Where do The Butchers “Organic meats” come from?

Trueler has received a report from DealFind customer who has managed to verify The Butcher’s claims of organic meat.

For the main thread with comments please refer to

The Butchers Scam on WebPiggy, Dealfind.. Additives in meat

Let’s look at the reasons which the customer provided in the e-mail sent to Dealfind who responded pretty fast and issued a refund without any problems even after 30-days money back guarantee. I think DealFind realizes now how serious the situation around The Butchers is…

Here are the five reasons (copy from original e-mail):


1. The Dealfind deal specified: Organic & Naturally Raised

The Dealfind deal specifically mentions “Organic & Naturally Raised” and is confirmed by your staff in the deal discussion forum:


Natalie (Dealfind Admin)

25-Feb-2011 9:21am (EST)

Hi Julie,

Thanks for the post! Each voucher is valid for $175 worth of organic naturally raised meats and all products in-store.

Thank you for using Dealfind!


Customer Satisfaction Expert



Natalie (Dealfind Admin)

25-Feb-2011 12:14pm (EST)

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your patience!

@Mark- Yes, all of their meat is Organic & Naturally raised.

Thank you for using Dealfind!


Customer Satisfaction Expert



Natalie (Dealfind Admin)

25-Feb-2011 3:53pm (EST)

HI Suzette,

Thank you for your post! Yes, All of the meat is organic and naturally raised. I will have to find out about the grain fed chicken.

Thank you for using Dealfind!


Customer Satisfaction Expert


I have strong doubts as to the claim that their meats and poultry are organic and naturally raised. Even though it wasn’t specified in your Dealfind ad that their suppliers are Beretta Farms and Blue Haven Farm in Rockwood, it was mentioned in other recent deals such as those from Webpiggy.com. Here is what was specified in those deals:

The Butchers is a local family-owned enterprise devoted to natural and organic methods of raising livestock which include such farmers as Blue Haven Farm in Rockwood who grow exclusively for The Butchers, …


“The beef he sources from organic farmer Mike Beretta is immeasurably superior”

National Post

This information that needed to be verified with The Butchers before being stated in the deal is 100% FALSE. This week I have verified with both Beretta Farms (Ashlee, XXX-XXX-XXXX) and Blue Haven Farm (Marcia Stevers, XXX-XXX-XXXX ) that neither farm has supplied The Butchers with meat for over 2 years (in the case of of Blue Haven about 3 years). Again, even though it wasn’t specified in the Dealfind deal that these are the farms who supply to The Butchers, for them to represent this fact in deals from other sites puts the credibility of the The Butchers in serious question. Can they be trusted when they lied in other deal advertisements? I will not pay organic food prices for non-organic food and it isn’t even an issue of price. I choose organic for ethical (factory farming) and health reasons.


2. The Dealfind deal specified: Wide Range of Products

When visiting the store twice in early March I was actually shocked at what I saw. On the first visit the inventory was what I’d call limited and the second time actually laughable. All they had was a huge amount of chicken breasts, chicken legs, and whole chickens over flowing in one display case. In the other case, was a small pile of sad looking rack of ribs. They didn’t even have any stewing beef during this visit. There was absolutely nothing else – the coolers, the fridge, all completely empty! In fact, the cooler, had a big white curtain over it, as to say ‘don’t look at the emptiness’. Silly me for thinking that a butcher shop might have some steaks. They also had NO prepared foods

I put in an email request over one week ago asking what the availability of game (pheasant and venison) is and have yet to hear back with a reply.


3. The Dealfind deal specified: To redeem more than 1 voucher at a time,

orders must be placed in advance

by calling Eric or Marlin at 416.483.5777.

Even though I have purchased only one voucher, my friend has purchased five and she will be affected by this change of terms. The Butchers website http://www.thebutchersorganic.com/index2.html now states:

Update April 9th, 2011: The team at The Butchers have stated numerous times that you can NOT use more than one voucher at a time. Today we had numerous customers ask to use more than 1 voucher at a time and our staff politely said no.


4. I seriously question the credibility of The Butchers

I purchased one of the first deals they offered from Teamsave.com for $50 worth of organic and naturally raised meat. I hadn’t used this voucher prior to my purchase from Dealfind.com so even though I was not redeeming a Dealfind voucher, the experience is relevant to me deciding to not redeem the Dealfind voucher and instead requesting a refund.

