Overpriced Android Tablet on DealFind from Fabuless Products

Here is another nasty deal from DealFind for Android Tablets. They don’t know the make of the product, remove valuable comments absolutely ignoring their customers and caring only about their own profit as they did with some past deals which turned to be a scam. Even with DealFind discount, the total price is about the same or even higher than other retailers offer.

The deal was:

$85 for a 7inch Google Android 2.2 Tablet Including Shipping from Fabuless Products ($399 Value)

By the end of Dec 26 over 3,500 customers purchased this “fantastic” deal. Screenshot from http://www.dealfind.com/toronto/fabulesscan/

DealFind Tablet Fubuless Deal

Basically DealFind and Fabuless Products claim that the regular price for this 7inch Google Android 2.2 Tablet is $399 and they give 79% discount selling it for $85. Seems too good to be true, right? Let’s take a look…

It’s a piece of electronic, so there are two possible reasons for such a big discount:

  • The product is fake OR (maybe even AND)
  • The price is incredibly inflated

Let’s skip the first assumption, however we know that DealFind already sold thousands of fake memory cards, and check the second assumption.

Here is a link with product description provided on the deal page:


The price is indeed $399 there:

DealFind Tablet Fabuless Product

The product description page does not specify manufacturer and model number for some reason, so it’s hard to compare prices with other retailers. Some customers also asked these questions on DealFind discussion board, but unfortunately representatives do not know what they sell:

DealFind Tablet Fabuless Comments – Model Question

They just provided model number of processor used in the Tablet PC, but not the actual manufacturer:

This model is the Wondermedia 8650

People then started to search for reviews and found very useful link with problems and tips related to these tablets “WM 8650 Tablet and few Problems“:


But DealFind thought that it will turn customers away and just removed the comments:

DealFind Tablet Fabuless – Forum Problems

Above two comments are removed now from DealFind discussion board. Actually it is known that they remove any comment which may negatively affect sales totally ignoring customers. Why anyone should use DealFind after that at all?!

Let’s try to figure out what the make of the Tablet PC is.

This is another screenshot from http://fabulessproducts.com:


The same pictures appear on another website CoolDroids.com


Most likely Fabuless Products and Cool Droids are related to each other somehow.



From the picture on CoolDroids.com we see that the make of this Tablet PC is Eken, and now it’s much easier to compare prices.

The very similar one (if not the same) I could find was:

EKEN M009S 7″ epad android 2.2 VIA8650 800MHz wifi 3G Camera tablet pc

for $60 here:


(click on image to enlarge)


The price for single unit is US $60. Including UPS Expedited Shipping it is US $78.91.

That is the real market price is $80.50 CAD. But DealFind sells it for $85 claiming the real value of $399!

So, basically Fabuless Products and DealFind inflated the price at least in five times!

Everyone can purchase the same Tablets at aliexpress.com and receive it much faster without waiting for another couple weeks in order to redeem coupons at fabulessproducts.com and 21 day for delivery as they inform in their terms and conditions. (Note: I’m not encouraging anyone to do so. Aliexpress is provided only for informational purposes here). There is also some buyers protection available…

What we have:

DealFind and Fabuless Products sell Tablet PC’s at a bit higher price than the market price is with the help of false/deceptive advertisement of 79% discount. We also know that about 50% go to DealFind and 50% go to the merchant. Shipping cost money also. It means that Fabuless Products should buy these tablets for maximum of $30 from somewhere

Neither Fabuless Products nor Cool Droids show back of the Tablet PC which has the brand name on it. DealFind do not tell the manufacturer’s name. So probably they are not even genuine Eken Android Tablets…


Just found another retailer selling it for $59.99 USD with Free Shipping…



Carrying Case

Initially DealFind was offering leather carrying case, earphones and free shipping:

(click on image to enlarge)

DealFind Tablet Fabuless Products - Carrying Case

After deal ended they withdrawn these valuable conditions…

Fabuless Products Owner?

People in the comments section mentioned that extra charges for shipping/handling/taxes went to Andrew Ferreira through PayPal. First of all thanks for this information.

Let’s take a closer look at WhoIs information for FabulessProducts.com website. It is available for public here:



Last Updated on: 25-NOV-11

Administrative, Technical Contact:

Ferreira, Andrew andrewatella@gmail.com


88 Bloor Street East

suite 2312

Toronto, ON m4w3g9



Andrew Ferreira is the name which customers reported on their PayPal invoices. But the e-mail address contains “andrewatella“.

Phone number 416-825-6127 which belongs to Andrew Ferreira according to the above WhoIs information also belongs to Andrew Atella:

screenshot from http://www.inhouseaffairs.com/contact-us.html


It let me think that Andrew Ferreira and Andrew Atella is the same person who registered fabulessproducts.com and now accepting payments via PayPal from customers who purchased Android Tablets from DealFind.

Here is some information about Andrew Atella which is publicly available in the Internet. If anyone has problems reaching Fabuless Products via 1-888-702-6632 phone number provided by DealFind or contact form/e-mail on their website, maybe it’s worth to try alternative methods.

  • Facebook pages of Andrew Atella:



(if you are Andrew Atella and has absolutely nothing to do with Fabuless Products, please let us know, we will make a correction)

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Class action suit against Dealfind and Fabuless

Thanks Everyone who provided feedback and valuable information!

Trueler.com got a response from person who suffered from this scam and also had to pay extra trying to ship Tablets back, but still can’t get refunds.

If anyone has problems with full refunds (including for shipping back if it was requested by DealFind/Fabuless), please send me a note via http://trueler.com/contact-us/ or speak up in comments indicating that you wish to participate in class action suit against Dealfind and Fabuless. I will forward you contact information of that person.

Update: Unfortunately lawyers were not interested in this, and unfortunately there is no class action law suite started…

510 comments to Overpriced Android Tablet on DealFind from Fabuless Products

  • Mark

    You are comparing 2 different tablets. The one on Fabuless is a 1ghz processor and the other is only 800mhz. This would definitely account for the price difference. Sites like these us e the same picture for multiple tablets. It’s not always ‘as sshown in the picture’.

  • Trueler

    @Mark: Fabuless and DealFind do not clearly show all the details about the product for some reason, so was not easy to compare. However investigation showed that all these tablets are about the same (according to descriptions). And one more thing:

    Tablets with 1GHz processor are even cheaper than with 800MHz – $61.13 USD with free shipping!


    BTW: the picture should definitely show real product, taking into account thousands of purchases…


  • ringo

    thanks for the info, just cancelled my purchase, hope the honor the request.

  • Libby

    Wow! Thanks for the info Trueler. I “missed out” on this deal and was feeling kinda bummed about it, but reading the above has changed my mind on the subject. If I decide the tablet they’re hawking is a “good enough” option for right now I will go source it on my own rather than getting my head turned by some fraudulent claim of massive discounting. You are flecking awesome.

  • Goji!

    Hi there,

    Also, until the 27th around noon they had a text showing “Includes leather carrying case, earphones, and free shipping” in the dealfind page. But, they removed it just after the deal was sold out. So, nobody will received the extras. It happened that my browser didn’t refresh the content and I have a digital copy of the original page!

    They are publishing scam. They are rubbing people. Somebody should stop them.


  • Trueler

    Hi Giji!

    Yes, they had text “Includes leather carrying case, earphones, and free shipping”, but then removed it. I will post a screenshot.

    DealFind lied a lot on their discussion board and in deal description trying to get as much cash as possible from their “valued” customers scamming them…


  • char

    Holy Crap I had no idea Dealfind was so unethical and untrustworthy !!!

  • Chelsea

    Wow, the only thing ‘unethical’ and ‘untrustworthy’ is this misleading article and the negative comments which follow it! I was about to purchase the Google Android 2.2 Tablet from a big box store at the retail price suggested. Luckily a friend of mine called me last minute. Due to this deal I was able to purchase 3 tablets for a group of less fortunate teenagers. I work for a foster home charity and we thrive on deals to get the most of our children. Thank you fabuLess and Dealfind.

  • Jean-Guy

    Is it possible to cancel the deal before its delivery? I think it says that product has to be proven defective to return it for replacement. Nowhere there is details about reimbursement.
    p.s. I paid with VISA


  • J Holiday

    Just looked over your posts, and I must say that Trueler is very selective about what they post/say. I have seen both of these deals in Dealfind, and the 2.3 Android tablet now is very different compared to the 2.2 Android tablet was posted as of Dec 26. Also, as a tech-savvy consumer myself, anyone who thinks they are getting a Brand Name tablet for $85 is very gullible or naive. This is completely different than the Toshiba deal. The Toshiba deal was clearly false advertising, and should be considered a scam. I seen the 2.2 Android tablet deal, and went to Fabuless Products to view the product page, and all the details matched to what was said on DealFind.com. And you have no proof that both companies are related. They might use a similar supplier, which just means that they can chose to mark-up whatever it is they like. In regards to DealFind not answering the comments/discussion questions, that is just bad customer service and lack of information on the products. At the end of the day, it is up to the consumer to do their own research, and see if it really is a deal or not. I’ve bought no-name products before in the past, and they have worked perfectly. Sure there have been minor glitches, but what do you want when you buy an aftermarket product from China. If you want a good tablet, go to your closest Apple store, and buy an iPad. But i would buy the extended warranty if I was you ;) #justsaying

  • Sheridan

    I am so disappointed with this product & this company!!! I will never buy anything online again! I bought my deal through TeamBuy.ca and ordered the exact same tablet from Cooldroids.com

    After doing some research today, I realized a lot of people got scammed along with myself. I finally received my tablet yesterday and the quality was SO POOR!!! And it had Chinese characters you couldn’t even navigate through some settings unless you understand Chinese (which I don’t!)

    The touchscreen doesn’t work unless you press really hard on it. The quality of the material is very very very cheap. It’s like something you just bought at the Dollar Store! Not worth the $119 I paid for it. In my opinion, it was only worth $20 the most!

    This is the first time I’ve ever experienced being scammed. WORST PURCHASE I’VE EVER MADE! BUYER BEWARE!!!

  • Geoff

    I am probably not even going to receive my tablet :(. Oh well… After reading these posts, I like many many others have been ripped off because of greed and us not doing our due diligence and researching the heck out of an item and it’s company! I bought mine on DealFind also and ordered it fromXSV360 .XSV360 will not return emails and has no way to talk to them…

  • Thalia

    Yeah I went for this deal right away and tried to cancel RIGHT AWAY and they haven’t honored my refund yet. It’s been like 2 weeks. :/

  • susan

    I also read the deal when it stated free case, headphones, and shipping. I was just excited to get all those products for the price, I’m so sorry to hear I WAS RIPPED OFF.
    I have still not received my tab, I was excited to, but very deflated now..I seriously thought dealing was a more reputable company. Kind of sounds like they deal with anybody…!! Crooks, etc. I’m very disappointed I got involved my god they sold 4500 pieces. And they had to know fabuless/dealing changed there deal mainstream , I would like to.see lawyer involved. So ripping off people STOPS…!! THIS IS PATHETIC.

  • thomaz

    as with anything you must use buyer beware, I’ve seen some vacations listed same thing overpriced. I’ve also gotten some killer deals on those deal sites like carpet cleaning 40 bucks for pretty much my whole house…they did a great job and yeah they upsold me on a couple extras but still underpaid considering I’ve had sears come by before and they didn’t get the stains out and on top of that they were more expensive.

  • belwoodbob

    What a black eye to the internet. I paid for 2 tablets (including case & shipping) on Dec 26. When I redeemed the vouchers they charged me for shipping. They would NOT cancel the deal. Still no tablet(s), no shipping date and fabuless have never returned a call.
    Any lawyers out there?

  • Trueler

    Hi belwoodbob,

    Please contact DealFind as soon as possible and request full refund. Let us know about their response.


  • Ash

    I think that we are all victims of dealfind and fabuless products. Let’s all get together and complain to toronto star news and better business beureau as I am going to do it!

  • Marc

    I also ordered 2 tablets and sent the order with fabuless on Jan 5th as one of there employees told me it was fine (despite the informtaion which stated to order on jan 6th). Anyways, I still havent recieved my tablets even though I was told it would be a maximum of 15 days.

  • Laresha

    I just requested a refund from Dealfind on this stupid scam today. Credit card has been charged and is now due, no shipping date, and no response to 3 -mails. Plus, I then had to pay an extra $11 dollars using Paypal and when the charge went through it was to an INDIVIDUAL, not a company. I got BURNED!!! I am waiting to hear what Dealfind has to say for themselves but I think there’s a Better Business Bureau complaint in my near future……
    they have a pretty sounding return policy and am surprised if they won’t refund my purchase.

    Dealfind proudly offers you a complete refund for up to 30 days after your purchase, if our deal doesn’t live up to your expectations. There, we said it. It’s out there. Of course, there are a few stipulations:

    * If your deal expires before you’ve had a chance to use it, there’s nothing we can do. Sorry!
    * We reserve the right to investigate any suspicious returns. If you’re constantly buying and returning deals, we will find out and we will take the necessary steps to prevent it from continuing.

  • Bill

    Im pretty sure i got ripped off too. i talked to someone at deal find on jan. 6, they walked me through how to claim my voucher for this tablet. i followed the directions, had to pay $11 through paypal fro shipping. then never received any conformation or shipping information. it is not almost 20 days later, no response from fabuless, and every time i try to call they send me to voicemail. if there is anyway to get my money back please let me know.

  • dawn

    I bought my voucher Dec 26, used it right away (because it asked me if I wanted to so I did) and I never realized the handling fee until Jan 5, so I quickly did this and ended up forgetting to put the voucher number in with my payment.

    I didn’t realize that until last week so I managed to get a hold of a Vin at Dealfind and he assured me he spoke to Fabuless and matched my order # with my voucher #. They must have some secret way to connect with them as i have no luck!

    I did get an email from Fabuless stating my status was waiting for shipment and it could take 7-15 business days from January 6 and I should receive a confirmation from Canada Post to track it.

    My 15 days is approaching and Dealfind tells me to wait until the end of the week and if I don’t have it call again. Fabuless has completely ignored my daily inquiries and they don’t have a phone they answer. The person’s name that showed up from my paypal payment of handling fees has me wondering too!

    This is my first dealing with Dealfind and it’s not a good impression that is for sure! Has ANYONE out there received this product??? If you have (big IF) what is it like?

  • Trueler

    Hi dawn,

    Could you share the person’s name from your PayPal transaction? It may help to investigate things further a bit.


  • Dawn

    You authorized a payment of $11.00 CAD to Andrew Ferreira

    cut&pasted from my paypal confirmation

  • stampinchickadee

    That is the same name as when I received a confirmation from Paypal and I have not received anything either. Just makes me so mad that they can take advantage of people that way and get away with it.

  • dawn

    Last correspondence with the supplier was on January 12:(NOTE: Andrew is the name on the bottom)-did anyone else get an email like this?

    Your order looks great. These tablets are currently looking at 7-15 business days from January 6th. You will be updated via email with a tracking number from CANADA POST once your order has been processed. We thank you for your patience.

    Have a great day.

    > Andrew |Customer Service

  • Marc

    Hey Dawn. This is the same crap I’ve been getting as well. Its my first time using dealfind and I also feel that i’ve been ripped off. Ive contacted Fabulessproducts.com by telephone and I as well only get the voice mail, with as expected, no call back. I’ve e-mailed them twice, and on both replies, got the same generic “cut and paste” response. Here it is……..

    ..Dear Valued Customers,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Our business hours are Monday-Friday 10am to 5pm. Please allow 72 hours for emails over the weekend.

    If you are inquiring about the status of your Google Android Tablet, please allow 7-15 business days, from your processing date, for the order to arrive. Example if you processed on January 6th, please expect your order around January 27th. A tracking number will be sent to your email account by CANADA POST once your order has been shipped. We thank you for your patience

    If you are having difficulties processing your voucher online please go to fabulessproducts.com, scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on “How to REDEEM VOUCHER” under the Information heading!

    Happy New Year, from our family to yours.

    Customer Service Director

    Special Note: Thank you for your business over the holiday season. We are currently experiencing larger than normal sales volumes. Although steps have been taken to minimize any delays in order processing, please allow an 7-15 business days for your order to arrive. Thank you for your understanding and Happy holidays from fabuLESSproducts.com.

    It does seem bogus to me, so I responded to clarify on if my order had even been shipped or not as I’ve never received an email from Canada Post, and what I got for my response, was the same email! Its as though its on some automatic reply system. I really do feel now as if i’ve been taken! I thought dealfind was a reputable company!

  • Laresha

    my pay pal payment was sent to Andrew Ferriera as well. I called dealfind yesterday to request a refund on this voucher. I SUGGEST YOU DO THE SAME!!!! you only have 30 days from the purchase to do so. here is the reply I got from Dealfind
    Hi Laresha,

    Thank you for your email.

    We understand that you have placed an order for voucher # ****-**** and no longer wish to receive the product.

    Please allow us 48hrs to contact the merchant so we may cancel your order. Once this order has been voided we can proceed with your refund request.

    Thank you for your understanding!

    Best Regards,

    Customer Satisfaction Expert

    Additionally, I have started a dispute with Paypal for the $11 back citing “product not recieved”…..

  • Marc

    Yeah my purchase to pay pal was also “Andrew FERRIRA”. It seemed odd to me but i’ve never used PayPal so I wasnt sure if this was normal. Has anyone actually received these tablets yet? I would prefer not to cancel my order as I still have hopes that I will get the product that I ordered.

  • stampinchickadee

    Ok I actually received mine today!!! Can’t get it to connect to my wireless yet, but that may be an issue with the wireless. Will keep you posted.

  • Gill Fox

    Can someone pls. post a screenshot of the original advertisement with the “Includes leather carrying case, earphones, and free shipping” in the dealfind page.” I am going after these people and need the evidence.


  • Trueler

    Hi Gill Fox,

    I’ve uploaded screenshot of the deal which states “Includes leather carrying case, earphones, and free shipping” here:


    Or you may use direct link to the screenshot:


    Please keep us posted how it goes.


  • dawn


    did you actually get a tracking code from CANADA POST email prior to receiving yours? If so, how many days later did you get it?

  • J mac

    I just received mine. Touchscreen won’t work and it has a big scratch on the back. Of course not carrying case or earphones either.

  • Laresha

    Looks like Dealfind is issuing me a refund.
    “We have received your information and will notify you once your refund has been processed.
    This process can take approximately 5-10 business days.”

    Still waiting for a response for Andrew Ferreira on my Paypal dispute. He initially responded asking for the order # so that he could look into it. The order # is included in the dispute so I think he’s just trying to buy time. I am just glad that I only paid $11.68 to that clown, I can live with losing that in this headache, lesson learned.

  • stampinchickadee

    Hi Dawn,

    No it just arrived in the mail, no warning. I only received the tablet, no leather case or earphones. There is nothing on the packaging that indicates when it was sent, but it was sent Xpresspost.

  • Hello.

    I just wanted to say thank you to trueler for investigating and posting info for all to see/share I routinely check with you guys before approving deals and although even we have made a mistake in past we always make sure our customer leaves the situation feeling as though they are important to us. And although there are some deals that may be misleading on some sites there are way more sites that believe in integrity and customer service

    Anthony Monahan

  • Kerry

    Looks like I may have been scammed too. Am hoping that ‘something’ will arrive today or Monday, and if not, will request the full refund.
    Of the ppl, who had one arrive, does it really suck that badly? I ordered it mostly for an ereader.

  • Trueler

    Everyone who was charged with $11.68 for shipping: request refund from DealFind because deal’s description clearly said that shipping was included. Refer to Consumer Protection Act which prohibits false/deceptive representation of the product. Better request a full refund based on the same Consumer Protection Act, because it’s exactly 30 days now when DealFind promise expires. After that it will be really hard to get something from them…


  • Laresha

    Thanks Trueler for the suggestion….I hope I have all my bases covered for a FULL refund, so I may never speak of this ugly mess again.

  • Jason Jay

    I see a lot of you people complaining about the $11.00+. I ordered a tablet myself, and on my invoice, it says that the $11.00 or so is for HST Tax! Not shipping. I think you guys need to read your invoices a little more carefully.

  • Dawn

    Hi Jason Jay, if it’s just for taxes then why does my invoice READ HANDLING FEE as well?? Don’t be so quick next time to say we are complainers that don’t READ!:)

    Product Model Quantity Price Total
    Google Android 2.2 Product 14 1 $399.00 $399.00
    Sub-Total: $399.00
    Free Shipping: $0.00
    Coupon(DF001): $-399.00
    Handling Fee : $6.75
    Tax 5 %: $4.25
    Total: $11.00

    Please reply to this email if you have any questions.

  • Christa f

    I am so dissapointed with dealfind and this scam. I will never buy from them again.

  • Stefano V

    There is a difference between shipping and handling.

  • Amanda

    I am having the same issue, i successfully got a response from Chelsea at Fabuless complaining about the quality and that is was in Dutch when I got it all blaming the supplier and promising to “give the supplier an earful” They blamed every issue on me and them after a week stopped responding. They outright refused to let me return it for refund and wanted me to pay to return it to them and they would upgrade me to the 2.3 version and include the leather case in the reship ONCE they got the original back and deemed it defective. Same issuse with quality and touch issues as everyone else, bad bad quality and now they have the exact same thing listed for $146 regular price, when I pointed it out they stopped accepting my emails.

    I filed a BBB complaint against Fabuless yesterday and will be filing a PP dispute for the $11, and a charge back on my credit card for the $85. If Dealfind does not refund I will also file a BBB complaint against them. I urge EVERYONE else to do the same! It’s not a lot of money but they have ripped of thousands of people, it’s not about money anymore!

  • Marilyn G

    I have received the android and what a piece of garbage. Spoke to Dealfind today and I am sending it back to fabuless for a refund. This is in no way a $399 Android and just try getting on the web???? Email forget it. Spoke to Dealfind about the product and they tell me there has been no complaints. I guess you get what you pay for. What is this product does it even have a warranty it looks like a copy product from Asia guess what if it looks to good to be true it is. You need to get back more than $11. you need to get it all back.

  • Marilyn G

    I would suggest that everyone request a refund from Dealfind for the product. This can be done on the dealfind website give the voucher number and send it back. This product is not any good. Dont be taken this way it has no warranty and the product is bad and fabuless is not a reputable company. Get your Money Back then dealfind will be more carefull who they deal with in the future.

  • Amanda

    Well, it looks like I ruffled some feathers. Within hours I was refunded my $11 PP payment and the dispute was closed. I then got a automated email from Fabuless saying my order was cancelled (but I already have the product) hoping this means they will tell Dealfind to refund me. If no refund from Dealfind in 1 week I will file a BBB complaint against them as well.

    Please stand up against yourself and these two companies, just complaining on here will not get you the results you want. You gotta put the work in filing complaints with the appropriate authorities!

  • Dawn

    So what exactly do we need to do to request our money back? I want to do this correctly. Can someone say exactly how to deal with this. Do I EMAIL dealfind or do I fill out some form and submit it? Thanks.

  • Laurel

    A couple of questions to add to this very useful discussion:

    Question 1: If you payed by credit card and haven’t yet payed your bill, can you subtract what this scam cost you? If you have already payed your credit card bill, can you ask them for a rebate with any hope of getting it? In specific, have any of you had any success in arguing your case with American Express or any other credit card company?

    Question 2: I’ve been calling Dealfind for days, getting different responses every time I call, and now no answer at the representatives’ numbers that they gave me to call back if the product didn’t arrive within 21 days of cashing in the voucher.

    So, I talked with the fourth person I’ve spoken with at Dealfind today, and I was told that even though the 21 days since I activated the voucher on Jan. 6 have passed, there is a delay while the company “fills a container” to save on postage to the U.S. That’s not part of the deal I signed on to, and I want my money back! Have any of you been told the same bullshit?

    I also was talked into the extra $11.00 charge by a Dealfind rep. who implied that I was being cheap since this was such a good deal. I call it false advertising!

    All in all, I think we need to hold Dealfind’s feet to the fire, since this company seems to be (or at least to be in league with) scammers.com.

    I’ll be calling in our local tv channel’s scam busters, contacting my state’s attorney general, and doing whatever else it takes to get Dealfind to make good on this for all of us. I am very grateful to be able to confirm my hunch about this scam because of all your responses. Thank you!

    Oh, yeah. I’m a citizen journalist and I’m tenacious! Are you? Let’s tweet the hell out of this and bring Dealfind and Fabuless Products to their knees.


  • Trueler

    Hi Dawn,

    There is a “Contact Us Request Form” on DealFind.com website:


    In the “Inquiry Reason” there is a field “Refund/Requesting a Refund”.

    However now they send auto-reply like “…We are experiencing a higher than normal volume at this time, please allow us 2-3 business days to respond…”. I guess it’s because all of the recent scams they featured…


  • Trueler

    Hi Laurel,

    Regarding your “Question 1″. No, you can’t subtract what scam cost you. When investigation is completed in your favor, credit card company applies credit to your account. I have not had experience with American Express. Only with CIBC Platinum card when merchant sent counterfeit product. However it was quite a hassle, because CIBC requested to send the product back, but I didn’t want since it cost me money and there were no specific address to send it to.

    When you request a charge back from the credit card company, usually they accept only two reasons:

    1) Product not delivered
    2) Product not as described. In this case they request to send it back first

    It depends on the CC company in case if merchant violated law and commit fraud, because they need to investigate and confirm it first.

    Continue to request refund from DealFind! Tell that both DealFind and Fabuless Products seriously violated Consumer Protection Act. All the evidence is here. Advise that you are going to start investigation with your credit card company and complain to the ministry.

    Thank you very much for following up on this! Let’s make DealFind responsible for what they did!


  • Dawn

    Dealfind just posted another DEAL 2.3 this time for the same price $85 with Fabuless. I suggest we all get on there and start warning people!

  • Morning may be you can warn other customers.Ordered the disc on Dec.6.2011, Called and send e-mails,first reply-your order should arrive shortly,massive amount of orders,second reply-you were told it would take up to 6 weeeks(out of the blue),third reply-you habe been banned from ordering,and all advertising is incorrect such as 24/7 for ordering,a joke,nobody knows what is being done and all answers are dreamed up.Do not order from them.May be you can find out something about them,Many thanks Hugo and thanks for the warning re: Dealfind

  • i’m the same as the rest i guess. ordered it correctly on jan. 6th and still haven’t recieved it. was told everything was fine with my order…and now just keep getting the runaround. first time buying anything of the internet and i guess it will be the last…lesson learned. dont deal with dealdind and definitly dont deal with fabuLESS PRODUCTS…BECAUSE THE LAST PART OF THE NAME SAYS IT ALL…LESS FOR SURE.

  • Laresha


    check this out for a laugh….Dealfind has indeed reposted the deal! this is the discussion feed and “Lily” repeatedly says that any comments that aren’t questions about the deal will be removed?! they also haven’t answered even 1 question! I am unsubscribing to Dealfind right away. Reposting this rotten deal shows a serious lack of concern for the headaches this has caused their “valued customers”.
    Andrew F @ FabuLAME has returned the $11.68 to my paypal account and expect my Dealfind refund shortly…..Good luck to those looking for resolution, I’ll be interested to see how it unfolds.

  • Marilyn G

    You are correct it is back on the Web with Dealfind. They will not allow any posts that reflect on Fabuless. It is to bad we cannot do something about this it is false advertising and they are up to 800 sold so far. This is so unfair to the people who are buying this product they do believe Dealfind would not scam them as they are suppose to check on there vendors. I guess money talkes but being to greedy can also be there down fall.


    Hi Everyone,

    If you care and any one else care , DO NOT TRUST DEALFIND IN ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU ANYWHERE. The only thing you should trust is YOUR REFUND FROM THEM.

    ONLINE DEALS ON DEALFIND ARE A LOT OF HASSLE , While normal business deals are better to deal with.

    I ensure you , that at least half of the quantity sold on dealfind today will be refunded if not ALL , and I HOPE YOU and ME and everyone that is buying , to go through the hassle and experience it all and post everywhere about how bullshitt this all is.

  • ash

    I’m glad people are speaking out. I have yet to purchuse anything from Dealfind because whenever I have read the reviews on the product purchused from this site it is always from less than reputable sources. Dealfind in itself is a scam and anyone who has had an issue should be making a complaint to the BBB. Fabuless may be the issue here, but Dealfind is their vessle and their lack of concern for reputable and positive clients/products is deplorable! Their just as guilty as their suppliers if not more for allowing this to continue. Not to mention the rudeness they have addressed their concerned customers with. Both these business need to be brought down. Dealfind needs to be stopped so it wont continue to victimize people with fraudulent deals.

  • Marilyn G

    I have spoken to James at Dealfind and have offered to call the Ministry of Comsumer Affairs on Monday if they wish to continue this scam. He has told me to email Fabuless with the order number info@fabuless.com att: Andrew. When this order is sent back I am told I will get a refund from Dealfind. I suggest you all do the same thing.

  • Trueler

    Hi Marlyn,

    Will DealFind pay for return shipping with tracking number and signature required and compensate for all the hassle?


  • Marilyn G

    Sorry guys the email address is info@fabulessproducts.com
    Att: Andrew
    Email him your order number and send it back and Dealfind will refund your money.

  • Marilyn G

    Trueler I do not think so I know they should but I just want to get rid of this garbage. I think the bigger picture is that they are doing it again and nobody can stop them. I think that Consumer and Corporate and \BBB should be advised of what is going on.

  • S

    Fabuless products is now spamming the boards on dealfind!

    Thank you for expressing your concerns. Please be aware of cyber blogs that do not reflect the true nature of this deal. We all know the web is full of use full and useless information. They have never purchased any product from us or even waited for customers to receive their tablet prior to posting.

    We can assure you that both Deal Find and FabuLESS Products are working hard to provide their customers with nothing but the best. Our number 1 priority is to provide superior products at an affordable price. Not to mention we offer the security and reliability of a large Canadian company.

    It may be confusing for some, to think they can purchase this tablet from another websites. However, that is false. We have an exclusive contract with our manufacturer to supply custom made tablets running on the best android system. Our tablets are fully upgraded to reflect our high standards. The speed, processor and resistive touch technology are superior to those listed on any website. THIS IS NOT A GENERIC TABLET. Please do not get confused by operating system.

    Furthermore, we offer 1 year manufacturer warranty, customer support, technological support and a secure online shopping experience.
    All of our customers that have received their tablets are very happy with their purchase. Both Deal Find and FabuLESS Products look forward to making many more customers happy.

