Negative Ion Bands, Bracelet and Sports Watch Scam

“Do Not Buy” lists published in financial magazines intended to save money usually mention lottery tickets, some type of insurance, premium gasoline, etc… There is another thing which definitely deserves to be there.

Any kind of “Negative Ion” bands, bracelet, watches, necklace, wristbands, napkins, underwear, pendants, jewelry, clothes, sports and fitness accessories are just what they are without “Negative Ion” in the beginning of the product name, i.e. piece of plastic, silicon or other material. It does not cost $80 + tax. It does not even cost $15 with free shipping as daily deal websites sell them. Someone may buy these bracelets and watches at Dollarama… and it is a pretty fair price for it there!

Reasons why “Negative Ion” bands do not work:

  • There is no study or research which proves medical or health benefits from wearing “Negative Ion” stuff. Absolutely. Only fake ones… Some companies selling bracelets do refer to studies, but those are about negative ions in the air which is totally different topic and has nothing to do with accessories to be worn on the body
  • Small piece of plastic physically can’t emit negative ions into the body. There are other pretty complicated and big devices with power supply which are able to emit negative ions into the air. But again, it’s a different thing.

Let’s take a look at one of the examples:

Quick Snap Negative Ion Watch from LiveEZ Now

There was a deal from “LiveEZ Now” on SwarmJam – Canada’s daily deal website:

$20.00 for a Quick Snap Negative Ion Watch from LiveEZ Now ($80.00 Value)

Their “regular” price is $80! Can you imagine? With tax (for Ontario, for instance) it’s over $90! For what?! Has any single person ever bought this for this price? I doubt… Again, it’s another topic when the company creates the website with extremely high “regular” prices in order to run daily deals.

Company’s website is:

Seems like it’s true – the website has been registered on Aug 22, 2011.

Currently they sell the following products:

  • LiveEZ AcuHealth Toe Ring Set – $49.95
  • LiveEZ Sports Ion Stability Watch – $49.95
  • LiveEZ Quick Snap Ion Watch – $79.95

LiveEZ Now – Products

And the website is oriented on voucher redemption…

Let’s see what they promise and offer:

The LiveEZ Quick Snap Ion Watch is a new trend for keeping fit and looking good. Similar to our Sports Ion Stability Watch line, these classy watches not only look good for their variety of colors and trendy slap on bands but also empower special features that even help improve your lifestyle and health. They are made from comfortable health silicone, providing durability and even waterproof abilities to accommodate all your adventures. Our ionizing bands help produce negative ions, which is important to stimulating healthy habits and ensure positive results within the body. The LiveEZ Quick Snap Ion Watch provides health benefits through the use of rare naturally charged minerals.

How can they claim all of these without any research or study? They are fooling everyone!

Some more from “LiveEZ Sports Ion Stability Watch” description:

… With these new watches, you are able to maintain better equilibrium points in the body allowing you to achieve higher results in training and sports

Absolutely no research can confirm this! Why do they tell it? In order to sell cheap plastic and electronic at a huge markup. I can say about this company nothing but scam!

In the “The Benefits of Negative Ions” and “About Negative Ions” paragraphs at “LiveEZ Now” provides some references on researches about negative ions in the air, which have absolutely nothing to do with so called “Negative Ion” bracelets and watches which simply can not work. They just mislead readers by providing deceptive information.

Other “Negative Ion” Daily Deals

There were quite a few already:

Some of their claims: Increases blood circulation; Enhances body facilitation of oxygen; Improves concentration and focus; Helps recovery from sports fatigue; Normalizes physiological functions; Helps to relax tense muscles; and more…

  • Health Sport Watch Depot on LivingDeal: $16 for A Negative Ion Sports Watch From Health Sport Watch Depot! ($35 Value)
  • Equilibrium Bandz on DealTicker: $15 for a Revolutionary Negative Ion Emitting Band from Equilibrium Bandz ($39.99 Value)

Equilibrium bands strengthens bodies immune system, improves blood circulation, compliments people mood, pain relief and even sex drive. Unbelievable… They must be sued for this and prosecuted for deceptive advertisement.  At least not to be featured by the daily deal websites

  • Powered Harmony on LivingDeal: $24 For Three Negative Ion Bands With Free Shipping From Powered Harmony Bands! ($135 Value)
  • Powered Harmony on WagJag: $19 for 3 Powered Harmony Bands from Powered Harmony Canada (a Value of $135)
  • Health Sport Watch Depot on TeamBuy: $13 for a Negative Ion Sports Watch from Health Sport Watch Depot – Tax and Shipping Included ($35 Value)

and more and more and more… and even more probably coming…

Don’t fall into this scam! Beware!

