Memory Foam Pillows Scam on TeamBuy from iSkinMedix

Two deals featured by TeamBuy from iSkinMedix in September 2011 turned to be a scam. Customers placed orders months ago, but have not received anything yet. TeamBuy does not provide refunds to everyone giving some excuses or not responding to consumers at all. Instead of making things right, TeamBuy became the same scam as iSkinMedix letting thousands of their customers down…

TeamBuy does not have any kind of promises like other group buying websites like Groupon, DealFind, WagJag. Maybe it’s OK for TeamBuy not to stand for their own customers? No promises, no guarantees… Let scam going on… It’s that easy…

Some more details. The first deal happened on September 10, 2011:

$32 for 2 Deluxe Contour Memory Foam Pillows from iSkinMedix – Shipping Included (a $165 Value)

The second one on Sep 17, 2011:

$225 for a Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress from i:SkinMedix – Tax and Shipping Included (a $650 Value)

Thousands of customers bought these deals!

Both of them expired on December 1, 2011. So everyone should have already placed orders at iSkinMedix website as required.

Unfortunately many people are wasting time trying to get TeamBuy to resolve the issues and provide refunds because seems like iSkinMedix is not going to send mattresses and pillows at all due to some “customs” and “shipping” issues. They promise maximum of 1 month for delivery in the deal description and it’s already violated.

There are many frustrated customers commenting on TeamBuy discussion boards as well as TeamBuy support making worthless promises and excuses:

Several examples:


This company’s customer service/experience is terrible. I’m a first time buyer from this company and this will be my last time buying from this company. Terrible shopping experience! There are too mnay problems when it comes to ordering and redeeming the voucher. Hopefully the product won’t be as bad as the company

TeamGuy Jack:

Hello all! The iSkin Medix mattresses were fulfilled and shipped out on Oct 10, 2011. You should receive them by the end of the month, if you have not received it by then, please contact info and we will look at compensation options.


Also what does “if you have not received it by then, please contact info and we will look at compensation options” mean, are you already concerned that many of us who ordered these mattresses will not receive them?


Has anyone received their order? I ordered on September 25, today is October 30.


Nope, and I can’t even get a reply from iSkin or Teambuy.


well it’s the end of November and still no mattress, going to try to cancel my order maybe I can still get my money back :( seems like a scam to me


I purchase my pillows over two months ago, it is now November 28th, I’ve tried calling the phone number and the lady couldn’t find my order, I tried emailing team buy they just keep saying oh sorry about that. I haven’t received a tracking number, and based on the responses here it’d be almost pointless to try to cancel since how can team buy cancel an order that the pillow company can’t even find??? Glad I didn’t buy a mattress, worst buy ever!!!!!


I just spoke with TeamBuy today – 16 Dec – and contrary to the information at the beginning of this week, they are now not going to start shipping the mattresses until possibly the end of next week. They think the mattresses are in the US but don’t know for sure…


20 Dec – They say they are now going to start shipping the pillows next week (maybe) and then the mattresses sometime in January.



I emailed iSkinMedix and I never got a reply, is anyone else having this problem? I ordered my 2 pillows in Septmber, and I still have not received them. I cannot even see my order status when I log into the iSkinMedix. I agree that this may be a scam.


Why is teambuy not replying? I don’t have my order which is late just like for everyone else. I was assured the pillows would come the week of Nov 14 and still nothing. This is apparently a SCAM. So what is teambuy going to do about it?


Hi Teambuy

I am ready for a refund after waiting two months, no replies to emails, phone calls, no shipping order #.

Please let me know how i can get a refund

There is a thread on RedFlagDeals forum discussing the problem:

Special thanks to those who brought up complaints about this deal to Trueler’s attention!

TeamBuy should really inform all the voucher holders and issue refunds to everyone for pillows and mattresses!

40 thoughts on “Memory Foam Pillows Scam on TeamBuy from iSkinMedix”

  1. Beware of the quality of the merchandise.
    No quarantee.
    No satisfaction.
    Value of products are totally inflated.
    Poor service.

  2. I’ve also been scammed by TeamBuy. I’ve bought deals from them before and they’ve all turned out great. They were with local companies or companies like American Apparel that I knew.

