DHL delivery – 18 days from US to Canada

Here is another response from one of our readers about experience with DHL company:

“I had terrible experience with DHL delivery. It was a gift voucher ordered from US to be delivered in Toronto, Canada – pretty small envelope about 25×15 cm. It took almost three weeks! DHL put the package on hold and did not contact me at all. When I called them they told that package is on hold because they could not enter the building! Why?! I can enter the building, my husband can, UPS can, Canada Post can, other deliveries can, but DHL can not! They don’t have a buzzer code, however all the instructions are clearly identified right at the entrance, including the buzzer codes for all the residents. Just push 3 buttons and you are done!

It looks like DHL has not even tried to do any attempts, because usually delivery services leave peace of paper if addressee is not at home. There was nothing for almost 3 weeks. Here is the proof of holding package for a long time:

DHL Delivery - Three WeeksDHL Delivery - Three Weeks





I had to call them and waste time waiting for answer every day for about a week. DHL promised to deliver it every day, but did not. I have never experienced so long delivery as with DHL. Will never consider them again!

Thanks for opportunity to share my bad experience. Hope it will save other customers time. Best Regards. Alex”

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  1. So i bought a pair of shoes online and i used the expedited delivery option, as it was my kids birthday on thursday this week. Everything was going great until the date of the delivery where i forgot to put my apartments buzzer code (it was friday by now). So i waited the weekend and checked again on this Monday to see how my package was doing. I see that it’s been put on hold for some reason but on friday i called DHL and they said they would add my buzzer code and it would be delivered to me on Monday. Well it’s Tuesday now, and I’m terrified that it’s gonna weeks for me to get my package, and my kid won’t get his birthday present on time.

  2. I have had a similar problem with DHL I ordered a product from Amazon and it was a book clean earth books shipped it out through DHL to where I live in Canada I kept checking the DHL website for a delivery status update and it said to me that it was in Atlanta Georgia and would not update any further then I contacted clean earth books and they said DHL had delivered it to Canada I don’t sort facility I called the sort facility and they said they could not find my package I called DHL and they could not tell me any information about my package I absolutely hate DHL they had to of lost my package otherwise my facility in Canada but sorts the mail would have found it and it has been three or more weeks since my package was sent out it says it has been delivered but I have yet to see the package arrive at my house I will never use DHL ever again what a poor service disses I would not recommend anyone shipping through DHL ever in their life so frustrated

  3. Awaiting Manifest Electronically For the Last 64 Hours

    Good day,

    I am writing you this e-mail in regards to the parcel waybill mentioned above. Please, send me my manifest in other to perform my clearance and get my package. This parcel is an express package that takes 4 days to arrive from asia and you have with held it for 3 extra days more.

    I was informed to return the package before I can receive manifest. The package has been returned for the past 24 hours and yet, no manifest is received. It is bad to know that your customer service told me they will send me manifest within 24 hours of request, another rep said you only have one person in the brokerage department that send request for manifest and the person is not in the office plus their is a lot of work for the staff in charge, another rep said I need to go all the way to hamilton to clear my shipment, another rep said I need to refuse the shipment before you can send me manifest.

    Now, my so called, express package is with you and I am not getting any manifest. Is it because a consumer don’t want to pay your high charge brokerage fee?

    Although, possibly you don’t care about your reputation with your service regarding what people say below.

    I have copied andrew williams and kerry evans and will like to see and hear the reason why you deliver very poor service as compared to your competitors in Canada.

    I know if you don’t care, consumer protection will care about us and help us out. Your customer service do not have access to electronic manifest which could be sent in less than 1 minute to minimize division of labour. Your brokerage department do not pick up calls and do not return phone calls when message is left. Your customer service cannot get a hold of brokerage dept except by e-mail. Please, try to improve communication, it is really affecting you in Canada. DHL is doing good in Asia and Africa, but in North America you are still a baby. Please, do something to make changes.