    Thank for shopping with us. We hope you enjoy your product :) If you have any further enquiries please email us at customerservice@fabulessproducts.com.

  • Scott

    Dealfind is removing comments about this website like crazy. Also someone claiming to be from fabuless.com has posted saying they have amazing products straight from the manufacturer.

    Oh and they say they haven’t gotten any complaints.

  • PM

    I’ve written on dealfind 3x today regarding todays deal, all have been deleted. Each time I mentioned reading the negative reviews on this site and asked if anyone had anything positive to say about the deal…..btw, fabuless products has also posted on the site….
    I won’t be buying from them again..bye bye dealfind

  • barry

    i to got zinged on this so called fantastic deal.i’ll bet if you looked at the fabuless website you would see a “Printed in Nigeria” logo.hacker’s should be targeting these type of websites.

  • mike

    has anyone had a refund issued by either deal find or the manufacturer?

  • Dave

    I ordered on Dec 26th… I still have not received the tablet. I even called dealfind a couple days before the 30 day limit and told them I hadn’t received it. They said they would still refund me the money if it didn’t arrive.

    I have been getting more and more pissed every day it didn’t arrive or even get this fabled tracking number. I have tried to email and call fabuless and got one or two automated emails, but then no more replies. You will NEVER get through to anyone on the phone. Not sure why they even have a phone number.

    And then today I see they are hawking MORE of these imaginary tablets? How the hell can they post another deal, when the past one or two deals were so bad?

    After seeing this page posted on the comments, I decided to demand a refund. I have started the dispute process on paypal for the 11+ bucks, and just got off the phone with Dealfind to demand my refund. They tried the story of the container AGAIN which I had already heard and told them I have heard it already before, and just want the refund. Then they said that it takes 48 hours to contact the merchant. I asked why… because who’s word are they going to take? Mine or fabuless? I told them it didn’t matter because if they didn’t refund the money by Tuesday, I was going to reverse the charge on my credit card anyways.

    I advise everyone who has ordered these things to do the same. Even the TWO or three people who say they actually got the items (amazing!) say they are shit when they get them and not worth the 85 bucks anyways. Not to mention the missing case and stuff that was promised in the deal and then taken away.

    I will also be canceling my dealfind emails etc too. I won’t be buying anything else from them ever.

  • CJ

    All comments on the Dec. 27th tablet on the fabulessproducts.com site end on Jan. 10th. I myself tried to leave a review about not receiving my item yet and it never made it to the list. The dealfind site was closed for questions and I could not get through to customer service at fabuless. You will also notice there are no reviews saying that anyone has actually received it and that they are happy with the product either. Shadyness at its finest. On the home page, there is a “chat with customer service” box showing them as being online right now… I think I will give it a go, just for curiosity’s sake. I am sure I will be ignored though!

  • Dave

    I encourage any and all of you to make new email accounts on gmail or yahoo to post to the comments of that deal.. Overwhelm them with it. If we all do it they will be going crazy trying to delete them all, they might even close down the commenting on it… I have copy and pasted the text the others have been putting up:

    First of all, this tablet does NOT have a Capacitive Touchscreen as the Dealfind info page indicates. It only has the much cheaper (inferior) resistive display which is clearly indicated on the Vendor’s website page for this item. Dealfind is obviously at fault here.

    Nonetheless, the truth is that this is NOT a $399 Tablet, nor is it a $299, a $199, or even a $99 Tablet. It is simply a no-name tablet from China which can be purchased anywhere on the Internet for $100 or less, including such reputable sites as Amazon for just $84.99. See Amazon link: http://amzn.to/AiTnkd

    Dealfind, do you not know that $399 can purchase virtually any top Brand Name 7″ Tablet with virtually every conceivable option in Canada or the USA, so there is no way that a no-name China import would be valued anywhere remotely close to that amount. i.e. A Brand Name Blackberry 16GB Tablet sells for only $199, and with its 64GB version at only $299 (See Futureshop, BestBuy or Staples).

    This Vendor with your help is simply trying to cheat Dealfind’s good customers. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/300938/211171666-483706941/7-inch-Tablet-PC-with-Infotmic-1-0Ghz-256MB-RAM-4GB-Storage-MID-Touchpad-android-2.html

    Perhaps some Dealfind customers would like to see some real testimonials from their list of not so happy customers. Here is one such site. Simply Google it, and you will find many more.


    The above should speak volumes regarding Dealfind’s trustworthiness.

  • Scott

    Props to everyone spamming this site. It needs to be shutdown! Its horrible to see that 2000 people are being screwed over! I say send it over twitter and facebook as well. Its gotta get out there

  • Jules Winnfield

    So far looks like over 2000 people have not done their due diligence

  • Isaac

    Thank You very much for saving my wallet!

    Sorry for those that have to deal with the headache.

    I had to do the research before making the purchase because of the the original price claim and the way Dealfind was replying to potential and existing customers.

    For those that are working on getting their money back, visa has a warranty coverage. You should maybe contact them and see what they can do to help.

    Good luck!

  • Marilyn G

    You have to be kind to those who are being taken. Even we got taken as well. Bad things happen to nice people. Sometimes you just get caught up in the moment. As much as we are trying to explain the situation over 2000 more people are paying for this piece of garbage. I wonder if that is for the 2000 that ordered in December who want a refund. I have posted my feeling 6x today all have been taken off.

  • Scott

    In the age of these ‘Group deals’ there is some amazing deals out there. These people are taking advantage of these deals and scamming people. I was also very keen on buying this and thank goodness i always do research on what I’m buying. I can’t stand watching the scum of the earth rip people off.

  • CJ

    Just a theory, but I think Fabulessproducts is awaiting their own shipment of these things from one of those cheap China sites. Waiting for a “barrel” of them to arrive. I bet they waited for the orders from Dealfind to roll in, and with their Dealfind payment on or around Jan. 6th, went ahead and ordered them in bulk. Most likely a delay on China’s end in filling such large orders, probably done in batches, and normally takes 2-4 weeks for delivery. Not to mention all of China is on holidays from Jan 22-28, in which case everything is completely shut down. Then you have to wait for Fabuless to prepare each individual order and ship them.

  • Dawn

    Dealfind is changing the wording in posts by concerned customers now. That should tell a story in it’s self if they take the time to do that rather than delete them! I’m beyond disappointed in them now!

  • Trueler

    It is true… DealFind is known for removing valuable comments from their discussion boards and even for changing posts of other users in their favor in order to sell as much stuff as possible letting their customers down.

    Another important thing is that DealFind is known for featuring a lot of scam deals and even committing fraud. This is just one example of their previous scams:



  • Dude

    The Office closes at some point tonight and I think thats when we must strike.

    There is an identical deal in the states http://www.dealfind.com/discuss.php?DiscussionID=13203&travel=0

    I’m so pissed at these scumbags.

  • Tams

    I’m SO upset – I too jumped the gun on this one! Normally I am one to really research things – so I’m disappointed in myself for jumping all over this deal!!! I have just contacted them to request them NOT to charge my creditcard! Of course i received their automatic message back – I only ordered it all 11 this morning, so haven’t paid the “shipping & tax” yet – but I will hound them every day until I know they have cancelled my order!!! I’m so mad!

  • Laurel

    Thank you Trueler for your kind response to my email last night. And thanks to the many more of you who have now shared your DealFind/Fabuless experience here. Here’s an update:

    It’s late Sunday afternoon, and I’ve just gotten off the phone with DealFind customer service agent Laurie Lee whose direct extension number is 403.

    She claims that they are aware there is a problem with Fabuless, but there is no one she can contact until tomorrow morning. I asked who she will contact, and she said “the Compliance and Legal Team.” I asked for their phone number and she said that I could only go through someone in Customer Service. She pulled up the email I sent requesting a refund and said she would send it to “escalation.” She said I could call back in the morning and ask to speak with a Supervisor.

    I mentioned that some of us are very disappointed that Dealfind customers have had our emails on the discussion board removed and/or rewritten by Dealfind. She told me that this is part of the Dealfind customer agreement: they are free to remove anything negative about a product. So, we are only able to send what amounts to cheap advertising for frauds like Fabuless.

    Laurie tells me that because of the volume of calls and emails to them about Fabuless she is sure that Compliance and Legal will be meeting first thing tomorrow (Monday) morning.

    Let’s give them a lot to talk about! Please tweet everyone you can, go to the media, and try to bring this whole fraudulent scam down before thousands more people are sucked in.

    Dealfind is keeping track of the refund requests by our email addresses. So email, email, email! And, thanks for the suggestion that we create new email accounts and try sending complaints to the discussion board after close of business.

    Here’s Dealfind’s number: 888-320-6368 I think the more of us who call, the better chance we have of getting refunds and stopping this scam before more people are ripped off.

    The silver lining to this whole dreadful Dealfind experience is the cooperation we are establishing with each other and our care for those who are still becoming victims of this scam.

    See my next email for info on how to go through your credit card company to begin a “dispute” with Dealfind which the credit card company will conduct on your behalf.

  • Laurel

    Maybe some good news to assuage some of our anger and disappointment over the scam Dealfind and Fabuless is perpetrating on unsuspecting victims:

    I can’t say all credit card companies will afford you the same courtesy and service, but American Express has just agreed to put a “temporary credit” on my account for the full $85 I paid Dealfind, even though I’ve already paid my Am Express bill that the Dealfind charge was on! The credit appears in my online account and I am told it will show up on my next Am Express bill.

    The Customer Service rep I spoke with invited me to open the dispute over the phone. She took down everything I told her and gave me a number with which I can refer to the dispute in future. She told me that Am Express will respond within 30 days, updating me on their progress with DealFind, and that the whole process should be completed within 8 weeks.

    She also told me that I can continue the dispute even if the product arrives because it is not as advertised.

    Am Express is open 24/7, so you can call them anytime to open a dispute. Maybe some of us with other credit card companies can try this route and come back to us with a report? We may have the last laugh yet when DealFind/Fabuless is defunded!

  • Melodie


    I was about to purchase this incredible deal today until I decided to do a quick reasearch about the product and I can’t get access to this website for some reason Fabulessproducts.com. It says «Forbidden
    You don’t have permission to access / on this server.Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request». I thought it was weird! but than I found this website with all these negative comments….thanks Trueler I could have been the next victim but I feel bad for the people that are still purchising this product.Thanks again

  • Stefano V

    all these complaints and tablets just keep selling,where do i sign up, fabuless is shattering sales records for dealfind!!

  • ugh

    ugh, i wish i found this site before. i bought the deal this afternoon but will be requesting a refund from dealfind. just found out about all the problems people are having with dealfind and fabuless from forum postings on dealfinds website (thank you very much people who posted it!). had issues with an online vendor from another deal site but they were very good about addressing my concerns and refunding right away. i hope dealfind is the same.

  • Dude

    They have finally closed and i hope to now get the message out to at least a few more people! But i know that 75% of people wont even read the comments.

  • Dude

    Nevermind. Not answering questions anymore but they are still actively censoring comments.

  • Savourmore

    Horrors! I too was attempting to access the Fabuless website to see if I could find out the status of my Dealfind order–now I realize I’m one of the many who was suckered by this deal. No such thing as a free lunch! Thanks everyone for the valuable info. Dealfind is good for deals on things like restaurants and spa services, but I certainly won’t be buying any more merchandise through them. I hope we all get our money back…

  • That Guy

    So glad I google everything and this came up before I spent my $$$.

  • Jen

    I also purchased this android last january 6, until now i haven’t receive it yet. they just replied thru automatic e-mail saying it should be aroun january 27/30.

  • belgian1

    Hi i purchased on of those tablets to me and a few people i know i am now going to try contacting dealfind. anyone had any luck getting a refund, and if they do not provide one i know a few lawyers which im going to ask about this. total bull.

  • Dude

    The android 5g doesn’t even exsist yet…argh these people piss me off.
    we need to get this stopped

  • Trueler

    Thanks everyone for comments and feedback! DealFind should really stop this outrageous “deal”…

    Here is a new information about the possible owner of Fabuless Products:



  • Dude

    Thank you Trueler!

  • Boo

    I’m still waiting. It says my order is still pending. I tried to go on fabuless website and it said it was forbidden, never seen that before. Let’s see if it shows up this week.

  • Dude

    Dealfind.com just went down across the board. Are they just trying to remove all the comments? Fabuless.com is also down. Could this be the end? :p

  • Just me

    Im going to forward this info onto some hacker friends in anonymous…maybe they can shut down deal find and fabuluss

  • Brian

    Hi everyone! I am so glad for people like you, who inform the public of SCAMS like this one. MAD RESPECT.

    I was momentarily pondering this deal, but I have a strict self imposed rule of NEVER buying anything off the internet until I do INTENSE research on the product and the vendor.

    I urge everyone to contact BBB and maybe get some MLA’s involved or something. I hope somewhere is getting the word out VIA social media, it is a great tool for these kinds of circumstances. FB Group anyone??

  • Nicole

    You need to know that your credit card company has policies in place for situations like these. When I didn’t receive my order and after numerous failed attempts at contacting the company, getting a tracking number that didn’t work (I think they just made one up to shut me up) I contacted Visa. I called Visa and they reversed the charge no problems. They said alot of people are unaware that we have online shopping protection policies in place for reasons like this. They do not find it acceptable to have to wait 30 days for an item and will reverse the charge, and all you have to do is deny the package at the door!!! Please be aware of these policies and protect yourself from scammers and online shopping!!!!! I made such a huge deal out of this that I actually shipped it to Toronto and dealfind gave me my money back!

  • Sylvia

    So I too was suckered into the Dec.26th 2011 Deal… still havent received my android and I tried calling Fabuless Products today again… and their phone line is now diconnected! ughhh

  • Jason Jay

    @sylvia: I just called Fabuless… the number isn’t disconnected, just seems to be automated message telling people to e-mail instead of call. Why are you posting lies?

  • Dealhunter

    Wow 4000+ IDIOTS bought this deal.

    What is it with you people? You see a “DEAL” and you jump all over it without doing some research and then you’re “SURPRISED” when the product A) SUCKS, B) doesn’t show up at your door or C) ALL of the above.

    People, TRY AND use some common sense when buying from groupbuy sites. If you’ve never heard of the product or the company, chances are it’s a mom & pap shop so ask yourself, “can they realistically handle 4000 orders”? Probably not.

    You know who’s having a good laugh at this? Apple directors who are sitting at home counting their money now because they know after you had this shitty experience trying to buy crap products the only next logical step for you is to GO OUT AND BUY AN IPAD. You’ve just saved them from having to market to 4000+ IDIOTS.

  • Salander

    wow, can i have a job researching for you? That would be my ideal job!

  • Laresha

    Did you know you can post on the FB wall of Dealfind?

  • Christa f

    Dealfind came out with yet another deal yesterday, this time it is “2.3″ somebody needs to stop them!

  • Dave

    No way would I buy an ipad… lol… I guess ipads are great for sheeple, but the Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 is a far better unit, without all the locked down operating system and apps that apple tries to force on you.

    Anyways… I got an email from fabuless today saying they got a complaint and would authorize the refund, but also said they had the unit to ship to me if I wanted to change my mind. Ya right…No thanks, refund the money please.

  • John

    FYI , they have posted this SAME deal AGAIN on DEALFIND
    will that company ever learn..

    I am currently trying to get my money back…

    thanks Trueler for being around .. keep up the good work!

  • Eric

    Before you all complain about DealFind “scamming” you.. Maybe you guys should have done your research first.

    As an avid Android fan, I know the difference between a good tablet and a bad one. This is obviously a bad one.

    Don’t expect to get a good Android Tablet that is running anything other then Android 3.0+. There are a few exceptions, the Viewsonic G-Tablet comes to mind. The only thing Dealfind is guilty of here is actually believing the Retail price for this tablet was $399.99. A tablet like this sells for much less then $100 at stores like TigerDirect, FactoryDirect, XS-Cargo.. etc. You can find them online for much less too.

    If this was the information given to Dealfind then FabuLESS is to blame, but maybe Dealfind themselves should of done better research on the tablet as well. When it comes to electronics, you all should know better then to just jump in and click buy. Lesson learned.

  • Jen

    Wow! I cannot believe this one! I bought 3 of these for my kids, and they ask me every day if I’ve received it yet. How do I tell my kids that this is a scam??? I sent 3 emails to fabuless and dealfind, requesting delivery dates, and today, I requested a full refund. Dealfind offered me DEALFIND DOLLARS!! what a friggin joke!!! As if I will ever buy from them again. I bought another raw deal from them just 2 weeks ago for laser hair removal – and the same thing there too .. What do they want me to do with over $550 worth of Dealfind Dollars???? oh I am really pissed! Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences .. and I sure hope we all get our money back on these raw deals.

  • SueQ

    Hi, YES you can reply on there FB Page and I encourage all of you to do so! When they first launched there page they posted info on how they are delight and concerned when it comes to customer service and mentioned that they have set-up a better customer service response system, Ha ha, what a joke and at that time I posted many messages on FB advising them that they don’t do there due diligence when selecting “Merchants” in which they choose to do deals for. I have never received any response back other than their default email email saying sorry for the inconvenience, or an actual phone caller request back from Management or someone of higher authority. This is when they responded that I should sent another email to their new and improved customer service option. I had sent many of my comments on their FB Page as they can’t delete what you have posted on their so I hope many take advantage of this option.

  • Dealhunter

    @ Eric,

    What Dealfind’s done here amounts to a scam and same with the other dealsites. You know why? It’s shady business practice to promote and pawn off a crappy product like this and then bail on your customers when disaster strikes.

    I’ve been inside Dealfind’s offices; it’s a rat race in there filled with hundreds of little mice doing their dirty work. You don’t think even a HANDFUL of them saw this product before hand and said, “geez, this product looks awful…we shouldn’t be selling this”.

    Of course not!! And you know why? Because Dealfind gets a nice cut from pawning this piece of crap to 4000+ idiots just by simply clicking the “Send” button on their email list. So yes, they should have an obligation to their database of subscribers.

  • Amanda

    I also noticed my tablet was shipped to me from BCC Ottawa Inc which seems to be a drop shipper.

    Dealfind WILL refund you if you have proof the item was returned to Fabuless. But they cannot assure you the refund postage will be covered.

    This is FAR different from the answer I got from Chelsea at Fabuless as she outright refused a refund, would only reship the item once I returned the defective once and I was to be on the hook to pay postage for their error. I will be fighting Andrew the owner for my return postage once they have my return.

  • SueQ

    I have been wanting to start up a site as of this one as I am tired of spending many hours dealing with the Merchants that DEALFIND SELLS DEALS FOR. I have had nothing but bad experiences with the vouchers I have purchase from them in the past 8 months. They need to be shut-down! Often these deals from companies end up being such a waste of time and a frustrating as all services I have purchased have gone back to dealfind for moneyback due to (2)NO SHOWS for each and every company. And in those circumstances, with a lot of negative comments from others they too resold deals from those Merchants again as in this case with Fabuless!

    I have learned you must research beforehand as there are more bad companies out there than good these days, and regarding this one saw the red flag by people complaints about non delivery of tablets.
    @ Dealhunter – I guess people assume that when purchasing these deals through Dealsites such as Dealfind(who use to have a good reputation) they assume these companies have already done there research/due diligence before they post these deals and offer a guarantee for money back! But I wouldn’t say they are good for spa deals either as they allow to many vouchers to be sold in which these Merchants can’t fulfill within a reasonable time frame(a year in some cases)!
    In the past, Dealfind was good, especially when it came to a refund but now you must watch out as they push for “Dealfind Dollars” instead of money back and if it is beyond the 30 day period, will only reimburse that way, so you have to purchase other subjectable deals from them.
    If we can get enough people together, we can put a stop on these companies from further fraudulent scams or misrepresentation of info product.

    Can someone post a complete list of where we should report these companies?
    Does anyone know if CoolDroids is affiliated with Fabuless?
    Visa did a chargeback on that fraudulent scam of a company so that is one way people can get there (non delivered product) money back.

    Thanks for info Trueler!

  • Trueler

    Jason Jay / J Holiday / Chelsea,

    Are you all three sure that you speak for different persons and not associated with the providers of this “fabuless” deal?


  • Jason Jay

    You can do all the research you like, but I can tell you that I am not an affiliate of Fabuless Products or DealFind. However, it is interesting to see how you automatically assume that just because I have nothing negative to say. I am simply speaking as a person looking on the outside in, and see that although things do look bad, consumers also do have to do their own due diligence, and not just purchase things blindly.

  • scott

    Can anyone tell me if they had any problems with another deal from Dealfind regarding the purchase of Laser Hair removal that they just had a few weeks back? I’m wondering if you ran into any problems and if so what they were…was it with the Dealfind or with the vendor company itself or was the deal okay. bought it for my daughter and worried about any problems she might have when she goes to use it next month. thanks a bunch.

  • Trueler


    I’m not assuming this because you have nothing negative to say. It’s another information which let me think this way…

    I always welcome feedback from businesses explaining the situation, unless it is a shill.

    For some reason, we have not heard anyone from Fabuless Products or DealFind here, so they probably think that everything is OK with this post and discussion.


  • Trueler

    Hi Scott,

    I’m aware of the following problems with Laser Hair removal deals (maybe not exactly the deal you purchased):
    - Hard time to book appointments
    - You go there several times, but no effect. Then they ask to purchase one additional session to get effect, then one more, and again…
    - Hidden fees
    - Business closed before you have a chance to use your voucher


  • Trueler

    Hi SueQ,

    In this “deal” there is at least an obvious violation of Consumer Protection Act. I think the Ministry of Consumer Services is the best place to start complaint process with:


    CoolDroids and Fabuless Products share the same picture of the product (see in this post) which seems like appear only on these two websites. Not really a proof…

    I remember there were serious problems with deals from CoolDroids. BBB also has something about them:


  • Trueler


    Thanks for your interest :) We do appreciate voluntary help with investigations and research. We don’t have any paid positions yet…


  • Dude

    I’ve set up a facebook group if anyone is interested in getting the message out on facebook.


  • Laurel

    Dude: Thank you for setting up the Facebook group! I’ve sent my request to be a member, and I hope lots of us post there.

    I’d also like to invite you and anyone else who is interested to go to Twitter and type #DealFindScam into the search box. It’s just getting started, but it may be another means to communicate since DealFind censors everything they don’t want their potential customers (victims) to hear.

  • Laurel

    The DealFind.com censor seems to be asleep tonight, so I’ve had a message re this scam up on their discussion board (just below their ad for the Google Android tablet) for a couple of hours instead of the usual 5 minutes they last before deletion. We all might try posting to their site after hours (8 p.m.).

    To get around their posting rules (questions only, no complaints) try using a question about the Android tablet offer, which is still being promoted by Dealfind. Ex: I’ve heard that a lot of people who’ve ordered this product from DealFind never received it. How can we be sure that after we send our money we’ll receive the product?

    The Facebook group and Twitter and especially Trueler’s site are really good resources. Let’s stay in touch so that all of us will come out of this with a lesson learned but not victimized.

  • Amanda

    Hi, I to just bought this deal myself yesterday..bought two..I paid with a pre paid credit card as I didn’t want to use my own where I have never bought anything from dealfind before..How do I put a stop to this?? please comment to my email as well as I might have trouble finding my post on here..thanks..

  • Trueler

    Hi Amanda,

    I guess it is possible to get refunds on prepaid credit cards as well. Is anyone aware of the opposite?

    Write/call to DealFind and request a refund for this deal as many people are doing now.


  • Lloyd

    Yes, there are some negative reviews about this tablet, as well as some positive ones. But in all fairness, a lot of the negative ones are posted by those expecting to get a $400 tablet for $100 or less. That is simply not going to happen, which is my biggest gripe with Fabuless and Dealfind. These companies are obviously trying to convince the gullible that they are going to get a $400 tablet for just $85, rather than simply offering the unit as a $85 unit, with no claim as to it having a much higher value.

    Notice on Amazon http://amzn.to/yQCELy that there are many identical as well as similar units for sale in the $60 to well over $100 range, but virtually none of them claim that they have a value more than the asking price. Also negative reviews are permitted as well as the positive ones, unlike Dealfind’s deceptive policy of removing any negative comments about the product or company. Customers should have all the true facts regarding an item, and not have them filtered so as to falsely present a product to be something vastly better (higher value) than it really is. So who would you rather trust? My vote is for Amazon.

    For those who have ordered product more than 30 days ago, and have not yet received it, regardless of where is was ordered from, should immediately contact their credit card company for a chargeback.

  • Carolyn

    I bought one of these on Dealfind from FabuLess on December 26th and have never YET gotten mine. All they give me are excuses. Now that the 30 days has passed, there’s a very good chance that Dealfind WILL NOT refund my money.

    I left a number of comments on the Dealfind sites to try and warn people NOT to buy this current deal but they kept on deleting them so it didnt do much good.

    I am looking for the right law enforcement agency in Ontario to contact to see if there’s any legal action we can take.

  • Dude

    when you ask a question they’ll snap a pre written answer back at you and then when they actually go back and read the post they delete ‘anything negative’

  • Lloyd

    @ Carolyn

    The best thing you can do to get your money back, is to contact your credit card provider, and do a chargeback due to item not being received. Dealfind and Fabuless Products are obviously 2 very deceptive and fraudulent companies which should be stopped.

    @ Trueler

    Chargebacks can be done with “most” prepaid MasterCard or Visa Cards just as they are done with any regular credit card. There are however some exceptions. Some of the prepaid Visa and American Express Gift cards that you can purchase at various grocery stores, drug stores, etc. cannot be reloaded. A chargeback (or refund) cannot be done with a card that cannot be reloaded.

  • Elizabeth

    I fell for the same scam with TeamBuy and CoolDroids. I believe that CoolDroids and FabuLess are one and the same scammers because of the similarities of my issues and the ones here. I have to say TeamBuy was very good at refunding my money though. Dealfind should be doing the same! I’ve also placed a dispute with Paypal for the extra charges. I find it hard to believe that Dealfind is actually running this again!

  • Trueler

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Some research I’ve done recently showed that most likely CoolDroids and FabuLess are different scammers. However they both are…


  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for the research Trueler. They sure have the same M.O.

  • Trueler

    I think I need to clarify one thing. There are the following posts on DealFind discussion board about this deal which is currently running:


    Zuzanna (Dealfind Admin)
    30-Jan-2012 4:58pm (NST)
    “Please refer to JJ’s comment today at 1:07pm (NST)! As much as we monitor our boards, http://trueler.com does the same.”

    Zuzanna (Dealfind Admin)
    31-Jan-2012 11:30am (NST)
    “@ Steph and Sue: Please refer to JJ’s comment yesterday at 1:07pm (NST)! As much as we monitor our boards, http://trueler.com does the same.”

    It seems like Zuzanna (Dealfind Admin) did not even bother to check, because all comments of JJ (Jason Jay here) are in place. Every single comment is hold in a moderation queue here in order to avoid spam. Positive and negative ones. Sorry for delays in approving comments.

    Basically Zuzanna (Dealfind Admin) posted and continue to post incorrect information about trueler.com on DealFind discussion board. Would you trust all other statements she makes about promises, shipment status, product information, etc…?


  • Lloyd

    @ Trueler

    FabuLess and CoolDroids are just 2 of many such companies. There may or may not be a connection between any of them. Essentially these companies are little more than 1 or 2 person operations, which are in the drop shipping business.

    What these companies normally do is affiliate themselves with so-called “deal” places such as Dealfind which sadly enough have the ability to generate huge sales volumes for them, based on deceptive product claims, filtering of any bad comments, etc.

    After the deal closes, these companies then provide the customer lists to their China counterparts which is turn are supposed to drop ship the ordered products directly to the customers. In other words, the items will come from China and not from the USA or Canada as we may be led to believe.

    The problems are multi-fold. Once they have your money, their shipping time estimates and other claims such as warranty, go out the window. Rarely will an order ever be received in less than 1 month regardless of claims to the contrary, and rarely will the item every be as advertised or expected.

    Products such as this $85 Tablet is not worth a penny more than the $85 asking price, if that. Such products are manufactured in the cheapest possible way. There is no warranty and no support on them, regardless of claims to the contrary. Also they are NOT true Android tablets. The software used is simply a hacked version (not licensed) with only some parts of it actually working.

    In any event, getting a refund is not as easy as they make it sound. Even when a refund is possible through such places as Dealfind, you will first have to send the Tablet (item) back to China, and provide proof of having done so. This will mean shipping the item back with tracking and proof of delivery to China. This will cost you close to 40-50% of what you pay for the tablet in the first place…money which will not be refunded.

    So people have a choice…keep the crappy unit for the $85 paid for it, or send it back and lose $30-40 on the deal for return shipping costs that will not be refunded…even if you are lucky enough to get a refund of your original amount.

    Sadly, this is how such companies operate. They scam people out of their hard earned money, knowing very well that most people, even though very unhappy with their purchase, will do little if anything about it. Such companies, and those who support them, should be stopped.

  • SueQ

    Thanks for your input and info Trueler, I was about tho copy and paste their statements to you as it is very obvious that they don’t do research!

  • Lloyd

    Here is a typical complaint posted on Dealfind and the response to it…

    Sonia – Mississauga
    31-Jan-2012 8:43am (MST)

    Finally got my tablet yesterday from the December deal… funny you have a 30 days return policy and my product arrived 33 days after I purchased it (3 days too late to return it), the product doesn’t meet my expectations. Honestly this product is not worth the $85, no quality at all but never mind that… it doesn’t even work properly, it doesn’t make any sounds, not with speakers or anything else. How can I have it changed if not returned? Please advise, is there any warranty that comes with it? and how can I activate it. Thank you.

    Zuzanna (Dealfind Admin)
    31-Jan-2012 8:47am (MST)

    Hello Sonia!

    Thanks for your post!

    We apologize that you are not satisfied with your product. Please remember that all purchases made on Dealfind are backed by the Dealfind Promise: Nothing is more important to us than ensuring all of our customers are happy. If you feel disappointed with any­thing you bought from Dealfind, let us know within 30 days and we’ll return your purchase. After the 30 days, we do look at every single situation on an individual, case by case basis. Please call us at 1-855-631-6368 or visit our Contact Us Page at http://www.dealfind.com/contact-us.php and fill in a request form so that we may better assist you.

    Take care and happy Dealfinding!