When I went to The Butchers to buy meat in Feb/2011 I was surprised that there were no prices displayed on any of the meats in the display cases. There was a man and a woman behind the counter. This was my first ever visit to The Butchers and my first time using a group-buy type of voucher so I wasn’t exactly sure about the usage specifics and asked the man “do I have to spend the entire $50 all at once”. He replied “no” that they would keep track of the balance. So, even though he didn’t ask if I was using a voucher, by me asking the question he knew I had one. I then ordered 3 large (the man said they were organic) chicken breasts and 3 sausages (2 turkey and one meat). The order came to $55 and I gave him $5 cash. I did find the bill expensive for the amount of meat that I got. When I got home I realized that he never gave me a final receipt (I did give him my $50 voucher and the $5 cash) and none of the baggies that the meats were individually wrapped in had any stickers/labels on them indicating type of meat, weight, price – THAT IS VERY STRANGE as every butcher or grocery store I have ever bought meat from has had a machine that weighs the meat and prints out a label.


5. Numerous other sites have raised issues/concerns with The Butchers

Many other people have complained about similar problems and hence it further demonstrates a lack of credibility which is especially vital in the organic food world.

The Butchers Scam on BuyTopia, WebPiggy.. Additives in meat





And again, after this DealFind issued a refund understanding the real problem.


Follow-up email of the customer with Beretta Farms and Blue Haven Farms

From the original e-mail:

Marcia, this is a followup to our previous email dialogue.

Hi Ashlee, this is a followup to our phone conversation the other day.

As I mentioned, I was calling to find out if TheButchers were a customer of Beretta Farms. I purchased a ‘groupbuy’ voucher for their products and as a result of my investigation I have asked for a refund from the deal site, Dealfind. A copy of the email I sent them is below and explains much more about the problems I see with TheButchers.

TheButchers has run several deals with several sites (including the same sites offering different deals at various dates with them) during the past 4 months including the biggest one so far in the Cdn ‘groupbuy’ universe in terms of $value and # of vouchers. Their $55 for $175 worth of meats thru Dealfind.com that closed on Feb. 2011 sold 11,293 vouchers.

It’s important to point out, as I discuss below in the #1 section, some of these sites are referencing your company in their ads.

In the case of Beretta Farms, they don’t clearly specify “we source our meats from Beretta Farms” but the buyer is lead to believe (it is inferred) with the use of the National Post review stating:

“The beef he sources from organic farmer Mike Beretta is immeasurably superior”

In the case of Blue Haven Farms, TheButchers have stated in several (but not all as evidenced in the current buytopia.com deal that is available now) ads that they do source product from them:

The Butchers is a local family-owned enterprise devoted to natural and organic methods of raising livestock which include such farmers as Blue Haven Farm in Rockwood who grow exclusively for The Butchers, …

Obviously neither of these statements is currently true and are both so far out of date (more than 2 years) that its only logical to assume they are being used in a ‘bait-n-switch’ marketing mistruth. I’ve captured and attached to this email three ad screen shots as evidence. The first is from Webpiggy but not sure of the date. It references both Blue Haven and Beretta Farms. The second deal from buytopia.com finished on Feb. 7/2011 and references Blue Haven only. The third (its split into 2 pics – a top and bottom) deal is again from buytopia.com and finished on April 12 and only references Beretta Farms.

I’ll leave the rest up to you as to how you want to proceed individually or collectively. If I can be of further assistance let me know.


Captured screen shots referred to in the message (click on images to enlarge):









Field Gate Organics? Exclusive for The Butchers??

Misterious Acadian Beef?

These are additional customer’s findings:

From http://buytopia.ca/ ad:

And this is no regular organic, either. With the exception of its most exotic options, The Butchers sources its meat and other foods from only the finest Toronto markets and farms throughout the Ontario region. We think it’s time you discovered the passion for livestock-raising in these local enterprises. Feel free to check out the devotion to natural and organic methods in some of their partners: Field Gate Organics, who grow exclusively for The Butchers; Cascadian Farms, who supplies chicken and turkey; Markham Meats, who supply Halal meats; and Best Baa Farm in Conn, who supplies lamb and cheese made from sheep’s milk.

I went to http://www.cascadianfarm.com/ and it doesn’t even look like they produce & sell ANY meat and they are located in the US. I thought part of being organic was to source locally.

