Valentine’s Day Scam on Groupon: FTD Flowers

Groupon featured FTD Flowers nationwide in the US and across Canada on February 9, 2011 aiming at huge sales prior to coming Valentine’s Day – Feb 14. This daily deal “$20 for $40 Worth of Flowers, Gifts, and More from FTD” was supposed to be running for three days.

In Canada FTD and Groupon sold about 8000 coupons at the end of the first day of the deal. Most coupons have been sold in Toronto – 2000. Vancouver Groupon sold approximately 1150 coupons, Calgary – 1000.

Groupon FTD Deal Toronto 9 feb

In US Groupon sold about 100,000 coupons during the first day. Major cities sold about 2500 Groupons each.

Groupon FTD Deal Chicago 9 feb

This deal happened to be very unfair! Groupon admitted FTD to be featured across entire United Stated and Canada knowing that it will be a rip-off!

FTD Flowers Deal on Groupon is a scam


  • Prices for Groupon users are $10 – $20 higher than regular prices. People who would like to use a groupon must use designated website: instead of

FTD has fixed it at the end of the day by removing all the discounts on the main website, so prices match Groupon prices, but we have noticed that FTD has recently increased prices by $10 – $20! It happened prior to releasing deal on Groupon. This is a screenshot of Google Cache which did not have a chance to be updated yet because of a recent change:

Groupon FTD Roses Love Google Cache

These are prices for Groupon users now:

Groupon FTD Roses Love Live

The difference in prices is exactly $10-$20.

The fact that prices for Groupon users were $10-$20 higher than regular prices has been noticed by many users who warned other customers that there is no savings at all, only rip-off!

From Chicago Groupon discussion board:

Groupon FTD Comments - 20 more - Chicago

From New York discussion board:

Groupon FTD Comments - 20 more - New York

These are service fees for NY State. Deliveries on Saturdays cost $30, on Valentine’s Day – $19:

FTD Service Fees - New York - Westview

  • For some major locations only very small portion of all the assortment is available. For example for the Greater Toronto Area only several bouquets of flowers are available. Customers may know it only when placing an order that the current item is not available

Even this bouquet is not available in Toronto Downtown!

FTD Toronto - Not Available

It tells “The product you’ve selected is not available for delivery in this postal code. Please click here for products available in this postal code”. Most of other products are not available in Toronto and probably in other cities also.

  • Groupon did not bother to address any customers concerns because FTD and Groupon will only loose money if answering all the questions

  • has exceptionally bad reviews on the Internet by many customers. There are thousands of complaints and bad reviews related to their customer service, delivery, quality. FTD has 1-2 stars rating out of 5-10 stars almost everywhere. And Groupon knew about this!! And allowed this outrageous deal to happen! Groupon just scammed all its customers!

FTD Reviews 1

and one more:

FTD Reviews 2

  • Groupon, FTD, and Groupon/FTD tellers lied that coupon can be used towards everything, not only for flowers. For example, in Toronto only several bouquets and couple of plants are available. No chocolate, no bears, no jewelry, no anything else

Dipped strawberries are not available:

FTD Toronto Not Available Chocolate

Toys are not available:

FTD Toronto Not Available Bear

Chocolate in the Heart box is not available:

FTD Toronto Not Available Godiva

  • Unfair e-mail marketing. E-mail received in the morning states “Half Off Flowers from FTD

FTD Toronto Email Offer

However if we order something which costs $30 (the less expensive stuff on the total orders comes up to $51.42 including $18.99 service fee and taxes. This means “savings” only of up to 38%. If the total price is over $100, so we have less than 20% in savings

FTD One Rose

  • Due to extremely large volume of the orders, won’t be able to handle all of them prior to Valentine’s Day for sure. They usually have problems during Valentine’s Day, but over 100,000 orders can just kill the system. Someone may think that most of the people bought coupons for after Valentine’s Day, but that is not true. Approximately 76% of people who bought FTD Groupon are going to use it before or on Valentine’s Day:

Groupon FTD Valentines Day New York

FTD! Are you ready to serve at least 100,000 more people than usual across North America in one day?