    Customer Satisfaction Expert

  • Dude

    ugh that response pissed me off so much.

  • Kim

    I fell for this scam without doing my research yesterday morning, and bought vouchers for 2 of the tablets. By the evening, I had a bad feeling about the whole thing and did my research only to stumble upon this website. I called DealFind, and asked for a refund because I realized that so many people were unhappy with Fabuless and their product (or lack thereof) from the previous deal in December, and they agreed to reverse the charges with no other questions asked, but said it may take 10 business days for the charges to be reversed with Visa. After all of the headaches people on here have gone through, I hope the charges are indeed reversed, and this really IS over…

  • Lloyd

    Here is a copy of another very interesting dialog between a dissatisfied customer and Dealfind…

    Tony – Winnipeg
    31-Jan-2012 2:07pm (EST)


    when you say “30 days and we’ll return your purchase”…. do you mean from the time we actually receive the product? or from the time we placed the order?…. and….. will Dealfind cover the cost to ship the product back?… I hope you answer this because it seems to weigh heavy on a lot of your customers on this thread.

    Zuzanna (Dealfind Admin)
    31-Jan-2012 2:15pm (EST)

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for your post!

    The 30 day money back guarantee is from the day you purchase the voucher. After the 30 days, we do look at every single situation on an individual, case by case basis. Unfortunately, Dealfind will be unable to assume any costs regarding return shipping, however, we will be more than happy to assist you in the process :)

    Take care and happy Dealfinding!

    Customer Satisfaction Expert

    Tony – Winnipeg
    31-Jan-2012 2:19pm (EST)

    I am very unhappy with this policy.

    First of all, the merchant has total control as to how long they will take before we get the product!…what if it takes 33 days before we get the tablet…then that means Dealfind has every right “not” to honour money back guarantee?

    secondly… Dealfind customers are on the hook for paying their own shipping costs?….that is bogus!… the shipping costs could be worth more than the piece of junk!… VERY DISPLEASED….

    Zuzanna (Dealfind Admin)
    31-Jan-2012 2:23pm (EST)

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for your post!

    After the 30 days, we do look at every single situation on an individual, case by case basis. Please call us at 1-855-631-6368 or visit our Contact Us Page at http://www.dealfind.com/contact-us.php and fill in a request form so that we may better assist you.

    Take care and happy Dealfinding!

    Customer Satisfaction Expert

    Having read this dialog, no one in their right mind should ever want to deal with such companies as Dealfind or Fabuless. It should be clear that these companies are based on little more than fraud and deceit. In other words, they are simply in the business of taking advantage of those who unfortunately are led to believe that they are getting something that they are clearly not, and on others who may not know exactly what to do if and when something goes wrong. As a result, more often than not, these customers do get scammed…they lose their money with nothing of value to show for it.

  • Dealhunter

    Wow, up to 5000+ idiots now. Amazing. There really should be an “Idiots Guide to Groupbuys”.

  • Trueler

    Thanks Lloyd. Taking into account other wrong information which DealFind provides, nobody should rely on a positive resolution after 30 days in case of any problems with the product. They just say it in order to sell more “deals”. Even before 30 days pass, if customer already submitted voucher for redemption, I doubt that DealFind will keep their “promise” and refund (if customer figure out that it was a scam)…

    By “wrong information” I mean, for example, their claim that they are screening potential merchants. How did they screen Fabuless Products? It takes less than 5 minutes to understand that they violate Consumer Protection Act:


    14. (1) It is an unfair practice for a person to make a false, misleading or deceptive representation

    Examples of false, misleading or deceptive representations

    (2) Without limiting the generality of what constitutes a false, misleading or deceptive representation, the following are included as false, misleading or deceptive representations:

    11. A representation that a specific price advantage exists, if it does not.

    DealFind and Fabuless Products advertize $314 price advantage which does not exist at all. This product is available on the market for about $80 with Express shipping and brokerage fees included:



    In two months (when it will be received from Fabuless Products) it will be even cheaper.

    Moreover, DealFind is aware of this, but continue to run the deal! It means that they completely ignore screening process even when customers provide information to them.

    It’s not the first case. Some time ago it was a deal for 32GB memory cards:


    When deal was running, DealFind was aware that the merchant was going to send fake 8GB cards instead of 32GB cards with Toshiba chip, but they continued to run the deal and sold thousands of them…


  • Trueler


    I think people are buying this “deal” because they can’t even imagine that so “reputable” and popular daily deal website like DealFind which was featured by mass media can let them down. They are not idiots, DealFind make them to appear in this way…


  • Mike

    I purchased one of the vouchers (that cannot be used until Feb 5th).

    Thnkfully, I found this website and also did further research. Strange that you can find no favourable comments on Fabuless or Deal Find but plenty of negative.

    I think most people were very aware that they weren’t buying a top grade tablet but are pissed because they feel scammed.

    I contacted Deal Find by email two days ago and they contacted me by phone today saying they would return purchase price to my credit card. i also got a confirmation email stating the same.

    I feel that I had a lucky reprieve and it has not put me off searching for good deals. I will now be more wary and do far more research first. Thanks for useful info and tips.

    I would like to hear if anyone has received one of these tablets and is pleased with it. i have been unable to find anyone so far.

  • Just me

    I will never order from Deal Find again. They are justvas unethical as fabuless products for running this deal not once or twice but at least three times. People still havent received their tablets from first run.

  • Dawn

    They’ve asked me to give them 2 weeks (next Friday) and if I don’t get it to call them not the credit card company. I “thought” I heard her say they get charged if you go through the credit card company. Is this correct? Does anyone know?

  • Trueler


    As far as I know, credit card charge back is one of the last things any business may want. Financial institution may also start an investigation, and for sure will put a mark that there are problems with the business which may definitely affect them in the future.


  • Jen

    I just receive mine today. The wifi is not working. i feel like I’m going to smash it, but then I thought I bought it for $85 plu $11 tax.

  • Trueler

    @Jen: request a refund from DealFind, write this to their discussion board, so people can see how they treat customers on a case by case basis after 30 days. Let us know the result.


  • Trueler

    Here is another “7 inch Google Android 2.3 New Infortm via8650 Tablet Pc 1ghz CPU Flash 4G” for US $71.04 (with air shipping and all fees included).


    It is about $71.40 CAD with Air shipping and fees included.


  • Christina

    I bought into this deal and am so disappointed! I just received the tablet today (no tracking number or anything, it just appeared on my doorstep) It sucks big time! The wifi only works if I’m sitting next to my wireless router! FabuLess won’t get back to me and Dealfind is less than helpful. I would try to get my money back but they’ll charge me to ship it back, debating just saying I never got it haha. Any suggestions would be appreciated. No more DealFind for me!

  • Laurel

    Update: It seems like our outcries to Dealfind are making a difference! Today I received an email from Dealfind saying that they understand (after 5 phone calls and 2 emails) that I want to CANCEL my order for this piece of junk and that I will receive a refund (they don’t say when). They also say that they are cancelling my order, which hopefully means I won’t be receiving this crappy piece of plasti and having to figure out how to dispose of it.

    However, they are still advertising this absolutely phoney deal, and they are still censoring comments (deleting them and editing them) so we can’t warn future victims based on our experiences.

    Plus, now I have to begin to figure out how to get the bogus handling and taxes fee back which was $11.00 in the U.S, not just in Canada. Has anyone figured out who/where
    “Andrew” the recipient is–that is Andrew of Fabuless Products with the duplicitous set of last names?

    I paid with Am Express instead of PayPal, so I’m going to ask the for an investigation and refuse to pay the charge. Curious if any of you have gone this route with Am Express.

    Kudos again to Trueler for helping us all to sort out this mess. I set up a hashtag on Twitter=
    #DealFindScam which includes a shortened URL for this Trueler site. Please help tweet it to all of your followers!

    Even if we figure a way out of this scam, I hope we will all remain committed to helping current and future scam victims. And, please, let’s use every opportunity to advocate for consumer protection. Let’s make sure Dealfind and Fabuless do not continue to get away with this!

  • Angela

    I only learned about this today because a co-worker paid for the voucher this weekend. Which surprised me because usually he is so good with his money. He had been admiring my iPad and wanted to believe he could get the same thing for under a $100.

    If this were true then Apple, Samsung and all the other tablet manufactures would be charging considerably less. The Kindle Fire is priced a little closer at $199 but it doesn’t do nearly as much as the more expensive tablets do. My point being is you get what you pay for and if everyone remembered that old adage when purchasing an item the thieves would be out of business.

    This is not meant to make anyone feel worse than they already do, and not to sound trite but if it sounds to good to be true than it probably is. These people pray on others who think they can get something for nothing or close to it. Sorry for all the old adages but they are so true. Believe me I’ve learned the hard way.

  • I am ashamed at myself. I’m a geek who owns a computer repair company. I thought it was a good deal so I ordered it, of course I found this site minutes after. I emailed Deal Find and asked for a refund and to cancel the order.

  • Tanya

    Call your credit card for a refund. I called mine and they said Dealfind breached the deal buy not delivery in the required time and because they chnaged the conditions of the deal after it was closed. I had to fax then a copy of the voucher and they began a complaint process against dealfind and gave me my money. Dealfind responsed to my request for a refund by simply saying “your tablet should arrive this week”. Obviously no intent of refunding my money. My friend and I both put a complaint in with the Better Business Bureau and Dealfind has already contacted her and has agreed to credit her the money. I expect a similar response as soon as they receive my complaint.

  • Trueler

    Thanks Tanya!

  • Christina

    How can I get a refund if I already have the product? They said I’ll have to pay to ship it back. I really don’t want to be in the hole any more money for this thing.

  • Tuffkat

    Thanks folks! I got suckered too (x2) and will now call VISA to get a chargeBack going and will also contact PayPal to lodge a dispute. Your advise has been extraordinary. Can’t say I’m not disappointed cause my wife and I were really ‘hoping’ it was as they stated “a $399 tablet.” Put this one down as wisdom for the future (and unfortunately a decrease in trust of humanity)

  • Tuffkat

    btw – the address listed at the BBB for Fabuless products is 1036-15 Iceboat Terrace
    Toronto, ON M5V 4A5
    and they…of course…are not accredited. Also, VISA said they could not order a ChargeBack because Dealfind delivered the coupon, which is what they agreed to do. They did recommend that I contact Consumer Protection Ontario (T.O. # 416-327-8300) because they had more legal power. If they find a discrepancy, then it may be possible to get refunded.

  • SueQ

    I check out Dealfinds FB page today and it’s full of angry people regarding many deals they have ran. Maybe word is finally getting out on this company and “It’s so called deals”!

  • Dawn

    I can’t find that facebook page. What is it called exactly? I see Toronto & Halifax Dealfind, but nothings posted on those sites. thanks

  • Dude


    Dealfinds facebook page that isn’t associated with a certain city.

  • Pissed Off

    CHELSEA and JASON DO work for Fabuless (fabufraud) I have at least 10 emails to prove it. Chelsea was assuring me I would have the tablet by Jan. 28, and my invoice is sitting on her desk to refund the Canada tax I was charged. Neither ever happened! Thanks so much Trueler!

  • Dawn

    What do you mean by Canadian Tax? I paid a tax. Fill me in please.

    Thanks Dude for the facebook link.

  • Boo

    @ Angela. they said the tablet was worth 399 dollars so one would think it would be good quality. That is what deal find is, good deals but at the regular price of the product. If I bought a coupon for a a pedicure for 79% off, will it now be a crapy pedicure because I got it for cheap?

  • Eigoy


    I bought this deal last Jan 29 and read this blog and immediately emailed them for full refund and took some of your advice. They emailed back on Jan. 30th and said they gave me ful refund and will reflect 5-10 days. Today feb. 2nd I received full cashback and I’m very happy and thankful that I came across this site.

    Here’s dealfinder email:

    Thank you for your patience.

    Your refund has been processed! It will take approximately 5 – 10  
    business days to appear on your credit card account.

    Please note that all transactions are final once the transaction is  

    We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for using Dealfind!

    Best Regards,

    Customer Satisfaction Expert

    note: just be nice to them :D

  • Eigoy

    Here’s another email from dealfind

    Thank you for your patience.

    Your refund has been processed! It will take approximately 5 – 10  
    business days to appear on your credit card account.

    Please note that all transactions are final once the transaction is  

    We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for using Dealfind!

    Best Regards,

    Customer Satisfaction Expert

  • Eigoy

    I’m sorry, here’s the right email:

    Hello Valued Dealfind Customer,

    We are writing to notify you of the $85 for a 7 Inch Google Android 2.3 Tablet Including Shipping from Fabuless Products ($399 Value) deal purchased January 29th – February 5th, 2012. We apologize for the errors on the deal page with the shipping and technical specifications.  We take full responsibility for the miscommunication, and would like to clarify the deal.

    The voucher is for a 7-inch VIA VM8650 Google Android 2.3 tablet with an HDMI output, 5-hour battery life, 4GB of hard drive storage, and a resistive single touch screen that is 800×480.  (Please visit
    http://fabulessproducts.com/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=google%202.3&product_id=144 for specifications of this product.)

    Due to the errors, we have improved this already fabulous deal to include taxes and the handling fee in the voucher price of $85!

    You may begin to redeem the vouchers on Sunday, February 5th, 2012.  In order to redeem your voucher, please visit http://www.Dealfind.com and sign in to your account, go to My Dealfind and My Vouchers and click on the Order Number to redeem your new voucher, which will have your redemption link.

    In order to redeem your voucher, please click on the redemption link on the new voucher and fill in the information to process your order!  Once you click on ‘Redeem’, the merchant will receive the information and begin to process your order.  Please allow 15-21 business days for delivery once the voucher has been redeemed.

    If you do not receive the product after the 21 business days from the date you redeem your order, please email fabulesstracking@dealfind.com and include the following information: first name, last name, and mailing address to where the product was shipped to; or give us a call on our toll free number at 1-855-631-6368 and we will be more than happy to assist you.   We will provide shipping information and a tracking number for you to track your tablet.

    Dealfind goes to great lengths to provide our customers with excellent service, and an excellent experience with our merchants. As per the Dealfind Promise, nothing is more important to us than ensuring all of our customers are happy.  

    If you feel that this is not the right deal for you, please contact us prior to the deal closing to request a refund, no questions asked, at http://www.dealfind.com/contact-us.php include ‘Fabuless Refund’ in the Subject to expedite a response.

    Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  You can continue to rely on us to find you great deals!

    Thank you for using Dealfind.

    The Dealfind Team

  • Lloyd

    This e-mail I received from Dealfind just breaks me up.


    Thank you for your response.

    We apologize you do not agree with the price set by the
    merchant. They sell this product on their website for that
    price, it is not a value made up by Dealfind.

    We understand your concerns with this product, however as
    mentioned on the deal page the forum is for specific
    questions about the product for customers to receive more
    information. It is not a forum for discussing personal
    opinions or experiences.

    We can assure you Dealfind.com is not a fraudulent company.
    We understand your concerns and apologize you do not agree
    with the current deal. However, if you continue to post we
    will be forced to suspend your dealfind account.

    We would like to avoid this if possible, please refrain from posting negative comments.

    The Dealfind Team

    Imagine if all companies suspended customer accounts for complaining about their products. I suspect there would not be very many companies left around.

  • Sabrina G

    Received mine yesterday and It’s actually not that bad of an tablet, I have a more expensive one. But this one is very nice and lag is minimal. My daughter uses it to play angry birds,Skype, watch movies, take pics, and go on barbie.com.. She loves it and in my opinion its worth every penney.. I ordered two today for my nephews..

  • Marc

    Hey thats good news Sabrina! Was your from the dec26 2.2 deal?

  • Thankful

    WOW! I am so thankful I took a moment to do a quick search. I had two tablets in my cart ready to go!

    Clearly it is not defined whose manufactured tablet you are receiving and what the quality of that product is. For $85 it’s not a bad deal for my two kids to have to watch their movies, youtube, angry birds and fruit ninja but if the tablet isn’t responding the way the other tablets they use are, then it’s just not worth it because they will toss it aside to use a better quality product.

    Thanks for taking the time to do such in depth research and sharing it with us.

  • dawn

    @ Lloyd, wow that’s interesting.

    Did you receive your tablet already? My guess is you did and that is why you received that (nothing for them to loose), as they already know your most likely not returning as a customer anyways.

    I haven’t received that email nor have I received the tablet!

  • Laresha

    Oh man, Lloyd…..shout that garbage from the rooftops! POST IT EVERYWHERE!!!!I hope you told them where to put their account.

  • Lloyd

    @ Thankful

    In reality, if one is not too pickly, they don’t want to shell out several hundred dollars for a brand name tablet, and can put up with a little frustration when things are not quite working as expected, $85 delivered is really not a bad a price for one of these tablets (assuming of course you actually receive a working unit).

    Don’t however expect it to be worth much more than the $85. It is not remotely close in quality or functionality to a $399 tablet, nor even a $199 tablet for that matter. Its “value” is greatly overstated since virtually everyone is selling them for less than $100. It may very well be listed on the Fabuless website for $399, but I would extremely doubt that they ever sold a single unit for much more than the current Dealfind offer of $85.

    It should however also be noted that this unit has no real warranty, since even to get it repaired or replaced, would involve shipping it back to China, being able to prove delivery, and then taking your chances that you would ever hear from them again. Sadly, there are really no laws to protect consumers in such situations.

    @ dawn

    I did not order one. I did some research beforehand, and passed on the deal as soon as I saw that it was just a another cheap unit being drop shipped from China like so many others available elsewhere for around the same price.

  • Dealhunter

    Lloyd, even if this thing WAS working properly, your perceived value of $85 is WAY OVER stated. This piece of junk wouldn’t even be worth $30.

  • Jeff

    Just purchased 2 of these vouchers MINUTES before seeing this website.

    Called Dealfind right away and had them cancel my order. They were able to do so since the deal was still on going.

    Thanks TRUELER, I’m thankful for this lol

  • Trueler

    Here is one thing. The customer pays $85 for this Tablet including taxes, handling and shipping.

    Usually 50% of the amount goes to DealFind, another 50% (minus credit card transaction fee) goes to the merchant. Sometimes merchant negotiate better share with daily deal companies. I think it would be fair enough to assume that approximately $45 goes to Fabuless Products for each purchased voucher.

    From this $45 Fabuless Products have to:

    - Pay HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) to the Government (another tax in US if applicable). Depending on the province in Canada it varies from $4.25 to $12.75 for $85 purchase.
    - Pay EHF (Environmental Handling Fee) to the Government of Canada. $1.20 in Alberta and British Columbia; $0 in Quebec, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland; $2.10 in Nova Scotia; $0.70 in Ontario; $2.10 in Prince Edward Island; $3.00 in Saskatchewan.
    - Spend money on shipping. $10-$15 by Regular Canada Post depending on destination.
    - If it’s a dropship, probably the same price for shipping from China if you order 10000 of Tablets
    - Make some profit… $10? $5? $1?

    Not too much left to purchase an actual Tablet. Based on the above calculations it is $5-$30 per Tablet depending on situation… (some real truth in the last comment from Dealhunter)

    For example, $85 – $40(DealFind) – $2(transaction fee) – $11.05(HST for Ontario) – $0.70(EHF) – $15(shipping) – $10(Fabuless profit) = $6.25 per Tablet

    Well. Even if DealFind takes 40% and the “value for duty” is below $20 and Fabuless Products agree to less profit, it is still only about $20 per Tablet

    Can someone help to figure out what kind of Tablet PC can be ordered at $20/piece if buying 10,000?

    Can it really be “7-inch VIA VM8650 Google Android 2.3 tablet with an HDMI output, 5-hour battery life, 4GB of hard drive storage, and a resistive single touch screen that is 800×480″?


  • Lauren

    Hi everyone. So I have repeatedly asked and not received a response to the simple question that if I don’t receive what I ordered (since they have changed what it is repeatedly, and none of the links match what they are stating is the item would I be able to return it free of charge.

    I also contacted Olsen on your side at CTV and have heard back, they are quite interested in this as there have been numerous complaints.

    I suggest contacting CTV or your respective local news and lets see what they turn up!

    I also emailed Dealfind and let them know I had been speaking to the media and asked for a strait answer on my question.

    Sounds like dealfind is running bogus ‘deals’ all the time.

  • Lloyd

    @ Dealhunter

    I’ve seen many similar units. A number of merchants here in Chinatown (Toronto) have them for sale. Most of them really are worth $85.

    @ Trueler

    Some of your numbers are way off…

    1) Dealfind normally only takes a 20% commission on physical product sales. Higher commissions usually only apply to the sale of non-product service items, such as Spa and fitness memberships, health and beauty treatments, auto detailing, and other such services, etc.

    2) Shipping costs from Hong Kong are only a small fraction of North American rates, with even registered mail costing just $1 more. In this case the rate will likely be only $3-4 per unit. These incredible rates are negotiated by large merchants with the Post Office in China, in much the same manner as companies like Amazon and Chapters have made similar deals here in Canada and the USA with Canada Post and the USPS respectively. These companies end up paying only a small fraction of the normal rates that the average consumer would have to pay.

    3) These tablets can be manufactured in China for less than $10 per item, in much the same manner as a brand name Designer shirt which sells on the rack here for $70-80, can be produced in Hong Kong for approximately $1.

    It would likely shock you to know that genuine Apple iPads are produced in China for somewhere in the $30-40 range depending on the model. Why do you think that of Apple’s 110,000 plus employees worldwide, 100,000 of them are in China? It’s called outsourcing to where parts and labor are so much cheaper than at home.

  • Marc


    I do believe that it can have all those parts for that price. I was in China last year and you wouldnt believe how cheap some of these knock offs are. Not exactly computer stuff, but my wife got a “canada goose” down jacket with real fur for maybe 50$. The jacket is well made. And they still made profit of the sale otherwise they wouldnt have sold it. Not to mention the watches that I got for 20$ that are still working like new. Not really tablet talk but there are amazing deals to be had in china!

  • Dawn

    Anyone else not able to access the 2.3 deal? I get an error when I click on it. I must say I am HAPPY to see the number of sold tablets has dropped to 6078 it was 7901 4 hours ago! Thanks to this site and everyone warning people. Should be alot lower, but I’m sure it’ll continue to drop as people stumble upon this site as I did.

  • Lloyd

    @ Lauren

    Unfortunately what Dealfind and many companies like it are doing, is not considered fraud under the law. Fraud only takes place when a company accepts money from a customer with no intention of every delivering the item or service contracted and paid for. The fact that the item offered does not have a value greater than, or even equal to the money paid, does not constitute fraud under the law. This is really no different than a store like Winners offering a designer item for $30-40 and stating on the ticket… compare at $100. In reality the item was likely never sold for anywhere close to the “compare at” price.

    Frankly, it really is a simple matter of buyer beware. People need to use more common sense when looking at these sites and their offers. This $85 tablet offer is really no different than the Spa which offers a so-called deal for $39 which is claimed to have a value of over $3000.

    Here is another recent example on Dealfind…

    $199 for 1 Year of Unlimited Laser Hair Removal Sessions on 3 Body Parts of Your Choice and a 30 Minute Chemical Facial Peel at HealthMedica Canada (Up to $5,540 Value)

    Price: $199
    Value: $5,540
    You save: $5,341

    Now anyone who for a split second thinks that they are going to receive services with a value anywhere remotely close to the claimed value of $5,540 or even $1,540 for that matter, sadly enough has more than a few marbles missing. It is simply not going to happen…not now…not ever.

  • Trueler

    Hi Lloyd,

    1) I’m wondering, were did you get this number – 20% commission for physical product sales? It does not make sense. Have you sold anything on deal sites? :)

    2) If Fabuless ordered stuff to their “warehouse”, they still need to ship inside Canada or US. If it comes directly from China, Canada Post or USPS are still involved, and for a box with approximate dimensions of 25x15x7cm weighted about 600g, $3-4 per unit is not realistic. For example, from Toronto to Hong Kong the cost is $16.60 (from Canada Post website) with regular ground/sea delivery for average consumer. Big sellers probably could agree on $15 rate from there to here.

    3) Manufacturing price is different from selling. They (who sell this stuff to Fabuless) want to make profit, have to advertize themselves which cost money as well, and make an effort to stay on the market in front of other sellers which also cost them money. It forms the market price in China. The dropship I could find online was $50 with free shipping when you buy in bulk. But it still does not fit the budget of Fabuless Products.

    What do you mean by “producing genuine Apple iPads”? $30-40 does not make sense at all. BTW, number of Apple employees is 60,400, not 110,000.

    Regarding your reply to Lauren. When the company sends a worthless item it is also a fraud. Deceptive/false advertisement is also a serious violation and should be prosecuted. Inflated “value of the product” is a violation of Consumer Protection Act. It’s a law!

    Lloyd, please check information you post next time! Thanks for understanding :)


  • Trueler

    Thanks Mark. I know how amazing some deals are in China for sure!

  • Lauren

    Ya. The news are stoked to dig into it, it’s a good story and exposure would really be a pain in this companies ass. Reading about how many items like this they have sold is shocking. They are absolutely unethical. I mean sell whatever you want, I may even still want a questionable tablet. My $800 iPhone was probably made in the same place. I just don’t like being told something inaccurate deceitfully to put money in the pocket of some fat cat. So make the fat cat squirm I say.

    And absolutely, from what info I’m receiving from them there certainly is fraud.

  • Aims

    I am so dissappointed!! I always do research on purchases, but maybe I’m just one of those naive, trusting Canadians?
    Even after reading every single one of these posts, I’m wondering….could the 2.3 tablet be of better quality than the 2.2?

  • Trueler


    Thanks for contacting mass media and your participation!

    I hope that this time it will give some effect. If you are not aware about “The Butchers” deal in the past, you may find it interesting:

    In that case mass media was also contacted, they even made several stories on TV, radio, and newspapers, but absolutely with no effect. “The Butchers” just changed their name to “Marlon’s Meat” and operating now at the same location. Without any charges for fraud. Many people still have unused vouchers which they can’t redeem or refund (after almost one year!)…

    Bringing this “Fabuless” case by media companies may possibly just turn into advertisement of DealFind who will blame Fabuless Products for providing them wrong information about the products and its price… Just thinking…


  • Lloyd

    @ Trueler

    1) My information is based on commission rates stated within an actual sales package.

    2) These tablets are shipped directly from China (Hong Kong). Due to International Mail Delivery Agreements, this really has nothing to do with rates charged by either Canada Post or the USPS. Under International Agreements both Canada Post and the USPS deliver incoming mail from China free of charge, just as any mail sent to China from Canada or The USA is delivered in China by China Post free of charge.

    The bulk rate for a small parcel (up to 1 kilo) from China to Toronto is under $4.00. Don’t try and justify a higher rate by comparing it what it would cost to ship a single item from Toronto to China. It does not work that way, nor will you ever find “best” rates for bulk shipments ever posted on any official website. Such rates are never published. They are secretly negotiated on a case by case basis. Did you know for example that Amazon pays just over $2.00 to ship a parcel upto 5 pounds anywhere within North America? How else do you think they could possibly sell $25 work of books and other items, and offer free shipping when they only make between 10 and 40 percent on sales?

    3. Fabuless is most likely dealing directly with the manufacturer, especially when we are talking quantities in the 12,000+. That would be considered a large order for almost any China manufacturer.

    With regards to the number of Apple employees, the number you are referring to (60,400) refers to “60,400 full time equivalent employees” meaning that part-time employees are consolidated so as to arrive at a full-time employee count. In other words, for every 2,000 part-time employees that Apple employees in its stores, etc. who work on average say 20 hours per week (50% of the week), those 2,000 part-time employees would be counted as just 1,000 full-time employees. The 110,000 number actually came from one of the recent US Presidential debates.

    As for what the law specifically states regarding consumer purchases, you would likely be shocked to know just how very few effective laws there are to protect consumers. I would however invite anyone to consult with a lawyer in their area, and present all the facts to him. He will more than likely tell you as I have…that while the practices of both Dealfind and Fabuless can certainly be considered somewhat unscrupulous, as long as the product is delivered and has physical specs which match what was offered, and for the price offered, no law has been broken.

    It is not against the law to sell merchandise with less quality than what is expected by the customer, unless of course, that quality renders the product unsafe for use. Nor is it against the law to sell a product for whatever the market will pay for it. Sure, some companies will be more than happy to offer a exchange/refund if their customer is not happy, but many companies will not. Under the law, provided the item is received by the customer in working condition, and it is physically as advertised, the vendor is not obligated to do anything further, subject of course to any specific Terms and Conditions outlined in any warranty offered, and subject also to various consumer protection laws aimed at protecting the consumer from potential product hazards, etc. Such laws however do not, nor are they intended to protect the consumer with regards to product value.

    Determining real value or fair market value is up to the buyer, not the seller. That is the meaning of the legal term “Caveat Emptor”…Let the Buyer Beware! Now I know there are some who want to disagree with me on this. Fine, it’s anyone’s prerogative to do so. But doing so will not change the facts. Good luck! :)

  • Trueler

    Hi Aims,

    Some time ago we could trust virtually everyone and everything in Canada, but things unfortunately changed…

    Here is the difference of 2.3 Android Operating System vs. 2.2 Android OS (look for section “2.3″ with the list of improvements):


  • Trueler

    Thanks Lloyd for the explanation, but I’m wondering, where do you get “the facts” other than “US Presidential debates”? Could you provide some more reliable sources?

    Actually it does not really matter except for two things (especially the second one).

    1) Commission which DealFind takes. There were many claims by the merchants that deal sites take 50%. Some smaller deal sites take less after negotiations. You may search for it in the Internet. Where does it go:
    - Affiliate commission. For products it approximately varies from 10% to 20%. You may check it on DealFind.com. For this deal it was 8.2%
    - Risks associated with future refunds due to problematic deals
    - Salaries to employees
    - A lot of advertisement
    - Transaction fees
    - Office rental
    - Telecommunication
    - Other operational costs
    - Securing 31 million dollars
    So, 50% commission really does make sense. But not 20%…

    2) Here is the law (I’ve already posted it):

    Consumer Protection Act


    14. (1) It is an unfair practice for a person to make a false, misleading or deceptive representation

    Examples of false, misleading or deceptive representations

    (2) Without limiting the generality of what constitutes a false, misleading or deceptive representation, the following are included as false, misleading or deceptive representations:

    11. A representation that a specific price advantage exists, if it does not.


  • Lloyd

    @ Trueler,


    I think you will find that even with a 20% commission on this deal, there would still be 5-10% profit for Dealfind. Remember most of the expenses you listed are spread out over thousands of deals, and hundreds of thousands of transactions, not just one deal with a few transactions.

