Complaint on Oral-B Toothbrush from XSV 360 and DealTicker

Trueler has recently received a complaint from one of the DealTicker customers regarding deal from XSV 360 happened in early November:

$34 for 12 Original Oral-B Precision Clean Toothbrush Heads (Taxes & Shipping Included) from XSV 360 ($99.99 Value)

The complaint is:

Beware of scams from XSV 360 and Dealticker

I purchased what was advertised as Oral B brushes – 12 for $34 inclusive of shipping and taxes – from Dealticker. Dealticker “deal” was supposedly to submit a “Voucher” on XSV 360 website. According to XSV 360, the voucher or coupon holder was to please “allow 24-28 hours after a deal has ended” before trying to redeem a coupon, and to “allow 7 days for delivery“. After almost 2 weeks, the status of my shipping was still showing “processing”, and half a dozen e-mails to XSV 360 and to Dealticker were all unanswered. Upon contacting Dealticker, they assured me that “Henry is such a great guy, Sir this is not a scam” but refused to refund my money because “it has already shipped”. I had to contact my credit card company and explain. But Dealticker wouldn’t budge, their representative would say that they would call back – but never really do so. I had to contact the fraud department of the credit card company. At this stage, I started investigating this person named “Henry” who sent me some vague replies at the behest of Dealticker. He would not say when the goods would be shipped, he would not reply why there was a delay, why no one replied to messages sent to XSV360, why the contact phone number for XSV360 was always busy and never reachable. Ultimately, it took me several days or relentless calling to Dealticker to get a refund, and even then Dealticker first agreed to a refund the credit card in about 25 days (why so long?), then received an e-mail from Henry from XSV360 and suddenly reversed their decision to credit me. The next day, XSV360 web site had completely changed, and my login credentials which I had used to order the item would no longer work! Later I learned that the brushes being sold as “Oral B Precision” were really “fits Oral B” but not original Oral B at all. This is really misleading – please read the fine print and NEVER deal with Dealticker or XSV360.

30 days of DealTicker promise almost gone for this deal… If anyone has problems with this deal, act fast and insist on your rights if you want your money back! Seems like DealTicker and XSV 360 were killing time during this month…

52 thoughts on “Complaint on Oral-B Toothbrush from XSV 360 and DealTicker”

  1. Henry Badaan is a liar and shameless Lebanese.
    He now is doing internet scam, he set a website sell LED bulb and products.
    But he got my money but do not send product for many reasons.— Liar. I lost at least USD$7800.
    When we talk about business, he show his wife and son’s picture to let me believe him. — Shameless father and husband.
    I am bring him to court.
    His phone is:

  2. ATTENTION!!!!!!!!! Henry badaan aka XSV 360 if you have been scammed by this man XSV360 aka Henry badaan here is his current telephone number. He is no longer located in Canada he has packed his bags and now resides in Tampa Florida and is using a phone number with a 305 Miami area code. His new phone number is 305 206 6022 your welcome go get him!!!

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