Purolator Canada – Zero Delivery Attempts

If you order anything with Purolator courier company and want it to be delivered on time, just call them and ask to deliver. That is right, unfortunately you have to do this. Otherwise package will be on hold at their depot forever and you will never know about this.

When you call, Purolator says that delivery attempt has already been made, but the recipient were not at home.

It happened to me some time ago. On Purolator Canada website in the tracking information section I saw that package is on hold, and delivery attemt had been made. However, on that day someone were definitely at home, but no one knocked and it there were no any delivery notice left on the door!

I called Purolator customer service at 1-800-744-7123 phone number, and asked why delivery attempt had never been made. They told that it had been done, and they have no information about the driver who made an attempt. So, they can not investigate what happened (that is what they say). Purolator offers to make “another” delivery in a day or two. And they did, but only after I asked for this…

If you are satisfied with Purolator delivery prices and times, there is no need to avoid them. Just know how to work with them: call and ask to deliver your package!

Here is what you see on tracking page in case your items are ready to be delivered:

Purolator Delivery Tracking

43 thoughts on “Purolator Canada – Zero Delivery Attempts”

  1. The same happened to me with Purolator just today. We ordered some stuff from online shop, and they sent it by Purolator. Interesting, while the shop site shown they have this item at offsite shop not far from us, they sent from Calgary to Vaughan. Well, it’s their business.

    I checked the given tracking number today and found this:
    Jan 9, 2018 1:44 p.m. Vaughan, ON Attempted delivery – receiver unavailable

    It is totally a lie. My wife was at home at that time. No one neither knocked the door nor ringed the bell. Also, no “failed delivery card” left as it happens to other services.

    Now, they say “shipment available for pickup, you have 5 days to get this package from Purolator site”. I don’t want to go there; that’s why I ordered this package to *home*.

    What a “nice” service.

    It seems it is a common issue with Purolator. I will never use this service again if I could choose.

  2. Googled “Purolator lied” to see how many other people had the same experience I did and wound up here. Ordered something from amazon last month expecting it to arrive in the first few days of February. Nothing. Time goes by. I check the mail, my door and the front door of my building every day(I’ve had delivery notices there before). My apartment buzzer goes directly to my phone, no calls. I am home every day, all day and night due to disability, nothing. Finally I find a notice in my mailbox from Canada Post that a package is waiting for me downtown. Annoying, as I am literally 5 feet from the mailboxes but okay.

    Takes me a week to pick up the package due to health problems but I check my order status through amazon and it says delivered. I have 15 days according to the notice. Finally I get down to picking up the package today, imagine my surprise when it isn’t my amazon order at all. I check back on amazon and follow the tracking to…Purolator. According to them they attempted delivery 11 days ago and my package is now being held for pickup…an hour away in another city! Call Purolator to see if they can explain why they say they attempted delivery when I have been here all day every day with no contact made or notice left and get a bunch of bs that adds up to nothing. “so now my package is in a city an hour away from me instead of being left at the location in my town?” I ask only to be told, well no, they only hold things for 5 days so my package will be gone by now!

    Contacted Amazon who cheerfully told me I can pick up my package from Purolator to which I said a) I can’t get to a city an hour away to pick something up because of my disability which is WHY I order things to be delivered to my home and b)Purolator told me they don’t even have it anymore. Amazon issued a refund and said they would forward this to Purolator to make sure it didn’t happen again. I asked if Purolator was the only way they deliver here (because I do not want to go through this again) to which they said yes but again, I don’t have to worry, they will make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    Reading all these other stories makes me highly doubt that.

  3. I have watched the Purolator driver stop and look down my long driveway for about 2 seconds and then decide not to deliver the package. The last time they didn’t bother to leave a notice in the mail box at the top of the driveway. I checked their website only because I saw the truck. It was marked as Attempted delivery – receiver inaccessible. Larger vehicles with qualified drivers have zero issues coming in and out of my drive.
    It is a 30 mile round trip for me to pick up the items so I have stopped using newegg, ncix, amazon and any other vender that uses Purolator because I can’t trust the delivery.