    The biggest single expense may indeed appear to be Affiliate commissions at 8.2%, but in reality it is not. Only roughly 10-20% of deals sold are likely recorded as being sold through Affiliates, especially since you cannot earn a commission by purchasing through your own affiliate link. There are a number of reasons for this low effective affiliate payout, such as ineffective tracking, buyer cookies being turned off or filtered, deliberate removal of affiliate tracking codes from within a link by the buyer, potential customers who click on affiliate links but who are already Dealfind members, etc., etc., etc.

    So you see the stated affiliate commission rate of 8.2% likely falls to somewhere in the 1-2% range over all transactions. Also Dealfind does not pay out any commissions until at least $20 have been earned. In reality, only a very small fraction of affiliates will ever earn that $20.

    Dealfind will maintain a significant hold back for a period of time against the potential risk of chargebacks, etc. so Dealfind will not be at risk here.

    Transaction fees also will be extremely low given Dealfind’s monthly sales volume…perhaps as low as 1% I would estimate.


    Re: CPA Section 14. (1) 11.

    “11. A representation that a specific price advantage exists, if it does not.”

    I think you will find that the meaning of “Price Advantage” in this context is completely different from estimated “value”.

    No customer of Dealfind has a “Price Advantage” over another customer. Everyone pays the same price.

    I think you will find that the only way Dealfind would be in violation of that section of the Act, is if they claimed to be offering the Tablet to a specific number of their customers for $85, while the rest of their customers would pay much more, whereas in reality, everyone paid the same $85.

    Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that Dealfind is not the Tablet merchant. They are only a middleman between Fabuless and Dealfind customers. Dealfind is not selling tablets. In this case they are merely selling a coupon which can be exchanged for a tablet. Under the law, that point makes a huge difference.

    The actual “value” of the table may be set by Fabuless or it may be set by a distributor or even the manufacturer. Estimated value really plays no legal part here. Value and MSRP are considered somewhat the same. Rarely are products ever sold at their MSRP because the number, more often than not, had no real meaning and does not represent “true” market value. Again it is up to the customer to determine “true” value.

    Remember also, that large organizations such as Dealfind have a team of lawyers in place who do know the law, and how to work both within it and around it. While sometimes business practices do indeed fall into gray areas, very rarely is a specific law ever broken within the true meaning and of course enforceability of that actual law.

    Did a number of people believe they would be getting something greater in value than they paid for? Of course they did! But unfortunately, as unethical as that may seem, I am confident that a qualified lawyer will tell you that no actual law was broken, either within the parameters of the CPA or elsewhere.

  • Trueler

    Thanks for your opinion Lloyd.


  • Tuffkat

    I now have two outstanding Paypal disputes with Andrew Ferreira, but VISA says they cannot make a Chargeback to Dealfind b/c Dealfind sold me what they said they would: A Voucher. And even if it wasn’t the voucher I bought (the original included the leather cover and headphones), I still USED the voucher to place the order (even though I didn’t notice the change). No one at either company is returning my emails and calls, but of course…volume is currently higher than normal!

    Anyone had any luck with Paypal and VISA?

  • Lauren

    They are not claiming the value is $85, they are claiming the value is $400

  • Laurel

    Once again, thanks to Trueler and all of you who have contributed to our effort to hold Dealfind accountable.

    Below is Dealfind’s response to my numerous phone calls and emails. I specifically have told them I want a cash refund, not “DealFind dollars.”

    I will email and call them again to make clear that this is not acceptable. Why would anyone want Dealfind dollars now that we know how untrustworthy they are?

    Congrats on going to the mainstream media with this. I’ve done the same.


    Dealfind Support support@dealfind.com via vd3gdp8ytgns.6iqu4eac.6.bnc.salesforce.com to me
    show details 9:46 AM (1 hour ago)
    Hi Laurel,

    Thank you for your email.

    We go through great lengths to ensure that our vendors are reputable and provide our customers with excellent service. You can continue to rely on us to find you great deals.

    Our general refund policy is within 30 days of purchase; however nothing is more important to us than ensuring all of our customers are satisfied!

    We would like to offer you Dealfind Dollars plus an additional 10% of the price you paid for the voucher(s).

    Once the Dealfind Dollars are applied to your Dealfind account, they are available for use immediately. Dealfind Dollars never expire and can be used towards any of our great deals!

    Please provide us with the email address for your Dealfind account as well as the voucher numbers so that we can apply your Dealfind Dollars promptly.

    Dealfind Email address:
    Order #(s):
    Voucher #(s):
    Brief Reason:

    Please note all transactions are final once processed. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 1 (855) 631-6368.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and we hope you continue to use Dealfind to purchase our great deals!

    Best Regards,

    Customer Satisfaction Expert

    Phone: 416.631.6368
    Toll Free: 1.888.320.6368
    Fax. 416.946.1145

    250 Ferrand Drive, Suite 1503
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 3G8

    560 South Winchester Boulevard, Suite 500
    San Jose, California, United States 95128

  • Lloyd

    @ Tuffkat

    When filing a PayPal or a VISA claim, there are essentially two types of possible disputes in this case:

    1. Item NOT received; or

    2. Item significantly NOT as described.

    With the first option (Item NOT received), as long as the vendor can provide proof that the item was delivered to you, you would not win such a dispute

    With the second option (Item significantly NOT as described), you would first of all have to show proof that the item you received was “significantly” different than the one advertised. Quality does not really play a role here as no claim was actually made as to the quality of the item; nor does “value” ever play a part, since the term “value” can be very subjective. What I value to be worth $100, someone else may value to be worth $50 or perhaps $200 or more.

    Essentially, in order to win a “Significantly not as described” dispute, you would have to show that the item you received was in fact physically different than the one advertised, such as…used vs new, a completely different model, different specs, different color, etc.

    Then even if PayPal or VISA were to agree with you in your SNAD dispute, before you would get your money back, you would have to ship the item back to the vendor, and provide proof of having done so. To ship such an item with proof of delivery from Canada to China is very expensive to do, and that is additional money that would most likely not be refunded to you.

    @ Lauren

    “They are not claiming the value is $85, they are claiming the value is $400″

    Again, claims as to “value” are very subjective, and have no real meaning under the law when it comes to a buy/sell agreement. The only real issue here is whether or not you received the item as “physically” described, for the amount you paid for it, in this case $85.

  • Laurel

    It occurs to me that by offering the addition of 10% of purchase price in “Dealfind dollars,” (see above email) Dealfind may have inadvertently admitted their culpability in this scam.

    Trueler, what do you think? Anyone else have any idea if this could be legally seen as an admission of wrongdoing?

  • Trueler

    Laurel, by offering “DealFind dollars” + 10% they just make a better deal for themselves, rather than refunding cash. It does not matter how scammy the deal was. It could be even in the case of some ethical deal, but customer asked for refund for some special reason. For example if business closes and customer asks for refund they also offer “DealFind dollars” + 10% or refund to credit card. The first option is just more advantageous for them.

    Lloyd, the question asked by Tuffkat was different. Your answer is related to a different thing which already been answered here:

    The term “value” is not subjective at all. The market value of the product is the price for which it is being sold by most of the retailers on particular market (and customers buy it of course for this price). From the product value customers may expect such things like quality, reliability, functionality, performance, durability, warranty, etc… Tablet PC with $80 value and $400 value definitely have significantly different characteristics.

    Lloyd, please show some respect and stop misleading readers.


  • Tristen

    I have reported mine to Visa; I got nothing but automated responses from Fabuless, and Dealfind was screwing me around saying it had been sent and then supplying me with a tracking number that was not to my address.

    I have filed with BMO Mastercard and they have credited my account.

  • Christina

    Response I got from Dealfind:
    Hi Christina,

    Thanks for your email.

    This was an error on the deal page that was rectified as it was not meant to be a part of the deal. We do offer a 30 day refund policy, so you certainly could have contacted us.

    We do work with the BB to resolve all customer concerns but since the product is the property of Fabuless, we cannot provide you with it or compensate you for it. Again I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

    That’s it! I actually can’t believe they admitted to having the case and headphones on the deal listing originally, everyone on the phone denied this. I filed a complaint with the BBB, since I purchased the deal with product accessories included and those were removed after the time I purchased and I was not notified of the change within the 30 days to try and get a refund. In the end it’s my fault for purchasing a crap tablet and not doing my due diligence. I plan on downloading games and videos onto it for my baby for car trips (pricey baby toy)! But I am holding firm in my fight for compensation for the promised accessories, and not in Dealfind Dollars! I will keep you all posted on my progress!

  • Tanya

    Not sure why some people are having issues with Visa. My CIBC Visa company put me through to their dispute centre and gave me a claim #. They told me based on the fact that the deal was changed after i purchased it and that it was well past the date i was told it would be delivered that they would put a claim in against dealfind and they would reverse the charge.

  • Dawn

    Yes keep us posted as I had purchased mine and used the voucher (it allowed me to use it right away)when the case and headphones were included.

    You would think that they would have given these items to the people had purchased the vouchers up until the ad was changed. After that you only got what was advertised. This is the first time I have ever deal with a company like this that simple doesn’t give a crap!

    I said this last night and I’ll say it again, has anyone else noticed you cannot access the 2.3 deal now? If I was one of the people who purchased that deal I would be WORRIED why you can no longer google it (page is gone), but you CAN still get the 2.2 deal (although it’s not a “deal”!

  • Trueler

    Hi Dawn,

    That’s right, seems like DealFind removed last deal for Android Tablets for some reason.


  • Trueler

    Hi Tanya,

    Thanks for update. I guess that it depends on the customer service representative. Excuses like DealFind delivered what they promised, i.e. voucher (which can not be used according to promotion!), do not make sense, because customer paid money to DealFind.


  • Tuffkat

    Who are the Consumer Advocates that people are contacting and is there one in particular that we should ALL email? And what is their contact?

    here are some consumer advocate contacts I’ve used to great success:
    Sean O’shea : sos@globaltv.com
    Ellen Roseman : eroseman@thestar.ca
    (Ellen was a superstar!)

  • Dealhunter

    @ Trueler,

    There is some truth to Lloyd’s claim that dealsites will take less than 50% for high volume sales. As I have worked previously for deal companies, I can say with confidence that Fabuless in this deal is probably receiving closer to 70% or more.

    @ Lloyd,

    It doesn’t matter that to me (or even millions of people out there) that it costs Apple $30-40 to produce an iPad and sell it for 20 times that cost because in the end, I know that the experience of owning said product from the very BEGINNING will give me value for the money I spend.

  • Trueler


    I’m wondering if you worked for some very popular company like Groupon/DealFind/WagJag/LivingSocial or for much smaller one like LivingDeal/BuyTopia/etc?

    Smaller deal companies may definitely offer smaller percentage because they are not well known and advertisement there is less effective. So they have to offer better deals (less commission) to the merchants in order to compete with bigger deal sites which take half of the deal price.

    One more question. How is it defined what volume to expect from the deal? Isn’t it in the agreement before the deal starts?

    Thanks for that information!


  • Boo

    Finally, my pending status is now a shipped status. But there is no tracking number yet. Has anyone in the last couple of days gotten theirs? I thought a few people were and was wondering how the tablet is?

  • Dealhunter

    Most deals won’t have a defined volume but seasoned veterans in the industry will know which deals will sell well. Having said that, I’m guessing even Dealfind didn’t expect these kind of numbers and when the deal started shooting off the charts, they probably made a quick call to the merchant to ensure they can handle the volume and not cap the deal. The merchant being less known and invisible to the public eye, probably only sees $$$$$ at this point, and will of course say yes.

    The daily deal industry was started with GOOD INTENT and PURPOSE but with the explosion of smaller companies invading the industry and competition being ultra high, the integrity of this industry continues to get shattered when shit deals and merchants like this are exposed and the deal company doesn’t back up and of it’s claims to take care of their customers. It’s completely disgusting and has giving the deal industry a very bruising black eye.

  • Christina

    @ Boo

    Got mine and it sucks! Can’t connect to my internet unless I am sitting in my basement next to the router :(
    I find it fairly slow and awkward to use as well

  • Christina

    My latest email from Dealfind…

    Thank you for your email.

    We have received your BBB complaint. As mentioned, we work with the BBB to resolve all customer complaints. We see that you have been corresponding with Brent regarding your request to be reimbursed for a leather case and headphones for voucher# ######.

    Unfortunately, Dealfind is not able to compensate you for these items. As mentioned, we do accept responsibility for the error that was on the Deal page when the deal was originally launched that mentioned a leather case and headphones however this was rectified and removed before the deal closed as it was not permitted to be there in the first place. We apologize for any confusion. As this was not signed in the contract with the merchant, and not calculated in the value of the voucher you have purchased we are not able to provide you with compensation as these two items were not a part of the deal.

    If the product is defective in any way, Fabuless Products will provide a refund for the Tablet. In order to do so, you can visit the Fabuless Products website. Once there, scroll all the way to the bottom and click the link marked “Returns”. Once you fill in the form, a representative will get back to you within 48 hours.

    :( Not sure what to do now

  • Trueler


    Probably you may consider this:

    DealFind changed the deal after your purchase – it’s the reason.


  • omar

    unfortunately i am one of the people that fell for this scam. contacted deal find wayy before they even shipped the product and they kept stalling my refund. now i am stuck with having to pay for the shipping back. My question is can i refuse delivery and legally do a charge back? (dealfind rep stated that because the product was shipped i couldn’t legally do a charge back). any help in this matter would be appreciated.

  • Trueler


    The best way to know is to contact your credit card company before it is delivered and check with them. Tell that it was an unfair advertisement and a bad product based on other reviews who received it and you just don’t want to spend money on shipping this piece back.


  • Marc


    I got a question for you. You said your status was changed to “shipped”. Was this on the fabulessproducts website? I checked mine and when i logged in and went to “view your order history” under the “my orders” heading, it brought up another screen which shows my 2 tablets that I ordered. Under status, it says “processed”. When I further click on the “view” button beside the order, it brings up another window> on the new window, I scroll to the bottom of the page and under status,. it says “pending”. Was this how your order looked?

  • Avalon

    Ok, here is my story. I ordered 3 tablets back from the Dec. deal. I received them all within last week. Same complaints as everyone, Wi-Fi only works if I am sitting on top of my router as if there was a dildo under, USB hub can’t pick up external hard drive. I immediately started a communication with Dealfind and told them I want to return all 3 for a refund. They gave me an address to ship the product back to and claimed that Fabuless will reimburse me for the shipping cost. Living downtown Toronto myself, I decided that I would return the product IN PERSON. I told Dealfind yesterday to make arrangements for me to drop by the address 15 Iceboat Terrance Unit 1035 to drop off the product. They called me back and told me that Andrew from Fabuless said I could drop it off anytime on Friday (today). So there I went this afternoon. I spoke with the security in the condo building indicating that I had come to see Andrew at 1035. The first thing he told me is that Andrew moved out last month!!! And he proceed to show me a pile of returned products behind him. There must have been at least 8 boxes of products piling high!!!! NOT GOOD SIGN! I called Dealfind immediately and told them of my findings. The supervisor spoke with me and was “shocked”. She promised to look into the matter immediately. They called me back 10 minutes later, saying that they managed to get a hold of Andrew, and he did say that he was in the middle of moving “office”. (For God’s sake, the guy operates out of his condo!!!), but he was to go back later on in the week to pick up the returns as he still has possession of the place for 60 days (Another bold face lie as the security confirmed that he is no longer a tenant there!)Dealfind offered to reverse all 3 unit charges immediately and the funds should be returned to my credit card within 5 – 10 business day.
    You guys can draw your own conclusion from this. I will post an update as soon as I see the credit reverse, though I will still give my credit card company a call just in case. I also have a few pictures of the piles of returned products behind the security desk (though not very good pic as I had to be discreet) that I will upload to a link and post.

  • Lauren

    “Essentially, in order to win a “Significantly not as described” dispute, you would have to show that the item you received was in fact physically different than the one advertised, such as…used vs new, a completely different model, different specs, different color, etc.”

    They have described the item as a minimum of 6 different things if you count the images and made up name brands. I have emails of them claiming this.

    If you have one of these things from the last ‘deal’ please contact Darcy.Wintonyk@bellmedia.ca ;
    This is for CTV, they would love to talk to some unhappy people and get a look at this thing.

    Let us know if you do.

    You can actually still access the page through a link someone put up here in the thread! I’ll figure out which one and post it.

  • Lauren

    Is the Lloyd who posts here the same Lloyd who posts as a rep for dealfind on their forums?

    As on the ‘deal’ for the fake memory card?

    “Lloyd – Toronto20-Nov-2011 5:47am (PST)

    Perhaps I can answer some questions which people have regarding this item…

    1. This SD Card is manufactured by Toshiba, and will come with a standard Toshiba Warranty in addition to any warranty which the vendor will offer.

    2. This is a “High Capacity” SD memory card, Not all cameras or other electronics will accept HC cards, or ones or this capacity. You will need to either look at the manual for your device or consult the website for your particular device to determine if it can indeed use such a card, No card manufacturer or vendor can possibly know all the devices which will work with their cards and which ones will not.

    3. Virtually all memory cards are made in either Taiwan or China.

    4. The speed rating of this card is “Class 10″. Class 10 cards read/write at a speed of 10MB/s.

    5. This is actually a great deal..32GB SD cards usually sell in the $50-100 range or more, depending on the manufacturer, and retailer.”

    Notice the claim that the item IS toshiba.

    Is that you Lloyd????

  • Lauren

    @ Lauren: We can assure you that the today’s deal is for a great 7 Inch Google Android 2.3 Tablet

    Today’s deal is for a 7 Inch Google Android 2.3 Tablet! To compare product specifications of the two tablets, please go to the following link: http://fabulessproducts.com/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=google%202.3&product_id=144

    Today’s deal is for the Android 2.3 7 Inch TouchPad 4GB Tablet (http://fabulessproducts.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=25&product_id=144).

    As mentioned in our previous post, this is an MID tablet, and the brand name is Touchpad. Today’s deal is for the Android 2.3 7 Inch TouchPad 4GB Tablet (http://fabulessproducts.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=25&product_id=144).

    According to Fabuless Products, “We have an exclusive contract with our manufacturer to supply custom made tablets running on the best android system. Our tablets are fully upgraded to reflect our high standards. The speed, processor and resistive touch technology are superior to those listed on any website. THIS IS NOT A GENERIC TABLET. Please do not get confused by the operating system.”

    That was from the forum, several names and descriptions given, and the links don’t lead to what they are describing in any of the versions.

    Now in my email I received this on the 1st:

    We are writing to notify you of the $85 for a 7 Inch Google Android 2.3 Tablet Including Shipping from Fabuless Products ($399 Value) deal purchased January 29th – February 5th, 2012. We apologize for the errors on the deal page with the shipping and technical specifications. We take full responsibility for the miscommunication, and would like to clarify the deal.

    The voucher is for a 7-inch VIA VM8650 Google Android 2.3 tablet with an HDMI output, 5-hour battery life, 4GB of hard drive storage, and a resistive single touch screen that is 800×480. (Please visit
    http://fabulessproducts.com/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=google%202.3&product_id=144 for specifications of this product.)

    Notice that they have changed the name from google to VIA, NOW today I received this:

    We are writing with an update for the amazing deal you purchased, which was $85 for a 7 Inch Google Android 2.3 Tablet Including Shipping from Fabuless Products ($399 Value), on January 29th – February 2th, 2012.

    You may begin to redeem your voucher immediately, now that the redemption is through Dealfind!

    Where they AGAIN refer to it as a google product.

    But your right ‘Lloyd’ nothing fishy here! lol

  • Lloyd

    @ Trueler

    “Lloyd, please show some respect and stop misleading readers.”

    Excuse me, but don’t be such a jerk and accept the fact that things may not always be as you would “like” them to be, and that there are some people in the world who may in fact know a little more than you do when it comes to the law.

  • Lauren


    “In order to use the Android trademark, device manufacturers must ensure that the device complies with the Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) and then get permission from Google. Devices must also meet this definition to be eligible to license Google’s closed-source applications, including the Android Market.[140] Participation in the compatibility program is free of charge.[41″

    Think I’m gonna drop google a mail

  • Lloyd

    @ Christina

    “Got mine and it sucks! Can’t connect to my internet unless I am sitting in my basement next to the router”

    Unfortunately, this is not uncommon for a mobile device with only a WiFi “g” connection such as this tablet has. Most newer devices come with WiFi “n”.

    @ Lauren

    “Is that you Lloyd?”

    No, that was not written by me. In fact, I knew from the start that the SD card was most likely a fake as are most if not all memory cards coming out of China.

    I did however notice that there were at least 2 or 3 different “Lloyds” on Dealfind. I’m not sure however if that was really their names, or if they were simply pretending to be me. In fact one of them, just before this tablet deal ended, started re-posting a number of my posts making it look like the re-posts were actually coming from me. It seems to me that someone wanted to get me off that board very badly and very quickly, and was trying all kinds of ways to do it. I know for a fact that someone from Fabuless had an eye on my posts. Someone from Fabuless (or so they claimed) actually started responded to a number of them just before my posts were deleted.

  • Trueler


    You mislead readers in many areas. I’ve already pointed out several things and can continue. You can’t provide any source or logical conclusion for your facts. Most of the things you tell here simply do not make sense…

    BTW: Very interesting reviews to the book of Lloyd J. Boone:



  • Lloyd

    @ Trueler

    Just because something does not make sense to you, does not mean that it does not make sense to others, or that it is in any way misleading. It seems to me that you only want people to agree with you, and when that does not happen, you resort to attacking them in any way you can. Have a nice life! I won’t waste any more of my time with you and your board.

  • Trueler

    @Lloyd: I meant in general, not for me. Some of your information was just incorrect.

    Anyways.. thanks for participation.


  • Lloyd

    @ Trueler

    Just one last thing…

    There is a somewhat common advertisement now from virtually every computer store advertising the Blackberry Playbook tablet, and its reduced price. Similar statements are made by BestBuy, Future Staples, TigerDirect, Factory Direct, Walmart, etc., etc., etc.

    The ad goes something like this…

    BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB
    Save $300! Offer Valid Until February 7, 2012! Available Online and Instores. While Quantities Last. Price After Savings: $199.00

    Besides the fact that RIM has already announced an across the board price reduction of all their basic Playbook tablet to just $299 or less, by your argument, if someone does not think that the $199 Playbook actually has a value of $499, then some kind of fraud has been committed by any merchant who uses or endorses such a advertisement. Really? Dream on!!!

  • Laurel

    Hi Trueler and All of you who are clearly making a difference: I am amazed by the creativity and persistence we are showing: we have (collectively) almost brought Dealfind to their knees (they ARE now promising a 5-10 day credit to our credit card accounts, Avalon has photographic evidence of the scammer “Andrew” and his Fabuless operation, and maybe the moles on this site are being exposed as Dealfind or former Dealfind representatives. Go, Trueler!

    I,too, after raising hell, received an email today (from Dealfind rep Avital) saying that my credit card account will be credited with the $85 in 5-10 days. I’m taking that to mean that I will see the credit by February 13. If not…you’ll all hear about it.

    Meanwhile, I’m leaving my Dealfind dispute open with my credit card company, and I will go to the them again re the $11.00 charge from Fabuless scammer “Andrew” when his charge appears on my account.

    Little by little we’re getting there. I would like to award a hug to the first person who reports to us that you have actually succeeded in getting a Dealfund refund in real DOLLARS, not their funny money.

    Avalon: Congratulations on your courage and your scoop! Going in person to the Andrews’ condo to press your case was an amazing act of citizen journalism. Plus your mention of the intimate relationship with your router necessitated by this crappy “Google” android knockoff–I think we all need a giggle during this DealFind mess, so thank you!


  • Laurel

    Has anyone established a relationship with a mainstream journalist who is willing to take on this mess and report on it? Please let us all know who that person is so we can add our story to yours.

  • Trueler

    Thanks to Avalon and Everyone who provide feedback and share experience which may help other people!


  • Boo

    @Marc. Yes, I went to order history and it said shipped. Then I clicked view and it had the order with price and voucher number. Near the bottom it said Canada Post picked it up and they are suppose to send me a tracking number, but that I might not get one, it is on it’s way. This was on Fabuless website.

  • Lauren

    Hey laurel, I posted an email address to a ctv journalist in one of my other posts. Ya! Social justice. Love it!

  • Jo-Anne

    I am having my own battle with both Dealfind and Fabuless Products. I got the promise of a 5-10 day refund for the 2.3 Android Tablet Deal but will believe it when I see it. As for the past deal for the 2.2 Android which I was fool enough to order 2 of, I have not received either one. I started a claim with Pay Pal, who then contacted Fabuless. Amazingly enough suddenly Fabuless emailed me that they would ship my order once they received payment. Funny!! Since Pay Pal has already completed the transaction on Jan.5,2012. I forwarded a copy of this email to Dealfind and asked just how I am supposed to supply them with a tracking number of return when they haven’t even shipped it yet. Dealfind responded with, they will contact Fabuless and confirm, and will refund if it was not shipped yet. Well, I’ll be darned if all of a sudden my account at Fabuless website now says the two orders are processing. They also are unable to provide Pay Pal with proof of shipment. It is all a delay tactic as previously mentioned to stall any refund till the product is shipped. I will not even accept the order once it arrives. They should simply save themselves the trouble. I have given Dealfind every opportunity to make it right, but the stalling just amounts to more dishonesty on their part. I hope they are held accountable in the end.

    And by the way, I did order a Blackberry Playbook for the $199 sale price. I am confident that I will get exactly what I ordered from Visions in a very timely manner.

  • Christina

    Well I am still chipping away at Dealfind, my VISA company wasn’t able to help much since I did receive the tablet and if I had an exact price for the missing accessories I might be able to do more. Just for kicks I emailed Fabuless to tell them how crappy the product is and their response floored me!

    Hello Christina,

    We are so sorry to hear. However, the product was clearly describe in the deal. As part of our companies policies and procedures we do not allow refunds. Tablets are very sensitive in nature. We do apologize. I can offer you an upgrade to the HD Tablet operating on the 2.3 system. This will be an additional $80. Again, we do apologize and thank you for your patiences.

    Chelsea | Customer Service Director

    Another $80…they truly think we are idiots. As I said before I will keep the tablet for my kid but I still think I should get something for the false advertising. Wish me luck, looks like it’ll be a long process!

  • Charlie

    I also find it very disturbing that they describe it as a “Google” tablet. The natural assumption is that this is a tablet that is endorsed by Google, much in the same way that they endorse Samsung’s Nexus S phone.

    I have reported this improper use of Google’s trademark to their legal department.

  • Lloyd

    @ Jo-Anne

    Why would you order a Blackberry Playbook on line for $199 when you can simply walk into virtually any major store which sells computers and electronics, and buy one on the spot to take home with you? Unfortunately buying such items online is always somewhat of a risk, no matter where you buy them from. Even a Blackberry or iPad tablet sometimes does not work straight out of the box, in which case it has to be shipped back to the vendor most likely at your cost, unless the vendor has a local store and that store handles returns from online purchases.

    Also, which is the major point of this whole discussion, the 16GB Blackberry tablet which you ordered for $199 is claimed by the vendor to have a “value” of $499 (i.e. you save $300). Do you think this is fair advertising, since virtually everyone knows that the 16GB Blackberry tablet is not worth anywhere near $499? That is why the seemingly tremendous price drop…at $499 they were not selling, since they have so few apps available for it, the units are incompatible with the Android market, and there is no expansion capability such as there is with other units that take SD cards.

    The bottom line is that you only get what you pay for…but you can’t have it both ways. One exaggerated value claim such as the $399 claim made by Fabuless and Dealfind cannot be considered fraudulent, while another exaggerated value claim such as the $499 claim made by Blackberry vendors be considered okay. Both claims are either misleading or both claims are okay….which is it?

  • Trueler

    It’s just a drop of the BlackBerry PlayBook’s market value from $499 to $199 (for 16GB). If retailers after some time will continue to advertise $300 discount from $499 value, so it will be unfair practice for sure, because nobody will be selling/buying PlayBook for $499.

    Now, for example, Future Shop sells it for $199 without even mentioning $499 and a big discount:

    Walmart sells it for $198 without mentioning $499 value:

    Future Shop and Walmart behave very ethical and fair in this particular case knowing that the market value of “BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB” is becoming $199 instead of $499.


  • Pissed Off

    Way to go Avalon!!!

    I was wondering how long it’s been taking to get a response from dealfind? Friday morning I emailed them and fabufraud saying they have til Monday to issue a refund or my cousin, an attorney, will take over. I haven’t heard a thing from either place!

  • Patty R

    I think everyone that gets a refund on this scam should make a small donation to trueler.com to help this wonderful site stay up and running! Thank you so much trueler!!!!

  • Trueler

    Thanks Patty R!

  • Lauren

    I have a voucher which I have neither used nor returned. It’s in limbo. I am trying to get dealfind to agree that if I do not get a good product or any thing similar to the many things they have claimed it is that they will return my money and I won’t have to pay shipping. I have sent them avalons experience, as well as the response of Fabuless in regard to returns as posted here and asked for an explanation, they have yet to give me a response of anything beyond their canned garbage, so I just keep at them.

    I’m thinking we should start copying and pasting some of this stuff onto their discussion sections for all the deals. Get the info out there about how deal find really works, and how deeply they really look into the companies they deal with, how trustworthy they are and how much they really care about their customers.

    a little 99% social justice action!

    Except you Lloyd, we’ve got your number! lol

  • Lauren

    hehehehehehe, that was a quick deletion on my post from them! Think I’ll throw it up again!

  • Laurel

    I second your suggestion, Patty R. I’m sending Trueler the $11.00 I recouped from Fabuless (Fabufraud) today in recognition that this site allows people to work together for the greater good!

    That said, this is how my over 1 month nearly daily struggle with Dealfind (a.k.a. MenuPalace) and Fabuless ended up:
    American Express permanently removed the $85 charge for Dealfind’ piece of —- “Google” tab today, February 4.

    When I received my new bill from Am Express with the $11.00 charge on it for “Handling and taxes, today,” I called them to start another investigation, this time of Fabuless.

