Infiniti G35 Compression Rod Problems – Noise From the Front Suspension

If you hear some knocking noise from the front suspension when driving your Infiniti over small bumps, or cracked pavement, most likely it is caused by damaged bushing on compression rod. Some mechanics use different terms for this – tension rod, radius rod, radius arm, radial arm, and so on, but in the official Infiniti Service Manual it is called Compression Rod.

The reason why bushings got damaged: they are defective. They can be damaged after replacement every year if driving in bad road conditions.

What you need is to replace ONLY the bushing, NOT the compression rod itself! Compression rod is pretty expensive part – over $300, bushing is much more cheaper. Moreover, compression rod is not covered under extended (or third-party) warranty because it is just beefy aluminum part, and nothing wrong can happen with it, but bushings are usually covered by extended (third-party) warranty.

Well… This is my story when I had the same problem. However, at that time I did not make any research and just trusted service advisor at Willowdale Nissan Infiniti Service Center.

It happened long time ago in June 2008. I started to hear knocking noise from the front passenger side when driving over rough surfaces, and reported the problem during my oil change visit to Willowdale Nissan Infiniti. Service advisor was Karim Mulji. After inspection he told me that compression rod worn out and had to be replaced. I’ve asked why it is happening? He told that it is because of the way I’m driving – lots of bumps, cracks and stones on the road, and so on. Karim did not even mentioned that there is a known problem with compression rod bushings in Infiniti G35 models of 2003-2006 years – those bushings are defective which causes them to wear out very fast. I figured it out only this year during deep research of what has been done with my car at Infiniti of Willowdale after recent obvious fraud from them which I’ll describe in another post later. What I’ve found is TSB (Technical Servise Bulletin) which exactly describes the problem I saw:


If you confirm: there is a noise coming from the front compression rod and the bushing is damaged

Actions: replace only the bushing, not the compression rod assy

You may take a look at the TSB in PDF format here:

Infiniti G35 TSB – Noise from Front Compression Rod (ITB08-013a)

However, for some reason Infiniti did not apply this TSB for G35 2003 models, only for 2004-2006 models. But there is almost no difference between 2003 and 2004 models, and a lot of Infiniti G35 2003 owners complained on noisy compression rods. I can not believe that certified Infiniti service advisor did not know about this issue.

So, only the bushing was damaged. Compression rod itself is a solid aluminum part! Nothing wrong can happen with it other than in an accident. But Karim decided to replace the whole expensive part rather than bushing. Why? Maybe mechanics at Willowdale Nissan Infiniti are not qualified enough to do the job described in TSB with nice colorful pictures? Bushing replacement is indeed more complex than just entire compression rod replacement.

I’ve also asked if this repair can be claimed under my extended warranty. He looked at the warranty and refused. He also called to the warranty company, but he asked about compression rod, not about the bushing. Recently I’ve figured out that bushings are covered with my FCPP extended warranty Select Plus plan. It is clearly identified:

11. Front and Rear Suspension: …; Bushings; …

Most likely service advisor Karim Mulji decided to choose the easiest and most profitable for the dealership way. If they submit a claim to FCPP warranty, they may get twice less money than when charging the customer for the same repair.

The repair costed me ~$650, however it could be only $56.50 deductible if service advisor could claim it with warranty company.

Compression Rod Invoice - Willowdale Nissan Infiniti

+ tax

I’ve tried to escalate the problem to Steve Zehr – Director of Service and Parts Operations Willowdale Nissan Infiniti, but unfortunately he did not want to understand the point at all. He answered through e-mail that compression rod is not covered under FCPP extended warranty, and that TSB about the noise from front compression rod does not apply to 2003 models. But the point was that only bushing was damaged and it is covered by warranty…

This summer I started to hear exactly the same noise from suspension, from the passenger side. In less than two years replaced bushing got damaged again. They are really defective…

During the research I’ve also tried to understand how suspension works and why compression rod bushings can be damaged. These Infiniti G35 Repair Manuals can be helpful if you consider replacement of compression rods by yourself:

Infiniti G35 2003 Service Manual – Front Suspension (FSU)

Infiniti G35 2003 Service Manual – Rear Suspension (RSU)

Service advisor Karim Mulji also did a big trick on me. He put “Radius Rod” in the invoice (picture above). But there is NO “Radius Rod” in the front suspension – you may check it in the Service Manuals I provided. Radius Rod is the part of rear suspension of Infiniti G35 2003, and it costs approximately $100, not $300.

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  • Steve

    Came back from dealer with a $4,000 list of things needing doing, including replace Compression Rod Bushings, $935.

    Came across your post while researching. Had not noticed any noise driving over bumps, etc. Assuming that there is not actually any problem and it’s pure fraud, what are the consequences if I don’t repair? If it’s not bothering me, is it bothering my car?

