Nissan Infiniti G35 Brake Problems – squealing, fast wear out due to defect

Front brakes on my Infiniti G35 2003 started to produce excessive squealing and it was the time to change brakes again. I dropped by to the dealership where they checked brakes and gave me estimation of $740 to replace front brake rotors and pads.

Infiniti Front Brake Rotors and Pads Dealership Job Estimate

The last time I changed front rotors and pads was 30000 km ago at Willowdale Nissan Infiniti dealership service center. Moreover, 12000 km ago same pads have been replaced and rotors machined. So, I can say that for me genuine Infiniti brake parts work for 20000 km or about one year. How? Why? One year for Nissan Infiniti brake rotors, and even less for brake pads?

I’m usually asking service advisors about the reason of fast wearing, probably something was not installed properly, or some parts were defective. The answer is always the same – because of the way I’m driving… Ok. This time I’ve decided to make some investigation and research before continuing to waste more than $1500/year on brakes for “the way I’m driving”.

I was very surprised with what I’ve found.

Infiniti G35 2003 has defective brake system.

It causes continuous squealing and very fast wear out.

Search engines provide many thousands results for the search query like “Nissan Infiniti brake problems”. And it applies not only for G35 or only for 2003 models. It applies to FX35, QX56, G35 Coupe, Maxima and to the models of 2003-2006 years. There are many lawsuits against Infiniti due to brakes problems, because replacing them due to known defect every year is too much for consumers. Moreover, it drops resale value significantly!

When I was buying the car at Willowdale Nissan Infiniti dealership, I’ve asked sales person if there are any known problems, or recalls for the vehicle. Dino Pop (his name) lied me that there is absolutely nothing wrong – no recalls, no problems, no issues.

I have NEVER heard from Willowdale Nissan Infiniti service advisors that there is a known problem with Infiniti brakes. However, I was asking them each time about the problems with brakes. And every time after brakes replacement at this Infiniti of Willowdale stealership, squealing noise appeared after several days of driving. I just used to it, however it is really annoying from time to time. And mechanics could not do anything about it, and they did not let me know about the well known problem, because changing defective brakes very often is an excellent cash cow for Nissan Infiniti dealerships.

And dealerships continue to install defective genuine Nissan Infiniti brake rotors and brake pads.

When I complain on squealing they always do nothing:

Infiniti Brake Squealing Report - No Actions

I just started to think that Willowdale Nissan Infiniti mechanics are not qualified enough to do the brake job.

Here is a solution!

Do not install defective OEM Nissan Infiniti brake parts anymore! They will die in a year.

Consider after-market brake rotors and pads. I personally did it this time. Brake rotors and pads with shims perfectly matched my Infiniti G35 2003. I replaced brake rotors and pads for the front wheels during Friday evening. It is not so hard as it may look like. I’ve ordered brakes from California. Everything (both left and right rotors, pads with shims) including one-week delivery and taxes cost me $220 CAD. It is a way less than $750 offered by the dealership. Brake parts are much better than genuine Infiniti ones. Rotors are ventilated and slotted.

And there is absolutely no any noise from the brakes! It is the first time for the several years of my ownership of Infiniti G35 when I’m not hearing any squealing or other noise from brakes.

If you decided to install rotors and pads by yourself, you may ask any questions regarding the process as well. I will create and post here illustrated instructions for the front brake rotors and pads replacement procedure for Infiniti G35 when I can find some more time.

Here is the Infiniti G35 Repair Manual to assist in brake rotors and pads replacement:

Infiniti G35 2003 Service Manual – Brake System (BR)

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  7. I am having the same brake issue on my 2004 G35. Please send me the information on the aftermarket parts.

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    I have the same issue with the brakes, & with the parts all together honestly, they are too expensive, will any other car brand work in general, like Nissan z350 perhaps?!!
    and where can I get the brakes from please?


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