    American Express actually just gave me an automatic refund, saying it would cost far more to open an investigation than to just credit my account for the $11.00.

    So, done deal at last! I hope you all can find a way through this sticky wicket and that we all continue to support Trueler!


  • Trueler

    Thanks a lot Laurel for support!!


  • scott

    If anything, what this deal showed me is that so many people buy items on line without even reading the questions / answers area. If more people had read the questions and concerns from other buyers there is no way that this item should have sold 7900 androids. Goes to show you how many other items people buy on Dealfind without reading the fine print first before they push “buy” I also noticed that with all the returns the deal is still active as of right now you can still buy more since the deal is still on with ever person that returns one, another one can presently be bought.
    Dealfind has lost me as a customer that’s for sure!!! They don’t care to protect me as a customer and my hard earned money then I’ll be taking my business elsewhere because now I won’t trust them for any deal since they clearly lie to make a buck!

  • scott

    If you’re having a hard time finding the android deal that was back from February 2012 (just last week) here is the link so you can see for yourself that it is still active with every return that goes through they are still trying to sell the remainder probably till they get there 7900 sold again. You can still push “buy” and buy another one so the so called “deal” is obviously still running.


    7900 x half of $85 This is why Dealfind doesn’t care about their customers. Look at the money they are making from this deal alone!

  • Trueler

    + 2100 in US = 10000 vouchers

  • Marc

    I just submitted a refund request to dealfind. This Monday would be 21 business days and i have yet to get my tablets. From what ive heard on here, they are junk anyways so hopefully they honor my request.

  • Lloyd

    @ Trueler

    “Future Shop and Walmart behave very ethical and fair in this particular case knowing that the market value of “BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB” is becoming $199 instead of $499.”

    It would appear that its only Walmart Canada…Walmart USA is still claiming a $499 value

    Online: $198.00
    List Price: $499.00
    You Save: $301.00 (60%)



    BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB
    Save $300 Offer Valid Until February 7, 2012! Available Online and Instores. While Quantities Last.
    Price After Savings: $199.00


    The Source

    Regular Price: $499.99
    You Save: $300.00
    You Pay: $199.99
    Sale ends February 9, 2012


    Sears is still selling for the $499 price


    Blacks (Is this for real? No wonder they are out of stock)

    Blackberry Playbook 32GB WiFi
    Now $149.99
    Save $450.00


    Perhaps everyone is not quite so ethical! So why not go after those companies in the same as you are going after Dealfind and Fabuless? Sure the $85 tablet does not have a $399 value, but neither does the $199 tablet have a $499 value.

  • Lloyd

    @ scott

    You are quite right. Not only do so many people buy items on line without even reading Q&A areas, but they do so without even doing the slightest bit of research beforehand into what they are actually buying.

  • Trueler

    @Lloyd: It’s a market value drop in case of BlackBerry PlayBook from $499 to $199 happening now. Future Shop and Walmart Canada do not want someone to go after them for making unfair discount claims and they made things right from the beginning. Some retailers do not care for now. When the market value will be finally set at $199, respected retailers should remove $300 discount claim.

    Case of Fabuless Products and DealFind is not comparable to the above one at all:
    - Market value claimed by Fabuless and DealFind exceeds the real one (which was already set) in about 5 times! Taking into account ~2 months for delivery, even more…

    I hope it addressed your concerns.


  • dawn

    Those companies don’t sell the item if they can’t deliver or you get a rain check and PAY when the item is available. This is CLEARLY not the case for Dealfind and Fabuless. They take your money and don’t give a darn!

    @Marc, they will only tell you to please wait while in transit (container they mean). I emailed my refund request in last Saturday – no response! I called Tuesday and was told it was in transit so they didn’t want to refund my money incase I got it, and I should give them 2 weeks for it to arrive (that tells you they KNOW it hasn’t been shipped).

    Chelsea at Fabuless has not responded to my emails that I have been sending her daily. She was responding previous to the release of the 2.3.

  • First off in my defense to the inferred comments that I am some kind of idiot, Tte first Dealfind deal I ordered for the 2.2 Android was advertised as coming with a leather case, earphones and free “shipping”. I did research and decided that the product was indeed overvalued at the suggested retail price of $399. But as the ad read with the included accessories I decided it was still worth the money. My mistakes were only in assuming that the ad was truthful, the product would arrive in the time alotted, the product would be of good quality (for the money), the item would be in good working order and they guaranteed satisfaction. I could not forsee that Dealfind would change their ad after I ordered it.

    Who goes back continually after you purchase a deal to see if it changed? By the time I found out it had changed I had already ordered the Tablet 2.2 with Fabuless. Therefore I could not get a refund from Dealfind.

    It wasn’t until The second Dealfind ad for the Android 2.3 came out, that I found out that I was far from being alone on still waiting for an inferior product that no one was standing behind.

    Thank God for this website. I found it because Dealfind was not quick enough to delete it (a posted link) when I was investigating the second ad.

    I am guilty of trusting Dealfind to have investigated the integrity of Fabuless Products. My trust was placed in them rather than in Fabuless Products.

    I do not beleive myself to be some kind of “idiot” just because I had some faith in a well established company. I hope I don’t lose all faith in doing business online. After all, Lloyd, I live over an hour out of town and work 13 hours six days a week. So shopping is a challenge. Though I have no idea why I am defending myself to you, accept that you are lashing out on a personal level which seems uncalled for.

  • Jo-Anne

    I have had some success with refunds. Dealfind indeed refunded me The $85 voucher fee for the Android 2.3 because the deal had not closed yet. It is already showing on my Credit Card.

    As for the Android 2.2 (2 of them) I had to get Pay Pal to dispute them as I have had no luck with Dealfind, even after forwarding them the Fabuless email which states they have not sent them. They tell me they are still verifying.

    Pay Pal was much more proactive and have already refunded me the $11.85 for “handling” and taxes on one tablet since they have established that it was not even sent yet ( as of Feb. 4).

    It seems odd that Pay Pal can establish that when Dealfind says they can’t. It is Dealfind who is suppose to be in the know of this Fabuless Products and have a private phone line to communicate with them. I thinkd it is pretty easy to come to the conclusion that Dealfind is being very unco-operative when making this right. Satisfaction Guaranteed, “MY BUTT”.

  • Trueler

    Jo-Anne, Thanks for update!


  • Marc


    Today i received a response from dealfind. They stated that they will contact fabuless and cancel my order within 48 hours! After that, they will proceed with my refund request. On a positive note, i’ve had excellent service from dealfind in regards to this tablet order! I will continue to be a customer with dealfind, however I cant say the same about fabuless.

  • dawn

    Wow, I’m shocked. I guess I will be calling them tomorrow then. They must be changing their tune! Thanks for the update!

  • Marc

    Hey no problem! I’m not pissed at dealfind so I was really nice an polite in the email request!

  • CJ

    I still have not received my Dec. 26 tablet. No tracking info, no response from Fabuless after several email and phone attempts. I filled out the online Dealfind refund request, got no response so I called had an unsatisfying phone conversation with a Dealfind rep, and on February 1st, I started a PayPal dispute for my 11.85 handling fee. The next day Fabuless speedily responded to PayPal with a “tracking number” and my order status on their website was changed from pending to shipped. I received this tracking number from PayPal on Feb. 2. and my dispute is currently being assessed. I don’t believe this is actually MY tracking number, I think its a load of bull***. Apparently the order info was received by Canada Post on Jan. 19, was picked up by Canada Post on Jan. 27th, and was never to be seen or heard from again! The estimated shipping dates changed from initially being Jan. 20th, to Jan. 30th (which had already long since passed. I called Canada Post on Friday and they said the shipment hasn’t actually been picked up by them yet, and they have no further information. I called Dealfind demanding a refund based on this info, and gave the rep the tracking number (which she already had…) and asked her to call Canada Post, which supposedly, she did. She came back and said since the tracking info says “shipped” they can’t do a refund. I am sooooo angry!!! Here is the Canada Post tracking info below. It’s pretty sketch. Canada Expresspost is supposed to be a 2 day delivery service.

    Tracking Number


    Please note that this is the most up-to-date information available in our system. Our telephone agents have access to the same information presented here.
    Track Status

    Product Type: Xpresspost
    Expected Delivery : 2012/01/20
    Updated Delivery : 2012/01/30
    Delivery date changed : Item was received by Canada Post after cut-off time.
    Date Time Location Description Retail Location Signatory Name
    2012/01/27 19:03 TORONTO Item picked up by Canada Post
    Track History
    Date Time Location Description Retail Location Signatory Name
    2012/01/27 19:03 TORONTO Item picked up by Canada Post
    2012/01/19 18:18 ETOBICOKE Order information received by Canada Post

  • lauren


    Contact the media. Keep calling dealfind and post your story in their ‘deal of the day’ forum. Also it seems people have had success through contacting the BBB and filing a complaint.

    Good Luck,


  • dawn

    So tonight I get this email from Fabuless. Would you all agree that this should be PROOF enough that my order has not been sent? I am FUMING right now! I’m calling Dealfind tomorrow as this shows my order has not been shipped! I asked for a refund last week and was told to wait until this Friday to see if it arrives. This is all the proof I should need!

    To: XXX
    Subject: Fabuless Products – Order XXXX
    Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2012 21:22:44 +0000
    From: customerservice@fabuLESSproducts.com

    Fabuless Products

    Thank you for your interest in Fabuless Products products. Your order has been received and will be processed once payment has been confirmed.

    Order Details
    Order ID: XXXX
    Date Added: 05/01/2012
    Payment Method: PayPal
    Shipping Method: Free Shipping Email: xxxxxxx
    Telephone: xxxxxxx
    IP Address: xxxxxx
    Payment Address Shipping Address

    Product Model Quantity Price Total
    Google Android 2.2 Product 14 1 $399.00 $399.00
    Sub-Total: $399.00
    Free Shipping: $0.00
    Coupon(DF001): $-399.00
    Handling Fee : $6.75
    Tax 5 %: $4.25
    Total: $11.00

    Please reply to this email if you have any questions.

    Powered By OpenCart.

  • Lauren


    Contact you credit card company or the company through which you paid and demand that they make the refund based on the fact that Dealfind is refusing even though your order has still not been sent.

    Also make a complaint to the BBB.

    The more outside agencies involved the worse it makes dealfind look. If you are only dealing with them then they have no reason to resolve your issue.

  • Michelle

    Im in the same boat. I didnt realize the item was from a company in Canada when I couldve gone to Best Buy down the street. I ordered mine last month and when I did get someone on the phone a few weeks back, she said she couldnt tell me anything until it shipped. Now there’s a recorded message that tells you to email their info@fabulessproducts.com website when you call.

    I have just filed a complaint with the BBB because they are listed and I saw from someone else’s post to file with Paypal, then it’ll be my credit card company that I’ll file with for the $85 from Dealfind.

    The funny thing is, I did my research and didnt find any complaints on this company. I was barely able to find this website mixed in with other findings that werent this company.

    Currently there are no complaints listed on BBBs website.

  • Lauren

    There’s no complaints listed because as soon as you go through BBB they contact dealfind for resolution. If it is resolved it doesn’t get listed although it should, BBB is shady all on it’s own, but they will seek resolve for you. As will your credit card company.

  • Frances

    Anyone here has any success getting a refund either through your VISA company or Dealfinder BEFORE redeeming the voucher? And what did you say to them? I paid Dealfinder the $85 for this tablet on Jan 30th and then received an email on Feb 3 to redeem the voucher. Would certainly like to avoid all the frustrations having to call Fabuless if possible.

  • Trueler

    Hi Frances,

    DealFind should refund you without any problems since only one week passed after your purchase and you have not redeemed it.


  • delphine

    For me it’s the same, i’ve buy a cellphone inspired iphone and android and i received something like a plastic toy …
    It s realy a shame daring to cell those kind of products.
    Do you have any problems to be refund?
    Thank you for your answear.

  • Michelle

    The BBB is shady. I saw that Dateline undercover special about how they force companies to pay them off for that A+ rating and I believe it too.

    Update from yesterday.

    It actually came in today after one month and 3 days. I never got the notice from CANADA post, never heard from customer service about my numerous emails sent. Nothing. It just appeared in the regular mail today. But its here and I am in love with it. Im still keeping my complaint with the BBB though because people need to be aware of this company. I will reverse my complaint with PayPal. That was a very scary situation doing business outside of US I wont do again.

    Never again will I do business with DealFind. Not just because of this experience but I bought a voucher for an aesthetican and they were a shoddy business. I see why they advertised dirt cheap to get business.

  • Looceeliu

    So far, I have received great customer service from Dealfind when requesting a refund for the voucher I purchased on 1/29 for the 2.3 tablet. I initiated the refund on 2/1 and I received my credit on my statement on 2/2.

  • Tuffkat

    After sending Dealfind my order numbers many times (3or4 at least!) and finally getting the same pat answers, “The merchant has assured us the orders have been shipped and customers have been receiving their orders. You should receive your order this week.” Now Dealfind says, “We apologize for the inconvenience! We are unable to locate your order. Did you receive an Order ID #?” Ahhh! These guys are unbelievable!

  • Boo

    I’m still waiting for mine. Apparently canada post has picked it up and fabuless said that I might not get a tracking order. But I’m glad to here someone likes it.

  • dawn

    It was hard to get ahold of Dealfind today as “all of their agents” were busy, which was the first time I have had that issue. I spend my whole lunch waiting for an agent and then I had to hang up in the end.

    Later I was able to speak to an agent who had a really upbeat personality and was more than willing to offer me my refund. This agent claimed that it would now be their case and that I needed to give them 48 hours to contact Fabuless and cancel the order. After this time I would be refunded on my credit card. I stressed not dealfind dollars and I was assured it wouldn’t be.

    I’m still not 100% certain what the end result wil be a refund as it seems that everytime you think things are moving ahead it goes backwards!

    The fabuless email I got last night actually was identical to one I got from them on January 5 (word for word).

    I’ll be sure to post what happened after the 48 hours passes with dealfind. I suspect Fabuless will “create a tracking number” for me.

    Michelle, glad you liked your purchase! Haven’t heard to many saying that! Are they sending out better ones now I wonder?

    Trueler, thanks for responding to my request!

  • CJ

    Update: PayPal refunded me the $11 today since 10 days has passed now since the last activity on that bogus “tracking number” I was given …last activity being January 27th. I got a pathetic email from Dealfind yesterday in response to my many requests for a refund. Here us their email, I will post my response to that after this post…

    Hi Colleen,

    Thank you for your email. We do apologize for any inconvenience you may have received. We have received a tracking number for your name, Colleen *******, which is 2000873782******. Please login to Canada Post and type in this tracking number and you will find that your product has arrived in Toronto recently. Thank you for using Dealfind and we hope you have a great day! :)

    Customer Satisfaction Expert

    Phone: 416.631.6368
    Toll Free: 1.888.320.6368
    Fax. 416.946.1145

    250 Ferrand Drive, Suite 1503
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 3G8

    560 South Winchester Boulevard, Suite 500 San Jose, California, United States 95128


  • CJ

    My response to Dealfinds audacious email to me regarding my MIA tablet.

    “I do not accept your response to my request for a refund. The last activity on that tracking number was January 27th, as you can see. Canada Post’s Express Post service is supposed to be 2 business days. I called Canada post and they said they actually have not picked up the shipment and have no further information for that tracking number. The two estimated delivery dates of January 20th and January 30th have long since passed and my item is still in limbo. I suspect it is a communal tracking number that is not associated with my actual address. This tracking information was only provided AFTER I launched a PayPal dispute. Only then was my order status on Fabuless upgraded from “pending” to “shipped” PayPal has investigated and based on this invalid tracking number they are refunding me the handling charges I paid. I expect you to do the same. This is completely unacceptable and if you wish to retain any semblance of credibility as a business, you will issue the refund. I have never seen such blatant disrespect for customers as I have experienced with both Dealfind and especially Fabuless. If you do not co-operate I will definitely pursue this through my credit card company and the Better Business Bureau. Dealfind is responsible for whatever goes wrong with their deals and this one certainly turned out very messy. Being a “Customer Satisfaction Expert”, if you must take a loss on this one in order to do the right thing, then so be it and perhaps be more vigilant in the future when screening your merchants.

    Awaiting your action,

    Colleen *******

  • Patty R

    Dawn, I had the exact same experience as you yesterday with dealfind. I also filed a dispute with paypal and last night got an email from “fabufraud” saying my order was shipped…. after two weeks of ignored emails and calls requesting a refund! I Wonder if I can refuse the package? The tablet was for my 9 year olds birthday who was also celebrating remission from brain cancer so last minute I had to go out and buy a Nook so I no longer have any use for piece of junk from fabuless!

  • scott

    Hi Everyone,

    WARNING TO ALL – There is a new deal that started today from this shady company called “Fabuless Products” The deal is on SwarmJam and it is as follows :

    $35.00 for an iPhone External Battery Pack from Fabuless Products ($69.99 Value)

    I guess after all the problems they had on Dealfind they decided to take their business to SwarmJam so they could find new customers to scam.

  • Trueler

    SwarmJam already run many scams…

  • omar

    After the horrible ordeal of dealing with dealfind and fabu-crap products for about 3 weeks i finally received a confirmation of a refund from dealfind. Didn’t think i really was going to get my money back after 1)Being told that not-so-fabuless products was being notified to contact me to cancel within 24/48hrs – which never happened, 2)then being told that the product was shipped and that i had to ship it back to get a refund (they even supplied me w/ a tracking number that had no updates since 19/2/2012, 3) finally, i threatened to do a charge back, file a complaint with the BBB, and contact local media – which i did contact CTV about this “deal”].

    here is what they had to say:
    “Thank you for your patience.
    Your refund has been processed! It will take approximately 5 – 10 business days to appear on your credit card account.
    Please note that all transactions are final once the transaction is complete.
    We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for using Dealfind!”

    hope this helps anyone,

    Thanks Trueler for providing a venue for people to learn about what they are getting and who they are getting it from(great citizen journalism if you ask me)
    Best regards

  • Dealhunter

    For all those who are wondering why it’s taking SO long for Crapfind to answer your emails, refunds, complaints, etc…it comes down to this: They sold over 7500 tablets to over 7500 idiots but allocated probably 3 people to handle ALL inquiries afterwards. At this rate I’m surprised they even answer your emails and complaints within 3 weeks.

  • Avalon

    As promised, I did get my refund to my credit cards for all three of the units from Dealfind. I am impressed. I will now proceed to deal with paypal to get my tax. Hope everyone get thier refund soon !!

  • Boo

    Mine just came in the mail. I never got a tracking number for it. I’m just charging it now and will let you know what I think of it. I do agree that it is cheaply made. I haven’t notice it being in chinese like some people have mentioned.

  • Pissed Off

    Has anyone had any luck with refunds after they claim to have shipped the tablet? I have been trying to get a refund for over a week and instead of a refund they claim they shipped it yesterday! Grrrrrrrr!!!!

  • Lloyd

    @ Lauren

    “There’s no complaints listed because as soon as you go through BBB they contact dealfind for resolution. If it is resolved it doesn’t get listed although it should, BBB is shady all on it’s own, but they will seek resolve for you. As will your credit card company.”

    The BBB is a totally useless organization, and as you so rightly pointed out, they themselves are quite shady.

    From experience I have found that when you contact the BBB for info on a company, they will most likely tell you that XYZ company is not a member and that they have no info on file for that company, or else the company is a member in good standing and there are no complaints against it.

    The main problem is that most companies know exactly how the BBB actually operates. They either completely ignore them in which case nothing really happens…complaints just end up in their round file. Or else they become members, and once that happens, there will likely never be any negative info given out on them. After all, what company would ever want to pay an annual membership fee to another company which provided negative reports on them?

  • Boo

    Yes, I have use the tablet and it sucks. Wifi doesn’t always work, I turned it on today and the screen kept flashing. Then it finally worked. I plug it into charge and it’s not charging. But the plug is nice and hot. I better go check on it before it starts a fire. Try and get your money back people!

  • CJ

    I just checked my order history on Fabuless to see if anything has changed (ie. working tracking number?) and my order history has been wiped out!!!

    Order History
    You have not made any previous orders!

    This, after an email I sent them yet again yesterday complaining that I have not received my tablet and the tracking info is BS.

    WTF is going on!!!!

  • CJ

    Also, for the past two days I have been trying to get a hold of Dealfind on the phone. As soon as I explain that I am calling to get a refund on the Dec. 26th Android Tablet deal, I get put on hold for a very long time. Once I was silly and waited an hour…I keep calling and have had this same treatment 9 times now, although I have not waited more than 25 minutes on these following occasions. I believe they are doing this on purpose to not deal with anyone directly with this particular issue. Never again will I buy anything from these people.

  • Mary

    I’m in the process of trying to get a refund on my first order which I received about a week ago. As soon as I opened it and saw no manufacturer on the box, tablet or manual, I knew I had been duped. After plugging in it, there was a strange smokey, oily smell. The device booted up and I noticed that the touch-screen was unresponsive so I had to use the stylus they provided. Then once I got the WiFi configured, I noticed that it wouldn’t pick up my home signal…until I literally had this piece of junk right up against the router. I have a LePan which I got from Amazon and it works wonderfully, so it wasn’t my router.

    As for the second order placed in January, Dealfind has yet to reply regarding my request for a full refund.

    Thanks Trueler for keeping this site alive. As for you @Dealhunter you are of no help to this forum you address as “idiots” and your comments are not welcome. Go back to the hole you crawled out from.

  • amt102

    Gald to see I’m not the only one having this horrific experience!

    About 10 days ago I started making attempts to contact (not so) Fabuless. Telephone service being “upgraded” and only generic responses to e-mails stating my item had been picked up by Canada Post.

    2 days ago I filed a complait with PayPal and requested a refund from Dealfind. Today I got a shipping number from Canada Post stating item was shipped out today…..35 days after redeeming my voucher!

    If I had known days ago the item had not even been shipped I would have cancelled it!

  • John

    I also had a problem. Talked to Meesha at Dealfind who subsequently never answered my follow-up calls or returned my requests via voice mail for an update. I entered a dispute with my credit card company and will make sure it is fulfilled. I’ll also be in touch with the BBB in the US and an equivalent body in Canada regarding Dealfind.com’s fraudulent behavior. I suggest others here do the same.

  • dawn

    Well 48 hours has passed and I called Dealfind for the status and I was told to wait for an email. This is for the tablet purchased in December. NOTE: For all you having issues getting through to Dealfind. This “AMY” took over my case and she (so far) appears to be SUPER. She has a different number AND if you spell her name out in the directory you get right through to her (the other number is ALL OF OUR AGENTS ARE BUSY!” I’ll post her number in another posting. Here is the email I just got moments ago after giving fambuless 48 hours to respond to Dealfind.

    Thank you for your email. We understand that you would prefer to receive your refund back on to your credit card.

    As your vouchers were purchased within 30 days, we would be more than happy to honour your request.

    Please provide us with the last four digits of your credit card so that we can process your refund promptly:

    Last 4 digits of credit card:
    Dealfind Email address:
    Order #(s):
    Voucher #(s):
    Brief Reason:

    Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience and greatly appreciate your patience. Thank you for using Dealfind.

  • dawn

    Toll Free: 1.888.320.6368 – It’s 888 instead of the 855 and it seems to take you to a different directory. Select that you want to spell the first or last name and spell amy.

    Good luck getting through. I sure hope I’m near the end of this!

  • dawn

    Now I sit and wait! Did anyone who ordered in December and request a refund get it? Did it take long after this notification?

    Thank you for your email. We have received your information and will notify you once your refund has been processed. This process can take approximately 5-10 business days. Please note that all transactions are final once the transaction is complete. We appreciate your patience!

  • Laresha

    I also received this e-mail and the refund was indeed processed exactly 5 business days later. I also requested my refund from the Dec “deal” within the first 30 days.

  • Boo

    Update on this tablet. Holly cow, it is amazing. this device is absolutely amazing when it arrived I was so excited I did what the instruction manual said and plugged it in to my amazement it started charging this powerful device. It’s so powerful and amazing it overheated the power cord in less than 5 minutes. I ran downstairs and grab another charging device to my amazement it works now I have power. I quickly got online and downloaded angry birds and after 3 minutes later I was excited to play with full battery. I could not wait. 5 minutes later it died this thing is so amazing it sent funny colors to my eyes. so the charger lasted not even a day, bad wifi and the volume is very low.

  • Jack

    After finding this site (because I have experienced the same issues) and reading all of the posts, I contacted both Dealfind and my credit card company to request a refund. Dealfind told me my order had already been processed and that they could not refund me. After hearing what has happened, my credit card company credited my account on the spot. I then asked for a refund from Paypal and today I have a response from Fabuless.
    “Dear Valued Customer,

    We would like to thank you for shopping with FabuLESS Products. Your order has been shipped. We apologize for the delay. In light of the situation we have upgraded you tablet from a Andoird 2.2 to an Anoid 2.3. We hope you receive it shortly. Canada Post should send you a tracking number, however please do not worry if you do not receive one. You product will still be sent.

    Shipping Depart
    Fabuless Products

    I do not know what an Andoird or an Anoid is, but if the products received so far from others on this site are to go by I suspect I will be returning it.

  • Trueler

    Class action suit against Dealfind and Fabuless

    Thanks Everyone who provided feedback and valuable information!

    I got a response from person who suffered from this scam and also had to pay extra trying to ship Tablets back, but still can’t get refunds.

    If anyone has problems with full refunds (including for shipping back if it was requested by DealFind/Fabuless), please send me a note via http://trueler.com/contact-us/ or speak up here indicating that you wish to participate in class action suit against Dealfind and Fabuless. I will forward you contact information of that person.


  • Rita

    I purched the product and it completely different from what I expected. Not only thant it is not even working properly. I colled Fabuless and was actualy able to speak to Andew who told me that some one from the service department will call me to deal with the issues tha I have and surprisingly enough no one ever called. I would like to get my money back that I paid for the product but am not sure how

  • omar

    Update: just received my refund after fighting with dealfind and fabu-crap for about 3weeks. def. not worth the work.

  • amt102

    So, as in my previous note, I got a shipping number…….that has not been updated for over 24 hours! I think it was just a shipping label printed and no item actually shipped. Otherwise as soon as it reached a Post Office the tracking information would be updated.

    Called, left messages and e-mailed Dealfind numerous times. Not getting any responses from them now! Filed a claim with the BBB, hopefully they can get some sort of response because I can’t!

    I’ll most definatley participate is a class action suit!

  • kayla

    I also filled a claim with BBB as I never received my product the tablet purchased on December 26, 2011 from Dealfind. I contacted Fabuless 3-4 times and Dealfind 6 or more.
    They promised me a refund but I haven’t received anything yet. Nobody has contacted me either.
    People should beware of DEALFIND !!!

  • Ben

    I have been trying to get my tablet with little success. What boggles the mind is how a business can simple ignore customer complaints. No wonder they continue to offer the deals. According to “Group Buying in Canada”, DealFind made $375,000 on tablet sales. Other sites: WagJag $229K, TeamBuy $209K. DealFind should simply send out a mass email to all of it’s customers. A simple “I’m sorry we stole your money” can go a long way…

  • dawn

    I got a 2nd email today stating 5-10 business days for my refund to show up on my statement. Not sure why I’d get a 2nd notification AND it’s from someone other than AMY who said she “took on my case from here on”. Makes me nervous to see duplication word for word emails in a 12 hour span of time. I’ll watch my statement and will let you know if I get the credit.

    I went after my $11 from fabuless via paypal, but I have not heard from them since I filed on Monday.

  • kelly

    Alright so, I just recieved my Google Tablet today 26 days later after I purchased it. I like everything except that it will not connect to the wireless internet that I have in my house which is really upsetting. I don’t know what to do becuase I just need the internet to connect and then it would be fine but it doesn’t seem to want too. I might try and find a tech guy to help me but if it wont connect im going to have to try and return it

  • Kathy

    I just received my 2 google android. Problem is it’s not a google brand nor is it a brand. It’s a cheap made in china fake imitation device that works like s^**%. I want to get a full refund and thinking of escalation a claim with visa? I’ve already contacted paypal for my tax refund. Any advice on getting my $ back even though the product has been shipped??? I will not let dealfind cheat and take advantage of it’s customers!! Any advice??

  • Amanda

    i got a refund for this tablet a while ago…to my surprise a package showed up from fabuless. i called them and told them to come take it. so im wondering, 1-how can i return this without paying for it?(i havent opened it yet), 2-how long before i can dispose of it legally?…i just dont want to get a 85$ charge on my credit card for this paper weight. thanks

  • CJ

    Call your credit card company, tell them that you ordered something from a shady site that has been difficult to deal with and that you want a new card issued. They will cancel your current one and you will get your new card in the mail within about a week. That way, Dealfind can not put any further charges on your credit card. That was an option my credit card gave me when I was looking into disputing Dealfind’s charges since I was getting no response to my refund request. You might as well keep the tablet. Fabuless is fraudulent, disorganized, and disrespectful to customers. The error was not yours.

  • CJ

    As for me, my idiotic tablet showed up yesterday. I have been tinkering with it, and while I have no problem connecting to wifi, the keyboard with the Chinese was really pissing me off… Oh, and my micro sd card also somehow fell inside of the unit; you have to push it in iuntil it clicks but I think the slot was defective and at first it wouldn’t detect it. After a few tries it just went in too far and sort of fell in! I don’t know if that means I won’t be able to increase the storage now, or if I can just use another sd card and leave that other one rattling around inside…

    On a happier note, you can use your laptop or desktop to access the proper android market (not the phony one that comes pre-installed), to dl apps, and provided your tablet is connected to your wifi and you synced it to your google id, it will automatically detect your device and send and install them for you in about 40 seconds. So far I put on avg antivirus for android, a few games, and a better keyboard app, all free.
    I will chalk this up to a learning experience and not cheap out on electronic gadgets in the future and I will also not buy them from anywhere but main stream stores like Future Shop, Best Buy, Walmart, etc…

  • dawn

    My thoughts would be if you already have a refund and they don’t pay for the return shipment, don’t worry about it. Why should it cost you for their mistake?

    I talked to someone that had the same kind of deal through Teambuy and they got their refund (after battling for it) and were told to keep the tablet (shows how cheap they are).

    So if Fabuless won’t cover the return shipment let it sit on you counter or better yet basement. If you have correspondence hang on to it. Send them a few emails (so you have something in hardcopy) stating you received it in error (their part) how would they like it shipped at their cost. Shows that you did your part.

