Infiniti of Willowdale Dealership Service Review/Complaint – avoid this place!

If you are considering Nissan Infiniti of Willowdale service center or dealership as a place to repair/service your vehicle, or buy a new car, or especially used car – do NOT go there! It appears that Infiniti of Willowdale is really fraudulent place. Details and proofs are provided after the list of complains later in this post.

Here is the summary of complains based on my own experience:

  • Replacement of fully functioning part
  • Very unprofessional brake installation
  • Install defective parts
  • Refuse to replace parts under warranty which are covered
  • Did not call before service center closure when car was ready forcing to use loaner car for entire weekend, and pick your own car in three days
  • Tried to charge fee for loaner car usage at the checkout, when it was offered free of charge
  • Significant overcharge for repairs at owners expense comparing to what they usually submit to warranty company
  • Screws in tires after service (several times)
  • Scratches on the car body appeared after service repairs
  • Do not keep promises
  • Obvious lie from dealers about known issues with the vehicle
  • Unfair advertisement
  • Unprofessional staff

The list of Willowdale Nissan Infiniti employees involved in lie, fraud, cheating, or intentional concealment of information:

  • Sanj Verma – Service Advisor
  • Karim Mulji – Service Advisor
  • Steve Zehr – Director of Service and Parts Operations
  • Dino Pop – Car Sales Person

Let’s see everything case by case now…

Replacement of fully functioning part

It was in June 2008 done by Karim Mulji. He decided to replace the entire compression rod on Infiniti G35 2003 instead of replacing only damaged bushing. Compression rod itself is a beefy aluminum part, it is hard to believe that something wrong can happen with it other than in an acident. I described what exactly happened in this post: Infiniti G35 Compression Rod Problems – Noise from the Front Suspension

I’ve tried to escalate this issue to Steve Zehr, but he did not want to understand the simple point: compression rod itself did not have to be replaced, only damaged bushing had to be replaced.

Very unprofessional brake installation

Every single time when I get my brakes replaced at Willowdale Nissan Infiniti they start to produce whistling/squealing noise after several days of driving. And it usually continues up to the next brake change. Moreover, brake rotors and pads last only for about one year. I really thought that it is because mechanics could not install brakes properly. Recently I’ve figured out that there is a well known problem with Infiniti G35 2003 brake system, but Infiniti of Willowdale employees did not even try to fix the problem. They are claimed to be “professionals”, “licensed”, “certified”, and so on. Where is it? I replaced front brakes by myself in one evening, and there is absolutely no noise. I’m not a professional mechanic.

Install defective parts

– Willowdale Nissan Infiniti continues to install defective OEM Nissan Infiniti brake rotors and pads which produce a lot of noise and very fast wear out. It is well known problem with Nissan Infiniti brake system 2003-2006 models, which is described in the following post: Nissan Infiniti G35 Brake Problems – squealing, fast wear out due to defect

– There is another well known problem with compression rod bushings of Infiniti G35 2003-2006. They become damaged very quickly due to defect. Dealership continues to install those parts as well. Mine became damaged again in less than two years. Infiniti G35 Compression Rod Problems – Noise from the Front Suspension

Refuse to replace parts under warranty which are covered

Service advisor Sanj Verma replaced rear stabilizer links in March 2010 on my Infiniti G35 and charged the full amount on customer, instead of claiming it with FCPP extended warranty (it is covered by the protection plan). This outrageous incident described here with proofs: Willowdale Nissan Infiniti Service Cheating Customers. Fraudulent place

Also in June 2008, service advisor Karim Mulji replaced entire compression rod for the owners expense, instead of replacing only the damaged bushing which is covered by the FCPP protection plan. Infiniti G35 Compression Rod Problems – Noise from the Front Suspension

Did not call before service center closure when car was ready forcing to use loaner car for entire weekend, and pick your own car in three days