  4. ordered a vacuum off of amazon.ca along with some other stuff, the stuff came in… the guy was nice and worked for amazons delivery service, the vacuum on the other hand was supposed to be delivered by purolator they said that the driver attempted a delivery but the buildings lobby door was locked. Now never mind the fact that the amazon guy got passed it somehow, the actual fact is that the buildings lobby door was wide open during the entire day and it doesn’t have a F@#king lock, now this leaves me pondering, is the purolator guy lazy or just incredibly stupid? this isn’t the only time the purolator guy has done this, last year i ordered a computer off of newegg the box weighed 24 pounds and was the size of me (big gaming computer) same thing but i didn’t call them that time, instead like a F@#$in moron i went up to their facility and hauled a box that can fit me inside of it outside and because my car was in the shop i had to call an uber and explain why I’m standing there with A box the size of Kevin F@#$In smith in the middle of nowhere. ( also the Uber charged me $50 for the ride and add the 20 dollars in shipping costs that i already paid for and this was before the Canadian dollar rear-ended itself)

    so if you want a cheaper alternative to purolator you’re better off calling an uber and getting the driver to deliver the f@#king thing.

    Note: You know how they give out A’s for effort in some competitions? Purolator would be the only F@#k who got an F On That section.
    I know this is rude and somewhat crude but look, They suck at what they do.They cant even accept accountability and expect you to pick up their share of the work so why do they even exist?

  5. My Wii U game pad broke so I shipped it to Nintendo to be fixed. Low and behold it ends up being delivered…. to the wrong address in the wrong city to the wrong person even though all the info on the shipping label is correct. I have talked with Nintendo and they said if they can’t retrieve the package from purolator in the next few days that they will just replace the game pad for free and go after purolator for the money. Thank you Nintendo and a huge go fu(k yourselves purolator.

  6. I waited two full days at home this week for my delivery from these inconsiderate jerks! I am a contractor and could have been working myself those days. At the end of the second wasted day, that I had spent tethered to my living room in case I should miss them, I checked my two tracking numbers for the “fiftieth times” to find that they said I missed delivery for one and the other was still in transit. There is NO WAY this could have happened! My interior front door was open, and I can hear when someone enters my porch because it is only five feet away! Don’t waste your time waiting for Purolator,because, they are, obviously, NOT COMING! Use a REAL courier next time!

  7. Unbelievably horrible service from Purolator Courier.

    Last week my satellite receiver bit the dust so I call Shaw Direct and ask for a new one to sent out. They tell me that they have to send by Purolator since Canada Post is a problem right now. Fine whatever.

    Shaw tells me it should only be a day or two for delivery since I’m about an hour away from their Mississauga warehouse. That was 7 f@#king days ago.

    I called Shaw today and they asked me to give Purolator a call. I do and the woman I spoke to, after waiting on hold for nearly an hour tells me that Shaw hasn’t sent them the package. I say well that’s not right. Shaw told me they had and Purolator should have it. She says Oh well then it’s probably stuck on a shrink wrapped pallet somewhere in our warehouse. You know we’re extremely busy right? WTF!! I asked if she could check for me to verify if they have the package and she rudely tells me “Uh No!” and hangs up. WTF!!!

    Never do business with this shoddy, rude company.

  8. My husband ordered medical supplies on MONDAY that Purolator was SUPPOSED to have delivered TUESDAY………of course they DID NOT arrive. Checked and found out that Purolator dropped the parcel off at Canada Post??? (a 2-hour return trip from our home) instead of dropping it off at the ‘confirmed drop off location’ which is about 10 minutes from here. WTF?? My husband is in quite a bit of pain and discomfort and now has to wait for Canada Post to deliver the parcel which MAY arrive by THURSDAY! Totally UNACCEPTABLE service (or rather, disservice). This is not way to run a business! Why did Purolator decide to drop it off at Canada Post rather than drive that extra hour to a much more convenient (for us, the customers) location?? OH…..tacking # is 330752553488. When I checked the Tracking option of Purolator, they said the parcel was picked up on MONDAY, June 6th at 14:53. The pick up point is approximately a 3-hour drive to our location and we are STILL waiting. Also, no mention was made on your tracking site of the fact that Purolator ‘dropped the parcel off at Canada Post. Is Purolator owned/operated by Canada Post? I am not at all impressed with your lack of service. I wouldn’t use Purolator to deliver the weather report!

  9. My parcel has been delivered today, and handled in a manner which has restored my faith in my regional driver, if not Purolator itself. Our local Purolator driver, a cool guy we know on sight, told me something which explains a lot about Purolator’s reputation: My parcel was loaded on his truck by mistake yesterday, because on odd days, his route goes the opposite direction. Purolator sometimes does that, and gives them impossible deadlines to match. They must mark them ‘deliver next day’ and continue until their route returns.