  4. I don’t know why everyone hear is bashing and complaining DHL services. I had a package sent to me from United States and I’m in Canada and it arrived less than 24 hours so you can’t tell me that’s bad. That’s one of the most quickest service ever compared to UPS and Fedex. All these people complaining tsk tsk tsk

  5. same experience,i ordered a phone and apparently now my shipment is on hold. i tried contacting them but nothing is working. Dhl is the absolute worst company to work with. I never had worse experience

  6. Ordered a part from company in the UK on the 3rd Oct. Shipped out of Heathrow within half a day. Excellent. Arrived in Hamilton Ontario and it is still there. It seems DHL do not have a map, a globe or an Atlas and have been bouncing this from facility to facility in the hope someone will know what to do with it. Five days later and I am presently waiting by the `phone for the obligatory “we will have someone call you’ response…..again.
    Incompetence on steroids

  7. Just like everyone else, I’m having trouble getting my package delivered. I call 3 times today and gave 3 different people the apartment code for my building. I even went home at lunch hoping they would deliver when I was there. Now there is a note in the tracking that says “address information required” posted at the exact time I was sitting in my apartment waiting. How many times do I have to call and give my apartment code #? When I called Customer Service, they claimed the address was “bad” and there was an unknown person there. If you couldn’t find the building, how did you come across this unknown person? Now customer service says I won’t get my package until Monday. I’ve filed a complaint and someone will call me (the mysterious someone). Terrible terrible service. I had no choice – the vendor picked DHL, not me.

  8. I’m having the worst experience with Dhl now. My 5 boxes arrive in canada from Vietnam and Dhl deliver to the wrong address where there is a signature require. Until now my 5 boxes is still missing telling me that a trace was in place. Anyone please advise what is my next step as I need the boxes to reship back to Vietnam it is commercial shipment. I really disappointed with Dhl if my goods are lost I cannot replace it and the buyer will sue me. I’m so lost call everyday no answer only still tracing.

  9. I’m having the same issue right now too. bought 2 pairs of shoes $120 in total. both of them arrived to my house but i had to pay like $55 in “customs”, ok whatever. now they are holding my hoodie for “held upon reciept of payment” like serious? my shoes arrived before I had to pay but why can’t my hoodie be the same thing? i had no choice in choosing a shipper because the company i ordered from uses DHL.

  10. DHL has the worst service in North America. I sent two packages to Middle East one using Fedex and the other with DHL. Fedex only took them two days to get there. It has been one week and my package hasn’t been delivered yet. Guys just use UPS or Fedex. It’s just doesn’t worth it.

  11. well shit…..this sucks…….cant wait to see the bullshit I get to deal with when my parcel finally arrives

  12. Similar experience to others. Ordered jacket from Columbus, Ohio on Dec 14. Wasn’t home when DHL tried to deliver it on December 18, so I went online and asked to pick it up at their local office near Vancouver, BC Canada. Got an email saying it was ready for pickup but it wasn’t there. December 28 I went online to check its status and DHL said it was “shipped to incorrect facility, reshipping to Vancouver”. December 31 still no notification it had arrived so I checked online and the status said “package delivered and signed for by [my name]” which was completely untrue. So January 2 I finally go through on their phone to complain, and was told someone would get back to me later that day. An hour later, it was delivered to my home. A few days from Columbus to Vancouver, then two weeks from Vancouver to Vancouver :-( DHL truly sucks.

  13. and delivered. 24hours from departure to arrival from coast to coast.

    so DHL isnt so bad.. if you ship to your workplace :P

  14. shrug.. my package was picked up on thursday in New Jersey, and its arriving at my work on friday in Vancouver, BC canada.. (according to their site, its on the truck right now). Thats the span of the continent in 2 days.. not bad in my books.

    I found through experience that doing any deliveries to your home is usually problematic.. they either dont attempt to properly find you, or leave items near door… so i always ship to my workplace. Our shipper is always there to receive items, so it prevents most problems like listed in this thread.

    so far im very impressed with DHL. I also paid the better shipping to avoid brokerage fees.

