CIBC Credit Cards Customer Service Complaint: Reissued wrong card

Here is a complaint from one of our readers on CIBC credit cards services provided by CIBC customer support team.

I had an old CIBC Dividend credit card which expired several months ago. It had a negative balance, i.e. CIBC owed me money. I had changed my address before credit card expiration, but did not update that information in CIBC. So, I have not received the new reissued Dividend card.

Some time ago I realized that there is some balance on my expired CIBC Dividend credit card, and decided to spend it. I called CIBC customer service, but the number of the card could not be accepted by the automated system because it was expired, so I had to wait a lot of time. I called again and entered my CIBC Platinum credit card number which I had as well. Then I got connected to live person (for some reason waiting time for Platinum card is less than for Dividend card).

I provided CIBC customer service representative with my new address, and asked to reissue only my Dividend credit card because it had been expired and I did not received the new one. CIBC agent confirmed that she is going to reissue Dividend card, not Platinum.

The next day my Platinum card has been rejected in the retail store, I could not login to CIBC Online Banking with my Platinum card. It caused too much inconvenience, because I was waiting for some charges to be applied to this credit card, so I had to contact that merchant and provide with different credit card.

I called CIBC, and they told that the card has been canceled. I wondered why. CIBC representative answered: “Because you asked us to do so!”

They did a mistake and created reissue request for the wrong credit card, for Platinum one instead of Dividend one.

When I tried to escalate the issue to CIBC, the guy from investigation department told me that he listened to the recording when I asked to reissue my credit card. He told me that it was unclear from the conversation which credit card I asked to reissue. Since CIBC operator sees only one credit card number on the monitor – the one which customer enters on the phone keyboard when calling – so she decided to reissue wrong card.

If it was unclear from the conversation what I’m asking to do, why that operator did not ask me to clarify and made her own wrong assumptions?!

Please beware of this practice in CIBC credit cards department, and always ask representative to confirm what they are going to do twice and ask their names and ID numbers. It will give more probability that they will do things right!

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  • nicole

    to be honest.. ive had a credit card from this cibc since i was 19 and im almost 21 now.. my credit card was cancelled and i wondered why.. i asked them and they said because it was way over due.. i made a 300.00 payment on my credit card then also paid it monthly and just paid it off in full (over 900.00) and they didnt bother to tell me it was cancelled.. and that i couldn’t use it anymore.. im so furrious. im making an apt today with the head guy. not gunna like me to much ..

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