My Rogers is not working again!

It is the time to top-up my balance in Rogers Pay-As-You-Go account (cell phone) before expiration date. I’m going to “My Rogers” web page and it is down again. Now it says the following:

Account Registration

There are no accounts registered with your online profile. Please add your Rogers account(s) to your online profile in order to perform this activity.
If you have already added your account to your online profile, and believe you have received this message in error, please e-mail us or contact our Online Customer Care Group at 1-877-343-5745.
Rogers No Account Registered
Yes, I have already added my accounts to my online profile. Where have they gone?!

I’m trying to add Pay-As-You-Go account again, but getting this message from “My Rogers”:

We’re sorry, is experiencing technical difficulties and is currently unavailable. During this time, you may be unable to purchase products or perform self-service transactions. Please try again later.

Rogers Technical Difficulties 2

I’m trying for entire day. When later?! Balance will expire in several hours. Rogers customer service representative waiting time is too long now, I can not wait for an hour on the phone. They claim the following on “My Rogers” web page:

Service your account anytime – when it’s most convenient for you.

But Rogers continuously fails to keep this promise, because the system is unavailable pretty often.

When I go to “Update Profile”, Rogers says this:

We are currently experiencing problems accessing your account and therefore cannot complete your request at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please try again later.

Rogers Update Profile Problems

So, it looks like I won’t be able to pay for my Pay-As-You-Go again, and I will have to call Rogers tomorrow and beg them to recover my expired balance. And they really force you to beg, because Rogers does not admit any problems with “My Rogers” online account management system. At the end of conversation on balance restoration they usually say “It was one-time exception! Pay your bills on time!”. I want to, but Rogers does not allow me to do…

Is this really happening due to “Overwhelming popularity of the new My Rogers”?!

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  • Ragnar

    It is still not working. Two days already.. Can not see/change anything in my account

  • Sean

    Not working for me either and it is Oct 18th.

  • Rick

    Worst service ever, I’ve had nothing but problems from feb 23-25 2011, since the start of my pay as you go plan and sim card. Spent over an hour on the phone and then I was hung up on by Rogers. unbelievable.

  • Dar

    It is May 19, 2011 and I am having exactly the same problems. Looks like they are still ‘working on a solution”. Yesterday when I phoned the customer service number for help, I was told their system was down and if I called tomorrow, maybe they would be able to help me then.
    I have left email messages explaining the problem and asking for a call-back – but to no avail. Come on Rogers, I need to get into my account!

  • wtf

    July 20th, still not working

  • Soli

    Same problem for me, and this is not the first time.

    I hate monopoly!!!

  • Totally Dissatisfied

    First, I experienced fraud which was fully known and cooperated with by Rogers. A third party sent useless messages on my phone and deducted $5.00 each time from my Pay-As-You-Go account. After much complaining, eventually reaching the President’s office, my money was reimbursed. However, every since then, for more than two months, I have had exactly the same problems as experienced by everyone else. Not able to access my account nor billing information and always getting the same messages about not being able to access my account, experiencing temporary difficulties, try again later. What a useless company. Hopefully, their oligopoly will disappear soon.

  • pulgarsito

    im experiencing the same, i cant open my acount i feel that rogers is playing games with my acount!!i just resently change my plan and the way they put together my plan is rediculous i dont know how they figured the numbers! rogers services is crazy…

  • DJ

    “We are currently experiencing problems accessing your account and therefore cannot complete your request at this time.”

    Yep, I’ve had this for the past MONTH in my attempt to activate the ‘new and improved’ auto-top-up feature. No reply to the email I sent them either on this issue and how ‘impressed’ I am for the fact that more often than not throughout the years trying to access their site I get the same b.s. Plus I’ve discovered that pretty much any other carrier shows a stronger signal where I live whereas with Rogers I’m lucky to get one bar. Stupid. I’ve had enough and I’m looking into other carriers.

  • Steve

    I too have experienced many times where access to My Rogers is not available. What gives?? Who can one make a complaint to in order that this matter be investigated and fixed?

