Overpriced Android Tablet on DealFind from Fabuless Products

Here is another nasty deal from DealFind for Android Tablets. They don’t know the make of the product, remove valuable comments absolutely ignoring their customers and caring only about their own profit as they did with some past deals which turned to be a scam. Even with DealFind discount, the total price is about the same or even higher than other retailers offer.

The deal was:

$85 for a 7inch Google Android 2.2 Tablet Including Shipping from Fabuless Products ($399 Value)

By the end of Dec 26 over 3,500 customers purchased this “fantastic” deal. Screenshot from http://www.dealfind.com/toronto/fabulesscan/

DealFind Tablet Fubuless Deal

Basically DealFind and Fabuless Products claim that the regular price for this 7inch Google Android 2.2 Tablet is $399 and they give 79% discount selling it for $85. Seems too good to be true, right? Let’s take a look…

It’s a piece of electronic, so there are two possible reasons for such a big discount:

  • The product is fake OR (maybe even AND)
  • The price is incredibly inflated

Let’s skip the first assumption, however we know that DealFind already sold thousands of fake memory cards, and check the second assumption.

Here is a link with product description provided on the deal page:


The price is indeed $399 there:

DealFind Tablet Fabuless Product

The product description page does not specify manufacturer and model number for some reason, so it’s hard to compare prices with other retailers. Some customers also asked these questions on DealFind discussion board, but unfortunately representatives do not know what they sell:

DealFind Tablet Fabuless Comments – Model Question

They just provided model number of processor used in the Tablet PC, but not the actual manufacturer:

This model is the Wondermedia 8650

People then started to search for reviews and found very useful link with problems and tips related to these tablets “WM 8650 Tablet and few Problems“:


But DealFind thought that it will turn customers away and just removed the comments:

DealFind Tablet Fabuless – Forum Problems

Above two comments are removed now from DealFind discussion board. Actually it is known that they remove any comment which may negatively affect sales totally ignoring customers. Why anyone should use DealFind after that at all?!

Let’s try to figure out what the make of the Tablet PC is.

This is another screenshot from http://fabulessproducts.com:


The same pictures appear on another website CoolDroids.com


Most likely Fabuless Products and Cool Droids are related to each other somehow.



From the picture on CoolDroids.com we see that the make of this Tablet PC is Eken, and now it’s much easier to compare prices.

The very similar one (if not the same) I could find was:

EKEN M009S 7″ epad android 2.2 VIA8650 800MHz wifi 3G Camera tablet pc

for $60 here:


(click on image to enlarge)


The price for single unit is US $60. Including UPS Expedited Shipping it is US $78.91.

That is the real market price is $80.50 CAD. But DealFind sells it for $85 claiming the real value of $399!

So, basically Fabuless Products and DealFind inflated the price at least in five times!

Everyone can purchase the same Tablets at aliexpress.com and receive it much faster without waiting for another couple weeks in order to redeem coupons at fabulessproducts.com and 21 day for delivery as they inform in their terms and conditions. (Note: I’m not encouraging anyone to do so. Aliexpress is provided only for informational purposes here). There is also some buyers protection available…

What we have:

DealFind and Fabuless Products sell Tablet PC’s at a bit higher price than the market price is with the help of false/deceptive advertisement of 79% discount. We also know that about 50% go to DealFind and 50% go to the merchant. Shipping cost money also. It means that Fabuless Products should buy these tablets for maximum of $30 from somewhere

Neither Fabuless Products nor Cool Droids show back of the Tablet PC which has the brand name on it. DealFind do not tell the manufacturer’s name. So probably they are not even genuine Eken Android Tablets…


Just found another retailer selling it for $59.99 USD with Free Shipping…



Carrying Case

Initially DealFind was offering leather carrying case, earphones and free shipping:

(click on image to enlarge)

DealFind Tablet Fabuless Products - Carrying Case

After deal ended they withdrawn these valuable conditions…

Fabuless Products Owner?

