Holographic Energy Bands, Bracelets and Watches Scam

Many online stores like Power Balance, Amazon, BeBalanced Products are selling so called Hologram or Energy bracelets, necklace, watches, bands with magic features as they claim.

From Wikipedia article Hologram Bracelet:

A hologram bracelet or energy bracelet is a small rubber wristband fitted with a hologram. Manufacturers have said that the holograms “optimise the natural flow of energy around the body, and so improve an athlete’s strength, balance and flexibility

Sounds great, eh? But continue to read Wiki article a bit more:

Only anecdotal evidence supports these claims and tests performed by the Australian Skeptics, the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, and the RMIT’s School of Health Sciences have been unable to identify any effect on performance.

So, basically all the claims of positive impact to human’s health by vendors, manufacturers and re-sellers are nothing but BS…

Even one of the biggest and well-known manufacturer Power Balance confirmed that it is indeed a scam in a message on their own website:

In our advertising we stated that Power Balance wristbands improved your strength, balance and flexibility. We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims and therefore we engaged in misleading conduct in breach of s52 of the Trade Practices Act 1974. If you feel you have been misled by our promotions, we wish to unreservedly apologise and offer a full refund.

They had many legal issues related to false advertisement: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Balance


Some of the headlines which tell the truth about this industry:

Experts have cast doubt on the science behind a hologrammed rubber bracelet which claimed to improve balance, strength and flexibility among users

A WRISTBAND claiming to boost strength, balance and flexibility has been exposed as a fake. The ACCC ordered Power Balance Australia to cease marketing its wristbands with claims of boosted sporting performance, and demanded they refund people already duped by the purported benefit

They were fined for ‘false advertising’ suggesting medically unproven benefits of the bracelets

etc… etc… etc…


Who sells it now?



Power Balance Bracelet for $4.48. The price is still high for what it actually is…

Power Balance Bracelet – Amazon


BeBalanced Products


  • BeBalanced Energy Bracelets – $39.99
  • BeBalanced Energy Necklaces – $34.95
  • BeBalanced Energy Watches – $39.99

Unbelievably inflated prices. Are they gonna run daily deals? ;)

Energy Force


$29.95 for hologram bracelets… Are deals coming soon too?

Power Balance

Still sell them… very successfully… for $29.99… with a huge affiliate network…

and more and more and more…

What can I say… as usual… Don’t let them fool you! Unless the price for this “magic” bracelet is $2 you are getting ripped off! Go to dollar store if you really want one. The effect could be even better than if you buy it for $20, because you save a lot :)

Don’t fall into this scam and beware! Inform people!

3 thoughts on “Holographic Energy Bands, Bracelets and Watches Scam”

  1. I let my guard down years ago in Florida and bought a power balance bracelet for about $20 USD…… Wasn’t long before I realized I had been scammed…… with the one foot balancing trick before and after wearing the band…..

    Only desperate, dirty low life cretins would lower themselves to do this to strangers. I reported the incident to Mall management and the kiosk was later shutdown.

    But before that I stalked the perpetrators and confronted them even insinuating something very bad would happen to them………at which point one responded so as to reveal that it was ipso facto a scam…….He was scared…….

  2. Absolutely sickening. Symmetry bands has printed “end cancer” in pink on a rubber band and is selling it through wagjag for $15. The ad claims “Portion of proceeds donated to End Cancer” , but they are posting in the discussion that “all profits” are going to charity”. They won’t give any idea on how much “all profits” are from the $15 sale.

    Can cancer society knows nothing about it. Obviously the “reg price’ of $39 to show a big % discount is fake. I think wagjag is taking the lead in “shady deals” offered

  3. Yeah, they come and go under different names, Q-Ray was huge 10 years ago, most recently you have those stupid necklaces the baseball players wore last couple of years. All making the same impossible claims. Just get some spare coax cable or coat hanger wire and make one yourself, probably works just as well!

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