CIBC Ignores Consumer’s Privacy

It was a long time ago, but now I’ve found a good place to post my complaint on CIBC services.

It was an outrageous incident with CIBC customer service representatives by phone at one of the car dealerships in Toronto. I was buying a car and wanted to pay for extended warranty by several credit cards. All the credit cards have been successfully accepted, but CIBC Dividend credit card has not been accepted! The payment did not go through. Sales guy from the dealership called CIBC to figure out what was going on. CIBC customer service representative informed him that they had to do security check with me. Sales guy gave me the phone, and it started…

I have been redirected several times, was waiting. I have been asked dozens of private questions in the dealership’s waiting room! Many other customers and employees were close to me and heard what I was saying. CIBC customer service representative knew that I was in a public place talking on a public phone, but continued to ask private questions, such as: date of birth, address, mother’s maiden name, account balance, favorite color, previous address, last transaction on the account, loans information, SIN number, drivers license information, address before previous address, digits on the card, favorite team, other account information, and so on.

I have been redirected several times, and guess what!

CIBC clerks refused to perform the transaction!

They told that I did not pass security check. What the ..! Almost an hour on the phone telling private information to everyone in the dealership and a big embarrassment in front of the sales guy and manager.

It is totally unacceptable and outrageous practice from CIBC customer service representative team!

This is the reason of complaint. Beware of such practices from CIBC and be careful when you are telling your personal information by phone. Make sure you know who you are talking to and that no one undesirable is listening to what you are talking.

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