Negative Ion Bands, Bracelet and Sports Watch Scam

“Do Not Buy” lists published in financial magazines intended to save money usually mention lottery tickets, some type of insurance, premium gasoline, etc… There is another thing which definitely deserves to be there.

Any kind of “Negative Ion” bands, bracelet, watches, necklace, wristbands, napkins, underwear, pendants, jewelry, clothes, sports and fitness accessories are just what they are without “Negative Ion” in the beginning of the product name, i.e. piece of plastic, silicon or other material. It does not cost $80 + tax. It does not even cost $15 with free shipping as daily deal websites sell them. Someone may buy these bracelets and watches at Dollarama… and it is a pretty fair price for it there!

Reasons why “Negative Ion” bands do not work:

  • There is no study or research which proves medical or health benefits from wearing “Negative Ion” stuff. Absolutely. Only fake ones… Some companies selling bracelets do refer to studies, but those are about negative ions in the air which is totally different topic and has nothing to do with accessories to be worn on the body
  • Small piece of plastic physically can’t emit negative ions into the body. There are other pretty complicated and big devices with power supply which are able to emit negative ions into the air. But again, it’s a different thing.

Let’s take a look at one of the examples:

Quick Snap Negative Ion Watch from LiveEZ Now

There was a deal from “LiveEZ Now” on SwarmJam – Canada’s daily deal website:

$20.00 for a Quick Snap Negative Ion Watch from LiveEZ Now ($80.00 Value)

Their “regular” price is $80! Can you imagine? With tax (for Ontario, for instance) it’s over $90! For what?! Has any single person ever bought this for this price? I doubt… Again, it’s another topic when the company creates the website with extremely high “regular” prices in order to run daily deals.

Company’s website is:

Seems like it’s true – the website has been registered on Aug 22, 2011.

Currently they sell the following products:

  • LiveEZ AcuHealth Toe Ring Set – $49.95
  • LiveEZ Sports Ion Stability Watch – $49.95
  • LiveEZ Quick Snap Ion Watch – $79.95

LiveEZ Now – Products

And the website is oriented on voucher redemption…

Let’s see what they promise and offer:

The LiveEZ Quick Snap Ion Watch is a new trend for keeping fit and looking good. Similar to our Sports Ion Stability Watch line, these classy watches not only look good for their variety of colors and trendy slap on bands but also empower special features that even help improve your lifestyle and health. They are made from comfortable health silicone, providing durability and even waterproof abilities to accommodate all your adventures. Our ionizing bands help produce negative ions, which is important to stimulating healthy habits and ensure positive results within the body. The LiveEZ Quick Snap Ion Watch provides health benefits through the use of rare naturally charged minerals.

How can they claim all of these without any research or study? They are fooling everyone!

Some more from “LiveEZ Sports Ion Stability Watch” description:

… With these new watches, you are able to maintain better equilibrium points in the body allowing you to achieve higher results in training and sports

Absolutely no research can confirm this! Why do they tell it? In order to sell cheap plastic and electronic at a huge markup. I can say about this company nothing but scam!

In the “The Benefits of Negative Ions” and “About Negative Ions” paragraphs at “LiveEZ Now” provides some references on researches about negative ions in the air, which have absolutely nothing to do with so called “Negative Ion” bracelets and watches which simply can not work. They just mislead readers by providing deceptive information.

Other “Negative Ion” Daily Deals

There were quite a few already:

Some of their claims: Increases blood circulation; Enhances body facilitation of oxygen; Improves concentration and focus; Helps recovery from sports fatigue; Normalizes physiological functions; Helps to relax tense muscles; and more…

  • Health Sport Watch Depot on LivingDeal: $16 for A Negative Ion Sports Watch From Health Sport Watch Depot! ($35 Value)
  • Equilibrium Bandz on DealTicker: $15 for a Revolutionary Negative Ion Emitting Band from Equilibrium Bandz ($39.99 Value)

Equilibrium bands strengthens bodies immune system, improves blood circulation, compliments people mood, pain relief and even sex drive. Unbelievable… They must be sued for this and prosecuted for deceptive advertisement.  At least not to be featured by the daily deal websites

  • Powered Harmony on LivingDeal: $24 For Three Negative Ion Bands With Free Shipping From Powered Harmony Bands! ($135 Value)
  • Powered Harmony on WagJag: $19 for 3 Powered Harmony Bands from Powered Harmony Canada (a Value of $135)
  • Health Sport Watch Depot on TeamBuy: $13 for a Negative Ion Sports Watch from Health Sport Watch Depot – Tax and Shipping Included ($35 Value)

and more and more and more… and even more probably coming…

Don’t fall into this scam! Beware!

