Home Depot charges 13% HST on tax exempt items again!

Home Depot is one more big retailer that overcharges customers by 8% in Ontario and 7% in British Columbia for some products. And these products are… can you try to guess?!… Books!!! Yes, books which are always exemption from any PST. Books must be taxed only with 5% GST portion of HST. Here is one example from Home Depot online store – homedepot.ca (click on image to enlarge):

Home Depot HST PST on Books

Just to show that this one is really a book:

Home Depot HST PST on Books (description)

It was the same story couple years ago, when Home Depot was overcharging customers in BC by 7% on tax exempt products: energy efficient and safety stuff. Now they do it again!

1 comment to Home Depot charges 13% HST on tax exempt items again!

  • Bernie Lang

    Home depot is scamming people in HST. Everytime I return an item at the store HST is always short by a few cents. If they do this to all customers it adds up pretty quick

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