Marlin’s Fish Shop, Marlons Butchery, Marlon’s Meats

If you are going to deal with Marlons Butchery, Marlin’s Fish Shop, Marlon’s Meats or Marlon’s Fish please note that these names are new brands of The Butchers store in Toronto owned by Marlon Pather.

The Butchers got very bad reputation in 2011 during their campaign on various daily deal sites like Buytopia, Webpiggy, DealTicker, DealGetters, DealFind and Teamsave. They are known for significantly reduced quality of the products and services. They have also unilaterally changed their terms and conditions several times making impossible to redeem coupons. A lot of customers were trying to get refunds from daily deal companies. For detailed information on The Butchers you may refer to these two articles:

The Butchers Scam on BuyTopia, WebPiggy.. Additives in meat

Where do The Butchers “Organic meats” come from?

The Butchers website:


Marlin’s Fish Shop

There is not too much information about this new brand from Marlon Pather and The Butchers. This name was present in daily deal offers from BuyTopia And Webpiggy:

$99 for $400 worth of organic and naturally raised meat from The Butchers, inclusive of a $50 credit to the opening of Marlin’s Fish Shop. Don’t miss The Butchers 10th Anniversary, Deal of the Century!

It is supposed to be opened in early May 2011 according to the daily deal offers:

Marlin’s Fish Shop will have it’s Grand Opening in early May

at “2631 Yonge St., Toronto, ON” just across the street from The Butchers:


Their website:

Domain name has been registered on November 10, 2010 and is pretty fresh containing some “about” and contact information:



However, according to the new Seafood Market from Marlon Pather and The Butchers was supposed to be opened in the mid December 2010:


What happened? Did they have not enough money to open the fish store and decided to run multiple daily deals for The Butchers first trying to get some cash?


Marlons Butchery


They provide catering services in Toronto. Phone and fax (order line) numbers are the same as at The Butchers:

Tel: 416-483-5777

Fax: 416-483-9447

Domain name has been registered on February 14, 2011 and the website already looks good, however many information pages are still missing as “Coming soon!”


As it is stated on the website, Marlons Butchery has been serving the Toronto area for many years… But I could find information about “Marlons Butchery” only at website. Should I try to search harder? Or is this a brand new business from Marlon Pather and The Butchers?


Marlon’s Meats

Looks like just a different brand name for The Butchers which lost all its reputation in the beginning of 2011. New brand – new service?


Domain name has been registered on March 18, 2011



Marlon’s Fish and Marlon’s Catering

Two domains have been registered on March 18, 2011 as well as Marlon’s Meat:

The contents of these websites are not currently visible for Internet users or search engines.

Looks like Marlon Pather and The Butchers have a plan for the case if their current store goes under…

34 comments to Marlin’s Fish Shop, Marlons Butchery, Marlon’s Meats

  • Arina

    Terrifically! Looks like Marlon is really enterprising))

  • Arina

    Poor webpiggy (and other deal-of-the-day websites)… I suppose Butchers is going to bankrupt them pretty soon… Oink :((

  • mark

    Excellent work !

  • Rudy

    Why are you hating so much on the Butchers? the last three posts have been about them… it’s either your a dissatisfied customer or just jelous… I’m not trying to be mean but seriously there’s other worse sh** out there than the Butchers selling meat…. just chillout with the Butchers already

  • Trueler

    @Rudy: We will write about “other worse sh** out there” as soon as we get more proofs. If you have something on mind, let us know – we will try to investigate.

    FYI: there is another scam happening now in Canada for which Trueler issues periodic updates:

    Is deal55 legit or scam? It’s Fraud and Phishing! Beware!


  • MikeJefe

    You called it! They’ll close the butcher shop as they open the fish store, and then the butcher shop will magically resurface under a new name… and won’t honor any “Butchers” vouchers since it doesn’t exist anymore!

  • Jacob


    Are you serious? “What are you hating so much on the Butchers?” Have you read even read the threads about them? Are you another shill account trying to defend ‘The Butcher” scam with nothing more than ‘hating on them’ as a defense? Read the facts Rudy..if you can not understand them then maybe you should I dunno…get a clue.

  • get a life

    You obviously have no life. I have seen a ton of posts and blogs written by you. Go out, have some fun and stop being such a hater. Do you go around looking for any website with marlon’s name in it? You gotta wonder if you’re making these screenshots yourself..

  • Bernard Madoff

    Marlon Madoff – the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    My Son has learned the great art of the Ponz. He has literally pump, pump, pumped this business up to a level that is unsustainable. And you stupid poor grazing sheep are too stupid to notice he has been dump, dump, dumping along the way.

    Soon he will be gone, with your money and your meat. And oh, whatever will you do?
    Oh shill pumper – what will you do to the poor hippy who spent 20% of his weekly earning on Marlon’s scheme?
    Oh shill pumper – you are a weak verison of Madoff. You are not as smart as Marlon and that is why you work for him.