  • Trueler

    Hi Steve,

    I’ve called them and sent messages multiple times explaining the problem and consequences, but they just ignore it.


  • Alex

    Year 2012 and still the same problem. “We are currently experiencing problems accessing your account and therefore cannot complete your request at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please try again later.”. Every time that I want to check my billing history they seem to have problems. What a brutal portal. Anyone switched to a better pay as you go service?

  • emily

    i cant topup my rogers account because its experinces some techinical difficulity

  • emily

    i cant topup my rogers account i want to topup $20.00 can you do it for me

  • rogerisbad

    Same problem here when changing phone number” We are currently experiencing problems accessing your account and therefore cannot complete your request at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please try again later or feel free to visit one of our Rogers™ Wireless stores. For a store near you, please click here.”

  • Arnie

    13 Nov 2012 — trying to see my Hi Speed Internet usage for the past week but no success. The spinning “processing” graphic just keeps spinning. I have already made arrangements to switch to in the next few weeks. Although Teksavvy is a re-seller using the Rogers backbone, they offer the same speeds and twice the total download capacity per month for about 75% of the price. Hopefully the customer service is a good as friends have said; I’m sure it can’t be worse service than with Rogers.

  • Adnan Mansoor

    This is a useless website and it doesn’t provide the services that can be achieved with any other cell phone provider. Rogers should invest some resources into customer service. I tried calling CS, but no luck (no shocker there).

  • Mike

    Still having this issue. Ridiculous. Now I have to wait on hold for them to fix simple issues.

  • Lizzie

    August 20th, 2013. Still this problem is here. Can’t the government finally realise how crappy they run the country and let AT&T in or other American companies? Bell sends us fake bills which cause problems (we aren’t even with Bell) and Rogers works…. sometimes. (barely). Any other service provider we cannot reach out in the country. (5 minutes away from the city. Pathetic, right?)

  • Troy

    Been having problems for the last couple weeks now. Contacted Rogers Management #, they emailed me back a few days later saying they needed more of my info and I have yet to hear from them regarding the issue. I logged into myRogers the other day and was briefly able to see my account info until I tabbed to another area and it gave me the dreaded “There are no accounts registered with your online profile”, followed by “We are currently experiencing problems accessing your account” when tabbing through the headers again. My contract expires this month, at least I have that ammo!

  • Ethan

    what is their representitive # my grandfather is having difficulties reply asap thank you

  • Mark

    June 22, 2014
    “Unable to retrieve your account information, please try again later.?

  • Mykel Darren

    I sent a voucher number from my cell directly, and after I received a text saying my 20 CAD payment had been received, I was cut off in the middle of a conversation. I still had over 8 bucks on my balance too, so normally I would’ve had more than enough to sustain my 20 plan + 5 international.
    Sad part? The voucher number is very much invalid now; its use is on record, the money I paid probably is, but my right to receive the service is not.
    Customer service isn’t answering, either, naturally.

  • Michael

    First day in Canada, just arrived at 2am last night. I went to rogers first thing in the morning to get a sim card for my phone.I was surprised at how fast they were able to give it to me and all in all I spent about 5 mins in the store. They told me to activate it online, which I have been trying to for the last hour or so, from the hotel. they keep saying “We are currently experiencing technical problems with processing your order and therefore cannot complete your request at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please try again later.” well i guess i’ll keep trying but so far the situation is not changing one bit, i cant call the customer service because i don’t have phone (Yet) looks like in the end i’ll have to go to that same rogers and have them set it up for me and look like a complete fool. NOT impressed with Roger’s Service so far and how hard it is to set up a dam phone number!

  • bob

    this post is from 2010 and is October 2014 and Rogers continue con the same issue. I been try to see my account for many time and only yesterday work today don’t again.

    “We are currently experiencing problems accessing your account and therefore cannot complete your request at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please try again later.”

    The question is How a company that is suppose bring communication etc etc, don’t can solve a problems for more that 4 years, and the Web site is slow to, terrible web site.

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