65 comments to Negative Ion Bands, Bracelet and Sports Watch Scam

  • binky

    good stuff, thought about reporting some of these to the competition bureau, ASC and Health Canada when I’ve seen them on deal sites or in the mall.

    There have been some action against these things in the past

  • Rachel

    I have nothing against paying $15 for a plastic watch- but the claims they make are just silly.
    Quite surprized people actually believe these claims when I assume most people have graduated from high school?

    I actually have 2 “ionic” watches and for my use they are good.
    Bought one because I wanted a watch that did not come undone when I exercise and does not have a buckle.
    For that and paying $10 it is good.

    Another watch paid $15 mostly for the style- supposedly it has ions- but I thought the style was different.
    The watch face is black and the numbers show up in while LED and the watch glows in the dark :)
    So far I have to report there is no benefit to my sports activities, but everyone likes the style of the watch and asks about it.
    The company I bought it from is not really making any claims though- just that it is water resistant or waterproof (i forget).

    Not sure I would pay $100 for a plastic watch- but then again there are many “premium” (overpriced) plastic watches like Toy Watch, tecnomarine (like the style but not for $300), and many other brands.

  • Sally

    I ordered power bands for Christmas gifts at the end of November through Wagjag. To date I have not had human contact with either Powered Harmony phone number or the “24 hour customer service email” to find out where they are or if they will arrive in time for Christmas. I have phoned the 1-800 number numerous times from 7am to 9pm. I have sent several emails to the 24 hour customer service address. To date I have heard from no one. Is this a scam?

  • trennor turcotte

    I bought two Inner Energy bands from a kiosk in our local mall about the beginning of November, 2011, and at first all seemed well. I spend about 6 hours per evening at the computer, and while I had the bands on, they seemed to prevent headaches (just like they claimed) and I was well satisfied with them. Then, about Christmas time, roughly two months later, the bands seemed to have “run out;” I’ve got the headaches back (which means I probably have to cut back on the puter time.) Whatever benefit I was getting from them seems to have petered out. Not good.

  • Nancy

    I just got an offer from SwarmJam for “Pet Energy Tags” from a company called Live It Nexus. The cost is $19.00 (for 2) which is supposedly an $80 value. Who in their right mind would pay $80 for a piece of plastic? Well, some fool has actually bought these! Imagine if they really did work – who would want a hyped-up dog or cat tearing around your house?

    The company’s website, like others mentioned above seem to only have about a dozen items and all at astronomical prices. The watches they sell look suspiciously like one I bought at a dollar store.

  • Sherry

    I just decided to do a little research about these bands becuz they are advertised on groupon. I read about these awesome charged ions and how they make you feel. Interesting reading on these ions you get naturally being on a mountain or next to a waterfall. Then I wondered how they engineer these ions to get them into a watch and couldn’t find anything on the bottling of these ions. Lol. Then stumbled on this page. Thanks for the confirmation, however, they are kinda cool looking for the use of telling time.

  • binky

    We know deal sites aren’t the only scammers. But this one surprised me. The Kingston police(!) are selling negative ion balance bracelets as a fundraiser. Including at the police station and promotion on their official website with the false health claims (and a smaller disclaimer they don’t guarantee them)

    Other countries have gone after scammers selling this junk…in Canada the police are the scammers

  • The really sad, and kind of scary thing is that there are probably hundreds, maybe thousands of people who bought these items who will tell you it has had effects ranging from “can tell the difference” to “changed my life”!! And this is a symptom of a delusional society that isn’t interested in reality, in critical thinking, or even in doing the tiny amount of mental work it takes just to be skeptical. I am pretty sure religion is also in this category, and might even be a more powerful influence, which will eventually result in the downfall of a civilization that has already fallen behind other countries in its performance in math, science, and reason skills. I once suggested to a group of people that we might take more responsibility for our health in numerous ways, including not smoking, since we know smoking causes cancer. Innocent enough, right? But no. An irate and emotional woman in the audience responded angrily that her grandmother had just died of lung cancer and had never smoked. She seemed to believe I was accusing her grandmother of smoking. Apparently it had never crossed her mind that other things might, and obviously do, cause lung cancer! This person was in a college classroom and probably went on to “earn” a degree in who knows what?! One can only hope she did not become a school teacher! Sadly I believe that this inability to reason is pervasive throughout a large and growing middle class where mediocrity is not only perfectly okay, but celebrated, while excellence is frowned upon by middle-class comrades. As someone once point out to me, most of the country is run by “C” students– a chilling thought.

