rather matches up with my daily average

  • spek

    same thing here
    over usage and e mails from rogers
    got a call today and was told to upgrade usage
    going to cancel everything rogers

  • Jayoti

    The day before yesterday they charged our internet usage for 384GB. My parents believe its me because I use my phone a lot. What they don’t understand is that I use my devices “a lot” every single year. Apparently my parents think that Rogers is not at fault because we have been with them for 8 years and they are giving us 350GB in a price that is equivalent to 60GB price. Last month our internet usage spiked from 26GB to 32GB to 65GB. I am a 19 year old college student btw and I am not at home much considering I have to attend classes. Phone is an important necessity and has become a vital part in anybody’s life today. My parents took my phone away to prove a point yet again the next day, we were charged 62GB. My parents forgot about that part apparently because my parents paid the last month’s bill and yet again this month they are charging us with excessive amount of internet usage. They charged us 8GB on Thursday and 9GB on Friday when 3 exams back to back during those two days. Yet still my parents blame me for the excessive usage. On Tuesday we were charged 384GB and my parents think it is because of me. I only go to tumblr, Facebook and YouTube. I don’t download at all so how come 384GB go from using those applications. I used them for 3 hours during the whole day. They took my phone away but they will keep suffering from this problem if they won’t use their common sense.

  • RG

    Well ..definitely there seems to be a problem with Rogers. I guess I am latest victim …, today I got a alert from rogers ..saying that I have consumed 100% , my limit is 320 Gb …, I checked My rogers portal and is reporting 288 Gb consumption on 2nd November.

    Interestingly I had my router traffic monitoring logs switched as well. It is showing me only 3.3 Gb download and 354 mb upload. Only on 2nd November that My Rogers and the router log is reporting differently. So when I called the support line the tech guy was telling me to change my Wifi security settings. So I questioned on many things and his second suggestion was to take the “one time usage credit” ….., They completely puts the blame on us and act as nothing is wrong with there picture. And the tech guy also suggested .. me to upgrade …and about keeping the internet switched off 24 hrs so they could monitor their metering for stuff. I am not talking about residual traffic ..this is a clear .. issue with there side but they are not worried about it.

    This looks like a real issue for many of us. As the previous posting said ..If I have to pay single cent on this ..I will drop rogers on the spot and switch.

  • Benjamin

    All scams people wake up all ready

  • Bob

    My son ended up paying over $800.00 in penalties for outgoing texts!
    Somehow his usage from one month to the next went from a couple dozen texts to thousands! And they won’t show how they came up with the numbers, and nobody from Rogers bothered to let him know that for a measly $5.00 a month he could have unlimited, this went on for months as he is in the military and was even away in Afghanistan for some of the period involved. Horrible company, almost as bad as Bell, who we had issues with years ago and left to never return, that’s what everyone should do, everyone stop using and stop paying, a grand gesture to grab the attention of Rogers and the attention of the media, a huge General Strike against overcharging. And yes I have cancelled my monthly cell plan, paid the penalty as it was cheaper than paying for the entire duration of contract and went to pay as you go. I laugh when they call to try to convince me to get a monthly plan, no thanks, I get 100 megs a month now and my service cuts off if I go over and I haven’t gone over yet. I check emails occasionally and research items on internet if I’m out buying something, no reason why anyone would go over a gig a month on cell phone plan unless streaming videos constantly, sounds crazy.

  • Boris

    Yesterday when I checked my internet usage in myrogers account, I still have 710 mb left. But today I checked again, it said I used over 3 GB yesterday. This is impossible, yesterday we have a snow storm and I didn’t download anything and only used 3 hours. Since Nov 09, I only used couple hundred mbs everyday, but yesterday usage is surprising me. I tried to solve the problem with live chat, but the customer support said their meter is accurate and indicated that I used more than 7 hours, how come? I didn’t use internet in afternoon , only 2 hours in evening and 1 hour at night. I asked again, they said they cannot help and cut me off.

  • Ty

    I am in shock that there are so many posts on this. I’m in Ottawa. Had 80 GB plan. First got a call saying my modem was old and to go to Rogers to exchange it. Fine. Suddenly less than halfway through my billing period I am at 97GB! I have never gone over before. I called for an explanation/threatened to cancel. Was offered “goodwill one-time usage credit” and offered new Fibre 120 GB plan with doubled speed (from 30 to 60 mbps) for less than I had been paying. Accepted for now but really want to drop Rogers, this is obviously a corporate racket / mega scam !!