People in the comments section mentioned that extra charges for shipping/handling/taxes went to Andrew Ferreira through PayPal. First of all thanks for this information.

Let’s take a closer look at WhoIs information for FabulessProducts.com website. It is available for public here:



Last Updated on: 25-NOV-11

Administrative, Technical Contact:

Ferreira, Andrew andrewatella@gmail.com


88 Bloor Street East

suite 2312

Toronto, ON m4w3g9



Andrew Ferreira is the name which customers reported on their PayPal invoices. But the e-mail address contains “andrewatella“.

Phone number 416-825-6127 which belongs to Andrew Ferreira according to the above WhoIs information also belongs to Andrew Atella:

screenshot from http://www.inhouseaffairs.com/contact-us.html


It let me think that Andrew Ferreira and Andrew Atella is the same person who registered fabulessproducts.com and now accepting payments via PayPal from customers who purchased Android Tablets from DealFind.

Here is some information about Andrew Atella which is publicly available in the Internet. If anyone has problems reaching Fabuless Products via 1-888-702-6632 phone number provided by DealFind or contact form/e-mail on their website, maybe it’s worth to try alternative methods.

  • Facebook pages of Andrew Atella:



(if you are Andrew Atella and has absolutely nothing to do with Fabuless Products, please let us know, we will make a correction)

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Class action suit against Dealfind and Fabuless

Thanks Everyone who provided feedback and valuable information!

Trueler.com got a response from person who suffered from this scam and also had to pay extra trying to ship Tablets back, but still can’t get refunds.

If anyone has problems with full refunds (including for shipping back if it was requested by DealFind/Fabuless), please send me a note via http://trueler.com/contact-us/ or speak up in comments indicating that you wish to participate in class action suit against Dealfind and Fabuless. I will forward you contact information of that person.

Update: Unfortunately lawyers were not interested in this, and unfortunately there is no class action law suite started…

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  1. I had ordered two Tablets from Dealfind back on Feb 6, 2012 and today March 23rd, they promised a refund. I have been calling and emailing for over a month and all I get from the agents is “if you would like a refund…” I didn’t want a refund until I found this site and am glad I did. I am going to spend the extra money and get something that works and I know is backed by a good company.
    Thank you

  2. I too ordered the Android Tablet, because $85 for a $399 item is a good deal. Neither have I received the item to date, nor do I believe it is worth $399 after some research. Instead of asking for a refund, I will fight to get it delivered and nail these scammers for corrupt, unethical and fraudulent business practices. I wish more people would stop rolling over getting angry. Fight back!

  3. I’m currently dealing with the BBB and so far the Fabuless is willing to give me a full refund as long as I return the product at MY expense….RIGHT!!

    We’ll see how Fabuless responds. Never again!

  4. After waiting on hold for EVER- I found this number, and got to a voice mail fairly quickly

    Toll Free: 1.888.320.6368



    She is the “Customer Satisfaction Expert and Processing” for Dealfind.
    I just want my money back!

  5. I too purchased a 2.2 voucher I did finally receive it and they up-graded it to a 2.3 but it does not work properly. It won’t saty connected to wireless. I have called and left messages but I haven’t received any info. Very annoying. I did think that we could trust Dealfind to deal with reputable people. We never learn, if it seems to good to be true it is.

  6. so happy to find this site, wish I had found it before now. I went for the android deal in late January. I will call my bank to dispute the charges. But will also complain loudly adn clearly. Do you know this guy has made nearly $500K with these deals? I know he is in Canada, but also has an office in California. Im sure the IRS would be interested in how he got all this $$$ tax free. And also teh California states atty and the Federal Trade Commission, heck even the US Dept of Justice. This is consumer fraud at its best and highest. Dealfind or Andrew whoever he is will neve ragain be able to do business in the US. Unless he changes his name, but then he risks repeated intent to defraud and does not pass go. He will go to jail. I’m willign to go class action, but I also say sic the govt on him and put him down for good.

