Free $1000 Walmart and Best Buy Gift Card Scam

There are multiple advertisements in the Internet like “Get a Free $1000 Best Buy Gift Card“. Beware! It’s a fraud! In fact these scammers will suck more than $1000 out of you, and what is even more important – you may experience what identity lost is, and will receive just a piece of plastic instead of promised gift card.

The simple reason why it can’t be true is “It is extremely good to be true“. This single reason should turn you away from this scam right at the moment you see it. Let’s see how they work.

Here is an example of such an advertisement in the Internet at

Free 1000 Best Buy Gift Card Ad

Looks great, right?

What you see here is:

  • “Enter your E-mail Address”
  • “Participation Required. Click for Details” – it is almost invisible comparing to the main offer

So many people may think that if it is even a scam, they can only steal your e-mail address and ask to fill some survey. So, you provide “e-mail for spam” address.

But let’s scroll down a bit:

Free 1000 Best Buy Gift Card Ad Details

Are you able to read anything here?… It tells:

By entering your email and continuing, you certify that you are a US resident over the age of 18 and that you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. You agree to receive promotional emails and special offers from trusted 3rd parties. is an independent rewards program and not associated with any of the above listed merchants or is solely responsible for all reward fulfillment. In order to receive your reward you must: (1) Meet the eligibility requirements (2) complete the survey (3) complete a total of 10 Reward Offers as stated in the Terms & Conditions (4) not cancel your participation in more than a total of 2 Reward Offers within 30 days of any Reward Offer Sign-Up Date as outlined in the Terms & Conditions (the Cancellation Limit) and (5) follow the redemption instructions.

Even from here we may see that it will be a lot of spam to your e-mail address, home, address, phones from “trusted 3rd parties”.

Let’s read Terms and Conditions at

  • “ is solely responsible…”: But who is Who people should contact in case of problems?
  • “This offer is available to US residents only”: What the heck it is being advertised in Canada?! By the way, there are exceptions for US residents also
  • “you must complete all of the steps outlined herein”: This makes more sense now
  • “acquire two sponsor action points from the Top Offers Group”: this (and two items below) may cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, because you will have to use their services or products
  • “two offers from the Prime Offers Group”
  • “and 9 offers from the Premium Offers Group”: total 13 offers. It will take hours of your time
  • refer three friends to do the same“: it is a must, otherwise no “Free” $1000 Gift Card
  • Multiple mentioning of  “… will result in the cancellation of your membership” if you do something not like they want. I.e. you will spend hours of your time, share your valuable personal information, and waste a lot of money on their offers, but they will still cancel you membership and won’t send you gift card.
  • “In cases of a financial offer such as a credit card, the card must be activated by making a purchase”: Every credit card application drops down your credit score. If you are going to apply for a mortgage or another big credit, it may cost you tens of thousand dollars, or even more.
  • “the user must remain a card holder for at least 60 days”: In any case you won’t see your “Free” Best Buy Gift Card earlier than in 2-3 months, most likely never…
  • “For paid retail offers you must accept the item/service and pay in full“: You can not return it or even re-sell. If they think that you are going to re-sell it, they will cancel your membership
  • Additional terms and conditions may apply to participation in select marketing offers”: it could be $1450 bi-weekly fee for something
  • “require individuals to provide documentation demonstrating they have completed the advertiser requirements”

The very important item:

  • “You have up to ninety days from the original date of your membership registration to complete the membership incentive program and redeem your incentive gift“… “Once we have received your verification, your gift will be sent within thirty days“.

It basically says that the promised $1000 gift card can NEVER be used at Best Buy or Walmart even if you complete all the required offers. It takes over two-three months to complete advertiser’s requirements, then you have to prove it. But you also have to redeem the gift card which they sent within 30 days, so we already have at least 90 days… Even it they send, the gift card will be already canceled, because 90 days passed…


Forgot to add that it’s not easy to leave that page because of the multiple pop-up advertisements like this one:

Free 1000 Best Buy Gift Card Ad - Pop Up

Do not fall into “5 min internet survey”! Terms and condition are still valid! These scammers must be prosecuted at least for deceptive advertisement, but actually for fraud.

