Complaint on Oral-B Toothbrush from XSV 360 and DealTicker

Trueler has recently received a complaint from one of the DealTicker customers regarding deal from XSV 360 happened in early November:

$34 for 12 Original Oral-B Precision Clean Toothbrush Heads (Taxes & Shipping Included) from XSV 360 ($99.99 Value)

The complaint is:

Beware of scams from XSV 360 and Dealticker

I purchased what was advertised as Oral B brushes – 12 for $34 inclusive of shipping and taxes – from Dealticker. Dealticker “deal” was supposedly to submit a “Voucher” on XSV 360 website. According to XSV 360, the voucher or coupon holder was to please “allow 24-28 hours after a deal has ended” before trying to redeem a coupon, and to “allow 7 days for delivery“. After almost 2 weeks, the status of my shipping was still showing “processing”, and half a dozen e-mails to XSV 360 and to Dealticker were all unanswered. Upon contacting Dealticker, they assured me that “Henry is such a great guy, Sir this is not a scam” but refused to refund my money because “it has already shipped”. I had to contact my credit card company and explain. But Dealticker wouldn’t budge, their representative would say that they would call back – but never really do so. I had to contact the fraud department of the credit card company. At this stage, I started investigating this person named “Henry” who sent me some vague replies at the behest of Dealticker. He would not say when the goods would be shipped, he would not reply why there was a delay, why no one replied to messages sent to XSV360, why the contact phone number for XSV360 was always busy and never reachable. Ultimately, it took me several days or relentless calling to Dealticker to get a refund, and even then Dealticker first agreed to a refund the credit card in about 25 days (why so long?), then received an e-mail from Henry from XSV360 and suddenly reversed their decision to credit me. The next day, XSV360 web site had completely changed, and my login credentials which I had used to order the item would no longer work! Later I learned that the brushes being sold as “Oral B Precision” were really “fits Oral B” but not original Oral B at all. This is really misleading – please read the fine print and NEVER deal with Dealticker or XSV360.

30 days of DealTicker promise almost gone for this deal… If anyone has problems with this deal, act fast and insist on your rights if you want your money back! Seems like DealTicker and XSV 360 were killing time during this month…

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  1. I give advice to complain to the police departement of your city to stop thos business. Is name is HENRY BADAAN.

    is contact is: 613 422 2752
    or : 613 769 8296

  2. I too was left hanging by XSV 360 on the Oral Heads. After 3 e-mails went unheeded and no product I finally disputed the charge on my credit card to the card co.who in turn gave me instant credit for the full amount.. Not sure what they did but never heard another word and still have the funds. This all started out in December 2011.

  3. I ordered the Oral B toothbrushes too and got them okay, but they are definately fake, just like previous comments, they last about 2 weeks and fall off and pinch your gums. I complained to the Oral B company who had me send them to them, I just got a letter from Proctor Gamble to say that they are counterfeit and they have their fraud team investigating them. I wouldn’t order anything from this company!

  4. Hi, I got scammed by the toothbrush offer, too. I just wanted to comment that I sent a complaint to DealTicker yesterday, nearly a year after purchasing the offer, and they appologized the very next day and processed the refund immediately. It sounds like they are now well-aware of XSV 360’s shady practices.

  5. Another victim of the fake Oral-B heads. I almost choked on one of the rotating tips that came off in my mouth while brushing. Threw the rest away and wrote it off as a Buyer Beware lesson. I will never use dealticker again and will happily warn anyone and everyone against them.

  6. I too am a victim of the Deal Ticker scam for the Oral B toothbrush heads. I had tried numerous times late last year and early this year to get things sorted out between both parties (Deal Ticker and XSV 360)with no result. I just received a notice e-mail from Deal Ticker today that my coupon will expire next month. Thank-you so much DT- will get right on that…

  7. I think I am also a victim of DealTicker scam. I bought 2 rings 14k white gold. Its now 10 weeks since the deal closed and had sent them 3 emails to inquire, and I have not receive any response at all. The Supplier had no info, but the Deal states that there’s no need to redeem,as hte product will be sent to the address I provided on the checkout . There should be a way to get back a refund, but if
    DealTicker will refuse to answer then I don’t know what else to do.

