Rogers increasing Pay As You Go rates twice

For those who are using the wireless phone mostly in Rogers Pay As You Go network expenses will be doubled starting from November 16, 2010.

SMS message from Rogers 4761 short number tells the following:

Rogers Svc Msg: As of Nov 16/10 , incoming calls from other Rogers Pay As You Go phones will be charged & regular rates will apply per your plan:

When you make a call with “All Day Anytime” plan, the rate is 40 cents per minute + tax + network access fee, like 911 access. Now receiving calls from other Pay As You Go customers is free of charge, but starting from Nov 16 it will be the same $0.40! And the caller will pay the same rate.

It means the price of one minute inside Rogers Pay As You Go network will cost customers almost one dollar (90.4 cents including taxes)…

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