  15. I bought some products online and the seller, without asking me, decided it was a nice gesture to send the items through courier, even though I had paid for regular international mail to Canada. They used DHL for shipping and DHL charges a minimum of $14 plus tax in addition to the taxes and duties I owed Canada Customs. So, if you live in Canada, you have 2 choices: keep your purchase under $20 or buy enough to justify paying DHL’s fees. Keep in mind they charge 2.5% of the product value or $10, whichever is highest + $4 C.O.D. fee + taxes. And when you call to ask them why are you paying $28 on a $36 package, they will tell you to take it with the government because taxes are so high. Then they tell you that, if you lived in the US, your threshold would be so much higher so the problem is that you live in Canada, even though the actual taxes are only $12 and the rest are their ridiculous fees. The DHL person I spoke to said they get lots of upset calls about their fees but; from what I gather, people pay them because they have little choice. What is the point of buying things online if you have to pay double the original price in the long run?
    They already got payment for their services by the seller but I’m pretty sure I will be stuck with the useless DHL $16 fee for simply knocking at my door and spending a minute at the customs counter. I know it’s a matter of 1 minute because I have done my own brokerage at customs close to the Toronto airport and it literally takes no time. I can’t do that now because I moved to a town 3 hours away from the GTA and I don’t drive. Otherwise I would be there in a heartbeat. It’s worth the drive just to make a point if you are close by.
    DHL suggested I should refuse the package to avoid the fees and offered no other solution. My experience with FEDEX and UPS is that they are more understanding and will meet you in the middle depending on what you bought. They do have fees per line in the invoice and other stuff but they understand when their fees are just too high and will at least try and help you out.

  16. I had waited this morning for my package to arrive. I saw the truck, I heard my doorbell I raced down to get it. (in an apartment, need to go down a few flights of stairs) when I got to the door the truck had already started driving away. All like See ya sucker! So I spent the rest of my morning emailing and calling the company. I rebooked it to be delievered at my parents place. Now I will be sleeping over tehre and watching out the big bay window for the truck and then I am going to slap the driver across the face after I get my package. It wouldn’t be so bad except the only place I can pick it up is an hour and a half away, I would have to take a bus and leave my house at 6 am to get my stuff and be back for work at 2pm. Next time I buy anything online I will put explicit notes in the information that they please not use DHL. I am will to wait a bit longer to ensure I get my package and not have to pay for it when it arrives at my door step.

  17. This is a second time I’ve lost my package with DHL.
    They have an universal approach – change the tracking number.
    This is a good Russian mafia trick: change the tracing number and that is all.
    Just in case, the number I’ve got was the one I’ve received from Amazon. I don’t believe that Amazon is a DHL partner in the such type of fraud, but nevertheless…

  18. DHL is a horrible company. I had to pay $17.79 cad on an item that costed $20.39.
    I called them and they blamed it on Canadian which was totally a lie bc on the weigh bill it stated $3 and a few cents for customs charges and taxes. It was DHL’s outrageous handling cost. Not impressed by this company and the way they operate at all. Very shady.

  19. 4 times I used (was forced to use) DHL

    1st time.
    Shipment of bike-spare-parts from Holland to Australia. “Next day delivery”. The parts arrived the next day in Melbourne, but took 3 (!!) weeks to Alice while I was stuck. Turned out they had handed it over to a local courier who was not allowed to deliver at the post-office.

    2nd time
    Shipmewnt of replacement bank-cards (mine were stolen) from Holland to Guatemala.
    Again: “next day delivery”. Again, it took 1 day for the shipment to get to Guatemala city, but then well over 2 weeks to do the last 200 km’s. And this while I was out of money in a foreign country.

    3rd time
    Bike-parts from Holland to Columbia.
    Took 2 weeks, paperwork was wrong so I had to pay a fortune in import-taxes.