  • kulik

    Bought and paid for 2 ion watches…but never received them…called 1-800 number,no reply from e-mail either…a total scamm..stopped being a swarm member…


  • Sng3dkaraoke

    I find it amusing that someone with little knowledge on the subject is talking down about others intelligence . Negative ions are in fact what makes a body run healthier over positive ions which especially city’s are full of more than negative ions. These company’s do not need to prove this it is well known fact. 85% of all ions are absorbed by the skin and 15% through the lungs. All these company’s really need to prove is that their product produces these ions or contains them radiated into the air or via your skin. Easily measured using ion meter. And in fact have been measured in upward of 2000 + in one band called fusion ti pro. Where you live and your lifestyle will play a roll in how this affects you as a person . Some people are already living and working in areas supplying them with more natural negative ions than the band would supply especially when the fusion pro is said to be of the highest ion concentration on the market. Those who may actually benefit may be people who are inside most of the time in ac or working around computers or monitors which put out high concentrations of positive ions as the rooms may now contain a count of about 50 or less negative ions per cubic centimeter. At those levels a band like fusion pro which uses heat from sunlight and heat from your body to charge and disperse these negative ions could be beneficial to your body and improve health functions. So you need understand these bands will not necessarily be for everyone note are some of them with low ion counts going to do much for most people. But scam ? nope not at all , this is why they are allowed to stay in the market . And it is based on facts about ions and there roll in the human body.

  • Sng3dkaraoke

    This is why company’s will not guarantee results. Ion technology is once again fact not scam , I am speaking for the science and not for any one individual company as we all know is full of scams. Doing some research you will find what I say to be true. I am not in any way shape or form suggesting anyone buy one of these bands as I believe you may or may not benefit that is where all the skepticism has come from as well as too good to be true thoughts. As well the price is high on many even for what they are made of. It is a gamble but if you work near computers all day and possibly in ac without ionizing air purifiers , you may very well be in an environment with low negative ion parts per cubic centimeter and a band that is reputable that emits a higher negative ion count than what your in may very well make you feel better and operate better this is where science fact comes in to play. The health benefits of negative ions are confirmed in the scientific world and they even use ion therapy in some cases in health care

  • Sng3dkaraoke

    As to this site in there comment about a piece of plastic not being able to emit negative ions , well that statement is true but the real deal bands on the market are in no way made of plastic. They are in fact made with a mineral called tourmaline which is in fact a mineral that naturally emits negative ions under movement or even pressure mixed with heat . The body absorbs the ions as they are emitted.

  • Trueler

    @Sng3dkaraoke: Good writing for this trend! But no science… unfortunately they simply can’t work.


  • Sng3dkaraoke

    Actually it is all science do your research.

  • Trueler

    @Sng3dkaraoke: It’s not science at all. It’s unfair marketing.

  • Sng3dkaraoke

    Once your opinionated the way you are it is unfair to others to be spreading what you clearly don’t understand. The affects of positive and negative ions have been researched since the fifties. All fact, not opinion you and your comments are biased toward the fact you have a rep to uphold on this site, I therefore do not. My research has been on ions, not ion bands and you are truly mistaken.

  • Trueler

    @Sng3dkaraoke: this article is about “ion bands”, BTW… which are just pieces of plastic in fact…

  • Jeff Richards

    I so find the affects that people report from these bands interesting.

    Are they placebo? Ionic Balance Bands are another make of band.

  • Sng3dkaraoke

    @trueler the science of ions is in fact relative to this post . I also commented about a specific “ion band” which is in no way shape or form made of plastic. As I happen to be considered an expert in my field of work , which happens to be plastics.
    I don’t speak for all bands out there as I have stated that there are scammers among many industries. You can not bash an entire product line because of a few companies that are making unsupported claims on there product. There are two bands out there that are making legitimate claims on the ions being emitted from there product and tests have shown this. Yes there real benefits can still be in question , I also have stated. But the science is there.