  • Everyone could use other coupons which could save even more taking into account higher prices for Groupon users:

FTD 20 limited time offer

and this one:

FTD 10 limited time offer

Customers! Beware of this deal! Just return your Groupon coupons to avoid any kind of frustration due to undelivered flowers and gifts on the Valentine’s Day and later on.

Beware of Groupon as well! They are featuring unfair businesses more often. Sometimes they feature companies who even cheat on customers!


Update as of Feb 11, 2011

(supposed third day of FTD deal on Groupon)

Finally Groupon marked this deal as closed! But it happened only after TWO days of continuing complaints of thousand customers!

Groupon FTD New York Closed

So FTD “bait and switch” deal on Groupon was live for two days instead of planned three days.

A lot of consumers decided to refund this coupon, but some of them met issues and had to call to Groupon customer service in order to cancel purchased coupons, i.e. spend more time again:

Groupon FTD can not cancel

Kevin from Groupon advised users to use “Edit” in order to cancel order, but it did not work.

People who tried to use Groupon vouchers met multiple issues with coupons not being recognized by

Groupon FTD not working - 1

Groupon FTD not working - 2

Groupon FTD not working - 3

Above comments are from FTD Groupon Toronto discussion board.

This horrible deal was indeed nothing but waste of time and money!

Groupon FTD Waste



Important update as of Feb 12, 2011


Heads up for those customers who already placed an order on FTD website:

Expect an automatic refund from FTD of at least 20% of your pre-discounted purchase in the next 5-7 business days on your credit card. It should be at least 20% of the value of flowers and gifts you’ve ordered at FTD (don’t count service fee).

This is why:

Groupon sent out an e-mail to the customers who purchased FTD deal during two days:

Thanks for your interest in the FTD Groupon.

We try to offer the best deals possible, while also making sure all of the details are up front and easy to understand. The deal’s original terms were that the Groupon could not be combined with other offers and discounts. For sale items on, this meant that you were not able to realize both discounts. We understand that is confusing and upsetting to a number of people—especially since you expect a great deal from us every time.

To make this right, we’ve worked together with FTD to make sure that discounts available on will now also be available to use with your Groupon. For those of you who already purchased items that were on sale on, FTD will automatically issue you a refund on the credit card you used with the difference as additional savings. Please allow 5-7 business days for this to show on your statement.

We’re really sorry for any confusion this deal has caused. This resolution should now ensure that you get the maximum value for your FTD Groupon, even if you’ve already redeemed. We hope this resolution is to your satisfaction.

Those customers who have FTD Groupon, but have not used it yet – cancel it with Groupon! In case you want some value from your coupon and not waste your money and even more time.

The reason is that “Groupon work together with FTD” was not enough. We don’t know what happened between them: misunderstanding, lie, or whatever…

But the fact is the fact:

There are a lot of discounted prices on the main website which suddenly become 20% higher on designated website for Groupon consumers.

Here are several examples.

This is a “Diamond Contemporary Heart Sterling Silver Pendant” from the main website. Price is $160.00 – discounted from $199.99 by $39.99

FTD Diamond Heart Main Site


This is a “Diamond Contemporary Heart Sterling Silver Pendant” from Groupon specific website – Price is $199.99 – it is $39.99 higher than on the main website! So, taking into account $20 Groupon deal discount, we loose $19.99 with coupon!!!

FTD Diamond Heart Groupon


Another example of “Golden Edibles 23k Gold Belgian Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries”.

On the main website:

FTD Golden Edibles Main Site


On the Groupon specific website:

FTD Golden Edibles Groupon

That is $25 higher price for coupon owners! Is this a deal at all?! We purely loose $5 here.