65 thoughts on “Negative Ion Bands, Bracelet and Sports Watch Scam”

  1. I am not surprised to see an article like this and so many people in support of it and basically not one that I saw in defense of the claims made by some braclets, I can pretty much see right through this, first of all I was the skeptics skeptic on things like this but being in my late 50’s with some noticable health issues arising I began to research anything I could to look in holistic organic,herbs spices, etc. I came acroos the ion me braclet, I went as far as getting an ion meter to actually see if the braclet I purchased was just a piece of plastic like these alleged folks say, I know my doctor poo poo’s any kind of natural healer like honey,garlic ions. Of course he does,he is in the business of writing prescriptions for drugs,and I would take a guess that this article comes right from big phara, and someone is cherry picking the comments to further make their case. So I don’t expect this to be up long, but here goes. The product promised a minimum of 2,200 negative ions with the bracelet I bought, I also bought 2 Himalayan salt lamps to set next to me computer screen. Well my bracelet measured out at 2,690 Neg. Ions per centimeter. So It is not just a piece of plastic. At least the one I bought actually is doing what it says it does. So there,nay sayers. Just some food for thought,do not listen to anything from anyone in the mainstream anything. They do not care about your health,just big profits. I feel this article is either massively mis informed at best because their is scientific evidence to support it,or at worst propaganda from big pharma. Ps some are probably fake you have to do your homework, I always start with reading reviews.

  2. My husband has nerve damage in his legs and as a result has a foot drop. He regularly stumbled, lost his balance and fell over. This resulted in a number of fractures, breaks and bruises. He has been wearing an ion bracelet for 3 years now and in that time has fallen twice (it would normally be twice per month. I dont believe in these types of things – truly i dont. However my husband has a medical condition which isn’t curable, and somehow since wearing these bands his balance has improved dramatically. The reason i found this page was as i have noticed this week he is staggering and stumbling a bit, must mean time for a new band! And like the other times he will be right as rain again. They only cost around £10 – £15! Both of us are highly educated and he is a senior scientist, if they work, they work! :)

  3. ..Anthony… – what he said… – save your money people, your scientific proof is classic pseudo-science. Really, this is a product you can manage without… Unless you just like the look of them… Stay happy!

  4. I have studied this negative ion science for many years, seen the laboratory tests and spoke with the professionals in the market. This science is very real and there is one product in the entire market that leads the field and truly has the values required to benefit the health of humans. Their product is second to none and is excellent quality and value.

  5. Negative ions are naturally emitted by the atmosphere and are adequate for body balance. Health is about stress management, organic food, love, cardio-vascular exercise, and hydration.

    Any object that can be shown to emit negative ions is, however, benficial to anyone. But is has to be proven, perhaps with a meter.

    If it’s a placebo effect and your mind is tricked to believe you are healthier, then you’ve worked on stress management, which is a key element to health.

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned the largest (and invisible) risk to health…which is electromagnetic frequency radiation.

  6. Matt; I’ve dome considerable research on this subject. Your headaches when wearing a band likely come from the detoxification effect of the negative ions. That is a good thing! Negative ions have been proven (yes there are lots of scientic studies done out there on ions) to detoxify your body. I don’t know if you’ve ever done a cleanse, but when you do you often get headaches, dizziness, nausea etc as you are detoxing. If you wear the band in small increments and gradually lengthen the time you wear it, you will detox slower and the headaches should dissipate over time. Then they will likely improve your headaches that you get on a regular basis

    I had a headache every day for 50 years since i was hit by a car….no doctor could cure them. I had MRI’s Cat Scans, been to neurologits etc. I started wearing 3 bands….they improved within weeks and within a few months my headaches are now non existant. The negative ions in the bands oxidize your blood (and yes, this again is backed up research), which often helps with things like headaches, arthritis, etc. Two doctors years ago jointly won a Nobel Prize in Medicine on their work on negative ions. Google Benefits of Negative Ions and you will find your reseearch; read the above posts to find out how the ions in the bands are absorbed by your body.