  • Elle

    I have been having this problem for the past 2 months. I call Rogers to inquire and they act like I’m stupid, silly and just trying to deny my usage. I gave up downloading torrents and using netflix altogether. They find it reasonable that 117 gb was downloaded in a single day? Another time, 33 gb in one day??? I live with one roommate and he is barely home. Changed my network name and password at their advice and yet still the same problem??? Something seems way fishy.

  • James

    My monthly bill from Rogers is $74 for a plan that gave me 80GB/month and for a year and a half everything was great, but what should I see when I look at this months bill but an additional usage charge of $184.

    They claim I used 56GB OVER my 80GB allowance in October, and when I went to the store to dispute the charges they said that I’ve already used 40% of November’s allowance in the last 8 days.

    Unfortunately since it’s Black Friday/weekend they were swamped, not their fault they couldn’t resolve it, and when I called their customer service line (about 5 hours before this posting) they said it’s because Netflix upped their quality and it will now eat up my data.

    I checked Netflix but it was set to the lowest streaming quality (0.4GB/hour), which means we would have to be watching 10 hours of Netflix per day on top of what we already are watching to justify this increase in usage.

    Needless to say, I’ll be going to the rogers centre and disputing the charges as an underhanded cash-grab that I will not be paying.

  • scott wilson

    been going through the same ordeal since a week ago, internet usage showing over 60gb and no one has even been home for last two months.. they asked me to unplug the motem, which we did, then today said go unplug the computer. Had to get a neighbour to go to the home twice now. the neighbour confirmed the computer is not even connected to the interent. Needs password. yet rogers today tells me there is no password on this so said they would reset a password today. BS!!!! now they say because it showed there was no previous password they are not liable for this over usage. They will not reimburse or let us cancel our account until next bill is paid, which will be another $150 in usage on top of the normal bill. WHat crooks!

  • scott wilson

    used that link someone else posted to file a complaint with the cct and within 48 hours they contacted Rodgers on my behalf and today got a call from a higher up who said they are reversing all the extra charges for the 3 months. Unplugging the modem once again and returning it to the store. Undecided if I will remain a customer or not, sad it took the CCT to get them to realize this was not a customer’s fault. Don’t be afraid to contact this for help people!!!! and besure to snap shot your usage for them as they do require attachment for proof of the bills


  • ph

    Same thing is happening to us – they reversed the charges first few times it happened but this month no way. We have to pay the overage fee. What the hell? The data amounts are physically impossible!!

  • RM

    I’m Joining the club I guess.
    This initially happened to me back in August. They said that I acknowledged the overage via a browser, but I never saw it, but I do have a 12 yr old at home, so figured he must have, although he swears he never saw that notice. Anyways, I ended up upgrading my service to a higher level. They made me change all the Wireless Passwords etc.
    I monitored it for a few weeks and all seemed okay.
    still haven’t gotten any notice this month, but low and behold I decided to check in on usage.
    *** Heart Stopper**
    said I used 1.5 TB (yes terra bytes) to a whopping additional use charge of $2538.00
    Some of the days it claims I used 400GB we weren’t even at home, so I am sure we didn’t download anything.
    Techs are now putting me through the routine of unplugging the modem for 24 hours.
    This may be my last straw dealing with Robbers Communication. So sad though, they are all bad.

  • Dawn

    We are rural residents and rely solely on the rocket hub – we are only entitled to 20 GB and are experiencing huge usage when we are not even home. There are no other service providers in my area! I am charged $10/GB over – rogers says my average usage is 80 GB. Does anyone know how I can track my own usage – or have any other advice?

  • Roger

    So, I have 1 day left on my current cycle and lo and behold 4gb all of a sudden shows up on my final day pushing me over the limit. I WASN’T HOME ON MY FINAL DAY.

    How the hell does this happen? This is absolutely ridiculous.
    I’m glad I monitor my usage daily but this is just insane. Now I have to reserve 2-3 hours out of my day just to call them (which will no doubt lead to nowhere).

