Canadian Baby Photographers Prices and Review

Congratulations on your new baby!

If you are here, most likely you’ve got a call from 1-800-465-9383 or 1-905-940-9661, or “CAN BABY” on your call display.

It is Canadian Baby Photographers. They specialize in 1-6 months baby photography at your home. When your baby is born, they buy information with your address, name and phone number from different sources. It can be some application form at any baby store, hospital you stayed in for delivery, your doctor’s office, follow-up clinic. Anyone who has information about the new born can sell it to Canadian Baby Photographers against any privacy conceptions and laws. In our case we started to receive everyday calls from them after visit to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Many people complain on calls after dealing with Welcome Wagon.

Finally when the call has been answered, they made a very good offer:

Come to our place with all professional equipment, take pictures in different poses, and provide three 5×7 prints absolutely free of charge with no obligations and no purchase required.

My wife intentionally called back to Canadian Baby Photographers to clarify if we can get three different pictures as a gift when they are ready. They confirmed that. We also tried to figure out what kind of prices to expect, but they did not mention any specific prices only telling that there are many different packages and prices are very competitive. Well, sounds like a good offer.

We set up time and photographer showed up exactly during one hour window. He set up his portable studio with flash stands, washed hands, and took pictures. Actually there were only two poses: sitting and lying on a tummy position with some angle. Photographer has also used some props. He did the job very professionally. But he claimed that he did not have any idea about the prices.

One week later CBP called us to make an appointment at home to show us pictures. The first appointment has been failed, because sales man showed up one hour earlier than the set up time when nobody was at home. In another three days he came on time.

Sales representative showed us 14 small printed pictures. Honestly, we expected something better. They were about average quality. Dark blue background was not good at all. And again, there were only two different poses. The price for all these printed photos was $199 plus tax! It is not a competitive price. Last time we did a professional photo session with unlimited number of poses in a stationary studio we bought 10 photos for $60 + tax. It was a special promotion with no sitting fee and other discount. But Canadian Baby Photographers do special promotion as well: no sitting fee + “three printed pictures free of charge” as a gift.

We did not want to buy all the photos for $199 + tax, because many of them looked the same, and it is very uncompetitive price. May be 2-3 additional photos. So, we asked for the price. It was $35 per photo! That is $40 bucks including taxes for one small picture. For example, Sears charges $10 per photo which is twice bigger in size than Canadian Baby Photographers offer. The quality of photos taken at Sears professional studio were even better, and there were many different poses with baby and us.

According to other customers’ negative experience with Canadian Baby Photographers at different discussion forums, we were very lucky with photographer and sales representative, who was not pushy at all. He just told that we can get “really professional” photos only from them, all other studios are unprofessional.

We also wondered if they provide digital copies of the photos. Yes, we could buy CD with images for $59 but only with $199 purchase of printed photos. Sears offers all photos on CD for $199 (without any discounts) taken in a stationary professional studio with virtually unlimited number of poses and participating people (can be the whole family).

If we knew about the prices at the beginning we would not spend two hours on these meetings. Canadian Baby Photographers unfair promotion was very disappointing also. They promised three different photos as a gift, but gave only one.

Usually people do not make professional photography during baby’s first months, because there is a lot of stuff to care about, so parents are not aware of really competitive prices and possible quality. Canadian Baby Photographers take advantage of it, and continue to call every single day to make a photo session. When you see good pictures of your baby for the first time, there is a natural desire to get some of them, or even all, even for $199 + tax. However you may spend the same two hours to shop around and find the same or better quality for less.

Take care of your family!

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  1. Please how can I contact Canadian baby photography, really need to get my baby’s pictures. The 1-800 number I have is not connecting aso well as the 905-940-9661.

    Plz this is important as those are the pictures of my baby 😢😢😢

  2. Just so people kno they aren’t always buying the information
    For me they got my info from a family member and when they called they said they had a gift card for me from her but what I found out after meeting with them is they ask you if you kno anyone who’s having a baby soon and give you card to fill out so they can call them after they have their baby and offer the pictures

  3. I am so disappointed with Canadian baby photograph. The quality of service and price is terrible. 7 years ago I used them and they were good but now again that I used their service the photos were ordinary that anyone can take at home. No prompts were used. Very basic photos were taken. No albums were provided. No cd case was provided .