  7. ….i am on the phone with dealfind now and they are saying that ‘due to high volume the orders are taking longer than expected’ but that everything is fine- I told her ‘I beg to differ when the company who has the item (fabuless) is not returning customer inquiry’s and there’s a web page dedicated to voicing customer disatisfaction wih both never receiving the product and having garbage delivered their homes’

    So…. I am supposed to hear from them when they go to issue a refund on my visa card…apparently I will get a full refund. Lets see what happens!!!

  8. I am losing my mind reading all of this right now- I bought the 2nd wave of this scam…. Processed my order on February 5th and have heard and seen nothing… I’ve called and emailed countless times… I am Absolutly going to BBB and going to advertise this crap!!!

  9. I was also one of the ones who was a victim of this. I pursued, they refunded. I hope everyone is eventually refunded. I have NO idea how the item was shipped, but Canada Post’s instructions on the tracking information were “do not safe drop” (means do not leave at the front door. That is exactly where it was found – IN FEBRUARY – and it was cold outside. Good luck everyone!

  10. Left a lengthy comment a few weeks ago stating that it would be great if a show like Marketplace did an investigation into these group-buy companies and their hook-ups with shady operators like the one behind this tablet deal. Well, we’re not there yet, but The Star’s Ellen Rosenman tackles this very issue in her Moneyville column in today’s edition (with DealFind in predictable spin control mode), so hopefully it’s a start:


    Now if only she’d open up the comments field on it. Now THAT would be interesting. :)

  11. Persistence for me has not yet paid off. I have not received my order, paid for in Jan. Phone call to Dealfind and Fabuless have resulted in dead-ends, where recorded messages indicate high call levels and a prompt to leave a message in a mailbox that is full and not accepting further messages. What a joke. In my last email to Dealfind Support, I informed them that I would be conctacting Visa to have the payment reviewed as fraudulent. Maybe Visa will have better luck with these scam artists.

  12. To all who were (are) being ripped-off by “Dealfraud”- just be persistent & demand a refund – do not accept “Dealfraud” dollars!- insist on a full monetary refund.
    This was my tactic- I was credited the full amount to my credit card ,although I was not notified by Dealfraud – I noticed the credit to my card account when I accessed my account online.
    Perhaps my threats to report them & dispute the transaction with my card issuer spooked them ?
    Good luck to all who were suckered by “Dealfraud” & FabuLESS !

  13. I emailed deal find requesting a refund for TWO android 2.3 tablets that I ordered in DECEMBER that are still not here…and they said I will be getting a refund. Do not give up and keep pushing for money back!

  14. Thank you for your email.

    We understand that you have placed your order and have not yet received your product.
    Due to the popularity of the deal, there may be delays in shipping your product. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

    We will gladly contact the merchant on your behalf in order to find out the status of your order.

    Please allow 48 hours for the merchant to get back to us with the status of your order.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for using Dealfind.

    Best Regards,

    Customer Satisfaction Expert, Processing

    Phone: 416.631.6368
    Toll Free: 1.888.320.6368
    Fax. 416.946.1145

    250 Ferrand Drive, Suite 1503
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 3G8

    560 South Winchester Boulevard, Suite 500
    San Jose, California, United States 95128


  15. 8 weeks, still no sign of the product.
    Two notes to Dealfind. NO reply.
    One phone call to my Visa folks and the charge was reversed inside 36 hours!
    Didn’t even try Fabuwhatever after all the above nightmares.

  16. I purchased two tablets on February 2nd. I contacted dealfind on March 2nd as I did not receive the tablets. I did not hear from them in 3-5 business days so I contacted them again on March 12. I heard from them today (March 16) that they are processing my refund on my credit card. We’ll see what happens.

  17. FINALLY! I’ve been looking for help and have been stranded!! I bought this dealfind February 1st – here it is March 15th, no tablet, no tracking numbers, no word. I’ve asked and asked again and again and they’re just ignoring me. I don’t know what to do! These people should be sued! They’re totally crooked!!