  • Liz

    WOW. I knew I couldn’t be the only one they were doing this to but to see all the complaints! Same dame things happening to me, overage charges that are almost physically impossible, usage charges when we aren’t even home (sometimes out of the damn province). I unplug the modem, unplug the damn cable right from the source, still shows usage everyday.Call them they not only treat you like dirt (and I ALWAYS start off very, very polite), agree no one can hack in if it’s not wi-fi (we still have physical cable) but refuse to do anything. I tried to cancel twice, she told me “no problem we’ll cancel that I just have to transfer you” literally put me on hold until I hung up (40 plus minutes). I just don’t understand how they keep getting away with this when there are so many people. Am filing my complaints with CCTS

  • Jen

    Same thing has been happening to us. We were averaging 3-4gb MAX a day. We started out a few years ago with a 60gb plan. It slowly started creeping up, so we went to the 80gb plan. Again, almost immediately, we were getting close to the max. We went to the 120gb plan, thinking it was something we were doing wrong. Then after a few more months of going over, or at least close to over, we finally jumped to a 200gb plan. Then, 2 months ago it started again. We went over our 200gb by 27gb. We went months not even getting CLOSE to 200gb usuage in a month. We haven’t really changed our habits other than in the inclusion of Netflix a couple years ago now. We have Netflix set to the lowest resolution – .3mb/h. We were both sick one day last week and watched Netflix all day. Using that math, we shouldn’t have used more than 3-4gb for the entire day….but we used 16gb. Tell me how that happens? So, due to the fact that we’re using more and more internet (according to Rogers of course) every month, we’re at the 320gb plan. My usage for this past week?
    Monday – 16gb (we were home sick this day)
    Tuesday – 3gb (both at work)
    Wednesday – less than 1gb (both at work, but watched Netflix in the evening)
    Thursday – 13gb (we both work all day)
    Friday – 6gb (both worked all day)
    Saturday – 13gb
    Sunday – 16gb
    When I go back to take a look at my daily usage from 2 months ago, it’s been slowly creeping up again. We’ve used more than half of our max usage in less than half the month. I’m so frustrated. I guess it’s time to move on. I can’t keep paying more and more every month. It’s absolutely ridiculous! And I simply CANNOT believe how many people they’re doing this to!!!!!!!!!
    So I’ve been comparing all the smaller ISP’s around…TekSavvy, Start and Execulink. I will be changing. Really glad I didn’t sign a contract this time around.

  • Justin

    Joining the club.
    Consistently about 10GB d/u a month for about 4-5 years.

    Decided in June to purchase the new 3GN modem (to avoid paying the extra rental fees)
    then my d/u went up to around 60 (my max at the time)and paid for a few overages since October to December (there go the rental savings).

    Installed my new Christmas presents (Nest and Dropcam) in early January, so I proactively called and upgraded to the new 120GB limit. 4 days to the end of my cycle I just received my 75% notification 105GB d/u so far this month.

    Wondering if the spikes have any correlation to the new 3GN modem purchased in July? or the increased d/u speeds? or perhaps a leach on my wifi? going to change the passwords tonight and look into the ipad and android devices for automatic cloud back ups.

  • FRoger

    Same, was billed for 131 GB of overage which could not be verified. Case was open with Rogers for months until they finally indicated they could not access the usage records and they closed the case in my favour. While the case was open, they continuously repeated “but the good news is that instead of paying the $260 in overages, you only pay the $100 maximum !” It was like a scripted tactic to get someone to bite it and pay. I had to repeat to several representatives that the 131 GB of overage was in error to begin with – it was impossible for us to go over the 300GB included in the package. Their investigation lead no where – as if they couldn’t even check the usage – therefore they didn’t want to prove in anyway that they knew the usage was false!

  • Snow

    My internet usage multiplied by 10~15 times larger on January 19, 2015 just after having a new modem installed. The old one mysteriously stopped working. Literally the next day my usage was 30GB+ when they day before I had used less that 1GB. Impossible. 30GB in one day?

    I have dealt with Rogers this morning.

    After being turned way by some rude kid who told me it was not Roger’s fault and that the only explanation is theft, I escalated to a manager and had the entire amount erased. The are giving me a credit for the total amount. (They would not bill over $100 of over usage even if we used 2 terabytes)

    They are adamant that its not the modem. Very fishy considering the old modem just stopped working, they showed up so fast and installed a new one, only to have the usage multiply 10~15 times by the next day.