  4. Free photos they say! Nothing is free. They won’t stop calling me either get the hint. My boy is almost 4 months and they don’t give up.

  5. I actually had a very good experience. The photographer was very good at what he was doing and I don’t mind the blue background actually. Most of the pictures turned out good except 2 but only because she had cried before it was taken so her face is a little red. I wanted to get the best for how expensive this place is so after tax mine came out to 600$. But I got a lot for what I paid so I don’t mind it at all. the salesperson never pressured me into buying more, he just offered what was better so I decided on the package I got and I even got to change some of it around to more for what I wanted so instead of getting 16 wallet pictures I got to make one of the montages on a plack and got her name and birthdate written on all 3 of them. I’m sorry people had such a bad experience with them. If I couldn’t afford it I would have been a bit more annoying but I’m okay with it

  6. It is very expensive and they took stupid photos of my kid , not the professional one . dont do with them , just put their mail in the spam . they are so greedy and stupid

  7. Had an amazing exprience. My 3 month old boy had a photo shoot
    It was amazing how the guy came and had all the pictures done in 15 minutes and that too without irritating or bothering the baby much. Brilliant poses and awesome props. It all depends on what type of package u pick. I took all 8*7 pictures for $ 199 and that too at the comfort of my home. My all friends and relatives are just loving the pictures. Thankyou Peter for the amazing photoshoot. I will always recommend them and definitey gonna do the same for my next baby.

  8. I am extremely pissed off at the level of service this company offers. I was first called saying i won a free session. They cancelled on me saying the photographer broke his ankle. They finally made a second appointment and they cancelled an hour before they were suppose to show up. He also didnt know anything about breaking his ankle the first time they cancelled. J am furious with this company and do not wish to use them. Id never recommend them to anyone

  9. 90% of the experiences I’ve read have been bad. People are pushy and get mad if you don’t buy any of the photos. There are plenty of photographers who can give you a way better deal if you take the time to look around. They buy your information and harass you until you let them come to your home. I told them that if I wanted their photos done I would call them back. They didn’t listen to that and called again, ignored the call that time, but if they call one more time I will threaten to charge them with harassement. Although I doubt that will work. Better to find someone local who gives much better deals and actually does a good job, rather than the pictures looking like they were taken in the 80’s or 90’s. So not worth it.

  10. Same experience as Tasnim’s. They kept calling and googled the number. I finally answered and when I said I cannot afford their package, the lady just hanged up on me 😂

  11. They wont stop calling! i generally dont pick up unknown numbers and when i googled it i found out this was the canadian photographer.I am really disappointed about how they got my personal info.isnt it illegal to give away someones info without their concent? if hospital did this i dont rem giving them my concent to reveal my info for a 3rd party.really upset at them and not picking it up anyway.

  12. i buy the cheapest packages at 199 plus tax its expensive but the happiness to see my baby’s picture is priceless..its reasonable i think because they will come to your house and bring everything what i did is scan all the picture and im just gonna reprint it the size i want ..

  13. I had buyers remorse after purchasing these photos. CBP is a very old company and honestly I think having the blue screen in the background is an outdated idea. There are many independent photographers now a days who do photo shoots for half the price and have better, creative ideas. Even their props are outdated. I think they are way overpriced and I knew right away the salesman could make up a lot of his pricing. My husband wanted them though because he had them done as a baby.

  14. I just had them call me 3 times in a row as i was i. Middle of reading these comments and im glad im not going with them. Already have pictures booked with a different company. They said they got my info from welcome wagon. Very pushy. Said i have to do session tomorrow,so said no sorry have plans tomorrow. Asked if could do next week and she said no only tomorrow. So said no. Glad i did.

  15. The bigger issue is where do they get your contact information? It’s not from the hospital itself. My step-daughter just got called by them. They knew her address and her baby’s name. I’m in the process of figuring out how to file a consumer complaint because there’s no legitimate way they could have gotten that info.

  16. I just wanna say. I had the ladys come to do my photo shoot with my boys and they turned out fantastic. Kinda crappy that you didnt have a great experience, i know my experience was awesome.