    I bought “hair chalk” from them, thinking it was specifically made for hair. It was valued at $99 dollars but on sale for $19, so I thought it would be high quality stuff. I get it in the mail and they are just cheap art chalk pastels from Korea! I checked the brand online and the exact same set it being sold at art stores for $5! It’s clearly not worth $99 or even the $19 deal. I feel betrayed because I’ve bought from TeamBuy before and was successful but now I never want to deal with them again.

    They guys have sold over 1000 of those deals and tons of people are going to very disappointed. I’ve emailed TeamBuy asking for a refund but am still waiting on a response.

  3. I also had a horrible experience with TeamBuy. I purchased a 3 month gym membership to Gold’s Gym. I was busy so I didn’t try to use it for a few months. When I went in to activate it the gym employee claimed that an ex employee had fraudulently made this deal with TeamBuy and they were not accepting the vouchers. Instead they wanted me to sign a 2 year gym membership contract at full price. Nice bait & switch. The gym employee did mention that there was a lawsuit against this “ex-employee” and TeamBuy would refund the voucher. I don’t really believe the story and wasn’t interested in the lengthy contract. I contacted TeamBuy and they said well we can give you credit. After this hassle wasting my afternoon do you really think I want to give your company another try? I responded and said no, you sold something that wasn’t valid. Refund my money back to the credit card you charged. Never heard from TeamBuy again. I waited a few weeks and emailed again requesting my refund. They claimed that I never replied previously and that’s why I wasn’t credited. I said yes I replied and said I wasn’t interested in credits.. Refund my money and close my account. They said it’s past the 7 day limit. You agreed to these conditions when you purchased the voucher. Now I could see this being reasonable if I changed my mind about the voucher but I really wanted it and it was refused. I wasted hours of my time. TeamBuy was well aware of the problem with the gym refusing to take these vouchers and could have contacted me long before I tried to use it and said we have an issue with this merchant, your voucher has been refunded. They chose not to. They chose to ignore me. Then they chose to refuse a refund. This is really poor customer service and horrid business practices. I have not had trouble with any other site and once I spend my stupid credits I will close my account and never use TeamBuy ever again.

  4. DO NOT buy from Teambuy, they do not treat their customers with any respect. This is a response that one of their reps sent me:

    “Considering the voucher expired by the time you have emailed we do not have to process a refund at all. Whine as much as you want this is not going to change what your options are. The credit has been applied to your account.”

    P.S. My voucher was not expired, it was still active.

    Buy from them if you want to be spoken to this way.

  5. I was just going to place a first time order with Teambuy and jst before doing so, made a Google search for the roduct. Turns out the great deal offered was available from other trusted sites like Amazon. So, my suggestion, is shop before buying.

  6. I don’t have a problem with Teambuy at all!!!!!
    I have purchased many deals from them, and I have always received the product!
    I even ordered those memory foam pillows from iskinmedix!!!
    They took about 6 weeks to arrive, but they arrived!!!

    And, I have always had superior customer service from Teambuy!!!

    (Unlike another deal site……. “Dealfind”. I have had very bad customer service from Dealfind.
    I won’t ever be doing business with Dealfind ever again!
    They had a bunch of scam deals going with a company called XSV360.
    They sold thousands of FAKE memory cards for computers. The sold crappy toothbrushes.
    They sold shitty iPhone cases….. I never even hit my iPhone case, because the company
    (XSV360) has shut down their website!!!!!
    AND Dealfind didn’t bother to tell any of their customers that little detail.
    So they’re keeping the money from every customer who ordered those iPhone cases and didn’t get them! Nice of Dealfind, eh???

    ***you can read all about these scams and fake products that Dealfind is selling to their
    Customers (YOU!!!), just google xsv360, and read all about the fraud, scans, complaints etc…

    A FAKE PIECE OF CRAP! I had to chase down Dealfind and tell them how I
    Discovered this awful scam… That’s how I had to get my money back.
    And…. They wouldn’t even give me a refund on my credit card!!!!
    All they would offer is to give me a credit of “Dealfind dollars” to use on
    Another deal. (like as IF I ever want to buy another so called deal from
    Dealfind!!!! If I want to buy crap, and knockoff, fake products, I’ll go to the dollar store!!!

  7. Also having an issue with Teambuy not willing to issue a refund for a deal that is not what was promised. Wasting my time with promises that they do not follow up on.


  8. I also had an issue w Teambuy today and am very dissatisfied. It is not re: the pillows but any info on how to get them to resolve this would be helpful.