  18. Also a victim of the 2.2 tablet. I am requesting refund as well. Wondering has anyone contacted CBC Markedplace. Would be also interested in any lawsuit.

  19. I have the same story. Purchased tablet on 3o Jan 2012 and still have not rec’d it.

    I called my credit card company and they refunded my money immediately. They will also contact Dealfind on my behalf. After that I am not sure what will happen as I am a little afraid what dealfind will say.

    At the end of the day it has been longer then 30 days and the product has not arrived. And it sounds like the table is a piece of junk anyhow.

    Has anyone had success with the credit card company route?

  20. Am still waiting any word from anybody re: my order. I have still received nothing.
    ‘On 29-Jan-2012 at 9:46am you placed an order for 1 voucher to Fabuless Products Inc. Your order is stored in our database as Order #120129-738681-001. We have processed your order successfully, thank you very much!’

  21. this is such a scam. don’t bother waiting on hold at dealfind. call andrew (insert fake name here) at fabuless. he’ll answer…he won’t help you but at least he’ll answer. his number is 416.825.6127. this is also the number to give any police/lawyers/leg breakers….they may actually be able to do something. i’ve learned my lessson…it’s time for him to learn his.

  22. I just called Dealfind and punched extension numbers until I found someone’s personal voicemail. I left a detailed (and a little curt) message about the Fabuless scam and that I required immediate and personal assistance getting a refund processed.. I’ll see what happens from here..

  23. I knew it was too good to be true but I scumbed to my weakness for great advertising gimmicks. Anyways, Ita been almost 6 weeks, well past the “10-15 business days” claim that they made for delivery and I want to get my money back! Can anyone tell me the most efficient way of dealing with this seeing as how many people got their money back but different ways. Down with DealFind! I feel so cheated!

  24. @ Deb,

    This tablet is a piece of shit. I don’t own one (thank GOD) but I know of sheeps…er…friends who’ve bought one and tried using it. It’s the type of tablet you’d probably want to give your 3-year old child to play around with so they won’t break your iPad. But then again, a “toy” for a 3 year old child shouldn’t be valued at $399 or cost even $85.

    If you end up taking them to small claims court and successfully sue them, more power to you woman. The first thing you should do is take your new found winnings and buy an iPad 3!

  25. I did not receive the item and found tracking it impossible with Fabuless. I contacted Dealfind and they were very responsive in trying to contact the supplier and then issuing me a refund when we couldn’t get anywhere with the supplier. I have always found Dealfind responsive to questions and issues.

  26. It’s nice to know my wife & I are not alone with this drama. We ordered three tablets on Feb 1st and have not recieved anything in the mail or even a tracking number. After reading these comments, we requested a full refund from dealfind.com & awaiting a response (Keeping our fingers crossed)!!

  27. When i called to find out when my tablet will arrive and requested a shipping number, they couldn’t give me one and assured me that the talked to fabuless and that the tablet was send out and i will receive it in the next 6-12 days.I requested to get this in writing (see below) Guess what its 16 days now and still nothing!!!
    I just called my bank to get the money refunded. We will see what happens next.

    Hi ,

    Thank you for your phone call.

    As per our telephone conversation, the merchant at Fabuless Products has informed me that your product was shipped out last week and you should receive it within 6-12 days if there aren’t any delays with the post office.

    We have a 30 day refund policy and offer refunds on a case by case basis after the 30 days. If you do not receive your product within 6-12 days and are in need of a refund, please let me know so I can further assist you.

    Thank you for using Dealfind.

    Best Regards,

    Customer Satisfaction Expert

    Phone: 416.631.6368
    Toll Free: 1.888.320.6368
    Fax. 416.946.1145

    250 Ferrand Drive, Suite 1503
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 3G8

    560 South Winchester Boulevard, Suite 500
    San Jose, California, United States 95128

  28. when are we filing a lawsuit? After reading through some of these comments, I feel there is not much hope in getting my refund back.