    In the “those so and so” dept, I had a 100K 7 year bumper to bumper Infiniti extended warranty. Until the last visit, in 2008 at 94K miles, no problem was diagnosed. Now in Oct 10 at 116K miles, there’s a problem diagnosed,

  • Trueler

    Hi Steve,

    That is a lot. It is almost half of the vehicle market price! (If you have G35 Sedan 2003)

    If compression rod bushing is seriously damaged, it may cause excessive tension between metal parts, which may eventually cause a failure. But I believe it should be at least some noise, usually kind of “clunk-clunk” when going over bumps. To make sure that bushings are OK, it is worth to show them to mechanic in any garage other than your dealership. It could be a pure fraud, but bushings could be damaged as well.

    The reason why dealer did not find problems when you had warranty, and found $4K problems when warranty is over is simple. Dealership can get only less than a half of money from warranty company than from the customer.

  • Ayk

    I have the same problem on my 2008 G35 and they have replaced the bearing (hub assembly) 4 times already and I still have that noise. Any suggestions?

  • cwaldo

    I just had to replace my bushings as well. The throttle body was shot too, which seems to be a re-occurring problem with 02-05 G35′s. I spent thousands to replace when these should obviously be recalled parts when they fail under 75K miles or even far less.

  • Larry

    I was told that my ’05 G35x with 98,000 miles on it had worn compression rods. Research brought me to this site and I asked if just bushings could be replaced and was told in my case the joint itself is worn and if I want the job done its about $900, but it is not an emergency. I will live with the noise.

  • Trueler

    Hi Larry,

    You have G35x. Compression rod assy is made from steel in stead of aluminum (as on G35 rear-wheel drive). So it could be be corroded. This is the only reason I see why solid metal part can be worn out just in 4-5 years.


  • Shageo

    I have a 2005 G35. I was told I need to replace bushing. This is what I was quoted Compression rod bushings- (cracked) Labor $300.00 Parts $94.56 Total= $402.83. I’m I being over charged? I’m in Southern California

  • Trueler

    Hi Shageo,

    You may search the internet to get an idea of MSRP for a new Infiniti G35 compression rod bushing. As I remember it was about $20 some time ago. It is just a piece of rubber.

    As for labor. $300 looks too much. According to the TSB provided in this article, it requires 1.4 hours of work for one side (1.8 for both). In Toronto Infiniti dealership rate was $109/hour about half a year ago. So it would come to $152.6 CAD here in Toronto. However, I believe Toronto’s Infiniti dealerships would estimate much more than $300 to replace bushing. And it is called overcharging.

    Shageo, what is the reason to replace the bushing on your car? Is there any noise, or service advisor just told you it is cracked?

    If there are indeed problems and you must replace it, ask for a quote to replace cracked bushing in a different service center (not Infiniti dealership), you can probably save some money.


  • Shageo

    The technician said it was cracked 2 months ago after my oil change. Also, this morning when driving, the car was shaking when I stepped on my breaks. It could be my breaks are worn out too because they also recommended an get new pads. Would the cracked bushing cause the vehicle to shake when stopping?

  • Trueler

    Cracked bushing produce knocking noise when you drive over small bumps, or gravel for example. I have not experienced any shaking when my bushing was cracked.

    As for brakes, I recommend you to consider after market brakes, because OEM Infiniti brakes are known to be defective. You may refer to this article:

    Nissan Infiniti G35 Brake Problems – squealing, fast wear out due to defect


  • Anderw

    Does this TSB affect only Sedans?
    Or coupes as well?
    I have a coupe and have the same problem!

  • Trueler

    Hi Andrew,

    This particular PDF version specifies only sedans. However, on different Infiniti forums (with mechanics involved) I see description of ITB08-013 TSB as “2004-2006 INFINITI G35 SEDAN, G35 COUPE; NOISE FROM FRONT COMPRESSION ROD”. If it is true, TSB affects Coupe as well.

    Actually many people are complaining on the same problem with Coupe and not only for 2004-2006 years, as TSB specifies. 2003 is also affected by fast-wearing compression rod bushings, because they are defective.

    Anyway, the TSB does not allow a free repair, it is just an instruction for service center how to fix noise problem without replacing entire compression rod. So if you show this TSB to your mechanic it may be helpful for him to understand what needs to be done.

    If your Infiniti is under Warranty, so it should be covered.


  • Jonathan

    I have a 2004 G35 sedan with 210K and I’m looking at a 3rd set of compression rods for my car (rattling agin). I replace them as sets because when it happened the first time both sides failed within 3K apart.
    Willowdale Infiniti just quoted me $600 per rod replaced.
    As much as I like the car, between premature brakes wear, weak paint, rusting doors and defective compression rods, I’m going to get rid of it this time. And I don’t think I will be looking at Infinity anymore.