  17. I’m very disappointed in the lack of professionalism when it come to your company. When your photographer made the first appointment it was cancelled due to bad weather. The photographer did not call until 30 minutes passed the scheduled appointment So we re scheduled well Thursday has come and gone no one showed up or called to apologize for not being here. You need new photographers or close your business down. A company’s word means a lot and your photographer has shamed your company. I will not recommend Canadian Baby photographers to anyone

  18. I had canadian phot graphed come to my house today to show me the prints of my little guy. I had them done in October but kept avoiding their phone calls because I didn’t want a sales guy to come to my house to pressure myLe into buying pictures.. and to be honest.. if I didn’t see how cute they were u wouldn’t be missing out. I ordered calendars and paid for them when the photographer was here… so I HAD to have the sales guy come so he could give me the Calendars. Damn it lol. He came… was nice enough. Asked where my bf cause he didn’t want me to use the excuse that I couldn’t buy anything because I need to consult him. My bf works nights so he was in bed. .. and just happened to get up right before the price talk was coming. My bf was supposed to be the back bone because mets face it.. When it comes to this kiddo of mine im a suckers for everything lol. Needless to say… I bought the cheapest package .. $258. Came to $325 with shipping and taxes… Wtf was I thinking!! And my bf wrote the cheque. So now… im having major buyers remorse. That’s too much to spend on some pics… esp since I take my little guy for pics all the time that are amazing and a whole lot cheaper. Im going to call them tomorrow to tell them im canceling the cheque. Glad I paid by cheque cause now they can’t scam me out of $199

  19. This place has been calling me regularly since my daughter was born. It totally sounded like a scam to me. I talked to the rep today and asked how they had heard of me. They said someone had bought me a gift of a free photo session. I still thought it sounded like a scam. I said “oh wow that’s so nice, who bought it?” Wouldn’t tell me. I need to provide a time for the photog to come to my house. I told them I wasn’t comfortable with that and to please not call me again.

    After reading the reviews I’m so glad I didnt. I would have been so angry if they showed up for my free gift and they pulled the high pressure sales tactic on my.

  20. I am completely disappointed with this company. Okay, not completely as I apparently one the free session, and the photographer was amazing with my 2 month old boy and had my 4 year old crying from laughter but I expected, since they were so out dated and had that horrid background that remind you of your grade 2 class photos, that they would be cheap or at least a fair price. They sales rep was just ridiculous! He makes it all sound so good and everything until he whips out the price sheets. I was so upset that the 5×7’s were like $30. After being very intrigued by the story book I was so furious that the thing costed $399 plus shipping and handling. What a joke! The sales rep then became unbelievably shady and rude when I told him Wal mart would do these for a fraction of the price. He then question the quality ability and I said I had a nice camera and he then dissed my photo taking abilities when I showed him an example. Like come on buddy, it is 2014! Amateur photographers do a better job, with modern backgrounds, scenery, and props for a damn fraction of the price. I wouldn’t recommend this company to my enemy!

    One Extremely Disappointed Mother

  21. I have an appointment with them tomorrow. I happy that I am getting a free sitting my baby at home. but if the sale representatives show up and is pushy I would have my husband kick his ass right out of my house. They offer me one free picture and that all I would be going for so if they wanted to come out and try to sell me more their are in for a big surprise.

    thx everyone for the feed back on Canadian Baby I was all excited for photo shoot now I am very sad and disappointed.

  22. My experience with this company was terrible, The costumer service
    was so unprofessional. The photographer was so rude. I will not recommend this to any body.

  23. Total scam. Do not take your baby’s photos with this company. Over priced cheap looking photos. Not to mention rude customer service

  24. We got a call days after returning from the hospital from this company and we told them at that time we were not interested. We advised we were on the do not call list and asked them kindly to remove our phone number from their listing. We just now had our TENTH call from them and went through the same procedure again with a supervisor. Highly thinking of pressing harassment charges on them and just reported the situation to the BBB.

  25. hi! i just saw my daughters pictures today from canadian baby photography. they are so cute and i love them all. there are 15 pictures different poses. the lowest package they have is $199 plus tax i said i cant afford to pay the whole amount because its not in my budget so the guy said that i can pay partial amount then i can get the rest of the pictures after i pay the full amount so in this case i can still get the rest of the pictures including 4 wallet size pics and 6 thank you cards. all i can say that the photographer is very professional and they are cheaper because we went to sears and they will charge me $50 dollars per pose. thanks a lot and hope it helps.

  26. Hi, I’m trying to figure out which company was here for my daughter Alice for a free mini session about 2-3 weeks ago. We live at Ainslie Ave Hamilton. Please let me know. Thanks.