** Update April 14, 2011 **

I just went to the http://buytopia.ca/ deal site and it seems they’ve changed suppliers again. They’ve changed their deal to remove Cascadian Farms and replaced it with Acadian Beef**. They follow the name with two *’s and state “Copy Error” at the bottom.

Here is the relevant section from the buytopia.ca deal page:

And this is no regular organic, either. With the exception of its most exotic options, The Butchers sources its meat and other foods from only the finest Toronto markets and farms throughout the Ontario region. We think it’s time you discovered the passion for livestock-raising in these local enterprises. Feel free to check out the devotion to natural and organic methods in some of their partners: Field Gate Organics, who grow for The Butchers; Cascadian Farms Acadian Beef**, who supplies chicken and turkey; Markham Quality Meats, who supply Halal meats.

I’ve included screen shots (2 images) of the new ad:



The original ad included links (you could click on the name of the company and it would take you to their home page) for Field Gate Organics and Cascadian Farms but there is no associated link for Acadian Beef. It doesn’t appear that they have a website and all I could find out about this is this:


** End of Update **

Am I wrong in thinking that “Field Gate Organics, who grow exclusively for The Butchers” means that FGO only sells to The Butchers – ie. The Butchers is their only customer. That’s incorrect as


clearly shows they have lots of customers.

Or am I wrong and it actually means the reverse, that The Butchers exclusively gets their organic/naturally fed beef from FGO (but FGO has other customers).

What am I missing ?

From Trueler:

Thanks for investigation and sharing valuable findings with readers who participated or still participate in “The Butchers”/”Daily Deals” unfair scheme. In my opinion only the fact that daily deal sites specified wrong farms which do not supply The Butchers anymore vanishes all the credibility of The Butchers. Just this single fact is enough. However there are a lot of other facts also…

Please also refer to the main thread:

The Butchers Scam on WebPiggy, Dealfind.. Additives in meat



Update as of April 17:

Acadian Beef Company Ltd.

is just a reseller not a farm!


The customer who reported investigation in this article about sources of The Butchers “organic and naturally raised meats” sent pictures taken at the location of “Acadian Beef” which is claimed to be the partner of The Butchers.

This is the only company information which can be found:

Acadian Beef Company

Phone :

(416) 763-0003

Address :

120 Barbados Blvd, Scarborough GTA, ON M1J1L2

There is no information in the Internet about the products being organic and naturally raised by Acadian Beef Company. There is no information about superior quality of their products as well. Usually companies are proud of this and tell about it in many places, but not the Acadian Beef. Does it look strange only for me?

Entrance sign with list of available businesses. Acadian Beef is at Unit 6:


This is Acadian Beef building (on the right):

acadian beef building

Is there enough space to grow “free-run” chicken and turkey? Maybe kangaroo and crocodiles?

Closer look:


And more closer look:


I’m not surprised that one of the customers has found dirt and hair on the chicken delivered by The Butchers

Isn’t it their hen coop where organic chickens and turkeys grow?

acadian beef 7

(actually this is the image of the next door to Acadian Beef Company)

Observations of our reporter:

Barbados Blvd is a small commercial area around Eglinton Ave, E and McCowan in Scarborough and hosts a variety of businesses. 120 Barbados has about 9 commercial units on each side of a single multi-unit building but there were only about 4 active businesses in these units – the rest were empty. It’s a very run down commercial building.

Acadian is in unit #6 and I believe that is their white refrigerated truck next to it.

I wouldn’t think this is a meat slaughter/packaging business, it looks more like a distribution/storage place.

acadian beef white truck

Thanks a lot for taking these pictures! They are indeed helpful.


Let’s continue…

Who is actually the supplier of chicken and turkey for The Butchers?

It used to be “Cascadian Farms”. When it has been revealed that it is not true by one of the customers, Buytopia changed it to “Acadian Beef” telling that it was a “copy error”. From Buytopia.ca website:


Isn’t it also a bit strange that “Acadian Beef” provides chicken and turkey? The Butchers sells A LOT of chicken. Actually sometimes it is the only product available in store according to the customers.

In The Globe and Mail article about The Butchers there is “Arcadian Farms” mentioned as the supplier (note “r” and “farms”):


Looks like Buytopia misinformed Tim Kiladze by providing “Arcadian Farms” as a supplier. So it implies that it is a farm which grows quality poultry.