  29. I bought the voucher last January and they promised to deliver before the 15th of February. After no response from fabuless or dealfind, I initiated the refund email and suddenly got a money request from paypal coming from a chelsea young asking me to give more money for shipping and handing. What gives? Am calling my card company to dispute the charges.

  30. I’d like to hear from some who actually received their tablets (I see that a few people who posted here have, mostly negative comments but 1 that says the products is not so bad). I bought the Dec deal, my order was processed Jan 10, and after repeated efforts to contact Fabuless and/or Dealfind, I was advised by Dealfind and Fabuless that it was shipped on Feb 27. I then got a notice by email that it was shipped March 6 and that time I acually got a notice from Canada post with expected delivery of March 8, which has come and gone. Tracking tells me the package is still in Missisauga, where it has been since March 6. After reading comments posted above, I plan to call my credit card company and also file a complaint with Paypal. But I am wondering about the tablets themselves. Are they worth the $85+11 we paid, even if not $410 as advertised on the Fabuless site when I bought…Given that I bought on the basis that I was getting a discount on a product worth $410, I am thinking I will sue for the full $410 plus damages in small claims court. Has anyone else considered this?

  31. I took have been suckered here. Ordered and paid February 1st and have not received anything. My emails to Dealfind including one requesting a refund have not been answered. Their telephone number has a fast busy signal consistently. I’m not sure what else to do other than go to my credit card company at this point.

  32. Lindsey,

    I also cancelled my 2 tablets from the 2.2 Dec 26th deal about 4-5 weeks ago have since been refunded the 85$ to my credit card. And so today, I checked my email and voila, I have an email from “fabuless” telling me that my 2 tablets have been shipped and that they are “upgrading” me to the 2.3. Talk about a joke of a company! I’m not spending one red cent to ship these things back!

  33. I have also not received my android and they will not return any emails either. It’s a bunch of crap…I’m on the phone with the credit card company to see what I can do. I am NOT paying for something I did not receive. As for Dealfind and Fabuless I hope they get slapped with a hefty law suit

  34. Has anyone out there received their Google Android 2.3 tablet in the mail from the February 5th 2012 Dealfind offer?

    Also, it’s been more than 21 business days since the Dealfind voucher was redeemed and the tablet has not yet been delivered. On this basis alone, can I request a full refund from Dealfind? As well, will Dealfind refund the $85 back to my credit card even though it is past their 30 day refund limit policy? Don’t want their Dealfind dollars either.

    I don’t want to wait until the summer to receive this product if it turns out to be a low quality tablet that doesn’t work properly (based on the reviews I read and some people still haven’t received it since they placed their orders around Christmas time!!!) and then be stuck with shipping fees (& hassle) to return it. Also, I refuse to contact Fabuless Products Inc. after reading so many horrible customer service stories about that shady company, no time for the runaround.

  35. Hi William,

    As per our conversation, our policy requires that we give a 24 hour notice to the merchant befor issuing a refund.

    Please allow us 24 hours to contact him and get back to you.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for using Dealfind.

    Best Regards,

    Customer Satisfaction Expert, Processing

    Phone: 416.631.6368
    Toll Free: 1.888.320.6368
    Fax. 416.946.1145

    250 Ferrand Drive, Suite 1503
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 3G8

    560 South Winchester Boulevard, Suite 500
    San Jose, California, United States 95128

  36. I also purchased the tablet, and I have been waiting, with no responses of emails, and seeing this site I called today. After waiting 50 minutes on hold I talked to jeffery ext 413, he said it would be 24 hours before I get my refund. thank you so much for having all of this info up trueler, I thought I was the only pissed off person.