  9. Just remember the faces on the TeamBuy website. Someone just might spit in your food next time you go out to eat Teambuy staff!

  10. I purchased the pillows and the mattress from them. The same thing happened to me. I eventually got a refund after multiple emails and phone calls. I did report teambuy to the fraud prevention centre. TeamBuy sucks!! Hope your business fails and your end up in jail.

  11. I used to love team buy, I have ordered dozens of deals from them. However, this was when they only offered deals for real companies within the city. Now they seem to push all these foreign companies with knock off products or “companies” that don’t deliver products at all. This is getting extremely disappointing.

    I ordered the uber casa trash can deal in SEPTEMBER and nothing has been delivered yet. Every time I email them I get told they are shipping and should arrive in a few weeks…

    “Daniel Mayne, Oct-17 12:16 (EDT):
    Hello XXXXX,
    These products will be shipped in the next two weeks. They should arrive around the end of this month and early next. The lead time was about 4 weeks. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Have a good day.”

    As far as I can tell, nothing from this company has been delivered to anyone. I will no longer be buying anything from team buy again as they are more concerned about making money off cheap products then actually taking the time to do due diligence on their partners.

  12. After 2 months waiting I received my pillows today and like Chris said: they’re very thin! 2 inchs max!

    And according to Teambuy on the product’s thread it’s supposed to be 4 inchs and a quarter thick!

    So far, teambuy had answered all my e-mails concerning the delay…. I’m sending a new e-mail concerning this problem… Let’s see how it goes.

  13. Finally received my pillows today. They are very thin, and spring back. Not much “memory”


  14. Hi,
    I ordered the pillows in september and I was told by teambuy they had taken over the shipping to clients.
    THIS IS TRUE. I received mine today via Loomis Express. What you have to do is update your address on teambuy’s site in your profile. Mind you I did mine around 4-6 weeks ago and got them this afternoon. They sent an email beginning of the year saying to update your address so they can ship it directly.

    Hope this helps, it seemed sketchy but after a really really long time they came through.

  15. “TeamBuy has stopped responding to my inquiries asking when I will be receiving these pillows.

    I made another purchase through team buy over a week ago”

    WOW! I guess people refuse to learn from these things and are voluntarily letting themselves get ripped off over and over again.

    Seriously folks, there isn’t going to be any “lawsuits”(unless you do it yourself, which you won’t) or other action. Its up to YOU to stop buying from sites you know have been a problem (at least ones you’ve personally had problems with!). Its up to YOU to use some common sense in deciding if its really a deal, taking into account only half what you pay is going to the vendor. If you buy anyway its up to YOU to hound the deal sites to make good on it.

    As long as there are people out there who get hosed but keep buying anyway, they will keep offering these fake deals to take your money.

  16. I recieved my pillows shortly after I ordered them, only because I picked them up from the store in Missisauga. They did smell, but not anymore. Thought it was strange when I got them. No tag, no box, just a plastic bag. I did not recieve any paper work of any kind relating to the product. Also, within the first week using these super thin pillows, I had a pinched nerve and couldnt move for 3 days. My boyfriend has also had a sore neck since we’ve been using them. I didnt want to give up on them since I thought it was a good deal…but really, these things are more of a pain then anything!
    Today I recieved an email from Group Buy saying “Due to unforeseen circumstances, Nasafoam has noticed a manufacturing defect on a large percentage of orders placed. To ensure that everyone gets the highest-quality products, Nasafoam will be re-manufacturing these orders.
    We apologize for this delay in advance and we’d like to assure purchasers of this deal that all products will be shipped by Friday, February 24th, 2012. ”
    Wonder if I’ll be getting a better pilllow?

  17. I just received my pillows today, and yes – they smell terrible. I’m seriously concerned about the health aspect of these pillows, and at this point am questioning if it’d be worth my while to bother chasing a refund, especially if it’s at my expense.

    I’m truly disappointed in Dealfind, again. This is the second bad experience I’ve had, where the first was for a cleaning company that never showed up for the confirmed appointment.

    I will not make the mistake of using Dealfind’s services again, and am likely going to be donating/trashing these incessantly smelly pillows.

  18. I tried to get a refund after 6 months waiting. before this, I called several times, and all agents from teambuy were telling me some stupid stories about distribution center problems, ups shipping difficulties. Turn out they were just lying again and again. Today, I finally decide to give up the pillows. I hope i can get the refund.Otherwise, i am going to report a formal complaint. There must be someone who can stop this shit.