    This implies:

    -Their tracking is somewhat ignorant of this… It didn’t record any of yesterday’s wrong-direction stops, but did mark that my parcel went out, wasn’t delivered, then seemingly lost.

    -‘Deliver next day’ appears in tracking as the rage-inducing “attempted delivery”.

    -Wrong-direction parcels probably get tracked when they realize their truck’s not empty. So a misrouted parcel’s tracking gathers dust all day, until a backdated, fake-looking ‘attempted delivery’ appears.

    It gets worse. The warehouse’s ignorance of shipping days makes them a roulette wheel. If your driver’s route is a 5 day route, their odds of them picking the correct day could be very poor indeed.

    This creates a convincing illusion of your Purolator driver and your parcel breezing straight past without a care in the world, ignoring tracking all day until a fake, backdated ‘attempted delivery’ appears. With a tracking system like that, no wonder Purolator’s own drivers hate them.

    Not that some drivers don’t do that for real, too, but it’s hard to blame them for it: They’re going to get blamed for it whether they do so or not.

  10. I was watching the tracking on my parcel all day expecting it to arrive. They usually get here around 4-4:30 if they make it at all. 10 hours in transit, not a single tracking update. Reload, reload, reload.

    As 5pm closed in, I got ansy and asked Purolator to call me back with an ETA. Which is the best they can do; they can’t tell me if my driver has been doing anything within 5 hours of this place, but they can get him to call me. Theoretically.

    Not 5 minutes after I ask for a callback, tracking FINALLY updates — saying they attempted delivery at 2pm! Bullshit! I’ve been here all day. Not only did he not attempt delivery, he didn’t even bother to lie about it until I asked and he panicked. Nice.

  11. Waited in for Purolator delivery today. “Attempted” delivery notice card left. Driver did not knock/ring, just quickly left the failed delivery notice. Lazy sod. Well hopefully this idiot driver earns a low salary. And he probably wonders why he can’t make more money. Horrible company, horrible drivers. Oh, this is the second time this has happened this year. The last time, I caught the driver running to my door with the failed delivery slip, but with my package still in the truck. He didn’t want to even look for it. I insisted and five minutes later he located the package.

  12. pathetic service…………package was expected to be delivered 3 days ago,excuse after excuse.we missed connection…. road closures…. cant reach driver. Head office in USA no clue what is going on at Hawthorne road. No main office number to confirm if the package is ready for pick up. Offered to drive from Kanata myself to pick it up USA claims that it is not ready???? Been at depot for 4 days!!!!

  13. I just got a call from this company telling me they needed to send out a parcel to me but I ended up not being able to get to the phone so they left a message. They gave me a number to call back and I did but it says that number is not in service. I haven’t even ordered anything and I didn’t even know about this company. I think their full of crap and just try to scam people. I also think that with all you guys that haven’t had a parcel that arrived, I bet you the driver took it for himself.

  14. crummy service lazy puro driver just doesn’t want to make time for delivery 2nd time in 3 months driver makes excuse to not deliver!

  15. So today, no delivery was made.

    I had bad experiences with Purolator in the past like for 4 times either because they didn’t bother delivering it or by forcing me to bus and walk (I don’t have a car or bike) to a depot in the middle of nowheresville, despite having local Purolator-certified stores that can hold my package.

    Anyway, I wasn’t able to be there since I was in a different city, however, I had relatives at the shipping location. I was ordering a number of things and the package from Canada Post made it earlier in the day, but where did the package from Purolator go? Since I wasn’t there I thought that maybe my relatives were out or somewhere else at the time, but when I spoke to them, they said that they were home all day. Purolator didn’t deliver.

    The not-so-funny thing was that when I checked my tracking number it said “attempted delivery”. What a joke. Either all my relatives were lying or Purolator is lying. In addition, like what was said above, NO NOTICE was present. Welp, I guess if I hadn’t checked the tracking number I wouldn’t have noticed that the package wasn’t even delivered.

    This is the last straw. If I can choose a service, it will not be Purolator.

  16. I had similar experience in Milton. I will never use this company but some time if I order online then I have no choice. It is cheap company does not pay enough to delivery person, they actually want you to pick up package by yourself, the do not want to deliver to your door.
    I was home all day with my family and the delivery guy did not know I have camera, first attempt, he was saying there was not answer at the door, second attempt he said a lady received it and then returned it. I have no activity in my camera.
    This cheap company cannot be trusted.