    The manager was also very quick to try to almost ‘accuse’ me of using bit torrent. They are obviously now with Shomi, competing with bit torrent and have found a way to have a little war on downloaders. BitT not only uses download space but ALSO upload space! I think that is the new thing they are doing.

    It is not a mistake, they are deliberately doing this and say they have checked the problem and find no fault on their side. SCAM

  • Snow

    Rogers clearly started doing something new with ‘upload’ counting when I had this new modem installed Jan18 or 19.

    I went from 1~2 GB/day to at times to 37GB/day ?!?!? Totally impossible!

    January 23, 2015 1,574 31,742 33,316
    January 22, 2015 8,577 29,306 37,883
    January 21, 2015 10,004 22,923 32,927
    January 20, 2015 3,972 18,489 22,461
    January 19, 2015 3,183 16,292 19,475
    January 18, 2015 3,754 1,062 4,816
    January 17, 2015 3,367 222 3,589
    January 16, 2015 1,773 44 1,817
    January 15, 2015 1,267 77 1,344
    January 14, 2015 1,759 62 1,821

  • Derek

    We have a rocket-hub as well as we are rural, and have the 10Gb plan. Rogers is frequently charging us for overages even though I have bandwidth monitoring and limiting set up on our router to disable the Internet after the 10G limit is reached. We never come close to 10Gb as far as our router is concerned, but Rogers still bills us for 20Gb!

    When we call in to Rogers they try and tell us that it is “impossible” to have a router disable the Internet after a limit is reached, and do not believe anything we say, and say there is nothing they can do.

    As a side note, I have a Bell Mobility phone (iPhone) and the cellular data usage on my phone never matches what the bill states — they always charge 50-200% more (i.e. up to three times more than the iPhone counter says I’m using).

  • Nancy


    They will not risk facing you in court. I stood up to them when they were ripping me off and even though I had to put up with their phone calls and even a collection agency I never gave up and in the end they slunk away like the cockroaches they are.

  • Bob Bobson

    After seeing this post, I just checked my Rogers logs for January 2012 and found the same thing. It shows that on Jan.16, I used 2.9GB, then suddenly 12.3GB somehow, and then back to 2.6GB. They charged us $2 overage for being 1.1GB “over”.

    It’s a shame I did not see this post back then so that I could yell at them to not charge us for a mistake caused by their garbage systems not working (as usual).

    I throughly detest absolutely everything about Rogers and wish the useless government would step in and force the creation of competition. I look forward to somehow leaving them soon. At this point, I would rather have no services at all than give them any more money; I’m tired of being raped, abused, and taken advantage of by Rogers.

  • Kristian

    Rogers will quite often screw you.
    Many times, Have I spoken to them about something to find out several months later that they changed something; and I lost a Discount, Service, or Promotion.

    Recent example; Used to have 10GB iPhone Plan and Upgraded/Took advantage during double your “Data” promotion; for 20GB Total; During some minor Long Distance/North America changes to my contract my account was modified and this was not discussed with me: It was modified to be a 20GB Data Plan (No longer 10 With “10GB Promo”).

    When upgrading phones; they told me voicemail would not be affected. Moments later I lost 300 Unheard messages. It ruined the rest of my year.

  • Jennifer

    I am so frustrated and done with rogers- I paid out 668 dollars to a zero balance and by April as predicted rogers says I know owe 765 dollars even though my last text said I owed 173.00 which I have paid in full. My data on my IPhone has been stopped by them because they say I’ve overused my data which I have not gone over as I only use my data at home…they are criminals and I too and not paying this amount!! HELP!

  • Shawna

    I have been a Roger’s customer for over 5 years – also rural customer with no options for internet other than the rocket hub. Started out at $60/month…gradually rose to $90/month for 20 gigs. This is the highest package they have – any usage over this is billed at $10 a gig!!! I had been begrudgingly paying the $90 for over two years now but suddenly in November 2014 my bill jumped to $230. I was shocked and called immediately as no changes to use had occurred – only two laptops in house and absolutely NO Netflix, NO Utube and NO gaming. They put a cap on to appease me for 3 months and tried to convince me that it was my wireless printer – advised me to unplug modem at night. Useage dropped to normal in December but by April had soared to $640/month – WTF – CAn you believe it!!! Now they tell me that I have a virus that is uploading my data to cyberspace. With this usage I could be running my own Netflix company! How do you deal with these idiots?

