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Fake Toshiba Memory Cards from XSV 360 on DealFind

XSV 360 was created to run shady daily deals on DealFind, DealTicker, WagJag, SwarmJam, Groupon, WebPiggy, Buy2, JabrDeals, PriceDodger, etc… They sell many scam products like Energy Balance Bracelets with ion technology, Kinoki Foot Pads, fake PNY 32GB SDHC memory cards, fake Vapur bottles, HCG diet stuff, and so on. But one of the latest deals showed really unacceptable support from DealFind with their fake “32GB SDHC Memory Cards Class 10 Powered by Toshiba”…

Scam on DealTicker: Shooting Range at Tim Hortons

Trueler has received many complaints on Shooting Range deal provided by Gladius International Protection Services Inc on DealTicker – one of the Canadian daily deal websites ( or Basically this deal turned into a scam very fast – shooting range does not exist at all!

DealTicker refused to issue any refunds for this deal and just became a part of the well planned scam. It could be even a joint venture by DealTicker and Gladius International, since DealTicker representatives do not want to cooperate with the customers to resolve the issue and make refunds to all victims.

Marlin’s Fish Shop, Marlons Butchery, Marlon’s Meats

If you are going to deal with Marlons Butchery, Marlin’s Fish Shop, Marlon’s Meat or Marlon’s Fish please note that these names are new brands of The Butchers store in Toronto owned by Marlon Pather. The Butchers got very bad reputation in 2011 during their campaign on various daily deal sites like Buytopia, Webpiggy, DealTicker, DealGetters, DealFind and Teamsave. They are known for significantly reduced quality of the products and services. They have also unilaterally changed their terms and conditions several times making impossible to redeem coupons

The Butchers Scam on BuyTopia, WebPiggy.. Additives in meat

The Butchers shop has been featured by Webpiggy, Dealgetters, DealFind, Dealticker, TeamSave, BuyTopia daily deals websites (did I miss anyone?). There were a lot of complaints on service, products and prices at The Butchers after the major offer on DealFind. It turns to be a scam at some discussion forums. Trueler shows that meat from the Butchers contain starch and carrageenan.

Is deal55 legit or scam? It’s Fraud and Phishing! Beware!

Most likely is a scam and is not legit. There is a big concern that this “daily deals” website featuring brand name gift cards is not legitimate and just collecting e-mail addresses, credit card numbers, and other personal information which is called phishing. Customers, beware! Use it at your own risk! It may even charge your credit cards and disappear after with no gift cards provided. There is no information about this business at all.