After closing this one, other ads coming up, like “Get Your Apple iPad® 2”, “Apple iPad® 2 Reserved Exclusively For You!”, etc…


Brand Giveaway Center

This one is another website:

It offers “FREE $1000 Gift Card of your choice” to the following locations:

JCPenney, Sears, Toys “R” Us, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Target

Beware of this as well! Terms and conditions make it absolutely impossible to receive “Free $1000 Gift Card”


71 thoughts on “Free $1000 Walmart and Best Buy Gift Card Scam”

  1. I got a text on my cellphone saying I am a winner #59339 for a Best Buy 1,000 dollar Holiday Gift Card. To enter the code 425 at the website of
    Well, I have not done anything with it. It came from the phone # 325-261-9305. I know its a scam simply because I never win anything, especially that much. I deleted the text. What irritates me is these other countries that apparently think us American’s are idiots and fall for this stuff. My nephew fell for a online site that has a name of USA loans. He filled out the info. and he had to go to wire supposidly the tax amount for the loan he wanted and he would have the money in his bank account. HA, well they ripped him off. They took his 350 dollars and never gave him a loan. Then they had the nerve to call him threatening that if he didn’t pay a payment by wire they were going to come to his house. He contacted the FBI, Police and whoever else he could about it. He never even got the money and they were calling him threatening they needed his first payment up front. Unbeleivable…. I made him change all of his information and bank account immediately. I so hate scammers….

  2. I got the silly text message and went to the website because I had previously entered a legit contest so I thought there might be a connection. I entered my e-mail and hit the continue button. When I saw the address and all that information, I instantly looked for some kind of statement that ensured that this information would not be abused. And I saw in the fine text, that the website wasn’t involved with the associated merchants. Obviously if they’re not involved with BestBuy you can’t get a BestBuy gift card. I exited the site, and will not further waste my time with future texts like these. I’ve gotten them before but didn’t give them the light of day; I don’t know why I even wasted my time with this one.

  3. I got a text message today, saying that I won a $1000 gift card and to go to a website to claim it. Of course, I went on the website and started filling out the form. Then, when I came to the submit button, which was suppose to have them send out the gift card to me via FedE; I froze. A part of me blurted out that this is too good to be true and that I should be careful. Thus, I started researching this Gift Card thing. I went to Yahoo and typed in “best buy rewards + 1000 gift card + scam” and found this website. I, immediately, started going backwards on the Gift Card pages and deleting my information. I hope that nothing will happen since I haven’t hit the “submit” button yet.
    In a world, where the economy is bad and people are struggling to make it through. There are evil people like these who will try to rip off other people’s money. I pray that these people get the punishment that they deserve. Amen.

  4. Omg . I just did this and they called me and I participated . Didn’t give them any credit card numbers though ‘cus they didn’t ask and wouldn’t have given it to them anyways . Can someone please tell me what will or might happen next ? I’m so scared , i don’t want to get scammed .

  5. Believem, The truth about these calls is tracking and some are even people looking for someone or looking to keep track of someone. Also look around your home to see what is missing. Is your car breaking down? Were you rearened? Ever time I start getting these call/texts, something happens.

  6. I am responding about this lousy website: I got the referral in a text message on my phone, sent from this cell phone based in the Pittsburgh area: (412) 680-4562. It was offering a “FREE $1,000 Best Buy gift card, and I foolishly fell for it, without checking to see if it was legit. Questions: 1) What should I do now? 2) What can I expect next? (All I’ve given is address & phones.) HELP!!! I’d like to help others avoid this too.

  7. Got a text earlier this morning, and being tired … not thinking clearly … I responded fo the “FREE $1,000 gift card offer,” before checking if it was legit. [Text came from this number: (412) 680-4562 (Pittsburgh area.] The my question is: WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW???? What will happen since I sent my address & phone numbers? I’ve paid no money and won’t. SUGGESTIONS???

  8. just recieved a text message stating, “Your entry last month WON! Go to http:/ and enter your winning code:”6655” to claim your FREE $1,000 BestBuy Giftcard! The phone number is (917) 664-4335 I automatically deleted this off my phone! You should too! Too good to be true!