Actually, there is a need to do something in order to get these discounts on website. Just close the browser window and you will get the following pop-up message: “FTD Limited Time Offer! – Save 20% when you complete your order now”

FTD 20 limited time offer

Click on “SHOP NOW” and you will get 20% off on entire website. You will see the following header:

FTD 20 Discount Header

And 20% discounted prices on everything:

FTD Discount Everything Stuff

On there are no such discounts. Only a very small fraction appeared after “work of FTD and Groupon together”.

Some tips to get 20% off:

  • If you previously typed in your browser “” you won’t see the pop up when closing the page. Try to clear you browser’s cache or try another browser until “GROUPON – Please enjoy your certificates on all flowers and gifts” header disappears from the top of the page
  • Use the browser which does not block pop-ups

Now we have 20% discount on the main website comparing to Groupon version.

Groupon said in the email: “… discounts available on will now also be available to use with your Groupon …”

and “… FTD will automatically issue you a refund on the credit card …”

So, FTD will have to refund at least 20% of the items value. “At least” because there were even bigger than 20% discounts for some products:

FTD Godiva Bear Before Deal

This is 43% discount on “Godiva’s Tricksy the Bear” or $15 off $34.55

For Groupon users there is no such discount:

FTD Godiva Bear Groupon

In this case you should expect $15 refund from FTD on your credit card.

Only in the case you have found and ordered discounted items on website your refund may be less than 20% of the value of the goods you have ordered. But it is indeed only a small portion of entire assortment…

Please let us know if you experience any difficulties with refunds from FTD or with canceling your coupon with Groupon.

Please also send us a note about the service you received from this online floral store.


15 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Scam on Groupon: FTD Flowers”

  1. I am dismayed at the Groupon FTD offer. Kind of shake my confidence on these Internet coupons. So it is not really a deal when you consider the “Service Fees”. Besides that, the person above shows how FTD actually ask you to use a different website which has the same products at $10 to $20 more than normal. I think someone need to bring this to the attention of the Better Business Bureau for false advertising. I will never use FTD again, (have used twice without coupon) and will be careful when using Groupon..or as a matter of fact, any of these deals on internet. Shame on FTD! For the type of product they deliver, they sure put a frown on people’s happy face :(

  2. Horrible company! I ordered flowers for my mother to come with a note from her grandkids. I requested them be delivered Saturday or Sunday, I received a confirmation for the order. The flowers were to go to Sunrise Hair Salon in Old Town Alexandria, VA. She owns the place and was quite busy on Mother’s Day weekend, so there was no reason for what happened.
    I called her this morning (Wednesday) to see how she liked the flowers since she hasn’t mentioned anything yet. She never got them! I contacted FTD about 9:30 and it took until 6:30 to hear from anyone! They said that the florist was not able to reach her by phone and asked if I had another number. WHY WOULD THEY CALL HER? What is the point of suprising someone with flowers if someone is going to call them?
    At 7:30 I get another call addressing my complaint offering me a 10% discount, that then became 20%. I explained that this was of no use to me, that the point wasn’t just to send flowers, the kids could do that any time, the point was to do something nice for Mother’s Day. I further explained that had I gotten a call (if they couldn’t reach her, so they could have called me) on saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or EVEN this morning, this would have been less upsetting.
    SO apparently they delivered the flowers during some point between 6:30 and 8pm. How do I know this? AT 8:15 I received another call from FTD letting me know that they were refunding my money and going to her shop to TAKE THE FLOWERS BACK!
    I have never experienced such horrible service in my life! Save yourselves!

  3. Guys, good luck in getting refunds from FTD. It is indeed very frustrating…
    If anyone used a coupon – contact Groupon to get a refund for it as well.


  4. Just found this blog and decided to post in it. In regards to your problem with Felix Lo I’m in the same boat as you.

    My fiance never received the flowers I order on Sunday night for Valentine’s Day. Tried to cancel order since it’s pointless now and they send me an automated response 3 hours ago saying it’s out for delivery at 6PM when her office is closed which is clearly BS lol.