  8. Me and ron receveur were discussing something like this the other day. It’s just sad how even the humble toothbrush can be involved in scams these days. Buyers beware.

  9. here’s a fact. xsv360 buys defective cheap products from china that no other vendor in the world would accept to buy/sell them. He uses the dealfind, wagjag etc… to sell his products.
    I bought a 32GB SD card which was defective for 29$. I was in china, and they will be happy to sell you a defective 32GB memory card for maybe 1$ instead of recycling it or throwing it away. In other words, xsv360 sold 6,237 memory cards for 30$ each. that’s like a 28$ profit per card. They literally made $174,636 from selling products that should be in the garbage bin instead.
    PS: xsv360 website does not exist anymore. Phone number is invalid as well… surprise surprise!!!

  10. Henry Badaan owns several websites and is known for this kind of behaviour. The numbers are VOIP numbers and not connected to Bell:

    I would strongly recommend calling the Ottawa police to report it. Their phone number is 613-236-1222. They will likely dispatch a squad car to talk to Henry if 2 or 3 people file complaints against the same person. If complaints persist, they may file charges.

    The office is indeed at Canotek Road, though they have changed their sign to read, last time I drove by. It’s them, though.

  11. This is a very shady site, every time you post a question regarding any product for sale that they think might affect their sales they delete it or even block your IP address from going into their site, what a scam, people should have the right to express their opinions and share with other buyers. I asked a simple question about the size of some earrings for sale, it took them 5 days to answer the question and when I complained about the delay before the answer was given they kept deleting my comments. All I know is that I will never buy from them again, if they can’t handle a very simple question them why do they even have a forum, just very annoyed about the whole thing, also, many products are not legit or as described from what i have been reading around. What poor customer service and total disregard for the consumer. Shame on you dealticker. Company’s should not give their business to this site, there are many other sites that handle questions and consumer concerns without deleting them, how ignorant and total unacceptable way to handle a business, any consumer should be treated with respect, the word spreads dealticker and people will realize what a bad shady and SCAM of a company you are.

  12. Horrible experience with these brushes. Even when they come, they are packaged EXACTLY like the Oral B packaging and also says Oral B, I wouldnt’ be able to tell the difference if I were given the two side by side. We started using them, and the first one, the brush popped off the head, the second one, started doing the same thing – the ones from this company literally last… maybe 2 weeks, usually what happens is the brush loosens slowly from the head, creating a gap, which seriously kills b/c it clips your mouth!! Also, after brushing your teeth with them, you can still feel the plaque in your mouth, it’s disgusting –

  13. I also purchased a voucher for the brushheads back in November from DealTicker. When I went on the website for XSV360 to receive in about February the item was not listed. I emailed DealTicker with my complaint and I received a response within a few days about two options, to wait for a back order or receive a refund. I replied to opt for a refund and received one from DealTicker within 10 days. I actually found the customer service process to be pretty easy.
    Don’t waste your time with the company, deal directly with DealTicker.
    Sorry that so many people had a crappy experience. I guess this forum is supposed to be for complaints but I guess I wanted ppl to know that they can get through

  14. I ordered the Oral B for full price $112.99 in December and cancelled the order have not received a refund. I wonder if we can all join and file a suit these kind of cheats should not be allowed to continue to fleece customers.

  15. Hi Lisa,

    Good credit card companies take such cases seriously and provide reimbursement at least.


  16. My husband ordered the razors and the first time he tried one, it fell apart and almost cut him! They are so fake and dangerous! NO responses yet to our complaints to both xsb360 or Dealticker… what steps did you all take to get your money back?? I’m sure the company will say we are past the 15 day limit… but I am so mad!! I hate that people keep doing this and get away with it :(
    Do credit cards reimburse for things like this?

