Rogers High-Speed Internet Express Customer? Check your speed!

In may 2009 Rogers upgraded High-Speed Express Internet users from 7 Mbps to 10 Mbps. Have you seen much difference in download speed? But there is a huge difference in price!

Rogers increased price in January 2010 by 34% if you use unlimited internet access. Rogers doubled over limit charge from $25 to $50. If High-Speed Express costs $47 without over limit charges, so for unlimited access that means increase from $72 to $97 + taxes!

July 2010 gave us 8% increase due to HST as well (or as bad). Numbers for unlimited High-Speed Express internet are:

Beginning of 2010: $72 + 5% GST = $75.60

Middle of 2010: $97 + 13% HST = $109.61

That is increase by 45% – what we pay for “additional 3 Mbps”?!

But it does not look like the speed is even close to 10 Mbps. It varies from 5 to 8 Mbps during good times, but often it is extremely slow – much less than 1 Mbps.

You may check your current speed with any available internet speed checker which you may find with the help of any search engine. Rogers provides its own speed checker as well: Rogers Internet Speed Check

But it is obvious that the speed from Rogers’ speedcheck is higher than the actual bandwidth. This internet speedcheck usually shows something like this for 10 Mbps Rogers High-Speed Express Internet service:


But it should be 10Mbps! What speed do you have?

Unfortunately there is no regulation about internet service quality… and there is no place to complain on it. May be we should send complaints to competitors?! But there is not too much competitors either…

3 thoughts on “Rogers High-Speed Internet Express Customer? Check your speed!”

  1. @Alex, not really, it’s called speed boost, it gives you extra speed for a very small amount of time so when you test your speed it looks like you’re getting more than you should.
    In reality, if you download something over a period of time (more than 10 seconds) you will get 10mb and no more.

    And my other point, Rogers are rip offs, there are much better options out there like Acanac and Teksavvy, leave Rogers and Bell as fast as possible.

  2. LOL. I’m in a new area paying for the 10Mb service and typically get 14-18! I’m sure this will change though once the rest of the area is populated…

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