Rogers Wireless Charges for Roaming in Canada: Niagara Falls

It was one of the last warm sunny days in Fall 2010. We went to Niagara region from Toronto. As soon as we arrived in Niagara Falls, I got a service message on my Rogers Pay-As-You-Go cell phone from 5000 number:

Rogers welcomes you abroad!

You are now roaming;

roaming rates are $2/min and $0.60/txt.

For Customer Service dial 611

or +1-514-734-7699 free of charge.

Two dollars plus taxes per minute in Canada from Rogers?! It is 8 times more expensive than my current rate. Canadian Niagara Falls is located in Canada, it is at least half a kilometer to the US border. Precision is better than that! So, it is easy to determine where the cell phone is located: in Canada or US.

Beware of this, and call Rogers customer service in advance if you are going to spend some time in Niagara Falls and use your cell phone. Otherwise you may get several hundreds bill in the next payment cycle.

2 thoughts on “Rogers Wireless Charges for Roaming in Canada: Niagara Falls”

  1. I too got that text just last week in Niagara Falls Canada. I called them immediately! I sincerely hope I do not get charged on my bill!!!

  2. I live in Niagara Falls, so I make monthly calls to Rogers to have them reverse “roaming” charges that I should never have been billed for in the first place.

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