Green Cricket Online Store Review/Complaint

Trueler has recently received a complaint on Green Cricket online store ( from one of our readers, who ordered some personal and baby care products.

The essence of complaint is:

  • Green Cricket promised delivery in three days. And they do promise the same three days on their website now (click on image to enlarge). However the order took more than two weeks to be processed and delivered. The destination is located in two kilometers from Toronto! Green Cricket does not guarantee delivery dates only on shipments outside GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Green Cricket - Expected Delivery - 3 Days

  • When shipment arrived, one of the items was not delivered. They told by phone that is was out of stock, but they did NOT issue any refund for this item!
  • They apply 13% HST tax to diapers, feminine hygiene products, and baby clothes which is illegal:

Green Cricket � Exemption products � HST with PST

  • Customer service was frustrating. They contend that they called customer to inform about the item that would not be delivered. But they did not! It was a lie.

It was very disappointing deal

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  1. really it’s disappointing. It’s disappointing for everybody, because we used to rely on the online store on their commitment. Hope Green Cricket will never delay on their delivery of products. Thanks

  2. Hello Susan,

    Customer did contact Green Cricket by phone and e-mail, but some of the concerns have been ignored.

    If you read this complaint to the end you may see that over two weeks delivery (instead of promised 2-3 days) is not the only concern. There are other very serious issues like not-delivered item, extra taxes for exempt items, and mysterious statement from customer service representative.

    Confirmation e-mail that went to the customer clearly showed the “Expected Delivery Date” which was three days after the “Order Date”. It did not mention anything about increased delivery time.

    Susan, you tell that Green Cricket website delivery page screenshot tells the following: “Delivery times may vary from the website dates shown due to order volume with Groupon”. But! It tells different thing: “Due to order volumes, delivery dates and times may vary if you are using a coupon (i.e. Groupon)”. “If you are using a coupon” means discrimination of customers who use discounts. It is not professional and ethical way of doing advertisement and business.

    When people were asking about delivery time on Groupon discussion board related to Green Cricket Groupon deal, Susan M. (guess it is you) answered that delivery time to Peterborough is 2-3 days. You did not mention anything about potential delays knowing that a lot of people were buying your deal on that day. Here is the screenshot from comments page (click on picture to enlarge):

    Green Cricket Groupon - Delivery Promise

    If you commit to make a huge promotion, like that one with Groupon, you have to analyze consequences and restrict the number of deals (we believe that Groupon allows to do this), so promised delivery time and products in-stock availability won’t be affected.

    Green Cricket has to work on many things before you may tell about “superior service to customers”.


  3. I apologize to the customer and would hope that they would contact us directly at 1-877-476-2758 so that we can address their concerns more specifically.

    Because we had over 250 orders come in over several days with the Groupon, we were unable to adhere to our published delivery schedule on our website. We therefore put a statement on the delivery page stating that ‘Delivery times may vary from the website dates shown due to order volume with Groupon’ This message is shown on the screen shown in the customers complaint, and it is also shown on the confirming email that goes to customers as soon as they checkout of the system so that we they do not rely on the delivery date. We then called customers as soon as their order was ready to arrange an agreeable time to deliver.

    Again, our apologies, we certainly make every attempt to accomodate and deliver superior service to customers.

    Green Cricket

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