    As i write this from the fed. Take my advice. Ask for a refund and leave. There’s no party here at the meat store.

    The only party is in Marlon’s meat makers market account.

  • MikeJefe

    Nah, Rudy probably posts under the name Yongeman on Chowhound, and/or his real name is Marlin/Marlon… part of their “social media strategy”, try to flood every forum and blog with glowing recommendations. Won’t work when Trueler has dug up so much dirt on them and keeps finding more…

  • ylsf

    Although Yongeman is a supporter of The Butchers, there is no way he is Marlin/Marlon. He is a long time poster on CH. He just has had good experiences at the Butchers. It is possible I think to have okay experiences depending on the day and time you go (just don’t go on the weekend, or during your lunch break)… They keep changing the “open” times too…

  • MikeJefe

    I don’t think so, YLSF. How can a store piss off dozens of customers with horrible service and minimal to no selection, but when Yongeman shows up he seems to always get impeccable service and a full selection to buy from? And what’s worse he seems to be insulting everybody who has complained, as if to suggest they’re all liars and he’s telling the truth.

    Mere coincidence, no way. That screams shill to me. Made worse by the fact the moderators will not allow anybody to call him out on it.

    He may not be Marlon but he’s a shill any way to look at it.

    Point is, Chowhound is useless for reasonable discussion on The Butchers. Because the mods delete all negative posts. Just like Webpiggy moderators.

  • MikeJefe

    As well, YLSF, how is it that every coupon user gets a hard time trying to redeem but Yongeman never does. Come on, we weren’t all born yesterday… What also points at shill is how he touts the coupons as such great deals that are worth the minimal hassles. More like he’s trying to convince everybody to buy more coupons so that Marlon has more money in his pocket when he finally closes the store down!

  • Gary

    I Went in there yesterday about 30 mins after they opened (Good friday) and they were sold out of everything except chicken and some ground chicken so I just walked out.

    I called this morning at 10am when they opened and asked if they had certain things I wanted. The answers were all no. Then I simply asked if they had anything and she was very nice, but told me they had no meat, nothing and that they only were open to distribute a few orders that they had.

    That is pretty strange that a central Toronto butcher store would be open all weekend just to hand out a few orders and sell no other meats. Makes me wonder what they are up to.

    I still have not heard back from my orders which I email in about once a week since mid March. Sometimes they give me a date to come in and then they have ‘lost’ the order and sometimes they don’t ever email back. Anyone else having a similar problem?

  • MikeJefe


    Please post your story on Chowhound. The moderators supposedly will allow it if you are describing an actual visit, which you are (if they delete yours then that clearly shows they’ve been paid off).

    Of course Marlon the Madoff’s “Chowhound Damage Control Specialist” Yongeman will come up with all sorts of excuses like “too many coupon customers showed up, be patient” or try to paint you as a liar….

  • mark

    (article in the Toronto Star – the print edition also)

    Roseman: Why you might be wary of Internet coupons–roseman-why-you-might-be-wary-of-internet-coupons

  • MikeJefe

    Finally the Star takes this story on. Better late than never…

  • Trueler

    Thanks to Ellen Roseman for covering this.

  • Bernard Madoff

    Marlon Madoff – the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    My Son has learned the great art of the Ponz. He has literally pump, pump, pumped this business up to a level that is unsustainable. And you stupid poor grazing sheep are too stupid to notice he has been dump, dump, dumping along the way.

    Soon he will be gone, with your money and your meat. And oh, whatever will you do?
    Oh shill pumper – what will you do to the poor hippy who spent 20% of his weekly earning on Marlon’s scheme?
    Oh shill pumper – you are a weak verison of Madoff. You are not as smart as Marlon and that is why you work for him.

    As i write this from the fed. Take my advice. Ask for a refund and leave. There’s no party here at the meat store.

    The only party is in Marlon’s meat makers market account.

  • RB

    I bought a few of these vouchers of dealfind. I went in on a Friday afternoon a few weeks after the offer. They were out of many things but still did have some selection. I was disappointed at the lack of stock, but I bought some sausages and some chicken breasts. I assumed they were ill-prepared for the response to the dealfind offer. We had some of the sausages that evening and froze the rest. The sausages were great. I asked at the store and was told the chicken was naturally raised but the beef and pork were organic. Then I recieved my first e-mail order on Friday. I ordered on the 12th and it was delivered on the 22nd. I am in Markham and the website does say Markham delivery on fridays, and it also says allow 5 business days for an order. Not great, but I am willing to be patient if the meat is of quality. That said the meat that was delivered on Friday was not only not of the quality you would expect of a high-end butcher, I wouldn’t expect it from anywhere. Aside from the fact the bacon was clearly from a regular maple leaf type source (it was wet and fatty), not the in store cured bacon usually available at butcher shops, the lean ground beef is nowhere near the minimum 83%/13% meat/fat ratio required by law to be labelled lean. It is at least 50% fat. I don’t know if the meat I purchased the first time was better because it was in store from the counter and maybe ther are using less quality meats for the voucher e-mail orders. My order was also only half complete. I am not sure what to do with this. I put it all in the freezer. I called dealfind and they offered to refund me in dealfind credits as it is over 30 days since the offer. Sorry if my post is rambling, I am just wondering if there is somewhere to report the ground beef not being upto industry regulations and the source almost certainly not being organic.