  • Dave Young

    I just got my rogers bill and my usage is 42.00 this month, I’ve been with rogers since day one and this is the first time I’ve got a usage fee for the internet, I have 80gbs I’ve got usage for the cell phones but not internet, are the phones separate from the internet???

  • Mindy

    Suggestion for Nancy who commented back in April. Nancy, just because you stopped receiving calls, doesn’t mean that Rogers has given up or reversed the charge unfortunately. Rogers, calling or not, may have noted this outstanding amount as delinquent on your credit report which will then negatively impact your credit rating for years. I strongly urge you to obtain a copy of your credit report (free once per year when sent by mail) from a Canadian credit bureau like Equifax or TransUnion (refer to their websites for instructions) because I have met too many people who ended up having credit issues from situations just like the one you described.

  • Cee

    Received the same warning that I had reached 75%. Not possible as I never stream anything.

    I have a Lite plan which is no longer offered by Rogers. For approximately a month I have been unable to access my account online to monitor my usage and every time receive a message to contact a Rep., which I have done and this was a complete waste of time.

    Sent an e-mail to the president and one other CEO and had a call from the president’s office the following day advising that a Tech would contact me. Tech did make contact, tried to put the blame on modem, then on the router, finally said they would work on it and get back to me. Have heard nothing yet and as of one hour ago this issue has not been resolved.

    I have a feeling this is an attempt to upsell me to a more expensive plan which I definitely do not want nor need!! If not resolved very soon, I will have no choice but to go with another ISP.

  • Richard

    Rogers are a bunch of crooks. I was using 1/2 a Gb of internet every day average and never went above 25Gb per month (Internet Lite). My internet usage went from 1/2 Gb per day to 4 Gb on Dec 1st.without any change in usage and of course I got a notice that I was 75% and then 100% usage. Now they say I can’t increase usage without upgrading my box. I bought a modem 3 years ago when I started. Now they say I must upgrade the modem to increase my plan. If you go to their site it says $32.99 per month for 25Gb usage and they have been billing me $42.99 per month. When asked about this they say these are old prices yet they haven’t changed them weeks later. This is another one of their scams to rope you in with lower prices and then raise their rates or maybe they can convince you that these are old prices. The latest news is Rogers profits are up and their customer numbers are down. No wonder they cheat everyone. I HOPE ROGERS GOES BANKRUPT WHEN EVERYONE REALIZES WHAT CROOKS THEY ARE. Pass it on.

  • Sam

    Been with Rogers 6 years for Internet only. Have NEVER gone over my 25gb limit EVER. Recently got notice of using 75% on Dec/28 so I was careful to go easy till next billing period starts on the 4th of Jan. I decided to check my usage to find their records show that on Jan 1st I used 3.3gb! NO WAY this could be true as I was being careful knowing I was at 75% and it was New Years Day when I only went on the computer for a email check. Called and complained. After first suggesting I upgrade to a bigger plan (why would I having never gone over before?) the rep credited my account for the overage. I will be watching VERY CLOSELY in the future and will install a bandwidth monitor.

  • Richard

    We are 2 retired Rogers Internet users. At Christmas we left home for 3 days turning off our Router / Modem by unplugging it. When we returned the Usage on the Rogers site still showed a usage even though the house was unoccupied and nothing was plugged into the Internet.
    Our Network Wi-Fi connection tracks usage and it shows no where near the usage that Rogers says we use.

  • Richard

    I think Rogers is at least doubling your usage rates on services such as Internet Lite so people will upgrade and pay more. They phone you as soon as their phoney stats go above the usage limits to see if you’ll upgrade. DON”T UPGRADE TO ROGERS!!!No wonder Rogers customers numbers are lower this year but their profits are high, they cheat us every way they can to keep profits high. EVENTUALLY THIS WILL CATCH UP TO THEM ONCE CUSTOMERS GET WISE!!!!!!

