My Rogers – The Most Unreliable Service

Do you remember their former slogan: “Rogers – The most reliable network”? I’m thinking of it every time when I’m speaking on the phone and elevator’s doors are closing, or in the airport, or many other places where Rogers signal becomes very weak or disappears at all. Several times I missed crucial calls, because I could not even guess that there was no network coverage by Rogers – in some places of Toronto Pearson Airport.

Here I want to summarize how worse Rogers Online Customer Service System – My Rogers – works now (if we can say “works”) to manage Rogers high-speed Internet, Rogers Wireless, Pay-As-You-Go, and Rogers Cable TV services. Rogers switched the system to the new interface – My Rogers – in the beginning of 2010 year. I used to manage my products with Rogers online system for several years, but it has never been so unreliable as now. It is not just about inaccessible information which you may look at later when the system works again, it is about bill payments, missed payments by the system, which causes late payment fees, balances expire, and so on. I have tried to bring all the issues to the Rogers customer service by phone, by feedback form in “My Rogers”, by contact form in the early 2010, but nothing has been addressed, I have not seen any improvements at all. It is almost a year after switch! There is a funny thing as well. When one of the Rogers customer service representatives called me to make kind of survey about products I’m are using, I started to complain about “My Rogers”. The person on the phone started to simulate some noise on the phone, told me that she did not hear me well and promised to call back. That’s it. Rogers does not call me anymore to know how well I am satisfied with their services. Probably they don’t want to hear any more complaints from me…

This banner Rogers customers can see for months at “My Rogers” webpage:

Rogers Overwhelming Popularity Small

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the new My Rogers, you may experience slower than usual response times. Please bear with us we expand our capacity to better serve you.

What “overwhelming popularity” are they talking about? Why didn’t they ensure enough resources before advertising the new My Rogers? For how long should we bear with Rogers as they “expand capacity to better serve us”? It is almost a year, and there is no visible improvements!

I’m using Pay-As-You-Go sim card from Rogers, and I have to top-up my balance every 30 days, so the remaining balance rolls over to the next month. Otherwise all the balance just expires. When you pay for Pay-As-You-Go, 30 days start to count from that date, so it is just common sense to pay every 30 days (not more often). It was several times for the past 4 years when it was absolutely impossible to top up the balance exactly on the last day before balance expires. The internet and phone systems were unavailable to accept the payment:

Rogers Bill Payment Unavailable

My Rogers was telling the following: “We are currently experiencing problems accessing your account and therefore can not complete your request at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please try again later.” It continued up to the next day when balance expired! And it is happening almost every single time when I’m trying to top-up my balance. At other time the system to pay bills works. Why is it happening? Does Rogers intentionally try to expire the balance every month? I have tried to escalate this issue to the rogers customer service, but they could not (did not want) to understand what I was talking about.

When it comes to checking calls/transactions history in Pay-As-You-Go account it is also unavailable. It has been unavailable for several months for me, and Rogers customer service could not do anything about it, just advised to try later. When “later”?

Rogers Call History Unavailable

It is pretty useful to check this page, because Rogers does mistakes from time to time by overchrging you for air time or data transfer you did not use.

Rogers bill is loading forever pretty often, that is impossible to check and pay your own bill!

Rogers Bill Loading Forever

Sometimes My Rogers just shows empty page (it was happening for more than 24 hours once):

Rogers Empty Page

There was no access to manage Rogers high-speed internet, Cable TV, Rogers Wireless, and all other services through My Rogers.

Sometimes My Rogers explains the reason of unavailability by technical difficulties:

Rogers Technical Difficulties

Due to technical difficulties, the Rogers system is currently unavailable“.

All these errors and unreliable stuff are still happening almost a year after switch to the new system, no improvements, no willing to improve and fix obvious bugs. Hopefully they will do something about My Rogers to improve its reliability.

4 thoughts on “My Rogers – The Most Unreliable Service”

  1. I moved a year ago and have tried changing my address online with Rogers many times during the year. Whenever I try I get that same ubiquitous error message “Due to technical difficulties, the Rogers system is currently unavailable.” along with the assurance that it is a temporary problem. I can’t stomach calling and speaking to a drone about it. Phone works fine so I don’t care.

  2. Very very true – worst service and customer service anywhere. I dread having to call to make a change as every time I do they screw it up and it takes 5 more calls and 3 more months to fix all the mistakes made from what should have been a simple change. It is sickening.
    Actually had a rep on the phone one day that told me to make sure I checked my bill and called them when I received it because it will be wrong!!

    You know you give crappy service and you do nothing to fix or change it. Most unfortunate that all of the providers give you the same crappy messed up service.

  3. Completely agree. It is the worst service provider ever and most expensive too, even you have to pay for your incoming calls…and the text msges that you receive. Never ever opt for Rogers!!!

  4. Agreed! Rogers is the worst cellular service (or no service) comes with rude and useless customer service.

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