Another company – “Eddy Savoie Meats” has the same phone number – (416) 763-0003 but located at the different address: “177 McCormack Street, York, ON M6N1X8”:


Let’s continue with “Acadian Beef Company Ltd”.


More in-depth search shows that Acadian Beef is not a farm at all! It is not a slaughter plant.

It is a “Freestanding Meat Processor” or “Freestanding Meat Plant“, also known as FSMP.

From the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs




Acadian Beef company buys meat from some other place, does some manipulations and resells it to The Butchers. They do not grow. Acadian Beef is the local supplier – definitely. But the origins of the meat can be anywhere in the world.

Here are some definitions of Freestanding Meat Plant.

From the Legislative Assembly of Ontario



From the Agricultural Institute of Canada




Right, it is not an abattoir with strict inspections and available information.

It is just a reseller, not a farm as claimed by Buytopia and The Globe and Mail.

There were sanitary problems with Free-standing Meat Processors (Plants).

From http://www.nupge.ca/news_2007/n23se07a.htm:


The last time Acadian Beef Company has been inspected about two years ago:



It has also been audited about three and a half years ago:



The company working with raw meat is being inspected by health operators only in about two years. It reminds me about dirt and hair on the chicken delivered to one of the customers by The Butchers again…

The summary of update:

Buytopia and The Globe and Mail misinformed valued customers by providing incorrect information about the sources of “Organic and Naturally raised meats” for The Butchers. They assured that everything goes from local Ontario farmers including “Arcadian Farms”/”Acadian Beef”. But it actually goes from a reseller working in not perfect conditions


Who claims that The Butchers sells

organic meats only?

Note for those who prefer to say that The Butchers do not tell that they sell organic. They said “100% certified organic” (actually Buytopia did) in the full page advertisement in “Metro” on Wednesday, April 13, 2011.

Thanks to Kate who contributes to the situation around The Butchers in her post The Dark Side of Online Group Coupons and saved a copy of that metro edition:


Here is a screenshot:


“100% Certified Organic” sign on the left means that 100% of their products are claimed to be Certified Organic. Otherwise it is a deceptive advertisement


Meat from Acadian Beef

Kate raynes-goldie reported phone conversation with Acadian Beef Company on her blog:


Important points:

  • Meat supplied to The Butchers is not organic
  • Naturally raised” means “No antibiotics
  • Animals eat corn. I guess non-organic, but genetically modified corn
  • Actually they are factory farmed, not naturally raised
  • Acadian Beef Company buys meat from other suppliers, and they don’t know where exactly the meat comes from

Buytopia and The Butchers claimed that Acadian Beef supplies chicken and turkey which were sometimes the only available products in store (plus some small amount of meat)…

72 thoughts on “Where do The Butchers “Organic meats” come from?”

  1. Again wow… such fundamental flaws in logical thinking and an almost total misunderstanding of industry terminology. Yet all presented as being science! And sure enough, the lemmings come running!

    You’d do well writing for a tabloid but get absolutely killed in a real debate or court of law.

  2. Just a moment here,

    I was just looking for a number but felt compelled…

    I see a lot of ‘coupon freaks’ nailing this place on internet research-backed articles and supposed emails that are halfway there and ‘seem’ to be complete but also very miss-informed.

    You should all really be ashamed to go into this much effort to try to burn someone over your personal mistakes in purchasing excessive amounts of vouchers without trying it out to see what’s up. Personally I have purchased from here and had nothing but great quality meats and service.
    I have seen your kind around the store and you are rude, educated yet uneducated in meats and the industry and not to mention just plain cheap.

    All I ask is that you do some proper research, not this mumbo jumbo of post this link and that link and comment the same comment on the same comment that’s redundant. Take some clear steps in thought;

    a) think before you speak, instead of making yourself look bad, especially in the community. A few supporters in the same respect as you doesn’t pan out in a large city like this.

    b) understand what organic means and what free range means, especially how important local is. Know that things change, cost and suppliers products are very much one and the same.

    c) go somewhere else if you have a problem, I just wanted to find a phone number and got annoyed reading your comments.

    So, on (c) I really just had to say something. Petty is as petty does, don’t bang on someone trying to make a living when you know nothing about what they are doing (even after googling it). Oh, and especially off incomplete internet blogs and articles (this does not make you an authority).