  • Maher

    I have Infiniti g35,05 i do have the same problem since 1 year i show it to the technician in nissan service centre,he said u have to change 3 to 4 parts of the suspension package,it cost 2K.

  • Liz

    I have a 2004 G35x and have already replaced the compression rod on both sides. My son drove the car for one year and brought it back with the same sounds happening on the right side again. My extended warranty recently expired (84K) and I don’t have another $600 to replace the rod again. Can I bring it to a local mechanic and ask him to replace only the bushing. Is there any recourse with Infiniti since they tell me there is no recall on these parts. Why is the same part breaking over and over again???

  • Jonathan

    I looked into it twice and they will do nothing for me either.
    That’s why my recourse is not buying another Infinity.
    They know that this component is defective. They changed the part number claiming that it’s improved now but that’s all rubbish, they fail the same way and in my case after pretty much the same mileage. It’s beyond my understanding why they would not cover it under a recall and re-design the part. I really like this car but like I said earlier I’m done with Infinity… just because they play stupid claiming wear and tear when they know well this part defective.

  • Steve

    I hav emy 06 G35 coupe at the dealershp right now becuase it was leaking oil. Truns out the upper oil pan (i was told there is two) leaking and needs to be replaced. I have 56K miles on it and it was covered under warranty. At the same time the Service Manager said the compression rod bushings look torn and will need replacement. They just looked at the car for five minutes. Seems like they new the bushings would be torn.

    here is my quote:

    Mechanic found that your front compression rod bushings are torn and he recommended replacing these bushings $468.00

    He also recommended replacing the coolant $165.00
    replacing the transmission fluid $125.00 drain and refill or $340.00 for a complete fluid exchange.
    Replacing brake fluid $147.00
    Replace rear differential gear oil $82.00

    The service manager double checked my MMP (mechanical protection plan) i bought when I purchased the car and the bushings are not covered. Awesome. I haven’t noticed the noises that often so I’ll just live with it.

    I agree with Jonathan about the paint on these cars. So weak that sometimes bugs will chip the paint. And does anyone notice the road noise? It reminds when I used to ride in my radio flyer.

    @Jonathan, Don’t buy a model B6 Audi A4 either. I spent over 3k in 14 months before I got rid of it. It only had 85K miles on it too.

  • Cargirl

    I’ve experienced the shaking and the infiniti mechanic said it was because of the bushings.

  • G35Leb

    I am having the same exact problem. Started about 2 months ago very lightly and escalated more and more. Its popping or fluttering noise especially when driving over small bumps such as hard snow or gravle in alley and going over small cracks on the road. When going over big dips in the road i dont hear the sound. A mechanic friend inspected the car and told me he sees nothing wrong and that he seen this on another 03 g35 sedan with the same noise and replaced pretty much the whole front end and noise wouldnt go away. I took it to nissan and they said it was my struts and sway bar links, called my mechanic friend and he says they are bullshitting me. But after reading this its been the most helpfull article i found, I’m going to ask him to change the cp bushings before anything becuz i was going to change struts anyway in desperation hoping noise would go away even tho i was skeptical about it. Thanks let me know if u have anymore info and if not i will keep u updated if my bushings fixed my problem.

  • Jay

    Having the same problem, called Agincourt Nissan and was told they do not sell the bushing for the compression rods seperately… anyone else have this problem?

  • terrific

    Do you know where I can purchase only the front compression bushings for the infiniti g35 2003? Thank you

  • Trueler

    You may search through the Internet and order bushings. I don’t have any store on mind.


  • yuli

    You can buy them on E-bay, 20$

  • carboli

    thank god buddy saved me a few hundred on shocks which i though it was and the FSU manual sure will come in handy when im replacin them.

  • Jay

    Today I had an Infiniti dealer tell me that the whole arm has to be replaced. That for a 2003 G35, they are made so toucannot replace just the bushung. Based on this article, it appears that the bushings only can be replaced. HAs someone actually had the bushings only replace….is the dealer lying to me?

  • Trueler

    Hi Jay,

    There is a special TSB on how to replace only bushings from Infiniti! A lot of people across the Internet have already done it for 2003 G35! But your dealer tells you that they can not…


  • Dee

    Hi Trueler,

    Thanks for the information. I have a 2005 G35x and this is my fourth replacement in four years. Thanks to you, I will be armed with the necessary information when I visit the dealer for the repair tomorrow. I will post and let you know how it goes.


  • Dee


    Go figure…it was the sway bar link.

