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Fake Toshiba Memory Cards from XSV 360 on DealFind

XSV 360 was created to run shady daily deals on DealFind, DealTicker, WagJag, SwarmJam, Groupon, WebPiggy, Buy2, JabrDeals, PriceDodger, etc… They sell many scam products like Energy Balance Bracelets with ion technology, Kinoki Foot Pads, fake PNY 32GB SDHC memory cards, fake Vapur bottles, HCG diet stuff, and so on. But one of the latest deals showed really unacceptable support from DealFind with their fake “32GB SDHC Memory Cards Class 10 Powered by Toshiba”…

World Wide Connect Calling Cards Complaint

Trueler has received complaint on World Wide Connect Calling Cards ( purchased on one of the daily deal websites –
Initial investigation showed that it is a fresh website created for featuring on daily deal websites, and itself is very suspicious. As a potential customer I would never buy any services from them and as a daily deal site (if I were one of them) I would definitely NOT advertise World Wide Connect Calling Cards.

Holographic Energy Bands, Bracelets and Watches Scam

Many online stores like Power Balance, Amazon, BeBalanced Products are selling so called Hologram or Energy bracelets, necklace, watches, bands with magic features as they claim. Don’t let them fool you! They don’t work at all. Unless the price for this “magic” bracelet is $2 you are getting ripped off! Go to dollar store if you really want one. The effect could be even better than if you buy it for $20, because you save a lot! Don’t fall into this scam and beware! Inform people!

Negative Ion Bands, Bracelet and Sports Watch Scam

Reasons why “Negative Ion” bands, bracelets and watches do not work: There is no study or research which proves medical or health benefits from wearing “Negative Ion” stuff; Small piece of plastic physically can’t emit negative ions into the body.

However a lot of daily deal companies are still featuring Health Sport Watch Depot, LiveEZ Now, Powered Harmony and other “Negative Ion” bands “entrepreneurs”.

Scam on DealTicker: Shooting Range at Tim Hortons

Trueler has received many complaints on Shooting Range deal provided by Gladius International Protection Services Inc on DealTicker – one of the Canadian daily deal websites ( or Basically this deal turned into a scam very fast – shooting range does not exist at all!

DealTicker refused to issue any refunds for this deal and just became a part of the well planned scam. It could be even a joint venture by DealTicker and Gladius International, since DealTicker representatives do not want to cooperate with the customers to resolve the issue and make refunds to all victims.