    Again, great people and great product… btw it’s a new store now, same owner but new look and great meats!

    One more thing… Kudos to ‘trying’ to be informed.


    Get the Facts!


    I have been telling you for MONTHS to get out of this.

    I listened to my Son, Marlon on the CBC today crying like a little ladyboybitch. Made me so ashmamed of him.

    Leave him alone, let him get away with this. He needs to make money like his father did!

    The only way our Ponzi-Marlon Madoff scam is if you keep buying more and more and give up. Your money is gone – it has died and disappeared into money heaven.

    Do not cry. Everything will be okay! Marlon, my son, has bought a new store across the street and transferred over all assets to a new corporation!!!


    Oh poor bagholder what will you do when The Butchers closes down?
    Oh stupid bagholder what will you do when there is no money left to refund?
    Oh idiot consumer what will you do when your Credit Card company refuses to refund your money even thought people told you a month ago to get a refund??

    Whatever will you do Butcher Pumpers??

    Marlon is incompetent, but he has broken a legal contract and all without a huff and a legal puff?

    Amazing. Such stupid people on Yonge. They are so Yonge and Naive.

    If I were in your position, oh stupid consumer, I would call my credit card company immediately and tell them goods have not been delivered by the Deal site company and the Butchers.

    Do not deal with such dishonest and dishonourable people again. Marlon looks, sounds, and acts dumb.

    Call your Dealfind company and request a refund, followed by calling your credit card company for a refund.

    If you do not do this, You will lose your money.
    Do not cry then. It will be too late.
    And nobody will care, because you will be just another stupid bagholder.

  4. I placed an online order over 3 weeks ago and never got a response or a delivery so…
    After checking The Butchers hours on their website, I went across town last Thursday to redeem my voucher. I arrived at 10:30 to find a sign on the door that said “Closed until 1:00 due to meat shortage”
    I paid for parking and waited. I watched DOZENS of people stroll up to the door, attempt to get in and walk away annoyed. At 12:00 they opened a window to allow some fresh air in. The staff started letting select people (people they knew) in one at a time, locking to door behind them. I approached a staff member and spoke to him the through the window, explaining I had been there for 2 hours and had also waited 3 weeks for my online order which never showed up. He immediately escalated and said I could come in but only to use $60 of my $175 voucher. When asked why he would change the conditions of my voucher, he said “Because I can and if you don’t like it, get a refund” and instructed his staff member to close the window. I’m disgusted with this business ~ get a refund while you can!

  5. It looks like they ended up selling significantly more vouchers than they can possibly fulfill. The rumor is that the owner, Marlon needed cash for his new business, the fish store that is opening up later this month.

    I was planning to redeem my voucher and it was a huge mess over there – the cops were called in, everyone was pissed off and angry and I mean everyone in the store. Prices are obviously ridiculously inflated, but with the voucher it didn’t look too bad I guess. Their stock was extremely low, there wasn’t much to choose from – people were grabbing whatever was on the display. I just left the store when I saw what was happening. I’ll be calling in to try and get a refund.

    This is just not worth it!

  6. Hi Jessica white,

    I am also very “surprised” that you happened to be at the shop when this incident happened, that would make two of us surprised!

    Again, Wow! What are the odds that you were actually there at the exact same time and ALSO reading ALL the complaints on this site, while you (and probably ONLY you) have been receiving WONDERFUL service! When I say “Only you” for some reason I tend to believe it’s all the same person.

    Just out of curiosity, why are you reading/responding to complaints? Is it because you’re a “loyal customer”? MAYBE! Either way, I want to thank you…….

    Since it looks like you have the time, do you also mind to comment on the following facts and observations from a RATIONAL (not a defensive) perspective?

    1. Does it seem a LITTLE unusual to YOU that the following situations occurred?

    • When we were at the store last week, we were told to place a brisket, etc order via email because the store did not have enough in stock, and that we would get a response with a pick up date (aprox. 10 days).

    Once I got home and placed my order via e-mail, THAT VERY SAME DAY, this is the response I’ve received (from either Marlon or Esther -> Marlon’s email but signed by Esther):

    “Hi, unfortunately email orders for delivery and pick up are booked until June 23rd; therefore we are no longer taking orders until after this date. If you are able to come into the store to select your desired items this can be done at any time. We are open Tuesday to Friday from 1pm to 6pm. If you would still like to place this as an order, please resubmit this order after this date, and an email will be sent to you to confirm when your order will be ready within 10 business days.”