    Basically what I will be do and I advise you too do the same is wait until they charge my credit card and then I’m going to dispute the charges. Already talked to Discover and they have been having same complaints from people about

    Once you do that you let the credit card company take it from there. They are not getting my $110 for roses that never made to my fiance and were out for delivery in the middle of the night lol.

  5. I am having trouble getting a refund from FTD.

    I discovered this today for delivery date 2/14 but my delivery was not made and am very dissatisfied with the service.

    Numbers and hotline to FTD are down and busy to check for delivery status.

    Tried to cancel through FTD site only to get an automated response saying my order has been processed.

    Their website and cancel policy says that if it is en route or delivery is made then cancellation is not possible. However, the delivery has not been made. I could care less about whether it has been processed or not.

    Any next steps advice for me?

  6. What is it with companies running blatant scams lately? In the age of the internet YOU LOSE CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE. Google will forever associate FTD with SCAM. NEVER again FTD and shame on you groupon. I learned my lesson. Never buy a groupon until later in the day at least to make sure twitter and facebook are not filled with horror stories of some scam like this one.

  7. I got scammed by Groupon and FTD. I paid overall about $60 bucks or basically, the retail price for flowers we purchased for our mother on Valentine’s Day. I won’t ever use either of them again. I also called FTD customer service with a delivery question and was very frustrated to find they outsourced calls to the middle east (India or somewhere). The rep barely spoke English and informed me that if the individual wasn’t home at the time of delivery they would “leave the flowers in the neighborhood”….uh, excuse me? It’s 11 degrees outside…WTF are you talking about? I will never use either company again. Total RIP OFF! Groupon basically steered everyone to FTDs site and both parties made out. Learned my lesson. I will always try to deal with local family owned companies from now on!!!

  8. As a Top 100 FTD florist I was offended by Mr Apatoff’s apology for the “confusion”. I don’t think there was much confusion at all. got caught scamming consumers! I think FTD also should be apologizing to the thousands of member florists who are going to suffer by association. Talk about insult to injury! The items available for the groupon deal are ones that drop ships directly to the recipient and completely by passes your local flower shop taking money out of your local economy. So not only does the local FTD florist loose business to them, we will now also be viewed as crooks by the average consumer who doesn’t understand that we are not a party to the scam. I am not so proudly FTD anymore…

  9. Wow Groupon, you must really be trying to go bankrupt or something. First the horrible super bowl ads and now this! You went from being a fun company to a greedy corporation. I will never use your site again and will tell everyone I know not to use you. You should of taken that 6 billion from google when you had the chance…now they would not touch your company. Thank god there are better daily deals sites out there now. Way to fail groupon!

  10. I hate to say this FTD does this all the time, as well as other local flower shops, When they say service charge that is for them to call a 1-800 number come on, Now some real shops don’t rip off customers, Say if a dz roses is 50.00 prior to VD, Then that is what they charge on the holiday as well, So if they tell any different shame on them.

  11. I used to work for FTD, the glitch here (which I had to laugh at because they ended up with foot in mouth), is that anything that uses FedEx (which a lot of them are) cant go to Canada! Each of the items should show on it somewhere on the page “ship by fedex” or “deliver via florist” (or similar wording). I feel terrible for the ppl who ordered this….

  12. That’s just terrible, well thats what happens when you try to maximize on profits, quality drops, merchant unable to delivered = unhappy customer

    better like next time Groupon!

  13. The bad thing is that Groupon knew about this. And in spite of the facts decided to feature FTD in the United States and Canada. They have stolen significant amount of consumers time and, I believe, have broken many plans related to gifts delivery for Valentine’s Day.

    Searches “FTD Reviews” and “FTD Complaints” tell a lot about this business. There is no even need to click on any of the search results.


  14. Groupon has reconciled this, via email to all purchasers of the deal. If you have ordered, credit card will get refund. If not, Groupon can be used anywhere on site.

  15. I agree FTD are a disgraceful business. It is hard to know how much Groupon knew about this but to their credit if you call them up and request a refund they will do it without hassle. So I’ll be reading the fine print much more carefully but Groupon still have my business for the moment.

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