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The Butchers Scam on BuyTopia, WebPiggy.. Additives in meat

The Butchers shop has been featured by Webpiggy, Dealgetters, DealFind, Dealticker, TeamSave, BuyTopia daily deals websites (did I miss anyone?). There were a lot of complaints on service, products and prices at The Butchers after the major offer on DealFind. It turns to be a scam at some discussion forums. Trueler shows that meat from the Butchers contain starch and carrageenan.

Is deal55 legit or scam? It’s Fraud and Phishing! Beware!

Most likely is a scam and is not legit. There is a big concern that this “daily deals” website featuring brand name gift cards is not legitimate and just collecting e-mail addresses, credit card numbers, and other personal information which is called phishing. Customers, beware! Use it at your own risk! It may even charge your credit cards and disappear after with no gift cards provided. There is no information about this business at all.

American Apparel Groupon Deal Complaint/Review: Illegal Taxes, no Customer Service, …

Trueler received very serious complaint from one of Groupon users who bought American Apparel Toronto deal and tried to use it online. Summary of complaint is: American Apparel customer service did not want to address any of the issues or questions; Hardly possible to contact American Apparel; Charged illegal taxes on baby products; Coupon was not accepted by online store for several days

Groupon Photography Deals Review (Toronto)

Photography session at affordable price – this is what consumers are looking for – this is what Groupon and participating businesses offer. There are really great discounts of up to 94% from the original price. Trueler has received serious complaints on photography deals provided by Groupon, and we decided to make some research and compile a review. It is based on several photography deals in Toronto.