Willowdale Nissan Infiniti Service closes at 6p.m. on Thursday, and opens again only on Monday morning. My car was serviced by Sanj Verma on Thursday (I brought it in the morning). He promised to call me when car is ready. I gave him two numbers. But he did not. I thought that repairs took longer than expected, and called Willowdale Infiniti at 5:20p.m. to see what was going on. I’ve asked for Sanj, but someone told me that he already went home! And my car was ready to pick up. He did not even try to call me. I had a loaner car on that day. So I had to “rush” through the evening traffic jam on a loaner car with $5000 deductible in order to be in the dealership by 6p.m. And luckily I was there at 5:50p.m. Why Sanj did not call when car was ready? Who should pay for the unexpected inconvenience of using loaner car instead of my own? Who should pay extra fees for the loaner car if I came at 6:01p.m.? Steve Zehr (Director of Service) could not find answers to these questions.

Tried to charge fee for loaner car usage at the checkout, when it was offered free of charge

It was the same day. Sanj offered loaner car free of charge in the morning, however at checkout the guy tried to charge fee for the use. When I told, that Sanj promised it free of charge, he hardly accepted it, destroyed the invoice and generated new one.

Significant overcharge for repairs at owners expense comparing to what they usually submit to warranty company

Willowdale Nissan Infiniti charged me $290 + tax for rear stabilizer links replacement, but when they submitted claim to FCPP warranty for absolutely the same job the amount was $165. So, they overcharge customers up to the double price! Willowdale Nissan Infiniti Service Cheating Customers. Fraudulent place

Screws in tires after service (several times)

I’ve extracted screws from my tires twice right after services I had at Infiniti of Willowdale. Tires were loosing pressure very slow, and with simple division of the lost pressure by the speed of loosing I got exactly the time of service at the dealership. Both times I had to replace tires and fix them.

Scratches on the car body appeared after service repairs

It could be a coincidence, but several times after services at Willowdale Nissan Infiniti I noticed new scratches on the car body in the places where it is almost impossible to scratch the car on the parking lot or when driving. It looks like from some tools.

Do not keep promises

– Did not call when car was ready

– Did not use FCPP warranty for covered expenses

– When I was buying the car sales manager (do not remember her name) convinced me that FCPP protection plan covers everything except oil change and fluids

– Tried to charge fee for loaner car when it was offered free of charge

Obvious lie from dealers about known issues with the vehicle

Dino Pop (sales person) lied to my question about known problems and recalls when I was buying Infiniti G35. He concealed information about defective brakes and defective compression rod bushings, which significantly drops resale value of the vehicle

Unfair advertisement

Several days after my service I got a flyer from Infiniti of Willowdale: “Come for your service during this month and receive free alignment check”. Envelope has been stamped several days after the date of my service. So, I could not use it at all.

Unprofessional and unethical staff

Should I say anything else after all I’ve already said?…

9 thoughts on “Infiniti of Willowdale Dealership Service Review/Complaint – avoid this place!”

  1. Willowdale service department is the most horrible and worst place in the world.
    Until the engine oil of my Infiniti was changed from other service centers everything was good. But this time a technician found the crushed screw thread of the bolt on the engine oil tank.
    The engine oil of my Infiniti was changed at the Willowdale Infiniti 5 month ago. At that time a technician seemed to force to close the bolt and pressed the thread down, I believe. But he did not say anything to me. Definitely he does not know how to close and open a screw!!! It is absurd. The Willowdale Infiniti ruined my car. They replaced a new bolt and charged $150.
    They do not accept the responsibility.
    If it is possible to sue them, I would like to do.

  2. I’m scared from reading all these reviews about willowdale nissan/infiniti. I had experienced similar experiences with the shady practices over there.

    Anyone can recommend another infiniti service center that has better service?

  3. These guys are crooks and scam artists. They will make all sorts of promises to get you to buy a car but then renege on each and every one. I feel filthy just reading into the place because their sales guys are so shady and sleazy. This is far from a luxury car experience.

