Infiniti G35 Jack Up Procedure

1. Find flat surface in a shady place (for California guys :) or some warm and wind-protected place (for guys in Canada…), so the work on the car will be comfortable.

2. Use wheel chocks or some other tire blocks (bricks, stones, wood, etc.) in order to prevent vehicle from backing up or moving forward when jacking up or during the work. Put them around the wheels which will stay on the ground.

3. Loosen lug nuts of each wheel you want to remove before jacking up. It requires quite a big force, so the car can accidentally jump off the stands if it is already jacked up. You will need 21 cm socket size wrench to loosen lug nuts. Do it in “star” order as showed on the picture:

Infiniti G35 - Tire Removal

4. Find jack up points for the side you want to lift. It is metal frame where plastic covering ends. This pictures may help you to find jack up points:

Infiniti G35 Manual - Jack Up Points

(picture taken from Infiniti G35 2003 Service and Repair Manual)

Infiniti G35 - Jack Up Points

This is piece of metal frame (above picture) where you can apply the jack and stands.

5. Jack up the car. Slowly, carefully. Check that wheel chocks are not moving. Do not lift it high! Just enough to remove tire (even 3 mm is enough):

Infiniti G35 - Tire Lift Height

6. Support the side you just jacked up with safety stand. Do not work on the vehicle when only jack is used! Always use safety stands!

Slightly loosen jack, so the car will lie down on the stand. Be careful, do it very slowly.

This is what we have now:

Infiniti G35 - Lifted - Front Right

7. Remove jack from under the car and repeat the same on another side if you need both wheels to be removed. Lift that side to the same height.

Be very careful and pay attention to wheel chocks, safety stands and lift height! Otherwise you may die under your car when doing some job.

Feel free to ask any related questions!

These jack up instructions start Automotive DIY (Do It Yourself) section on Trueler. We will prepare procedures on how to replace headlight bulbs, brake rotors and pads, engine air filter, clock bulbs for Infiniti G35 very soon.

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