  17. Bought two voucher for oral b toothbrush though swarmjam. I got the same run around no answer on my emails and automated answering machine. I finally got swarmjam involve to contact the company three times on my behalf. I finally asked swarmjam for a refund and was not an issue it only took me three days for it to go on my credit card. Very grateful I got my money back quick.

  18. The other part about this company, is that just last week I received a 32gb memory card … when I ordered the razors. So they clearly sent me someone else’s order. Their mistake not mine. I am not paying to have it shipped back to them.

  19. Update on my situation: 1.5 weeks and still no response from XSV360 nor has Henry gone in 6 business days to pick up the returned item I sent via COD at his request. I am now out of both the money for the product and the shipment. I have submitted a claim for the BBB as well…I suggest everyone do so and hopefully this company gets shutdown.

  20. Thank you for deleting my post yesterday, greatly appreciated.

    Can anyone please provide me Support Phone number for XSV360 based off in USA, i cant reach them in CANADA.



  21. Me tooadd me to the scam list. Ordered their Android Tablet, and received s defact piece, send them 2 e-mail and have no reply from them, tell me how to fill a complint to better business bureau… any one can help me pls,.

  22. You can add me to the scam list. Ordered their 32 GB memory card on Dec. 2, and still have not received it. Will bad mouth them to anyone I can. Am also filing a complaint with the better business bureau. Maybe we can get them shut down.

  23. It matters none what one seems to be purchasing from XSV360. I submitted an order through Swarm Jam Nov 24,2011 and as of Jan 24,2012 not received a refund or the items, only lip service. I encourage anyone dealing with XSV360 and paying with credit cards not to delay, contact your cc company. The excuse Swarm Jam gave “recently, beginning of Dec, went through a period of growth and have had a few growing pains”and if Swarm Jam can offer excuses like this they are likely not much better. Keep up the posts, there lots of places to advertise how these sites operate.

  24. P.S. to my previous post: I have sent in a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. I am not the first to do so on this company.

  25. I have the same problem with the toothbrush heads I ordered through a WagJag. Two vouchers which I redeemed (supposedly) on December 1, 2011 and I still have not received anything. I have sent two emails and a third one today. I have called twice only to get a message telling me to send an email…sheesh. And I have sent an email to Wagjag looking for some help…I’d like my money back as well!

  26. After 2 full months of trying to get a refund from Dealticker and any kind of response from Henry I am STILL trying to get an address to return the products to XSV360 as they came out of original packaging. I purchased the Gillette razors as well…and a few of mine even come of of the plastic cartridge causing me to cut my hand when I went to retrieve the product from the packaging. How is this company still around?
    I think Dealticker should also be held liable for dealing with this sort of company and allow false ads/sales on their website.

  27. @Lex: I thought those were not supposed to be in Oral-b packaging, because they are just “Oral-B compatible”, whatever it is… Seems like you’ve been chosen by XSV360 for promotional purposes ;)


  28. I ordered the coupon for the Oral-b toothbrush heads through ‘everybody buys’ I think. I used the coupon on the XSV 360 site and received the toothbrush heads within 7 days. They were in Oral-b packaging and are exactly the same as the ones I buy from shoppers. It was definitly NOT a scam for me.

  29. I purchased HCG drops from XSV 360 in November and got them pretty quick but… they also were supposed to include a bunch of books on hcg diet which they didn’t do… and in the meantime they updated their website and i could no longer check the status of my shipment on my account!!! i called their number and they tell you to e-mail them, but I tried e-mailing since Nov 28, 2011 and no success!!!! this website is a total scam, do NOT buy anything from them!

  30. Looks like they are up to scams again!
    XSV 360 seems to have changed its name to Widget Love
    The brushes they used to sell earlier were branded “original” Oral B i.e. the advertisement did not say that they were fakes or compatibles, but when a friend showed it the packaging to me, you could see that the packaging did not match the original Oral B brush-heads available for e.g. in Wal Mart. The print quality is poor, and the different colours of prints don’t line up on top of each other (so there is a smear).