  37. fyi you can only dispute a transaction with your credit card company 60 days after the statement is issued, and since I received my tablet I don’t really have grounds for a chargeback.
    Received an email from dealfind today asking me to send video of my tablet not working properly and they will investigate and get back to me about refunding my money…looks like I’m in this for awhile yet…

  38. I too am having problems with Fabuless. Though it is for a different product.
    I bought a swimming shark remote control air balloon through them through Swarmjam.
    I bought it 2 months before my son’s birthday intending to use it for his birthday party. Which has now come and gone.
    I have emailed them repeatedly and asked to either have delivery by his birthday or refund my purchase. All I get is emails saying they are delayed due to overwhelming response… they only sold 107 thought the deal… which is hardly overwhelming!
    I have now sent emails to Swarmjam asking for a refund or a credit in my account.
    Paypal will not let me make a claim on the additional $11 payment I made to this company for taxes and handling for some reason. I will be following up with a phone call as sometimes that helps with Paypal.
    Hopefully Swarmjam refunds my purchase or I will have to call my credit card company.
    What a huge waste of time rip off!

  39. It is March Break! I took the liberty in reading all the entire feedback and situation. I am empathetic with your entire ordeal! I am neither a buyer nor a seller.
    Firstly, as a buyer, one should understand what you are buying. This is not state of art tablet and Android 2.2 is older generation of the technology. Today, all branded tablet are shipping Android 4.0 system. Research the product and it is easy to compare the product specification on web.
    Company offer coupon/ deals etc definitely can do a better job in knowing the supplier that they are dealing with. With their payment structure with any supplier, you should be safe since they do not pay the vendor immediately. The money is always in their pocket. The question will be “how to get refund from them?” Really, you’ve to be persistent and forum likes this in pressuring the company.
    Some tips :
    a) Always demand the telephone number and address of the supplier (often they only provide website and email only).
    b) : “Taxes and shipping included” investigate where are the shipment coming from and read the fine print, to avoid liable for import taxes or more HST.
    C) Your expectation of the product. Often focus on the deal that does not include shipping since shipping is relatively expensive in Canada. When a deal is including shipping and taxes, you will be paying for an average shipping rate of the nationwide. The other benefit is that, you can see and collect the product in front of you, if you are not satisfied with it, at least you know where it comes from or plainly reject the good in front of you. Then ask for refund from the company who offer the deal!

  40. I have not received my android 2.3 tablet nor will dealfind return my emails as to what to do…. guess i can not get the product or my money back… was on hold for 51 minutes and they are busy with other customers…..

  41. March 8 2012 10:34pm
    I still have not heard a thing from Fab…. I am now seeing the light. Investigate like crazy. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Futreshop here i come. Thanks Trueler.
    Don’t stop picking these things apart, your good at it!
    Thanks to everyone else who sent info to pull this altogether.

  42. And the dealfind people ARE nice on the phone but like I said “why would they NOT be nice?”

  43. I just cancelled my order for this android 2.3 with fabu whatever…why wouldn’t the deal find people be nice? what do they have to lose as customer service people? I think the android deal was too good to be true – the service was HELL, the patronizing “will advise” annoyed me and the lack of information sucked.

    I won’t buy another product but don’t mind the $10 for a $20 lunch deal.

    the android deal i think as someone put it was something that wasn’t really ‘business’ – its a fly by night group who has NO idea about customer service.

    lets see how long it takes to get my refund…they’re insulting with the bullshit emails about “its on its way” “we’re looking into it”…

    very tiring exercise…

    ack ack ack.

  44. I have no dog in this race as I ONLY use group buying sites for deals on local restaurants I KNOW are real and have decent reputations, but I found this discussion fascinating. Outside of the heavy hitters in this industry—Groupon, Wagjag, Teambuy, Living Social—NO group buy site offering deals on gadgets, tablets, appliances or ANY OTHER SUCH BAUBLES should be trusted. In fact, even the heavy hitters are increasingly prone to offering deals on this direct-from-China JUNK because the market has become so glutted and cutthroat.