  • Sng3dkaraoke

    In fact there are many bands that were tested to only show an emission of 9 to 20 – ions per cubic centemeter teases amounts are too small to make a difference to anyone at all the natural environment has on average at least 50 – ions per cubic centemeter in the air. This is really where the rip off factor comes into play. There are alot of these on the market. And as far as there balance tests, those are actually all bogus as well. Any affects you might gain will not be that immediate and significant for such a test. The negative ions will have to be a significant number per cubic centimeter compared to your normal environment. Fact. So this is why I say they are not for everyone as not many people may notice anything at all. So scam not necessarily but useless mostly.

  • Trueler

    @Jeff Richards: “ionic” bands/bracelets can’t work…

  • Trueler

    Sng3dkaraoke: Article gives enough facts telling that “ionic” bands/bracelets can not work as claimed at all. If you believe it – use it on your own, but do not advertise it and do not confuse people! It’s unfair and it’s a scam.


  • J.D

    if you dont believe it, dont buy it, it wouldnt work on closed minds anyways. (mind over matter)

    if you do believe it, please do buy it, 30$ for creating a positive belief, thus impacting your life in a positive way, is well worth it. (mind over matter)

    it may be all in your head, or actually be something extraordinary. as for the science behind it: fuck science, its all man made.

  • Trueler

    It’s better to keep $30 for good things instead of giving it to scammers who lie about positive health/life effects.

    If you believe it, you may buy it for $1 in any “Dollar Store” because it will “work” in the same way!


  • rad

    Proof it doesnt work…do the same tests the sales people do on your friends using coming household items or jewelery, its the power of suggestion, the sales person tells you what happens and it does, i have done it with many people, the balance tests, coordination, etc. I used a plastic bracelet, a watch, a spoon, and i suggest to them while holding that object they will be stronger, etc…works every single time, take the object away and they are weak again.

    Charged ions do not work in this manner that these companies suggest and it is scientifically impossible. These claims are fraudulent and a means of making extreme profits for a 10 cent bracelet.

    Curious how standing next to 1000s of bracelets it doesnt work, but touching a bracelet for under 30s and you are suddenly stronger…some people …

  • Jay

    Ahhh, how obvious it is that someone (Sng3dkaraoke) has a vested interest in claiming these useless pieces of junk rubber bands are not a scam. No one would write so many posts (and long winded at that….another indicator of scammer….confuse people with junk science that hasn’t even been applied to the rubber bands themselves).

    They sure invested a lot of time trying to make crap into something worth spending 30 bucks, when actually there’s another one claiming it’s placebo. Well, if I want a placebo, I’ll spend 30 bucks on a good bottle of wine and believe it will absolve me of heart disease. That’s 30 bucks of placebo well spent.

    btw, my friend bought me one of those rubber bands and I wore it, just to make them feel good (ha, they got more placebo effect from me wearing it, than I did!) I wore it for months, then stopped because I was embarrassed to be seen with one on, and was sick of telling people it was a gift and that I wasn’t actually gullible enough to buy one. The thing is crap. Crap crap crap of a scam.

  • Kristin

    I just tried one that my coworker purchased, as did everyone in my office. We all stood on one foot with our arms out to the side without the bracelet and had someone try to push our arm down and we all fell onto the other foot. AFTER we put on the bracelet, we had someone try to push our arms down and we had no problem balancing without falling onto the other foot. I don’t know about any of the other claims, but for balance I am amazed at how well it worked. I don’t own one yet, but the type we tested out was Energy Armor.

  • itchijo

    I’ve had one on for a few days and I’m kind of wigged out. Like Kristen said above, the balance part wsa amazing, it was what immediately got my attention and I’ve tried it out on several other people with the same test. It’s astounding.

    The energy levels I have are just ridiculous. If this is a placebo… I’m not tired, I have cleaned my entire house, massive 10 hour hike, caught up on so much of my backlog and well into next week’s work. Operating fine on less sleep than I usually do and up before 6 every morning. I have minimal pain, I had chronic back pain and the aches I experience from all the hard work I’ve been doing ( plus just random exercise in between ) goes away very quickly.

    I didn’t buy my bracelet online, I got it at a mall kiosk where it’s properties were demonstrated directly. There might be scammers out there but this product is working on me, and I had never heard of it before this week.

  • R Smith

    For those who have purchased one of these expensive watch bands and believe it is working for you, you have become a victim of the Placebo Effect because you spent all that money when the watch is only worth about 10% of what you spent.