  • Phil

    I had the same problem with a car i bought a week ago.I took it to a guy that works for infinity,he replaced my fuel regulator and the sound went away.I had other mechanics say that won’t fix my problem,but boy were they wrong.I’m happy now and enjoy my 03 G35

  • Lando03G35

    I just brought my 03 G35 to a dealership to fix my clunky noise in my front suspension..I suggested it might be my Comp. rod bushings…”nope” they said…everything is nice and tight…might be your brake system…what a bunch of BS!This is why I don’t by warranties…I fix my own cars and save the hassle…found the bushings online for around $25…now I just have to get my hands dirty…lol

  • Gerry


    I have a 03′ G35 Sedan and recently I took it to my dealer and told me that i had to replace my bushings (which is $600 to replace). I had experience some minimal trembling when braking on the freeway but recently it has gotten worse. I actually can see that it is leaking into the inside part of the rim. I have feeling its going to get worse, what do you recommend. I also took it to a brake shop and told me that my rotors might be warped but i still have about 30-40% of life in my pads. Help!!

  • Builder1

    I have the original 2003 G35 with the square in the trunk lid. I am having the compression rod bushing problem and local dealer want’s $750 to replace compression rods. He states that they cant just replace the bushings on my VIN. This goes along with the potential $325 to replace the driver’s side seat switch, $650 to repair the famous radio/ac battery drain fuck up, $150 to to fix, tighten or whatever to repair the drivers door rattle problem. The radio/ac bugs me the worst. This problem has the potential to kill someone if the windows fog up in bad weather and you can’t see a thing around you.

  • Trueler

    Hey Builder1,

    I share your pain. I have the same famous radio/ac problem right now. Not going to the dealership for sure.


  • Dave

    hey trueler,

    i’ve been back and forth about buying a g35 for quite some time. i’ve thoroughly looked at a nice amount of cars and recently researched potential problems with this particular model (’05 g35 sedan-base). i’m going to look at an ’05 “well maintained-through the dealer” 35 who just had its bushings and *tires replaced (due to feathering on the tires). now, i have observed that this is a common problem…but how frequent will this problem occur even after the originals have been replaced and is there a permenant fix if constant wear is inevitable. also, is this a defective part?, or a batch of lemon 35′s with other potential problems (ie: leaky valve covers, cam position sensor, rotor/break shields, tps/throttle body problems etc)… and lastly would you happen to know:.. if just the bushing problem exists, what else is a direct effect of this nuisance?

    thanks in advance,

  • Bob Azarigian

    I brought my daughter’s 2003 G35 to Naples Nissan for what sounded like a timing chain knock. In the short time it was there the service adviser, Scott Kelly advised me that the vehicle needed the following. Battery was on it’s way out (I replaced the battery 3 months ago), needed to change the engine and cabin air filters, they noticed that the brakes had been changed recently but, the brake pads had been installed backwards and without the hardware, and finally that the compression rods needed to be replaced. When asked if only the bushings could be replaced, I was informed No. That the entire assembly was the procedure for the fix. At this time I am not saying that there is nothing wrong with the bushings but, I can say that I have yet to hear any noise coming from the front end which would indicate that kind of problem. As far as the original problem, it appears that it might have been caused by low and dirty engine oil. My daughter has the oil changed every 3 to 4 thousand miles. I know believe that the service center she takes her car to is charging her for the oil change and not doing it. I did observe that the oil was black but, failed to check it’s level before dropping it off at the Nissan dealership. It is very difficult to find an honest auto repair service these days. I really feel sorry for the individual who does not know anything about auto repair. However this type of web site is a great source of information to those who are vulnerable to having to spend money on work that was not needed.

  • Bob Azarigian

    One thing I forgot to mention. I had also been advised that a front end alignment would be necessary after the replacement of the compression rods. I would have to question that. From what I can see of this part, it is not adjustable, it is solid and in one piece. You unbolt and bolt it back in place. Of course it is not a bad idea to have it done if the car is pulling to one side or the other. Or if your tires are not wearing evenly.

  • scottie

    Own 04 G35 and have all the same issues as everyone else.

    If you go online and check out any vehicle you will always find problems that are similar and some vehicle are more prone to expensive repairs especially German iron.
    You just have to take into consideration how much money you’ve saved in gas. You will spend it on repairs, especially if you follow the recommended maintenance schedule.

  • Michael

    Hey Trueler!! you recommended brakes to me before. You educated us about the bloody defective infiniti brake system on the 2003 model and all! Now! I have a problem with this compression rod. At first i thought it was my brakes and rotors but i was told that it is the compression rod bushing. Now! i understand that its cheaper to replace the bushing than it is to replace the rod. Now my question is! what woudl be an ideal estimate for replacing the bushing only on the right side of my car?? its a 2003 g35 sedan RWD! THANKS!

  • Trueler

    Hey Michael! Thanks for following!