    Seriously, some of the low-end deal sites are run by NEW IMMIGRANTS TO CANADA with little sales or business experience, and staffed by maybe two or three, it’s that easy! And who do you think they’re going to get into bed with to offer “deals” to pad out their sites when they realize that the SUCCESSFUL sites (like WagJag, which is actually owned by TorStar/Metroland Media, my own employers!) actually rely on “outside” (as in, outdoor, door-to-door) sales representatives hitting the bricks and the phone lines to bring in LEGITIMATE deals from existing, REAL-WORLD customers with reputations on the line. No, these bottom feeders aren’t prepared to go that far, so they hook up with any number of “importers”, fly-by-night charlatans like this “Andrew Ferreira” fellow (who appears more interested in hanging out in clubs with vacuous, fame-hungry bimbos, if those Facebook pages are anything to go on), usually in the big cities like Toronto, who are more than happy to tap their THIRD WORLD manufacturers—yes, even in CHina!—for the latest knockoff or other silly tsotchke that most people DON’T NEED. This stuff is made to LOW STANDARDS, “valued” much higher than it’s worth, and priced at a point that still ensures profitability, even when the take is split with companies like DealFind, as it was on these phoney tablets.

    People who think the iPad is OVERpriced, or point out that it’s made in China for a fraction of the asking price JUST DON’T GET IT, and so they grasp at these kinds of deals in the hope of at least emulating the experience of a legitimate, BRANDED tablet, such as an Apple or Samsung product. What they ALWAYS end up with are headaches the likes of which are reported throughout this thread. ALL OF YOU PEOPLE NEED TO SMARTEN UP ABOUT THESE “DEAL” SITES. Learn to sniff out the GOOD DEALS from the BAD. At least with a local restaurant or spa, you know it’s an EXISTING BUSINESS with a PHYSICAL LOCATION that you can even visit/peek inside before the deal is over if you like, before you buy. Or read reviews on Yelp, etc.

    As soon as you see “deals” on tech gear, jewellery, appliances and the like, you should STOP. Don’t buy. Don’t even THINK about buying. You will be getting RIPPED OFF. At best, even if the thing you buy is functional, or just looks pretty in your house, the odds are you could’ve bought it in a Chinese mall for about the same price. Or better yet, bought a BETTER version made to higher standards by a well-known, name brand company whose logo appears on it.

    I don’t know if the majority of people buying these tablets are simply ignorant and think they’re getting a SUPER deal instead of just forking over the dough, buying an iPad and actually ENJOYING everything it offers PROBLEM-FREE, but I desperately wish there was a way to spread the kind of information contained in this thread to a much WIDER audience, preferably via television on a show like CBC’s Marketplace, a show that has the budget to send reporters to actually CONFRONT the DealFind execs and this Andrew “Ferreira” (or his aliases) at his Bloor Street office.

    This forum is a great start to getting consumer awareness out there, but it’s just not enough because even in our web-obsessed era, the 7500 people who reportedly bought this deal have certainly not turned up here to comment. How many of those poor suckers simply bent over and took it in the shorts on this deal? I’m betting a lot. And that’s just not right. The core fault here is the obvious collusion between DealFine and their client, but some fault must also be laid at the feat of the people who gobbled up this “deal” without seriously considering what they were getting into, or doing more research beforehand. Hell, even finding NOTHING about this Tablet online should be a HUGE clue that something’s fishy. More power to the owner of this site for actually smoking out this scam, but clearly there are more ripped off customers out there than even this forum is able to help.

  45. I submitted my order on jan 5th.. still hadn’t received it so called dealfind. the wait was long but they gave me a refund (said it should show up in 5-10 business days) then voila I got a email today from fabuless saying my order status is listed as shipped and “in light of the situation” they are sending me the 2.3 instead of the 2.2. They are so unorganized they didn’t even know I had cancelled my order after 2 months. I don’t want it but if it comes I am not spending a penny to send it back. This was a huge pain in the behind. Would never buy from fabuless again.

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