    Please note that these brush-heads are very poor quality – you’re lucky if they last past the first few days!

  31. I too was scammed by DealTicker and xsv360 on a deal for so called Gilette Mach3 razor blades. They turned out to be fakes. After waiting for a month for it, I received a box of razors that were so dull they felt like they had been used for three weeks. Upon more careful inspection I realized they did not have the serial number that authentic cartridges from Gilette has. Is it too late for me to do something about it? Buyers beware of xsv360, it appears to be a company that runs shady deals through social buy sites.

  32. I ordered a compact makeup mirror through Buy2 back on November 14th 2011 and have yet to receive it. Henry has asked me for my shipping address in three separate emails. According to Henry, my order was sent and got lost in the mail. He said he would ship another makeup mirror at no charge. I have asked him to send me the tracking number for the shipment so I can follow up. He ignores my request and asks me for my shipping address once again. I have tried calling the toll free number for xsv360 but it is always busy. Very frustrating.

  33. I think that I have been scammed as well by xsv360. Same story: many requests to the support number, false promises that the item has shipped.

    I have now requested WagJag to refund my money. I’ll find out if they give the slightest bit of consideration for their reputation.


  34. I ordered a silicone bra from xsv360 through wagjag 3 months ago and I still have not received it. I sent an email to xsv360 and got no reply. I sent another email and got a brief message that it should arrive soon. That was two months ago. I then sent an email to wagjag and got no reply so I just sent another one as to what I should do. I paid for a product three months ago that I have yet to receive. I won’t buy another “deal” on any of these coupon or voucher websites again until this gets sorted out.

  35. @Michie: Inform “everybodybuys” and XSV 360 via e-mail or contact form (if they have any) that you are going to do credit card charge back. If no reply within 3 days – call to your credit card company and ask for charge backs because you never received your item and do not get responses from them.


  36. I obtained “everybodybuys”‘s voucher of Oral-B Precision Clean Toothbrush Head (12 heads) from XSV360 on Nov. 10, 2011 for $5.00.
    Nov. 16, 2011 redeemed “everybodybuys”‘s voucher at XSV360 website by paying $25.00 to XSV360.
    Purchase confirmation as “Order ID: 11927” was sent from XSV360 by e-mail stating:
    “Thank you for your interest in XSV360 products. Your order has been received and will be processed once payment has been confirmed.”
    My VISA account was charged $25.00 on November 21, 2011 by XSV360.
    Up to December 21, 2011 nothing was delivered to my home.
    By contacting “everybodybuys”, I obtained the direct phone number to the owner of XSV360 since none of the information of their website does not worked (no response to e-mail inquiry, no anser by phone # listed).
    However and again the given phone number by “everybodybuys” did not produce any results to connect to XSV360.
    “everybodybuys” refused to accept any responsibility in this voucher/order with XSV360.

    What to do?

  37. I too have ordered the Android Tablet, but through a deal I found on Plum District. I have sent numerous emails and tried calling with no reply. My status on the xsv360 website says its still processing. Any suggestions on what I should do at this point?

  38. On Dealfind Oral B had a rep post that they wanted proof of where the toothbrush heads were purchased and I saw that message.
    Went to restart my computer and by the time I was online again the post had been deleted.

    They even deleted my comment of my asking for the email and why the post was deleted (lol, surprize).
    And shortly after this I noticed the title for the “oral b” brush heads changed to “compatible”.

    Compatible means it is not the true product and a generic wannabe.

    I guess the only way you could pull up the posting is if you go to one of the internet archive and hope they have the data saved there.
    I have been able to see a few sites from months/years ago, but not sure how often they save data.

  39. Ordered an Android Tablet from through WagJag deal of the deal… I think I am being scammed too. Anyone have any ideas of what to do???

  40. Daily deal websites should really stop featuring XSV 360 if they care about customers a bit… seems like WagJag doesn’t

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