  • Jacob


    This was taken from a member in the other thread. My suggestion is contact all of the listed agency. This is the only way consumers can have regulated government agency looking out for our interest.

    Some government resources that everyone should be aware of, especially if you’re interested in filing complaints:

    Competition Bureau of Canada (
    Canadian Food Inspection Agency (
    Canadian Consumer Information Gateway (

  • MikeJefe

    Now you can only redeem $25 per order according to this person who went today:
    That’s assuming the moderators don’t delete the post for being negative against The Butchers… waiting for Yongeman’s next excuse, or for him to call that poster a liar…

  • Trueler

    Hi MikeJefe,

    That comment has been left here by Gary as well in the main thread:

    Please keep posting comments about The Butchers deal in that thread.

    In this thread please share your thoughts or experience with new Marlon’s ventures like Fish Shop, Meat Shop, Catering, Butchery, etc…


  • Please read my website http://WWW.THEBUTCHERS.INFO to hear the story of how I delivered a whole cow for processing to Marlon this Winter and never saw it again.

  • Jacob


    Looks like a civil issue glad for the info. Have you tried to go back and get your $? Could you tell us where Marlon gets his meats from? Are they really organic? Is the meat you provided organic?

    Some questions to you specifically.. Has he always bought meat from you? or this was a one off? Quality and consistency is a concern here because if this is normal practice than it really show Marlon is really buying based on the bottom price (no offense) even on suppliers or anyone with meat.

  • Gary

    What a fraud. I got there this morning at 10am and there are a few people lined up outside and a guy barring the door. He was only letting in people that had CASH. There were a few people inside I could see with debt cards paying and a lot of angry people outside. They had a sign in the window that said open at 1pm but they would let you in if you told them you did not have a coupon. FRAUD

  • Jay

    With their dishonerable business practices, perhaps their food isnt really organic!!!

  • Trueler

    @Jay: I wouldn’t say “perhaps”. It’s a fact.

  • J

    I bought a voucher from Kijiji for The Butcher’s in December 2010 and have been trying to redeem it ever since – with NO help from Kijiji who just ignores my e-mails and with only 1 e-mail from someone at the Butchers (Marlon’s Meats or whetever their name is today) saying that someone would get back to me soon…my voucher expires on December 17th. FYI when I try to rely to the e-mail from Marlon’s Meats it bounces back now saying the account has been closed… I will take this to small claims court if I have to – not to get my money back, just on principle alone! This experience has soured me on everything from Kijiji to buysing any deals from any site now….

  • John Rietkerk

    I was a supplier to the Butchers, supplying them game meats. Marlon owes me $6000 dollars and pretends that he is not responsible even though he acted as the owner all the time I dealt with him. I have a Toronto court judgement for this outstanding debt of The Butchers which Marlon will not pay. Now his store has a new name. Do not trust him!

  • Marc

    He said that he was going to refund my voucher in the new years (after being promised that my MEATS would have been available on Dec 10th)
    Sent an email a week ago to ask for a refund, no response whatsoever.

    What a scam.

  • victoria

    Total SCAM

    Have been emailing back and forth with webpiggy. They told me the butchers (now marlons meat) will refund amount. Sent my info couple of weeks ago and have not heard
    Went to store today at 10 am. Marlon told me that he won’t honor the voucher nor the 400 worth of meat. Suggested to contact webpigggy since my contract is with them. Why is marlon not honoring his contract with webpiggy? He said he can’t do anything since they are on litigation with them. All very fishy. FRAUD this is called

  • victoria

    Also Marlon gave me excuses

    Asked me first where did I live. Then told me theb way it worked was 50 percent webpiggy and they got very rich with This…. What about Marlon? He as well pocketed 50 percent by not honoring the deal. Then said that he can’t return any money cause he will go bankrupt. Mmmm new store facade name website etc.
    He did seem very cordial with his regular customers as there was a lady there.

  • meatscam

    Hello everyone,

    I am collecting contact information and stories related to this issue for a different type of group deal – a law suit pressing our rights against the vendor and the websites selling the deals in question.

    Anyone interested please email me at


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