  17. Terrible company! same thing happened to me said they tried to deliver at 3:42pm I was outside on my front lawn at that time so I know this is a lie. I cant believe that Purolator even considers itself a delivery company

  18. I agree with all the above comments. If you use Purolator, you better have an address which is staffed 24/7… and even then you’re going to have a high rate of “problems”.

    I live in a perfectly ordinary condo in a triplex, as does most of Montreal. I do a lot of online ordering. I am also between jobs, and injured, so I am rarely found outside.

    My condo building is about 10 minutes’ drive away from downtown. It is just off the intersection of two major roads. In short, it’s pretty damn near PERFECT for a courier – a sleepy, wide side street with lots of parking that’s easy to get to and not far from anywhere.

    I receive lots of packages. Canada Post. UPS. DHL. Fedex. I see the delivery workers so often, we’re almost on first-name terms. And nobody has a problem. EXCEPT Purolator. Who has a problem. EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

    I refuse to order from companies who use Purolator (you’ll see why below), but every so often I’ll have a situation where a company ships using this cursed courier, and then the dance begins.

    Let’s use today’s example, since it’s classic Purolator (I’m not kidding – this happens EVERY time, without fail. They should set themselves up as a “fail” company, because their failures are epic and consistent, whereas their courier service is not):

    1. I order something from a vendor (in this case, it’s a small package from Partselect.ca containing a spring for my washing machine).

    2. 10 days later I’m wondering what the heck is up with my parcel, since it’s not delivered yet. I log onto the Partselect.ca website. I enter my details and eventually retrieve the tracking number they used on the package.

    3. I see the tracking number is with Purolator and I curse. I go to Purolator’s website and attempt to track the package.

    4. Purolator’s online package tracking service is down for maintenance. Hm.

    5. 24 hours later, I try to track the package again. This time I’m lucky – their tracking service is working. And it says the item is “Delivered”. What the faaaaaa..?!

    6. I peer into the package trajectory and I see it was actually “delivered” in Toronto. To PartSelect. Which means that Purolator has returned it to sender. Fail number 1 – Purolator doesn’t know the difference between “delivered” and “returned to sender”. Pretty ominous for a courier.

    7. So now I try to find out WHY it was returned to the sender. And sure enough, I see that they “attempted delivery” at 1:10pm on May 7th. Except they didn’t. As I mentioned, I’m injured. I KNOW where I was that day, and it was at home. My doorbell is shockingly loud (it makes visitors jump) and I was about, oh, 5 feet away from it at 1:10pkm. I know this because I was sending emails at that time. And no doorbell was rung. The doorbell IS in functioning condition; in fact I had received 2 OTHER packages that same day – one from UPS and one from Canada Post.

    8. No notice, message or other trace of Purolator’s passing was ever left. Normally if you’re out, the courier company leaves one of those sticky message things on the door. All of the courier companies do this, and none of them have any trouble doing it – except Purolator. Appparently (and I’m not kidding) Purolator is alone in having a policy of NOT LEAVING NOTICES on apartment or condo buildings for “security reasons”. So unless you live in a single-storey house with a classic front door (and, I presume, a picket fence and 2 kids) they will leave absolutely NO way to let you know they were there. Apparently if you live in a condo you need a crystal ball.

    9. I have a phone, and it works. And it’s near me 24/7… and I MEAN that. And I put that number on the Partselect.ca ordering form, and I assume Partselect.ca put that on Purolator’s waybill. In fact I know they did, because I called Purolator to confirm it. And yet – no call was ever made to my phone. I called Rogers (the phone company) to confirm that. No call, zero, zip, nada.

    Let the significance of this sink in for a second. Purolator doesn’t ring the doorbell, doesn’t leave a sticker, doesn’t call… so how the heck am I supposed to know I have a package?!

    I ALSO happen to have my own webcam monitoring the front steps 24/7 (partly for this exact reason). I consult the video logs. I guess Purolator employs vampires and ghosts, because they sure aren’t visible on film. I guess there must be such a thing as vampire trucks too, because the vehicle never came up my street according to the film records.

    The FIRST time this happened, I thought it must be just a hugely unlucky glitch. It’s not. This exact same sequence of events has unfolded every single time Purolator’s been involved with a package delivery to my place. We’re up to 9 TIMES now. I keep count because every time this happens, I have to get the sender to refund my money and then I have to shop somewhere else. I’ve tried getting the sender to “resend the parcel”… all THAT does, is cause a repeat of the same sequence of events I just outlined.