  27. Got a call from CBP, not sure how they got my number. I thought I check them out and google to find more info, and came across this site and sure gald I did. Thanks for the comments, as this help me made my decision to not contact them.

  28. Thank you Donna. We contacted RewindPhotography for and signed up for maternity and newborn package. We were blowen away by their work.

  29. I had my babies photos taken when she was a month old the photographer was great & when he came to show me the pictures there was only 5 good ones he showed me 13 photos he took of her & out of them all only 5 were good so I wanted them but he said I could only buy all of the 13 photos and a cd and 3 montages I said okay and he added everything up and it came up to 500$ just for 13 5x7s, 16 wallet sized pictures, a cd with all the pictures and 3 montages for 500$ who would pay that much? The receipt said I have 10 days to cancel the contract but when I phoned nobody contacted me back and my husband is angry with Canadian baby because they pressured me to buy something now they won’t phone me back to cancel the contract …

  30. CBP is horrible!!!! First of all I fully agree with the first guys comments, however it wasn’t $199, it was about $350 plus shipping and handling, so in the end it cost us about $400 for the photos and photo book. My daughter was 5 weeks old when the pictures were done and the photographer was very nice but also a bit of a weirdo, claiming that Game of Thrones was a horrible show because in his eyes it subjected the child stars to pornography. I felt that that comment was out of line and very creepy, since both my husband and I love the show. I felt bombarded with calls until I finally caved in and had the photo shoot done when the photo shoot was done the photographer only took 9 photos father then the 12 that they claim, and when the sales man showed up he made it out like he wouldn’t push us to buy, but then commented on how the photos turned out great and that even tho there were only 9 they were all amazing. Well of course when someone says my kid looks great in all her pictures I’m gonna buy them. What really got me was that he claimed that the price list was online at the CBP website, but when I went to find the prices they are not listed. I will never use CBP again and the whole Ann Getties theme seems a little out dated as far as I’m concerned and if it were infact her style then why was my daughter not placed in a pot or a mini bathtub? I got caught in the Welcome Wagon trap! and what a trap it was, the Welcome Wagon was a horrible time in and of it’s self!!! Now I’m harrassed but CBP, Mary Kay, and a number of other sales people trying to sell me stuff that I dont need. My kid has a savings account, RESP, Mutual Funds, and every other type of insurance needed for her. I wish I knew of a way to have them all stop harassing my family with their sales scams!!! DONT USE WELCOME WAGON or CANADIAN BABY PHOTOGRAPHERS!!!!!!!!

  31. Received and email from CBP today. Their no obligation free gift offer sounded too good to be true so thought I’d google them. Am not surprised at all on the reviews. They almost sound as bad as Kirby vacuum cleaner sales people. Thanks for the reviews people. Definitely agree with Marisol..don’t need the hassle even if they take really nice pictures.

  32. Great reviews, Thank you.
    We decided to go with different company and they provided us with 20 digital and no prints. We paid $200 plus tax. Every photo they took was just perfectly amazing. Nice friendly I would say family atmosphere and it was very enjoyable to be around them. We all felt super comfortable and as a result got great photos – good memories! You can not go wrong for that price. Check them out at


  33. Just had this shoot done last week and today received an e-mail to view my pictures – I chose not to.

    The whole experience for us was terrible. My little girl is 4 months old.. the photographer was grabbing her and throwing her into different outfits every minute clearly on a tight time limit.. she was screaming and upset.. and every time she went to catch her breath he would snap pictures and tell me “I wouldn’t even know she was upset when I get the pictures”,…. Are you kidding me… I wasn’t even allowed to stand too close to her. She was terrified.

    He told me I should change my kid because she was Soaked that why she was upset.. and basically shoved her into my arms… she was not “SOAKED” and she still screamed after.

    They want to charge you $250 + for basic packages for 15-20 min of a photographers time.. with 1 simple back drop and a traumatized baby.

    This week we went and got a PROFESSIONAL. 2 HOUR! Photography session in a STUDIO!! Our total package including retouched photos and a CD with our photos was $200. … PLEASE don’t support these people.. you can get a MUCH better experience and MUCH better photos/quality for LESS elsewhere.

  34. This company just called me today and after reading so many negative reviews I plan on calling them tomorrow to cancel our date to have them take pictures of my son. I dont need the hassle even if they take really nice pictures. Thanks for the reviews.