  • Tammy

    Order one on Dec 29th from Dealfind for $85 for a 7inch Google Android 2.2 Tablet Including Shipping from Fabuless Products ($399 Value)and then ordered another thinking it was a good deal before the first one arrived yesterday. This is a piece of junk, doesn’t even work. I contacted Dealfind and was told that I had to submit a online request for them to get in touch with me and that I also lad to contact fab pro and return the item for a refund and provide them with a tracking number, this will cost me to have this item shipped back, I also have to send a request to dealfind for the other one to be cancelled before it is shipped and if its shipped to me in the meantime I have to then return it for a refund. What a waste of my time, never ever with I purchase something from dealfind. Lets hope I get a refund for both without having to do much more, this is just crazy….

  • Boo

    The volume level is so low on the tablet that I can’t play music on it and there is no point in taking videos because you can’t here them.

  • kelly


    You didn’t have any trouble at all connecting the internet to your tablet? Do you have wirless in your house?
    Mine will not connect what so ever! it’s very frustrating

  • Lloyd

    @ Tammy

    “What a waste of my time, never ever with I purchase something from dealfind.”

    Unfortunately Dealfind is just one of many dozens of similar online “deal” sites. With few exceptions, they are all either selling junk products or services which are nowhere remotely close in value to the amounts the deals are claimed to be worth.

    My advice to anyone would be to simply avoid all such sites, and deal only with well-known reputable sites where you know you are going to get product exactly as claimed, and where you can take back or return an item without hassle should there be a problem. Sure the Internet is a virtual marketplace of so-called deals, but with very few exceptions, you will never see more in value than what you actually pay for…if you are lucky enough to get even that.

    Personally I place all these “deal” sites in the exact same category as the many so-called auction sites where suckers, oops I means customers, have to pay each time for the mere opportunity of bidding on an item. The wise will avoid them all!

  • Marc

    Well a few days ago, I got the refund back on my credit card for the 85$ tablet deal from Dec26th! At first dealfind tried to offer dealfind dollars plus 10% however after replying asking for my credit card to be refunded, they did it no problems! Now I just gotta try for the 11$ bucks from paypal!

  • Tristan

    Thoroughly disappointed with this product as well. Will be calling dealfind to get a refund. It feels like a dollar store item.

  • CJ

    Go to wifi settings, find your wifi nickname in the list, click on it, and enter your password. Did you already do that? Or did you not see your name in the list? Or will it just not connect after entering your password and trying the browser?

  • Ragan1987

    OMG!! I too wish I viewed this site before I ordered the tablet. I ordered mine on December 26/11, and today is Feb. 13/12. I called DealFind last week and was told by the customer service rep. that I must have missed the email that told me I had to order directly from Fabuless and that they didn’t have a tracking number, so I needed to follow up with Fabuless. No response to my e-mail. So after I read all the comments here, I called DealFind back and was told that since I ordered the tablet on Dec. 26, the order had not gone through and I could get a refund from DealFind by going on their site. So I have requested my refund. So we will see…..

  • Anonymous

    So, ordered nothing recieved… excess of 30 days…. contacted credit card company to stop/reverse payment through fraud investigation/claims.

    Also contacted BBB to lodge formal complaint:

    I urge everyone else to do the same.

  • Larry

    When it’s too good to be true, it is. I purchased four androids Dec 26 and received one the beginning of Feb. It’s a piece of junk. Sound doesn’t work, wifi doesn’t work unless your in the same room as the router ,and many other issues. Requested a return from Fabuless on Feb 4 and haven’t got a response. Also requested a refund from dealfind for the three tablets that I didn’t receive. They said that they would honor that. We will see.

  • Richard

    I ordered a tablet on Dec 31. Still have not received it and have not had response from 3 phonecalls made to customer service at Fabuless (customer service is not available). This is also the second time I have been less than happy with Dealfind – will not order from them again – EVER

  • Tuffkat

    So this morning I found out that Paypal decided the dispute in my favor, and they will return the $11.68 (X2) to me. Subsequently, after yelling at Dealfind in social media (facebook and Twitter) they have offered to refund the purchase price also (x2), knowing that Fabufraud never shipped my tablets. I have directed them to refund my credit card. Hopefully this will turn out to be true!

    If the refunds go out, perhaps I’ll go to a store and buy one of the $199 Playbooks.

    Let you know how things workout!

  • Dawn

    Received my credit card credit on Feb 10 (just noticed now). Fabuless has until Feb 16 to respond to my Paypal request. Finally putting this ordeal behind me!

    Good luck to all others looking for a refund! As mentioned before ask for AMY if you’re not getting anywhere with Dealfind. She got things moving for me!

  • Dealhunter

    Um….if you guys live in Toronto, why don’t you just DRIVE to the DEALFIND head office and storm upstairs and demand a refund? Raise enough hell and there’s no way they’ll be sending you away.

  • Patty

    I too went to fabufraud’s website to see if there was a working tracking number and it now says I have never purchased anything from them! This better mean a refund is on it’s way! I’m so done with dealfind for the way they are or should I say “aren’t” handling this!

  • Jordan

    I have tried to contact Fabuless Products all day and I NEVER get a hold of anyone. It always sends me to leave a message. This will be the second time I have ordered something from Deal Find and have not been satisfied. The first time, the company moved and I had to fight to get reimbursed. I think a lot of companies use Deal Find in a last bid to get customers. I too remember ordering this deal on December 26th and it clearly stating that we would get a leather case. It did not arrive. My tablet won’t pick up Wi-fi, won’t charge correctly, and doesn’t always turn on. What a scam! I have filed a complaint with Deal Find – hopefully I will receive a refund!!!

  • Tim Oftebro

    I received this tablet from this company, but the touchscreen barely works. The screen quality is shockingly poor. Even at 80$, this product is a rip off. You will be unhappy purchasing this product. company also says they have a no return policy. I wonder why…. lol!
    Biggest scamming company I have seen in a while.

  • I haven’t even received my tablet. What a scam.

  • Lindsey

    Yeah I too am one of the fools who ordered one of these… Here it is feb 14th still no tablet. I really don’t think I am ever going to get mine! I got an email about a month ago from Chelsea that said I was “one of the lucky ones” who got my order in early and it would be 15 business days at the most. I have sent 4 angry emails since jan 27th when I was supposed to get it and no reply. What a bunch of scam artists.

  • kelly


    My internet network does pop up but once I put the password in it still will not connect to the internet even when I am right beside my router.
    I have also plugged the internet cord right into the tablet and will not work

  • chloe

    everyone will get their tabelts it takes an extra 15-21 days after the already 15-21

  • Tuffkat

    the saga continues…
    Here is what Avital at Dealfind wrote me on Monday:
    > Hello Peter,
    > I got in touch with the merchant and they have informed me your orders have been cancelled because you made a dispute with PayPal. Please let me know if you have done this and I can refund this purchase for you.

    So I correct, and directed him to refund my CC.

    Then the following day I got another email form Avital at Dealfind.

    We understand that you have placed an order for voucher # xxxx-xxxx & #xxxx-xxxx and no longer wish to receive the product.

    Please allow us 48hrs to contact the merchant so we may cancel your order. Once this order has been voided we can proceed with your refund request.

    Excuse me?

    So they, the merchant aka Fabuless, cancelled my order and TOLD DEALFIND they cancelled it (I know this because DEALFIND told me they told them), and then DEALFIND tells me you have to contact FABULESS to what? Cancel the order, AND THEN, AND THIS IS WHAT REALLY PISSES ME OFF…after DEALFIND contacts FABULESS to cancel the order (THAT WAS ALREADY CANCELLED!!…I GET A TRACKING NUMBER FROM CANADA POST FOR MY PACKGAGE!! (and yes, I’m yelling!)

    DEALFIND as a company has no interest in helping their clients but rather only in ensuring they bilk cash out of them.

    So I told them:

    “As someone who works in media, I can ensure that my interest in your company from now on, will be to inform everyone I can of the ethics of Dealfind, and their very peculiar sense of customer care.”

    Any feedback is welcome…

  • Trueler

    Thanks Tuffkat for update… I hope it’s just a big mess on their side, and they will issue a refund for you.


  • katgal

    I just requested a refund from both DealFind and Paypal. Dealfind requested a written request while Paypal was able to initiate the process over the phone. We shall see what happens…..

  • jennifer

    I ordered this tablet on Dec 26 as well and it finally showed up a few days ago. It is a piece of junk! There is no screen response whatsoever. It turns on but that is all if will do.My in laws also purchased 3 of these tablets and we are all sending them back. Hopefully we will all be refunded.

  • TC

    Thank God for this website! I ordered the deal in January, but became nervous after reading the Q&A section which directed me to this site. I cancelled and requested a refund 2 days before we could redeem. After several emails and 2 phone calls, I finally received an email saying that my credit card will be refunded in 5-10 days. I hope for their sake it will be the case. Good luck to all!

  • Sarah

    I also ordered this tablet from Dealfind, and submitted my online voucher for it January 6, didn’t get it until the 31st. Whatevs.

    I disagree with people who are saying ‘what did you expect, it’s a cheap tablet’. We were told this tablet is originally sold for $399, and is being offered at an incredible discount. I (apparently wrongfully) assumed that something that normally would have been $400 would work well, or at least do the basics, but this tablet doesn’t even do the basics! I have an issue similar to what others have reported, where it won’t pick up a wireless signal unless I am within 2 or 3 meters maximum from the router; the signal is exceptionally weak or non-existent otherwise. I know it’s the tablet because I have no issues with other wireless devices in my home (laptop, cell phone), and I have tried it in three different homes with wireless internet – mine, my parent’s, my sister’s – all the same thing. The screen response to touch is also pathetic; I immediately regretted the purchase. The feel of the tablet is like something I might get from a child’s toy store. $400??? I wouldn’t pay $20 and I wish I could get my money back.

    I called and emailed Dealfind, both times I was referred to the ‘returns’ section of the Fabuless website. I emailed Fabuless, no response for a week; so I emailed them again, and got a response to both my emails on the same day, three days later. Turns out, all Fabuless did was tell me:

    a) “due to the sensitive nature of the tablets, they are final sale – please see the original deal that states ‘no cash back or credit’”.

    b) “If it is defective, you can send it to us, and if it is a manufacturer defect, we will replace it. If it turns out there is nothing wrong, then I will be billed to have it shipped back to me.”
    From the sounds of it, I need to pay to send it in order to get it ‘fixed’! Unbelievable. And might I also have to pay to have it shipped back to me, in case the crappy wireless isn’t a manufacturer defect, but rather just a symptom of this model?

    c) They then ‘apologized for the inconvenience’, which I hate when businesses do that. Don’t APOLOGIZE for the inconvenience and then leave it at that; DO something about inconveniencing me! THEY should pay for me to ship it, get it either fixed or replaced, and you pay to ship it back to me. I paid a specified price for a functioning product; you didn’t deliver. Don’t you stand behind the quality of the products you sell? Admit it Fabuless, you personally wouldn’t want to have to pay for a product that turns out isn’t functioning, then pay to have to ship it to get it fixed/replaced when you have already caused me to be without a functioning tablet!

    I have purchased many other deals from Dealfind and have never been so disappointed and frustrated. I know that Dealfind says they work hard to make sure that they deal with reputable businesses, but their standards can’t be that high if someone like this was able to sell me crap.

  • Dealhunter

    @ Sarah,

    Dealfind’s ONLY standard is to make $$$$. Take the tablet to Dealfind’s head office and march upstairs and raise some hell. I bet they won’t refuse to refund you then. Stand up and make noise people. No one is going to feel sorry for you or protect you in this situation – you are on your own!

  • Chris

    I ordered on Dec 26th and haven’t received tablets yet. After reading you guys reply I decided to cancel my order from Dealfind. So I wrote an email to them two days ago. This morning I received a reply from them and they just gave me a track number from post Canada. I went to the website, type my track number, and check my track history. It shows the expected date would be Feb 6th! I mean WTF is that ? Dealfind just gave me a useless track number for what ? By any chance can anyone plz tell me how to get refund from Paypal? Thank you all.

  • DealFind Big Scam

    Hello everyone,
    Like everyone else I got scammed. I just received the Fake low quality tablet after I called Deal find for a refund. After reading all the complaints over here I asked for a refund the Lady told me that she will refund me for the service the next thing I know is that the tablet was shipped and I get the confirmation to my e-mail. I just got the tablet today and its in a very bad condition I press on it and it doesn’t work.
    Kindly let me know what you did to dispute it “Deal Find” Is a big scam.
    I wanted to check with another service that I bought through them last October for a cleaning service and I never got the chance to use it . It was an offer that had no expiration date to use the service. I called the cleaning service office to book an appointment the lady asked me from where did I purchase my deal from as soon as I told her DealFind she told me they don’t take coupons from them any longer and to call Dealfind for a refund, apparently Deal find never paid the agency for any of the service they provided customers.
    Whoever started this group lets file a big dispute and go the media! More than 7000 have been scammed!
    and for now advice me on what to say or do to get my money back!

  • Jo-Anne

    I too am in the process of dealing with Dealfind. After DAILY emails from myself and forwarding emails from Pay Pal and Fabuless, they agreed to refund me for both of the Tablets purchased in the Dec.26 ad. I still haven’t received my refund but they say I have one coming for one voucher but not the other. I am still continually emailing them asking why not the other which has remainedl on their website. Proven by forwarded emails from both Pay Pal and Fabuless that the Tablets were never even sent. So what! do they think that I should be happy that I got my money back for one? Pay Pal refunded both orders. It is Dealfind who is dragging their butts now. They want to blame Fabuless for all these issues, but in my mind they share equal responsibility for the scam. By not being prompt in making it right to their customers, they admit their quilt.

  • Chris

    Hi Jo-Anne. I wonder how did you get the money back from pay pal? Thanks in advance if you could help me out.

  • Patty

    Even though I filed a dispute with American Express, I email and call Dealfraud everyday. They are dragging their butts and you just need to stay persistant. I have been told I will get a refund after I give them the last 4 digits of my credit card. Did that several days ago, but continued to email and call now today I got an email saying I will have it in 5 days. So we shall see. I still won;t stop calling until I have my credit. Deaulfind really is “shady” and I hope everyone will be as persistant as I have and will contine to be. I really hope we ALL get every cent back that these companies took from us!!!

  • Marc

    Man am I ever glad i got a refund for this thing! I had ordered the Dec26 deal and a couple weeks ago requested my refund, which was granted. I went out and bought a Blackberry playbook for 200$ and dont regret my decision what so ever!

  • Molly

    Has anyone else noticed that the Fabuless website is no longer up?

  • Matt

    Looks like fabulessproducts.com website is no longer in existence. Or it’s server has crashed. I’m thinking they packed up and bolted with the bag of cash :)

  • Boo

    The website is still there.

  • Chris

    yeah. but when you click links such as contact us, it shows pages not found. the other links too.

  • Ron

    Never got ours yet either and left it for the benefit of the doubt until today. Seemed like a long time to ship.

    Emailed CBC for them to take a look at the docs and see if it makes a story.

    No sense in others loosing money as well.

    Has anyone received any money back yet?

  • anita

    I am so annoyed and mad that this dealfind site still exists. I’ve never been scammed til now and a little shocked to come across this site to see that unfortunately so many others have fallen into the same trap. I’ve been emailing the fabuless customer service since my purchase from the december 26 deal. It is now feb 17, so you can do the math. I just requested a refund on dealfind but I’m guessing it will be all for nothing. Damn these people, karma is a bitch~

  • anita

    Oh and also, the link for the fabuless site no longer works, so go figure. ugh.

  • Chris

    I think I am going to report my Visa company and tell them it’s a fraud. Hope they can do something for me.

  • dawn

    I was refunded last Friday to my credit card. My paypal dispute had a date of yesterday for Fabuless to respond, so if I don’t hear I will try to contact paypal by phone as I have a credit for the purchase so it’s a no brainer that Fabuless will not be shipping anything.

    As mentioned above, AMY at Dealfind fixed things for me and I posted a different number above that got me right through. When I got the email about a refund in 5 days it was only 2 days for it to show up as a credit on my statement.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Deceived1

    It appears that I too was scammed on the deal bellow:
    “Ordered On 1-Jan-2012 at 10:16am you placed an order for 1 voucher to Fabuless Products ($164 for a 7inch HD Google Android 2.3 Tablet with Up to 5hr Active Battery Life Including Shipping and Tax from Fabuless Products ($450 Value)). Your order is stored in our database as Order #xxxxxxxx. We have processed your order successfully, thank you very much!”

    FabuLESS promise of 7-15 days shipping turned into 48 days wait thus far.

    I wrote an email to Dealfind today requesting a refund.

    Stay tuned…

  • Anna


    I have spoken to both DealFind AND FabuLESS products about this Deal in question. Neither of them seem to be on the same page with exactly what the deal entails.

    Dealfind claims that it is a Google Android 2.3 7″ tablet which has HD.

    FabuLess claims that the product is manufactured in CHINA and is a china based tablet that they are “trying” to cater to fit the North America Market. What this means is that this is NOT a tablet supported by the actual Android Market. What it is, is a knock off tablet which supports the Operating System of GOOGLE. I asked them why they didnt just advertise it as a Blackberry Playbook because it could pull up http://www.blackberry.com or RIM webpages.

    When I contacted FabuLess I spoke to a customer service sales representative who knew nothing about the product and I demanded to talk to this Andrew Ferriera character. To my surprise, I actually spoke with him..If you want to talk to one person there it would be him. He said that IF there are technical problems with the WIFI that the product should be sent back for a properly functioning product, because “a tablet without internet is like a car without wheels.” Those were his exact words.

    For the people who purchased the product on or before February 5th, he said that they are being shipped out on Thursday, Feb 23rd. Although they claimed that they would be received within the 15-21 days. (not specifying business days or not) of course he claims that to be business days.

    But get this!!!! Try checking out their website right now, its unable to be opened. They say that they’re updating their “security features” to make for a safer shopping experience for their customers. You’d think that they would have done this BEFORE offering a product to thousands of people.

    Either way, for all the people who have ordered this product; your are NOT getting HD, your getting an HD adaptor with USB connector on one side and HMDI port on the other, you are supposed to be getting a tablet WITH WIFI. You are NOT getting anything supported or endorsed by the ANDROID MARKET. This is a probably crappy Chinese tablet. Hopefully someone has contacted Google or Android to inform them their name is being advertised on a falsified product.


  • Anna

    Oh and also, when I asked about their location the customer service rep said that they were in Toronto at 15 Ice Boat Terrace, and than when I addressed the concerns that people have and how customers have tried to go to the location above and return the product there is no actual FabuLess business there and nothing but stacks of returns from unhappy customers. She than said “well we’re an internet based company so we don’t have an office”.

    I was like “you just gave me your address?????” She babbled on and on and I just gave up on the issue because I knew I wasn’t going to get any where with this chick.

  • Chuck

    I ran across this thread trying to find out info on an order thru Dealfind. I purchased a $209 voucher for a Vizio VTAB1008 back on 12/04 and redeemed it on 12/11 at Cooldroids. Cooldroids charged an additional 29.95 for shipping. I’m still waiting, Dealfind has been my intermediary and has contacted Cooldroids several times on my behalf, as they would not respond.

    Today I actually chatted online with someone at Cooldroids and they indicated the tablet is still on backorder and they have no idea when it will ship. Cooldroids said if I don’t want to wait I can get a store credit from them for the $29.95 shipping that I paid and I would need to get the $209 refunded from Dealfinds. Unfortunately I paid off and closed the credit card used to pay for both shipping and the tablet, so I don’t believe either company will send a refund, only a store credit. I realy don’t want to restart the process either.

    Is there a number I can call to reach Andrew since he is apparently the same person at FabuLess and may be able to give me more info than I can get thru online chat? I would prefer to get the Vizio Tablet, but I would like to know if it is really on backorder or if they are pulling my chain.

  • dawn

    Wow, my ordeal has come to an end! Thank you Dealfind for this wonderful place to vent and get information from others in the same boat. I would still be waiting for “nothing” if it wasn’t for this site! I just received this email from paypal, which was the final credit back to me.

    We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your favor. We were able to recover $xx.xx CAD and this amount has been credited to you. Please allow five business days for this adjustment to be posted. If you are due any additional funds, we will make our best effort torecover the balance from the seller. If the seller’s account has insufficient funds to complete the refund owed to you, please be assured that we will take appropriate action against the seller’s account, which may include limitation of the seller’s account privileges.

  • dawn

    oopss.. sorry I meant “TRUELER”…:0 not dealfind! This site was a money saver!

  • Jo-Anne

    Hi Chris, go to Pay Pal website and click on dispute tab. Then proceed to file a dispute and at the same time escalate the dispute if you have already made attempts to resolve the issue with the merchant. Which I am sure you have like the rest of us.

    For an update I have still had no reply from Dealfind since Feb.13 regarding the second voucher that was not refunded, even though they said they would. I have received the credit to my credit card for the one voucher they said I would see in 5-10 business days. They just seem to want to ignore the second voucher.

    I will definitely stay on their case daily. The amount of time and the stress on this fiasco is unbelievable.

    I do believe that group buys are a good and viable idea. There just has to be a way of weeding out the scammers. First and foremost the actual company offering the deal (Dealfind, Groupon, Swarmjam) have to be reputable and do their job in investigating the companies they are dealing with. Until the consumer can be protected from their negligence and they be held accountable, I think it best to stay completely clear of the so called great deals.

    I for one have learnt my lesson and will not be a part of another one. At least till there are some actual guarantees. Not just empty promises.

  • Vicky

    I am so thankful to this website and all the people! If not you I would be still waiting for this scam!
    I’ve already requested the refund, I called Dealfind, and they promised to get back to me in 2 days, and they did. Now I am waiting for money appear on my visa.
    I also started dispute with paypal.

    Thank you Trueler!

  • Martin

    My refund for $85 hit my amex on the 17th. Now i just need to get my $11 back from paypal. Spent $199 on a playbook and happy with the purchase. Fingers crossed for the os2 upgrade on the 21st so i can get some android apps! Thanks Trueler for this, if i hadn’t come across this webpage i’d still be running o the mailbox every day after work to see if my touchpad had finally arrived.

  • Gerry

    On January 6th, I purchased a 7 inch Google tablet and sent a request to have my product shipped via Priority Post as I was leaving for a one month vacation and they refused. I was assured that I would have received my product before I left and that never happened. It has been now 6 weeks since my purchase and still nothing. I have tried contacting them via email and phone, they will not return my calls or emails. Though they did not mention an extra fee for shipping when the item was purchased, I had to pay an $11.00 and I paid with my Visa card. Related or not and while away on vacation, the card used to pay for the shipping costs was copied and purchases were made. Luckily, my bank caught these unauthorized transactions and cancelled my card. My bank also refunded me for those purchases.
    I now have put in a request with Dealfind for a full refund.
    In my opinion, I would be very cautious in dealing with this company, fabuLESS Products. I cannot even locate them on Google Maps or Bing Maps. Beware of this company

  • Brigitte

    Wow. I am so thankful I found this site. Seems I am in the same situation as everyone else. I still have not received my product either. I ordered two tablets for my kids. After repeated attempts to contact fabuless products by phone, the recording suggested I send an email as I would receive a quicker response. I have now sent two emails to which I have received a general “thank you for your inquiry” and “please expect 72 hours for a personal response.” Indicated at the bottom of the message is “please allow an 7-21 business days for order to arrive.” Still nothing. I am hesitant to contact dealfind as my 30 day period to receive a refund has expired so I called my credit card company to dispute the charge instead. My next step is to contact the BBB and file a complaint.
    Thank you Trueler

  • Chris

    Hi Jo-Anne, thank you for your information. I will do it once the help center is available.

    Here is a reply from Dealfind, which makes me even more angry because they don’t want to give my money back!

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for the email.

    We do our best to help with refunds. Dealfind offers a complete refund for up to 30 days after your purchase, as long as the vouchers are not used.

    We would like to offer you the option of receiving Dealfind Dollars for the price you paid for your voucher(s).

    Once the Dealfind Dollars are applied to your Dealfind account, they are available for use immediately. Dealfind Dollars never expire and can be used towards any of our great deals!

    Please provide us with the email address for your Dealfind account as well as the voucher numbers so that we can apply your Dealfind Dollars promptly.

  • Chris

    Email address:
    Voucher #:
    Brief Reason:

    Please note all transactions are final once processed. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for using Dealfind.

    Best Regards,

    Customer Satisfaction Expert

  • ugh

    chris, maybe refer them to the abc article where “The president of Deal Find also promises that any customers who want a full refund will get it.”

    the article goes on to say “And in fact, we’ve sent him a list of our viewers who want their money back and Gary Lipovetsky has put his customer service manager on the case to expedite their refunds.”

    i was hoping local media up here would do the same and but so far i don’t think any have.

  • Trueler

    Thanks ugh for link!

    Everyone who purchased this deal and want money back, please ask DealFind for a full refund and refer to Gary Lipovetsky’s promise:

    From here http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/consumer&id=8548792

    “The president of Deal Find also promises that any customers who want a full refund will get it”.


  • tee

    i just purchased the google android 2.3 feb/5th/12 waiting for the 21 days and yes the deal is on again. shippings included.there was no case or headphones i really hope i’m not being scammed i’m buying this for my grandaughter she will be so disapointed and i will be really pissed

  • Deceived1

    This is the answer I received today in response to my request for a refund.

    Of course, the tracking number is bogus.

    “Thank you for your email.

    I have the following Tracking # for you:


    Please visit http://www.canadapost.ca for further information.

    Thank you for using Dealfind!

    Best Regards,

    Customer Satisfaction Expert

    Phone: 416.631.6368
    Toll Free: 1.888.320.6368
    Fax. 416.946.1145

    250 Ferrand Drive, Suite 1503
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 3G8″

  • Boo

    I just received another 2.2 tablet in the mail today and I only ordered one. Do I tell fabuless about it? I kept the first one because I didn’t want to pay to ship it back but I don’t use it because it is terrible. I do want to get my money back from it so I think I will return it.

  • Tuffkat

    FYI – I’ve been in contact with Ellen Roseman at the Toronto Star. She is an amazing consumer advocate, and said she will look into it. I also sent an email to Darcy.Wintonyk@bellmedia.ca at CTV, but have not heard back from him.

    Also, Dealfind told me today that I cannot drop the tablet at their office, nor at the condo (where Andrew Ferria USED to live, and where we have to mail the paperweight), because they require a Tracking code from Canada Post to prove we sent the unit back. They told me WHEN they get the code, they will issue a refund.

  • Martin

    Got email from fabuless today tlling me my deal was refunded. No sign of my 11bucks they charged me yet. Got my 85 back from dealfind last week. Never again.

  • Mary

    Dealfind will look into my second order which I cancelled soon after I received the piece of junk from my December order. Apparently they need 48 hours to confirm with Fabucrap that I didn’t redeem the voucher.

    I filed a formal complaint with the BBB and Canadian Competition Bureau since Fabuless is not cooperating. Mine smells smokey when I plug it in (safety issue), no manuf/order no. on package, device or manual.

    By the way, their voice mailbox is full. I hope the media tar and feather these scammers. I’d like to know what CSA has to say about this unsafe product.

  • Sue

    Hi, first of all I amazed at the people that still order these tablets hoping for a great product and report on this website! With all the info on here why would you even bother posting a “I’m hoping I get a great tablet”?
    Secondly the repetitive questions regarding refunds from either product or shipping has been explained numerous times so people do your research and look back on posts for this info instead of being lazy.
    Thirdly, listen to the media link on here and call Dealfind and request refund reminding them of statement made by President of the company!

  • Sue

    This post has nothing to do with the tablets but more BS from Dealfind. They are offering a product to convert VHS to DVD and when you read the comments on Deal talk, you hear that yet again, they are misrepresenting a product by putting on info that is from a newer version in which is not even being offered for that deal. They are advertising a 58% reduction on the price but in fact it’s being sold at Staples for the same price as the deal. I think back to the media clip stating that Dealfind will make sure moving forward, on the accuracy of the % you are saving on the product being offered, here’s to prove nothing has changed or ever will. The only reason I even still get the daily emails is due to the fact I have a credit in Dealfind dollars from 6 months ago that I still need to use but exercise much caution before wasting more money, otherwise I would opt to never receive another email from them again.
    On a different note and warning to consumers,
    Teambuy is advertising a deal(AGAIN) from Kootney MediSpa a company which has gone bad several times in the past. They sold deals previously on Dealfind and Teambuy which ended up with the purchasers getting refunds from those company’s due to them not accepting vouchers anymore and locations disappearing in the middle of the night. Yet, Teambuy is offering this deal again from the company and all the questions made on there deal talk have been negative, specifically asking why they would offer “these deals” again from a unreputable, shady company when they just received refunds from the previous deal! If this doesn’t show you how bad these Dealsites Company’s are nothing will!

  • Deceived1

    Received an email from Dealfind a few minutes ago stating that a refund to my credit card has been processed.
    I should receive it in 5-10 days.

    Thanks for this informational site Trueler.

    To the few on here who takes this opportunity to berate people for being scammed…not nice.

  • Sue

    Re Deceived1:
    Are you referring to my post? If not pls ignore, if so I’m not berating people as I’ve been scammed in past myself, I’m referring to the a couple of people close to end of this page asking how to get refunds and it has been explained by many, and the various ways to go about it depending on their own individual situation. Trueler also posted informing people of the media link and reminder to advise Dealfind of the promise President made on refunds.
    I’m glad to hear they are refunding you, curious as to whether you had mentioned the Presidents promise?

  • Suzan

    Dealfind and WagJag are selling
    Ultra Vibe V2000 Portable Massager Vibrating Body Massage
    For $ 389, and $ 399.
    What a rip off
    After i bought one from Dealfind i found the same product for $100 less.

  • Deceived1

    Below is my email to Dealfind including the links to this site and the one provided by ‘Ugh’.

    “It doesn’t seem to be a good tracking number.
    Several of your customers seem to be having the same negative experience dealing with FabuLESS.



    Please advise.
    Thank you.”

  • TC

    My credit card was finally credited (I’ve just got spooked and cancel before redeeming the January deal).

    Did you guys notice the deal on Teambuy…? I’ll pass!