    I would say that the ideal estimate for replacing the bushing only is approximately $150 for work. TSB related to this issue advices that it is 1.4 hours of work to replace one bushing and 1.8 hours for both. I don’t know how much dealerships charge per hour now, still $108? Bushing itself – $40. Total about $190 + tax is a fair price to replace bushing at the dealership. However, I can bet they will offer you no less than $400… due to seized parts, etc… etc… etc… Most likely they’ll just refuse to replace bushing only and will agree to replace entire compression rod for $600-$700.

    In my case I had extended warranty which covered all bushings, but not compression rods. So they cheated my by telling that I had problems with compression rod itself but not with bushings. They lied me that bushings could not be replaced. It really worth to replace bushing if your warranty covers it, but not the rod.


  • michael egboh

    Thanks Trueler! I have had several mechanics tell me that i should just buy the compression rod and replace the current one affected on the passenger side. two mechanics confirmed its the compression rod, one just didnt know jack! Now! i cant find anyone willing to change to compression rod BUSHING only. they claims they dont have the tools to do this. i dont know where to change this. another question can the damage to the compression rod bushing affect the beering or ball joints??

  • michael

    Another question!! when you determine the bushing is damaged or cracked, its also possible that the ball joint is damaged as well?? (the TSB shows that as a possiblity)
    I never had my my mechanic check the ball joints as well. i hope they can tell if its cracked without taking the compression rod out!

  • Joe

    My 75 year-old mother was just told by the stealership her compression rod bushings should be replaced on her 2003 G35. The car has less than 60K on it and there is no noise or alignment problem. They did say the just bushings could be replaced – over $425 parts and labor. I have a 2003 coupe with almost 70K and the bushings are fine. We both live in southern California where the weather is much less harmful to car components.

    I’m an ex-mechanic and here’s my take on this subject – rubber suspension bushings often crack from weathering and age but are not necessarily in need of replacement. An experienced, honest tech can tell the difference. With the right tools just the bushings can be replaced unless the actual rod is damaged. The ball joint on the one end should also be inspected – if it’s bad I believe the whole rod needs to be replaced. I don’t think just the joint can be replaced; anyone who knows otherwise please chime in.

    Dealerships are the biggest ripoffs in the auto industry. Go there only for warranty work. Do your research and find an honest independant or franchise shop (Big O, Midas, etc.) when the car is out of warranty.

    Cheers and happy motoring!

  • Dennis

    Very useful info… My bushings are clunking on the driver side right now but will change both because its the smart thing to do. I have an 04 6MT coupe.

  • michael

    Hey all!

    so i went to the infiniti dealership here! and they did a 20 minutes diagnostic on the car. and they pointed out problems i didnt know i had in my car. like unnessary stuff just to get a quick buck. like windshield chips, wipers, tires and all! More importantly, they told me my compression rod had to be replaced and they quoted a price of $289 for each rod (578 for a set) and thats not including labor. when i look onlike. i see some for about 350 or 400. Now! i just want the bushing replaced but i fear that the ball joints maybe bad too. so am just gonna buy the entire rod to be safe. i need help finding a cheap site of place to buy them?? i dont wanna drive this car till its fixed because i’m worried about the wheels rolling off.

  • Mark

    I need compression rod bushings for a 2004 G35x. Any help?

  • rajendra

    hi i need a g35 coupe front spindle left an right rear calipers an rotors original call me 347 870 2056 or 347 806 4515 or 6462439010

  • AustinG35x

    I drive a 2004 G35x. I’m hearing noises also. Do I only need the bushings? Or do I new the ball joints too? I’m going to the dealership soon so I need to know what all parts I need before the dealership sells me some stupid idea about my suspention going bad

  • Sue

    I own a 2005 G35 that started making the suspension noises identified in most of the posts. I took my car to a local mechanic who said I needed to replace the front struts with EOM products at a cost of $637. I called the closest Infiniti dealter to ask the cost – $830.

    I have an extended warranty 100,000 mile warranty and am at 98,000+ miles. I took the car into the dealer and asked them to confirm that the struts needed replaced. The answer was no, but the compression rod needed replaced.

    The good news in ALL of this was that the cost was totally covered by my extended warranty. They replaced the compression rod, stopper bolt and lock nut and told me that there is a warranty on the rods and if I have any trouble with them in the future to bring the car back.

    Since I have owned the car, these additional things have been covered under the warranty: replacing the hood hinges, repairing a leak in the oil pan, replacement of the vent valve and replaced windshield wiper water sensor.

    The delaership, Infiniti of Bedford, has been wonderful to work with. (I don’t know or am related to anyone associatted with Infiniti.)

  • Chris

    I drive an 04 G35X. Just had my struts done, and now will do my ball joint. The ball joint its actually connected to the compression rod, you can find both bushing and ball joint online for under $50 each. The ball joint is tricky because you would need a machine shop to intall on the arm itself.

    Hope this helps. Dealer wants $160 for the whole part.