  • Pat

    Proof is in the pudding so to speak. I am living proof that these bands help with arthritis, energy, and balance.

    One day I was sitting in the car on a long distance drive with my wife in the passanger side. She was complaining about her left knee which she has arthritis in from her majorette days in high school. I tried to get her to put my braclet on but she was skeptical. When she fell asleep I slipped it of my wrist and laid it on her knee that was having pain. After a couple of hours she woke up and I carefully removed it from her knee without her knowing. I asked her how her knee was feeling and she said she forgot about it as the pain had subsided. I told her about the braclet and now she is a believer. Again proof is in the pudding.

  • Eric

    Whether you believe in the science or not what really matters it does it work for you or not.
    I had never put any stock in the ones I had seen at the mall or really even thought about it.
    Yesterday I was at the store and saw on and asked my daughter if she thought it worked. She didn’t know and since it was less than 10 dollars I thought I’d give it a try. I had not expectations either way but since I work out daily thought I’d see if it affected me.
    I must say my work out was much less fatiguing and I had more energy.
    Now I did not buy it expecting anything and I did not know any of the hype. Granted some people out there have a tendency to over state for their own monetary gain but from what I read now there are vast differences in the dozens out there easily found on the internet. One tells you how great it is and another tells how much stronger it is than the others. I believe that if you invest in one that is tested and known to have high negative ions then you can decide if it’s right for you.
    To make a blanket statement that ALL are a scam might be as irresponsible as saying that they are all that and a bag of chips either.
    Bottom line it works for me.

  • J.M

    I have read all the negative and positive reviews!
    But i just want to comment that I was very skeptical also with these ‘rubber bands’.
    Was given an ionCURVE band from my sister as I do a lot of exercise and she thought it could help.
    This one had the tourmaline in it that you were talking about in earlier posts and I must admit that more than anything it has helped me have a far better sleep after a couple of weeks wearing it. I honestly wouldnt have it off now. Placebo, i dont know!

  • Carol P.

    I had the demonstration done when we were in LasVegas a few weeks ago. I was very skeptical about this product. I have had back problems and severe pain since last May, and have had two sets of back injections from a pain management doctor. The first set of shots lasted 6 weeks and the pain came back, the second set of shots lasted 3 weeks, again, the pain came back. I can only take Tylenol for pain since I am on blood thinner medication. My husband and I talked about the bracelets and decided to purchase them the next day. We bought two of the stainless steel bracelets, a bit higher in price than the bands, and I have to say I have a nice bracelet, BUT also the pain is gone from my back and hips. Since leaving LasVegas I have not had to take any Tylenol for pain. My husband had disk surgery in his neck 14 years ago and has had pain ever since, since buying the bracelet and wearing it he has experienced NO PAIN in his neck. I though it was hookey too…. BUT our’s is working for us and I wouldn’t give them back.

  • Trueler

    Carol P., have you paid for bracelets more than $1-2? If you did, it is a scam…


  • Bill

    So many experts among us. And all of the experts disagree with each other. So everyone must be more than 50 miles from home. I can’t believe I wasted my time reading all this stuff.

  • me

    @Trueler, why are you so insistent that they are all scams? You stated that if someone paid over $2 for one then they were scammed. Someone could pay $200 for one but as long as it does indeed emit negative ions it is not a scam. They simply drastically over paid. There is a very distinct difference between the two. If I pay $50 for a pizza that cost $4 to make then as long as it is in fact a pizza I was not scammed. I over paid. I’m not advocating these bracelets, I just find it odd that you have posted so many adamantly close minded comments about this.

  • Trueler

    @me: if you pay $50 for a pizza which “emits negative ions to drastically increase your health and loose weight” you are definitely gets scammed. Similar thing with those bracelets. It’s just a piece of plastic, but claimed to be a panacea.