  35. So in 2011 I took advantage of the free pic. When my pics were ready to view, the salesman was pushy, and the prices were way above budget for very few prints. We made an excuse about calling back with a decision when we worked out our budget. He got upset and glared, but softened up and said “please buy something, make sure you buy something, or you waste a lot of peoples time” when it was supposedto be a free gift, no obligations.

    Now I just had another one last week for my second baby. As before, the photographer was quick and professional and kind, but again, the salesperson was very pushy, they show you the 600 $ packages first, ten slowly work down to the 300 to 400 $ packages. I am going to start off by saying, the package I sort of started to order came to 420 $. Includes 2 8×10 photos(3 after he threw in a free one), 3 5×7 pics, twp 8 peice wallet sizes (little bigger than original idea of wallet size) and of course, the 12 ones they display for you. Oh, and a copyright high quality dvd of the pics, with a neat casing with a wallet size picture In the window, and the dvd had the name, etc printed onto it in a nice way….
    So… doesnt seem like much, does it? Shiping is $40 no matter what package you order, seems high, that does not include fast, or priority. Thy knock off 40 if you dont want the high quality or copy rights, just a low quality dvd… so, thats whati am sharing.

    The photographers do a good job, its pricey but each to their own. I made my order but didnt have payment info. I will prob cancel and go to Walmart or hire a student or hobby photographer. Support small buisnesses.

  36. Thanks a lot for your reviews that was of a great help for me … The photographer was coming for my baby today and i was very confused about the prices as well because of course i’d love to get all the pictures taken for him !!! and knowing that the portrait is ony 5 7 !!!! was shocking for me .. it doesn’t worth the waste of time at all !


  37. They came to my house in september 2012, the guy was really nice and did a good job. A couple of weeks later they called to make an appointment for us to view the pictures and they could only do one day of the week and a time that day, so i made the appointment and he never showed up. Since then they have been calling non stop and when they call they let the phone ring forever. This is not a great company they only care about the money and not the quailty. I also have no idea how they go my number in the first place. If you see the name “babygift” come up on your caller id dont answer it. I will never deal with them again!

  38. My daughter was born in Jan of 2011, Canadian Baby contacted me within weeks and said that i could get a free 5by7 photo with no pressure to purchase anything, so i said sure and the photographer was very nice and did a good job. However the sales rep was less than stellar, when our proofs were in he called me and wanted to show up in the afternoon, but we were visiting relatives and had to tell him it wouldnt work that day. He became annoyed and said he was busy the rest of the week and it had to be that day, so i told him ok but if it could be around 5pm, he sighed and said fine he would just head to the bar and be at our home at the appointed time, when he did show up he had been obviously drinking and couldnt keep his balance, we decided on a package that was very expensive!, and thought ok this guy can leave now, but he kept steering the conversation to hockey and different types of alcohol he liked. When he finally left my husband said he was ready to literally throw him out but held back for me. When my daughter was 6 months old we took her to sears and had very beautiful pictures taken in multiple poses and props and we received way more pictures and a c.d for cheaper than CB. Be wary of CB they are rip offs and be wary of the sales reps! they are pushy and put alot of pressure on you to buy their pictures!

  39. I had pictures done by them a few weeks ago (November 2012) and when he came back with the pictures to show me, I liked them the pictures were nice all the different poses, with props (12 different pictures) i was going to buy some…..but with a whoopping almost 500$ after taxes and everything…i couldnt afford that!!!! wayyyyyy to expensive