  • steven

    i looking for front bushings right for my 2004 g35 coupe anyone can help me with that

  • brian

    Hi everyone… you I have experienced headache after headache with my 2004 g35x. At 178k to date have replaced three wheel bearings,both front and rear, front drive shaft, brake caliper, all four rotars TWICE, brake pads and now both front comp rod bushings. This car is a joke…by far the worst car for continuial repairs. Ill go as far as saying a LEMON!!
    Get rid of it while you still have some cash left for a new car. After this repair I am done!!!
    One last thought….most certified mechanics can work on your infinity for 1/3 of the price. Find a local mechamechanic and you will go back to your dealer who will ovet charge you every time. They gotta pay for their pretty dealership somehow.
    Take it from me….RUN.

  • brian

    Oh how could I have forgot..both front ball joint assmbly.

  • brian

    Just replaced the compression rod bushings front upper ball joints and ” The clunking noise” is still present. Now going to replace front struts. Ill keep ya posted.

  • brian


  • Jesus

    Hi! I have a 2003 g35 sedan and have replaced my left and right front Rods once already. Less than 2yrs. I have to replace them again. If we can replace the bushing where can I buy them? My car doesn’t need to hit a bump or rocky road, it will do the “clunk clunk” sound on a straight road with no bumps. I hope you guys can tell me where I can buy them. Thanks!

  • karen mercer

    I was told by the dealership I need to have my bushings replaced on my 2005 g35 at a cost of $500.00 My car is not making any noise. What will happen if the bushings are torn and I continue to drive it that way?

  • John I.

    Hi. I was informed today that my 2003 G35 coupe’s whole compression rod and bushing need to be replaced at a cost of $990. I asked if it’s possible for just the bushing to be replaced and was told that only on the sedans have that option. Is that correct?

  • Brad


    I did mine last year and they need to be done again. They are easy to do you can find the info on net and the torque specs. Go to Rock auto the arms themselves are about 60 bucks each plus shipping. You will find the bushing is fine its the ball joint on the other end of the arm thats wornout. It can’t be replaced(or greased/poor design thats why they wear out). The sound is telegraphing up the arm to the bushing

  • Tina

    I’m soooooo glad others are felling this problem. I have a infinity g35 2003 and I’m having this same problem. I feel every nook n cranny in road. I HATE how my car rides it’s terrible. I thought it was the shock,very expensive but I replaced them. Then they said it was the low profile tires an wheels I have. I’m broke and cannot afford to fix this. But now I know and confident this is ExCALLY what it is. Don’t you think this should be a -voluntary service complaint- I paid a ton for my car now it’s not worth much.
    If enough people complain wont infinity fix it for FREE??

  • pat

    i have a g35 coupe 43000mi i had front suppenion comprassion rods replaced i had trucks that that over 50000 had never had this problem.also brake problem ,front only at 17000mi the back st 37000mi thats not bad.

  • bill arseneau

    where do i get compression rod bushing ?

  • Sam

    I have 2003 g35 sedan and I think I am having the same issues. There is a sound coming from the front driver side. It’s almost like a warped sound I guess. Don’t know of any other way to describe it. It’s at its loudest below 40mph and almost nonexistent on the freeway. I took it to a mechanic the other day and they showed me how tires that they put on not too long ago are completely balled on the inside and said its mostly something to do with the bushings as they were cracked. I’m trying to find out I that’s the only thing I need to replace; if I should go with a suspension kit like eibach or does that have nothing to do with the problem; I’m just confused about all the stuff control arms etc.

  • Sam

    I have a gd mechanic but just want to try to get the cheapest price on parts I need and reliable enough where I won’t have to deal with the issues for a long time.

  • Mary

    I have a 2005 G35 Coupe, bought it used and noticed while driving if I turned I heard a vibration noise. Took it back to dealer and they replaced ball joints. Now when i turn i hear a sqeaking noise, im scared at what they will tell me because im ignorant, I will probably wait until my husband comes back from overseas but im curious to find out what they say. I think I may go to a place where they will actually let me come and SEE the problem, most dealerships will not let you back in the garage!! Any suggestions on what the sqeaking may be?

  • Aim little

    I just purchased a used 2006 g35x sedan. When I did emission inspection, the mechanic said both of the front compression arms need to be replaced.
    They told me it will cost 1700 dollars.

    I really don’t know what should I do next.

  • Brent

    I stopped into both of the Infiniti dealers in the Minneapolis area for this problem on my 2005 G35x. Both dealers claimed that they are unable to order just the bushings, and that the only way to fix this is to order the entire compression rod assembly. I was quoted 900ish at one dealer and 1100ish at the other. I mentioned the above TSB and they disregarded it even though it is issued by Infiniti. Anyone else have this problem with their dealer?