    I am astounded that Purolator is still in business. They are not only – by far – the worst courier service in the world, they’re also my undisputed champions in giving the worst business experience of ANY kind. I have lived in many countries and used dozens of courier services for thousands of packages… and Purolator is far below even the very worst of these. I am genuinely puzzled as to how they manage to stay afloat. Businesses who use them need to double-check with their customer service – I guarantee they will find that using Purolator causes a massive hike in reships, customer complaints, and ultimately loss of business.

    Purolator isn’t a business service – it’s a business disease. Avoid!

  19. It just same as my situation here. They said helped me to make the redelivery, but they just did not redeliver it for me. I just stayed at home for three days. And during the first delivery time, i was also at home for 1 day to wait this, online just occur receiver unavailable. i just really mad at this !! but what can I do, they just did not redeliver it

  20. Just happened to me as well. No footsteps in snow, no tire tracks on driveway, status says attempted to deliver. I used online “chat” and they sent him a page to try again. A page? They have full two way communications to the truck for sending pickup info and getting back delivery status, and they send a page?

  21. Happened to me today in Montreal. I sat by the door since daybreak, as I knew to expect them. I saw the truck parked up the street, but no one attempted my delivery. No phone call. No footsteps in the snow, no notice on the door. Just a message online saying delivery was attempted. This company has issues as the online message was a blatant lie.

  22. Try working for them. It’s really a bad place to work. Their policies are a bunch of lies. They treat their employee like garbage. That’s why driver s do not care about the custoimer service. Ban them all together. They should not be in business!!!

  23. The Purolator driver made no effort to deliver my package. I’m not sure he even showed up. I waited all day only to find out I had to go pick it up. He said he was here but I know if he was he must have driven on by. The office just made stupid excuses. Worst delivery company I have ever experienced.

  24. I was home all day waiting for the Purolator’s delivery. At dusk went out and found a delivery notice. The same thing happened to my son. They agreed to reschedule without any argument. Obviously, delivery of notes is much more profitable than delivery of parcels. I think this company is running a scam.

  25. Same thing just happened to me. I was waiting for medical supplies. Because I desperately need them I sat at home all day Thursday waiting for them but they did not show up. I called on Friday and they said no one was home which was bull. There was no note left either. I complained that the depot was not near me and that I could not drive to pick it up. I am still waiting this morning for my urgent package. These are diabetic supplies that I cannot live without.

  26. I must have spent at least 2 weeks with customer service, being pushed from one place to the next as no one wanted to take responsibility for all the shipments I never received. I was even told to call the warehouse, call here, call there and figure it out for myself. I finally did some sleuth work on my own and found out this was common practise where I live,,,for the delivery person to take the day off and dump all the parcels at the depot in town. When you go to pick them up they are selling Telus products and there is a line up of about 10 people picking up for Purolator. They help the Telus customers in the Purolator line. I think the whole thing is a scam and Telus is in on it. What better way to bring business into the store. I was so frustrated and annoyed that a service is being paid for and they aren’t delivering. And once again it happened to me a few days ago. No delivery and a call for me to pick up my parcel. I live in a condo. They have to dial a code for me to let them in. Nothing on my call display and I was home. In the end…no one cares about what happened. No compensation was offered. I even have to demand they go pick-up my parcels and deliver them to me. Finding them was another story. They had record they were in one place but they had actually been sent back to the main warehouse. These non-deliveries happened at least 4 or 5 times over a period of the last few years. When I spoke to other people about this they never had delivery either. I wish someone could put this shameful practise to an end. Worst customer service I have ever experienced and they were the top management in customer service. What a joke. Now I am going to call the very large businesses who are using Purolator to let them know the story. I feel like taking this to the television stations. Use FedEx and UPS. They make numerous attempts when they legitimately are unable to deliver.

  27. i had no problems with these guys you just dont know how to use them properly if it is a house no signature requred if not use guarantee time for delivery for 10.30 am .

  28. Guys do not use this service to be honest they charge you too much and you will get nothing for that. recently i shipped one envelope to india so i called purolator they pick my envelope and said it will cost you 75$ and it will take 3 days to deliver. after 7 days i called my home to check that its deliver or not. guess what the envelope is not there. and i have got 123$ charge on my credit card already. so i called purolator again to check the status of my shipment, the lady i was taking on the other side was really rude. On the name of customer service they give you bu”$hit….please do not use this service please please…

  29. This happened to me today. I was in the living room by the front door, my door was open. I was expecting the package and knew it was out for delivery via the online tracking tool. Suddenly it updated saying attempted delivery recipient not available. No one attended my residence or my court. I would have seen the truck. I called in and they advised they will tell the driver to make a delivery today. This happened last time Purolator was used and I had to pick it up at the depot to get my package.