  9. Ha ha… I started just putting random numbers in the winning code box and I still win every time! What a scam.

  10. I just spent the whole night trying to look into the $1000. giftcard scam. I have FMS, so I don’t sleep much. Anyway, i got a message on my phone with the incredable luck that i had just won a $1000~gift card …that was late Sunday, around 11 pm 4.29.12. Because it was not an email, I called the #: 1 310 962 3901. not a surprise, the # had not set up an ansewring service. This phone is new, but so is my #. Then
    about 4:20am, my old phone rang, it also had the same message. same address to go to and the same winning code to put in, but this came from a different ph.#: 1 310 890 4579…with the same message, hadn’t been set up yet, not a surprise. I did some research and it goes to a site called, ConsumerRewards, site, wanting personal info. Knowing I’m not lucky, and surely not that lucky to win on both phones within 12 hours…I did get in touch with Bestbuy and asked if they had known about it? The young man said they were aware and they were in the process of investigating it, and to avoid it, and warn others that it is being looked into, but very hard to track it down because they continue to move and change numbers. It did come up with a Java Script Alert, but no other info could I retrieve from my annoyance of having it come up on my old and my new phone.
    I have only had the 2nd # less than a month and can’t figure the connection, except fb and maybe a friends info. I am quite sure they have many ways…but i know that Bestbuy is ‘closing’ very many of it’s stores and “laying off” alot of people across thecountry…could be some very unhappy emplyees, check it out on the web. well my friends, you are not alone, just be very carefull…and as they say, “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is !!” PEACE !! B~AWARE… Suzie

  11. while i realize that these messages are not originating from the actual retailers, anyone who receives one should immediately stop doing business with the retailer. the retailers are the only ones with the resources to go after these scammers, but they will not do so until it affects their bottom line. an individual such as myself is powerless to stop these messages. i receive them regularly at 5:00 a.m. waking me up, and i follow all of the correct complaint procedures, and still they keep coming at a cost to me of $.25 each. these people can be caught and prosecuted, but they will not be until one of these corporations decide to spend some money to catch the callers. Walmart and BestBuy have both lost me as a customer!

  12. i received the same message wed. 4/25 from phone #804-867-7894. does anyone know if Best Buy is trying to find the scum bags doing this?

  13. I think it is good idea to post their newest # on a blog, or somewhere on the web as general rule of thumb(as I have just done). Helps call attention to them and others who google their number will see quickly it’s a scam. Saved me once before from being easy target. Thanks Trueler for the forum to oust these trolls! Remember noobs if unsure about offer, google it, so easy a cave man could do it :o)

  14. Was just contacted with free gift card offer. Obviously SCAM! Don’t trust this number wanted it on the web. F-in parasites. 347-855-7446

  15. Just got the same info as all of you.
    Came in on my cell from 347-450-9437 here in Canada.
    Started to input some info and seemed like BS, so I Read this site before sending anything.
    Hate to wish ill of anybody…but just this once..I hope they get eye cancer.

  16. I had to join other sites. Columbia DVD. You cannot cancel membership unless you pay around $70 for DVD.
    This is fraud.

  17. i just received this message on my T-mobile phone, as a text message, that i had been randomly selected, and could claim my prize, i filled out the reply form with a mailing address, i also filled out a very short survey,, i was given a verification claim # through my phone, i do not knoe if this will actually be a good card or not.. but since i wasn’t solicited for cash , i assume the fact that i willbe put on some sort of mailing list ,, probably a lot of them,, so that’s my xperience so far….

  18. Hi,

    I have been doing freebies since 2006, and the company behind has paid me for years. They sent me a $1,000.00 Wells Fargo Visa gift card to replace the Wal-Mart card I registered for. And, since I also qualified for the $250.00 bonus offer, they rewarded me with a $250.00 check!

    Taken from my blog:

    A proof pic of my $1,000.00 Wells Fargo Visa can be found here:

    A proof pic of my $250.00 bonus can be found here:

    I don’t work for this company, or ANY DIY company for that matter. I am just a freebie enthusiast who blogs about the freebie/lead generation industry. My goal is to safeguard people from scams, and lead them to legitimate networks.

    There was a company I pursued that cheated me out of $4,600.00 3 years ago (Active Response Group), so you MUST be careful. But not every site out there is a scam, you must fully research the company at work. I am willing to help anyone with questions about their gifts, or these companies. My e-mail:



  19. Never mind the expiry hook, the biggest hook is the fact you have to get others to sign up. Most people won’t since they know its a scam. Meanwhile you still have given them all your personal information.

    @Sue: Make sure you spelled the website name correctly. Scammers love to use website names close to legit ones to catch people who accidentally make a spelling mistake in the website name.

  20. Hi I actually signed up for a survey off of an authentic Walmart receipt straight from the store. About two weeks later I got an email that said that I had won a 1000 dollar gift certificate, but I was also getting these popups that were not associated with the survey company I took the authentic survey from. I am afraid to reply back to anything but I am afraid maybe I won the legitimate survey gift! It’s most frustrating because I REALLY could use the money. Anybody know which are legit and which are not?

