Overpriced Android Tablet on DealFind from Fabuless Products

Here is another nasty deal from DealFind for Android Tablets. They don’t know the make of the product, remove valuable comments absolutely ignoring their customers and caring only about their own profit as they did with some past deals which turned to be a scam. Even with DealFind discount, the total price is about the same or even higher than other retailers offer.

The deal was:

$85 for a 7inch Google Android 2.2 Tablet Including Shipping from Fabuless Products ($399 Value)

By the end of Dec 26 over 3,500 customers purchased this “fantastic” deal. Screenshot from http://www.dealfind.com/toronto/fabulesscan/

DealFind Tablet Fubuless Deal

Basically DealFind and Fabuless Products claim that the regular price for this 7inch Google Android 2.2 Tablet is $399 and they give 79% discount selling it for $85. Seems too good to be true, right? Let’s take a look…

It’s a piece of electronic, so there are two possible reasons for such a big discount:

  • The product is fake OR (maybe even AND)
  • The price is incredibly inflated

Let’s skip the first assumption, however we know that DealFind already sold thousands of fake memory cards, and check the second assumption.

Here is a link with product description provided on the deal page:


The price is indeed $399 there:

DealFind Tablet Fabuless Product

The product description page does not specify manufacturer and model number for some reason, so it’s hard to compare prices with other retailers. Some customers also asked these questions on DealFind discussion board, but unfortunately representatives do not know what they sell:

DealFind Tablet Fabuless Comments – Model Question

They just provided model number of processor used in the Tablet PC, but not the actual manufacturer:

This model is the Wondermedia 8650

People then started to search for reviews and found very useful link with problems and tips related to these tablets “WM 8650 Tablet and few Problems“:


But DealFind thought that it will turn customers away and just removed the comments:

DealFind Tablet Fabuless – Forum Problems

Above two comments are removed now from DealFind discussion board. Actually it is known that they remove any comment which may negatively affect sales totally ignoring customers. Why anyone should use DealFind after that at all?!

Let’s try to figure out what the make of the Tablet PC is.

This is another screenshot from http://fabulessproducts.com:


The same pictures appear on another website CoolDroids.com


Most likely Fabuless Products and Cool Droids are related to each other somehow.



From the picture on CoolDroids.com we see that the make of this Tablet PC is Eken, and now it’s much easier to compare prices.

The very similar one (if not the same) I could find was:

EKEN M009S 7″ epad android 2.2 VIA8650 800MHz wifi 3G Camera tablet pc

for $60 here:


(click on image to enlarge)


The price for single unit is US $60. Including UPS Expedited Shipping it is US $78.91.

That is the real market price is $80.50 CAD. But DealFind sells it for $85 claiming the real value of $399!

So, basically Fabuless Products and DealFind inflated the price at least in five times!

Everyone can purchase the same Tablets at aliexpress.com and receive it much faster without waiting for another couple weeks in order to redeem coupons at fabulessproducts.com and 21 day for delivery as they inform in their terms and conditions. (Note: I’m not encouraging anyone to do so. Aliexpress is provided only for informational purposes here). There is also some buyers protection available…

What we have:

DealFind and Fabuless Products sell Tablet PC’s at a bit higher price than the market price is with the help of false/deceptive advertisement of 79% discount. We also know that about 50% go to DealFind and 50% go to the merchant. Shipping cost money also. It means that Fabuless Products should buy these tablets for maximum of $30 from somewhere

Neither Fabuless Products nor Cool Droids show back of the Tablet PC which has the brand name on it. DealFind do not tell the manufacturer’s name. So probably they are not even genuine Eken Android Tablets…


Just found another retailer selling it for $59.99 USD with Free Shipping…



Carrying Case

Initially DealFind was offering leather carrying case, earphones and free shipping:

(click on image to enlarge)

DealFind Tablet Fabuless Products - Carrying Case

After deal ended they withdrawn these valuable conditions…

Fabuless Products Owner?

People in the comments section mentioned that extra charges for shipping/handling/taxes went to Andrew Ferreira through PayPal. First of all thanks for this information.

Let’s take a closer look at WhoIs information for FabulessProducts.com website. It is available for public here:



Last Updated on: 25-NOV-11

Administrative, Technical Contact:

Ferreira, Andrew andrewatella@gmail.com


88 Bloor Street East

suite 2312

Toronto, ON m4w3g9



Andrew Ferreira is the name which customers reported on their PayPal invoices. But the e-mail address contains “andrewatella“.

Phone number 416-825-6127 which belongs to Andrew Ferreira according to the above WhoIs information also belongs to Andrew Atella:

screenshot from http://www.inhouseaffairs.com/contact-us.html


It let me think that Andrew Ferreira and Andrew Atella is the same person who registered fabulessproducts.com and now accepting payments via PayPal from customers who purchased Android Tablets from DealFind.

Here is some information about Andrew Atella which is publicly available in the Internet. If anyone has problems reaching Fabuless Products via 1-888-702-6632 phone number provided by DealFind or contact form/e-mail on their website, maybe it’s worth to try alternative methods.