    4th time
    Bankcard from Holland to Bolivia
    DHL refused to deliver at the UPS office, but did not notify anyone. After searching for days (phoning everywhere) I had to drive 5 (!!!) hours and stand in line for 2 hours to pick it up.

    Waiting for very important papers, send from Holland to Bolivia. On the tracking site I can see a “proof of delivery”, but after calling 3 times to several DHL offices I found out it was handed over to a local courier who can not deliver it because it was raining (!?!?!).
    4 days after “proof of delivery” says it is delivered it is still not in my possession and DHL admits this. Then they tell me that “if I want, I can file a complaint”.
    How about a criminal complaint for mail-fraud or tampering?

    Next I will mail-order a sniper-rifle and have DHL deliver it.

  20. I can’t say I’m happy that others have issues with so many companies switching to DHL but at least I don’t feel alone.
    I fail to understand what the advantage is over the other carriers. But its a nightmare for me. Every delivery takes anywhere from 2 to 4 extra days over lets say USPS. It can also take days before your able to start tracking an Item. My current issue which doesn’t seem like much unless you understand that this is everytime Is ordering an oem operating disc (slighlty larger the an envelope) Ships from Compton CA. TO Seattle WA. on 1/11/2013 as of 1/16/2013 pm its still at DHL in Compton. Doesn’t sound like a big deal but this is not an exception and I have enough issues with DHL to fill many pages. My family and business associates I’m sure are tired of hearing me complain.

  21. Really bad service from DHL Canada
    Package spent already 4 days on their truck in Vancouver without being delivered. Each day I phone and hear the same: “we guarantee it will be delivered today”.
    Have a look at this tracking data (today, Tuesday is not included yet but it was not delivered):
    Result Summary

    Waybill: 4681114325
    Scheduled for delivery
    Monday, January 07, 2013 at 17:42
    Origin Service Area: HONG KONG – HONG KONG – HONG KONG
    Further Detail:
    Next Step:
    Destination Service Area: BRITISH COLUMBIA, BC – VANCOUVER – CANADA
    Monday, January 07, 2013 Location Time
    21 Scheduled for delivery BRITISH COLUMBIA, BC – CANADA 17:42

    20 With delivery courier BRITISH COLUMBIA, BC – CANADA 11:03

    Friday, January 04, 2013 Location Time
    19 Scheduled for delivery BRITISH COLUMBIA, BC – CANADA 17:31

    18 With delivery courier BRITISH COLUMBIA, BC – CANADA 12:05

    Thursday, January 03, 2013 Location Time
    17 Delivery attempted; recipient not home BRITISH COLUMBIA, BC – CANADA 16:31

    Wednesday, January 02, 2013 Location Time
    16 Scheduled for delivery BRITISH COLUMBIA, BC – CANADA 20:48

    Monday, December 31, 2012 Location Time

    14 Clearance processing complete at BRITISH COLUMBIA – CANADA BRITISH COLUMBIA, BC – CANADA 08:42

    13 Clearance delay BRITISH COLUMBIA, BC – CANADA 08:41

    12 Processed for clearance at BRITISH COLUMBIA – CANADA BRITISH COLUMBIA, BC – CANADA 08:41

    Sunday, December 30, 2012 Location Time
    11 Departed Facility in CINCINNATI HUB – USA CINCINNATI HUB, OH – USA 18:41

    10 Processed at CINCINNATI HUB – USA CINCINNATI HUB, OH – USA 16:52

    9 Clearance processing complete at CINCINNATI HUB – USA CINCINNATI HUB, OH – USA 15:12

    8 Transferred through CINCINNATI HUB – USA CINCINNATI HUB, OH – USA 14:41

    7 Arrived at Sort Facility CINCINNATI HUB – USA CINCINNATI HUB, OH – USA 12:39

    Saturday, December 29, 2012 Location Time
    6 Departed Facility in HONG KONG – HONG KONG HONG KONG – HONG KONG 20:05