  19. I agree with a lawsuit. My story is related, although I didn’t buy the pillows. I purchased both a queen size and a king size mattress. Also purchased a TV Bed from UberCasa. Strangely enough UberCasa has the same registered address as iSkinmedix. Altogether I am in for $1850, which doesn’t include the new bedding set we purchased in anticipation of our new King Size TV Bed. My wife also had another purchase from Teambuy that was never delivered, for which we have been refunded. We have also been refunded for one queen size mattress, as we were advised that these weren’t coming. No response to my question about King Size Mattress refund… I have asked for a refund including Credit Card interest for items I have never received.
    I have e-mailed about 4-5 times in the last month with no reply from Teambuy. I would like my money back and all my time spent dealing with this.
    Teambuy was irresponsible when dealing with this company and did not perform due diligence when looking into the company.

  20. TeamBuy has stopped responding to my inquiries asking when I will be receiving these pillows.

    I made another purchase through team buy over a week ago and haven’t received the product. I hope I wasn’t foolish in trusting this vendor again. This latest purchase was for items for Valentines day. Hopefully they arrive in time for THIS year’s Valentines day. If not, I surely will be alerting everyone I know about TeamBuy

  21. I finally received my pillows on January 10 after I was expecting them before Christmas. Oh my goodness, do they stink!!!! They smell like mould and i don’t know what. I tried airing them out for over a week, but it is not going away. I don’t think it is healthy for people to sleep on something that smells so bad. I contacted Teambuy and was told that I could return the pillows at my own expense. This is my first purchase with Teambuy and it wasn’t very good. I don’t think that I should have to pay to return these!! I will definitely pursue!

  22. Firstly, I had purchased the i-skin medix pillows, did not show up, couple months later, I had asked for a refund. Got my refund 3 days later, end of story. Not that big of a deal,if you don’t like the service don’t use them. I love teambuy, I purchase many things from them. So far my only problem have been the pillows, not necessarily their fault. That’s just business sometimes. I will continue to do business with TeamBuy. They have really good deals and buys. The also always respond to my questions in a timely and professional. Maybe some people expections are way to high or mine are not high enough!!

  23. Hi Helen,

    Ask TeamBuy to compensate you for return shipment as well as the voucher price, because it’s not your fault that they’ve sent you this crap. TeamBuy had to review the products and company properly before featuring the deal, and they are responsible for any discrepancies from what was presented in the deal’s description.


  24. Finally received my pillows and man oh man do they ever stink….. they smell so bad i can’t lay on them for more then a second…just aweful….will probably cost me more to return them ……they suck %$^$

  25. One last thing, we’re in the process of having the transaction reversed through our credit card provided. I’d suggest everyone do the same thing…Maybe than they’ll take notice.

  26. Here’s the conversation I had with teambuy over the span of 4 months. I sent my first email when I didn’t receive my order within the promise time.


    Hello! is anyone there answering emails? I want a refund now! the product I’ve paid for has not been shipped so give me back my money asap!

    Hi there,

    We would like this transaction refunded. I feel your lack of professionalism regarding this matter is more than I can handle. Good luck with running a successful business.


    Hi there,

    I feel it’s very unprofessional to not address customer emails. Please have someone reply to my email asap.


    Hi there,

    Can someone please reply to my email.


    Hi there,

    I still haven’t received my mattress and it’s been 3 months since I placed my order. This is not the service I expected and signed up for. You had previously offered a $5 credit for customers who had placed orders for the mattress deal but I wasn’t able to utilize it due to the time restriction. At this point I haven’t received any compensation for my time spent and inconvenience. I had an issue with a product I purchased from Fabfind 2 months ago and they had compensated me fairly with $20 worth in points. Please let me know how much more time I’ll need to wait? I’d also like to know what you offer to customers who are ill-treated?

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,


    Daniel Mayne, Nov-30 18:10 (EST):
    These mattress have begun to ship. All orders should be sent out by the First week of December. We are sorry for the delays. If you have any other questions I would be happy to answer them. I hope you have a good day.
    Daniel Mayne
    Customer Experience Team
    Buyers Unite Inc |
    1.855.TeamBuy (1.855.832.6289)
    Try Our Iphone App!


    when will my mattress arrive???

