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Sears Continues to Rip Off Customers with HST: PST Tax on Exemptions for Babies

Sears did not carefully review the full exemption list, reading only headlines of the law. Some products are still overcharged by 8% in Ontario and 7% in BC. The exemption list is not more than one page for each province! Why Sears could not allocate enough resources to properly fix tax issues?! They left this responsibility on customers again! But many buyers are not aware of the entire list in details, and Sear just grabs more money due to “mistake”.

Green Cricket Online Store Review/Complaint

Trueler has recently received a complaint on Green Cricket online store ( from one of our readers, who ordered some personal and baby care products.
When shipment arrived, one of the items was not delivered. They told by phone that is was out of stock, but they did NOT issue any refund for this item!
They apply 13% HST tax to diapers, feminine hygiene products, and baby clothes which is illegal.