  • Slinggs

    Hi finally found a comment section to vent. I have read most of the comments here and got you all beat ha. Started Feb 9, turned on computer says I have reached 100% of usage. WTF? We have 200 gb plan, and I always check every Friday our weekly usage. It goes up and down depending on Netflix or game download etc. But we average 3 gb a day usually for the past 4 months. That is 4 computers and a couple of phones mostly youtube and emailing and ( don’t tell rogers) streaming some stuff as we have had done for 5 years. Anyways checked usage and dam says 300gb used day before and 120 gb used day before that. Yes those numbers are correct. Got on phone was told probably have a virus do you want to go to unlimited? UM no thanks what virus steals that much data? Its a week later and we had a 400 gb day and a bunch of 300 gb. Turned of modem between then and was down to 1.2 gb for 2 days? They decided to give us a credit of $100 to cover which was nice at the time but didn’t fix the usage problem. Went and got a new modem. Same thing 200gb used next day. Spoke to a tier 2 person at rogers. He kept saying virus on one of the computers. (btw all been scanned and nothing). So right now I ask anyone do they know or have heard of any virus sucking that much data? Not once did they have me go into the gateway modem like they used to years ago to adjust settings. Its all about the upsell first.

  • Slinggs

    Sorry wasn’t finished? Just wondering would Rogers have a problem if I went unlimited and ended up using a tb or 2 each month? I am thinking they would definitely get in touch or throttle our internet to make it so slow it would be like 1995 again. Have screen shots of my usuage the past 2 weeks but don’t know how to show it, showed it to the girl at the rogers store and she couldn’t believe it and called over a couple other clerks and they we just amazed. What uses that much gb a day?

  • Tammy Whitman

    I didn’t even have my internet box plugged in and I got a bill for 1100.00.Informed rogers of this and got told the collect agent will call me to work out how to pay the bill….still have it on my credit and its giving me bad credit ratings…… great way to treat your customers.

  • Otochan

    I had the same experience from Jan 2016. Between Jan and April, we paid extra $90 for the overuse. We had 25 GB plan until last summer, then switched to 200 GB plan. No way that 200 GB is not enough!

    Rogers’ TechExperts did:
    change the WIFI account password
    scanned all the devices I owned
    disconnected WIFI
    change the modem

    Nothing worked. Nothing else they can do.
    TechEx people were all very friendly and nice, by the way.

    I called the manager at Customer Service.
    She offered me to upgrade to unlimited, until my contract expires in a year, with no extra cost.
    She also gave me $90 back as a credit.

    I’d love to see them trying to fix the counter problem, but for now, I’m happy with my result, and will move on.

    Good luck, everyone!

  • Ben

    Hi every body, i am also rogers customer up to now exactly, but i am thinking to switch to another internet operator, i’d like to share my last experience with you!
    i have been using rogers internet cable with 200 GB limitation on usage, i check my usage regularly actually one time in week, tonight when i came back to home i gave a massage from rogers on top of internet explorer about warning you are charging for over-usage of internet.
    i checked my account and i found on Thursday (2nd of June 2016), we used over than 100GB while we were at home during day and we came back about 10 PM.

    it is to be noted our normal internet usage is about 2-3 GB per day, and our normal usage from internet is about 130 GB from 200 GB.

    and also interesting thing is my internet will be renewed tomorrow for next month, and they claimed around 50$.

    please don’t use rogers, they are really thieves,

  • Kevin

    Rogers is a piece of shit company. Who loves to charge you internet usage that you don’t even use. This company is a piece of shit.

  • Sarah

    I love that I found this site, but at the end of the day we all still have the same complaints and Roger’s just doesn’t care. We had five people living in our house two years ago and never went over 75GB. Now we have only 2 people and 200 GB and went over last month. Same story, your computer must have a malware/virus. Scanned computers, nothing….no virus…no malware. I have spent endless hours on the phone and live chat with Rogers and those are hours I will never get back. I had enough the other day and shut everything down. This is my daily usage since not using the internet. How the hell is this possible?
    September 25, 2016 927 2,316 3,243
    September 24, 2016 1,124 7,837 8,961
    September 23, 2016 1,233 8,037 9,270
    September 22, 2016 3,611 5,861 9,472
    September 21, 2016 761 2,292 3,053
    I’m so angry that they can’t help and I’m stuck in this stupid contract with a company of revenue over $13 Billon Dollars….Our Dollars for Screwing Us on a Daily Basis

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