  27. Thanks Pat. They also look very cheap on TeamBuy’s Facebook page where they showed received pillows from iSkinMedix…

  28. I did finally receive the pillows and let me tell you all… They ahve got to be the cheapest memory foam pillows I’ve ever seen. On the box it says $79 CDN would be their selling price. I doubt they could even sell them for $10 a piece…
    I really pity those who bought the mattress, because if the pillows are any sign, you are in for a real disappointment…

  29. Seems like the pillows have been received today. I’ll have to check to be sure when I get home, but based on UPS tracking site, it shows pillows left at front door..

  30. I am still waiting for my mattress too. I don’t understand how TeamBuy could have ‘already paid’ iSkinMedix. That was awfully trusting of them. I did a WagJag deal for my company last summer and WagJag did not pay me until at least a month after the offer ended. If there were excuses for delays from iSkinMedix, that should have been a red flag for TeamBuy to withold the funds.

    I am also upset that I paid in full back in september and have been paying interest on a product I have not received. Most companies do not charge for items until they ship. Well, most reputable companies anyway. I too could have gotten some good boxing day deals, but didn’t want to spend big $$$ to find out thae next day that my mattress was on its way (too late for a refund).

    I am optimistic now that someone else has indicated they got their pillows. But I am not holding my breath for the mattress.

  31. I purchased the king size mattress in september and have not received it yet.
    I am upset enough to ask for a refund which needs to include interests too. But for crying out loud I’ve waited long enough for this mattress and now teambuy will have to get me one.
    I could have gone for other options that made sense at the moment but I went for this deal, so even if I get my money back now I won’t be satisfied.
    Getting the mattress I paid for and a compensation for the interests in my credit card for the months of delay might cut it.
    I know it must suck for teambuy since they’ve already paid iskinmedix but we customers should be taken care of no matter what.

  32. If it was just one deal gone bad then fine, give refunds and pick better companies. But teambuy has had many bad deals. I myself bought 2 toys from them in november. They promissed delivery by christmas. One item, swimming fish arrived but was a cheap knock off product from china (the brand name pictures were used to sell this product on the team buy website) and the second is MIA. It’s almost been 2 months since my purchase and because it’s “in transit” I get no refund. And I suspect the item I’ll get, if it ever shows, will be poor quality (given the other item recieved and comments from other purchasers). I’m lucky to not be out as much as others but this site teams themselves up with scam or cheap companies. I’ve had great experienced with other group buying sites but do your research and avoid Teambuy.

  33. It is a responsibility of any group buying website to research and properly screen the merchant prior to featuring it for thousands of customers. To ensure smooth redeeming process and good quality as advertized. If any unforeseen problems with the merchant – refund all involved customers first and then sort out things with the merchant which may take months or years.

    “$32 for 2 Deluxe Contour Memory Foam Pillows – Shipping included” from “comfortable, heat sensitive foam developed by NASA” of a great quality is definitely a joke. But people trusted TeamBuy and bought thousands of those. If the same deal appeared on iSkinMedix website, I really doubt if at least a dozen of pillows could be sold, because this offer looks like a scam.

    TeamBuy should not feature such deals in the first place… Now after the fact, please refund everyone as promised, and do not forget about other problematic deals like Android Tablets, Negative Ion stuff, etc…


  34. Thanks for your kind words Clarissa, we truly are doing everything we can to help out Lynne and other who purchased the iSkin Medix mattress. We’re taking a hit a offering refunds to everyone even though the merchant has been paid in addition to offering TeamBucks if they don’t want to wait.

    If anyone feels there is something else we can do to help please contact our social media manager ( and he’ll be glad to help.

  35. TeamBuy is definitely NOT a scam. I’ve already bought 12 deals from them over the past year and they’ve been AWESOME! It is not TeamBuy that is a scam, it is probably a couple of the companies they are dealing with. TeamBuy has no control over what those companies do, but I know they try their very hardest to try to make things right.

  36. I have been posting threads on every team buy facebook page in hopes that others do NOT make the same mistakes I have in trusting Team Buy. I was asked on two occations if I wanted a refund to which I answered “no, I want what I paid for!” Today Team Buy went against my wishes and refunded my credit card and THEN said they did not “close” my ticket on their facebook page. more lies? I am a journalist in Canada working on a story to take to EVERY newspaper across Canada. I can be reached through facebook here should any other customers wish to join me in my complaints and report filed with the better business bureau of Canada. contact me through facebook here:

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