  40. Thanks for the info…had a feeling it is as you described it..i will put their e-mails under spam..thanks again.

  41. I have 2 children, with my son I was not contacted by Canadian Baby Photographers, but I was when my Daughter was Born. She was born at the end of February, So the photographer came for her free sitting at the end of March when she was only a month old. the photographer was really good with both my children, and when he was done the photo session, he told me I would be contacted when the proofs were ready. about a week or so later I recieved an email from the company saying my prints were ready for viewing and to call to make an appointment. I called several times and left several messages without reply. I FINALLY got ahold of someone almost a month later, she said that the photographer would stop by the following wednesday, well Wednesday came and went, and no photographer, I was very frustrated so I called again, and once again couldnt get ahold of anyone, when i finally did another week later, we made another appointment for him to come by with my proofs. It took them almost 2 months for me to see my proofs. when the photographer finally came, the pictures were good, and i really loved the ones of my two children together, So i did purchase a package, but the prices were so high that I had to break my payment up to 3 payments. once my payments were all made, I finally got my order at the end of August, by this point my daughter is already 6 months old. I ordered 2 of the double picture folio’s, so that I could give one to each set of grandparents. the pictures were supposed to be one of my daughter and one of my son for each, they came as one picture of my daughter, and one picture of both kids. I am a busy mom, my husband works out of town, so i dont have alot of spare time to be playing phone tag with them to fix this. I sent an email the day i recieved my order, which was over 2 weeks ago, they never responded, i have tried calling, and no responce. I am still trying to get this error corrected. it wouldnt be a big issue, except for the fact that I was already so frustrated with the company, and the amount I paid for these pictures, I expect the order to be correct.
    wish me luck as I continue to try and get this corrected.

  42. I have to agree with Shauna. Granted Tom, the photos are extremely outdated and I would not pay for the quality they produce (or lack there of), however, there is a reason professional photographers are expensive. And I don’t just mean your average soccer mom or dad, I mean real commercial, fashion, food photographers, or even someone like anne geddes who set the bar for new born portraits. There is a lot of work that goes into a photoshoot, sometimes a whole day of work or even 2-4 days. Obviously I am talking about the pre production, production, and post production. That being said, I do not like the fact that CBP solicit their clientelle. It’s annoying and nobody likes to high pressured salesmen. If you’re a good photographer, people come to you, and will pay what you’re worth. From what I’ve gathered about the company, it’s more about making a sale than producing quality work. Any one with any pride would not compromise their good name to make a buck. I’m sorry, but I would not want to give them my business.

  43. I am a photographer that does photos similar to these out of my home and i used to charge 60$ a shoot but i have started to charge more.. when my first son was born i didnt have the equipment and i hired them to do his photos! yes all the photos are the same but the expressions (which is the most important part of the photo) were different in every photo! i know lots of photographers that do this out of their home and charge 250$ base charge so i dont think that 199 is that bad! these are classic photos that a lot of people cherish for a while.. we just pulled my boyfriends photos out from when he was a baby and they did his portraits and they are still in mint condition!! Yes equipment is expensive, its a very costly hobby! i work for another photography company not canadian baby photographers and if u ask me i think they are totally worth it! sears and walmarts photo studios do a horrible job and rush u… CBP were very professional when they did my sons photos!

  44. Shauna,
    You must work for them, the quality of the photos are horseshit. The people that are doing it for $60.00 are not doing it for a living, it’s a hobby. Canadian Baby’s pictures are dated. If your going to troll a blog, at least try not to make it so obvious that you work for them or someone in your family does.

  45. You have to remember that these people are not like Sears and professional photographers are not like going to to sears. Canadian baby photographers have a lot of expenses because your child is so young they come to your home. Think about that. They spend money and time driving to your home. That photographer has to get paid for his time and they get a little commission if you get anything. They also have to pay the salespeople. So you get two people that have to cover gas expenses and the hour they each spend with you. They have to pay the printers and pay for the paper and the equipment of which the camera alone is easy 2500 then you have the light and memory cards and lens. You are upwards of 5000. There are a lot of hidden expenses in photography that regular people are not aware of or choose to ignore. Photographers doing a shoot for 60.00 are starving to death and desperate. We can barely feed our families. It all goes back into expenses, so please do not assume they are gouging your pocketbook, they need to pay for their equipment AND feed their kids.


  46. This Company make everything sound so good and when the pictured arrive. the sales rep came by and showed the pictures and i could not decide and he told me that why cant i decide now and i said it financial reason. I felt he was so annoyed with me that I didn’t buy any package that he practically said to me that i am only interested in the free sample. I told my younger son to take 1 of the pic and he packed the rest and walked out of my apartment. hmmm
    I am still wondering why he is so mad. I will never ever get with this company again. Still wondering how they got my information in the first place.

  47. We had a similar experience and ended up buying a package from them for $299. With the Shipping and Handling and Taxes it came to around $380. The next day we had instant buyers remorse as it seemed like a lot of money for photos that as you said looked very similar. We called them up and asked if we could cancel our order and get a refund. They told us we had to official submit an email. We did so. They replied telling us they could cancel the order but they would still charge us $199. Ridiculous company. I highly recommend anyone thinking of dealing with these people not to.

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