    Really? “The Butchers” are no longer taking orders until June 23rd? Hmm..I was surprised since I was asked to send an email and that is not what I was told when I was at the store THE SAME DAY. I have to wait until sometime in July to get an order? – Great!! What a wonderful service, eh?

    When we visited the shop on a Sunday (when most of the vouchers are not valid) they had significantly more variety/stock than when I went there several days later, where they barely had anything there (regardless of what my/your interpretation of “barely anything” is, consider this question in the context of relativity, meaning the varieties/stock availability during a day like a Sunday vs. weekdays). And if you think that a small number of sausages here and there, 2 chicken burgers, one beef burger, one chicken and 2 steaks and 3 chicken legs is as you say “Only one counter was barely empty and the other two were pretty full” is a good stock supply for a butcher shop at 2pm on a Thursday, then you really have to get something checked. This was less than an hour after they “Restocked”. “** Due to an influx of vouchers we have decided to close the store from 11:30am-1pm weekdays to clean and restock the store.”

    Really? In less than a 1 hour’s time all of their stock was pretty much gone?

    2. Does it seem a LITTLE unusual to YOU that there are so many complaints all over the web in regards to this specific butcher store? Again, regardless of what my/your interpretation of “so many” is, compare the number of complaints for the butchers vs. ALL the other deals that were purchased. Mind you “The Butchers ORGANIC” is a very small shop, and it is extremely unusual for customers to be treated so unfairly as for them to go and spend hours if not days to write about their experiences.

    3. Does it seem a LITTLE unusual to YOU that they are constantly changing rules day by day and, after the vouchers have been purchased: eg. Now there is a $60 limit a day? Where did that come from? None of my vouchers say anything about that. I understand that they sold an extremely large number of vouchers and are now unable to keep up with the demand. I do understand that, this is called GREED. I shouldn’t have to come 8 times to be able to redeem my voucher. That was not the agreement!

    4. Does it seem a LITTLE unusual to YOU that I had to wait for half an hour to speak to someone? (That was my third trip and I did take a half a day off from work since they close after my work hours). I’ve been to many shops (privately held too, never had to wait THAT long, and come out empty handed! telling me go get a refund!) Again, back to my previous point. “I understand that they sold an extremely large number of vouchers and are now unable to keep up with the demand. I do understand that, but this is called GREED.

    5. Does it seem a LITTLE unusual to YOU that so many people are complaining about their service in general – rudeness? I’m sorry am I the first? Please, just good their name, its the talk of the town now (talking about Eglington area)


    Also, I think it would be wise if you scroll up and read up on some of the comments people are making. Like for example the investigation in to whom and what is the “Acadian Beef Company” their main source of meat. So much for “ORGANIC” eh?

    Do you REALLY not understand why someone might be upset? REALLY?

    One word… “GREED”

  7. I think customers have a right to be pissed if they have a $350 voucher and are told “Sorry there is a max limit of $60 per day!”

  8. Hi Iggy, suprisingly I was in The Butchers when this incident happened and you were telling everyone that you were going to blog.
    First of all, you werent “kind” in anyway. You were very rude actually. Only one counter was barely empty and the other two were pretty full. Not everyone in the store was rude like you were so yes in someway the staff at The Butchers had a right to be rude back. This is my 5th or 6th time going to the store and the serive is wonderful.Yes ive waited in line, but who hasnt. Its a good deal and its sad that people like you are giving coupon customers a bad name.

    P.s after Iggy left, the cops showed up about his behaviour.

  9. Just came from “The Butchers ORGANIC”

    Horrible experience, actually one of the worst I have ever had!

    1. 1:45pm Friday, May 19. Huge line up.
    2. Finally I get into the store after 25 minutes, I see almost no meat. A number of sausages here and there, 2 chicken burgers and one beef. 2 steaks and 3 chicken legs. My first question is: “Is this the whole selection?”
    A woman behind the counter angrily answers “YES” this is all”! We will have some more tomorrow”.
    3. So I kindly explain that this is my third time coming in and that I would like to redeem the voucher today.
    Response by the owner(Marlon – I believe is his name): “Sorry there is a max limit of $60 per day!”. My response: “That will get me what 4 sausages and 5 burgers at these prices?