  • Facebook pages of Andrew Atella:



(if you are Andrew Atella and has absolutely nothing to do with Fabuless Products, please let us know, we will make a correction)

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Class action suit against Dealfind and Fabuless

Thanks Everyone who provided feedback and valuable information!

Trueler.com got a response from person who suffered from this scam and also had to pay extra trying to ship Tablets back, but still can’t get refunds.

If anyone has problems with full refunds (including for shipping back if it was requested by DealFind/Fabuless), please send me a note via http://trueler.com/contact-us/ or speak up in comments indicating that you wish to participate in class action suit against Dealfind and Fabuless. I will forward you contact information of that person.

Update: Unfortunately lawyers were not interested in this, and unfortunately there is no class action law suite started…

510 thoughts on “Overpriced Android Tablet on DealFind from Fabuless Products”

  1. Don’t feel bad Matthieu. I’m embarrased to admit it but I fell for them not once not twice but THREE different times. Fabuless, Hotdeallio, and Smackindeals. I’ve had to call and deal with all of them so I know its the same people, not to mention the same phone numbers. Andrew and Chelsey you should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I got hit when they were under the guise of Fabuless. I got hit again under Hotdeallio without even realizing it was the same people! I’m so frustrated!

  3. Dealfind.com sells services that you cannot get.

    So, they charge your credit card and after you find that you were simply defrauded they “kindly” offer you credit, not refund. So, they will get your money anyway and you are forced to gamble with them again.

    I am a victim myself and filed complaints to Better Business Bureau, Ministry of Consumer Services and Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

    I’ve found that almost 300 other people filed complaints against Dealfind scams to Better Business Bureau. And I think it would be safe to assume that the real number of defrauded customers is much higher as most people do not have time for complaints. That is what Dealfind is counting on. Getting $40-$100 from unsuspecting customers they are making millions.

    See different posts about Dealfind scams:








    This is despite Dealfind president and founder Gary Lipovetsky publically promised that “clients would be fully refunded if there are problems with a deal”.

    See Toronto Sun article:


    Dealfind Management Team

    Gary Lipovetsky, President / Dealfind Co-Founder

    Michael Tulman, Chief Executive Officer / Dealfind Co-Founder

    Jason Redman, Chief Financial Officer

    Greg Root, Executive Vice President of Sales

    Marina Glogovac, Chief Marketing Officer

    Paul Williams, Vice President of Sales

    Zainab – Customer Satisfaction Expert

    Dealfind Address:

    250 Ferrand Dr., North York, ON M3C 3G8

    Phone: 1-888-320-6368

  4. Forget contacting deal find. GO STRAIGHT TO YOUR BANK!!!!

    I ordered earrings from them. The vendor was Jewlry County. I never got my order after 5 weeks. when it clearly stated that the product would be received 2 weeks after the closing date.

    After searching with the keyword “Deal Find Scam” etc I was able to find a number and an ext. No one gets back to you.

    Here is how to get your money back from these crooks.”FILE A COMPLAINT WITH YOUR BANK OR CC COMPANY.* I did so on August 7, 2012 and Received my money back 4 days later. The bank/cc company investigates on your behalf.

    Simply state that you purchased goods and never received. The onus is now on dealfind and their scamming counterparts!


    A happy former victim :)

  5. complaint on android ipad
    I bought an android ipad in december 2011 and it is défect where can I call because i imagine there is a warenti on that.
    450 449-4033

  6. I ordered 2 and after SEVERAL calls got refunds for both so I guess it could be worse. My sister got hers in the mail and it broke in a few days. She is extremely pushy and got a refund as well. I’m so glad people are posting about this. Future buyers need to beware!!!

  7. I purchased 3 tablets on December 31 to use as door prizes for students at our school. I did not receive any of them until the end of March after numerous phone calls, tracking and bullshit customer service. THEN, one tablet was given out, the next day the student returned to school saying the charger does not work. I checked it out and the silver prong came right off. I got a refund after patiently waiting at least another month. While I was waiting for refund, another tablet was given out and the exact same thing happened! Silver prong right out! Faulty tablet. I have been emailing and phoning and emailing and phoning to see if they can send me a charger and I get NOT ONE RETURN CALL OR EMAIL FOR OVER A MONTH. Customer service only has an answering machine. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  8. WOW!! Thanks Steve, you just saved me dollars, hours and heartache!

    I thought something looked fishy when I came across a similar product from Hotdeallio.com. Turns out it’s the exact same people! I contacted a class-action lawyer who will hopefully be able to finally put a stop on these name and address changing fraudsters.

    Check out these complaints:



  9. WOW!! Thanks Steve, you just saved me dollars, hours and heartache!

    I thought something looked fishy when I came across a similar product from Hotdeallio.com. Turns out it’s the exact same people! I contacted a class-action lawyer who will hopefully be able to finally put a stop on these name and address changing fraudsters.

    Check out these complaints:

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