  7. @Real Science

    While I can’t speak for all of the skeptics that have responded, I’d like to think they’re just so appalled by how gullible everyone can be that they lost all motivation to educate. In fact, the proof is so easily within reach (Google -> What is an ion?) and yet the majority of people neglect to use the computer in front of them to research this subject.

    I thought about covering the very basics of chemistry but there are plenty of websites that can help you in that department. (Wikipedia,org. What I will say is very straight forward: This is a scam because ions in their reactive states are what are known as FREE RADICALS, and they are extremely DANGEROUS outside of an aqueous solution. An analogy would be how strong acids and bases can be extremely dangerous if they come into contact with your skin.

    Table salt, NaCl. Sodium Chloride is an ionic compound composed of a sodium cation(+) and a chlorine anion(-). When sodium is not paired with chlorine, instead left in its elemental state, it is EXTREMELY reactive and will explode on contact with water to form sodium hydroxide which is corrosive. A similar situation occurs with chlorine. You know how why you’re suppose to keep your body from exposure to bleach? Bleach is a solution of chlorine.
    polyatomic ion, monoatomic ion, it doesn’t matter. They’re dangerous in elemental form, but completely harmless paired together or in solutions. That’s why sodium and chlorine are dangerous unless they are in the form of table salt.

    Now this ‘ion’ imbalance they’re selling us on is just silly. Yes, your body needs ions to survive. They’re essential, but wearing a wristband on your arm is not doing anything for you to ‘improve your ion balance’. There are literally billions of sodium(+) and potassium(+) ions maintaining a difference in electrical charge in your brain cells (neurons). This allows the neuron to conduct synaptic transmission. This is only one example of many. Your entire body uses differences in electrochemical gradients to keep you alive and healthy. My example is in response to the unfounded claim that ‘positive ions’ are somehow unhealthy. You would be brain dead without positive ions!

    Alright, I’m stopping here. You can put the obvious together: You know that ions are extremely reactive in their elemental state. Not only do these companies not even say WHICH anions are inside the product but they fail to explain how ions will even move through the skin without inflicting burns and causing cell death. Your skin is essentially water-tight, you don’t quench your thirst by taking a shower, do you? Nothing is getting through your skin. The reason your body has ions to function is from eating and drinking, nothing else.

    Please people, use the internet as a resource tool to educate yourselves.

  8. OK, I don’t know if anyone will ever see this, but it’s worth a shot.

    So, I’ve tried a couple different negative ion products (A Phiten necklace and a Callaway Ionetix bracelet) and every time I wear them I start to get a pounding headache. After taking them off the headache goes away after a couple of hours. I suffer from frequent headaches already so I thought I would try these out to see if they would help. Has anyone else gotten the same effects as I have? I’ve been trying to research this and everywhere I look people say they help with headaches (whether it’s the placebo effect or not is another discussion).

  9. My wife and I both noticed benefits from these bracelets. I purchased mine from a kiosk in a flea market. I have tried researching the “science” behind the product by asking the distributor for proof of why they work. Sadly, he could not provide the proof. The skeptics say “We are smart. The bracelets don’t work. And you should trust us because we are smart.” You there Trueler? However, the skeptics are equally lacking when asked for proof in defending their opinion. I therefore can’t accept their alleged scientific proof above my observations. I recommend that YOU research negative ions and determine for yourself if there is any science upholding the claims. Additionally, use the bracelets that have a measurably high percentage of negative ion production if you conclude that negative ions can make a difference in the quality of your life. And yes, don’t overpay.

  10. 7 years ago arthritis in my hands made playing golf painful. A friend of mine said he had the same thing. He told me about Titan Rules silicone ion bracelets that took the pain away in his hand. That was where I was in pain. It cost me about $23 to purchase two bracelets. I have not had the pain of arthritis in my hand since. Could care less about scientific proof. I have the proof in pain free hands. They say the proof is in the pudding not some nay sayers article.

  11. Ryncarz,

    You are a lying scam artist and thief. Arrested in Fulton County Georgia. ECredible ring a bell? You are also wanted in Florida for your theft from your old company eLayaway. I know how you operate.

    Stay away from this guy folks.

  12. @Don:

    There are no good references to “Energy Medicine Research Institute”. So it looks like the same scam as bracelets.


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