    5 Processed at HONG KONG – HONG KONG HONG KONG – HONG KONG 18:40

    4 Processed at HONG KONG – HONG KONG HONG KONG – HONG KONG 07:39

    3 Arrived at Sort Facility HONG KONG – HONG KONG HONG KONG – HONG KONG 06:53

    2 Departed Facility in HONG KONG – HONG KONG HONG KONG – HONG KONG 05:51

    1 Shipment information received HONG KONG – HONG KONG 01:11

    Hide Details

  22. I order a phone case from amazon. The seller sent it through DHL. I tracked it and it says its in my home town as of dec 3, 2012. Here it is dec 24, 2012 never got the case. I don’t know if they lost it or what but they suck.. The seller has since refunded me my money. The seller don’t even have a clue where the case could have disappeared to.

  23. Why is this fucking company still running when they don’t deliver. And what is with them lying about “Delivery attempted nobody home”? They do this over and over and there is nothing we can do about it?
    Same thing happened to me today….”Delivery attempted
    nobody home”. NOT TRUE at all. I was off work today with my wife and kids, and no truck was here at all ! Fuckers anyway.

  24. Ive been waiting all day for my package to be delivered keeping into consideration ive been tracking the package since it left the supplier. Deliveries are usually done between 11am-6pm…. i was already upset having to wait past this time. Right when i go to get ready for bed the damn delivery man dared to show up just to tell me he “CANT RELEASE MY PACKAGE” and “LEFT MY DELIVERY FOR LAST OF THE NIGHT”…. and the reason why ……? because the workers at dhl forgot to stick a pink paper on my package. i am beyond frustrated and annoyed with these people ruining my day because i had to stat home all day just for this order … and did i get it? NOPE

    The workers are unprofessional and probably very uneducated from what i saw. Any experienced courier would know to contact the dispatcher for an incident like this before it got this late into the night. i swear if my package isnt in by tomorrow morning there will be problems.

    Thanks for wasting my time.

  25. Thankfully I’m not the only one with problems with this terrible company. The package I ordered I truly need. It’s important to me so I made sure I got the quickest delivery option they had. I had the week off, waited for the package, nothing. They blame me for not being home. That’s a lie. I had the phone near me so I can hear if someone buzzed. Nothing. They came by twice within two days or so they said. Nothing.

    I called. They said they said no one was home. I said I was. They said they would try again, and I got nothing again. They said invalid address. Which is a lie. I have had packages delivered here no problem before with other companies. I called again since I was promised it would be delivered today. I checked the tracking on it and it says it’s on hold. I called again and nothing. They are going to make me go to their warehouse an hour and a half away from where I live and I don’t have a vehicle.

    It’s a pathetic display of business. For a delivery company, no one should pick up a package from their warehouse, especially when it’s so out of the way for people.

    I’ll never use them ever again.

  26. Horrible service, every time they said they would come they didnt, and by the end the package was delivered with dents and scratches , however I couldn’t do anything about it. Dhl is the worst.

  27. Same story here, I check the tracking and is says,(CLIENT NOT PRESENT AT TIME OF DELIVERY). 3 people were in the house at the time specified. Waited an other complete day, still they never came. WOW!!! I have never seen such a crapy transport company. But It seems I am not alone… Sad excuse for a company. I hope the price is cheep for the company that use them. We did not have the choice of the transport since the freight was included in our purchace in the USA, shipping to Canada BTW. Clearly a case to be reported to the BBB, no?

  28. same problem of claim that no one was home – attempted delivery.
    called to argue this, told someone would call back, never did,
    called few more times and had one twit hang up on me.
    they then refused shipping cost refund. so I email repeatedly every day, several
    times a day until I get my money back.

    Maybe every should do the same to make a point

  29. and ps– Im sorry to hear of everyone elses problems.. this company sounds horrible. Reading these other comments just rings home how customer service with some comapnies has gone straight to hell.