  • Denise

    Regarding TC’s Link: wow!

    oh. my. gosh.

    those poor souls.

    the site says no refunds (red flag!), it is shipped from China (red flag!), and you have to pay tax/duty on it to receive it, they admit on the site (red flagggggs everywhere!!) Too many red flags to see the field here, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Deceived1

    I have received a full refund from Dealfind. Much faster than the 5-10 business days previously stated in the company’s email.

    This is one customer who is greatly relieved.

    Lesson learned…when a deal appears too good to be true, stay away from it. :)

    Wishing everyone a positive outcome with their ordeal.

  • Tuffkat

    just found out that Dealfind has refunded my credit card. (and Paypal refunded me awhile ago!) Chalk this one down to edumacation (as Homer would say…) Thanks for all your amazing suggestions folks!

  • Chris

    Finally got my refund from Dealfind. Hope I could get good news from paypal as well.

  • Christina

    Just thought I’d give an update on my Dealfind ordeal! Rather than reading above I’ll do a quick rundown…Ordered my tablet with the first deal in December. Got tablet over a month later, without the accessories originally included in the deal. I’ve since filed a complaint with Visa..no help there. Email Fabuless..no help. Emailed and phoned Dealfind on a regular basis..no help either. Filed a complaint with the BBB, what a waste of time! Just finished that whole process and the status is closed, unresolved. So basically I am hooped :(

  • Paul

    Same problem with Fabuless products. I got scammed with this tablet and haven’t even received it yet. They won’t even answer their phone. (March 1) I was to receive the tablet this week but haven’t heard a word from them. Have left e-mails but still haven’t heard a word. Won’t buy from them again.

  • Sandy Kelly

    Like everyone else, I purchased the tablet and received an email from Fabuless stating it will be shipped on February 13th. They also stated Canada Post advised them not to give out tracking numbers to shipments going across the border. I called Canada Post and they told me they would never say that…I purchased the product I am entitled to the tracking number. Still no product, still no refund. I have made so many phone calls to both Fabuless and DealFind…most of the time having to leave messages or being told….give it another to arrive. Well, weeks have gone by and I still don’t have the product. At this point, I don’t want the product, I just want my money back.

  • Chris

    to Christina, did you send the video link to Dealfind? I am pretty sure you could get your money back by sending them the link. Good luck.

    Here is my update. Paypal is willing to pay my money back too. Hope everyone could be the same as me.

  • chloe

    what should i do when ive contacted both dealfind and fabuless products and before my 30 days were up and now its past the 30 days and haven’t heard from them?
    I want to contact my credit card company but i dont know what to see or what I would be able to show them that ive tried because the emails were through their sites not from my personal email.
    any help/advice would be great! thanks

  • Mary Martin

    I also purchased the tablet in Dec – received it in Feb without case etc. I did get a refund from Dealfind once I sent it back to Fabuless and could give Dealfind a tracking number. At first both companies said they would not process a refund, but I persisted in repeating that I wanted a refund, as the item was not as advertised. I recommend being persistent with your message – “I want my money back, the item is not as advertised”.

  • ashley

    i just went out and purchased the blackberry plabook for $224 after taxes and it is amazing! everyone should get one of them if you still want a tablet. i still have both my tablets that i ordered off dealfind and am still trying for my return!

  • aldy

    First of all I rarely have time to complain about any company however FabuCrap is one of the worst companies I have dealt with. I mean I have tried contacting several times and states that their voice mail is “full”.( Yes indeed, full of complaints) then hangs up. I mean what kind of customer service is this? I havent received the product nor heard from anyone, Dealfind only knew how to charge my card and profit from it. When it comes to refund they give you this big speech of how you have to go online and write to them. Really? I personally think its just easier to dispute it with my credit card company and they can deal with them directly. I mean come on! My friend got hers and informed me that it is a PIECE OF SHIT, made in China. This company is a SCAM! HONESTLY STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    I have been waiting patiently for my 2.3 Android tablet from Dealfiend and just send an e-mail to Fabuless shipping this morning asking when can i expect the product.
    U just stumbled into this site right now when I Googled about this deal.
    Based on the hundreds of posts, I am screwed, it I get the tablet, it is crap and if not there goes my $85 .
    Too bad, I had up to this time had good dealings with these folks, well good bye !

  • Gerry

    It’s been 2 months today since I purchased my 7 inch 2.2 Android tablet and still nothing.
    Made a complaint with the BBB and they opened a file on Fabuless Products. I wasn’t suprised when I noticed I wasn’t the first one to file against this shady company.
    Made a claim to PayPal for the shipping fees and they refunded my money. Just got an email from Dealfind and they will credit my Visa. Yahoo!
    So, all in all, this is a valuable lesson for me in dealing with Fabu-Crap, as everybody seems to be calling them.

    BEWARE of FabuLESS Products………


  • Christina

    ugh, it’s kind of crappy all the people on here who got their money back. Well, crappy for me lol. Wonderful for you guys. I keep trying and keep getting shut down, I even emailed dealfind the link with the president promising refunds and they said I don’t qualify because mine isn’t defective (I argue that it is) and I’m past 14 days (wth I’ve been emailing them since the day I got it). Dealfind will no longer respond to my emails. Credit card dispute didn’t work for me, BBB closed my case as unresolved…I’m pretty bummed and thinking I’ll be giving up the fight soon.

  • Carlo

    Hello everyone. For those of you who paid with a credit card, you can bring this up with your bank by calling the number on the back of your card, Dispute the charges. Visa/Master card has a protection policy for these exact instances. I bought the dealfind on Dec. 26th too and now I called my bank and told them about this information they refunded my money and will Dispute it with Dealfind. Literally taking the money back.

  • Eric

    Found this site too late! – bought the android 2.3 tablet at close of deal – no delivery after 1 month -emails initially ignored- called “service” on phone & was told tablet “may” be shipped mid March – I said this was unacceptable & demanded a refund to my credit card.
    Email received saying I would get “Dealfind Dollars”- I wrote back saying I would not accept & I require a refund in full to my credit card
    This was my first- and last!- experience with Dealfind
    Ah well – live & learn!

  • Lindsey

    I submitted my order on jan 5th.. still hadn’t received it so called dealfind. the wait was long but they gave me a refund (said it should show up in 5-10 business days) then voila I got a email today from fabuless saying my order status is listed as shipped and “in light of the situation” they are sending me the 2.3 instead of the 2.2. They are so unorganized they didn’t even know I had cancelled my order after 2 months. I don’t want it but if it comes I am not spending a penny to send it back. This was a huge pain in the behind. Would never buy from fabuless again.

  • JT

    I have no dog in this race as I ONLY use group buying sites for deals on local restaurants I KNOW are real and have decent reputations, but I found this discussion fascinating. Outside of the heavy hitters in this industry—Groupon, Wagjag, Teambuy, Living Social—NO group buy site offering deals on gadgets, tablets, appliances or ANY OTHER SUCH BAUBLES should be trusted. In fact, even the heavy hitters are increasingly prone to offering deals on this direct-from-China JUNK because the market has become so glutted and cutthroat.

    Seriously, some of the low-end deal sites are run by NEW IMMIGRANTS TO CANADA with little sales or business experience, and staffed by maybe two or three, it’s that easy! And who do you think they’re going to get into bed with to offer “deals” to pad out their sites when they realize that the SUCCESSFUL sites (like WagJag, which is actually owned by TorStar/Metroland Media, my own employers!) actually rely on “outside” (as in, outdoor, door-to-door) sales representatives hitting the bricks and the phone lines to bring in LEGITIMATE deals from existing, REAL-WORLD customers with reputations on the line. No, these bottom feeders aren’t prepared to go that far, so they hook up with any number of “importers”, fly-by-night charlatans like this “Andrew Ferreira” fellow (who appears more interested in hanging out in clubs with vacuous, fame-hungry bimbos, if those Facebook pages are anything to go on), usually in the big cities like Toronto, who are more than happy to tap their THIRD WORLD manufacturers—yes, even in CHina!—for the latest knockoff or other silly tsotchke that most people DON’T NEED. This stuff is made to LOW STANDARDS, “valued” much higher than it’s worth, and priced at a point that still ensures profitability, even when the take is split with companies like DealFind, as it was on these phoney tablets.

    People who think the iPad is OVERpriced, or point out that it’s made in China for a fraction of the asking price JUST DON’T GET IT, and so they grasp at these kinds of deals in the hope of at least emulating the experience of a legitimate, BRANDED tablet, such as an Apple or Samsung product. What they ALWAYS end up with are headaches the likes of which are reported throughout this thread. ALL OF YOU PEOPLE NEED TO SMARTEN UP ABOUT THESE “DEAL” SITES. Learn to sniff out the GOOD DEALS from the BAD. At least with a local restaurant or spa, you know it’s an EXISTING BUSINESS with a PHYSICAL LOCATION that you can even visit/peek inside before the deal is over if you like, before you buy. Or read reviews on Yelp, etc.

    As soon as you see “deals” on tech gear, jewellery, appliances and the like, you should STOP. Don’t buy. Don’t even THINK about buying. You will be getting RIPPED OFF. At best, even if the thing you buy is functional, or just looks pretty in your house, the odds are you could’ve bought it in a Chinese mall for about the same price. Or better yet, bought a BETTER version made to higher standards by a well-known, name brand company whose logo appears on it.

    I don’t know if the majority of people buying these tablets are simply ignorant and think they’re getting a SUPER deal instead of just forking over the dough, buying an iPad and actually ENJOYING everything it offers PROBLEM-FREE, but I desperately wish there was a way to spread the kind of information contained in this thread to a much WIDER audience, preferably via television on a show like CBC’s Marketplace, a show that has the budget to send reporters to actually CONFRONT the DealFind execs and this Andrew “Ferreira” (or his aliases) at his Bloor Street office.

    This forum is a great start to getting consumer awareness out there, but it’s just not enough because even in our web-obsessed era, the 7500 people who reportedly bought this deal have certainly not turned up here to comment. How many of those poor suckers simply bent over and took it in the shorts on this deal? I’m betting a lot. And that’s just not right. The core fault here is the obvious collusion between DealFine and their client, but some fault must also be laid at the feat of the people who gobbled up this “deal” without seriously considering what they were getting into, or doing more research beforehand. Hell, even finding NOTHING about this Tablet online should be a HUGE clue that something’s fishy. More power to the owner of this site for actually smoking out this scam, but clearly there are more ripped off customers out there than even this forum is able to help.

  • Christine

    I just cancelled my order for this android 2.3 with fabu whatever…why wouldn’t the deal find people be nice? what do they have to lose as customer service people? I think the android deal was too good to be true – the service was HELL, the patronizing “will advise” annoyed me and the lack of information sucked.

    I won’t buy another product but don’t mind the $10 for a $20 lunch deal.

    the android deal i think as someone put it was something that wasn’t really ‘business’ – its a fly by night group who has NO idea about customer service.

    lets see how long it takes to get my refund…they’re insulting with the bullshit emails about “its on its way” “we’re looking into it”…

    very tiring exercise…

    ack ack ack.

  • Christine

    And the dealfind people ARE nice on the phone but like I said “why would they NOT be nice?”

  • Brian

    March 8 2012 10:34pm
    I still have not heard a thing from Fab…. I am now seeing the light. Investigate like crazy. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Futreshop here i come. Thanks Trueler.
    Don’t stop picking these things apart, your good at it!
    Thanks to everyone else who sent info to pull this altogether.

  • TK

    So far has anyone received the android 2.3 tablet?

    it’s been a month since Feb.5th.

  • norma

    I have not received my android 2.3 tablet nor will dealfind return my emails as to what to do…. guess i can not get the product or my money back… was on hold for 51 minutes and they are busy with other customers…..

  • Insider

    It is March Break! I took the liberty in reading all the entire feedback and situation. I am empathetic with your entire ordeal! I am neither a buyer nor a seller.
    Firstly, as a buyer, one should understand what you are buying. This is not state of art tablet and Android 2.2 is older generation of the technology. Today, all branded tablet are shipping Android 4.0 system. Research the product and it is easy to compare the product specification on web.
    Company offer coupon/ deals etc definitely can do a better job in knowing the supplier that they are dealing with. With their payment structure with any supplier, you should be safe since they do not pay the vendor immediately. The money is always in their pocket. The question will be “how to get refund from them?” Really, you’ve to be persistent and forum likes this in pressuring the company.
    Some tips :
    a) Always demand the telephone number and address of the supplier (often they only provide website and email only).
    b) : “Taxes and shipping included” investigate where are the shipment coming from and read the fine print, to avoid liable for import taxes or more HST.
    C) Your expectation of the product. Often focus on the deal that does not include shipping since shipping is relatively expensive in Canada. When a deal is including shipping and taxes, you will be paying for an average shipping rate of the nationwide. The other benefit is that, you can see and collect the product in front of you, if you are not satisfied with it, at least you know where it comes from or plainly reject the good in front of you. Then ask for refund from the company who offer the deal!

  • Lloyd

    Pretty much the same tablet is now listed on LivingDeal.com … still a $399 value for $85. This time however, the actual vendor appears to be HotDeallio.com in Toronto.


  • Lennea

    I too am having problems with Fabuless. Though it is for a different product.
    I bought a swimming shark remote control air balloon through them through Swarmjam.
    I bought it 2 months before my son’s birthday intending to use it for his birthday party. Which has now come and gone.
    I have emailed them repeatedly and asked to either have delivery by his birthday or refund my purchase. All I get is emails saying they are delayed due to overwhelming response… they only sold 107 thought the deal… which is hardly overwhelming!
    I have now sent emails to Swarmjam asking for a refund or a credit in my account.
    Paypal will not let me make a claim on the additional $11 payment I made to this company for taxes and handling for some reason. I will be following up with a phone call as sometimes that helps with Paypal.
    Hopefully Swarmjam refunds my purchase or I will have to call my credit card company.
    What a huge waste of time rip off!

  • Christina

    fyi you can only dispute a transaction with your credit card company 60 days after the statement is issued, and since I received my tablet I don’t really have grounds for a chargeback.
    Received an email from dealfind today asking me to send video of my tablet not working properly and they will investigate and get back to me about refunding my money…looks like I’m in this for awhile yet…

  • chris

    I also purchased the tablet, and I have been waiting, with no responses of emails, and seeing this site I called today. After waiting 50 minutes on hold I talked to jeffery ext 413, he said it would be 24 hours before I get my refund. thank you so much for having all of this info up trueler, I thought I was the only pissed off person.


  • chris

    Hi William,

    As per our conversation, our policy requires that we give a 24 hour notice to the merchant befor issuing a refund.

    Please allow us 24 hours to contact him and get back to you.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for using Dealfind.

    Best Regards,

    Customer Satisfaction Expert, Processing

    Phone: 416.631.6368
    Toll Free: 1.888.320.6368
    Fax. 416.946.1145

    250 Ferrand Drive, Suite 1503
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 3G8

    560 South Winchester Boulevard, Suite 500
    San Jose, California, United States 95128

  • Kev

    Has anyone out there received their Google Android 2.3 tablet in the mail from the February 5th 2012 Dealfind offer?

    Also, it’s been more than 21 business days since the Dealfind voucher was redeemed and the tablet has not yet been delivered. On this basis alone, can I request a full refund from Dealfind? As well, will Dealfind refund the $85 back to my credit card even though it is past their 30 day refund limit policy? Don’t want their Dealfind dollars either.

    I don’t want to wait until the summer to receive this product if it turns out to be a low quality tablet that doesn’t work properly (based on the reviews I read and some people still haven’t received it since they placed their orders around Christmas time!!!) and then be stuck with shipping fees (& hassle) to return it. Also, I refuse to contact Fabuless Products Inc. after reading so many horrible customer service stories about that shady company, no time for the runaround.

  • Nisha

    I have also not received my android and they will not return any emails either. It’s a bunch of crap…I’m on the phone with the credit card company to see what I can do. I am NOT paying for something I did not receive. As for Dealfind and Fabuless I hope they get slapped with a hefty law suit

  • Marc


    I also cancelled my 2 tablets from the 2.2 Dec 26th deal about 4-5 weeks ago have since been refunded the 85$ to my credit card. And so today, I checked my email and voila, I have an email from “fabuless” telling me that my 2 tablets have been shipped and that they are “upgrading” me to the 2.3. Talk about a joke of a company! I’m not spending one red cent to ship these things back!

  • Ansel

    I took have been suckered here. Ordered and paid February 1st and have not received anything. My emails to Dealfind including one requesting a refund have not been answered. Their telephone number has a fast busy signal consistently. I’m not sure what else to do other than go to my credit card company at this point.

  • Deb

    I’d like to hear from some who actually received their tablets (I see that a few people who posted here have, mostly negative comments but 1 that says the products is not so bad). I bought the Dec deal, my order was processed Jan 10, and after repeated efforts to contact Fabuless and/or Dealfind, I was advised by Dealfind and Fabuless that it was shipped on Feb 27. I then got a notice by email that it was shipped March 6 and that time I acually got a notice from Canada post with expected delivery of March 8, which has come and gone. Tracking tells me the package is still in Missisauga, where it has been since March 6. After reading comments posted above, I plan to call my credit card company and also file a complaint with Paypal. But I am wondering about the tablets themselves. Are they worth the $85+11 we paid, even if not $410 as advertised on the Fabuless site when I bought…Given that I bought on the basis that I was getting a discount on a product worth $410, I am thinking I will sue for the full $410 plus damages in small claims court. Has anyone else considered this?

  • J. Yu

    I bought the voucher last January and they promised to deliver before the 15th of February. After no response from fabuless or dealfind, I initiated the refund email and suddenly got a money request from paypal coming from a chelsea young asking me to give more money for shipping and handing. What gives? Am calling my card company to dispute the charges.

  • Eric

    when are we filing a lawsuit? After reading through some of these comments, I feel there is not much hope in getting my refund back.

  • Mal.S

    When i called to find out when my tablet will arrive and requested a shipping number, they couldn’t give me one and assured me that the talked to fabuless and that the tablet was send out and i will receive it in the next 6-12 days.I requested to get this in writing (see below) Guess what its 16 days now and still nothing!!!
    I just called my bank to get the money refunded. We will see what happens next.

    Hi ,

    Thank you for your phone call.

    As per our telephone conversation, the merchant at Fabuless Products has informed me that your product was shipped out last week and you should receive it within 6-12 days if there aren’t any delays with the post office.

    We have a 30 day refund policy and offer refunds on a case by case basis after the 30 days. If you do not receive your product within 6-12 days and are in need of a refund, please let me know so I can further assist you.

    Thank you for using Dealfind.

    Best Regards,

    Customer Satisfaction Expert

    Phone: 416.631.6368
    Toll Free: 1.888.320.6368
    Fax. 416.946.1145

    250 Ferrand Drive, Suite 1503
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 3G8

    560 South Winchester Boulevard, Suite 500
    San Jose, California, United States 95128

  • Cuemed2

    It’s nice to know my wife & I are not alone with this drama. We ordered three tablets on Feb 1st and have not recieved anything in the mail or even a tracking number. After reading these comments, we requested a full refund from dealfind.com & awaiting a response (Keeping our fingers crossed)!!

  • Keri

    I did not receive the item and found tracking it impossible with Fabuless. I contacted Dealfind and they were very responsive in trying to contact the supplier and then issuing me a refund when we couldn’t get anywhere with the supplier. I have always found Dealfind responsive to questions and issues.

  • Dealhunter

    @ Deb,

    This tablet is a piece of shit. I don’t own one (thank GOD) but I know of sheeps…er…friends who’ve bought one and tried using it. It’s the type of tablet you’d probably want to give your 3-year old child to play around with so they won’t break your iPad. But then again, a “toy” for a 3 year old child shouldn’t be valued at $399 or cost even $85.

    If you end up taking them to small claims court and successfully sue them, more power to you woman. The first thing you should do is take your new found winnings and buy an iPad 3!

  • Multani

    I knew it was too good to be true but I scumbed to my weakness for great advertising gimmicks. Anyways, Ita been almost 6 weeks, well past the “10-15 business days” claim that they made for delivery and I want to get my money back! Can anyone tell me the most efficient way of dealing with this seeing as how many people got their money back but different ways. Down with DealFind! I feel so cheated!

  • VVX

    I just called Dealfind and punched extension numbers until I found someone’s personal voicemail. I left a detailed (and a little curt) message about the Fabuless scam and that I required immediate and personal assistance getting a refund processed.. I’ll see what happens from here..

  • rich

    this is such a scam. don’t bother waiting on hold at dealfind. call andrew (insert fake name here) at fabuless. he’ll answer…he won’t help you but at least he’ll answer. his number is 416.825.6127. this is also the number to give any police/lawyers/leg breakers….they may actually be able to do something. i’ve learned my lessson…it’s time for him to learn his.

  • Ray Fournier

    Am still waiting any word from anybody re: my order. I have still received nothing.
    ‘On 29-Jan-2012 at 9:46am you placed an order for 1 voucher to Fabuless Products Inc. Your order is stored in our database as Order #120129-738681-001. We have processed your order successfully, thank you very much!’

  • Jack Rover

    I have the same story. Purchased tablet on 3o Jan 2012 and still have not rec’d it.

    I called my credit card company and they refunded my money immediately. They will also contact Dealfind on my behalf. After that I am not sure what will happen as I am a little afraid what dealfind will say.

    At the end of the day it has been longer then 30 days and the product has not arrived. And it sounds like the table is a piece of junk anyhow.

    Has anyone had success with the credit card company route?

  • Mal.S

    Everybody copy this link and post it as often as you can at their Facebook page let’s see how they would like that for a change.


    You can also use it when you send them an email!

  • Mal.S

    Power to the People LOL!

  • Topo

    Also a victim of the 2.2 tablet. I am requesting refund as well. Wondering has anyone contacted CBC Markedplace. Would be also interested in any lawsuit.

  • Laresha


    anyone seen this? another quality deal, I’m sure. No refunds after you have opened the package and seen what a piece of crap it is?

  • Destiny Siefert

    FINALLY! I’ve been looking for help and have been stranded!! I bought this dealfind February 1st – here it is March 15th, no tablet, no tracking numbers, no word. I’ve asked and asked again and again and they’re just ignoring me. I don’t know what to do! These people should be sued! They’re totally crooked!!

  • Sue G

    I purchased two tablets on February 2nd. I contacted dealfind on March 2nd as I did not receive the tablets. I did not hear from them in 3-5 business days so I contacted them again on March 12. I heard from them today (March 16) that they are processing my refund on my credit card. We’ll see what happens.

  • Ray

    8 weeks, still no sign of the product.
    Two notes to Dealfind. NO reply.
    One phone call to my Visa folks and the charge was reversed inside 36 hours!
    Didn’t even try Fabuwhatever after all the above nightmares.

  • Maya

    Thank you for your email.

    We understand that you have placed your order and have not yet received your product.
    Due to the popularity of the deal, there may be delays in shipping your product. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

    We will gladly contact the merchant on your behalf in order to find out the status of your order.

    Please allow 48 hours for the merchant to get back to us with the status of your order.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for using Dealfind.

    Best Regards,

    Customer Satisfaction Expert, Processing

    Phone: 416.631.6368
    Toll Free: 1.888.320.6368
    Fax. 416.946.1145

    250 Ferrand Drive, Suite 1503
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 3G8

    560 South Winchester Boulevard, Suite 500
    San Jose, California, United States 95128


  • Samanatha

    I emailed deal find requesting a refund for TWO android 2.3 tablets that I ordered in DECEMBER that are still not here…and they said I will be getting a refund. Do not give up and keep pushing for money back!

  • ERIC

    To all who were (are) being ripped-off by “Dealfraud”- just be persistent & demand a refund – do not accept “Dealfraud” dollars!- insist on a full monetary refund.
    This was my tactic- I was credited the full amount to my credit card ,although I was not notified by Dealfraud – I noticed the credit to my card account when I accessed my account online.
    Perhaps my threats to report them & dispute the transaction with my card issuer spooked them ?
    Good luck to all who were suckered by “Dealfraud” & FabuLESS !

  • David

    Persistence for me has not yet paid off. I have not received my order, paid for in Jan. Phone call to Dealfind and Fabuless have resulted in dead-ends, where recorded messages indicate high call levels and a prompt to leave a message in a mailbox that is full and not accepting further messages. What a joke. In my last email to Dealfind Support, I informed them that I would be conctacting Visa to have the payment reviewed as fraudulent. Maybe Visa will have better luck with these scam artists.

  • JT

    Left a lengthy comment a few weeks ago stating that it would be great if a show like Marketplace did an investigation into these group-buy companies and their hook-ups with shady operators like the one behind this tablet deal. Well, we’re not there yet, but The Star’s Ellen Rosenman tackles this very issue in her Moneyville column in today’s edition (with DealFind in predictable spin control mode), so hopefully it’s a start:


    Now if only she’d open up the comments field on it. Now THAT would be interesting. :)

  • Lola

    I was also one of the ones who was a victim of this. I pursued, they refunded. I hope everyone is eventually refunded. I have NO idea how the item was shipped, but Canada Post’s instructions on the tracking information were “do not safe drop” (means do not leave at the front door. That is exactly where it was found – IN FEBRUARY – and it was cold outside. Good luck everyone!

  • Alexis

    I am losing my mind reading all of this right now- I bought the 2nd wave of this scam…. Processed my order on February 5th and have heard and seen nothing… I’ve called and emailed countless times… I am Absolutly going to BBB and going to advertise this crap!!!

  • Alexis

    ….i am on the phone with dealfind now and they are saying that ‘due to high volume the orders are taking longer than expected’ but that everything is fine- I told her ‘I beg to differ when the company who has the item (fabuless) is not returning customer inquiry’s and there’s a web page dedicated to voicing customer disatisfaction wih both never receiving the product and having garbage delivered their homes’

    So…. I am supposed to hear from them when they go to issue a refund on my visa card…apparently I will get a full refund. Lets see what happens!!!

  • Toni

    so happy to find this site, wish I had found it before now. I went for the android deal in late January. I will call my bank to dispute the charges. But will also complain loudly adn clearly. Do you know this guy has made nearly $500K with these deals? I know he is in Canada, but also has an office in California. Im sure the IRS would be interested in how he got all this $$$ tax free. And also teh California states atty and the Federal Trade Commission, heck even the US Dept of Justice. This is consumer fraud at its best and highest. Dealfind or Andrew whoever he is will neve ragain be able to do business in the US. Unless he changes his name, but then he risks repeated intent to defraud and does not pass go. He will go to jail. I’m willign to go class action, but I also say sic the govt on him and put him down for good.

  • Tracey Sarty

    I too purchased a 2.2 voucher I did finally receive it and they up-graded it to a 2.3 but it does not work properly. It won’t saty connected to wireless. I have called and left messages but I haven’t received any info. Very annoying. I did think that we could trust Dealfind to deal with reputable people. We never learn, if it seems to good to be true it is.

  • Rachel

    After waiting on hold for EVER- I found this number, and got to a voice mail fairly quickly

    Toll Free: 1.888.320.6368



    She is the “Customer Satisfaction Expert and Processing” for Dealfind.
    I just want my money back!

  • Mary

    I’m currently dealing with the BBB and so far the Fabuless is willing to give me a full refund as long as I return the product at MY expense….RIGHT!!

    We’ll see how Fabuless responds. Never again!

  • dmarzahl

    I too ordered the Android Tablet, because $85 for a $399 item is a good deal. Neither have I received the item to date, nor do I believe it is worth $399 after some research. Instead of asking for a refund, I will fight to get it delivered and nail these scammers for corrupt, unethical and fraudulent business practices. I wish more people would stop rolling over getting angry. Fight back!

  • SarahC

    I had ordered two Tablets from Dealfind back on Feb 6, 2012 and today March 23rd, they promised a refund. I have been calling and emailing for over a month and all I get from the agents is “if you would like a refund…” I didn’t want a refund until I found this site and am glad I did. I am going to spend the extra money and get something that works and I know is backed by a good company.
    Thank you

  • Lloyd


    “I wish more people would stop rolling over getting angry. Fight back!”

    It’s not a matter of just rolling over a getting angry. It’s a matter of expense. No one is going to spend more of their hard earned money and/or countless hours of their time just for the satisfaction of getting a $85 refund, or an item worth more than that amount. Most people will simply chalk this unfortunate incident up to experience and move on. Life is far too short to spend it bickering over a mere $85.

  • Candy

    The last time i’ve called dealfind was Mar 20, the CS has told me that there is no record of my order being shipped. So I asked for a refund and she said it will take 24 hrs to process. She instructed me to email the three vouchers number, and i did (dealfind support ref:_00D60Iqu4._50060HlJXn:ref). However, the money is not refund and i got no response from dealfind.

  • Carolina

    I got the “deal” of the google android and I have not gotten my android yet, and asked for a refund and I have not gotten my money back yet.

    They, at dealfinder, don’t even talk to you on the phone for this now. You can only do it by filling an online form.

    I want my money back and in dela finder they will only give me the money back for the android but not for the processing fee that i paid at fabuless.

  • doubleobrown

    Here is their address: 1036 – 15 Iceboat Terrace, Toronto, ON M5V 4A5

    DEAR CANADIANS! I am imploring you, DO NOT buy anything from FABULESS PRODUCTS! Their products are arriving from China and the quality of it is not worth a wooden nickle…

    I recently purchased an Android Tablet from them thru Dealfind on a so-called ‘promotion’… Upon placing my order, I paid using my Credit Card, and waited for 2.5 months for it to arrive. When I contacted Dealfind and FabuLESSProducts, they said that the shipment had not yet arrived and will be shipped out to buyers accordingly.

    Finally in mid-Feb, the item arrived, DEAD ON ARRIVAL! I contacted FabuLESSproducts and informed them of the issues, got the run around from them. They said to charge them item, and refused to reply to my phone calls, emails.

    Finally Dealfind advised me to send the item back (after I threatened them with a lawsuit for improper practice) and said to mail the device back to FabuLESSproducts via Registered Mail.

    A couple of weeks later, someone from FabuLESSproducts emailed me and advised me there was nothing wrong with the device. I have obtained video/pictures of the problems with the device and they accuse me that I was exaggerating.

    Anyways, I requested a full refund of $85 for the device + $11 for the handling and $13 for the registered shipping, however the individual said we will only refund your $85. Tough luck they said!

    So, beware, do not BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS company.

    If you have purchased anything recently, or are awaiting for your item to arrive, CANCEL IT NOW!

    You will receive a lemon!