  • Skylark

    @Trueler The claims your are making against the entirety of these negative ion bracelets are bogus. I have been using them for over a year now and have noticed many health benefits. My friends and I joke about them being placebo bracelets a lot, but the facts remain that the claims of science behind these things are indeed founded on sound principles unlike you claim. If you would like to claim that no research has been done to prove these ion products, and would like to claim that these are simply overpriced silicone shells with no special properties, then I highly recommend you do your own credible tests or at least provide sources. in the same way, I could say this website is a scam, (Not saying it is, it’s an example) and I could back it by claims that you provide opinionated and biased claims over other products; I wouldn’t even have to prove myself and others would believe me unless they were die-hard fans of your site beforehand…

    At any rate, to get back on topic, the fact that I have put myself through the test so many times, to pass every time, says something for these negative ion bracelets. I use Energy Armor branded products, and I use the computer and other electronic devices nearly all-day. Before I used EA, I would suffer severe migranes on a regular basis and would feel tires 24/7. While I use EA products, I notice thatmy migranes are far fewer and less powerful. I also sleep better at night and therefore suffer less sleep deprivation. Recently my family suffered severe illness. My ailments were less severe than anyone else in my house, though I did not recover any faster. While this was going on the family was complaining of trouble sleeping, whereas I still had no trouble. I then removed my bracelet for more than twenty-four hours, and I can honestly say that the night in that time gap was the worst night of sleep I have had in months.

    I will stand behind this product 100% and honestly tell you they work. Other methods are indeed more effective, and the price for these things is outrageous for how much it costs to make them. However, they are well-worth it.

  • Tony

    The sad thing is these companies are buying a product from China for pennies and selling these with no physical proof they actually work. People do feel better once they put it on, but sugar pills also heal people just the same. We do expose ourselves to many harmful energy devices, but I can’t see a silicone bracelet being able to neutralize the effects of a picture tube television, cell phone, microwave or even a ballast from a fluorescent bulb. These aren’t even worth buying at a dollar store, unless you like the bracelet itself.

  • Lahere

    @Kristin – I also bought Energy Armor bands from a kiosk in Las Vegas and we definitely felt the difference! If anyone has the intelligence to do the research on tourmaline they will understand why.
    As for Trueler, my sympathies go out to you for being close minded and ignorant !

  • Trueler

    @Lahere: Really? ;)

  • Brian

    I really enjoyed rkt137 comment from 3/17/13. Your philosophical perspective connecting these watches to the downfall of society is very insightful. I especially enjoyed your analogy of religion as a placebo affect. I respect your right to voice your option, and while I may agree to much of what you have to say, I have to say one thing. You guys are all taking this way overboard, come one we are talking about some plastic watches…lol

  • Daniel Knight

    Trueler you’re clearly not a scientist, you’re a scammer yourself in that you pretend to be one and that you simply saying “can’t work” makes you scientific. You amount to a silly time wasting troll. You are a typical mainstream scientist spokesperson though: a troll. Get a life and stop wasting everyone’s time.

  • Padeo

    don’t know about health benefits, I already felt great and in good shape and would never expect that from a bracelet, but I must admit it certainly improved my balance and everyone’s I have tried it on. I don’t even tell them what it should do before trying it on them thus eliminating placebo effect. mines not plastic and not $30, even if there is a placebo effect that’s money well spent if its working for you, look how many people put faith in God, if that isn’t placebo at work I don’t know what is

  • Padeo

    Unfair marketing? there’s no such thing as unfair marketing, that’s why its called marketing, the church markets God yet its not proven it even exists, not even a tangible product, is that unfair marketing too?

  • Trueler

    @Daniel: why you posted a comment here then? Get a life ;)

  • Trueler

    @Padeo: unfortunately there is such thing like unfair marketing… And it should be prosecuted!


  • Trueler, and everyone else reading this thread. My name is Matt Ryncarz and 100% full disclosure, I am the founder of Fusion IONZ. First, let me say that I agree with your point. After testing thousands of “negative ion” bands myself I know a vast majority… if not more… DO NOT work nor emit negative ions to point of human benefit. We worked for nearly two years to develop a band mixture that would in fact emit enough to effect human performance. We knew our own testing would not be enough…. so earlier this year we put our money where our mouth was and commissioned a third party, board certified, placebo controlled study to test our product for human performance benefit, pain relief and we also commissioned a third party lab controlled negative ion test against 13 other competitors to prove we had the highest negative ion output. All of this can be openly read on our web site… . I do not come here to disagree or to change your mind but simply to give you all of the facts that are out there. Our industry, like many others is not regulated so many can make false claims. We are the only ones that I know of to take enough pride in our product to ACTUALLY test it!

  • Trueler

    lol… “We are the only ones to test it”… Any published results?… Plastic thing just can’t emit…

  • Don

    Trueler did you go to the website and look at the clinical trial? He specifically stated they had trials you tool. Specificaly from the Energy Medicine Research Institute. They do clinical trials for many company’s. It is not the plastic that emits ions either, you are such a troll, and don’t even know what you are talking about. But because you are closed minded and even refuse to do any research you keep saying the same thing, “Plastic can’t blah, blah, blah”. You are a troll of the worst kind.