  30. I am new to the online shopping thing- and have been very upset with DHL . My issues are not delivery related -although they missed me once, left a note and told me when I called that if I wasnt home the next day (they could not give me any sort of time window though of course) that my package would be left in hamilton for me to pick up- Hamilton is a long drive for me- hours in fact)– but my problem is in the charges they lay on the delivery. Has anyone else had this sort of problem???
    It began with one package I had coming from Tennessee… I had no alterntive as to what delivery I used it was the only option- (I also notice that on some it is not DHL that is listed, yet DHL is who brings it- that bothered me)- but it was a small package, not worth much- yet at the door they wanted another 30 bucks for delivery. They tried to say it was customs.. well, when I purchased online, it told me I had paid for all of that already- so I called the store, then called customs, and low and behold- it was all paid by me at purchase- it turns out this is DHL’s brokerage fee. So, I sent it back. DHL kept trying to lie to me saying it wasnt them charging me, so i told them to send it back. The store was good about it and I told them they needed to provide other options for their Canadian clients. Told DHL goodbye, and thought I was done with them.
    Then, 3 weeks ago, I got another order (its Christmas and I have done most of my shopping online from all over the world). A package came, all was fine. BUT- then today, I get a BILL from DHL saying they want 80 dollars from me NOW! I about choked. So- what is this then- they know if they had tried nailing me with that at the door, I would have sent the order back? So instead, they wait almost 3 weeks until I have the things wrapped under my tree then send me a BILL? Let me state that this order is only from Virginia- I have had about 10 deliveries come- NO OTHER DELIVERIES REQUESTED ANY FURTHER PAYMENT EXCEPT DHL!!!! I am livid- they even have the exchange rate written in and are trying to charge me the difference, yet of course that was done online when I paid…. what the hell are these people to pull? I am sorry but I am livid— its ruined my jolly seasonal spirit I’ll tell ya! So I guess I’ll spend a ton of my time on the phone sorting through this- but is anyone else aware of these sorts of problems? How come it is ONLY DHL that keeps trying to nail me for money and how can I argue this?? I have some ideas on the obvious, but has anyone else gone thru this?????

  31. I am having a similar problem with DHL, a letter has been hold for custom clearanc for over 2 weeks already without noticing me. I have make a call, waited for more than 30 min and get an answer, and I was aksed to go their office to pay duty and document clearing fee for a piece of a paper, and I was asked for a invoice? how do you invoice a document?

  32. Problems with DHL in Canada

    1. Email notifications are confusing: Notification for shipment event group “Out for delivery”. Event Category: Shipment held – Available upon receipt of payment.
    2. Website contact form allows for 100 char entry, oppose to 1000 characters as stated on the screen. This is less than a twitter, and provides no option for leaving a message other then short statement. You know what comes to mind…
    3. 1-800 customer service has no way to contact local facility other then email.
    4. Emails from customer service are ignored by local facility for days.
    5. Couriers at a local facility apply status scans incorrectly. “Delivery attempted; recipient not home” showed up twice on trace history, when in fact not a single delivery attempt was made (no door tag left).
    6. The item above can be attributed to fraud. Transferring fault to the customer instead of sort/delivery mistakes is a fraud. It allows DHL to avoid money-back payments to shipper when commitment times are not met.
    7. Local facility is open for customers only two hours per day. It has no phone number where anyone, including their head office in Montreal, could contact them.
    8. Both Customer Service (Toronto/India) and Corp Office (Montreal) have no control of package movement once it is at the destination sort.
    9. DHL system shows incorrect Ship To address on notifications, by using a city for local sort facility, instead of destination city. Though the postal code is shown correctly, this probably a root cause for misrouting my parcel.
    10. The package sent from Alaska to PEI via DHL took 1 day to reach Hamilton (ON), one day to reach Moncton (NB), one day to reach Charlottetown (PE) and 18 days to cover 15 min driving distance from local sort facility to destination (still not delivered)!
    11. I had to call DHL customer service 7 times, was transferred to Montreal Head Office twice, and after all promises, and traces, they still failed to deliver.
    12. I finally have the package. However, it wasn’t delivered by DHL. It wasn’t even attempted to be delivered as customer service and trace agents assured me. I had to show up at local DHL warehouse. It was open at the end of day on Friday literally for 15 minutes, not 1 hour. I happened to be lucky to see one of the drivers return to warehouse to drop off the vehicle.
    13. The guy located my package in the box in the corner, with trace fax that Montreal office has sent. It says that the driver needs to attempt LAST delivery. (When none was attempted to begin with).
    14. I asked the driver why would package be stuck in their warehouse for more than two weeks without any attempts to deliver. His response was the key to DHL problem: “It’s not my route. I don’t know and I don’t care. Ask the other driver…” I told him that for me he is a DHL and team he works with. He smiled. I told him I will never use DHL again. Another shocking response:”I don’t blame you.”
    15. To top it off, next business day I received an email from Natasha Jackson from AZ (USA) customer service center. She said she was sorry that DHL has missed me at home twice… In reality, he never came by.
    16. The driver simply defrauds the company he works for by reporting the work done (via wrong scans), when it hasn’t been done at all…