    Their business is scam.

  • Irene

    Well, I see I am not alone. I currently have a complaint in with BBB. This is the second time I’ve gotten notice from Canada Post saying the item is on its way. I have yet to see anything (since the order in January. If you’re thinking scam, think about it. The supplier claims to send something out via post; it goes missing, Canada Post issues a refund to the supplier. Was the product ever sent?! not sure. I’m still awaiting resolution. Someone’s getting rich off this!

  • na june

    First and last time buying on that website. The 2 tablets
    are not working proprely (it look like a toy). The battery last 10 minutes for one and the other one a 1 hour!
    Also they charged me for 4 tablets.
    They hold me 170$. I spoke to some agents and all what they do it’s to refer me to a e-mail adress. They anwser saying that they receive my e-mail and they have a large amount of request to process…It is all bullshit but I want my money back. We have to continue calling and sending them e-mail until we get what it should be ours.

  • Ken N

    Fabuless products is a scam! Do not buy anything though them or any company who does buisness with them(swamscam/swarmjam exc.) Boycott the less than Fabuless Products company and their employee’s! Dont forget to file a complaint with the Ontario BBB and The squeekywheel.com. Both site are user friendly unlike fabuless products. Thanks for reading and I hope to have saved you money and a giant headache. Ken N. Calgary Ab

  • Tom

    I had to email Dealfind and call Dealfind numerous times. Each time getting a different reply from the Dealfind agent on returning the tablet to Fabuless in order to get a refund. I asked Dealfind how am I able to return the tablet went Fabuless won’t answer their phone and won’t to emails. Finally I got a helpful Dealfind agent who spoke to her supervisor and told me to email her a video clip showing the problem with the tablet and she would process my refund. I emailed her the video clip showing the defective tablet and she processed my refund within 5 days. She didn’t even require that I return the tablet to Fabuless. Both Dealfind and Fabuless are total scammers. I had previously purchased the memory card from them and never got it. Only after numerous phone calls did the refund me the money. I also purchased a car detailing and car wash from them only to find out the merchant no longer honored their vouchers as Dealfind did not pay the merchant their share of the sales. I will never buy from Dealfind again. I advise to everybody that are still trying to get their refund is keep calling Dealfind until they refund your money. It paid off for me. Good luck

  • Tom

    You can get your $11 back either by filing a complaint with Paypal within 30 days otherwise call your credit card company. PayPal wouldn’t do anything as it was past 30 days but my credit card company did a charge back right away without even asking any questions.I think the credit card companies know about Fabuless.

  • Anne

    Can anyone help me?
    I called visa and they asked me to return the tablet.
    Is it

    250 Ferrand Drive
    Suite 1503


    Fabuless Products
    1036-15 Iceboat Terrace


  • Derek

    I purchased the Android 2.3 tablet on January 28th and never received it. Include me in the class action suit. Both Dealfind and Fabuless are guilty of wire fraud at the very least.

  • Sarah

    I also was a sucker to this scam. My family bought 3 of the android 2.3 tablets, all of which we have never received.
    Of course DealFind said they were covering the $11 fee and my credit card was charged the $33 for the S&H. I have been contacting FabuLESS products with no response since Feb. After hearing nothing, a friend of mine who also ordered contacted DealFind on March 5. The customer service agent she spoke to was completely ignorant and told her that we hadn’t heard anything because we redeemed our vouchers “incorrectly”. We followed EXACTLY what our original vouchers said. Apparently after sending them out, DealFind decided that to redeem your vouchers you did NOT go through FabuLESS products and instead redeemed through the DealFind website. We re-redeemed our vouchers on March 5th and have still heard nothing, all the while I have been contacting FabuLESS to refund my $33 for S&H.
    After finding this website I have contacted DealFind for a refund. I don’t care if it’s past my 30 days of purchase, I will fight this one until the end.
    Wish I had seen this website earlier.
    I’d also LOVE to be included in the class action suit.
    I will NEVER EVER purchase anything from either of these websites again.

  • Rachel

    JUST RECIEVED THIS: If you want a refund read below.

    Hello Valued Dealfind Customer,

    We write to you regarding the deal you purchased for $85 for a 7 Inch Google Android 2.3 Tablet Including Taxes, Shipping and Handling from Fabuless Products ($399 Value).

    Dealfind goes to great lengths to provide our customers with an excellent all-round experience with our products and service. We do our best to source quality products from reliable merchants. Occasionally, we disappoint our customers and ourselves, when products or suppliers do not meet our standards. The tablet you purchased is unfortunately one of those occasions. We write to confirm that, for reasons beyond our control, you will not be receiving the product you ordered. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. Rest assured that we take this matter very seriously and are taking steps to prevent future recurrence.

    In order to make things right by you, Dealfind would like to offer you the option of refunding the entire purchase price of $85 back onto your credit card, or give you $105 in Dealfind Dollars credited to your Dealfind account! Dealfind Dollars can be used at any time in the future towards any of our great deals, and will never expire!

    Please contact us at Satisfaction@Dealfind.com, with the Subject line indicating your preference of “Credit Card Refund” or “Dealfind Dollars”, and include the following information:

    - Dealfind Account Email Address (that was used to purchase the deal)
    - Voucher and/or Order Number

    Once the request has been processed, a Customer Satisfaction Expert will send an email to notify you that it has been done.

    We sincerely apologize again as this is not the experience that we want for our customers.

    Thank you for using Dealfind and we remain committed to maximizing your experience with us!

    The Dealfind Team

  • Karli

    I just received the same e-mail from deal find to call them and I can get my $85 back or take $105 in “dealfind Dollars”. I’m so disappointed with deal find right now, I’ll take my $85 back. I think everyone who did receive one should now be able to return it for their money back.

  • crharnack

    we have had the same issue that others have described on getting their product

    but now we get an email stating we will not be getting the product.. This is a complete outrage!!! 3 effing months we waited to get an email.. talk about a money investing scam.. we will never use Dealfind.com again

  • I just received the same email saying I would not be receiving the tablet and I am taking the refund on my credit card. I spent a lot of time sending emails and phoning Fabuless and they told me it was shipped, then there was a hold up the Canada post, then she was going to highlight my order in yellow because I told her I was going away soon and tablet was a gift (where is all true) but then I get the email saying I was not receiving the tablet. Let’s see how long before I see the refund on my credit card.

  • Karen

    I just spoke to someone at dealfind and they said that Fabuless have said they are not shipping any of the tablets out. The told me how to ask for my refund from them and to dispute the shipping charge to fabuless with my credit card company which I have done.
    Lets see what happens.
    Do Not Use Fabuless–It is a scam company!!

  • Vera Herelle

    I also have written to Fabulous of my probs with the Adroid. I received it a few days before i went away (Feb3)on vacation and had probs getting it to acknowledge my wireless internet. I was right in front of my hub and it still said no signals. I had issues with the charging of the unit also.It is a piece of junk is what it is and i was silly to think i would get anything better for that price.I immediately sent an email requesting a refund and that they contact me upon my return Feb 18th to tell me what i should do to get this refund. Didn’t hear a peep from them. Got busy and was in and out of town and just got around to sending them another email the other day and got a response saying i had to deal with satisfaction@dealfind.com. I sent an email to them two days ago so will have to wait to what they have to say. From what i am reading i think i’ll probably have to mark this up to experience and accept the fact that there will be no refund.

  • Jilian

    I purchased (or thought I did) 2 tablets from Dealfind on Jan 30th, tried on several occasions to contact anyone from Fabulous or Dealfind to get my products – after 3 mths was told that they cannot get the product and will redund my original monies. This is CRAZY! They sold 4200 tablets that day @ $85 ($357,000) and held on to customer’s monies for more than 3 mths, use it at their disposal and slowly refund the money over a long period of time!
    This is thief in a different form and we need to all get together to take legal action against Dealfind.
    Before knowing that Dealfind is a website set out to use people’s money and slowly refund it over a long period of time, I purchased 2 vouchers from Ultra Tech Painting to paint 2 rooms during Spring but I cannot get an appointment they said until (maybe) September and to leave a message to set up except that their mailbox is full………..
    DEALFIND needs to be shut down and stop stealing people’s money!

  • Jilian

    Please include me in on any class action lawsuit regarding Fabulous or Dealfind. They continue to scam people out of their money on a daily basis and never delivering on their products.

    Count me in too!

  • Erik

    Count me in on any class action lawsuit, too. These scammers shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this.

  • Lisa Connolly

    Oh man – looks like I got ripped off too.

    I placed my order March 10th and got nothing. Did not have to pay the $11.00 – was advised it was COD.

    Just sent my request for refund to DEALFIND but I am not hopeful – I have dealt with their customer service over another issue and it is CRAP.

    So disappointed. If there is a lawsuit please COUNT ME IN AS WELL!!!!!

    I purchased 2 and am out $170.00 – snif!

  • Trueler

    I’m really sorry to say that, but the person who wanted to start a class action law suite against Fabuless Products and DealFind contacted several lawyers, but nobody was interested in it… So, continue to push DealFind to get your refunds and do not forget to write your reviews about them in the Internet!


  • Carmen

    I only came upon these post today because I smelled a rat in trying to get answers from both Fabuless and dealfind. Here’s a summary of my dealings with both in the last few days.
    March-28-12 To: customerservice@fabulessproducts.com
    I have as not yet received this order and am wondering when I might anticipate doing so.

    Thu, 29 Mar 2012 14:32:13 -0400
    Hello Carmen,
    We do sincerely apologize. We are so sorry to hear you have yet to receive your tablet. We regret to inform you that there is a delay. We do apologize and can relate to the frustration. We wish nothing more but to finalize the deal for customers.
    At this time, customers have two options:
    Option 1- Contact Deal Find for a refund. (FabuLESS can refund the handling fee)

    Option 2- Extend your patience and wait for the order to be released. (There is no time frame at this time.)
    We do apologize, however we are doing our best to assist all customers. Please let us know if we can assist you further.
    Julie- Customer Service

    March-29-12 7:35 PM
    To: customerservice@fabulessproducts.com
    I wish to wait however you have stated that that there is no time line…..does this mean it could be months, years?

    Comment: Notice the shift in tone after this last email. I went from being Carmen to Customer. I also should have been suspicious when my spam blocker identified the customer service response as likely spam. I also noticed that fabuless had my IP address listed on their invoice….which I had never provided.

    Mon, 2 Apr 2012 14:43:23 -0400
    Hello Customer,
    We regret to inform you that Android 2.2/2.3 tablet promotion with Dealfind was cancelled and you will not be receiving the product you ordered. We equally share in your frustration and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
    At this point we strongly suggest you to contact DealFind at satisfaction@dealfind.com for a refund.
    On behalf of FabuLESS Products we thank you for your cooperation and we extremely apologize for this inconvenience.
    Lisa | Customer Service Specialist

    Comment: I loved that fabuless “shared in my frustration”…maybe they were hoping to evoke some sort of sympathy from me but it just seemed so surreal and bizarre. And what’s with ” we strongly suggest you contact dealfind for a refund”? I have to admit this point I got pissed off. Not hard to detect in my next message to them.

    April-02-12 9:49 PM
    To: customerservice@fabulessproducts.com;
    I don’t know how you can share in my frustration. This was your deal to start with and I feel that I have been scammed. Can’t help but thinking that you offered this promotion as a way to get free advertising for your site/business or perhaps a way of getting email addresses and IP addresses (which I did not provide and you obtained through other means) for sale. I put off buying other products while waiting for you to honor this deal. You have the tablets in stock at your full price so I’m not sure why you are refusing to honor the deal. This is unacceptable. Actually I strongly suggest that you contact dealfind and let them know that you will not be honoring your deal!!! I on the other hand will do what I need to do which will be to use whatever means available to me to let people know that fabuless lacks integrity and that doing business with your company is risky; I will contact the Better Business Association in your area to register my concern as well and will CC you when I do so.

    Comment: I also forwarded the above email to customer service at dealfind. Their response follows:

    April 3 2012
    Hello Carmen, We write to you regarding the deal you purchased for $85 for a 7 Inch Google Android 2.3 Tablet Including Taxes, Shipping and Handling from Fabuless Products ($399 Value). Dealfind goes to great lengths to provide our customers with an excellent all-round experience with our products and service. We do our best to source quality products from reliable merchants. Occasionally, we disappoint our customers and ourselves, when products or suppliers do not meet our standards. The tablet you purchased is unfortunately one of those occasions. We write to confirm that, for reasons beyond our control, you will not be receiving the product you ordered. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. Rest assured that we take this matter very seriously and are taking steps to prevent future recurrence.In order to make things right by you, Dealfind would like to offer you the option of refunding the entire purchase price of $85 back onto your credit card, or give you $105 in Dealfind Dollars credited to your Dealfind account! Dealfind Dollars can be used at any time in the future towards any of our great deals, and will never expire! Please let me know how you would like to proceed. Thank you for using Dealfind!

    Then the response came from fabuless:

    Hello Carmen,
    We are sorry you feel this way. The deal was cancelled without our approval/authorization. We are still honouring the Deal Price if customers wish to buy the product directly through us.
    However, you must contact Deal Find to be reimbursed as we do not have your funds. We are more than happy to have correspondence with the BBB as it documents our compliments as well. Please visit: http://fabulessproducts.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=18 to request a refund for your shipping or handling fee.
    Again, we do greatly apologize.
    Jenna – Support Specialist
    Support Team

    Comment: Love how no one really explains what happened or takes the blame for everything going sideways. Not going to touch fabulss offer to purchase directly from them. No point in confirming my stupidity to them by doing that! Luckily I didn’t pay any handling or shipping fees so I don’t need to go after anyone for the refund. Thanks to all the comments here I’m going to ask for dealfind to credit my credit card for $85. Use up my outstanding dealfind vouchers and cancel my dealfind membership. Then count it as a lesson learned!!!!

  • Chris

    Well well, for those people that did not get the tablet count your blessings. I actually received mine ( a little late) but none the less did get it. I arranged the next day to return it becuase it was a peice of crap
    I had to provide
    Voucher #:
    Name on order:
    Order ID (The 4-5 digit number provided by Fabuless Products when you placed your
    Product (e.g. 2.2 Google Android Tablet):
    Proof of shipment (e.g. tracking number, scan/photo of shipping receipt):

    All of which I did and shipped it out via Canada Post. Guess what!!! It was “returned to sender” (ME) saying that Fabuless Products is no longer at this location??

    Count me in the class action suit.
    I say we use our social media to get the word out on these crooks.

  • Hi all,

    We orderd 5 tablets. Only got 3. We really really like them. BUT WOW, Deal Find is the biggest scammer hiding behind a pretty front. They are serperants. No wonder the company make 2 billion dollars a year. Deal Find scammed everyone here and continues to scam. They took our money, never allocated the whole amount to FabuLESS and then cancelled the deal. Imagine, they have all that money. Some people probably do not even know the deal was cancelled and Deal FInd will keep the money. INSANNNNEEEE. EVERYONE GET YOUR REFUNDS!!!

    Contact DealFind at satisfaction@dealfind.com for a full refund, CROCKKKS!!! They still haven’t processed mine!
    I received this response from FabuLESS and the refund.

    Dear Customer,

    Please fill out all information below to receive your handling/shipping fee.

    Order Id numbers
    Date of payment:
    Unique Paypal Transaction #:
    Amount of Charge:


    Lisa | Customer Service Specialist

  • Tamara

    I wish to participate in class action suit against Dealfind and Fabuless, count me on.
    After having telephone conversation, I recieved an e-mail from DealFind:

    “Hello Tamara,

    Thank you for your call.

    We write to you regarding the deal you purchased for $85 for a 7 Inch Google Android 2.3 Tablet Including Taxes, Shipping and Handling from Fabuless Products ($399 Value).

    Dealfind goes to great lengths to provide our customers with an excellent all-round experience with our products and service. We do our best to source quality products from reliable merchants. Occasionally, we disappoint our customers and ourselves, when products or suppliers do not meet our standards. The tablet you purchased is unfortunately one of those occasions. We write to confirm that, for reasons beyond our control, you will not be receiving the product you ordered. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. Rest assured that we take this matter very seriously and are taking steps to prevent future recurrence.
    In order to make things right by you, Dealfind would like to offer you the option of refunding the entire purchase price of $85 back onto your credit card, or give you $105 in Dealfind Dollars credited to your Dealfind account! Dealfind Dollars can be used at any time in the future towards any of our great deals, and will never expire!

    Please contact us, with the Subject line indicating your preference of “Credit Card Refund” or “Dealfind Dollars”, and include the following information:

    - Dealfind Account Email Address (that was used to purchase the deal)
    - Voucher and/or Order Number

    Once the request has been processed, a Customer Satisfaction Expert will send an email to notify you that it has been done.

    We sincerely apologize again as this is not the experience that we want for our customers.

    Thank you for using Dealfind and we remain committed to maximizing your experience with us!


    Customer Satisfaction Expert

    Dealfind Canada
    250 Ferrand Drive
    Suite 1503
    Toronto,Ontario, M3C 3G8



  • I was one of the original orders for the 7″ google android
    It took 2 and a half months to get it.
    This is definitely the worst product I have ever ordered over the internet.
    $5.oo would be too much much less $85.00
    The only thing that really works is the Calendar.
    The touch screen occasionaly works if you are in the right spot and press really hard but will get you nowhere.
    I don’t expect any company who would sell something like this to be anything but a Scam

  • SarahC

    I did ask Deal find for a refund, which they agreed to. They sent an email confirming a refund in 5-10 business days. 10 business days later I got an email stating my refund had been processed and I would see it on my credit card in 5 – 10 business days…. 10 business days later I finally got it.
    Ask for the refund. Stay on hold and be calm.

    Lets make sure that they do not profit from us all wanting a great product as promised but to be so disappointed in one company. Karma

  • Bill McCleary

    I did receive mine (Android tablet) (after submitting the order twice)about 6 week after first order,I paid $159 ( I think) but was assured it was an “HD” with an 8 hour battery life,well worth the extra money over the $89 unit it worked for about a month(sometimes)until finally it would not recharge.Two web forms and three phone messages later,still no responce.Would Marketplace be interested in this scam?Please include me if there is ever a class action suit

  • Anne

    I sent back that junk to Dealfind and asked refund. When I sent it I sent all information too (Voucher #, Name on order, Order ID, Product). They sent me an e-mail and asked me send all information again. It’s a joke.

  • deidrea

    I can’t get anyone to get back to me about my refund i only get someone will get with you in 5-7 day that been 2 month how many 5-7 day do i need to wait to get my money back there was no problem taking it out of my credit card account but there a problem deposit it back.

  • Sandra

    File a complaint with Better Business Bureau, got my refund within 10 days.

  • Bill McCleary

    I filed complaint with BBB against Fabuless.I had contacted Dealfind a couple of weeks before,but after the BBB complaint,dealfind responded,and praise the lord and pass the peanut butter,I had a credit on my Visa in about a week from dealfind.Didn’t even need to return the tablet.Now I can rip it apart and try fix

  • Debi

    I’ve been contacted by Dealfind and they said I should see my refund within a week. Did anyone get the $11 back for the taxes? Dealfind told me they had nothing to do with that and I should contact Fabuless. I can’t get a hold of Fabuless and they won’t return any of my calls. I ordered 2 tablets, so they owe me $22, which I paid through Paypal. If anyone knows how I can recover this money I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!!

  • Mike

    I’m pretty tired of their promises. Guess I’ll be contacting the BBB. Sad that some people do business like this.

  • I was offered a full refund or 110% in dealfind dollars. I chose a refund and received it 3 days later on my Credit card. I am now a happy camper.

  • Terri

    My Credit card company finally reimbursed the $170.00 charge to my credit card, I got tired of no return calls by a real person and no product delivered after several lies, It was shipped…I hope they are under criminal wire fraud investigation for this and many other complaints i’ve seen! NEVER SHOP AGAIN WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

  • Tom


    Call your credit card company and get them to do a charge back for the $22. Just tell them the product you purchased did not mention shipping charge until after you made the purchas plus you never got the product. My credit card company didn’t even ask any further questions after I told them it was Dealfind and Fabuless. I guess they were already familiar with the problem. Good luck.

  • Diane Barrett

    I also ordered three of these tablets from Dealfind/Fabuless Products. I received one, which doesn’t work, and the other two were cancelled, as per all these other orders in this forum. However, I decided to find their office in Toronto, listed on the website as 15 Iceboat Terrace. I discovered a fairly new condo residence apartment building with security at the front door, but no one from Fabuless living there. The security people told me that the Fabuless co. was one man and his girlfriend, who had moved out early this year. They pointed to a pile of boxes returned to the company, which the man occasionally picks up (returned tablets, no doubt). This address is still on their website, but it is not an office, and not even the guy’s residence anymore. Dealfind gave me a refund for the two tablets not delivered, but I don’t expect my $11.00 per tablet to be refunded. To be fair to Dealfind, they make arrangements with a service or product provider who sometimes doesn’t deliver, and issues refunds promptly when this happens.

  • Rachel

    I got effed on this too. Weeee

  • Rachel

    Just called deal find and asked for a refund. We’ll see if it comes through


    Hi guys,

    I found this link and read all your comments. I have made all the attempts possible and used up all the patience on Fabuless Products and decided I had enough.

    I called / emailed them SOO MANY TIMES starting in January, yes I even came to talk to Andrew Ferreira or Andrew Atella. Everytime I was promised I will get my tax (which I paid via PayPal back) within X days, or Fabulous products people gave me reasons like you need a PayPal account and nothing ever came through as promised by them.

    Just contact your credit card company, explain the situation to them, tell them about our situation (mention about the comments on this page and the Internet).

    Initially the credit card representative told me they cannot dispute a charge past 90 days, I explained to her I think Fabulous Products knows about how the credit card dispute system works and that is why they keep on lying to us about how the refund is on the way to get past that 90 days period so they can keep our money. In the end, she was happy to help me out and it is now in the process of dispute. She did give me my credit back though.

    I hope more people can get their money back from Fabulous Products, it is just sad the way they do their business.

  • A Livingston

    I have been trying to get the tablet that I ordered since boxing day to date I was shipped a disfunctional tablet which is a fire hazards it gets too hot to even touch when plugged in and dont even turn on. I have called dealfind sent them pictures they agreed to refund then they wanted videos. This is pass ridiculous I got the tablet in late February it was clearly well used before it got to me even the pen was worn out it had major dents all over it and scratches. I am still trying to get my money back. I am in the process of filing formal complaint with the ministry of consumer affairs Ministry of Consumer Services
    Consumer Protection Branch
    5775 Yonge St. Suite 1500
    Toronto, ON M7A 2E5
    Fax: 416-326-8665
    E-mail: consumer@ontario.ca
    (online complaints http://www.sse.gov.on.ca/mcs/en/Pages/Complaint_Steps_to_File.aspx)
    since the two 30 day periods have passed and I am yet to get the product I ordered or my money back. In addition people need to know that they can file a civil lawsuit it cost money but the losers will pay these people need to be put out of business this is a scam.Dealfind should be named as party to this since they are well aware of the scam. I got the following excuses..the container did not arrive, they are waiting to get enough orders to fill the container to ship it to Toronto, the container ended up in a different location, my order went to a different address, sorry wrong address in our database ( I typed in the address and considering that I have lived here for over 7 years and do not suffer from dementia I KNOW WHERE I LIVE )the excuses kept going on and on. It is now May I dont have the product I ordered and I dont have my money. Somebody will have to pay.

  • Diana McNeil

    I have made several purchases through DealFind and while I realize they are pretty much the ‘middle man’ with these merchants (most of which are legit and upstanding), what has caused them to lose my business is their lack of desire to honor the ‘DealFind Promise’….which states…”If you’re unhappy with anything you bought from Dealfind, tell us and we’ll do our best to make things right”. When I had a horrible stay with the Travelodge in Calgary, I had called DealFind expecting them to “do their best to make things right” and this not only couldn’t be further from the truth but is an outright lie!!! It takes ALOT for me to be unhappy and/or complain about something but their indifference and lack of desire to do anything to honor their promise (even after I threatened to take my business to the other many sites such as theirs)all they care about is taking our $$$ and doing as little as possible to mess with that. As much as I had a horrible experience with the Calgary Travelodge , I also had an AMAZING experience with the Best Western OceanFront Resort in Sooke,BC. While DealFind may get a piece of the profit with these merchants, either these merchants are reputable…or they aren’t. Obviously DealFind dosn’t care so much about that because they are making $$$ regardless of which merchant offers the deal on their site,but as for DealFind themselves once the have your money,they don’t care or could be bothered to keep you or your $$$ coming in. Unless and until we take a stand (and maybe get a boycott going..like agree on a specific day or timeframe to NOT make any purchases on their site so we hit them where it matters to THEM), I suspect nothing will change. The saddest thing about this is all the keep saying is once you use your voucher we don’t issue refunds…I didn’t specifically ask for a refund. Just for them to care…they could have at the very least called the Travelodge directly to relay my concerns (not like the hotel doesn’t know their guests are unhappy there as i witnessed several customers complaining) or offered a credit for purchase towards another hotel stay somewhere else! THEY SUCK!!!

  • nanpet

    This unit is a piece of crap. Really bad quality wont go wireless.. Took seven weeks to arriv. But I have recieved a full refund.

  • Steve

    I just spoke to the Better Business Bureau of Toronto and they have informed me that these scammers are at it again!

    The greed of this Andrew Atella/Ferreira guy is unreal. I say we all contact a local news agency and turn this into an investigative report!

    1698 Dundas St E
    Toronto, ON

  • Claire Edmondson

    I tried several times to get the product shipped – I just found this page today. No one from Fabuless responded to my multiple inquiries. I can see why now – how can this company still be in business with all of these complaints? Who is the CEO? Do they have any idea how they have damaged all credibility here? What I hear you all saying is DealFind would get me a refund. I will make my request today – but it is well past the 30 day order period.

  • Carina Sanchez

    I’ve actually used delafind for quite a lot of things like lessons, massages and hotels but never for electronics.

    i did find a girl who caught the dreamdeal though and she got an ipad 2 for 100 dollars. i contacted her and it seemed legit.

    i dont think dealfind should be blamed for this mishap. after all, FABUless has to contact dealfin in order to run their deal on dealfind.


  • Michael

    WOW!! Thanks Steve, you just saved me dollars, hours and heartache!

    I thought something looked fishy when I came across a similar product from Hotdeallio.com. Turns out it’s the exact same people! I contacted a class-action lawyer who will hopefully be able to finally put a stop on these name and address changing fraudsters.

    Check out these complaints:

  • Michael

    WOW!! Thanks Steve, you just saved me dollars, hours and heartache!

    I thought something looked fishy when I came across a similar product from Hotdeallio.com. Turns out it’s the exact same people! I contacted a class-action lawyer who will hopefully be able to finally put a stop on these name and address changing fraudsters.

    Check out these complaints:



  • Danielle

    I purchased 3 tablets on December 31 to use as door prizes for students at our school. I did not receive any of them until the end of March after numerous phone calls, tracking and bullshit customer service. THEN, one tablet was given out, the next day the student returned to school saying the charger does not work. I checked it out and the silver prong came right off. I got a refund after patiently waiting at least another month. While I was waiting for refund, another tablet was given out and the exact same thing happened! Silver prong right out! Faulty tablet. I have been emailing and phoning and emailing and phoning to see if they can send me a charger and I get NOT ONE RETURN CALL OR EMAIL FOR OVER A MONTH. Customer service only has an answering machine. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Skipton Ash

    Wow! You have hit the nail right on the FACE my friend!

  • Joy

    I ordered 2 and after SEVERAL calls got refunds for both so I guess it could be worse. My sister got hers in the mail and it broke in a few days. She is extremely pushy and got a refund as well. I’m so glad people are posting about this. Future buyers need to beware!!!

  • danie lacroix

    complaint on android ipad
    I bought an android ipad in december 2011 and it is défect where can I call because i imagine there is a warenti on that.
    450 449-4033

  • Sasha

    Forget contacting deal find. GO STRAIGHT TO YOUR BANK!!!!

    I ordered earrings from them. The vendor was Jewlry County. I never got my order after 5 weeks. when it clearly stated that the product would be received 2 weeks after the closing date.

    After searching with the keyword “Deal Find Scam” etc I was able to find a number and an ext. No one gets back to you.

    Here is how to get your money back from these crooks.”FILE A COMPLAINT WITH YOUR BANK OR CC COMPANY.* I did so on August 7, 2012 and Received my money back 4 days later. The bank/cc company investigates on your behalf.

    Simply state that you purchased goods and never received. The onus is now on dealfind and their scamming counterparts!


    A happy former victim :)

  • Irina

    Dealfind.com sells services that you cannot get.

    So, they charge your credit card and after you find that you were simply defrauded they “kindly” offer you credit, not refund. So, they will get your money anyway and you are forced to gamble with them again.

    I am a victim myself and filed complaints to Better Business Bureau, Ministry of Consumer Services and Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

    I’ve found that almost 300 other people filed complaints against Dealfind scams to Better Business Bureau. And I think it would be safe to assume that the real number of defrauded customers is much higher as most people do not have time for complaints. That is what Dealfind is counting on. Getting $40-$100 from unsuspecting customers they are making millions.

    See different posts about Dealfind scams:








    This is despite Dealfind president and founder Gary Lipovetsky publically promised that “clients would be fully refunded if there are problems with a deal”.

    See Toronto Sun article:


    Dealfind Management Team

    Gary Lipovetsky, President / Dealfind Co-Founder

    Michael Tulman, Chief Executive Officer / Dealfind Co-Founder

    Jason Redman, Chief Financial Officer

    Greg Root, Executive Vice President of Sales

    Marina Glogovac, Chief Marketing Officer

    Paul Williams, Vice President of Sales

    Zainab – Customer Satisfaction Expert

    Dealfind Address:

    250 Ferrand Dr., North York, ON M3C 3G8

    Phone: 1-888-320-6368

  • Matthieu D

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I got hit when they were under the guise of Fabuless. I got hit again under Hotdeallio without even realizing it was the same people! I’m so frustrated!

  • Pricilia

    Don’t feel bad Matthieu. I’m embarrased to admit it but I fell for them not once not twice but THREE different times. Fabuless, Hotdeallio, and Smackindeals. I’ve had to call and deal with all of them so I know its the same people, not to mention the same phone numbers. Andrew and Chelsey you should be ashamed of yourself.

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