  4. SCAM!

    me and my girlfriend went to browse a vehicle at willowdale nissan with the sales (johnson, some asian guy with funky hair)
    We did not want to sign the paperwork at the time because we have not shopped for insurance yet. He said we can sign the lease now subject to a reasonable and affortable insurance. meaning if we cannot find an insurance company that can give us a reasonable quote on the car, then we can get our deposit back.

    after a week of shopping around for insurance, we cannot find anything that is affordable and reasonable for the 2014 nissan micra.

    to put into perspective, we were looking for a golf and the insurance was $270 a month. (we thought that was too expensive already) We were expecting the micra to be around 230-250 a month tops. turns out, the insurance was 300 a month. so we went back to the dealership to get our deposit back and the sales gave us the run around saying how we cannot get our deposit back.

    The manager then offered to look for a better rate for us… in the end, he could only offer 285 a month… which is still too expensive. If i pay 285 a month for insurnace on a nissan micra, i might as well go for a better car for cheaper insurance!

    now they are saying 285 a month is reaonsable so they will not refund the deposit…. geez.. since when does nissan have the rights to tell the consumers what is reasonable insurance rate? the client is paying the insurance so the client needs to decide if the insurance is reasonable… not the dealership! of course they will say ANY # is reasonable to keep the sales.

    we felt like we got scammed by the sales because he pressured us into signing the lease and misinformed us about the conditions. he clearly lied to us so he can get the sales.

    I strongly do NOT recommend anyone to goto willowdale nissan to purchase their vehicle, especially DO NOT DEAL WITH JOHNSON. his attitude while selling you a car is total different than the attitude when you goto him for an issue/problem.

    pure scammers… liars… unprofessional scumbags…

  5. Warning! Purchased an emergency kit from Willowdale Nissan – needed booster cables and opened package and they were broken! Current manager refused to give me new cables – only under the condition that I would purchase a new vehicle!!!
    Horrible Customer service – will never buy from them unless they get rid of the manager!!!!

  6. I went to the willowdale Nissan dealership on December 2012, and met with the service advisor Peter Gorrny. It was for a routine servicing. He recommended I do about $700 in maintenance, which included rear brake servicing, injector flush, and a cabin filter change.

    I refused the repairs, as the cost seemed steep. I brought my car in to a trustworthy autoshop that my friend goes to, and the mechanic looked at my car. I asked him how much it would be for the suggested repairs.

    He said the rear brakes didn’t need to be serviced for another 5000km, but he could to the other changes. The final total? $34 bucks. Yes, $34 bucks, while Peter Gorny from willowdale Nissan was asking for 700 bucks.

    The other thing that is really sketchy about willowdale Nissan is you can’t see what they’re actually doing with the car, and they don’t show you physically what the problem is. I’d highly recommend going to a mechanic where you can actually see what they’re doing.

    Avoid this place like the plague!!

  7. In the same location at 18000KM my wife got service package for 24000.
    All started when next service at 24000 I did in another location and they told me that somebody already did brake service and it was not done properly :(

    Seams not big deal, but nobody could explain why manager came and told her that car required this service that cost few times the service she came for. Will verify invoices as well when come home today.

  8. Hi F. Batthish,

    These are not “stories”, but facts with proofs. You may also read through this article to get more clear idea of what is happening at Willowdale Nissan Infiniti:

    Willowdale Nissan Infiniti Service cheating customers

    If you prefer to continue wasting your money, it’s your choice.

    Just search for “willowdale nissan review”. You will get only “Beware!”


  9. Trueler’s note:

    e-mail address provided by this user could not be verified, i.e. does not exist.

    This comment appears to be fake

    Original comment:

    My wife and I are customers that look for quality when we spend and for proffesionals with curtesy when we need service…We found both at this dealership… We purchased new cars 1997 and serviced for six years, and last Aug. we went back and bought another new car, personally I will go back even after all the stories mentioned.
    Our appreciations goes to: Sales ( Randy Watson) and Service (Terry Potter).

    F. Batthish

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