  • Trueler


    There are no good references to “Energy Medicine Research Institute”. So it looks like the same scam as bracelets.


  • Ahem.


    You are a lying scam artist and thief. Arrested in Fulton County Georgia. ECredible ring a bell? You are also wanted in Florida for your theft from your old company eLayaway. I know how you operate.

    Stay away from this guy folks.

  • Lord Ernie

    7 years ago arthritis in my hands made playing golf painful. A friend of mine said he had the same thing. He told me about Titan Rules silicone ion bracelets that took the pain away in his hand. That was where I was in pain. It cost me about $23 to purchase two bracelets. I have not had the pain of arthritis in my hand since. Could care less about scientific proof. I have the proof in pain free hands. They say the proof is in the pudding not some nay sayers article.

  • Real Science

    My wife and I both noticed benefits from these bracelets. I purchased mine from a kiosk in a flea market. I have tried researching the “science” behind the product by asking the distributor for proof of why they work. Sadly, he could not provide the proof. The skeptics say “We are smart. The bracelets don’t work. And you should trust us because we are smart.” You there Trueler? However, the skeptics are equally lacking when asked for proof in defending their opinion. I therefore can’t accept their alleged scientific proof above my observations. I recommend that YOU research negative ions and determine for yourself if there is any science upholding the claims. Additionally, use the bracelets that have a measurably high percentage of negative ion production if you conclude that negative ions can make a difference in the quality of your life. And yes, don’t overpay.

  • Matt

    OK, I don’t know if anyone will ever see this, but it’s worth a shot.

    So, I’ve tried a couple different negative ion products (A Phiten necklace and a Callaway Ionetix bracelet) and every time I wear them I start to get a pounding headache. After taking them off the headache goes away after a couple of hours. I suffer from frequent headaches already so I thought I would try these out to see if they would help. Has anyone else gotten the same effects as I have? I’ve been trying to research this and everywhere I look people say they help with headaches (whether it’s the placebo effect or not is another discussion).

  • Anthony

    @Real Science

    While I can’t speak for all of the skeptics that have responded, I’d like to think they’re just so appalled by how gullible everyone can be that they lost all motivation to educate. In fact, the proof is so easily within reach (Google -> What is an ion?) and yet the majority of people neglect to use the computer in front of them to research this subject.

    I thought about covering the very basics of chemistry but there are plenty of websites that can help you in that department. (Wikipedia,org. What I will say is very straight forward: This is a scam because ions in their reactive states are what are known as FREE RADICALS, and they are extremely DANGEROUS outside of an aqueous solution. An analogy would be how strong acids and bases can be extremely dangerous if they come into contact with your skin.

    Table salt, NaCl. Sodium Chloride is an ionic compound composed of a sodium cation(+) and a chlorine anion(-). When sodium is not paired with chlorine, instead left in its elemental state, it is EXTREMELY reactive and will explode on contact with water to form sodium hydroxide which is corrosive. A similar situation occurs with chlorine. You know how why you’re suppose to keep your body from exposure to bleach? Bleach is a solution of chlorine.
    polyatomic ion, monoatomic ion, it doesn’t matter. They’re dangerous in elemental form, but completely harmless paired together or in solutions. That’s why sodium and chlorine are dangerous unless they are in the form of table salt.

    Now this ‘ion’ imbalance they’re selling us on is just silly. Yes, your body needs ions to survive. They’re essential, but wearing a wristband on your arm is not doing anything for you to ‘improve your ion balance’. There are literally billions of sodium(+) and potassium(+) ions maintaining a difference in electrical charge in your brain cells (neurons). This allows the neuron to conduct synaptic transmission. This is only one example of many. Your entire body uses differences in electrochemical gradients to keep you alive and healthy. My example is in response to the unfounded claim that ‘positive ions’ are somehow unhealthy. You would be brain dead without positive ions!

    Alright, I’m stopping here. You can put the obvious together: You know that ions are extremely reactive in their elemental state. Not only do these companies not even say WHICH anions are inside the product but they fail to explain how ions will even move through the skin without inflicting burns and causing cell death. Your skin is essentially water-tight, you don’t quench your thirst by taking a shower, do you? Nothing is getting through your skin. The reason your body has ions to function is from eating and drinking, nothing else.