    The conclusion: Use FadEx, UPS, Purolator, or simply Postal Service before you ever think of using DHL. DHL has failed miserably to establish well run operations and customer service in North America. I have never experienced such a lousy shipping service. Even when packages were lost by other carriers couple time, the handling of the problem was much supperior.

  33. I received my package (one enveloppe) 1 week after when it supose to be into 3 days. Also I had to pick it up at the airport. nOBODy left a message to let me know that they had tried to deliver. So, I think they didn’t. When I called to know about my package they gave me an adresse, when i arrived they said “sorry, your package is not here, please go to this adresse…” whatttt!!! I had to drive 30 minutes more to get my pack…Really bad service. Please try a diferent company


  35. Same situation with an international shipment. Today is July 12th, 2011 and the package arrived to Canada on July 4th, 2011. I called and had the same story. I wonder “Why everybody can find your address but DHL cannot???” Lazy drivers, lack of personal,…?? What a waste of time and money with this company…

  36. You think 18 days from US to Canada is bad, try 18 days and counting, from Ainsworth, BC to Calgary, AB. My envelope was picked up on March 22/11 in Ainsworth, BC and had to be delivered by March 25/11, no problem, or so I thought. My customer called me at 4pm on March 25, no envelope, so I immediately called DHL to have the envelope returned as the customer was leaving the next morning on vacation. I made other arrangements for my customer to receive the contents, which cost me $110. Now, I have made 6 phone calls trying to find my envelope, not once have they called me to give me an update, and I just spoke to the person looking after this mess, and she says the warehouse in Calgary hasn’t returned her calls. I really don’t care if your warehouse isn’t returning your calls, do something about it…. Well I really hope they try to bill me for this, cause then I’ll make a visit to their ‘warehouse’ and bring GUIDO with me! This is the worst service I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Absolutely NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  37. I am also having the same issue with DHL. They claim that no one was home at the time of delivery, even though I was there. I don’t think that they came at all because there was no note on the door to same that they attempted delivery. Now my shipment, which is very urgent is on hold. I’ve have tried calling them every day and each time I am being told that it will be delivered “tomorrow”, and someone named Ratan will call back to let me know the time, but tomorrow never comes and this mystery person, never calls back. I feel like I am being held at ransom by DHL.

  38. I am dealing with the same situation now, except I live in a house, so there is no entry code for them to contend with. They claim they cannot find my house, even though they have the correct address, and they refuse to make a second delivery attempt because “it’s the holiday season”. Now they are telling me if I don’t pick up my shipment in the next 12 hours, they will destroy it.

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