  21. I just received an email from this company… I didn’t think it was a scam, because I sometimes get texts from Best Buy on deals and cell phone stuff… I entered all of my information in… then, about 1/2 way through, I put my number in the Do Not Call Registry. I just hope that they don’t get my bank information by that info. :-\

  22. Actually been tracking these guys. The are hosted by Have just reported them and asking them to shut them done. I was successful about 4 weeks ago and I just tracked them to this…

  23. I put in my email, hit “continue” . . . but then did not put in anything else. Is anything going to happen if this is as far as I got?


  24. I started filling it out. It was late in the day and I was tired and stupid. Fortunately I had the sense to get online and check them out before submitting my info. SCAMMERS! What a shame they are somehow able to sneak BestBuy’s name in there and make themselves appear to be legit. I just filled out a customer satisfaction survey from BestBuy, so I thought they were thanking me for my participation. Thanks to everyone for the info.

  25. yea just got one of these scam messages through my was around 8 am (too early for a best buy to be open) so it couldn’t have been through an actual best buy etc,etc… definitely beware

  26. My wife and I got the text message today from a different number…(347)-541-6579. Area code (347) is in New York City and seems to be a common source of scams…when I Googled “area code 347” I got a drop down with “area code 347 scams” as an option…

  27. Hi Mystasia,

    There are a lot of scam going on in the Internet. It’s pretty easy to create a website and promise free stuff or huge discounts these days.


  28. If that is a spam then How smart are you? Then where is the real stuff then? They should not be able to put this stuff on the enternet…

  29. Just got this on my phone as a text with a link, a bot must have picked up my phone number off of craigslist or something…so they can hit you there too. Fortunately, its easy enough to close a browser window without popups on an iphone. Block this number (347)470-4868.

  30. Caveat Emptor!If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. I got the $1,000 Wal Mart card scam notice this AM and ignored it. These parasites are as annoying as the Nigerian vermin looking to give you $5,000,000 to invest for them. Most of the scams originate in Canada, UK and E. Europe. I send all involved in these scams my finest 1 fingered salute.

  31. I got a tex today saying i won a 1000 dollar gift card for best buy tried to do it and got lost in surveys and hit a end and it stoped where my 1000 bucks is it a scam or what here the number i looked it up based out of ny 3478578434 any clues lol

  32. Yeah, I got text messages saying I am being charged 9.95 a month as well. It just does not make any sense at all. It really ruined my day.

  33. I recieved a text saying I have been randomely selected for a 1,000 dollar best buy gift card… Hahaha I’m not that stupid.Always do your homework before you give out any personal info to ANYONE!!!!

  34. this promotion poped up when i went to best buy website, so they must of found a new way to push there scam out to make it appear as if it is affiliated with the retailer, they have you fill info as to where to send gift card, and requires cell phone number, i then get text on my phone saying i am being charged 9.95/mo for some BS info alerts. what a total scam!

  35. I realized by participating in these so called surveys, I give out too much personal infos,wasted my valuable time redandancy & annoys me to no end because they insist in selling you something I’m not interested & ends up without good results.

  36. There are some surveys that are real- I have won many small prizes from them.
    But nothing like a $1,000 gc for anywhere.
    I have won $100 a few times from product surveys.

    Some surveys I get by email they will give you $1 or $2 sometimes too or a free product coupon.
    I have won tons of small contests and used to enter 50+ per day and usually won something small weekly.
    Now that I have not bothered lately…no winnings now!

  37. WTF? this didn’t even show up as an actual email but a notification within my mail account. Not impressed.

  38. @Joe:

    Yes, they are scams. According to their “terms and conditions” it is absolutely impossible to get free $1000 gift card.


  39. Trueler’s note: WARNING!
    seems like this comment came from person associated with – another site offering “Free $1000 Gift Cards”

    Original comment:

    These ARENT scams!!!.If you know what you are doing,you will recieve your $1000 gift card.I completed all the requirements (free trials, spent aprox.$20),got product to use in which some I got to keep.And low and behold,in less than 6 weeks I received my $1000 gift card that I used at walmart.I recommend anyone to do it.It really IS legit

  40. I didn’t know that this was a scam, I put in my information, stupidly and now they’re “sending” me gifts in the mail. I received a call today and the man told me that I would be receiving magazines and a Walmart gift card…..I hope I don’t get charged…I am worried…anyone know how I can cancel this :(

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