    Please people, use the internet as a resource tool to educate yourselves.

  • Cathy

    Matt; I’ve dome considerable research on this subject. Your headaches when wearing a band likely come from the detoxification effect of the negative ions. That is a good thing! Negative ions have been proven (yes there are lots of scientic studies done out there on ions) to detoxify your body. I don’t know if you’ve ever done a cleanse, but when you do you often get headaches, dizziness, nausea etc as you are detoxing. If you wear the band in small increments and gradually lengthen the time you wear it, you will detox slower and the headaches should dissipate over time. Then they will likely improve your headaches that you get on a regular basis

    I had a headache every day for 50 years since i was hit by a car….no doctor could cure them. I had MRI’s Cat Scans, been to neurologits etc. I started wearing 3 bands….they improved within weeks and within a few months my headaches are now non existant. The negative ions in the bands oxidize your blood (and yes, this again is backed up research), which often helps with things like headaches, arthritis, etc. Two doctors years ago jointly won a Nobel Prize in Medicine on their work on negative ions. Google Benefits of Negative Ions and you will find your reseearch; read the above posts to find out how the ions in the bands are absorbed by your body.

  • Brockton

    Negative ions are naturally emitted by the atmosphere and are adequate for body balance. Health is about stress management, organic food, love, cardio-vascular exercise, and hydration.

    Any object that can be shown to emit negative ions is, however, benficial to anyone. But is has to be proven, perhaps with a meter.

    If it’s a placebo effect and your mind is tricked to believe you are healthier, then you’ve worked on stress management, which is a key element to health.

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned the largest (and invisible) risk to health…which is electromagnetic frequency radiation.

  • Garry

    I have studied this negative ion science for many years, seen the laboratory tests and spoke with the professionals in the market. This science is very real and there is one product in the entire market that leads the field and truly has the values required to benefit the health of humans. Their product is second to none and is excellent quality and value.

  • Trueler

    @Garry: Please provide some proven documentation.


  • Chris

    Trueler is a troll. To take him seriously would be a huge mistake.

  • jamie

    ..Anthony… – what he said… – save your money people, your scientific proof is classic pseudo-science. Really, this is a product you can manage without… Unless you just like the look of them… Stay happy!

  • Debbie

    My husband has nerve damage in his legs and as a result has a foot drop. He regularly stumbled, lost his balance and fell over. This resulted in a number of fractures, breaks and bruises. He has been wearing an ion bracelet for 3 years now and in that time has fallen twice (it would normally be twice per month. I dont believe in these types of things – truly i dont. However my husband has a medical condition which isn’t curable, and somehow since wearing these bands his balance has improved dramatically. The reason i found this page was as i have noticed this week he is staggering and stumbling a bit, must mean time for a new band! And like the other times he will be right as rain again. They only cost around £10 – £15! Both of us are highly educated and he is a senior scientist, if they work, they work! :)

  • Bazooka Joe

    I am not surprised to see an article like this and so many people in support of it and basically not one that I saw in defense of the claims made by some braclets, I can pretty much see right through this, first of all I was the skeptics skeptic on things like this but being in my late 50′s with some noticable health issues arising I began to research anything I could to look in holistic organic,herbs spices, etc. I came acroos the ion me braclet, I went as far as getting an ion meter to actually see if the braclet I purchased was just a piece of plastic like these alleged folks say, I know my doctor poo poo’s any kind of natural healer like honey,garlic ions. Of course he does,he is in the business of writing prescriptions for drugs,and I would take a guess that this article comes right from big phara, and someone is cherry picking the comments to further make their case. So I don’t expect this to be up long, but here goes. The product promised a minimum of 2,200 negative ions with the bracelet I bought, I also bought 2 Himalayan salt lamps to set next to me computer screen. Well my bracelet measured out at 2,690 Neg. Ions per centimeter. So It is not just a piece of plastic. At least the one I bought actually is doing what it says it does. So there,nay sayers. Just some food for thought,do not listen to anything from anyone in the mainstream anything. They do not care about your health,just big profits. I feel this article is either massively mis informed at best because their is scientific evidence to support it,or at worst propaganda from big pharma. Ps some are probably fake you have to do your homework, I always start with reading reviews.

  • Trueler

    That’s the thing: there is no scientific evidence to support it.


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