    Overall, left empty handed. Horrible service, the response was: “Please leave the store, if you don’t like it go and get your refund”!

  10. @brian O’reilly

    It’s Jacob not Jerry. Please try to retain your memory to previous posts that are greater than 1. Also please try not to be so naive.

    It is a value assessment. Unless you have a romantic relationship or a true love for this particular butcher and they way he cuts his meat than go ahead pay MSRP (2X). The real question is.. How much loyalty do you give this retailer? Logically how much does anyone give loyalty to a grocer. How far will you go? Meat is pretty much a commodity in this case.

    Fact of the matter is the pricing from this particular ‘organic’ (rolling my eyes..based on research that have been presented) is higher than other retailers. Add to the fact their business practice (rolling my eyes again) is of questionable ethics. What makes them so great for ‘loyal’ customers that will come back again after this 50% sale? Really what value differentiates them from other retailers?

    The very fact there is approx. $1,000,000+ of organic meat sold @ 50% discount would discourage ANY if NOT all previous ‘loyal’ customers. Sure sales happen but would that not be a reasonable expectation for any ‘loyal’ customers to be rewarded the same discount. My argument is the sale is NOW over. Will these ‘loyal’ customers be happy paying the MSRP/regular price now? and Will they continue to do so knowing 20,000+ vouchers owners did not.

    My question to you is how often does meat go on sale for this retailer? When you refer to sales.. yes retailers like clothing have sales but when I see sales on perishables it’s because their is well a shelf life (expiry) and based off different pricing methodology (especially at the retail level). How often did ‘The Butcher’ have sales previously? and @ what percentage??

    FYI.. Chowhound have been deleting comments. Hugely biased and yes I call shill on some comments because it is obvious damage control or some sort of agenda in the interest of hiding huge failings on ‘The Butcher’.

  11. There’s a few of you on here who live to attack anyone who doesn’t agree with you. If they are happy with The Butchers, they are called ‘a shill’, or ‘Marlin’, or somebody from Chowhound. Sure, there are plenty of unhappy deal buyers, but some of us are willing to go with the flow, to get a good deal. What kind of nonsense is Jerry talking when he says, “all their past ‘loyal’ customers will not come back based on the fact they have to pay the premium while the rest of new influx customers enjoyed the discount,”? Do you think that stores never have promotions or sales? Plenty of ‘loyal’ customers also bought some of these deals. Get a life.

  12. @Jerry

    Hah! You might be the first repeat customer that I have ever heard of that is happy. The reason is this..think of it this way… Assuming you are a loyal customer before, how do you feel you paid a premium of 200% before and here on out after your vouchers are gone. You say “inconvenient..still prefer purchasing from them” from a consumer’s stand point doesn’t make logical sense, AT ALL! What “The Butcher” has done is essentially killed all of their loyal customers. All gone. They weren’t busy before the daily deals and all their past ‘loyal’ customers will not come back based on the fact they have to pay the premium while the rest of new influx customers enjoyed the discount. No one in the right mind will proactively post online and say I will continue to buy from this retailer (or any) knowing this. I call shill sorry.

  13. As a customer at the store since Marlon purchased it many years ago, i’ve never seen the store so busy consistently before. Lineups are out the door occasionally, and I must assume that it is very difficult to meet the overwhelming demand. I myself have purchased the Dealfind voucher. Although I had to be patient and break up my order many times to receive it all, after two weeks I had received my order of lamb racks, bacon, sausages and marinated chicken breasts. They were to the same quality that I am accustomed to receiving from the store.

    The coupon system has become frustrating, but supply from the shop has never been completely consistent. It is such a small store, and because they have sold far more coupons than anyone thought they would their supply must be further strained. It is inconvenient, but I still prefer purchasing my meat from them rather than what is available in abundance at the grocer.

  14. Hey Gaga, and Everyone,

    The Butchers agreed to early payment plans with daily deal sites (if we can believe to what Marlon said to Tim Kiladze in his interview for The Globe and Mail). So, it could be already a big deposit paid by daily deal sites to The Butchers.

    And very important thing:

    Now they allow to use only a portion of the voucher. But they get the voucher numbers from customers and can be paid for fully redeemed vouchers by daily deal sites!

    What if they close? Deal sites would not have money to refund partially used vouchers…


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