  • Thomas

    I have a 03 G35 coupe, less than 60000 miles and had the issue with the compression arms bushings as well, dealer wanted to charge me $900 for the arm replacement, and another $800 for struts that are a little weak! What a rip off, I found the bushings online by “Whiteline” Whiteline (W52991) Control arm – lower inner bushing(2 in pack) $65.00

    Whiteline (W52992) Shock absorber – to control arm bushing(2 in pack) $60.00

    Shipping approx. $75.

    The labor to remove both arm and remove bushings and install new urethane bushings would be 2.5 hours, a total of $169.94. Total paid was $357.00, and still after this work was done, it still has that clunking sound which did not solve the problem. Help Please!!

  • kory

    where can i get just the bushing for the compression arm

  • Tim

    Autozone is where u can get a balljoint for the compression rod which makes the clunking
    I’ve replaced it on the g35

  • Tim

    Also after reading this post. You need some mechanic friends. I got my bushing installed for $100.00 American dollars both sides

  • Ken

    Very helpful information! The following is my experience on this issue:
    I own a 04 G35x in Toronto with 140,000km. I first started noticing the knocking noises on my front left side. I simply ignored it. Then the right side started to make noises too. The noises are especially noticable when driving slow on uneven surfaces. As speed increases, the noises went away. However, after a while i realized noises appear at high speed around 110 km/h as well.
    I first took the car to dealership, went for a test drive, then they said right away that it is compression rod. Obviously, there is a service bulletin on this issue. Quoted me $600 to repair for one side only. I said no way, walked away paying $60 diagnostic fee. Then I went to an independent mechanics; he told me it was because of sway bars, and they cost only $150 to replace both. Due to the cheap cost, I went ahead with the repair. However, this did not fix the issue.
    Finally, I went to another mechanics, this time I told them directly it might be the compression rod. After diagnostic, they agreed to fix them for $600 for both side; half off cheaper than what dealer quoted me. The parts are from OEM. After replacing them, the noises went away!!!
    I recommend ppl to replace the whole thing instead of the bushing. It takes longer to push the bushing out. With $600 in total for both sides, might as well replace the whole compression rods.
    Good luck!

  • Drew

    I found these bushings on a performance website. THMotorsports. This is how I will replace mine.

    SPL FKS Front Compression Rod Bushings replace the stock mushy rubber bushings with low-friction articulating spherical bearings, eliminating bushing flex and reducing friction. This maintains optimum suspension geometry under load, to improve handling and feedback.

    SPL FKS Series Bushings feature massive 1” size FK racing bearings with a self-lubricating teflon liner for long life and maximum performance. Highly precise (machined to 1/1000th inch) CNC machined T6061 aluminum bearing shell and sleeves provide an accurate fit.

  • jeff

    go to get the comprods complete 60.00 each easy to change.

  • Candace

    I have an ’05 G35 sedan. I took to the dealership for a “free” 100 pt inspection. I was told that the rear subframe bushing is split and leaking and that the repairs would be $1800!! I am wondering if maybe I can replace the bushings only, because after reading these comments it sounds like this is a pretty common repair. Also my airbag light is on all the time!! I have had it in the shop 3 times for this issue and even though it’s all new it is on again!! If you could give me any feedback on these issues I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

  • Sergei Lysov

    Most of you go to stealership and then complain you got robbed? That’s all they do – unnecessary work using parts that don’t need to be replaced so that they can charge you lots of labor hours on top of lots of parts than never needed to be replaced. You are just a bunch of suckers as far as dealrships are concerned. Find a good honest mechanic outside of dealership and hold on to him if you don’t want to be charged $1000 instead of $50.

    Rubber bushings only last about 100k miles. Older infinitis comes with extra crappy bushings that may only last 50k miles. And dealerships all try to replace compression arms and not bushings because they can charge you a lot more. Even though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the control arm.

    Solution is actually very simple – buy aftermarket polyurethane bushings from Whiteline ($55) or Energy Suspension ($35)and replace just the bushings with 1 hour of labor. Done.

  • Scort

    Please someone should help me.
    I’m using infiniti G35X 2006, The car do off and it will took two to three days before it on again, Most time it will do as if it want to on but off back.

    Please could be the problem?

  • Glen H

    Here is what I did… I bought a COMPLETE WITH BUSHINGS new lower control arm for my 04 G35 from for $58 and replaced it myself in 30 mins…Looks just like the OEM control arm…

  • Carol

    I own a 2004 G35 Infinity After complaining about this same noise, I was told by my dealership the same thing I am reading here. They said it is my Compression Rod that needs to be replace because the bushings are worn. My car is at my mechanics right now & they are telling me that my Compression Rod looks good, doesn’t seem to appear worn & that the noise is coming from my steering rack that is worn. According to the dealership the steering rack will last forever & they believe I am being mislead! This is going to run me about $800.00 to replace!! What should I do??