  30. They just automatically post the “delivery attempt” was made to keep their client list… just think how it would look if every “delivery attempt” was posted “delivery not on time” instead… would you use them to ship your product??? I’ve boughten over 300 items on ebay and only once was an actual delivery attempt made by Purolator where I had a door tag….

  31. Same here. Ordered Christmas presents from Body Shop and they use Purolator. Still don’t have them. Had to call Body Shop to see why. Purolator said they tried to deliver. 24 hr. concierge at my place. Delivery guy full of s#%t!

  32. Happened to me today.. definitely home all day, no problem with my hearing.. but mysteriously, missed an attempt at delivery. I will be suggesting to anyone needing courier service, to bypass Purolator.

  33. I have had similar experiences with Purolator. This last time I called and asked them why they didn’t attempt to deliver my package. They said it was for my safety. They couldn’t leave a notice on my door because anyone could steal the notice and could do something fraudulent with it. I questioned them as there telephone message says that you must bring photo id to pick up your parcel, so how can someone fraudulently take my things? To which they replied: I don’t commit fraud, how should I know. What stellar customer service. So now I take the trek 20km away to pick up my parcel the courier service (which has been payed to deliver not store my parcel) can’t deliver. Who ever heard of a courier service that can’t actually delivery parcels.

  34. Canada Post sometimes does this as well. I have had multiple times when I was expecting a package via Canada Post only to find there was no notice left at my door even though the tracking page says attempted delivery.

    I had to wait till the next day as the tracking page says item will be left at the local postal depot for pickup, but the only way I could get mt parcel is to make sure I bring the tracking number.

  35. I had the exact same thing happen to me today, and found this page by Googling Purolator to make sure I wasn’t just crazy. I was home all day and never heard a knock at the door, nor was a delivery notice left. I assume the driver skipped my house to save time, since I live on a rural road.

    I called customer service and they said they’ll make a delivery attempt tomorrow, so hopefully they go through with it this time. The depot is a 40 min drive from my house, which is outrageous… I live in Aurora and the facility is the same Vaughan facility your package was held at.

  36. Sorry to be crude but honestly, F*$# Purolator. I had the exact same thing happen to me as the above guys describe. I had heard bad things about Purolator and this was my first time experiencing the sloppy, disdainful attitude they have to customers/recipients of packages.

    If there was justice in the world, all the vendors/merchants working with Purolator would tell them to basically take a hike. I can’t understand why they would continue to work with them, unless their prices are really good.

    If the god damn delivery driver can’t even wait the 30 second for someone to come to the door, at least stick a delivery notice on the door so the person knows it arrived. Some people, especially older seniors who are not so tech savy, may not have thought of getting the tracking number and plugging it into Purolator’s website to check the status. Wanna know why he didn’t leave a delivery notice? Because he never came by! He forged it all and corporate likely supports this or turns a blind eye to it.
    Think about that: a delivery driver not performing the basic thrust of their job – leaving a notice. THis is akin to a bus driver just driving by stops when people ring the bell.

    If any of you are interested and this forum builds momentum, I can find you the name and contact info a CSR who was scoping out internet forums where people were complaining about Purolator! He left his contact info and tried to prop up Purolator’s image. What a third world courier service.

    Well, I better head out now to Hawthorne Rd. Shipping Depot in Ottawa if I want to get there by tomorrow.

    p.s. I honestly don’t believe they don’t know which driver is doing which route. That is why I think corporate encourages their drivers’ negligent behaviour.

  37. They did the same thing for me today! Waiting for my package since the webpage said @ 9:43am that it was on its way. So i stayed home. @ 11:25Am i check my tracking #, Shows @ 11:23am 2 minutes earlier they tried to deliver it but no one was home! Bull crap! I was sitting in the living room and my big door is open, Only the screen door was closed! Nothing on my door knob that they attempted to deliver it! Very dishonest of them! the driver is full of crap! He even put that he left a notice on my door! Nothing there obviously

  38. I did not know about this and Purolator sent my parcel back! I really think its incredibly dishonest of them to say they made a delivery attempt when they clearly didn’t. I would like to know what my options are.

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