  • Paul

    I have the same noise coming from right front. The symptom is exactly what Ken mentioned above, “The noises are especially noticable when driving slow on uneven surfaces. As speed increases, the noises went away. However, after a while i realized noises appear at high speed around 110 km/h as well.” After going to dealership I was told the compression rod has to be replaced, 530 dollars!!

    Going through this long post, I am pretty sure it is due to damaged bushing and I am gonna buy it from internet.
    So my question is, can anybody tell where to buy it and what the part# is on that website? Since a lot of similar parts there …

  • Paul

    Sorry forgot to indicate my model. Infiniti G35x 2005 Sedan AWD.

  • Ryan

    Wow i’ve been through so many of the problems you guys are having.. i feel for you all.
    The fact of the matter is the rubber bushings that they use on your compression rod (and lca’s) are designed so poorly it’s almost is if they want them to go out quickly. Make sure you have also looked at your lower control arm inner bushings @ kmember because those will go as well and they need to be replaced by polyurethane. new designs for this bushings eliminate the movement that nissan’s design allows which causes the wearing. I mean there is an aluminum run outside of a steel run outside of a POS rubber bushing.

    There is also a similar problem that people experience thinking it is their front suspension when it’s actually the front brake calipers. If when you tap your brake even slightly you here a little ‘clunk’ then your nissan brakes have failed you. If your tires are wearing strangely and your front end is crawling its probably your lower control arms (these are visible without even jacking the car up). If your compression rod bushings are failing u can easily see it the same way. Peak underneath and see if there is any cracking or wear that would allow it to wiggle in place.

    for those of you having a/c and radio issues, the only solution is to purchase an aftermarket dash and heat unit (roughly 300$ if i recall). I was able to purchase one to match my beige-ish interior along with an aftermarket stereo that included an adapter for it to be able to power the bose speaker system. The circuit that shorts out is actually one solid chip that unfortunately controls both our climate control as well as our stereo X.X

  • Kevin

    I need to replace both my lower control arms on my 05 g35x but when I look up the part they say they are for RWD so will it fit Awd also ?

  • Vin

    Wow !!! tons of known issues on the Infiniti yet stealership does little to help. I stopped visiting the stealership a long long time ago and I could not be happier.

    In the recent past I have had the following parts replaced

    1. Front lower forward control arm bushings on both sides. I purchased whiteline bushings which are far superior to the stock rubber bushings and had a local shop press fit the new bushings on the OEM control arms. Cost (99$ for bushings, 200$ for removal of both control arms, press fitting the new bushings and re installing them).

    2. Just replaced the front compression rods, both left and right. I purchased Reybestos compression rods from and had the same local shop install it. Cost (each compression rod was about 60$ on amazon and the shop charged me 150 for the labor. Please note that if you have never replaced the compression rods, it might be seized at the upper end)

    3. I also replaced both the front tie rods outer ends and forward sway bar links. Cost ( Moog tie rod were 35 $ each on, Beck & Arnley links were 18$ each on and the mechanic charged me 50$ even to install these)

    My 2 cents, if i knew better, I would have just purchased the prothane or energy suspension polyurethane bushing kit and replaced all forward end bushings in one go. That way you are set for life and you can save some $ on the labor. Also, the first time you are replacing any of the forward suspension components, do replace the links and tie rod outer end if you still have OEM’s on. Once again you can save on the labor. An alignment will be required once you replace tie rods and suspension components.

    Owing and driving my 2003 Infiniti g35 has been a pleasure but I have to admit the parts are expensive and its always better to do some research before believing the dealer blindly.

    I am just beginning to have the calipers problem on the front right end. Even after replacing the control arm bushing, the entire compression rod and links I am getting a clunking noise specially when going over a pothole or while braking. Research brought me to this site and I decided to share my experience. I hope it helps someone.

    I am considering purchasing the calipers repair kit instead of shelling out $$ for a brand new calipers. I will keep you all posted.

    Cheers !!!

  • Chris

    KEVIN, YOU NEED AWD the RWD won’t work.

  • xavier

    hey I have a question for you I drive a 2005 g35 infiniti automatic two door coupe when I drive my car from 20-45 mph on a straight road it makes this kind of knocking and rattling noises and idk what it is that is causing this please help me

  • Mike

    For everyone, I replaced my bushings with Roca bushings specifically aftermarket polyurethane bushings and I’ve had them on for several years now with no issues. Look up Roca great bushings.

  • Bob Z

    Great info. My 2006 G35 AWD has a bad compression rod bushing. It looks the do it yourselfer wouldn’t have the press for removing/inserting the bushings. However, the entire compression rod replacement looks pretty easy as long as the nuts are seized. If I do it, I’ll follow up.

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